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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present our 1900th Story (as of 12/8/2014):

An Idol Christmas
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Wearing a Santa's hat and a red robe, Aaron 'The Idol' Stevens sits in front of a wall decorated to look like a Christmas present with a smirk on face before he address the camera, "Hi there, I'm Aaron 'The Idol' Stevens, and each year around this time, people take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life to spend some time with their families and appreciate what is very important," Aaron says with a fairly sincere tone. "That is everybody except The Idol,..." Aaron sighs slightly, "Because when you are the maharajah of the ménage a trois... this is the busiest time of year... because you have find out whose been naughty and whose been nice..." Aaron smirks at the camera as he raises his eyebrow suggestively. "Now if you please excuse me, I have to get back to work..." Aaron leans back in his chair and looks to the left while motioning with his left hand, "Come here little girl..."

"Hi Idol!" Beth Phoenix says with a big smile as she approaches Aaron and sits on his lap while wearing a red dress with white holiday trim.

"How are you Beth?" Aaron asks as he places an arm around Beth's waist as she sits comfortably on his lap.

"I'm good... how are you doing?" Beth asks with a sweet tone.

"Good! So have you been a good girl... or a bad girl this year?" Aaron asks with a smirk.

Beth looks at the camera with a shy smile, but with her eyes narrowed seductively before looking at Aaron, "Oh I'm always a good girl..."

"Oh I know you are..." Aaron says while Beth nods her head, "And you know what that means?"

"What?" Beth asks.

"You get a present!"

Beth gasps in surprise before she smiles excitingly, "I get a present?! I do?!"

"Wait a minute..." Aaron says as he gently moves Beth off of his lap, "Let me get my sack..."

"Okay!" Beth says excitedly as he stands up, which allows Aaron Stevens to lean to the left and grab a red sack.

"There it is..." Aaron says as he sits upright on the chair which allows Beth to sit on his lap, "Do you mind holding my sack for a minute?" Aaron asks.

"Sure!" Beth nods her head as she easily holds the red sack while Aaron opens it.

:"Now let's see what we have here..." Aaron says as he looks into the sack before reaching into it. A few moments later, Aaron pulls out a foot-long straight plastic candy cane that has two white puff balls handing from the bottom of it.

"Ohhhh! It's just what I always wanted!" Beth says as she Aaron hands the candy cane to her.

"And what are you going to do with that?" Aaron asks with a smirk. Beth blushes and then leans to where she can cup her right hand around his left ear and whisper what she's going to do with her present. Aaron grins before saying, "You are a good girl... "

"Mmmhmmm..." Beth nods her head and gives Aaron a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you..." Beth says before getting off of Aaron's lap and walking off camera.

"Bye-bye... see you later..." Aaron says with a grin as he watches Beth for a moment before looking to the left, "Well Ho-Ho-Ho hello..." Aaron says as Shelly Martinez, wearing a short red skirt and a red cropped top with holiday trim, sultry walks towards him and sits on his lap.

"Well hello... Idol..." Shelly says as she turns on Aaron's lap so that she's sitting on his left thigh with her gorgeous legs crossed and draped over his right thigh.

"Well how are you Shelly?" Aaron asks as he places his right hand on Shelly's left calf while placing his left hand behind her on her back as she grabs his robe.

"I'm doing just find..." Shelly replies with a smirk.

"So have you been a good girl or a bad girl this year?" Aaron Stevens asks.

"I've been a very... bad... girl..." Shelly says as she moves a hand against Aaron's robe covered chest.

"You know what that means? I can't give you a present..." Aaron says.

"What?!" Shelly snaps while her eyes widen with rage.

"I can't give you a present... you've been bad..." Aaron Stevens says as Shelly starts to move off of his lap only for him to hold her in place.

"What?! You mean there is nothing in your sack for me?!" Shelly screams.

"Ok look..." Aaron pauses, "I could give you a present... but first I'm going to have to punish you... you're going to have to get a spanking..."

Shelly presses her lips together and then smirks, "I think I can take that..." Shelly says a she flicks a finger against Aaron's chin as she moves off of his lap. The dark haired beauty moves to lean over Aaron's lap, placing her hands on the small side table that's to the left of the chair he's sitting on.

Aaron licks the fingers of his right hand, smirks at the camera before asking, "Are you ready?"

"MmmHmmm... Oooooo!" Shelly nods and moans as Aaron gives her ass a firm smack.

"So you've been bad?" Aaron asks as he gives Shelly's ass another smack with his right hand.

"Mmmm ohhhh I've been so naughty..." Shelly moans as she as looks at the camera with a devilish smirk as Aaron gives her ass a third smack that is harder than the first two. "OHHHH!" Shelly moans as she stands up, moves in front of Aaron, and pulls him off of the chair with so much force she falls backward to the floor with Aaron falling on top of her.

"Ohhh yeah... you have been bad" Aaron says as he starts to remove his robe while pressing his firm lips against Shelly's.

"Mmmmm..." Shelly moans against Aaron's lips as she starts to moves her hands against his toned chest as he finishes removing his robe, revealing that he wasn't wearing anything beneath it.

Beth Phoenix slowly steps back in front of the camera as she innocently sucks on the head of her straight plastic candy cane, while she watches as Shelly and Aaron roll over so that Shelly is on top of Aaron where she pulls off her top, exposing her large round tits.

"I told you..." Shelly says to Aaron as she gropes her tits before she notices Beth behind her.

Beth looks sweetly into the camera, and shrugs, "Merry Christmas... ooops!" Beth squeals in surprise as Shelly grabs her right wrist and pulls her down in order to lustfully kiss the blond haired woman for a few moments before Beth pulls away. She stands up and looks at the camera, "And Happy New Year..." Beth manages to get out as Shelly grabs the front of her dress and jerks her down to the floor, causing Beth to lay next to Aaron.

"You got your present... time to be bad!" Shelly smirks as she moves from sitting on top of Aaron to kneeling between Beth's legs where she starts to push the blonde's dress up.

"Mmmm okay!" Beth smiles as she sits up a bit and raises her arms, allowing Shelly to remove her dress, revealing her large and firm tits and neatly shaven pussy.

"This is my favorite time of year Aaron says as he sits on his knees and casually strokes his hardening cock while Shelly dismounts Beth and removes her short skirt, uncovering her gorgeous backside and shaven twat.

"You gave her plastic... why not give her the real thing..." Shelly smirks as she lays chest down between Beth's legs and positions her face just above the blonde's snatch where she starts to lap her tongue.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Beth moans and cups her large tits as Shelly moves her tongue against her folds while Aaron moves to kneel next to her head. Beth turns her head to the left and opens her mouth, allowing 'The Idol' to slide his cock between her lips.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm be a good girl..."Aaron moans as Beth begins to bob her head on his shaft.

"Mmmm... mmmm..." Shelly moans as she moves her hands against Beth's thighs while she darts her Hispanic tongue against Beth's sweet twat.

"Ohhhh ohhh mmm..." Beth moans as she arches her back and pushes her pussy against Shelly's mouth while she bobs her head on Aaron's dick.

"Awww... ahhhh aww..." Aaron smirks and moans as Beth's sucks and slurps on his dick at a more eager pace.

"Mmmmm mmm..." Shelly groans as she drags her tongue rapidly up and down against the folds of Beth's moist pussy.

"Ohhh ohhhh..." Beth moans as she constantly raises her hips, fucking her twat against Shelly's tongue while she takes Aaron's dick deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh... ahhhh shit..." Aaron moans as Beth rubs her lips and smack her tongue against his thick shaft.

"Ohhh mmmm... mmmm..." Shelly moans as she circles her tongue around Beth's swollen and sensitive clit.

"Mmmm... ahhh..." Beth moans while she turns her head, causing Aaron's cock to leave her mouth, "Mmmmm ohhh Shelly... mmmm!" Beth moans while she squeezes her tits together as the dark-haired Hispanic teases her clit.

"Shelly when you're done dining out... why not come for a ride..." Aaron smirks as he moves to sit on the chair.

"Mmmm... ohhhh..." Shelly moans as she greedily licks Beth's clit for several more moments before lifting her head to look back at Aaron, "Whatever my Idol wants... my Idol gets..." Shelly smirks as she gets up from the floor and quickly straddles Aaron's lap and lowers her hot wet twat onto his stiff cock.

"Ahhhhh... yeah..." Aaron groans as he grabs hold of Shelly's huge tits while she begins to grind herself on his dick.

"Mmmm fuck ohhhh yeah... mmmm I'm a real bad girl... a nasty girl..." Shelly moans and licks her lips while she lays her hands on Aaron's shoulders while she rides his cock.

"Mmmm yes you are..." Aaron smirks as he leans back on the chair so that he can have some leverage and thrusts his shaft up into Shelly's cunt.

"Ohhh fuck... ahhh... ohhhh fuck me..." Shelly groans as she feels Aaron's dick ramming up into her twat while he gropes her tits.

"Mmmmm ahhh Beth... why don't you be a good girl and do what you said you were going to do with your present..." Aaron grunts as he plows his dick up into Shelly's pussy.

"Okay!" Beth nods her head eagerly as she picks up her plastic straight candy cane and moves to kneel in between Aaron's leg directly behind Shelly. The beautiful blond takes well over half of the foot long plastic cane into her mouth and lets her saliva coat it for a few moments. She then withdraws it from between her lips and then with a sweet smile, she uses her left hand to spread Shelly's ass cheeks while uses her left hand to shove the candy cane up into her asshole.

"OHHHHH FUCK! Ohhhhh YES!" Shelly moans with surprise and lust as Beth begins to work the plastic candy cane in and out of her juicy ass like a dildo.

"Ahhhh awww..." Aaron Stevens grunts as he pumps his cock briskly up into Shelly's cunt as she bounces on his shaft.

"I just love to share what I get..." Beth grins as she pushes and the pulls the candy cane in and out of Shelly's asshole.

"Ohhhh share it with me! Share it with me!" Shelly moans as Beth deeply penetrates her backside with the straight plastic candy cane while she bounces rapidly on Aaron's rock hard shaft.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck... awww..." Aaron groans as he continues to manhandle Shelly's large tits while he drives his shaft up into her cunt.

"Wow.... Shelly you're taking nearly all of my present up your butt..." Beth says as she tightly grips the end of the plastic candy cane that has the pair of furry balls handing from it like a knife as she stabs it in and out Shelly's asshole.

"Ohhhh shit... I love it up the ass on Christmas!" Shelly moans as Beth rams the fake candy cane in and out of her asshole while she rocks on Aaron's dick.

"Mmmmmm not just on Christmas... you love it every day of the year..." Aaron Stevens smirks as he drives his cock sharply up into Shelly's snatch while Beth pulls the plastic candy cane out of Shelly's backside and takes it back into her own mouth.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Beth moans as she stands up and begins to suck on the plastic candy cane that was just inside of Shelly's asshole.

"Ahhhh shit ohhhh fuck..." Shelly moans as she resumes bouncing on Aaron's stiff upward thrusting cock.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah aww.." Aaron moans as he watches Beth suck on her ass-flavored candy cane while he drives his cock up into Shelly's very wet and tight pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Beth moans as she twirls her tongue around her plastic candy cane while she watches Shelly wildly bounce on Aaron Stevens's upward.

"Ohhhh shit... mmmm fuck... ohhhh!" Shelly moans while she tosses her black hair back as her pussy tightens when she begins to cum on Aaron's thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh ohhh Beth... get your favorite position..." Aaron groans as he feels Shelly's cum flowing over his pistoning cock.

"Okay Idol!" Beth says after removing the plastic candy cane from her mouth and she proceeds to get down on all fours.

"Ohhhh ahhh fuck.. mmmm..." Shelly moans as she bounces for a few more moments on Aaron's dick before he lifts her off of his cock.

"Naughty and nice... that's what The Idol likes..." Aaron smirks as he stands up from the chair after Shelly slips from his hands and moves to floor. Aaron gets behind Beth and guides his stiff cock into her moist pussy.

"Ohhhh mmmmm..." Beth moans as her snatch is penetrated by The Idol's stiff cock.

"Awww... ahhh..." Aaron groans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Beth's tight wet pussy while Shelly moves to sit in front of Beth with her legs spread.

"Time for dinner!" Shelly smirks as she grabs Beth's blond haired head and pushes it down towards her cunt.

"Mmmmm ohhhh.." Beth moans as she starts to lap her tongue excitedly against Shelly's snatch, lapping up the juices from her earlier climax while Aaron drives his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhhh... ahhhh..." Aaron grunts as he grabs Beth's hips and pulls her backward while he drives his shaft deeply into her twat.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmm..." Shelly moans as Beth shoves her tongue into her cunt.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Beth moans as she thrusts her tongue around inside of Shelly's cunt while she rocks back against Aaron's pistoning shaft.

"Awww... awww ahhh..." Aaron 'The Idol' Stevens groans while he pumps his cock balls deep into Beth's tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhh yes... mmmm..." Shelly moans lustfully as Beth enthusiastically tongue fucks her.

"Mmmm... ohhhh ohhh!" Beth moans as she plows her tongue into Shelly's snatch while Aaron's cock is pumping steadily into her pussy.

"Ahhhh awww mmmm..." Aaron groans as sweat drips down his toned body while Beth's firm ass crashes against his waist each time she pushes back against his thrusting shaft.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Shelly licks her lips and tilts her head back as Beth drags her tongue out of her cunt and taps it against her clit.

"Ohhh... ohhh... mmmmm!" Beth moans as she continues to eat Shelly's hot wet cunt while her own pussy tightens on Aaron's pumping shaft as she starts to cum.

"Ahhhh... awww..." The Idol groans as he feels Beth's juices coating his pistoning shaft which begins to throb steadily.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck... ahhhh!" Shelly yelps with pleasure as she starts to cum for a second time as a result of Beth continuing to flick her tongue against her clit.

"Mmmm... mmmm..." Beth moans as she slurps up Shelly's sweet honey from her pussy while Aaron pulls out of her cunt.

"Ahhhh mmmm... I got a present for both of you..." Aaron Stevens says with a smirk as he stands up and begins to stroke his cock.

"You better..." Shelly says as she licks her teeth as Beth lifts her head from her twat and sits up on her knees.

"Oh goodie!" Beth adds with a sweet smile as she and Shelly move to sit on their knees in front of The Idol as he pumps his right hand along the length of his throbbing shaft.

"Ahhhh awww..." Aaron groans as he watches as Beth and Shelly cup and squeezes their large tits as they eagerly wait for his cock to erupt with their favorite holiday treat. Within a few moments, Aaron starts to cum, spraying an impressive load of cum onto the tits of both Divas.

"Ohhh fuck yeah..." Shelly moans as she starts to rub Aaron's cum all over her tits.

"Thank you Idol!" Beth says with a grin as she also spreads Aaron's jizz over her large breasts.

"Ahhh and I think that's all I have in my sack... for now..." Aaron says with a smirk as he looks down at Shelly and Beth as they towards one another and rub their cum covered tits against one each others.

"Next time get it on our faces..." Shelly says with a smirk.

"It's the best Christmas gift ever Idol!" Beth adds.


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