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Anal Invasion Part 1
by MTL (

With the roar of the crowd still echoing in their ears WWF divas Trish
Stratus and Lita made their way back to the WWF women's locker room after
successfully defeating Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler in the first ever bra
and panties tag team match at Invasion.

The rest of the wrestling world was now looking to the main event of the
evening which was on right after their match, but Trish and Lita didn't care
about that. They were more interested in getting somewhere private, ideally
the WWF women's locker room where, because they were the only WWF divas on
the show, they would have the whole room to themselves.

Walking together arm in arm Trish and Lita hoped that no one would question
why they were such good friends all of a sudden. Luckily everyone seemed to
be too busy to pay much attention to them.

It was hard but Trish and Lita managed to restrain themselves until the door
to the locker room was closed before falling into each other's arms, their
lips crashing together in a passionate kiss.

Trish and Lita had been at each other's throats since they came to the WWF
but the truth was that was just sexual tension, sexual tension which had been
broken only a few days ago when one thing had led to another and the two
divas had finally made passionate love to each other.

Breaking the lip lock Lita slid her tongue down Trish's neck before wrapping
her lips around the vulnerable flesh, gently sucking at her lover's pulse

"Mmmmm, Lita honey," Trish moaned, "We have to stop."

"No we don't." Lita said, only briefly stopping sucking on Trish's neck
before going right back to it.

"I'm serious." Trish sighed.

"So am I." Lita said, before Trish pushed her away, "Oh come on Trish."

"No, I don't want to risk getting caught." Trish said firmly before smiling
at her girlfriend, "But the sooner we're showered and ready to go the sooner
you can be fucking me senseless back at the hotel."

This seemed to satisfy Lita somewhat who smiled back.

"Can we at least shower together?" Lita asked seductively.

"No, if we do that we'll never get out of here," Trish said firmly before
smiling, "But, if we're ready to go within the next five minutes I promise
that when we get back to the hotel I'll run my tongue all over your body."

"Like you won't be doing that anyway." Lita scoffed as she undid her bra and
tossed it aside, "You mind if I shower first?"

"No, go right ahead." Trish said, trying to keep herself from drooling as her
redheaded lover stripped in front of her.

Once Lita was completely naked she walked into the shower, making sure to
wiggle her butt for Trish as she walked round the corner and turned the water

Trish bit her lip and considered going after the redhead, but she told
herself she had to remain strong. Soon she would have Lita alone and all to
herself. Or at least that's what she thought.

Suddenly Trish was grabbed from behind, a cloth covering her face. She tried
to scream, but it was too late, the chloroform had done its work and Trish
never even knew who attacked her.

Despite what Trish had said Lita had been hoping that her girlfriend would
join her in the shower. Since she first saw the blonde bombshell Lita had
started having all these nasty little fantasies about Trish, one of which
involved herself and her new lover eating each other out in the locker room
showers and she had been hoping this would be her chance to live that out. Oh
well, maybe next time.

Stepping out of the shower Lita walked back into the main locker room area,
only to see Trish lying on the ground.

"Trish!" Lita cried, running to her fellow divas aid.

Without warning someone grabbed her in a chokehold from behind and a cloth
was placed over her face. The redhead struggled in vain for a moment or two
but things quickly started to go dark until her whole world slipped into

* * *

"So, which one do you want?" Trish and Lita heard a familiar voice say as
they slowly drifted back to consciousness.

"Lita, I want to make that bitch pay for that moonsault." came another
familiar voice.

"That's fine with me, just let me have a piece of that slut when you're done
with her." said the first voice.

"Oh don't worry baby, you know me, I always share." said the second voice.

Trish and Lita slowly opened their eyes to see the two WCW divas who had been
their opponents earlier in the evening Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler naked,
wrapped in each other's arms and kissing each other passionately.

The two WWF divas quickly got over the shock of seeing the two WCW divas
kissing when they realised they were naked and couldn't move. Their hands
were tied to something nailed to the ceiling and their feet were tied to the
floor leaving them in the spread eagle position. They both tried to scream
but the ball gags inside their mouths muffled their cries.

The muffled sounds did however attract the attention of Torrie and Stacy, who
broke their lip lock and turned to Trish and Lita.

"You sluts should save your breath, trust me, no one is going to hear you."
Stacy sneered.

"Now Stacy, we should at least tell them what's going on and give them the
chance to make it easier on themselves first." Torrie said.

"Fine, whatever, it's your call." Stacy sighed.

"And don't you forget it." Torrie smiled playfully before turning back to
Trish and Lita, "Now, you two sluts humiliated us tonight, and believe me,
you're not getting away with it. Paybacks a bitch, and you two bitches
deserve everything that's coming to you. But if you're willing to cooperate
things are going to be a lot easier on you. All you have to do is agree to
submit to us and be our bitches for the night. What do you say?"

Torrie pulled the gag off Lita's mouth, deliberately choosing the more
dominant of the two in hopes of receiving the reaction she wanted.

She got the reaction she wanted.

Lita spat in Torrie's face and screamed, "Fuck you!"

Torrie stuff the gag back in Lita's mouth before she could say anything else
and said, "Oh, don't worry honey, we'll get to the fucking, but first..."

Stacy handed Torrie a riding crop to match the one she was holding as the two
blondes got in position behind their prey and began bringing their crops down
hard on Trish's and Lita's asses.

The two WWF divas screamed into their gags as loud as they could, but it was
no use. Torrie and Stacy were determined for revenge and the other rooms in
the sleazy motel they were in were practically empty, and those that weren't
were filled with people who where to afraid to check on someone's screams in
this place.

Torrie and Stacy continued to spank Trish's and Lita's asses, occasionally
allowing a few hits to hit their backs but mostly focusing on their butts,
until the flesh had been spanked to a nice pink colour.

At that point Torrie and Stacy walked around so that they were facing Trish
and Lita and began doing the same thing to their boobs that they had done
their butts, beating them roughly with all their might, sometimes
intentionally missing their tits and hitting the flesh around it, before
going lower.

Trish and Lita had began to run out of screaming power however the second
they felt the first sting of the riding crops against their cunts they
suddenly found the power to start screaming again. Torrie and Stacy showed no
mercy, beating Trish's and Lita's cunts just as hard as they had beaten their
tits and asses.

Finally the vicious beating stopped and Stacy removed Lita's gag.

"How about it bitch, do you submit?" Stacy asked.

Lita tried to speak but her voice was sore from screaming. She couldn't move
and she knew she should give in simply because it might cause Torrie and
Stacy to make a mistake which would give her the opportunity to escape, but
Lita's pride got in the way.

"... No." Lita said shaking her head, her former strong defiance replaced by
meek protest.

"Good." Stacy said, pressing the ball gag back to Lita's lips, "Cause we're
not even half done with you yet."

Lita pressed her lips tightly together in an attempt to keep the gag out but
Stacy pinched her nose shut with two fingers, forcing the redhead to open her
mouth to breathe. The second Lita's mouth was open Stacy shoved the ball gag
back inside and secured it before she and Torrie went back to their bag of
goodies, took out a pair of paddles and began bombarding Trish and Lita with
heavy blows.

Trish and Lita was soon screaming into the gags again as they suffered more
torment, silently trying to decide which was worse, the crops or the paddles.
The crops had been a more concentrated source of pain while the paddles
caused more widespread pain, although the WWF divas found it impossible to
tell which was worse and after thinking about it they didn't care, they just
wanted it to be over.

Torrie and Stacy brutalised Trish's and Lita's tits, asses and cunts, turning
their flesh from pink to red under the force of the blows.

Again once the WCW divas stopped beating the WWF divas it was Stacy who was
the one to remove Lita's gag and ask her that all-important question.

"Are you ready to submit yet slut?"

Lita bit her lip and desperately tried to think. The pain was agonising and
part of her just wanted to give up for the sake of giving up, but her will
wasn't quite broken yet and it was that will that urged her to fight through
the pain. However she couldn't bear to see Trish and so much pain. Her
lover's cries broke Lita's heart and now she and Trish were finally together
Lita would do just about anything to keep the blonde Canadian safe.

"... Do what you want to me but just please leave Trish out of this..." Lita
began to beg before Stacy shoved the gag back into her mouth.

"Not a chance bitch." Stacy sneered as she pulled a cat o' nine tails out of
her bag and handed it to Torrie before grabbing one for herself and
continuing the assault.

As the abuse resumed cries filled the room again. At this point Trish and
Lita had no more ability to scream left and all they could do was cry
pitifully. The pain was excruciating. Each tale dug into their flesh as the
crops had done only worse because it was over a wide area. Their tits, asses
and cunts had been beaten black and blue, or more accurately very red, and
they just didn't know how much more of this they could take.

If anything Torrie and Stacy were more brutal this time than they were
before, using every ounce of their strength to beat Trish and Lita,
desperately wanting to make the WWF girls submit. Torrie and Stacy weren't
running low on ideas however they were both extremely horny and as much as
this abuse was turning them on they wanted to get to the fucking which was
where they planned to really make Trish and Lita pay.

After what felt like an eternity Stacy removed Lita's gag and asked her, "Do
you submit?"

Lita wanted to keep fighting, she really did, but the pain was just too much.

"I submit." Lita said weakly, causing Torrie and Stacy to smile wickedly.

"And are you willing to be my bitch?" Stacy asked, wanting to rub it in.

Lita blushed at the statement, gritted her teeth and said, "Yes. I'll be your

"How about you?" Torrie asked Trish as she removed her gag, "Do you submit?"

There was a moment where it look like Trish was about to fight back but then
she just lowered her head in defeat.

"I submit." Trish said meekly.

"And are you willing to be my bitch?" Torrie asked.

"Yes, I'm willing to be your bitch." Trish said softly.

Torrie and Stacy shared another wicked smile.

Leaving the WWF divas gags hanging around their necks Torrie and Stacy got
out two pairs of handcuffs from out of their bag and very carefully untied
Lita's hands, undoing one and forcing it behind her back, locking half of the
cuffs into place so that when they did the same to the other arm it was easy
for them to restrain the redhead without any fuss. The WCW girls then did the
same to Trish.

With the WWF divas hands restrained Torrie and Stacy released Trish's and
Lita's feet before grabbing hold of their hairs and pushing them downwards.

"On your knees bitches!" Stacy commanded.

Trish and Lita obeyed and allowed themselves to be forced to crawl along the
floor by Torrie and Stacy who each had a tight hold of their hairs.

Reaching the two chairs the WCW girls had set up for this very occasion
Torrie and Stacy sat on the chairs and shoved Trish's and Lita's faces into
their cunts.

"Eat our pussies you little sluts!" Torrie screamed as Trish's nose banged
against her clit.

Fearing more abuse Trish did as she had been told, sliding her tongue into
Torrie's pussy and wrapping her mouth around the WCW girl's lower lips and
starting to suck.

Lita was more hesitant, gently sliding her tongue around and around Stacy's
pussy lips in long circles, changing direction a couple of times,
occasionally taking a few moments to gently tease the other woman's opening,
before going right back to circling Stacy's cunt. The redhead was used to
being in control and she liked to tease her girls to the point where they
thought they were going to explode before she would finally give them the
tongue lashing they craved. However Stacy was impatient and in no mood for
soft and teasing.

"Get on with it bitch!" Stacy yelled as she slapped Lita around the head,
"Eat my fucking pussy you little dyke! Lick my pussy like the little rug
munching queer girl you are! Give me the kind of head that your whore of a
girlfriend is giving my girlfriend!"

Lita gritted her teeth at the treatment she was receiving but did as she was
told, wrapping her mouth around Stacy's pussy lips and shoving her tongue as
deep into the leggy blonde as it would go.

"Oh yeah, that's more like it, eat me, eat my pussy you fucking lesbo slut!"
Stacy moaned, grabbing the back of Lita's head and pushing her deep into her
pussy, "Eat me just like that. Use your mouth to pleasure me. Use your tongue
to pleasure me. Use your entire being to pleasure me. As of right now my
pleasure is all that matters to you, I am your everything. Worship my pussy
you little muff diver, worship it like the little dyke slut you are!"

Stacy continued to moan and insult Lita as the redhead ate her out, her
clearly very skilled mouth and tongue playing Stacy's pussy like a musical
instrument. Within seconds the redhead seemed to find all of Stacy's most
sensitive spots and used her tongue to attack them viciously. Lita slid her
tongue in, out and around Stacy's pussy, fucking her with it so wonderfully,
the whole time sucking at her outer lips like a vacuum cleaner.

The leggy blonde had been with a lot of great rug munchers in her time but
Lita was by far the most skilled, although she would never tell Torrie that.
Her girlfriend tended to get jealous about such things and Stacy didn't want
to hurt the woman she loved. Then again maybe if she told Torrie that Lita
gave better head than she did Torrie would get angry and beat their new bitch
as punishment. That would be hot.

From Stacy's moans Torrie could tell her girlfriend was getting some great
head, which didn't surprise her in the slightest because Trish was
shamelessly licking, sucking and slurping at her pussy like her life depended
on it. Trish wasn't quite as skilled at muff diving as Stacy was, and it was
clear that the blonde Canadian was a little inexperienced, but for what she
lacked inexperience Trish more than made up for an enthusiasm. In fact Trish
was probably the most eager little pussy licker Torrie had ever met, not that
that was a bad thing.

At first Trish had been enthusiastically eating Torrie out because she was
afraid of more abuse, but shortly after the first few licks of Torrie's pussy
the taste of her fellow blonde got to Trish and her natural rug munching
instincts took over.

Only a few short weeks ago Trish just couldn't ever imagine herself eating
pussy. Now she couldn't ever imagine not. Trish was still angry with herself
that she hadn't been able to return the favour after Lita had eaten her to so
many mind blowing climaxes in their first wonderful time together. She was so
glad that during the second time she took the plunge and went down on the
redhead because it completely changed her life. Since that moment Trish had
been completely cunt crazy, practically begging Lita to let her lick her
pussy at every opportunity. Trish's goal was to become as good at eating
pussy as her redheaded girlfriend, and while she had a little way to go yet
she was certainly improving quickly. Of course her goal right now was to make
Torrie cum, a goal that she soon achieved.

But it was Stacy who came first.

As good a pussy eater as Trish had become Lita had been eating pussy for
years and ultimately the experience of the redhead's mouth allowed Lita to
make Stacy cum before Trish could make Torrie cum.

Stacy grabbed Lita's hair in a death grip, screamed, humped the redhead's
face and came hard, her body shaking and quivering as Lita drank down as much
of Stacy's juice as possible. Even though she was an expert rug muncher Lita
still failed to get all of Stacy's pussy cream and a lot of it ended up
covering her face.

It was nothing though compared to Trish's face once Torrie was done with her.
Torrie came almost as hard, if not as hard, as Stacy and because Trish wasn't
as experienced as Lita when it came to carpet cleaning the blonde Canadian's
face was soon drenched in girl cream as the WWF girl pressed her face deeper
into the WCW girl's cunt in an attempt to swallow as much of the delicious
girly cum as she possibly could.

Once they were finally done with their climaxes and Trish and Lita had done
significantly good job of cleaning their cunts Torrie and Stacy pushed their
bitches away, stood up and walked over to their bags.

Reaching into their bags Torrie and Stacy retrieved two 12 inch strap on
dildos, fastened them around their waists and walked back over to Trish and
Lita with wicked smiles on their faces.

Trish and Lita were given a moment to get a good look at the size of the
dildos, which were bigger than anything either girl had had inside them,
before Torrie and Stacy grabbed them by their hair and made them crawl over
one of the two beds.

Tripping the WWF divas over the edge of the bed so their asses were nicely
presented the WCW girls got behind them and began rubbing the heads of their
dildos over Trish's and Lita's pussy lips.

"My slut is fucking wet for this." Stacy laughed, "How about yours?"

"Oh she's dripping." Torrie said, "These bitches obviously want this bad."

"Well let's give it to them." Stacy said, forcing the head of her strap on
into Lita's cunt.

"I couldn't agree more." Torrie said, pushing her dildo's tip into Trish's

The WWF girls tried to stifle their moans as their cunts filled with strap on
but they were unsuccessful and the WCW girls had a good laugh at their
expense. Since they were both bisexual Trish and Lita both enjoyed being
filled with hard dick, whether it be real or fake and Torrie and Stacy were
giving their cunts plenty of time in between each added inch so that the WWF
divas pain was at a minimum and their pleasure was at a maximum. Before long
Torrie and Stacy had all 12 inches of their strap ons inside Trish's and
Lita's pussies.

After giving Trish and Lita plenty of time to get used to the size of the
dildos inside them Torrie and Stacy slowly began to pull back, taking a few
inches of strap on from their pussies, and then push forward, sliding a few
inches back in with ease.

Soon Torrie and Stacy had established a steady rhythm, gently but firmly
fucking Trish and Lita with their strap ons, the sound of flesh smacking on
flesh echoing throughout the room.

As she fucked the redhead Stacy couldn't resist slapping Lita's ass every so
often, the WCW girl loving the feeling of power she had over the athletically
superior WWF girl. Lita may have been better than Stacy in the ring but it
wasn't Stacy's pussy which was being split open by a huge dildo right now so
the leggy blonde called this a win.

She and Torrie loved to go after women who were physically stronger than them
and break them mentally. It was such a rush to see a woman like Lita who
could easily kick Stacy's ass helplessly bent over with her hands handcuffed
behind her back as Stacy filled her with strap on dick, the redhead moaning
in pleasure with every thrust.

And Stacy wasn't the only one enjoying having her way with a WWF diva.

Torrie had worked her way up from a steady fucking to the point where she
was now pounding Trish's helpless pussy and the busty Canadian blonde was
offering absolutely no resistance whatsoever, in fact Torrie was almost
positive Trish was thrusting herself backwards to meet her thrusts.

In some ways it would be somewhat disappointing if she had broken Trish
already, but it would also be incredibly hot.

Trish wasn't nearly as physically strong as Lita was, and going in the WCW
girls knew the redhead was going to be a bigger challenge, but Trish was
still stronger than Torrie or Stacy so it was a incredible turn on for Torrie
to hear Trish moaning for her and possibly even thrusting back at her.

Already Torrie couldn't wait until she had completely broken Trish and made
the WWF diva her bitch.

She and Stacy were determined to fuck Trish and Lita into submission and they
were doing a great job because try as they might the WWF divas just couldn't
stop moaning. It just felt so good.

Lita had known she was bi for a very long time but she'd never used a strap
on before in her love life. Sure, she'd played with plenty of dildos of all
shapes and sizes but she just hadn't got around to trying a strap on yet. Now
she was feeling one moving inside her she wished she had tried one sooner.
She had thought about using one on Trish, and after she had got together with
her Lita had promised herself at some point she would make that fantasy come
true but this was the first time she was ever experiencing one in person.

Despite herself Lita found that her pussy was dripping as Stacy ploughed into
her over and over again, fucking the redhead so skilfully it felt as if the
leggy blonde had been pounding pussy her entire life and for all Lita knew
she had. Unfortunately the thought of Stacy pounding girl after girl only
increased Lita's arousal and the redhead's moans continued to increase in
both number and volume as the fucking continued.

Even though she had enjoyed sex with men in the past everything with Lita had
been so amazing that Trish had actually begins considering becoming a full-
time lesbian, swearing off dick and devoting her life to pussy. Torrie's
strap on however was convincing Trish otherwise.

The WCW girl was just fucking Trish so wonderfully, taking her better than
any guy had ever taken her before. Oh how she loved it.

It just felt so amazing and Trish and Lita soon forgot how they ended up in
this position and just concentrated on the pleasure they were feeling, hoping
it would go on forever. Unfortunately for Trish and Lita this was just a warm
up fuck, something to get the dildos lubricated before the real fucking

Never one for patients Stacy pulled her strap on out of Lita's pussy and
pressed it to the redheaded diva's ass hole.

"Hey Torrie," Stacy said, "I'll race you. First one inside her bitch's ass
hole wins!"

Trish's and Lita's eyes went wide when they realised that Torrie and Stacy
intended to sodomise them, but there was not much they could do about it.
Their hands were still bound and they had already agreed to submit to
whatever Torrie and Stacy wanted. All Trish and Lita could do now was grit
their teeth and do their best to relax their sphincters for the coming anal

"You're on," Torrie giggled as she removed her strap on from Trish's pussy
and started shoving it up the other blonde's butt hole.

Trish let out a little whimper when she felt the strap on knocking at her
back door, trying to bully its way into her butt, but she was helpless to
stop it so she tried to relax to make it easier on herself but she was too
nervous to relax and when the head of Torrie's dildo forced its way into her
ass hole the pain was so agonising that Trish couldn't help letting out a
scream of pain.

As Torrie stuffed Trish's shit hole with strap on Stacy slowly pressed her
own strap on forwards, watching with glee as it stretched open Lita's tight
anal ring to allow the head passed through it and causing the redhead to cry
out as her rectum was violated, Lita's ass surrendering to Stacy at the exact
same time Trish's ass surrendered to Torrie.

The WCW girls shared a cruel laugh at Trish's and Lita's pain before they
pushed forward, continuing to fill their butt holes with fake cock, both
Torrie and Stacy getting off on Trish's and Lita's suffering.

Although their objective was the same, to stuff Trish and Lita with dildo,
Torrie and Stacy went about it in two very different ways.

Torrie would thrust an inch at a time into Trish's ass, giving the WWF diva
time in between each thrust to relax her ass in preparation for the next

Stacy on the other hand was giving her bitch no such mercy, using just one
long drawn out thrust to force her dildo into Lita's ass.

Trish whimpered with every inch of dildo that was forced into her ass, and
the sound broke Lita's heart. The redheaded diva turned her head to look at
her lover and tried to tell her that everything was going to be all right but
she just couldn't find the words to speak. The WWF divas ended up staring
into each other's eyes and that seemed to comfort Trish in her time of need
and she stopped whimpering and finally allowed herself to relax, allowing the
dildo much easier entry into her bowels and in turn making the sodomy much
easier on herself.

"Awww, isn't that cute, a couple of dykes in love." Stacy laughed cruelly as
she continued to force her way up Lita's ass.

"Adorable." Torrie said, as she did the same to Trish.

The WCW girls shared another cruel laugh before Stacy's hips came to rest
against the redhead's ass cheeks, announcing that her dildo was now
completely buried up Lita's butt.

"Hey Torrie, looks like I win our little bet." Stacy said proudly.

"Yes, it looks like you have." Torrie said bitterly.

Torrie was upset, she should have had her dildo up her slut's ass before
Stacy was balls deep inside her bitch's butt. It wasn't fair, Trish had been
whining so much Torrie had gone easy on her, something which was obviously a
mistake. A mistake she was going to correct.

Seething with jealousy that Stacy had managed to get balls deep inside her
bitch first Torrie gripped firmly to Trish's hips and in one hard thrust
forced the rest of her strap on into her bitch's rectum. There had only been
a few inches left, maybe five at most, but Trish still screamed anyway. What
a weakling.

All of a sudden Torrie thought of a way she could get Stacy back.

"Hey, bet I can break my bitch before you break yours." Torrie challenged.

"Not a chance." Stacy said, excepting the bet.

With the gauntlet thrown down Torrie and Stacy began sodomising Trish and
Lita, the WCW girls quickly settling into a steady pooper pounding pace, ass
fucking the other girls as hard as they could without tiring themselves out
too quickly, trying to out do each other at fucking WWF diva ass.

Trish and Lita struggled to relax to accept their anal abuse. The sensation
of taking a cock up the ass was different when compared with actually getting
ass fucked simply because before they had only had to worry about the feeling
of something forcing its way inside their forbidden holes on the inward
stroke, now they had to worry about the outward stroke, the strokes that
would remove the strap ons from their shit holes, leaving their widely
stretched bowels feeling empty before they were refilled by hard dildo.

At first Trish and Lita hated these new sensations but accepted they had no
choice, they had submitted to Torrie and Stacy and rather than find a way out
Trish and Lita found that it was much easier just to accept the sodomy, to
let the feelings of helplessness wash over them and except there was nothing
they could do to prevent Torrie and Stacy from buggering them.

As the brutal butt fucking continued these thoughts of submission echoed in
the WWF divas minds and became more of an attractive option by the second.
For two women who had fought in too many matches to count, always seeming to
battle for dominance, the idea of submitting was blissful and the fact that
they would be submitting to two women they had fought and defeated only a few
moments ago only made it better.

Just when Trish and Lita were starting to seriously consider submitting
completely to Torrie and Stacy something amazing happened, the pain in their
ass holes slowly began to die down and then fade away completely. This may
not seem that amazing but to Trish and Lita it was because they had begun to
wonder if their ass holes would ever stop hurting. Luckily for them their
rectums had adjusted to the abuse they were enduring and had finally relaxed
around the invaders inside them to give Trish and Lita some much needed

The relief however was short lived.

It started with a little spark here and there, little jolts of pleasure
coming from their ass holes, and then suddenly thing started to snowball and
Trish and Lita found themselves overwhelmed by an bombardment of pleasure the
likes of which neither of them had ever known.

It was wonderful, and it was weird, and it were so many things but all Trish
and Lita knew was that they loved it and wanted more. But they were terrified
of wanting it, of actually wanting Torrie and Stacy to sodomise them. They
started desperately trying to hide it.

Unfortunately for them Torrie and Stacy could see the signs.

The WCW girls exchanged a look and started laughing at the WWF girls expense
as they continued the relentless rectum wrecking.

Torrie was a little surprised how quickly Trish and Lita seemed to be
submitting to them, she would have figured they'd be harder to break, but she
certainly didn't mind. She and Stacy had been watching Trish and Lita since
they debuted in the WWF and had wanted them immediately. Oh how she and Stacy
had talked about making Trish and Lita their bitches, and now they were going
to be able to do all those nasty little things to them and Torrie just could
not wait.

The question now was not would they be able to break Trish and Lita but when
would Trish and Lita break and after losing the last little bet she had had
with her girlfriend Torrie was eager to beat Stacy to the punch and break
Trish first. So Torrie increased the power behind her thrusts, slamming
Trish's shit hole as if she was trying to tear the poor girl's ass hole
apart, finally causing Trish some pain again before the blonde Canadian's poo
pipe relaxed and once again Trish became overwhelmed by the pleasure of her
butt fucking.

Stacy was also surprised about how quickly Trish and Lita seem to be
breaking, but she just decided that was because of her awesome ass pounding
skills. She and Torrie had double teamed a lot of girls since they got
together and the leggy blonde had been pounding female ass long before
meeting her girlfriend. Stacy loved Torrie with all her heart, believing she
had found a kindred spirit in her, but that didn't matter to her right now.

All that mattered to Stacy was winning their little bet and breaking Lita
before Torrie broke Trish.

Stacy understood Torrie's plans for breaking Trish, roughly butt fucking a
girl was a good way to break her, but Stacy had a better idea.

Reaching across Stacy grabbed the keys to Lita's handcuffs, which she had
left in easy reach, and undid the cuffs.

Torrie was so shocked when she saw what her girlfriend was doing she actually
stopped sodomising Trish, her dildo halfway inside, halfway outside Trish's
stretched shit hole, holding her breath to see what the released redhead
would do.

After all this was Lita, the extreme diva, a woman who flew around the ring
and had even hung with a few men inside the squared circle. Surely the
redhead would start fighting back, knock Stacy off, start throwing punches,
hurricanrana them, something.

But that didn't happen.

Instead Lita's arms fell unceremoniously by her sides, the redhead seemingly
not even trying to get free.

Lita was just too tired to do anything at this point, but that wasn't the
only reason she wasn't fighting back and it scared her. Unfortunately Stacy
knew the real reason Lita wasn't doing anything and decided to capitalise on

Slowing down the pace of the sodomy until she came to a complete stop Stacy
made her move.

"Reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me bitch," Stacy commanded,
slapping Lita on her dildo stuffed ass as if to wake her up, "I want to get a
good view of my dildo owning your ass."

For a few moments there was absolute silence. You could have heard a pin
drop. Torrie, Stacy and Trish waited with bated breath to see what Lita would
do. For the longest time nothing happened, and then Lita, the extreme diva, a
woman who flew around the ring and had even hung with a few men inside the
squared circle, reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

The wicked smile on Stacy's face could have lit up an entire arena.

"Taken, broken, owned." Stacy said, wanting to rub in her victory.

"Yeah well, my bitch would spread her ass cheeks if I asked her too." Torrie
said defensively.

"Prove it." Stacy challenged.

Torrie responded by grabbing the keys to Trish's handcuffs and releasing her
bitch from her bounds.

Just like Lita the blonde Canadian's arms fell by her side, not offering any
resistance whatsoever.

"Well don't just lay there you stupid bitch, spread your ass cheeks." Torrie
commanded after a pause.

Again Trish did nothing. Stacy giggled and Torrie became angry. She would not
let this bitch make her look bad in front of her girlfriend.

"I said spread your ass cheeks for me bitch!" Torrie screamed, delivering a
hard slap to Trish's already beaten red ass.

In the blink of an eye Trish's hands shot to her buttocks, spreading her ass
cheeks open as wide as possible for Torrie.

"Oh yeah, you've got that bitch owned alright." Stacy said sarcastically, as
she began to sodomise Lita again, her eyes becoming fixed on her bitch's
busted open butt hole which was on perfect display.

"You wanna see owned, I'll show you owned!" Torrie spat, grabbing Trish
firmly by the hips, pulling back so that her dildo was almost all the way out
of Trish's ass, before slamming every inch back inside her slut's shit hole
in one hard rectum damaging thrust.

Trish screamed, only this time the initial pain was gone in an instant and
was replaced by intense pleasure as Torrie began giving her the butt pounding
of a lifetime, Trish's screams and the sound of flesh on flesh as Torrie's
hip smacked against Trish's ass easily drowning out the soft moans Lita was
making from the shitter stretching she was receiving.

It got Stacy really hot to see her girlfriend pounding into a bitch like
that, slamming their shit holes, letting them know that without a shadow of a
doubt their ass holes were now owned property. But Stacy wasn't just
interested in owning Lita's ass hole, she wanted the redhead's soul. Stacy
wanted to break Lita completely and leave her a shell of a woman, a mindless
sex slave willing to do her bidding no matter how deprived the request. And
Stacy knew she was close, so very, very close.

Torrie on the other hand seemed quite content with just owning Trish's ass

"Don't you dare take your hands off your ass bitch!" Torrie screamed as she
continued to brutally bugger her bitch.

Trish was too afraid that Torrie would stop this wonderful sodomy if she
disobeyed her to even seriously consider taking her hands off her ass. Sure
her arms and hands were so stiff from staying in the same position for so
long and her hands were receiving a battering from Torrie's hips which
collided over and over again with Trish's hands which were holding her ass
cheeks apart for Torrie's pleasure but what was a little pain compared to the
mind numbing pleasure she was receiving.

Torrie had Trish in the palm of her hand and it was only a short matter of
time before the blonde Canadian broke down completely but Torrie was
impatient. She wanted Trish begging her for the privilege of being her bitch
right then and there and she was determined to do it even if she had to tear
Trish's ass hole apart.

While Trish's ass hole was being roughly torn apart Lita's ass hole was being
slowly stretched out to the point where the redhead thought she would go
crazy. Lita didn't know why or how she could possibly enjoy something like
this but that dildo sliding through her bowels felt like absolute heaven.
Like her song said she didn't know what it was but it just felt right. And
she wanted more. She wanted her rectum to be completely ruined by that big
strap on inside it, for that wonderful dildo to tear her insides open and
turn her into a complete anal slut. She wanted what Trish was getting. Lita
had never been this jealous of anyone but she couldn't help it, she wanted to
be ass fucked and ass fucked hard.

Unfortunately for Lita the long legged blonde who's dildo was sliding through
her rectum was more interested in stretching out her shit hole than slamming

Stacy was just feeling so captivated by the beauty of Lita's ass hole spread
open by her cock, the woman who had kicked her ass earlier on in the night
now spreading her ass for her pleasure. It was such a fucking power trip.

Stacy could've probably spent the whole night just watching her strap on
slowly stretching Lita's shit hole open but she was eager to finish breaking
the redhead in and she had a wicked idea just how to do it.

Pulling her strap on from Lita's butt hole Stacy got off the bed and walked
over to the bed at the opposite side of the room. She and Torrie always had
to get a room with two beds just in case anyone got suspicious. If anyone
found out they were staying in such a cheap motel they could simply explain
wanting to save money. Sharing a bed was harder to explain.

Laying down on the bed with her head resting on one of the pillows Stacy
beckoned her bitch.

"Come on slut, get over here and stick your ass back on my cock." Stacy

Lita bit her lip and stared over at Stacy, the dildo which only a few moments
ago had been buried deep in her ass sticking out of the leggy blonde's waist
obscenely. Glancing over she saw that Torrie had stopped fucking Trish's ass
again, both blondes looking at her to see if she would rebel against her

Part of Lita was still disgusted with herself for allowing herself and Trish
to be used and abused in this way, and part of her wanted to kick some ass.
Physically Torrie and Stacy were no match for her and she could have easily
kick their asses and turn the tables on them without breaking a sweat.
However that's not what she did. Instead of kicking ass Lita spread ass,
meekly walking over to where Stacy was lying, kneeling over the blonde,
placing most of her weight on her knees and began to start trying to lower
herself down onto the dick. Unfortunately without anyone holding the dildo
firmly upright Lita was unable to get it back inside her ass hole.

"What are you doing you stupid whore? Grab my dick and guide it into your ass
you dumb bitch." Stacy demanded, "Oh, and don't you even think about putting
it in that slutty pussy of yours, your loose cunt isn't good enough for my

Lita's cheeks burned with humiliation as she reached down and grabbed the
dildo, pressed it to her abused ass hole and began to lower herself.

"Not facing me, I don't want to see your ugly face, turn around so I can see
that pretty ass of yours." Stacy spat.

As her cheeks became as red as her butt cheeks Lita turned around and after a
little awkwardness managed to finally push Stacy's strap on back inside her
ass hole. Lita's back door still hadn't recovered from its previous pounding
and had even remained slightly opened which meant Stacy's dildo slid into
Lita's rectum like a hot knife through butter. Lita moaned in pure pleasure
as her ass hole filled with strap on again, the redhead taking a brief moment
to just enjoy the feeling of that big dildo inside her butt hole before
lowering herself down further, inch by inch sliding into her cock hungry poop
shoot until she was sitting on Stacy's lap, the full length of the strap on
buried inside her butt again.

"Good girl, now start bouncing." Stacy praised Lita, before gently slapping
her bitch's ass, "Try and please me with your ass. It's all your ass hole is
good for, it's all your good for. I want to see your ass worshipping my

Fighting through the shame she was feeling Lita did as she was told, slowly
starting to lift her ass up, the dildo slowly leaving her rectum, inch by
inch before slowly sliding her ass back down filling her back door with dick

At first Lita found this act humiliating, like she was helping her tormentor
to degrade her, but then a thought came to her. She was the one setting the
pace. For the first time since she'd woken up Lita was in control again. This
thought made her feel powerful, and horny. Soon Lita was bouncing her ass up
and down on Stacy's cock, pounding her own pooper on the dildo.

"Fucking beautiful." Stacy said, as she stared at Lita's ass hole impaling
itself on her dick, "Reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me again
bitch. I want a better look at your ass hole."

Those words quickly snuffed out Lita's little delusion of control because the
redhead knew at this point she wouldn't dare piss Stacy off just in case the
blonde chose to stop stuffing her ass with that wonderful dick and as much as
it shamed her Lita wanted that dick. So, with her spirits crushed, Lita
reached back and submissively spread her ass cheeks, making it very obvious
who was in control here.

Torrie watched as Lita spread her ass and impaled herself on Stacy's strap
on, Torrie's own strap on still hammering Trish's helpless ass hole at an
almost violent speed. Although Torrie had wanted to switch positions and join
Stacy on the opposite bed sooner she decided she would wait a few minutes to
see if Lita rebelled when given the opportunity. Torrie had to admit she was
impressed that her girlfriend seemed to have arguably the toughest WWF diva
still on their roster eating out of the palm of her hand, but at the same
time she didn't want to be upstage by Stacy.

Pulling out of Trish's rectum Torrie got off the bed, walked over to the
other side of the other bed and got onto it beside Stacy, leaving Trish
kneeling on the bed with her ass spread. Trish stayed like that for a long
time, not even removing her hands from her butt cheeks. She was in total
shell shock and couldn't believe what had happened to her. She had been
beaten, battered, abused and buggered... and she had loved it.

Slowly coming to her senses Trish got off the bed and looked across the room
to see Torrie and Stacy staring at her, waiting to see what she would do.
Considering what she had just been through what Trish should have done was
grab a chair, or something else that could have been used as a weapon, and
attacked the WCW divas. But she didn't want to do that. At that moment all
Trish wanted to do was impale her own ass on Torrie's strap on and submit to
the other woman completely, but she was so afraid of these almost
overwhelming feelings of submission that she just froze up.

Unable to look at the WCW girls Trish's eyes fell upon Lita, her redheaded
girlfriend now shamelessly bouncing on Stacy's dick seemingly without a care
in the world which was untrue because Lita's mind was a battlefield of
thoughts and the redhead's mind only became more confused when she looked up
and saw Trish staring at her.

Both WWF divas found themselves being overwhelmed with shame as they
remembered how powerful they had felt when they had defeated Torrie and Stacy
in the ring only a short while ago and now they felt completely powerless,
slaves to these new strange desires.

"Stop making googly eyes at your girlfriend slut," Torrie commanded, as she
broke the spell that had fallen between Trish and Lita, "She's being a good
little bitch and using her ass to please my girlfriend, which is exactly what
you should be doing with your ass right now, so bring that ass over here and
get your butt back where it belongs!"

Trish bit her lip for a moment, briefly considering disobeying Torrie, but
quickly realised she wasn't fooling anyone, even herself. She wanted that
dick back inside her ass and she no longer cared if doing so meant she had to
give up her identity and become another woman's bitch just so long as she got
her ass stuffed with dick again.

Crawling onto the bed Trish turned around, grabbed Torrie's dildo and lined
it up with her ass hole, but before she could shove it inside herself she was
stopped by Torrie.

"No, turn around." Torrie demanded, "I want to look into your eyes as you
except your new role in life as my bitch."

Trish blushed at those words but turned around and started lowering herself
on the dick without any protest, unless you count the little gasp she made
when the dildo's head slid through her anal ring and into her ass hole again.
Once the head was through her back door Trish slowly lowered herself down on
the dick until it was balls deep inside her butt and she was resting on
Torrie's lap.

"Good bitch." Torrie said, smacking Trish's dildo stuffed ass, "Now start
riding my dick. I want to see you worshipping it with your ass like my dick
is the most important thing in the world to you."

Helpless to do anything but obey Trish lifted herself upwards, pulling a few
inches of dildo out of her ass before slamming herself back down, burying
those inches back inside her horny pooper. At this point Lita was brutalising
her own back door on Stacy's dildo and believing that's what Torrie wanted
from her Trish began to do the same, slamming her own shitter on Torrie's
strap on at break neck speed.

Torrie laughed at Trish who was now obviously lost to the pleasure of her
first butt fucking and enjoyed the sight of her new bitch trying to ruin her
rectum for a few moments before stopping her.

"Stop Trish." Torrie commanded.

More than anything else so far that night there was no better example of how
Trish was now Torrie's bitch than the fact that Trish actually stopped
impaling her shit pipe on Torrie's strap on simply because the WCW girl told
her too.

Trish wanted to disobey, but she just couldn't. It was like Torrie had
neutered her free will by fucking her up the butt and she was now powerless
to do anything but obey the woman who had invaded and conquered her ass hole.

"Good girl," Torrie said once Trish had stopped, "Now, I want you to ride my
dick in a certain way. Just do as I say. Lift your ass up, slowly... that's
it... a little more... a little more... stop when you can feel that the head
of my cock is about to come out of your ass... are you there yet... good, now
quickly use your weight to drop down and impale your ass on my dick... that's
it, just like that, good girl, now again."

And so Trish began riding the dildo the way Torrie wanted her too, slowly
lifting her ass upwards to remove the strap on and then slamming her ass upon
it in one mighty thrust. It took Trish a little while to get used to it but
soon she was loving it. Dropping her weight down on the dildo like that made
her feel like she was taking one big thrust up the butt and it felt great.

Trish bounced her ass up and down, up and down, up and down on Torrie's strap
on until finally she lifted her ass to high and Torrie's dildo slipped from
Trish's ass hole.

There was a moment where Trish just stayed still dumbfounded, honestly unsure
what she should do.

"Well don't just kneel there looking stupid, get my dick back in your ass
hole bitch." Torrie snorted.

"Sorry." Trish muttered as she quickly reached down and grabbed the dick
before guiding it back inside her ass hole.

Torrie laughed at Trish's submission and said, "I've got you well trained,
don't I Trish?"

Trish grunted a response but the hard slap to her ass by Torrie quickly had
her nodding her head.

"That's right, and that's because you're my bitch." Torrie said, "You do know
that you're my bitch don't you Trish?"

Trish nodded again, but only because she knew it was what Torrie wanted to

"Say it," Torrie insisted, "Say that you're my bitch."

"I'm... I'm your bitch." Trish stuttered.

"Trish, look at me." Torrie said, waiting until she had eye contact with
Trish before continuing, "I've beaten you, I've had you eat me out, I've had
you spreading your ass cheeks for me, and as we speak I'm making you impale
your ass hole on a dildo strapped around my waist, a dildo you have willingly
put in your own ass for God's sakes. Believe me Trish, you're a bitch. My
bitch. What are you?"

Torrie's words cut into Trish deeper than any ever had before. Try as she
might deny it the truth was Trish had loved every single depraved thing
Torrie had made her do and that included being spanked and being fucked in
the ass. Trish had no idea why she was loving her abuse so much but she could
no longer stop herself from asking the question she had been trying to avoid
for what felt like hours now. Why did she enjoy being Torrie's bitch?

And then Trish had a moment of clarity, were all became clear and she
realised the truth.

Torrie had broken her.

The reason she was enjoying being Torrie's bitch was because she was Torrie's

Torrie had turned her into her bitch and now all Trish wanted to do was to
please the woman who had broken her.

"Your bitch. I'm your bitch." Trish said in realisation.

"You finally understand?" Torrie asked.

"Oh yes Torrie, I finally understand, I'm nothing but your bitch." Trish said

"Good bitch," Torrie said, "But that's mistress or mistress Torrie to you."

"Oh, I'm sorry mistress," Trish apologised, "Please forgive your bitch for
her stupidity."

"Mmmmm, maybe," Torrie said thoughtfully, "Or maybe I'll beat your ass until
it bleeds for not showing me the proper respect."

"Whatever you want mistress Torrie." Trish moaned as Torrie thrust upwards
into her ass hole.

"You got that right bitch." Torrie said, before turning to her girlfriend,
"Well Stace, looks like I win our little bet."

"Oh, and why is that?" Stacy asked, not taking her eyes off Lita's ass
bouncing up and down on her dildo.

"Because I broke my bitch first." Torrie said proudly.

"Did not." Stacy said.

"Did too." Torrie said.

"Oh please, I've had this bitch broken since she spread her ass cheeks for
me." Stacy said indicating to Lita.

"Maybe," Torrie said, "But you didn't get her to admit it."

"Ok, how about this," Stacy offered, "If I can get little Miss moonsault here
to admit she's my bitch within a minute we each get a point."

Torrie thought for a minute and then said, "Ok, but she's got to mean it."

"Oh don't worry, she will." Stacy said to her girlfriend before turning her
attention to her bitch, "Hey Lita... Lita... LITA!"

Lita had been in her own little world, loss to the pleasure she was feeling
from inside her ass hole and wasn't shaken out of it until Stacy yelled at

"What?" Lita asked, turning her head round so she could look down at Stacy
but never stopping from slamming her own shit hole down on Stacy's dildo.

"Do you know why I prefer to look at your ass rather than your face?" Stacy

"... No." Lita said, unsure of how to respond to that question.

"Well it's quite simple. The reason I prefer to look at your ass rather than
your face is because your ass isn't confused. Your ass knows who owns it. The
moment I slid inside it your ass knew I was its master and has been begging
me to fuck it ever since. Your ass has shown it just loves worshipping my
cock, treating it and me with the proper respect, unlike you." Stacy

"I'm... I'm... I'm sorry." Lita whimpered.

"You should be." Stacy snorted, "A bitch like you should try and show me a
little more gratitude considering all I've done for you. I mean, I've let you
have the privilege of eating my sweet pussy and now I'm allowing your ass
hole to know the joy of having my dick inside it and you haven't even said
thank you."

"... Th... th... thank you." Lita stuttered.

"Not good enough bitch." Stacy said, slapping Lita's ass, "You're nothing but
a little up the butt dyke whore who stole a victory from me and my girlfriend
earlier and I was nice enough to break you and make you my bitch and you
don't even thank me properly. You know that you're just my bitch now so why
can't you treat me with the respect I deserve? You could at least admit what
you are. Come on Lita, admit what you are, admit what me, Torrie, Trish and
you all know, admit that you're my bitch."

Lita's mind tried to fight back, tried to remind her of who she was, the
things she had accomplished, and the sheer fact that if she wanted to she
could easily beat both Torrie and Stacy but it was no use. Her horny ass hole
wouldn't allow her to say or do anything that might take away the mind
numbing anal pleasure Lita was discovering. So she couldn't deny what Stacy
was saying, but what scared Lita far more was the fact that she didn't want
to deny what Stacy was saying. Lita couldn't help think that Stacy was right.
She had submitted to Stacy and ever since then Lita had acted like a total
submissive bitch for Stacy and loved every minute of it. If that didn't make
Lita Stacy's bitch then what did?

"Say it! Say that you're my bitch you fucking slut!" Stacy screamed

In that moment Lita finally broke. Just hearing Stacy call her her bitch had
a fresh round of juice dripping from Lita's pussy, which was leaking so much
at this point she might as well have been a fountain, and the redhead knew
she was fucked. Everything she had been was utterly destroyed and all that
was left of the broken diva was a ravenous anal slut desperate to be butt

All that was left for her to do now was for her to accept her fate and try
and please the woman who had broken her.

"Oh Stacy, I'm so sorry, you're right, I'm nothing but your bitch and I've
been too stupid to realise it. I'm so sorry I haven't been treating you with
the proper respect and I'm so grateful to you my master for breaking me and
turning me into your bitch." Lita cried out as her will shattered into

"That's better," Stacy said, "But I prefer mistress or mistress Stacy."

"I'm sorry mistress Stacy, please forgive me, your bitch doesn't know how to
address her owner properly. Please teach me how to be a good bitch for you."
Lita pleaded submissively.

"Well, I think it's safe to say that these WWF bitches are completely
broken." Stacy laughed, turning to her girlfriend.

"Perhaps, but you're bitch only broke just then so I win." Torrie pointed

"Allright, whatever," Stacy shrugged, "Hey, how about we get these bitches on
all fours and celebrate our victory over them by completely ruining their ass

"Sounds like fun, but I want to try something first," Torrie said out loud,
before whispering the rest in Stacy's ear.

Stacy's face lit up and she giggled, "Sounds like fun, let's do it, Trish,
Lita, get off our dicks."

Trish and Lita tried to pretend they hadn't heard Torrie and Stacy because
they didn't want those two wonderful dildos to be removed from their ass
holes, but a pair of hard slaps to the WWF divas rears quickly reminded them
of who was in charge.

Once Trish and Lita had reluctantly lifted themselves up to remove the dildos
Torrie and Stacy got out from under them and off the bed, before walking to
the centre of the room. Turning back to the WWF divas Torrie and Stacy
smirked when they saw Trish and Lita still kneeling on the bed, looking
confused but obediently waiting for their new owners next command. Without a
word Torrie and Stacy beckoned their bitches forward, the WCW girls laughing
as the WWF girls failed to walk straight, Trish even rubbing her brutalised
ass as she walked.

At this point Trish and Lita were in pretty bad state, their makeup smeared,
their tits and asses still very red from previous abuse, especially their
asses which were hurting inside and out.

When Trish and Lita were standing in front of the WCW girls they cast their
eyes downwards, not wanting to look at the two women who had broken them, but
Torrie and Stacy were not about to give them that choice.

"Look us in the eyes you fucking bitches." Stacy growled.

Trish and Lita did as they were told.

"Get on your knees and suck our cocks." Torrie commanded.

There was a moment's pause and then Trish and Lita simultaneously fell to
their knees, grabbed the dildos by their bases and swallowed as much strap on
as they possibly could in one go. They got quite a lot, managing to take the
two dildos to the back of their throats on the first try, and then on the
second try slide the strap ons down their throats almost all the way, and
then all the way on the third try.

With both their gullets full of dildo Trish and Lita began bobbing their
heads on the dicks, deep throating their new owners in an attempt to please

The WWF girls tasted their own ass holes on the strap ons but they were so
lost to their own feelings of submission they ignored were the dildos had
been and concentrated on giving Torrie and Stacy head.

Trish and Lita were a little disgusted by the act when they had been told to
do it but shortly after putting the strap ons in their mouths the WWF divas
found they actually quite liked the taste of their own ass holes and were
soon hungrily slurping at the fake cocks like their lives depended on it.

Torrie and Stacy laughed as Trish and Lita began to passionately blow their
fake cocks, the two WWF girls sucking their own ass juices off the WCW girls
strap ons before replacing the flavour of their bowels with their saliva as
they slobbered all over the dicks.

"What a surprise, a couple of WWF girls who know how to suck cock." Stacy
said mockingly.

"Yeah, looks like they fucking love it too." Torrie added, "You bitches love
it don't you?"

"Yes mistress Torrie." Trish and Lita said briefly stopping their cock
sucking duties before going right back to work.

The WCW girls laughed again.

"How do you like the taste of your ass hole on my dick Lita?" Stacy asked.

"It's delicious mistress Stacy." Lita said, before taking Stacy's strap on
back inside her mouth.

"I'm glad you like it, because you're going to be sucking my strap on a lot
and chances are it's going to be covered in some bitch's pussy or ass juice."
Stacy said.

"What about you Trish?" Torrie asked, "Does my bitch like the taste of her
ass hole on my dick?"

"Yes mistress Torrie, your bitch loves the taste of her ass hole on your
dick." Trish said submissively.

"Good, cause you know how it got there don't you Trish?" Torrie said and when
Trish nodded in response she asked, "How Trish, how did the taste of your ass
hole get on my dick?"

"Because you owned my ass hole." Trish said dreamily.

"That's right Trish, I owned your ass hole, and I'm seconds away from doing
it again, but first give me a kiss, I want to taste your ass hole on your
lips you perverted little slut." Torrie said, as she grabbed Trish by the
hair and pulled her up into a deep kiss.

Stacy did the same with Lita and soon the four women were engaged in hot lip
lock action. After a while of dominating the WWF girls with their mouths
Torrie and Stacy broke apart from Trish and Lita and smiled.

"Get back on all fours on the bed and spread your pretty ass cheeks for your
owner, bitch!" Stacy told Lita, slapping her slut's ass on the word bitch
just to further degrade the former women's champion.

Lita blushed a little at her humiliation but she was beyond trying to disobey
the WCW girls so immediately after her ass had been slapped Lita obediently
walked back over to the bed, got on her hands and knees and spread her ass
for her new owner.

"You too Trish," Torrie said, groping Trish's butt as she talked, "Present
your ass to its rightful owner, just like your little girlfriend is right

Trish was too broken to even blush, the blonde Canadian joining her
girlfriend on the bed and happily spreading her ass to the woman who had
dominated her so completely.

Torrie and Stacy left Trish and Lita were they were for a few moments,
wanting their bitches to feel humiliated at being forced to hold themselves
open in such a vulnerable position, just waiting to be used, while the WCW
girls admired the WWF girls widespread ass holes, the abused little back
doors still failing to recover from the pounding they had taken. Once they
had enjoyed the view long enough Torrie and Stacy got on the bed behind Trish
and Lita and pressed the tip of their strap ons against their bitches butt

"You want our dicks back inside your ass holes bitches?" Stacy asked.

"Yes mistress Stacy." Trish and Lita replied obediently in unison.

"Then beg for it sluts!" Torrie commanded as she slapped Trish's ass.

Trish and Lita started shamelessly begging to have their ass holes filled but
they were talking so quickly at the same time Torrie and Stacy couldn't tell
what they were saying.

"One at a time." Stacy said slapping Lita's ass, "You first Trish."

"Oh mistress Torrie, please shove your beautiful dick back inside my unworthy
ass hole. I am honoured you chose my ass hole as your dick's home, even if it
was only for a few wonderful minutes, and I beg you to make my ass hole your
dick's home again. I'm nothing but your bitch, I understand that now, and as
your bitch I beg you to use my worthless ass hole for your pleasure. You made
me your bitch mistress Torrie, and now I beg you to use me as your bitch."

"Very good Trish," Torrie said, patting her bitch's ass, "I am glad you
finally understand your place."

"And I'm glad you put me in my place mistress Torrie." Trish said.

"Wow Torrie, you've really got that bitch housebroken." Stacy laughed.

"Like there was any doubt." Torrie laughed.

"Yeah, and what about you bitch?" Stacy asked Lita as she pulled her hair,
"Do you know your place?"

"Yes mistress Stacy, I know my place." Lita said.

"And what's your place bitch?" Stacy asked.

"Serving my mistress Stacy with my slut body." Lita said, "Eating her
delicious pussy, bending over her knee for a spanking, spreading my ass
cheeks so she may enjoy my ass hole, anything she wants."

"Good girl." Stacy said, "And you want my dick back inside your ass hole do
you bitch?"

"Yes mistress Stacy." Lita said.

"Then beg for it like the bitch you are." Stacy commanded.

"Oh mistress Stacy, please stuff that beautiful dick of yours back inside my
slutty shit hole and butt fuck me like the anal slut I am. Please stuff that
beautiful dick of yours back inside my slutty shit hole and butt fuck me like
the anal slut you turned me into. You turned me into your bitch mistress
Stacy and I want to worship you for it forever. I beat you physically in the
ring but you beat me mentally in the bedroom and now I'm yours. Now I belong
to you. I'm your bitch. Please allow your bitch to serve her mistress with
her unworthy butt hole, please mistress Stacy shove your strap on dick back
inside my ass hole and use it for your pleasure."

"Come on Torrie, let's bust there butt holes together." Stacy said, laughing
at Lita's submission, "On the count of three..."

"Three!" The WCW girls shouted in unison as they tore through the WWF girls
ass holes.

Trish and Lita screamed as their butt holes were ripped open and their bowels
were invaded again. Torrie and Stacy just continued to laugh and stuff the
WWF girls back doors until Torrie had every inch of her dildo back inside
Trish's poop shoot and Stacy had the full 12 inches of her strap on buried
balls deep inside Lita's shit pipe.

With the WWF girls back passages well stuffed with dildo the WCW girls began
slowly removing their strap ons from their bitches butts, watching with glee
as Trish's and Lita's shit holes stretched obscenely around their polls
before slamming forward and once again plundering the WWF divas poop pipes.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight?" Stacy asked dreamily as she watched her strap
on slide in and out of Lita's ass hole.

"Yeah," Torrie agreed, "A couple of WWF bitches who finally understand their
place, bent over and spreading their butt cheeks for us WCW girls."

"No, not them, their ass holes." Stacy said, "I mean just look at them, two
beautiful little holes that understood from the moment we slid inside them
that we were their masters and we owned them. They've been so accepting of
their new roles as cock depositories and have even loved every second of it.
And now they're just begging to be really fucked, to be brutalised, to be
abused, to be ruined, to be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt who owns them."

"Actually I think both these bitches and their ass holes want that." Torrie

"I'm glad, cause that's what they deserve." Stacy said, turning to her
girlfriend, "Come on Torrie, lets tear these sweet holes open and show these
WWF bitches who's boss!"

"Fine by me, I was in the mood for giving a serious butt slamming anyway."
Torrie said before turning to her bitch, "Let go of your ass cheeks Trish, I
want to feel that soft butt of yours against my thighs as I ruin your whore

Immediately Trish did as she was told, letting go of her butt cheeks and
placing her hands on the bed in front of her, using her new leverage, not to
strike back at the WCW woman who had enslaved her, but to lift her ass up so
she could better offer it up to her mistress Torrie as a sacrifice.

"You too Lita." Stacy said, smacking Lita's rump, "Let go of your butt cheeks
so that your mistress might better enjoy fucking your slutty ass!"

Just as Trish had done Lita didn't hesitate to let go of her butt cheeks and
place her hands on the bed in front of her and use her new leverage to offer
herself up to her mistress, her ass hole an offering to the woman who had
enslaved her.

The WCW girls exchanged a smile, grabbed the WWF girls firmly by their waists
and began viciously slamming their bitches butt holes.

The force of the butt fucking was so brutal that Trish and Lita couldn't help
but cry out in pain as their ass holes struggle to cope with the new force of
the abuse they were receiving. Burying their faces in the covers the WWF
divas continued to cry out until Stacy grabbed Lita by her hair and pulled
her upwards.

"Don't cover your face bitch, I want to hear you scream as I ruin your ass
hole!" Stacy screamed as she continued to viciously sodomise Lita.

"I'm sorry mistress Stacy." Lita wept, more from having failed her owner than
from the brutalising her butt hole was taking.

"You better be, now scream for me bitch!" Stacy roared as her hips became a
blur, smacking over and over again into Lita's butt cheeks, the poor little
hole in between them being torn apart by the vicious ass pounding.

"You too Trish!" Torrie said, pulling Trish up by her hair, "Scream for your
mistress as she owns your ass hole!"

Trish and Lita did as they were told, screaming almost hysterically as they
were sodomised, their shit holes slowly but surely adjusting to the hard butt
pounding they were now receiving until the WWF divas screams were nothing but
pure pleasure as their mistresses put them in their places.

Unfortunately for Trish and Lita relaxing their ass holes to accept the
pounding they were taking from their betters came at a price.

The sodomy had taken its toll on the WWF girls and there was a cramp deep
within their butt holes which just wouldn't go away, and it only got worse as
the anal invasion continued. Trish and Lita both felt an incredible need to
get to the nearest bathroom as quickly as possible, but their ass holes were
being used by Torrie and Stacy, and after being completely broken by the WCW
girls Trish and Lita didn't dare stop their mistresses from using them as
they pleased.

So Trish and Lita just stayed there, faces down, asses up, the cramp building
and building, both too relaxed to stop it until finally Stacy pulled out of
Lita's ass and spread it wide so she could stare at the gaping crater which
had once been the extreme diva's ass hole and Lita erupted in a deafening and
disgusting fart right in Stacy's face.

Lita's face went as red as her hair as her fart echoed through the room which
had now dissolved into silence.

There was another few seconds of silence and then Torrie and Stacy burst out
laughing hysterically, humiliating Lita further.

"Looks like you ruined that ass alright." Torrie complemented her girlfriend.

"Not yet." Stacy said with menace in her voice, "Believe me Torrie, I've only
just begun ruining this ass. After hearing nothing but Lita, Lita, Lita for
the past year and after her beating us in our match, fuck, I'm not going to
be done with this bitch until she's farting on every fucking thrust! When
she's farting on every fucking thrust then and only then will I be satisfied
that I've ruined this piece of ass!"

To put the explanation point on what she had just said Stacy delivered a hard
slap to Lita's ass, causing the redhead to let out a gentle and nervous fart
which caused the WCW girls to laugh again.

"I know what you mean though, I can't wait until my bitch is farting on every
thrust." Torrie said dreamily, "Hey, do you think I've busted my bitch's butt
enough for her to start farting yet?"

"Well, why don't you pull out of that whore ass and will see if your bitch
has more self-control than my bitch!" Stacy said.

Eager to humiliate her bitch like Stacy had humiliated her bitch Torrie
pulled her strap on from Trish's ass in one swift motion and spread her
bitch's butt cheeks wide so air flooded Trish's bowels.

There was a few moments as Trish struggled to keep her rectum muscles under
control but it was no use and she soon exploded in a fragrant and foul fart
which was even louder than Lita's first fart.

Trish whimpered in humiliation and the WCW girls burst out laughing again
hysterically as they further degraded their rivals.

"I almost wish humiliating these bitches was a bit more challenging." Stacy
said mockingly.

"Yeah, but what can you expect from a couple of WWF bitches?" Torrie asked in
an equally mocking response.

"Er, nothing but for them too happily bend over and spread their ass cheeks
for us superior WCW girls." Stacy pointed out.

"Exactly," Torrie said before turning to the WWF girls, "What can we expect
from you WWF bitches?"

"For us to bend over and spread our ass cheeks for superior WCW girls." Trish
and Lita said in unison as their hands immediately flew to their butt cheeks
and spread them for their owners, believing that's what they wanted.

There was a pause and then Torrie and Stacy burst out laughing again.

"Oh my God, do these bitches even remember what it's like to have dignity?"
Stacy questioned.

"I doubt it." Torrie said, "But really, who the hell cares?"

"Not me, that's for sure." Stacy said, as she pushed Lita's hands away from
her ass and began to force her strap on back into her bitch's butt hole,
"Come on Torrie, let's wreck these ass holes until our bitches are farting on
every thrust!"

"Right there with you Stacy." Torrie said as she did the same to Trish,
pushing her hands away from her ass and re-entering her slut's shit pipe.

Once they were balls deep inside their bitches butts again Torrie and Stacy
quickly established a hard butt fucking rhythm for ruining the WWF girls
asses, ramming their back doors in long hard strokes before suddenly pulling
out and spreading their ass cheeks until Trish and Lita exploded in loud,
belching farts.

Both broken WWF divas desperately tried to control their bowel movements so
they could maintain even a shred of dignity but it was no use, there anal
walls were too loose and weak from the long hard fucking they had been taking
and all they could do was postpone the inevitable, and every time the
inevitable happened and a deafening, foul smelling fart erupted from their
shit shoots Trish and Lita would blush a deeper shade of red as shame and
humiliation flooded their bodies.

As Lita wallowed in humiliation Stacy was experimenting in ways she could
bring her bitch more humiliation and completely break her ass.

Even at this stage Lita's bowels were surprisingly resistant and the redhead
was able to stop herself from farting for quite a few seconds after the dick
was removed from her ass, something Stacy did not like at all because it
could give Lita even the slightest bit of delusion of control and Stacy
wanted Lita to have no doubt who was in charge in this situation and who was
the submissive bitch.

Wanting to remind Lita of her place when Stacy pulled out she delivered a
hard slap to Lita's already sore ass, wanting to punish her, but unexpectedly
as an effect of this Lita let out the loudest and foul smelling fart yet of
the night.

Smiling wickedly Stacy returned to sodomising her bitch before pulling out
again and delivering another hard slap to Lita's ass with the same loud and
foul smelling effect.

Soon Stacy was brutally spanking Lita's ass every time she pulled out of her
bitch, forcing the redhead to violently break wind until she was farting on
every spank.

Having reduced the mighty Lita to a farting mess drove Stacy crazy with lust
and the sadistic blonde soon gave up altogether on pulling out of Lita's ass
and just began spanking her bitch as she butt fucked her. This meant that
Lita's ass was given no time to recover whatsoever and soon the redhead was
farting all over Stacy's strap on dick, the spanks increasing until Lita was
breaking wind on every savage thrust.

While Stacy brutally busted Lita's butt until the redhead was farting on
every thrust, Torrie took a more gentle approach.

Lita's fruitless attempts to control her bowels may have annoyed Stacy but
Trish's fruitless attempts to control her bowels really turned Torrie on.

Torrie liked the fact that Trish could no longer control her own body thanks
to her, and no matter how much she fought to keep her dignity the truth was
that they both knew that all Trish's self-respect had been destroyed by
Torrie, that the WCW girl had broken the WWF girl and now she was nothing
more than her bitch, and the fact that Trish just couldn't stop herself from
farting proved that.

So Torrie took great pride in spreading Trish's ass cheeks and watching as
her bitch's rectum struggled to try and control itself but ultimately failed.
Sometimes it would put up a long fight, sometimes it would be over very
quickly, but every time Trish would always loudly fart, leaving no doubt who
the bitch was here.

In fact the longer Trish controlled herself the louder her farts became and
more frequent until she was loudly farting multiple times even though Torrie
had put in half the effort to Trish's ass that Stacy had put into Lita's ass.

Nevertheless Torrie's desire to ruin Trish's ass soon caught up with her and
she joined her girlfriend in completely ruining some WWF diva ass.

Trish was now too tired to fight back and just relaxed her ass completely,
crying into the duvet as she and Lita farted obscenely on every bowel
destroying thrust.

Giggling at Trish's tears Torrie looks down to where her hips were smacking
into Trish's ass and made a discovery.

Looking over at where her girlfriend was sodomising the redhead Torrie made
the same discovery and smiled wickedly.

"Looks like we really have ruined their asses Stacy!" Torrie commented.

Stacy was so lost in butt fucking and spanking the now endlessly farting Lita
that she almost didn't hear her girlfriend's words, but she was glad she did
when she looked down to see her dildo was stained brown from the now ruthless
rectum wrecking of Lita's ass which caused a wicked smile to cross her face.
It became even more wicked as she got a great idea how to further degrade the

As Stacy plotted to further degrade her bitch Trish and Lita were screaming
in pleasure. They were completely lost in the sensations coming from the
inside of their ass holes, so much so that they didn't even care they were
farting anymore, they just wanted to be butt fucked like the bitches Torrie
and Stacy had turned them into, so much so that they had started slamming
themselves back upon their owners strap ons, wanting to get as much dildo
into their ass holes as possible.

"Yeah, that's it, bounced that ass back on my cock bitch! Show me how much
you love it in your ass!" Stacy laughed smacking Lita's ass, causing her
bitch to fart again, as she continued to debase herself on her strap on, "You
love it in your ass don't you bitch? You fucking can't get enough, isn't that

"That's right mistress Stacy, I love it in my ass." Lita moaned as she
slammed herself back against her colon's invader, "I love it, I need it, I'd
do anything for it, I can't get enough of it!"

"Anything?" Stacy questioned.

"Anything!" Lita said.

"Would you taste your own ass hole?" Stacy asked.

"What?" Lita said.

"Would you taste your own ass hole on my cock?" Stacy asked.

"I..." Lita began.

"No, wait a minute, why am I fucking asking?" Stacy said, leaning back and
pulling out of the redhead's ass hole, and after waiting for Lita's farts to
subside, she told her bitch, "Suck my dick bitch! Taste your own ass hole on
my cock!"

There was a pause when Lita was a little unsure what to do but her horny ass
hole made up her mind for her and the redhead dived for Stacy's soiled strap
on, swallowing the whole thing in one massive gulp before frantically bobbing
her head up and down the shaft, cleaning it of her own ass juice which to her
surprise she found quite pleasant.

"How does your ass hole taste bitch?" Stacy asked Lita as her head bobbed up
and down on her strap on.

"Delicious." Lita said, momentarily taking the dildo out of her mouth before
stuffing it right back in.

"Fuck, that's hot." Torrie said as she watched Lita willingly debase herself
for Stacy.

"You like, why don't you have your bitch do it?" Stacy asked.

"You think I should?" Torrie asked.

"Torrie, the whole point of tonight is to do whatever we want to these
bitches." Stacy said, "If you want to see your bitch suck ass flavoured dildo
don't ask her, tell her."

Torrie grinned, pulled her dildo out of Trish's ass hole and after her bitch
had finished breaking wind said, "Suck my dick bitch!

Like her girlfriend Trish hesitated at first but like her girlfriend her
horny ass hole quickly made up her mind for her, although instead of diving
right for the strap on Trish instead chose to kneel down in front of her new
owner and slowly take the dildo into her mouth inch by inch, trying not to
cringe as the taste of her own ass hit her taste buds, although when they did
she was pleasantly surprised.

"How does that dick taste Trish?" Torrie asked Trish after her bitch had been
bobbing up and down on her strap on for quite a while.

"Mmmmm, yummy," Trish said, taking Torrie's strap on out of her mouth
momentarily before swallowing the shaft once again.

The WCW girls laughed and enjoyed their bitches debasement for a few more
moments before Stacy reached down and pulled Lita up by her hair until they
were face-to-face.

"Did you like that bitch?" Stacy asked, "Did you like the taste of your own
ass hole on my dick?"

"Yes mistress Stacy, my ass hole tasted good on your dick." Lita moaned

"I bet you'd love to feel my dick back inside your ass hole wouldn't you
Lita?" Stacy teased.

"Yes mistress Stacy, I'd love to feel your dick back inside my ass hole."
Lita parroted.

"Then look into my eyes." Stacy commanded, and Lita obeyed, "Who's bitch are

"Mistress Stacy's bitch, I'm mistress Stacy's bitch." Lita said submissively.

"Then bend over." Stacy ordered.

Lita was quick to obey and shortly after she was back on her hands and knees
she was moaning as her mistress began to reinsert her strap on into her

"What about you Trish?" Torrie asked her bitch, "Would you love to feel my
dick back inside your ass hole?"

"Yes mistress Torrie, I'd love to feel your dick back inside my ass hole."
Trish said.

"Good, but first, look into my eyes." Torrie ordered, and Trish obeyed,
"Who's bitch are you?"

"Mistress Torrie's bitch, I'm mistress Torrie's bitch." Trish said

"Good bitch, now bend over like your little girlfriend." Torrie commanded.

Trish immediately did as she was told, bending over for her mistress who soon
filled her ass with strap on again.

This continued for a long time, Torrie and Stacy viciously butt fucking and
spanking Trish and Lita until they were both farting wrecks, both on the
verge of orgasm and then at the last second pulling out and demanding their
bitches suck their cocks. Every time that happened Trish and Lita would not
even bother to wait until they had got their bowels under control before

Soon Trish and Lita lost all bowel control completely and just began
continuously farting, although a lot more rapidly either during a butt
fucking or right after it.

As the sodomising and the spanking and the cock sucking and the farting
continued Trish and Lita got more and more desperate to cum to the point they
thought they would die if they weren't allowed to cum soon. Luckily for them
Torrie and Stacy had grown tired and they wanted to finish properly breaking
in Trish and Lita before the night was done. So Stacy laid down a challenge.

"Alright bitches listen up, we're going to play a little game." Stacy said,
"In a second Torrie and I are going to completely ruin your ass holes. Being
the anal sluts you two obviously are the need to cum will be unbearable, but
I'd think twice before allowing yourself to cum because who ever cums first
is going to get a full-bodied beating tomorrow morning and then who ever
didn't cum first is going to be allowed the privilege of being DP'ed by me
and Torrie. You got that sluts?"

Trish and Lita moaned incoherently.

"Good," Torrie said, turning to her girlfriend, "Now you know the rules
Stacy, first one to ruin her bitch's ass hole gets first dibs on these two
sluts tomorrow!"

"No problem, cause Lita is about to squeal like a bitch." Stacy said

"As if, Trish is so totally going to be the one squealing first!" Torrie

"Oh yeah, watch this." Stacy said as she grabbed a tighter hold of Lita's
hips and began savagely slamming her bitch's shitter causing Lita to squeal
like a bitch.

"No fair, you cheated." Torrie snapped angrily as she began ruining Trish's
ass at the same brutal pace Stacy was ruining Lita's ass.

The WWF girls cried hysterically as they were viciously sodomised by the WCW
girls but the truth was that every brutal rectum wrecking thrust felt like
pure heaven to them. The butt fucking Trish and Lita were receiving had sent
them to a paradise of pleasure, their ass holes sending fireworks of pleasure
through their bodies at the tiniest movement of the strap ons buried inside
their bowels.

Although it wasn't the total paradise they would have liked because no matter
how hard they tried Trish and Lita couldn't ignore the fact that they now had
no bowel control whatsoever and were obscenely farting on every rectum
wrecking thrust.

Trish and Lita couldn't even try to stop it any more. In fact their farting
seemed to becoming louder and more violent with every single thrust. And the
louder Trish and Lita farted the more they felt humiliated.

And it wasn't just the loud farting that left Trish and Lita feeling

They had been sexually bullied by two women they were physically superior to,
two women they could beat with ease, and yet here they were, bent over,
taking it in their asses like a couple of little bitches for these two women,
loudly farting on every one of their thrusts and loving it. It was like no
matter what humiliating and degrading thing Torrie and Stacy did to them
Trish and Lita just couldn't get enough.

In that moment it felt like they had been born for this, like they had been
born to be the sexual playthings of these two sadistic blondes and their real
place in life was bent over, taking it up the ass for these two technically
inferior women. Well, physically inferior, because Torrie and Stacy seem to
have proved who was mentally superior and that seemed to be the difference
between kicking ass and getting fucked up the ass.

Maybe Trish and Lita would find the strength to fight back tomorrow, to
overcome Torrie and Stacy and get some revenge for this humiliating and
degrading butt fucking, but for now all Trish and Lita could do, all they
wanted to do, was fart, scream hysterically and beg to be sodomised by the
WCW girls.

As for Torrie and Stacy they were far too caught up in fucking Trish's and
Lita's butts to care much about their bitches any more. At first Trish's and
Lita's cries had been music to their ears but now Torrie's and Stacy's
attention was completely focused on Trish's and Lita's ass holes.

It was a beautiful sight to the WCW divas.

Those once tight little holes had been spread out wide in submission by the
dildos which were moving through those spread out holes, moving in and out of
the WWF divas rectums, Trish's and Lita's anal rings looking very red and
sore from the abuse they had taken, all the while loud and disgusting
squelching sounds of submission echoed from the deepest parts of their
bitches bowels. It looked so incredibly painful, and Torrie and Stacy loved
the idea of causing Trish and Lita pain.

Ever since they arrived in WCW Torrie and Stacy had been told how good WWF
divas were and how Trish and Lita in particular were two of the toughest
chicks walking the face of the planet. Well they certainly didn't look very
tough right now, bent over and noisily farting as they happily took strap ons
up their asses. But however undignified Trish and Lita looked now it didn't
stop the fact that Torrie and Stacy had been compared to them since they
debuted and they were so sick of it. And Torrie and Stacy were more than
ready to take out all of their frustrations on Trish's and Lita's poor little
ass holes, which right now were being ripped apart by the WCW girls dildos.

The butt slamming Torrie and Stacy gave Trish and Lita was savage. It was
savage, it was brutal, it was cruel, and Torrie and Stacy loved it. And so
did Trish and Lita.

The four women devolved into animals, two brutalising the other two's butt
holes, savagely sodomising them over and over, the four of them becoming lost
in the perverted anal sex.

The WWF girls fought hard not to climax but the pleasure they were feeling
was so strong it was inevitable that they would cum, the only question was
who would break first.

Ultimately, and perhaps not surprisingly, it was Trish who fell over the edge

She was the weaker of the two WWF girls and after an impressive fight things
just became too overwhelming and her orgasm crashed over her. It was her
first anal orgasm and it was by far the most powerful orgasm of her life, an
orgasm her body was completely unprepared for and it showed. Torrie struggle
to keep a hold of her new toy as it thrashed around and spasmed as if
possessed by some kind of daemons. The thrashing only got worse when Trish
experienced a second anal orgasm shortly after her first, and then the third
quickly followed, which was followed by the fourth, and the fifth and so on.
Trish came so much she thought she would die but she didn't care, this pure
ecstasy was worth it.

Satisfied she was going to be the lucky one being DP'ed tomorrow Lita finally
let herself go and allowed her climax to hit her. The problem was it hit her
so fast and so hard she didn't think she'd ever recover and before she got
the chance to even try she was hit by another orgasm, and then another, and
then another, and then another. Like Trish she was receiving her first ever
anal induced orgasms and like Trish she was in no way prepared for them. They
were just too powerful and reduced her mind to mush and her body to a
quivering wreck.

As the WWF girls writhed in climax the WCW girls allowed themselves to cum,
their orgasms nowhere near as powerful as Trish's or Lita's but satisfying
nevertheless. Plus at least Torrie and Stacy got to keep their dignity. Trish
and Lita were begging so shamelessly to be ass fucked as their bodies spasm
violently and their asses exploded in deafening farts that Torrie and Stacy
didn't see how Trish and Lita could ever look at themselves in the mirror
again without seeing a couple of disgusting anal sluts staring back at them.
Oh well, that wasn't their concern. The only thing Torrie and Stacy were
concerned about with right then was making a statement, that statement being
WCW girls are better than WWF girls, and Torrie and Stacy knew just how to
make that statement.

Simultaneously reaching down to the balls of their strap ons the WCW girls
shared a smile before squeezing their fake balls and releasing the contents
inside them, which was their girl cum, deep into the WWF girls bowels.
Trish's and Lita's minds had turned to complete mush at this point so neither
of them was even aware that their ass holes were filling with girl cum, but
Torrie and Stacy were very, very aware of it. To Torrie and Stacy this was
the ultimate sign that they now owned Trish and Lita. The WWF girls ass holes
had been busted open and filled by the WCW girls strap ons and now Torrie and
Stacy were filling Trish and Lita with their cum, coating the inside of their
colons in girly liquid turning Trish and Lita into their bitches forever. It
was quite simple really. The WCW girls were marking their territory, marking
Trish's and Lita's ass holes as their territory.

Exhausted by the seemingly endless string of orgasms brought on by the brutal
butt fucking Trish and Lita fell face first onto the bed, the lower half of
their bodies following shortly. Crazy with lust Torrie and Stacy followed
Trish and Lita down, the WCW girls laying on their bitches backs as they
endlessly pounded into their ruined poopers.

Trish and Lita did nothing to stop Torrie and Stacy, allowing their new
owners to use their ass holes in whatever way they saw fit, the WWF girls
laying their incomplete submission to the WCW girls as they continued too
sodomised them.

Finally Torrie and Stacy removed their dildos from Trish's and Lita's ass
holes in one swift movement, sat back and watched as their bitches butt holes
completely failed to close, their holes stretched to the point were Torrie
and Stacy seriously doubted whether they would ever recover, the loudest and
most obscene machine gun like farts exploding from them in rapid-fire for the
next two minutes until their asses finally began to start calming down.

Sometime later when Trish and Lita were only letting out the occasional
gentle fart Torrie and Stacy laid down in front of them on the bed and just

As if sensing they were supposed to do something Trish and Lita looked up
into the eyes of the two women that had so totally dominated and broken them
before their eyes fell to the two soiled dicks which had so totally dominated
and broken their ass holes.

Without a word Trish and Lita cleaned their owners strap ons, gobbling them
down like they were the tastiest of treats, Torrie and Stacy chuckling at
their submission as they stroked their bitches heads condescendingly.

"So, what did we learn today?" Stacy asked Trish and Lita after she was
satisfied they had done a adequate job of cleaning the cocks.

"WWF girls are nothing but bitches for WCW girls." Trish and Lita said
together happily.

"Good bitches." Stacy said as she and Torrie proudly patted Trish's and
Lita's heads, "And who's bitch are you Lita?"

"I'm your bitch mistress Stacy." Lita said obediently.

"Good bitch." Stacy said, stroking Lita's hair like a pet.

"And what about you Trish?" Torrie asked, "Who's bitch are you?"

"Mistress Torrie's. I'm mistress Torrie's bitch." Trish purred.

"Good bitch." Torrie said, stroking Trish's hair, "Now, you and your fellow
bitch go to the other bed and get plenty of sleep, you have a long day of
butt fucking and submission a head.

"Yes mistress Torrie." Trish and Lita said submissively as they got up and
began to awkwardly walk towards the other bed, but not before Torrie and
Stacy smacked them hard on their asses, which caused them both to fart and
giggle submissively.

With that the four divas snuggled up on the two different beds and went to
sleep, Trish and Lita dreaming what their new owners would do to them, Torrie
and Stacy dreaming what they would do to their new bitches.

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