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An Interviewing Battle Of Sexual Proportions
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of a SmackDown TV taping, Josh Matthews, dressed in
a black sweater turtleneck and a pair of black slacks, is standing near the
interview set. Josh looks down at blue index card, reading the questions
he's going to ask later to the World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker.
Josh starts walking back and forth as he reads the index card as Kristal
Marshall comes to the interview set to set up for the same interview Josh
is rehearsing for. Kristal clears her throat and Josh stops pacing and looks
up at her, "Hey Kristal," Josh says with a raised eyebrow, "What are you
doing here?" Josh asks.

The former conservative correspondent and jealous 2005 Diva Search eliminated
contestant, Kristal Marshall, folds her arms as she slightly glares at her
broadcast colleague, Josh Mathews "What am I doing? I'm here to interview
King Booker! What are you doing here!?" Kristal slightly snaps at Josh
Mathews as she rolls her eyes, while she's dressed in a pair of tight-fitting
black pants and a white long-sleeved buttoned blouse.

Josh slides his left hand into the left pock of his black pants, "I'm going
to be interviewing King Booker...and I haven't heard that there was going to
be a change tonight."

Kristal raises her eyebrow "No...I'm interviewing King Booker..." Kristal
sneers at Josh as she shakes her head "First that bitch Ashley Massaro tries
to steal my spotlight, and now you!" Kristal says as she steps towards Josh
"Josh...why don't you hit the bricks and let a professional do this!" Kristal
adds with a snotty tone.

"Excuse me?" Josh raises an eyebrow, "Teddy Long did kinda suspended you
from doing interviews for being unprofessional... and King Booker is the
champion... and he should be interviewed by someone who can stay cool and
not go for the spotlight," Josh says as he tries to be professional.

Kristal folds her arms "It was that bitch Ashley's fault that I got suspended
from doing interviews!" Kristal protests "If it wasn't for her parading
around thinking that she's so great..." Kristal pauses and shakes her head
"Forget about Ashley!" Kristal says as she pokes Josh is the chest with her
left index finger "This is about who's the better interviewer and who should
interview a true Champion! Both of which you are not!" Kristal says as she
grits her teeth together.

Josh can't help himself and laughs slightly, "Says who? I've been here in the
WWE longer than you have, I've interviewed every Champion from John Cena to
JBL to Kurt Angle... I've co-hosted Velocity, I'm more qualified than you to
interview King Booker..." Josh says as Kristal has gotten under his skin

Kristal smirks a bit as she turns her head away from Josh "Oh really Josh...
you're more qualified? I'm a former Diva Search Contestant...which I should
have won! Regardless...I am also for former Barker Beauty and I can ask the
hard-hitting questions!"

"Hard-Hitting questions? Last I checked, Finlay covered your mouth so you
couldn't every time you tried to interview him..." Josh laughs a little,
"Nothing like that has ever happened to me... because I know my place and
I know how to conduct an interview."

Kristal raises her eyebrow and nods her head slowly " want to
prove that you're better then me?"

"Yeah... I'll prove it too you any time any place..." Josh says as he puts
his index card inside the right pocket of his pants.

Kristal laughs a slightly and tilts her head back "How about right here,
right now...Josh!?"

Josh puts his hands on his waist, "All right then... we'll do this right

Kristal nods her head "Yeah...right now..." Kristal says before she roughly
grabs hold of Josh's black pair of slacks and begins to aggressively yank
them down from Josh's waist, snapping the buttons on his slacks.

"Whoa!" Josh reaches back and grabs part of the interview set so that he
wouldn't fall over. "What are you doing?!" Josh asks as Kristal yanks down
his black slacks, exposing his white boxer briefs.

"Proving that I'm better then you." Kristal says as Josh's black slacks drop
to his feet. Kristal slightly pushes Josh back a bit causing him to stumble
and step out of his black slacks. "I always take the hard-hitting tasks!"
Kristal says as she grabs hold of Josh's white boxer briefs and quickly
slides them off of his waist and his boxer briefs start traveling down his

"Kristal... how is this going to prove you're better than me?" Josh asks as
his nice, thick seven inch cock becomes free as Kristal slides his white
boxer briefs down all the way to his feet.

Kristal raises her eyebrow at Josh "I'm about to suck your dick and you're
worried about asking me pointless questions?"

Josh swallows a bit, "Well... I never... had my... dick sucked by a black
woman before..." Josh says, answering Kristal's question as his face goes a
bit red.

Kristal rolls her eyes and shakes her head "Just shut up don't
know when to quit talking..." Kristal replies rudely as the jealous Kristal
Marshall lowers herself down to her knees in front of Josh and wraps her
soft, delicate hands around Josh's shaft before she starts to stroke his
shaft to hardness.

"Uhhh... ohhh shit..." Josh bites his tongue slightly as Kristal roughly
tugs and pulls on his seven-inch cock. Josh keeps a hand on the set of the
SmackDown interview set as his cock becomes extremely hard.

Kristal smirks "Perfect..." Kristal says before she lowers her hands to the
lower portion of Josh's cock before she leans her head down and opens her
mouth. Kristal then pushes Josh's cock into her wet, warm and soothing mouth
as she wraps her lips around his shaft. The once conservative, Kristal
Marshall, begins to bob her head on his cock as she sucks the fellow

Josh grits his teeth together as he looks down and watch the stunning jealous
broadcast colleague bobs her head on his hard thick shaft. "Uhhhh... ohhh
damn..." Josh moans loudly as he puts his left hand on top of Kristal's head
and spreads his feet apart in order to keep his balance. Kristal presses her
lips tighter around his shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker on his
cock and she lowers her head further down on the shaft, taking more of Josh's
cock into her wet, saliva-dripping mouth. Kristal moves her left hand swiftly
against the lower portions of Josh's cock as she bobs her head on his shaft
and laps her tongue around his cock.

Josh begins to start breathing hard and starts to feel hot, so he takes off
his long sleeved black turtleneck sweater, exposing his decent upper body.
"Ohhhh... ahhh... damn... Kristal..." Josh groans as Kristal relentlessly
bobs her head on his cock. Kristal starts to tap her tongue against Josh's
shaft as she twists her head against his cock, bobbing her head further down
on his cock. As Kristal bobs her head smoothly and swiftly on his cock, she
cups his ballsack with her right hand and begins to massage his ballsack as
well. "Ahhh... oooo... damn... Kristal... fuck... you... suck so good..."
Josh moans as he bites his bottom lips. He pushes his left hand through
Kristal's hair as he feels Kristal slightly squeezes his ballsack as she
works over his thick seven-inch long dick.

Kristal slowly lifts her head up from Josh's saliva dripping cock and smirks
up at him, confidently "What do you got?" Kristal asks in a snobby tone as
she stands up.

Josh licks his lips slightly as he looks at Kristal, "That... depends... what
do you want?" Josh asks as he composes himself and steps forward. He raises
his hands and starts to quickly unbutton Kristal's white long-sleeved blouse.

Kristal smirks a bit as Josh opens up her white blouse to reveal her petite,
well-toned and stunning ebony body "That depends on how hard-hitting you can
get." Kristal slightly snaps as Josh removes her white blouse to reveal her
nicely rounded, perky tits.

"Oh I'm going to get... hard hitting..." Josh says with a bit of a goofy
smile on his face. He grabs holds of Kristal's tight fighting black pants and
pulls them down from her waist. Josh bends his knees as he pulls Kristal's
pants down; he sees Kristal's smooth hot ebony pussy instantly. Once he gets
her pants down at her feet. Josh stands up and pulls Kristal forward so she
can step out them.

Kristal presses her lips together, smirking at Josh as she stands completely
naked in front of her broadcast colleague "I'm waiting for your hard hitting

"Don't you know... good things happen to those that wait..." Josh says with
a bit of a smirk. He puts his hands on Kristal's waist and pushes her down
onto the floor of the SmackDown Interview set. He gets down on his knees and
spreads Kristal's legs open so that he can slides his fat cock into her tight
black pussy. As he holds Kristal's legs open, Josh begins pumping his hips to
drive his cock in and out of Kristal's pussy.

Kristal grits her teeth gently together as Josh thrusts his cock into her
tight, wet pussy "Mmmm Josh..." Kristal moans as she closes her eyes as she
starts to immediately grind her pussy against Josh's cock while he thrusts
into her.

Josh presses his teeth together as he slides his hands from Kristal's legs
and lays them on her sexy waist. The former co-host of Velocity continues to
smoothly thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. "Uhhh... ahhh Kristal..."
Josh grunts as he fucks her. Kristal wraps her smooth legs around Josh's
waist as he thrusts into her tight, not-conservative pussy. Kristal closes
her eyes as her body rocks back and forth against the cold floor in front of
the interviewing set.

Josh starts breathing a bit hard again as he pumps his cock in and out of the
jealous fourth place runner up of the 2005 WWE Diva Search. "Ahhh... shit...
Kristal... damn... you're... hot..." Josh grunts as he gives Kristal a shard,
sharp thrust.

"Mmmm ohhh fuck yesss Josh! Is that all you got?" Kristal moans as she places
her hands against Josh's smooth, slightly muscular chest and rolls herself on
top of the former Velocity Announcer. Kristal tilts her head back as she
starts to quickly bounce on Josh's cock as she rocks back and forth on his
cock "Mmmm ohhh Josh, you like that!?"

As sweat rolls trickles down the sides of his face, Josh nods his head as he
puts his hands on Kristal's round, perky tits as the hot ebony SmackDown
Interviewer bounces up and down on his stiff cock. "Ahhhh yeah... fuck...
damn... I love it..." Josh groans as he starts thrusting his cock up into her
hot, wet pussy.

Kristal closes her eyes and licks her lips as her petite ebony body slams
herself down on Josh's cock harder as she grinds her pussy down against his
cock. "Ohhhh Josh...mmmm...I'm the better..." Kristal moans as she breaths

Josh nods his head again and licks his lips, "Ohhh yes... you are... fuck..."
Josh moans as he presses Kristal's round tits with his hands. The former
co-host of Velocity continues to buck his hips upward to drive his dick
sharper up into Kristal's wet pussy as she comes down on his dick.

"Uhhhh... ohhhh Kristal... shit... can... I... fuck you... doggy... style..."
Josh asks with a groan as when Kristal stops moving on his cock in order to
catch her breath.

Kristal smirks and licks her lips "You think you can?"

"Ohhhh yeah... I think so..." Josh says as he puts his hands on Kristal's
waist and gently lifts the now non-conservative backstage interviewer off of
his stiff seven-inch cock. Josh rolls out from underneath her and gets behind
Kristal before pushes her forward onto her hands and knees. Josh grips his
cock with his right hand and eases it back into Kristal's hot, ebony pussy.
"Ahhhh... you're so hot Kristal..." Josh says as he once again starts to
drill Kristal's pussy with his cock.

Kristal grits her teeth "Ohhhh Josh..." Kristal groans as he starts to thrust
his cock in and out of Kristal's tight pussy once again, now from behind.

Josh lays his hands on Kristal's smooth slender waist and begins to pull her
back towards him as he drives his cock forward. "Uhhhh... ohhh Kristal..."
Josh moans as his waist presses against Kristal's ass cheeks as fucks her.

"Ohhhh yeah Josh...mmm...I'm the best.." Kristal groans as she grits her
teeth while her rounded, nice ass slams back against Josh's waist as his cock
plunges into her tight pussy deeply.

Sweat rolls down Josh's face and chest as he moves his cock in and out of
Kristal's hot wet pussy, "Fuck... you're the best... you're awesome..." Josh
grinds his teeth together as he picks up momentum. Josh drives his cock
deeper and harder into Kristal's pussy as he makes her jolt forward following
each of his thrusts. Kristal grits her teeth tightly as she suddenly slams
her petite body back against Josh's cock at a rough, aggressive rate. Josh
tilts his head back and groans loudly, "Ohhh fuck... ohhh shit Kristal...
I'm... I'm... ahhhhh..." Josh lets out a loud moan as he begins to cum inside
of Kristal's hot wet pussy.

Kristal smiles and looks over her shoulder, pressing her lips together "Looks
like it's my interview, Josh..." Kristal says after Josh pulls his cock out
of her pussy and she then scoots away from him.

"Yeah... it's yours..." Josh says as he licks his lips and gathers his
clothes, "Damn... you really know... how... to get the job done..."

Kristal nods her head and smirks "Of course I do...because I ask the
hard-hitting questions..." Kristal then grits her teeth "And no one steals
my spotlight"


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