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An Interview With Sasha Banks
by pistolero1204

Being in the world of sports journalism, it had always been my dream to transition fully into wrestling reporting. Although I was a fan of many sports, like boxing and MMA, there was something about professional wrestling that had always been special to me. Ever since I was a kid, I had dreamed of being involved in the business in some capacity. Initially wanting to be a wrestler, my dreams became more realistic as I went to university and got my journalism qualifications. I paid my dues reporting for local newspapers about college football and basketball, despite having zero interest in them. At least it provided a paycheck, as I applied for positions where I'd get to exclusively cover wrestling. Sure enough, my perseverance paid off after months of applications, and I landed a job with a nationally published magazine, where I'd be one of the main wrestling reporters. This would afford me the opportunity to get press passes for major WWE events, as well as interview many of the stars of the company.

One particular week, I was tasked with interviewing RAW women's champion Sasha Banks. Her meteoric rise to the top of the women's division had made her one of the most well-paid and important stars in the company. Considering women's wrestling had been little more than softcore porn just years before, I had a great deal of respect for this woman. She was truly as talented as a lot of the male roster in terms of in-ring skills and promo ability. I was definitely excited to land an interview with The Boss. Attending RAW that week, I was told by people backstage that I would be able to interview Sasha after the show. I was invited to hang around and see how everything works in the WWE machine, being fascinated by the inner workings of this global superpower of entertainment. The actual RAW itself was pretty dull, although I still had a great time watching the backstage process of how WWE events are produced.

As the show went off the air, Sasha walked through the curtain and into the Gorilla position, having main evented the show with Bayley. This alone showed just how far women's wrestling had come. Before this crop of new women, only once in the past had RAW been main evented by female talent, where Trish Stratus defeated Lita for her final women's championship. Now a female main event was a regular occurrence, due in no small part to the performances of Sasha herself. Pen and paper in hand, I approached Sasha with a smile and an outstretched hand.

"Hi. I'm the journalist sent to interview you. Great match, by the way! I really enjoyed it!"

Sasha smiled back, shaking my hand and gratefully accepting the compliment. "Thank you! It really means a lot to hear positive feedback from the fans! At the end of the day, if the fans don't dig what you're doing, then it's all for nothing. We can do the interview in my bus if you'd like. Follow me." she said, as she began to walk down the corridor, still in her ring gear.

"You have a tour bus?" I asked, surprised that stars other than John Cena or Randy Orton could afford one.

"Yep" she responded proudly. "Bought one last month. It sure beats dealing with the stress of airports."

Walking outside of the building, we arrived at her bus. As we climbed the steps, I admired how luxurious the set-up was. "Wow, this must have cost a nice chunk of change!" I said, letting her know I was impressed.

"The best things in life don't come cheap!" she laughed back. Sasha used a towel to wipe the sweat from her brow from the previous match, before making herself an ice tea as I took a seat and got my notepad and pen ready. Seating herself across from me, Sasha sipped at her ice tea. "So, what did you want to ask me?" she said, her body language conveying openness and putting me at ease.

I began with run-of-the-mill questions about how she initially became a wrestler, how she felt when she got the call from WWE, and how busy her schedule is with life on the road. Soon enough, the questions inevitably turned to the women's revolution. "For years WWE divas were hired solely based on their looks, while actual ability as an entertainer was a secondary priority. Nowadays we see less of an emphasis on the sex appeal, and more of an emphasis on ability. How do you feel about this shift in women's wrestling?" I asked her, intending this to be my final question.

Sasha suddenly shot me a fiery glare. Clearly I had touched a nerve. "You don't think we're just as sexy as the bimbos who were here before us?" she demanded.

I began to apologise profusely, trying to explain that I didn't mean to cause offense with my question.

"Those bitches could never satisfy a man the way I could!" she insisted. "So called 'hot' girls just lay there. They never put any effort into sex. Sex with me would blow your mind, asshole." she said angrily.

I apologised again but my journalistic integrity wouldn't allow me to back off from the question. I began trying to reword it in such a way that it wouldn't be likely to offend her. Hearing me persist with the question, Sasha got visibly angry and stood up, pushing me back in my seat.

"Don't believe me? Fine, I'll show you." she said, as she lunged for my jeans and began pulling them down, as well as my boxer shorts. My cock was beginning to stiffen. Angry sex was always the best sex.

Sasha grabbed my cock and began pumping it until I had a full erection, before she reached behind her for her ice tea and took an ice cube in her mouth. Lowering her head, she accepted my cock in her mouth. The contrast of hot and cold between her wet mouth and the ice cube within was a strange feeling, but one that I liked nonetheless. As my mind began to accept that this wasn't all a dream, I sat back on my seat and closed my eyes. Sasha bobbed her head up and down as her tongue flicked the ice cube around, quickly disappearing from the heat of her warm, wet mouth. As the ice cube melted away, she settled into a rhythm, alternating between swirling the underside of her tongue around the head of my penis, and straight sucking, where her cheeks caressed the sides of my shaft. She sucked with such enthusiasm and power that it almost seemed like she was trying to suck the cum directly from my balls rather than bring me to orgasm through massaging my cock with her mouth! Either way, this was definitely one of the most incredible, unorthodox blowjobs I had ever received.

As Sasha felt my cock begin to throb in her warm mouth, she ran her cheeks over the head one last time before sliding my dick out with a pop. As I lay back in my seat and Sasha kneeled before me, she began using her hand to finish me off, pointing my spear directly at her face. Before long she had coaxed me to orgasm, as I unloaded spurt after spurt of thick white jizz on her face, with the majority of it ending up in her pink hair. The sight of my semen splashing against her soft sallow skin and dangling from her hair was incredible to behold. I had come here for an interview, nothing more!

"Now do you believe me?" she asked, wiping the cum from her face with her hand. "We new divas know a few tricks to make up for not having fake tits! Sex with us is better than any of those whores from the past!" she boasted, as she sucked the cum from her hand.

"Gotta admit, you've convinced me" I smiled back.

"We're not done yet" Sasha promised, as she rose from her knees. Still wearing her ring gear, Sasha stood inches away from me and began sensually stripping. She took it slow, clearly wanting to tease me as she undressed. Starting with her boots, she seductively unlaced them and slid them off. Raising one foot to my softening cock, she began to playfully wiggle her toes around the glans. She sat back as she removed the top part of her attire, freeing her breasts, all the while still using her pretty little feet to re-stiffen my manhood, clearly wanting an actual fuck. Sasha stood up again, pulling down her tights to reveal her tight snatch and toned butt. With her now completely naked, I pulled off my own t-shirt and lay back again.

Sasha took position on her knees between my legs once again and flicked her nipples with her fingers. Her nipples rapidly hardened, and she began rubbing them on the head of my cock. The smile on her face and the feeling of her rock-hard nipples softly running over my glans, I reached maximum stiffness within minutes. Although the nipple teasing she was giving me was incredible, what I really wanted was to try her pussy. "You ready for a fuck?" I asked her.

"I thought you'd never ask" she responded. "I like it doggy. That cool with you?" she asked as she positioned herself on all fours in the aisle of the bus.

"My favorite" I responded with a smile as I got on my knees behind her and guided my cock towards her moist fuckhole. I squeezed her right ass cheek as I used my left hand to slide my cock past her lips and into her sopping wet vagina. The wetness was the first thing I noticed. Her pussy was absolutely saturated with juice, making her love tunnel especially hot and slippery. I raised my hand and gave her ass cheek a sharp smack before I began pumping away. She seemed to enjoy the smack, as she began moving her own body in tandem with my own. Her level of timing was incredible, as she synchronised her movements with my thrusts, guaranteeing that each thrust went as deep as possible into the depths of her warm, soaking pink. We both moaned as our pace intensified.

Sasha panted heavily as she looked back over her shoulder, flashing me a naughty smile. "Those other bimbos would just lay there. I bet this is the best fuck of your life!" she arrogantly said.

It was hard to disagree with her. The effort she put in to pleasing me, as well as her skill and her naturally slippery pussy all came together to make this undoubtedly the most incredible sexual experience of my lifetime.

I continued pounding Sasha's tight snatch from behind as I felt my balls begin to tighten as orgasm drew near. Once again demonstrating her natural sexual fluency, Sasha detected this and began offering words of encouragement. "That's it baby. Keep fucking my pussy. Stretch that little snatch out! I want you to fill me up! I need your cum inside me!" she begged, as I was happy to oblige.

Moaning in pleasure, I gave one final thrust as my pulsating cock began spurting cum into her snatch. Turning herself around, Sasha sat and looked down at the creampie I had given her. She grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of it as I began dressing myself.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she continued composing a text message.

"Sending this picture to Becky Lynch" she responded aloofly. "We used to have a bet in NXT to see who could fuck the most guys every week. Now we're on different brands, so we have to provide photographic proof if we want the bet to continue!"

I couldn't believe the underlying promiscuous nature of the women I watched on television every week. Thanking Sasha for enlightening me on the "divas revolution", I left the bus as I saw her scoop my creampie from her pussy to her mouth. These divas were revolutionizing more than just wrestling. They were revolutionizing amazing sex, it seemed! What's more, it wasn't exclusive to Sasha. This seemed to be a common practice among all the divas, on both the red brand and the blue brand. I took out my phone and began texting my editor, planning on putting this theory to the test.

"Hey boss" I wrote. "Just got that Sasha interview done. I was thinking, maybe for the sake of balance between the brands, we should organize an interview with Becky Lynch from SmackDown too? Let me know if you can arrange it."

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