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An Ass Tale Part 7: The New McMahons
by WOWButtLover (

After that crazy afternoon in which Stephanie was impregnated by her father
they hadn't touched each other. None of them had touched each other. But it
wouldn't last, they knew it wouldn't because Linda promised them it wouldn't.
But she didn't want any possibility that her daughter's unborn child would be
harmed and anything Linda would make her daughter do would concern her. But
it had been almost a year since that day and Stephanie was at the Mcmahon
home, sitting in the den holding her baby. It was so beautiful, but of course
it was her dad's child. Linda made sure of that, she forbid Stephanie from
taking any pills or trying to prevent the birth of this child. This was her
father's baby and there was no disputing that.

But of course she loved it. It was still her baby and it was a healthy baby.
Paul thought it was his and Stephanie continued to let him believe that for
everyone's own good. It was the weekend and Linda, Vince and Stephanie were
at home like they were every weekend. Aurora reached for her mother's breast,
it was feeding time. Stephanie unbuttoned her blouse and fed her nipple into
her child's mouth. It began to suck vigorously. This made Stephanie smile,
she loved nursing her baby. It bonded them. It was then when Linda walked
into the room, she looked at her daughter. It was a beautiful sight, she
loved them. Her anger had subsided since the birth of Aurora. Stephanie
looked up at her mother as she felt her stare upon them. She smiled at her.

"Hey mom."

"Hey baby." Linda said as she stepped closer.

"You know I used to nurse you? Not Shane though, he was too rough." Linda
smiled, Stephanie aswell. Linda stood beside her daughter and they both
watched the baby feed. Stephanie's breast were so beautiful since her
pregnancy, just like any woman's would be. They looked so soft. Linda
stared at her daughter's tits, she admired their fullness. Stephanie
watched her baby's little mouth suck on her nipple. She liked the feeling
it gave her, she enjoyed the feel of milk leaving her nipple. And as she
got lost in her thoughts something unexpected happened. Linda slid her
hand onto Stephanie's other breast. She ran her hand over her nipple, it
was erect. The chill of the air made it so. Stephanie looked up at her

"Mom?" Stephanie said. Linda looked her in the eyes.

"Can I taste you?" Linda asked. Stephanie was shocked, but just for a moment.

"Of course." Stephanie replied. Linda dropped to her knees and held
Stephanie's left breast in her hand. She put her mouth over her nipple then
lightly squeezed her tit. Her daughter's mommy milk squirted into her mouth.
Stephanie moaned as her mother did this, she ran her hand thru her mom's
hair. They stared into eachothers eyes. Linda sucked on her nipple and
squeezed her tit again, more milk filled her mouth. She then swallowed it,
the taste was better than she had expected. She continued to feed on her
daughter for around 2 minutes. They stared into eachothers eyes the entire

"I love you Steph." Linda told her daughter. Stephanie smiled wide.

"I love you too." She replied.

"I want you baby, I want you badly." Linda proclaimed. Stephanie could tell,
the whole nursing thing gave it away alittle. Stephanie continued to comb her
mother's hair.

"I want you too." Stephanie replied. And it was the truth, she wanted her.
She had wanted her for a year now but she had never had her. Linda smiled
and then continued to drink her daughter's milk. She drank until her
granddaughter stopped. And as Aurora finished she fell asleep. Linda grabbed
the baby and brought her to her crib in Stephanie room and layed her down.
Stephanie followed her mother. They stood in her room.

"What about dad?" Stephanie asked. Linda turned to her.

"It's my turn to have you." Linda replied with a smile. Stephanie returned
the smile.

Stephanie then held her mother's face in her hand and kissed her. They
passionately kissed for a good time. Linda loved to bite her daughters lip.
And as they kissed they slowly moved over to the bed. Stephanie fell on top
of her mother and they continued the kiss. Their hands wondered eachothers
body during.

"Make love to me." Linda told her daughter. Stephanie nodded.

"I think I've always wanted to." Stephanie replied. She didn't know if that
was true but it felt like it. Stephanie kissed Linda's neck and slowly made
her way down her mother's chest, she unbuttoned her blouse and revealed
Linda's bra. It open in the front, perfect. Stephanie unsnapped her bra and
let her mother's breast free. Linda had multiple breast lifts so her boobs
were very perky for a woman her age. Stephanie licked her mom's nipples,
lightly nibbling on them. She looked up at Linda and smiled.

"I wanna taste you." Linda said. Stephanie smiled and got off of her mother.
She stood infront of her mother, she then began to sway her hips from left to
right, her hands played with her hair. She danced infront of mommy, Linda
enjoyed the show. Stephanie turned around and stuck her ass infront of her
mother, Linda smacked Stephanie's right ass cheek. Stephanie moaned. Linda
then grabbed the waist-band of Stephanie's pants and panties and pulled them
down, she revealed her daughter's ass. Goddamn it was a great ass, it was
round and soft. Linda pulled Stephanie's pants down to her ankles and
Stephanie then stepped out of them. Stephanie then shook her ass for her
mother, her ass cheeks smacked eachother, making a loud clap in effect.

Linda smiled as she watched her daughter's ass jiggle, god it was beautiful.
Linda ran her hands up and down Steph's ass, squeezing it tightly. The fat
molded around her fingers. Linda stared at her daughter's cunt, it was a
little hairy, Stephanie hadn't shaved very often since the birth of her baby,
she didn't have time plus she didn't care much to.

"Come here baby." Linda patted the spot beside her on the bed, Stephanie did
as directed and got on the bed, she stuck her ass in the air and layed on all
fours. Linda positioned herself behind her lovely daughter. She rubbed her
ass some more before bending forward and sniffing her daughter's pussy.

"You smell good baby." Linda said. Stephanie smiled at the compliment. Linda
then licked her daughter's pussy from the very top of her slit to the very
bottom of it. This wasn't Linda's first time tasting pussy but that's a
different story for another time. Stephanie moaned as her mother's warm
tongue slid up and down her slit. Linda moaned before sticking her finger in
her mother and coating it in her saliva. She then placed the index finger of
her right hand on her baby girl's asshole. She forced it in. Stephanie yelped
as her mother slid her finger up her butt.

"Oh god." Stephanie said as Linda's finger went deeper. Linda then began to
slowly pull her finger out of her daughter's asshole. She pulled it back then
thrusted it back in. Stephanie groaned. Linda continued to finger Steph's
asshole for awhile, she loved feeling how tight her ass was. But before long
Linda pulled her finger out of her ass. She then rubbed her index finger and
her middle finger over Steph's wet pussy, her daughter's pussy juice coated
her two fingers. Stephanie knew what her mother had in mind. Linda brought
her wet fingers to the entrance of Stephanie's asshole once again. She then
slowly wiggled her fingers into her daughter's hole. Stephanie nearly
screamed as mommy pushed her fingers into her butt. It was slightly painful
but it felt so goddamn good. Stephanie loved anal play, it had made her cum
multiple times before.

"Does it feel good baby?" Linda asked her daughter.

"Yea mom." Stephanie groaned in pleasure.

"Do you like mommy fingering your ass?" Linda asked her beautiful baby.

"God yeah mom, spit on it." Stephanie told her mom. Linda did as told and
spit on her daughter's asshole, it made it easier for her to thrust her
fingers in her. Stephanie yelped as her mother's cool spit hit her asshole.
Linda fingered her daughter's ass for around 3 minutes before pulling out.
Stephanie sat up beside her mother when it was over. She grabbed her mother's
hand and brought her fingers to her lips. And when Stephanie put her mother's
fingers in her mouth, the same fingers that were just in her asshole. She set
the bar for just how nasty they could get and Linda loved it. Stephanie
sucked on her mothers fingers, tasting her own ass. She licked and sucked
them one by one.

They stared into eachothers eyes for a minute before kissing again, they
shared another passionate kiss.

"I wanna make you cum mom." Stephanie told her mother. Linda smiled and
nodded. Stephanie then pulled her mother's shirt off and stood up. Linda
unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks and Stephanie pulled them off. Linda
looked at her daughter's body in the day's light, it was beautiful. Her
pussy hair wasn't messy what so ever, it was fine and cute. And her
voluptuous hips were a beauty to admire for days. And Stephanie admired
her mother's body as well, Linda had shaved the night before so it was
all smooth but her pussy was young looking, Stephanie had only seen it
once and she didn't get a good chance to look at it but now that it was
directly infront of her she could see how good it looked. She smiled
before laying ontop of her mother again, they kissed as Linda caressed
Steph's body with her hand.

Stephanie then began to slowly move her lips down her mother's neck and
between her tits all the way down to her belly button. Stephanie kissed
her mother's belly button before moving on downward to her mom's pussy.
She smelled good, she was very wet so Stephanie knew she wouldn't have a
problem pleasuring her. Stephanie kissed her mom's pussy once before
licking it. She licked her mom's right pussy lips, they were loose and
Stephanie loved it, she grabbed her pussy lips in her mouth and began to
lightly tug and nibble on it. Linda moaned, she loved for someone to eat
her out.

Linda put her hands on the back of her daughter's head, she grabbed two
handfuls of her luscious hair. Stephanie dipped her tongue into her own
mother's cunt, she went deep. Her face pressed against Linda's shaved
pussy as she pushed her tongue as deep as she could. She twirled her
tongue inside of her mom's vagina. Stephanie licked the walls of her
mom's pussy as she ran her hand up her mom's right thigh. Stephanie was
so deep in her mom's pussy that her nose was in bedded in her cunt, pussy
juice shined off of the tip of her nose.

"Mmmmm god baby. Lick mommy good." Linda moaned to her daughter. Stephanie
then licked Linda's clit one good time, Linda jumped when Stephanie did
this. She didn't expect the jolt of pleasure. Stephanie was more than happy
to make her mom's body jerk like this. Stephanie dipped her tongue into
Linda's cunt again and began to vigorously flick it up and down, she started
thrusting it in and out of her mom's pussy, trying to imitate a dick with
her tongue. Linda began to moan louder, Stephanie could feel it coming. She
slipped two fingers into her mom's cunt and pumped her hand back and forth.

"OH FUCK BABY!!" Linda screamed. She squeezed her eyes closed. Stephanie
pumped faster and faster then stopped to lick mommy's clitoris again. She
kissed and licked it for a good 15 seconds before resuming her fingering.
Stephanie used her other hand to rub the top of her mom's pussy. She worked
both hands fast, Linda started leaking pussy juice out of her pussy and when
Stephanie caught eye of it she slurped it up. She loved how her mom tasted.
Linda grabbed the back of her daughters head and pushed it down to her pussy,
Stephanie took the hint and began to lick her mom's pussy again. Linda's
body couldn't take it anymore.

"AHHHHHH!!!" Linda screamed as she orgasmed. She didn't squirt juice all over
her daughter this time but dear god it felt so fuckin good. Stephanie smiled
as she watched her mother's chest go up and down as she caught her breath.
Stephanie gave her mother's pussy a kiss before she layed beside her, she
draped her arm across her mother's chest. Linda just layed and enjoyed the
after-effects of her orgasm.

"Fuck baby." Linda said as she looked over at her daughter. Stephanie

"Do you feel good mom?" Stephanie asked. Linda cracked a smile.

"You're so beautiful." Linda said before kissing her daughter. After they
finished kissing Aurora coughed. Their eyes shot over to the crib across the
room, they had forgot about her being there the whole time while they fucked.
Aurora didn't wake though so they just settled back down. They both began to
think about the same thing.

"What about her?" Stephanie spoke first. Linda thought for a second.

"We'll let her know when she's old enough...and, after that what ever
happens...happens." Linda said.

"I would love it." Stephanie revealed. She hadn't thought about it until now
but she really would like to have the same relationship as she has now with
her mother. She still believed that fucking her father wasn't evil or a bad
thing. And after everything her mind never changed about that. Stephanie
layed her head ontop of Linda's right tit as Linda caressed Stephanie's back.

"I'm sorry for the dog thing baby." Linda told Steph. Stephanie smiled.

"It's actually wasn't that bad when I think about it." Stephanie
revealed to her mother.

"Really?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, I mean a dick is a dick." Stephanie replied. They both laughed.

"I loved pissing in dad's mouth though." Stephanie told her mother. Linda

"I'll drink your piss anytime mom." Stephanie said before giving her a short

"God...I think I'm falling in love with you." Linda said to Steph. Stephanie
kissed Linda's tit.

"And dad?" Steph asked.

"If he's a good boy then maybe we'll let him watch." Linda replied. They both

To Be Continued?

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