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from wwekiller.

A small note here this story contains a man being fucked in the ass by a
woman so if that isn't your thing this is a warning to tell you there is some
male anal fucking in this story also this story contains a lesbian threesome
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An Interesting Pay Per View Match
by ThePac

It's Backlash and it's time for the WWE woman's championship match between
Beth Phoenix and the champion Melina. Beth had beaten Melina several times
over the past few years most notably in an I Quit match the year before but
now since Melina's return from her ankle injury she had come back better than
ever. She had beaten Beth at the Royal Rumble for the woman's title and then
defended her belt in the pre show before No Way Out. After the mess up of the
Wrestlemania battle royal Beth Phoenix once again had her eyes on winning the
woman's title back.

Beth one night on Raw walks into Vickie Guerrero's office and confronts the
Raw general manager, "Vickie I have a rematch clause in my contract and I
want my rematch against that cheating slut Melina for my woman's title.

Vickie straightens her suit jacket and looks up at the powerful blonde, "Ok
Beth you have your rematch for the woman's title and that match will happen
at Backlash but I think your match will need a few stipulations added to it
to really get the fans involved.

Beth nods in agreement as Vickie continues to talk, "I think to really get
the fans enjoying your rematch it should be a bra and panties match."

"What I can't wrestle that slut in a bra and panties match unless." Beth
starts to get angry with Vickie but then thinks about how humiliating it
would be for Melina to lose her precious woman's title and to be forcefully
stripped down to her underwear at the same time, "Yes Vickie I think a bra
and panties match would be best for our title match."

"Good," Vickie says clapping her hands together, "Now to keep order in this
highly charged match up we will need a special referee to keep your entourage
away from the ringside area."

Beth tries to hold back her anger at Vickie insulting her boyfriend Santino
and her intern Rosa Mendez but is forced to agree with the Raw GM, "Sure
Vickie whatever you think will help the match."

"Good Beth I'm glad you approve about a guest referee so I'm choosing former
woman's champion Mickie James," Vickie says with a big smile on her face.

Shaking in anger Beth tries not to blow a fuse as Vickie makes one of her
worst rivals the guest ref for her title match, "Fine Vickie do whatever you
like but I will still beat Melina and become the WWE's woman champion again."

Backlash comes around and Mickie James is stood in the ring in a ref's shirt
cut off to show off her mid section with a pair of tight blue jeans. Beth is
dressed in a black top and tight black pants while Melina is wearing a blue
top and white pants as they both stare at each other ready to fight as Mickie
stands between them holding the championship belt up in the air. Beth uses
her power to toss Melina around like a doll and in one memorable move
dominates the match by blocking Melina's handspring elbow attempt and turning
it into a high back suplex really testing Melina's spine on the canvas. Not
long after that Beth tears off Melina's blue top exposing the Hispanic Diva's
pink lacy bra and as she goes for the bottoms but Melina kicks her away. Beth
falls backwards and bumps into the referee Mickie and the Glamazon's anger
gets the better of her and she pushes Mickie backwards. Mickie warns Beth
that she is the ref but that only gets her a right hand from Beth knocking
the brunette down. Pulling Melina to her feet Beth picks her up and goes for
her finishing move the Glamabomb but as she lifts the champion up Mickie
James is back on her feet and kicks Beth in the back of her leg making her
drop Melina. Beth turns around holding the back of her leg and walks straight
into the Mick Kick and Mickie's black wrestling boot bounces off her forehead
knocking her down. With Beth down Melinda and Mickie smile at each other and
grab her top and pants and between them they tear off her clothes stripping
Beth down to her white bra and panties. Mickie rings the bell and celebrates
with Melina as she hands her the belt and Melinda raises it up to the cheer
of the crowd.

Mickie and Melina walks off up the ramp celebrating with the title as they
both hold hands and wave to the fans who are cheering them as Melina has
defended her woman's title against the Glamazon. The brunette and dark haired
Diva go off backstage happy at getting one over on Beth Phoenix and
embarrassing her by stripping her down to her bra and panties in the centre
of the ring. They get back to the Divas locker room and Melina hangs her
woman's title up on her coat hanger and turns to face Mickie.

"Thanks for helping me babe," Melina says with a grin as she wraps her arms
around Mickie and kisses the excitable brunette on the lips.

Mickie groans and kisses Melina back rubbing her hands up and down Melinda's
nearly naked back, "Glad I could help Melina I only wish you would have
totally stripped out there so I could see you in your sexy panties."

Melina giggles; as she loves Mickie's sexy talk and she rubs Mickie's lower
back before grabbing the hem of Mickie's cut off ref's shirt and pulls it up.
Mickie grins as Melina strips her top off exposing her black bra covered
breasts. With her bra exposed Melina leans down and unbuttons Mickie's black
jeans before tugging the tight fabric down Mickie's tanned strong legs.
Mickie's black thong comes into view as she pulls the jeans down to her
ankles and Melina also unlaces Mickie's wrestling boots to help her take off
her jeans. Mickie is now stood in front of her lover in just her tiny black
bra and thong and Melina licks her lips looking at her sexy body.

"I'm still not getting what I wanted to see Melina now strip," Mickie says
with a sexy grin on her face standing in front of the black haired Diva in
just her sexy underwear.

Melina kicks off her bright white trainers and unties the string of her white
pants and soon pulls them down her long brown legs. Her lacy pink panties are
exposed to Mickie and Melinda loves the sexy grin on Mickie's face as she
strips for the brunette. They had both started out as enemy's in OVW hating
each other and Mickie was more than pissed off when Melina was called up to
the main roster first but as they both went though wins and losses they soon
found themselves on the same show being kept down as the Playboy cover girls
and models took over and Mickie finally took Melina as a proper wrestler and
Melina finally saw the dues Mickie had been made to pay on her way to
becoming a WWE superstar. The respect the two woman had for each other soon
turned to passion as they drove together and had some amazing nights together
and even though both has serious boyfriends they loved there time together
and as the relationship became more physical the more they looked forward to
these rare times of them having a couple of hours together with no one
around. With Melina now down to her underwear Mickie reached behind her back
and unclipped her black bra and for her audience of one let the material fall
off showing off her amazing breasts. Melinda loves Mickie's breasts, she
knows that they are plastic but she doesn't care they are so big and feel so
good in her hands. Under the cold air of the locker room Mickie's pink
nipples harden sticking out in front of her and Melina just can't take her
eyes off them.

Mickie laughs looking at Melina's awe struck reaction to her tits, "Come on
Melina you have seen them before you are allowed to touch them you know."

Melina snaps out of her self-induced trance and walks over to her fellow
female wrestler and roughly grabs her tit flesh making Mickie squeal with
delight. She caresses her round orbs as Mickie sways on her tips toes
groaning softly as Melina's skilled fingers touch her sensitive boobs. Her
soft finger tips rub every inched of her tanned skin then as she works her
fingers over Mickie's erect nipples the brunette shuts her eyes and lets
Melina's amazing fingers do all the work.

"You like that Mickie you like me rubbing your big, round tits," Melina
taunts as she slaps her hands down on her tits suddenly making Mickie jump.

"Keep going Melina it feels so good I've missed you touching my big tits now
don't stop," Mickie almost begs the woman's champion to continue.

Both women are very dominate in the bedroom and at first neither was quite
sure who should be the dominant one when they fuck but soon both decided to
shave being in control and being submissive. Mickie is now rocking back on
her heels as Melina rolls her thumbs over her rock hard nipples pressing them
lightly back into her silicone filled boobs sending shocks of pleasure
running though her tiny frame. Melina smiles as she watches Mickie's pleasure
filled face as she lowly lowers her head brushing her own curly hair out of
her face before kiss Mickie's left boob. Mickie gasps as Melina starts
planting soft kisses on her tits leaving faint traces of her red lipstick on
her skin. Her mouth moves to Mickie's nipples and to tease her lover more
Melinda slides her tongue out and flicks the tip against the underside of her
hard nipple bringing a loud porn star like groan from Mickie's lips. She now
licks Mickie's hard nipples like they are ice lolly's and it is taking all of
Mickie's strength to stay on her feet as she sways from side to side awash
with sexual pleasure. Mickie places her hands on Melinda's slightly bent over
back for support to make sure she doesn't turn and topple over. As she runs
her hands down Melina's back her fingers reach out and touch the lacy strap
of Melina's bra. Slowly trying to concentrate as Melina works her wet tongue
along both her lips making sure to make loud slurping noise bringing up a
large wet patch at the front of Mickie's panties. The brunette is able to
unclip Melina's bra strap and slide the material down her arms.

Melina lifts her head off Mickie's large bosom and looks up at her, "Oh were
you not finished in stripping me Mickie?"

Mickie just loves Melina's teasing tones as much as her loud orgasm screams
as she cups Melina's chin and lifts her back up to her full height, "Yes babe
I can't hold back any longer and I have to see your sexy ass nude right now."

Melina smiles back at Mickie flashing her amazingly white teeth as she lets
her bra off her body exposing her own large tits with her dark brown nipples
already standing to attention. She slides her fingers under the waistband of
her pink panties and in them idle of the empty locker room Melina slides her
panties down in front of Mickie exposing her completely bare pussy.

"I see someone's had a bit of a shave since last time," Mickie grins as she
steps forwards hands out ready to touch the champion's nude body.

"Just for you baby just for your sexy eyes," Melina groans as Mickie's hands
roam all over her nude body.

Mickie puts her palms on ever bit of exposed flesh she can lay her eyes on
desperate to touch Melina and bring her as much pleasure as her earlier
grouping had given her. Her hands move across Melina rubbing her flat stomach
then up till she is squeezing her big boobs making Melina groan in joy. The
groping makes Melina so hot as she can feel the intense heat coming from
between her legs. Mickie wraps her arms around Melina and starts rubbing her
hands all over Melina's brown ass making the dark haired Diva sigh into
Mickie's near by ear. As Mickie rubs and slaps her much lusted after ass
Melina slides her own hands down the side of Mickie's body grabbing her black
panties then without much warning pulling them down to her knees.

"Strip me Melina," Mickie whispers into her ear getting Melina wet, "Take all
my clothes off and fuck me."

Mickie helps to remove her visibly wet panties and the two nude divas now
embrace in the middle of the Divas locker room. Their naked bodies rubbing
together as their boobs crush against each other making them both moan with
pleasure. They stroke each other's backs as their faces touch and Mickie
tilts her head before kissing Melina. Unlike the last kiss which was gentle
and loving this kiss is a highly charged sexual kiss as both Divas kiss hard,
their mouths sliding across each other's and their tongue winding together in
each other's throats. They grope and kiss like a couple who haven't seen each
other in weeks which is more or less true as the two friends haven't had any
alone time since the Monday Night Raw the night after Melina won the belt at
the Royal Rumble. There hands move all over the tanned well looked after body
of the other as their lips crash together in a big kiss where both Divas
thrust their tongue deep into the others mouth.

Melina breaks the kiss and looks at Mickie, "Look at you Mickie your all hot
and sweaty we will need to get you in a nice hot shower."

Mickie groans as one of her long time fantasies was having sex in shower and
now the woman of her dreams was offering it up on a plate, "How about you
Melina, you are all sweaty and gross you're going to need to take a shower
with me."

Rubbing her hand over one of her own tits Melinda looks up at Mickie with a
cheeky grin on her face, " You are right Mickie I'm all hot and sweaty so I'm
going to need a nice hot shower too."

Like a couple of giddy school girls the two grown woman giggle and walk off
hand in hand towards the big shower in the locker room. The one big shower
has 5 nozzle heads along the wall beautifully build out of dark blue tiles
making the room seem very calm and relaxing. Mickie turns on the hot tape and
one of the showerhead explodes out with hot water hitting both of their naked
bodies. Both Divas groan as the hot water hits their hurt and tired muscles
instantly relaxing them. They hold each other in a tight hug as the water
gets hotter and the steam starts to rise around both of them. Tilting her
head foreword Melina gives Mickie a little kiss before Mickie returns it.
Soon there faces are stuck together again in a passionate snog with their
tongue roaming freely down each other's throats. As the warm water hits their
bodies their hands move around touching each other where from experience they
know the other loves to be touched. Mickie's hands touch Melina's flat mid
section knowing how much the woman champion admired her well-trained 6- pack.
Casting her mind back Mickie clearly remembers the awesome fuck session they
hand on Melinda's warm up mat just after she had finished a very hard sweaty
work out. Hearing Melina's grunts and stomach presses had Mickie's thong
nearly swimming in her own juices before she pounced on Melina and fucked her
as hard as she could. Water splashes off both of them as Melina moves her
arms around Mickie's back before she grabs two big handfuls of Mickie's big
ass. There is no part of Mickie Melina loves more than Mickie's big booty she
could spend days even weeks rubbing and spanking Mickie's amazing ass.

Her mind filters back to the night they had wrestled a match on TV in a falls
count anywhere match for the title belt and Mickie had been wearing a even by
her standards a very short skirt. For the entire match Melina just could not
take her eyes off Mickie's ass clad in those tight pink panties. She had so
distracted he had forgotten the finish which resulted in Mickie landing on
her head nearly injuring her. Melina said sorry that night by buying a big
strap on and plowing Mickie's tight ass until the brunette passed out from
the number of orgasms the anal fucking gave her. Just as Melina is re
thinking of her amazing anal fucking of Mickie the perky brunette has broken
the kiss and is now sliding her face down Melina's body. Her pretty face
rests against Melina's impressive cleavage as water runs down her body
soaking her hair and trickling down her tits. Melinda gets so turned on when
she sees Mickie's hungry face looking up at her from just under her big boobs
and she nearly lets out one of her trademark loud screams as Mickie softly
kisses her wet tits. She then pushes her face right in between Melina's large
boobs kissing and sucking on every inch of flesh she can see in front of her
as Melina's knees go weak and she struggles to keep her balance on the
soaking wet floor. Melina stretches forward and strokes Mickie's wet hair as
the feisty brunette kisses down her cleavage. A lot of men including her
boyfriend loved kissing Melina's boobs but there was just sometime about
Mickie's soft kisses that turned Melina on so much.

"Oh god Mickie your lips are so good keep going please keep going," Melina
pleads with the wet brunette kissing her big tits.

Mickie gives Melina's tits a few more wet kisses before she moves her head
down kissing every bit of flesh in front of her as she kisses down to
Melina's toned mid section. Melina just melts as Mickie plants her lips on
her rock hard abs softly kissing the muscles with her soft lips. To add to
the pleasure Mickie's left hand slides across Melina's pussy lips making her
cry out. Standing directly under the showerhead Melina groans from every kiss
on her perfectly flat stomach and laughs out loud when Mickie gives her
pretty bellybutton a quick kiss. Mickie's head keeps moving down Melina's
body followed by the water hitting her body from the shower. She kisses
Melina's hips before getting to face level with Melina's freshly shaved
pussy. Her lips are glistening with dampness from the stripping and groping
and Mickie smiles up at Melina who has her eyes shut and her face under the
spray of water totally lost in her own pleasure. Mickie softly rubs her hand
against Melina's most private areas and that alone brings heavy moans from
the lips of the A list Diva. Grinning at how wet and horny Melina is Mickie
moves forward and takes a good long lick at Melina's pussy. In shock Melina
opens her eyes and opens her mouth only to end up swallowing a mouthful of
water from the showerhead. Mickie's tongue is slowly licked up her pussy the
taste buds pushing against her pussy lips sending electric pulses though
Melina's body filling her head up with unbelievable pleasure.

LICKING MY CUNT," Melina cries out grabbing on to the wet shower wall as a
mean to support her wobbly legs.

Mickie starts to get into a grove sending her tongue up and down Melina's
slit hearing out for her high cries of utter excitement. She loves to hear
Melina scream out her name it makes Mickie very wet and right now her own
juices are dripping out of her pussy as she stays on her knees her tongue
rubbing Melina's pussy lips. Melina digs her well-manicured nails into the
tiles eyes tightly shut her whole face twisted in pleasure as Mickie's
superhuman tongue teases her pussy. It feels like a gallon of pre cum is
flowing out of Melina's pussy and the woman's champion bangs her fist on the
wall crying out to the whole world. Hearing he partners cries of delight
Mickie stops teasing and forces her tongue in between the wet folds of
Melina's pussy to taste her sweet juices within. Like a cat Mickie starts
flicking her tongue into Melina's sweet tasting pussy making sure to lap up
her pre cum and taste it. Mickie loved eating out Melina's pussy as it just
smelled and tasted so sweet Mickie was sure Melina had the best tasting pussy
in the world. With Mickie's tongue now probing around inside her Melina's joy
is raised even higher as her loud bellows and shouts echo around the big
shower room. Her tongue twists and flicks and forced even deeper into
Melina's pussy with Mickie wanting to make sure Melina never leaves their
fuck sessions for so long again. Melina can feel Mickie's lips touching her
own pussy lips and every time the brunette's head moves their lips brush
together and both woman get the shockwave. Mickie's hands softly stroke the
back of Melina's thighs turning the black haired girl's legs to jelly as she
grabs onto the showerhead hanging on as Mickie James once again takes her to
the very edge of erotic pleasure.

MY PUSSY MICKIE," Melina screams as loud as her throat and lugs can manage.

An old trick Mickie picked up from her days as an indy wrestler was to very
gently scrap her teeth against the entrance of her lover's pussy to bring
them a whole new sensation. Mickie has never tried it before but with her
confidence high and Melina in a state of near bliss Mickie gives it a try.
She scraps her perfect white teeth against Melina's pussy entrance and the
cry from Melina almost deafens her.

like a mad woman her head shaking from side to side shaking out her long wet

She lets go of the metal showerhead and instead grabs Mickie's wet hair and
pulls on it hard making Mickie cry out into her pussy in a mixture of
pleasure and pain. Holding onto her hair Melina makes sure Mickie's pretty
face is stuck deep in her crotch and Mickie needs no more encouragement to
keep licking out Melina's pussy. Her tongue now licks hard trying to drain
every last tasty bit of juice from Melina's pussy as the woman's champion
rocks forward and back her hands still buried in Mickie's washed hair. Like
lighting Mickie's tongue licks every inch of Melina's pussy bringing louder
cries of joy from Melina's lips. Digging her fingers into the back of
Melinda's thighs Mickie starts eating Melina out as her own pussy is awash
with juices and she can feel them leaking out onto the cold tied floor mixing
with the water and being washed away. Mickie is able to twist her tongue
sideways and gets it into Melina's clit and from the first skin on skin
contact Melina's cries out louder than Mickie had ever heard her. Moving
slightly Melina lays back against the water covered walls of the shower still
moaning and crying out. Out of instinct Melina starts rocking her lip[s
forward and backwards humping Mickie's face but more importantly pushing the
brunette's tongue deeper into her pussy. Melina is so close now to cumming as
Mickie's tongue takes her body to the very edge of pleasure and enjoyment and
she tries to encourage Mickie with her moans and groans but soon she is lost
in her own pleasure world and her cries are only instinct and her mind is
flooded with pleasure. Like a shark Mickie can sense Melina is close so she
goes all out drilling her tongue into Melina's core making her eyes shoot
back into her skull.

Melina swears before her body shakes and erupts with a mind blowing orgasm.

Mickie takes the full blast of Melina's orgasm face first as Melina's sweet
tasting pussy juices flow down into her throat and she drinks it up like a
bee tasting nectar. She laps away at Melina's sloppy wet pussy as the dark
haired champion screams and cries out as she cums hard. After a minute or two
she stops cumming and Mickie removes her cum covered tongue allowing Melina
to slide down the wall and sit down on the wet floor of the shower panting
softly. Mickie slurps up the last few droplets of cum like that last bit of
drink in a bottle before sitting down next to Melina hugging her tightly as
she is still shaking from post orgasm.

"Good girl Melina you really needed that didn't you," Mickie asks her and she
nods still out of air and voice from her massive orgasm.

Mickie holds her for a few more seconds before she feels her mouth to find
there is a great deal of cum around her big lips, "Oh dear," she says turning
her cum covered face to Melina, "It looks like I'm all dirty again good job
we left the shower on."

Melina watches on with awe as Mickie winks at her then stands up and stands
under the hot jet of water. Putting her face in she cleans off all of
Melina's girl cum and watches it wash away down the plughole before she moves
the rest of her body into the line of the spray. She sticks her chest out
letting the water hit her big boobs and Melina watches on transfixed as
Mickie slowly rubs her own boobs under the shower pretending to clean them.
Melina groans as she watches the water run down Mickie's impressive chest and
onto her gut and Mickie hears that moan making her grin and push her tits
together making a big splash of water that hits Melina in the face. Mickie
continues playing with her big tits under the hot, steamy water as Melina
watches on in amazement. She feels her sore pussy responding to the erotic
sight in front of her and looking down she can see Mickie's pussy is covered
in her own juices. Melina enjoys Mickie's little shows as the brunette stands
under the jet of water rubbing her boobs in the same way a lap dancer does
while on stage and Melina now wants to touch Mickie's amazing wet body. She
is still a little tender and weak from her own orgasm but using the shower
wall Melina is able to get to her feet and walk over to Mickie. Mickie smiles
at her as Melina stands in front of her before her hand shoots out and grabs
onto Mickie's left tit squeezing her soft flesh making Mickie moan. Letting
go of her breath Melina concentrates on rubbing every inch of Mickie's boobs
which she does running her palm across her friends soaking wet chest.
Melina's other hand reaches down and rubs Mickie's mid section making the
brunette groan as Melina's soft hands grope her body under the shower nozzle.

"Oh god Melina," Mickie moans her hands behind her head and her eyes tightly
shut, "You are so good babe keep touching me don't stop."

Hearing Mickie's moan filled orders make Melina smile as she slowly lowers
her hand down Mickie's mid section then looks at her, "Where do you want me
to touch your sexy body next Mickie?"

"Just touch me Melina," Mickie moans as she can feel Melina's hand is only a
few inches away from her soaked pussy and every nerve in Mickie's body wants
Melina to rub her aching pussy.

Melina smiles a big smile as her fingers dance over her boobs and the tip of
her fingers move so close to Mickie's pussy lips, "Sorry Mickie I didn't hear
that where do you want me to touch you again."

sexual frustration and no sooner have the words escaped her lips than
Melina's hand rubs down on her pussy making her cry out loudly.

Mickie's pussy lips are very damp with her own juices and Melina loves the
feel of Mickie's girl cum sliding between her fingers as she rubs her
hairless cunt. With her hands now rubbing her tits and pussy Mickie James
reaches out and grabs both hands onto the unmovable showerhead holding her
still as she moans again. Warm water runs down both of their bodies as Melina
rubs and gropes Mickie's big boobs while softly she touches her pussy lips.
Melina's fingertips stroke Mickie's hard nipples and areola's making the tiny
brunette moan out as the most sensitive areas of her body are being touched
into sexual ecstasy. Her other hand rubs Mickie's wet pussy lips and her
entire hand is being covered in her sticky pre cum as Melina slides her palm
up and down the outside to her cunt. Mickie rocks back and forth on her heels
as Melina's amazing hands go to work o her body finding every pleasure point
and pushing it to the maximum. Her hand rubs her pussy harder and faster
making Mickie scream as her rubs her wet pussy lips bringing even more of her
juices leaking out onto Melina's hand. Her other hand moves under Mickie's
boobs rubbing the soft underside of her boobs making Mickie arch her back and
groan in pleasure into the wave of water spilling from the shower. Melina
looks down at her hand to see it is almost covered in Mickie's pussy juices
and looking at the pleasure filled expression on Mickie's face Melina knows
what to do next. She moves her hand away from Mickie's pussy making her cry
out before Melina takes 3 of her cum covered fingers and pushes them inside
Mickie's pussy making the young brunette bring the house down with a powerful
yell. Mickie's scream is loud but Melina hears the moans underneath the yells
so she keeps pumping her 3 fingers inside Mickie's pussy and soon she is
rocking with pleasure to Melina's finger fucking.

GOOD KEEP GOING OHHHHHHHH," Mickie screams in extreme sexual pleasure as
Melina uses three of her own fingers to fuck Mickie's pussy.

Her fingers slide back and forth easily inside Mickie's pussy as all of her
juices make it well lubed and Melina's fingers just slide in at will. Her
fingers thrust in fast into Mickie's soaked wet pussy and just the loud
pleasure moans from Mickie encourage the dark haired Diva to keep thrusting.
As she fucks Mickie's body with her fingers she has had to move her hand away
from Mickie's boobs and those big tits are now unattended. In her eye line
Melina can see her big chest bouncing up and down with the rest of Mickie's
body as her fingers fuck her body. She just can't take her eyes of Mickie's
bouncing boobs as she works her fingers deep into Mickie's cunt hoping to
make her body bounce again. Finally Melina can take no more and she thrusts
her fingers in as deep as she can before pushing her face forward and takes
one of Mickie's hard nipples in her mouth. The two-pronged attack takes
Mickie right to the edge of enjoyment as Melina's tongue licks her nipple and
her fingers plough their way into her wet pussy. Melina sucks and licks on
Mickie's nipple as she twists her hand around pushing her fingers into
Mickie's pussy walls bringing fresh howl from Mickie. Per cum is now just
flowing from Mickie's pussy as the brunette gets hotter and wetter as Melina
takes her body to places it had never been before. Her juices slide down
Melina's fucking fingers and all the way down her forearm as the black haired
Divas tongue laps away at her sensitive nipple. Mickie is in the midst of
sexual ecstasy as Melina is pushing all the right buttons and the results are
louder and louder moans.

Spitting Mickie's wet tit out of her mouth Melina looks at Mickie's pleasure
covered face, "You wanna cum Mickie?" she asks cheekily.

CUM," Mickie shouts as waves of orgasmic pleasure hit her body.

Melina grins at Mickie's loud screams of joy and she opens her mouth and
softly bites down on Mickie's right nipple bringing a gasp and a groan from
Mickie's lips. Her fingers force their way in deeper to Mickie's pussy and
the very tip of her nails touch Mickie's throbbing clit making the poor
brunette's knees go weak. Mickie feels so hot as Melina fucks her body and
she can't even feel the warm water on her body or the cold air of the locker
room all she can feel is Melina's touch and her warm body pressed next to
her. Her fingers pound her clit hard and Mickie's body shakes as she build up
to her first orgasm in a long time. Melina stops licking Mickie's boobs and
puts all her strength and energy into finger fucking to an orgasm as good as
the one she had a few minutes ago. Her cum coated fingers drive into her
pussy jamming into her making Mickie cry and scream as she gets closer and
closer to a pleasure overload. Pumping her finger in harder and faster Melina
looks up at Mickie too see her face scrunched up and her breaths are getting
shorter and faster. Melina pushes her fingers in as far as she can moving
them back and forth so fast her arm is starting to go tied. Mickie hands onto
the metal showerhead for dear life as her body starts to shake and move as
Melina's fingers hit her pleasure spot time after time.

her knees give way and she falls into Melinda's arms as her cum squirts out
all over Melina's hand.

She cums so much it splashes up Melina's forearm and drips out onto the tiled
floor of the shower room. Melina holds her lover tightly as the orgasm blew
her mind and she needed help just to stay on her feet. Mickie holds her head
and pants like a long distance runner and she holds onto Melina. Slowly and
carefully Melinda pulls her cum soaked arm out of Mickie and giggle at the
brunette, as her arm is almost completely white. She rests Mickie back up
against the wall as she cleans all of Mickie's cum from her arm then the two
divas share a kiss under the water before they are interrupted by the sound
of clapping. Quickly Mickie and Melina spin their heads around to see Beth
Phoenix standing in the shower room clapping at the both of them.

"Bravo girls bravo, an amazing show of lesbianism in a confined space but I
think it's time to ramp up this little love fest," Beth stays stepping
forward to reveal she is completely naked and has a big black strap on dick
tied around her waist.

Both Mickie and Melina are open mouthed and shocked as Beth walks towards
them one because neither of them knew she was a lesbian and two both Divas
really like what they see. Beth's body is muscle covered her arms big and
strong with legs like tree trunks and her tits have no sag in them at all and
they seem to just hover on her chest. Her big pink nipples are erect and
pointing at the two cum covered sweaty Divas holding each other in the
shower. Her big black plastic cock must have been 8 inches long and a couple
of inches thick, it was a monster and Beth looked so good with it strapped
around her dominating waist.

"Beth," Mickie nervously said, "We had no idea you swung that way and as for
the match tonight we are really sorry."

Laughing Beth steps into the stream of water and looks at the two soaking wet
Divas, "Look it doesn't matter if you didn't know all that matters is I'm
going to get rid of my sexual frustration by fucking both you little sluts
till you can't stand."

Melina and Mickie look at each other then their new playmate, Beth's body is
an amazing tanned muscle bound fantasy and in the back of both their minds
they knew that while Beth dominated them in the ring they had both thought
about what it would be like to fuck the Glamazon.

Melina stepped forward, "Ok then Beth you wanna fuck us go for it but Blondie
if you think you are getting two fuck toys to play with you are wrong we give
as good as we get."

Beth grins she loved another woman trying to dominate her even though there
was little to zero change of it happing she admired the fight of a smaller
woman against her and both Mickie and Melina perfectly fitted that category,
"Well then if you sluts are ready then one of you bend over and get your ass
filled by my big friend."

Stroking her plastic cock Beth stares at both of them and Mickie quickly
grabs Melina's arm and spins her around, "C'mon Melina you need a good
fucking to that teasing ass of yours."

Melina goes to complain but Mickie gives her booty a little spank then a kiss
and Melina knows Mickie will protect her if Beth goes psycho. So she places
both hands on the wet shower wall and bends over sticking out her big brown
ass. Both Mickie and Beth stare at Melina's ass turned on my those big meaty
cheeks and how well formed it looks with a perfect olive tan to it. Beth
steps forward right into Mickie's arms as she leans up and kisses the
Glamazon getting a good taste of her purple lip-gloss. Lost in the moment
Beth kisses back as Mickie's tongue goes down her throat and her hands move
to Beth's big tits. Never in all her time fucking other woman had Beth ever
seen someone take control so quickly. In less than two minutes Mickie had
made Melina bend over and offer her ass and was now on top of her kissing her
harder than Beth thought possible. She was so glad she heard the moans Beth
had been pissed as she stormed back into the empty locker room. She had seen
the clothes on the floor but thought nothing of it until she heard Melina's
high-pitched scream. She went to take a look and saw Mickie James naked and
on her knees eating out Melina's pussy making her scream like a person on
their first parachute jump. Beth had watched the amazingly erotic scene and
had got so turned on she stared to play with herself though her white
panties. After Melina came it was Mickie's turn and Beth watched like a
peeping tom so horny for both her enemy's that she ran back to her bag ripped
off her clothes and picked up her big strap on she kept in the hope of
meeting a sexy woman at the arena. Now she had her strap on set on Mickie and
Melina and all she had to do was wait.

Beth loved fucking woman making them scream and cum always seemed like more
of a challenge than making a man cum. Beth always remembered her time in OVW
where she was a team with Shelly who later became Ariel in ECW. She came into
the company calling herself tough and hard and in 3 weeks Beth had more or
less tamed her to point of Shelly would open door for her and kiss her feet
whenever Beth even so much as look at her. Normally Beth was dominant in her
life and she had found two perfect obedient sluts in Santino and Rosa but
nether of them offered her a challenge like Shelly. Mickie and Melina however
all offered a challenge in the ring and Beth knew both of them where very
sexy woman and she had long since had fantasies about dominating both of
them. The one thing she hadn't though of was what if as Mickie drives her
tongue down her throat Beth snaps back to the present to find Mickie is not
only kissing her but her hands are rubbing all over her large tits. Mickie's
hands were so soft but just as the Glamazon moans into Mickie's mouth the
brunette turned nasty and she crushes Beth's tit flesh with her powerful
fingers. Beth nearly cries out in shock as another woman treats her rough and
to her shock Beth finds her own juices rushing down her legs and her body
only reacting more to Mickie's rough treatment. Mickie breaks the kiss and
looks at the Glamazon and grins at Beth who smiles back at the brunette. That
sudden 5 minutes of sexuality had changed everything about there matches,
they both hear other's cries and moans of pain as sexual frustration at
normally being the dominant girl only to find they are both so turned on by
being submissive.

"Oi Bonnie and Clyde sexy WWE woman's champion over her with her ass out on
display," Melina says with a grin as she pretends to be cross at both of tem
but she knew just like Mickie had done with her Mickie had shown who scary
and in control she could be and now Beth respected the little brunette.

Mickie and Beth smile and Mickie backs away stroking Beth's strap on, "You
will have to excuse her Beth she is just suck a little anal slut she needs to
be fucked in the ass loads of time to keep her happy," Mickie grins and Beth
and Melina both struggle to hide a laugh.

All three former champions naked in the shower room look at each other for a
second before Mickie lets go of Beth's fake dick and the blonde grabs
Melina's hips aiming at her tight asshole.

"Its ok Melina the big scary dick is already nice and lubed," Mickie says
washing the lube of her hand with the shower water.

"Doesn't matter anyway," Beth says with a grin, "Once I'm done with her booty
her ass will never need to be lubed up again."

"Awwwww does Beth think she going to make me a little anal slut," Melina
taunts in a childish high voice.

"Hey Melina I turned you into my slut after one night so it will be easy for
Beth to make you her slut too," Mickie teases her dark haired lover before
giving her a kiss on the lips.

Beth ignores the back and forth lovers teasing from Melina and Mickie and
shoves the head of the cock into Melina's tight ass. Unsurprisingly Melina
screams as the big cock invades her tight asshole. Melina tries to close her
asshole to stop the invader but Mickie starts laying soft kisses on her back
calming her down and allowing Beth to go deeper into her rectum. The big
black cock slides in between Melina's meaty cheeks as she tries hard to relax
at let the massive black cock into her booty. Beth tilts her hips forward
groaning with pleasure at being a few seconds away from fucking Melina's ass.
She has seen it in those tight ring pants hundreds of times and she had felt
it during the match tonight and she had wanted to fuck it for a long time. In
her dreams and her fantasies she has always done it hard hurting Melina and
making her scream and cry but here in the shower room she wanted Melina to
scream like she did when Mickie was tonguing her. B eth wanted to fuck
Melina's ass so good she called out in passion and pleasure just like she did
when Mickie was fucking her. Mickie James is now stood behind Beth rubbing
her crotch into her ass and wrapping her hands around her chest playing with
her big boobs. Beth moans softly as inch after inch of strap on disappears up
Melina's ass making her moan and groan softly. Felling the soft touch behind
her Beth wonders why she never tried this before with Melina and Mickie she
had the perfect people who would stand up and dominate her if they wanted
then other times they would submit to her amazing body and let her do
whatever she wants.

7 big inches are now in Mickie's ass and Beth places her hands tightly of
Melina's hips holding her steady, "Ready for me to start Melina."

"Yeah," Melina moans already getting a bit of pleasure just from having the
big toy shoved up her, "Fuck my ass Beth give my big booty a good hard

With those words of encouragement Beth slowly slides back pushing her own ass
into Mickie's crotch then thrusting forward. Melina screams as her ass
reaches break point but ends her scream with a moan of pure pleasure. A few
woman and men had fucked Melina's ass but nothing big than Jillian Hall's 5-
inch vibrator that Melina once left in her ass for a whole road trip. This
big thing felt like it was going right into her body looking to rip her apart
and after the first few thrusts she stops screaming like a blonde in a horror
movie. Her ass gets used to the powerful thrusts of Beth and her asshole soon
gets used to the size of the monster strap on and Melina's screams of pain
are soon replaced my moans and cries of pleasure as she gets herself very wet
and horny. Beth is in heaven Melina's ass is nice and tight making her really
push to get her strap on it but Melina's pain filled screams have gone and
been replaced by moans of joy the same ones that first lead Beth to
investigate the shower room. Behind her Mickie has stopped rubbing her crotch
into Beth's ass instead she is now stood to the side of Beth and her hands
are groping the Glamazon's muscley ass. Beth moans with pleasure as Mickie
James rubs her ass then her moans are soon turned into cries of joy as Mickie
leans her head down and takes on of her erect pink nipples into her mouth and
starts to suck on it. With Mickie more than pleasing Beth's body this makes
Beth push and buck her hips faster into Melina's ass making her moan and cry
out in pleasure.

nails digging into the dark blue shower tiles as Beth pumps into her ass.

Mickie James as the brunette gropes her ass and licks and sucks on her

The strap on slides deep into Melina's ass making her cry out as Mickie
pleases Beth making her moan and cry. The shower room now sounds like a
casting call for the next Jenna Jameson as sexually filled moans and groans
echo around the steam as the shower splashes water onto the tied floor. All
three nude Divas have forgotten about time and where they are as they are
lost in the moment of this three-girl orgy. Beth bucks her hips faster as the
small bump on the back of her strap on rubs against her wet pussy bringing
her several shockwaves of pleasure as Mickie plays with her well looked after
body. While Mickie and the strap on please Beth's pussy Melina is forced to
use her own hand to attend to her soaking wet pussy. Her juices have been
leaking out of her lips and dripping onto the floor ever since Beth has been
fucking her ass. Melina is so horny she moves her hand back and starts
rubbing her wet pussy lips moaning and groaning as the strap on slams into
her asshole. While Melina moans and cries as she quickly rubs her own hand
over her throbbing clit Beth slaps her hands onto her soft brown ass cheeks
feeling how good Melina's ass feels. Mickie has stop licking Beth's nipples
and the feisty brunette is once again behind Beth grinding her wet pussy lips
into the blonde's toned ass. Feeling Mickie more or less humping her from
behind really makes Beth horny as her own sweet smelling pre cum trickles
down her inner thighs and Mickie rubs her own crotch into her ass. A horny
Beth makes her fuck Melina's ass harder and faster and woman's champion is
long gone deep into her own pleasure as she furiously rubs her own wet pussy
lips as Beth fucks her tight ass.

moans loudly as her own fast working fingers slide inside her soaking wet
pussy to play with her clit making her moan in utter pleasure.

Beth grunts as her powerful hips whack against Melina's ass as her hands
clamp down getting two big handfuls of asscheek. She slaps her big palm down
on Melina's ass as she fucks it harder and faster rocking Melina's whole body
in shock as Melina digs her remaining hand into the wall to keep her bent
over. Mickie James once again reaches her arms around Beth's impressive frame
to play with her big boobs once again. It's almost like Mickie is a baby and
is overjoyed with her new toys as she squeezes Beth's large boobs making the
blonde groan in sexual frustration as her inner thighs get wetter and wetter.
Beth's hips rock and the Glamazon's massive strap on fills up Melina's ass
making the dark haired Diva fingers thrust deeper into her own pussy. The
whole shower is filled with the loud orgasmic cries of Melina Perez as she
groans and cums all over her own hand as Beth pounds her tight ass. Melina's
cries last a good few minutes as Beth slows down and Melina cums all over her
own hand and lets some of her own juices drip out onto the floor of the
shower room. She moves her hand and feels Beth pull out of her sore ass and
the Glamazon helps Melina sit on the wet floor. Melina rolls under the shower
and lets to warm water hit her body calming her down as it feels like her
entire body is on fire. All the hairs on her arms are standing and all her
nerve endings are alight as pleasure runs though her body like an electric

"Is she going to be all right?" Beth asks slightly concerned at her new fuck
bubbly curls up in a ball on the floor as water hits her.

"Yeah she will be fine," Mickie says letting go of Beth's boobs, "She always
like that after a hard fucking look see she she's smiling she's fine."

Beth looks down and sees Melina looking up at her with a massive smile on her
face and Beth feels her heart jump when Melina blows her a kiss. Every time
she fucked a woman that hard in the ass they were normally scared or crying
in pain but Melina like a proper anal slut is lying there letting her post
orgasm wash out of her mind with a huge grin on her face. Beth's pussy is
soaking wet and the little bump at the back of the dick there to give the
wearer pleasure is really wet and working over her cunt. Without another cry
Beth is spun around and Mickie jumps onto her impaling her own wet pussy onto
Beth's monster strap on. Mickie's scream of pleasure nearly shatters Beth's
ear jumps as the tiny brunette pushes herself down onto the massive cock
while wrapping her arms and legs around Beth's muscley body. Beth gets her
feet and helps Mickie lifting her body up with her pussy still stuck halfway
down her massive strap on and Mickie howls in pleasure at being lifted up by
her giant fake dick. Spinning round Beth pushes Mickie's back against the
wall keeping her a few feet in the air giving her great pleasure but also
meaning Mickie can slide her sexy little body the rest of the way down her
strap on. Once all 8 inches buried deep into Mickie's pussy filling her up
Mickie looks at Beth and gives a cute little smile that nearly makes Beth cum
just because she has never seen anyone look at her like that right before she
fucks then. Mickie and Melina are just freaks in Beth's mind it looks like
they can take her hardest fucking and still grin back at her just like they
do when they are in the ring wrestling.

"Ready to fuck me Beth," Mickie smiles at the Glamazon who is stunned by
Mickie and Melina's fight but is very turned on by it.

"You sexy little bitch you have wanted me to fuck you for ages haven't you?"
Beth growls at Mickie cute face making her giggle.

"Maybe," Mickie says scrunching up her nose, "I really thought you knew the
number of times I wrestled you without my panties on and all the loud moans
and groans I did every time you hit me."

"She did that to me too," Melina said as she sits up on the floor looking up
and Mickie and Beth locked together with a massive strap on, "She always
moaned like a porn star in our matches as well as wearing cute little panties
and grabbing my ass in roll ups."

Beth swings her head around from Melina to Mickie, "You did that to me too,
grabbing my ass in a roll up you little wrestling slut," Beth says a wide
smile on her face as she pushes her hips into Mickie pushing the strap on
deeper into her tight pussy.

Mickie moans as the cock is pushed deeper into her clit, "MMMMMMM ok, ok I
admit it I'm a little cock teasing whore now please fuck me Beth," Mickie
begs the tall dominating blonde.

Beth shrugs her shoulders before wrapping her arms around Mickie's back and
pushing her big strap on deep into her pussy making her moan and groan with
delight. Melina giggles as Beth and Mickie fuck but then she looks around to
see the number one contender for the WWE championship Randy Orton stood just
at the entrance to the shower in his wrestling gear with his jaw hanging

"Randy what the fuck are you doing here," Melina asks the tall, well tanned

Orton had been on his way to the Gorilla position in the backstage area as
his WWE championship match with Triple H is the main event tonight and starts
in a bit less than an hour but as he was walking past he heard some strange
groans coming from the Divas locker room. Deciding to check the noises out
Rand y walked into the Divas locker room to find it empty but when he turned
to leave he heard a loud scream from the shower area. When he turned to
corner to look into the shower he saw Beth Phoenix, Melina and Mickie James
having an amazing three way under the hot shower water. For that few minutes
he had been standing their watching the almost porno level of sex the three
WWE Divas had been having before Melina spotted him and yelled at him.

"I'm sorry Melina," Orton says in response smiling wildly and licking his
lips, "I had no idea this was an all pussy party or can a stud like me join

Melina rolls her eyes at Orton's comment and is about to tell him to take a
hike when she spots the big bulge in his wrestling trunks and a big grin
appears on her face. Slowly picking herself up Melina crawls on her hands and
knees over to the shocked but very horny Randy Orton. She rubs her hand up
his strong brown thigh up to his crotch and the second her soft hand touches
his hard cock all the blood rushes from Orton's brain to his dick. Meanwhile
Beth and Mickie have not yet noticed the new arrival to her orgy as Beth
fucks Mickie's pussy with her massive strap on. She has Mickie held up a few
feet in the air and the forces of her thrusts are so hard that Mickie's hips
and ass are slapping back against the wall. Mickie's tight pussy is not as
tight as Melina's asshole allowing Beth to push harder and go deeper inside
Mickie's wet cunt. Mickie loves being fucked hard; she has lost count of the
number of big strong Indy wrestlers she let bang her hard and all because
Mickie could take it. Riding horses and working on a farm meant Mickie had a
very different threshold of pain from other people and she can almost easily
take a hard fucking without any cries of pain or groans of agony. The only
moans and groans coming from her mouth are of pleasure as Beth is really
fucking her pussy slamming that 8 inch block of plastic deep inside her. On
the other side of the shower room Melina uses both hands to rub Orton's dick
inside his Lycra trunks as the shaven headed wrestler quickly kicks off his
boots and kneepads. Orton then grabs his tiny trunks and pulls them down
allowing his big 7-inch dick bounce out a few inches in front of Melina's
face. She smiles and grabs him by the shaft and slowly walks the Legend
Killer into the showers. She strokes him slowly as she moves him under the
hot shower and she can barely hold in a moan as she watches the water hit his
toned body and roll down his tight abs.

"You have a really big hard cock Randy," Melina purrs in her sexiest tone of
voice making Orton moan as the woman's champion sinks to her knees and slowly
starts to stroke his big cock.

FUCK," Mickie moans and cries out as Beth is really slamming her strap on
into her pussy.

Beth has a look of pure concentration on her face as she just enjoys fucking
Mickie's tight cunt. It fells so soft yet is tight enough to let her really
push inside her and Beth is almost 100 percent sure this is the best pussy
she has ever fucked. It helps when the woman she is fucking is a cute little
fireball who's moans and groans are making her so horny that Beth is sure her
pussy has sprung a leak as pre cum just drips from her swelling pussy lips
making her groan in repressed sexual wanting. She stares at Mickie's
pleasured filled face and grins but soon Beth's eyes are attracted to
Mickie's big boobs. As she fucks Mickie against the wall it makes Mickie's
big boobs bounce around and look so good to Beth. She thinks back to the
times they have wrestled where she sees her big boobs bouncing around and now
see she's them bouncing around in their fully glory and Beth loves them.
Taking a deep breath Beth pushes her face forward and buries her face in
between Mickie's tits making the brunette gasp at the suddenness of Beth's
attack. The Glamazon wastes little time in kissing and sucking on every bit
of flesh she can see in front of her. The heavy thrusts stop as Beth plays
with her boobs and Mickie's groans grow softer as Beth's tongue flicks out at
her straining nipples bringing warm glows to Mickie's naked sweating body.
Beth's hands grip Mickie's hips hard as she pushes her face deeper into
Mickie's rack tasting her soft tit flesh making Mickie's groan. Her tongue
dances over Mickie's nipples and flick out onto her tanned boob and Mickie
has never felt anyone be so soft and gentle with her massive tits and the
pleasure running though her body makes her juices flow even more completely
soaking the strap on still stuck deep in her cunt.

Melina is still stroking Orton's rock hard cock with her right hand all the
time looking up at the youngest champion in WWE history making sure he can
see her smiling face as she gives him a handjob. Her other hand meanwhile
creeps up Orton's inner thigh and softly starts to massage his aching balls.
Orton groans and puts his hands behind her head in ecstasy as Melina's
amazing hand skills work over his hardening dick. She pulls on his hard shaft
making him yell out in a mix of pain and intense pleasure as Melina gives him
the best handjob he has ever had in his life. Her hand works over his thick
shaft making him cry out and groan in pleasure as she works over him in a
fast paced style making him call out Melina's name. Beth has finally removed
her face from Mickie's cleavage and is back to pumping her massive strap on
into Mickie's dripping wet pussy. Mickie is back to her high level of
screaming and groaning as Beth Phoenix ploughs into her pussy. Beth has a
tight grip on Mickie's hips bouncing the poor Diva off the wall of the shower
fucking the brunette senseless making her howl in pleasure. Bucking her hips
faster and faster Beth can sense Mickie is close to cumming as her pussy is
soaking wet and her groans and cries are getting higher and louder and Beth
keeps pushing forward wanting to make Mickie James cum. She slaps her hips
into Mickie's making her cry out in joy before she starts yelling out loud as
an orgasm builds up in her body. She groans and shakes as a powerful orgasm
builds in her body and Mickie groans out as Beth fucks her hard.

FUCK I'M GOING TO CUM," Mickie screams as her second orgasm of the day washes
over her body and she shoots cum all over Beth's massive strap on.

Mickie gasps and groans, as she cums all over Beth's plastic dick and Beth
has to keep hold of the brunette in order to stop her from falling down. Beth
removes her strap on from Mickie's sore and cum covered pussy then helps her
sit down on the shower floor. Melina looks over to see Mickie with a big but
tired smile on her face then her eyes become fixed on Beth's fake black cock
coated in Mickie's girl cream. Hungry from it she leaves Orton's cock just as
he reaches a state on near orgasmic pleasure. He moans in complaint as Melina
crawls over to Beth the no on her knees takes Beth's cum covered strap on in
her mouth and starts to clean it of all of Mickie's cum. Melina has her back
closed to the shower wall as her sucking cleans all the cum off Beth's
favorite strap on and Beth moans in appreciation but Orton spots that Beth's
soaking wet crotch and the fact the massive blonde is slightly bent over
tired from fucking Mickie. Moving quickly Orton sneaks up behind Beth and
slides his dick between her open legs and enters her cunt from behind.

out as Orton thrusts 7 inches deep inside her cunt.

"Shut up slut I'm doing what Randy Orton does best fucking little Diva sluts
like you," Orton replies with a mad look in his eyes as he locks his arms
around Beth's waist holding her steady as he pounds her pussy.

Melina keeps licking until Beth's strap on is clean and then she slides along
the wet tiled floor to sit next to Mickie to watch. Beth is swearing and
flinging her hands back to try and stop Orton but in truth she is enjoying
Randy's hard thrusts to her cunt but in fairness she is so horny and wet that
even Santino and his 4 and a half inch Italian sausage would make her moan
and groan. Orton pumps his hips into Beth's pussy fast and hard and the
Glamazon's moans fill out the shower room as Mickie and Melina watch on as
Beth is dominated by Randy Orton. The number one contender to the WWE
championship is now very happy he came into the Divas locker as after only a
few minutes of him fucking Beth's wet pussy the Glamazon is already on the
edge. Beth could feel her mind begging for a release, as she had been first
an observer to Mickie and Melina then had fucked both of them to heavy
orgasms without cumming herself and she really needs to cum. Her moans and
cries are getting bigger and louder as Orton's cock head pushes up against
her cum covered G spot Beth lets out a low pitched wail of pleasure before
letting go and sending a thick stream of cum out covering Randy Orton's hard
cock. Randy thrusts into her pussy a few more before uncaringly pulling out
and not even watching as Beth slides down the shower fall physically worn out
from her major orgasm. Orton stands under the still hot shower water cleaning
his penis of Beth's girl cum with a smile on his face after making one of the
toughest Divas in the locker submit and cum in under 5 minutes. Mickie and
Melina are now on their hands and knees looking at Orton with pure lust in
their eyes.

They crawl forward and Orton has a big shit eating grin on his face, "That's
it girls crawl over here and maybe I will let you have the honor and the
privilege to play with the king of fucking WWE Divas."

Mickie and Melina grab his cock and rub it softly as the arrogant cocky young
man tilts his head back and groans with pleasure as two Divas stroke his rock
hard dick. The two Divas now smile at each other then they suddenly squeeze
there hands down on Orton's cock crushing it and making Orton yell out in

"ARRRRR what are you doing you dumb bitches stroke it gently you fuckers,"
Orton spits out as the grasp tightens and Randy beings to groan in pain as
his poor cock gets crushed.

Pain rushes though his body as both Mickie and Melina have a tight grip on
his cock and are squeezing it like they are trying to get the last bit of
toothpaste out of the packet. Orton's face turns red as his cock is being
crushed and he has no idea what to do as even Randy Orton knows that if he
hit on of the Divas would be a very bad move and cost him a lot of money.
Just as he decides to just push them away and hope they let go of his now
purple crushed cock Melina and Mickie both swing there legs out and catch
Randy in the back of his knees. Instantly the joins give way and Orton drops
to his knees in the middle of the Divas shower area and before he can get up
his upper body is pushed down so that he is on all fours. Looking behind him
Orton is pasted shocked with the fact Beth is standing behind him looking at
his toned, tanned cheeks stroking her 8 inch black strap on. Orton squeaks
like a little girl on her way to the dentists as Beth spanks his ass hard.
Pain shoots though his body and Orton wants to get away but Melina and Mickie
yank on his cock hard making him moan in pain and he is too scared to move
incase they rip his cock off. Beth now kneels down next to Orton's body and
spreads his tight ass cheeks to expose his virgin asshole.

"Well Randy I guess it's time to break your anal virginity," Beth jokes as
she trails a finger along his asscrack making his whole body jerk.

"No way you fucking psycho bitches this is rape and I'm going to tell the
whole world about you," Orton steams his rage filling up, as he can't believe
his in this situation.

"Randy your going to tell everyone that use three tiny little Diva sluts beat
you up then analy raped you in out own showers," Mickie says watching in
delight as Orton's face drops.

The third generation star can't believe it but Mickie is right telling people
would only make this already painful looking situation a million times worse.

"AWWWWW what's wrong Randy," Melina mocks jerking his cock a few times, "Are
you scared to tell people how three big bad girls bugged you in the locker

All three Divas burst out into fits of laughter as Orton gets mad again,
"Fine you fucking little dykes fuck my asshole but I'm telling you nothing
will happen to me as I'm Randy fucking Orton and no way will this gay shit
get me off let alone hurt me."

Beth, Melina and Mickie look at each other and struggle to hold back a giggle
at Randy's little macho speech as Beth lines up her big fake dick with
Randy's pucker asshole, "Ready Mr. King of fucking WWE Divas."

Orton growls as she mocks him but his bad mood doesn't last long as Beth
shoves all 8 inches of unlubed cock into his virgin tight asshole. Randy
Orton's scream is as high pitched as a gang of Girl Scouts having a
sleepover. His little girlish yells and cries crack up Mickie and Melina who
let go of his dick and just fall about laughing. Randy's girlish high-pitched
yells drown out the sound of the shower running as his ass is fucked hard by
a determined Beth Phoenix. Mickie grabs Orton's hard dick again but instead
of crushing it she starts to rapidly jerk her palm along the shaft. Randy
though his screams lets out a pleasure filled moan as Mickie strokes his hard
cock. The screams soon return as the plastic cock head hits his tight anus
making Orton's eyes roll back into his head as his ass is fucked raw. Melina
adds to the Randy Orton mix of pleasure and pain as she rubs her soft hands
over his muscley chest and abs. With two Divas rubbing his sensitive chest
and dick Orton moans with joy until Beth thrusts her big strap on back into
his ass making him wail and cry. Tears form in Orton's eyes as his poor
virgin ass is stretched out by Beth's anal assault. Mickie rubs Orton's cock
hard and fast as Melina's hands rub over Randy's wet abs as the young man
swings though the pleasure and pain barrier. His screams and moans mix in and
sweat flows down his forehead as she pounds his fists on the cold tied floor
as he can feel himself slipping over the edge of sexual pleasure. Mickie's
expert hand takes Orton over the edge and just as Beth pushes deep into his
bowels Orton lets out a cry of sexual pleasure and shoots his cum right onto
the shower room floor.

All three Divas laugh and watch as Orton shoots his cum into the puddle of
water draining down one of the many plugholes in the room. With all 3 Divas
laughing Beth has stop thrusting and Randy takes his chance bursting forward
on his hands and knees running away. Her picks up his clothes but trips and
completely naked skids into the middle of the Divas locker room and lands in
a heap amongst the many bra and panties scattered across the floor. Still
naked and his face bright red and his ass burning in pain Orton gets up
swearing and screaming all the way out the door leaving Melina, Beth and
Mickie laughing like drains at the comical performance by the `king of
fucking WWE Divas'. Beth gets up and removes her strap on and joins Mickie
and Melina for a cuddle under the warm shower water. They hug tightly happy
at embarrassing Orton but happier by the fact all three of them had just had
the most amazing fuck session of their life's. They share a three-way kiss as
the steam builds up and wraps around them as the three Divas hug and kiss
each other all very satisfied and happy. Coming out for his main event WWE
title match Orton is limping and all the fans wonder if he is injured even
the announcers have to ask the guys backstage if Orton is hurt. Even Randy's
opponent Triple H asks if he's ok and he nods before walking to the corner
his legs open and his red raw sore ass stings him with pain after each step.
As he performs his taunt to the fans Randy Orton vows that will be the last
time he ever goes into the Divas locker room as he really wasn't built to be
anyone's butt slut while backstage Beth, Mickie and Melina are busy telling
the story of how Orton jumped the three of them in the showers but they were
able to turn the tables and give his ass a good fucking as revenge is a dish
best served anally.


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