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Anal Invasion Part 2
by MTL (

"Good morning bitches."

This phrase, quickly followed by a hard slap to Lita's face and a rough pinch
to Trish's nipple caused the WWF divas to slowly blink their eyes open to see
a naked Torrie and Stacy kneeling over them with menacing smiles on their

"You sluts are awake, finally." Stacy said.

"Yeah, we called you at least twice. We must have really worn you out last
night." Torrie said, "And speaking of last night, we trust you bitches now
understand your places now right?"

There was a pause and then Trish and Lita nodded their heads meekly.

"And what's that? Tell us what you are?" Stacy demanded.

Fully awake now, Trish and Lita realised they were tied up on the bed and
couldn't move. They were suffering serious regret over how far they had sunk
last night, but to their shame they were also turned on and given their
current situation they really saw no other alternative but to give in.

"We're... we're your bitches." Trish and then Lita muttered.

"I'm glad you understand." Torrie said, idly playing with Trish's tits while
Stacy did the same to her bitch, "Because Stacy and I are horny and we intend
to use your mouths for our pleasure."

"You see sluts," Stacy began as she and her girlfriend got on top of Trish
and Lita with their cunts right above the WWF girls faces, "When us superior
WCW girls woke up we talked about how we could further use and abuse you
bitches, but all that talk got us hot and we started kissing and fingering
each other, but then I realised, why use our fingers when we have a pair of
perfectly good mouths ready to be used for our pleasure."

"So," Torrie said, lowering her pussy onto Trish's face as Stacy lowered hers
on Lita's face, "Start eating us out like the pair of cunt lappers you are."

Trish and Lita hesitated momentarily but the smell of pussy got to them and
they gently started licking the wet holes pressed down on their faces,
causing the WCW girls to moan.

Torrie and Stacy continued to moan as Trish and Lita slid their tongues all
around their pussy lips, occasionally teasing their holes and even playing
with their clits, mercilessly teasing the two dominating blondes.

After submitting to the WCW girls so completely last night Trish and Lita
welcomed this change of pace. Even though they were tied up and helpless they
had a certain level of control over Torrie and Stacy right now, and however
brief that control was they wanted to savour it.

Normally Torrie and Stacy wouldn't stand for something like this, but they
were both in the mood for foreplay and decided to allow Trish and Lita a few
moments of control before showing them who's boss.

"Ok, enough with the foreplay shit, eat me you fucking dyke!" Stacy demanded,
reaching down to slap Lita's tits when she had tired of the foreplay, "Get
that tongue up my cunt and fuck me you bitch! Stick your tongue in my hole
and pleasure me! And don't forget to use that mouth either."

"You too bitch!" Torrie ordered as she slapped Trish's boobs, "I want your
tongue inside me and your mouth on my cunt so you can give me the kind of
head that a superior woman like me should receive from a bitch like you.
Shove your tongue in my pussy you fucking dyke! Fuck me with your mouth you
little rug muncher!"

Trish and Lita resented the verbal and physical abuse they were receiving,
but did as they were told, wrapping their mouths around the pussy in front of
them and shoving their tongues as deep as possible into Torrie and Stacy.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Torrie and Stacy cried out in pleasure together as their
bitches began to tongue fuck them.

"Just like that, fuck me with your tongue you stupid bitch!" Stacy moaned,
"Oh yes! Just like that! Slide it in and out of me! Fuck me! Eat me! Pleasure
me you fucking whore!"

"You too bitch, eat my pussy, eat it you slut!" Torrie cursed, "Eat my pussy
you cunt loving dyke! Eat it like you eat your girlfriend! Use that mouth to
pleasure me you little lesbo!"

Torrie and Stacy continued to yell abuse at Trish and Lita as they ate them
out, the WWF girls using every pussy eating trick they knew to get the WCW
girls off.

They moved their tongues in and out of their cunts as hard as they could,
twirling their tongues around inside them so they could touch all the
sensitive spots they had found the other night and stimulate them again,
their mouths sucking furiously at the same time so they could swallow as much
pussy juice as possible.

Trish and Lita weren't sure what it was but something about being forced to
submit to weaker women such as Torrie and Stacy really turned them on.

Plus despite their circumstances both Trish and Lita found it very arousing
to be tied up and helpless as two beautiful women grinded their cunts onto
their faces.

And the fact that Torrie and Stacy had some delicious tasting cunts also
helped Trish and Lita become comfortable in their submissive roles again, the
two WWF girls quickly becoming lost in totally worshipping the WCW girls
honey holes.

Wanting to keep control Stacy started bouncing up and down, fucking herself
on Lita's tongue, occasionally stopping to grind her pussy on her bitch's
face or stopping altogether to try and smother the slut with her cunt, making
sure all the WWF slut could breathe was the scent of her pussy before letting
her have some air again.

Not wanting to be outdone Torrie began slapping Trish's tits at random
intervals, first the right, then the left, and then both at the same time.
When Torrie established a rhythm, then she began switching in between gentle
and hard slaps, before changing tactics entirely, beginning to greedily grope
Trish's breasts, cupping them in her hands and tweaking the nipples roughly,
then gently, then roughly, then gently, and then just when Trish wasn't
expecting it delivering yet another hard series of slaps before going right
back to gripping her tits again.

Taking tips from one another Torrie and Stacy switched in between grinding
their cunts onto Trish's and Lita's faces and playing with their breasts
before finally settling on doing both at the same time as they rode their
faces towards orgasm, which didn't take long.

Torrie and Stacy had woken up horny, and after quietly tieing Trish and Lita
up they had made out and fingered each other for what felt like hours so they
were on the edge even before they let the WWF girls talented mouths near
their cunts, and now they had the mighty Trish and Lita at their mercy and
eating them out Torrie and Stacy knew it was only a matter of time before
they came.

With a lot to do that day Torrie and Stacy didn't hold back, allowing Trish
and Lita to lick and suck them to a toe curling orgasm, the WCW girls
screaming loudly as they creamed in the WWF girls faces.

Lost in the act of eating pussy Trish and Lita happily ate Torrie and Stacy
to orgasm, swallowing as much of their girl cream down as they could given
their current positions, but most of it did end up on their faces.

With their orgasms over Torrie and Stacy got off of Trish's and Lita's faces
and then untied Trish before pulling her upwards.

"Get up and come with us Trish." Torrie ordered.

Trish meekly did as she was told, Torrie and Stacy taking her to the chains
which had restrained her and Lita last night during the whipping they had
endured. Fearing a similar fate Trish whimpered when Torrie and Stacy locked
her feet into one of the sets of chains but did not stop them when they
raised her hands and restrained them as well. To complete the feeling of dj
vu a ball gag was stuffed into Trish's mouth and firmly secured around her
head before the WCW girls stood back to admire their handiwork.

"You fucked up last night Trish." Torrie told her bitch, "You were ordered
not to cum first and you did, which embarrassed me, and I'm going to make
sure that doesn't happen again. I'm your mistress now Trish, and your my
bitch, and bitches who embarrass their mistresses get punished, which is
exactly what I'm going to do to you now."

With that Torrie and Stacy each picked up a riding crop and brought them down
upon the bound blonde, Stacy's crop smacking off Trish's sore ass and
Torrie's smacking Trish right in the face.

Trish cried into her gag at the blow, but Torrie and Stacy did not stop. They
wanted to punish Trish for her failure, and her cries just encouraged them.

Torrie and Stacy walked around Trish's bound body, delivering blow after
stinging blow all over her flesh, mostly focusing on her tits, butt, and
pussy, but also allowing plenty of blows to hit Trish's face, head, stomach,
back, arms, legs, hands, and even bending slightly so they could attack her
feet, the WWF diva's cries music to their ears as they covered her flesh in
stinging blows.

Once Trish's flesh was a nice shade of pink colour Torrie and Stacy swapped
their crops for a nice pair of paddles and began the assault all over again,
Trish's face, head, stomach, back, arms, legs, hands, feet, tits, butt, and
pussy all suffering the same fate as before, only worse because the pain was
more widespread, until her flesh had been turned from pink to red under the
force of the blows.

Just when Trish didn't think she could take any more of the paddles Torrie
and Stacy put them down and each picked up something much worse, a cat o'
nine tails.

Even though she was exhausted from crying Trish found her voice again as each
tale dug into and tore at her flesh, causing the greatest agony she had known
since, well since she had suffered the same fate last night, only this time
it was worse because Torrie and Stacy didn't just concentrate on her tits,
ass and cunt, but her entire body.

By the time Torrie and Stacy were done with her there was no fight in Trish
whatsoever and she just hung their limply, wishing the WCW girls would stop
beating her and do something else to her, anything else but more of this. At
that moment Trish would of happily allowed Torrie and Stacy to do what ever
sexually degrading thing they wanted to her just as long as they stopped
beating her.

Torrie and Stacy were interested in sexually abusing a WWF diva, but it
wasn't Trish they were interested in.

When they were done punishing Trish the WCW girls dropped their whips and
turned to Lita.

The WCW girls smiled wickedly as they advanced on Lita, crawling back onto
the bed so they could take off her restraints.

As Torrie and Stacy untied her Lita considered fighting back. She and Trish
were physically superior to these WCW bitches who had just beaten the hell
out of her girlfriend, and part of the redhead very much wanted to stop them
but finding herself to turned on by the situation to put a stop to it.

"Congratulations Lita, you didn't cum first, so you're going to get rewarded
with a nice DP from me and Torrie, just like we promised, but first I'm going
to give you a nice firm spanking to help you remember your place." Stacy
said, sitting down next to the redhead and patting her knee, "Now, bend
yourself over my knee and take your spanking like a good little bitch."

Lita blushed furiously but did as she was told, awkwardly lifting herself up
and crawling along the bed until her body was lying across Stacy's knee with
her ass presented to her new mistress, her pussy already growing moist at the
thought of being humiliated by being spanked like a naughty child by another
woman as two other women looked on.

Sliding her hand over Lita's ass Stacy felt a great sense of pride when she
saw the redhead's behind was still raw and soar looking from the night

Stacy's hand, crop, paddle, and whip had clearly done a number on Lita's
buttocks, and the leggy blonde couldn't wait to do it again. If that wasn't
enough to inspire Stacy when spreading Lita's butt cheeks she found her
bitch's butt hole looking just as raw and soar as her ass, a clear sign that
her slut's ass hole had not completely recovered from being brutally fucked
by her strap on either.

This made Stacy want to forget all about spanking and just bury her strap on
dildo balls deep inside Lita's ass so she could butt fuck the hell out of her
bitch again, but two things stopped her, one, it wasn't her turn to get a
piece of this slut's ass, and two, a bitch like Lita needed a firm hand and
plenty of disciplining to remind her of her place, and that had to start at
the beginning or otherwise her plans for owning Lita would fail.

So Stacy raised her hand in preparation to spank Lita's ass, but then a smile
crossed her face as she thought of a way she could make this even more
humiliating for the redhead.

"Listen up bitch, since you were such a good little whore for me last night
and you ate my pussy so good a second ago I'm only going to give you 50
spanks, but in return I want you to count and thank me for each strike. If
you miss account, or forget to thank me, or anything like that then the
number of spanks will be doubled, and then doubled again from your next
mistake, and so on, and so on. Also, we'll go back to the beginning of the
count. Do you understand me slut?" Stacy asked.

Lita nodded.

"I said do you understand me slut?" Stacy spat, reaching down and yanking
hard on Lita's hair.

"Yes mistress." Lita quickly cried out.

"Good, now let's begin." Stacy said, letting go of Lita's hair and bringing
her hand down hard on her bitch's right butt cheek.

"Owww... one... thank you... owww, owww, owww, owww, owww!" Lita began
counting before Stacy began viciously beating her ass at such a speed all she
could do is cry out in pain.

"How dare you not call me mistress you worthless slut!" Stacy screamed as she
tore into Lita's ass.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please stop, I forgot, it won't happen
again mistress Stacy I promise." Lita whimpered.

"You're damn ride it won't happen again you stupid whore." Stacy spat, as she
briefly stopped spanking Lita, "Now do it right this time or I'll beat you
until your black and blue!"

"Yes mistress Stacy, sorry mistress Stacy, owww... one... thank you mistress
Stacy... owww... two... thank you mistress Stacy... owww... three... thank
you mistress Stacy... owww... four... thank you mistress Stacy... owww...
five... thank you mistress Stacy..."

After the original series of brutal spanks Lita didn't dare screw up again.
The redhead desperately concentrated on remembering to thank her mistress
Stacy after she had counted each blow to her behind, terrified of receiving a
spanking worse than the one she was already receiving. At least with this
spanking there was plenty of time between each strike, Stacy taking her sweet
time in spanking Lita's ass, much to the redhead's relief.

The spanking seemed almost playful, like Stacy was making a game out of
Lita's humiliation.

That was probably the case, Lita thought, Stacy was probably having a lot of
fun at her expense, and once again the redhead felt that familiar desire to
rise up and kick some ass, but her submissive desires kept her were she was,
bent over Stacy's knee, getting spanked like a disobedient child.

Lita had never been spanked before, not even when she was younger, and to be
spanked at her age, by another woman as two other women looked on was
humiliating. In fact with the exception of what happened to her last night
this was the most humiliating experience of Lita's life. And yet it felt like
all she could do was take it and remember everything she had to say so
mistress Stacy wouldn't be too rough with her ass.

"Owww... forty eight... thank you mistress Stacy... owww... forty nine...
thank you mistress Stacy... owww... fifty... thank you mistress Stacy...
owww... fifty one... thank you mistress Stacy... owww... fifty two... thank
you mistress Stacy..."

Being too rough wasn't Stacy's intention. After all, Lita had been a good
little bitch for her and very soon Stacy was going to be rewarding her with a
nice, hard DP'ing. But Stacy didn't want to spoil her bitch, and it was
important she remind Lita that's just what she was, her bitch. And what
better way to do that, other than with a rough, hard butt fucking, was there
to do that then with a nice, long ass beating.

Besides, it wasn't like Stacy didn't love spanking a bitch's ass. She did,
and Lita had such a spank-able ass. Stacy had wanted to spank Lita's ass from
the first moment she saw it. She could remember seeing it peeking out of
Lita's pants, dressed only in this little thong, seemingly calling out to the
leggy blonde to spank it and now finally she had that redhead over her knee,
her deliciously spank-able ass presented to Stacy in submission.

And Stacy took full advantage of this. Well not quite full advantage of this,
she couldn't go into the all out spank fest she'd always dreamed of giving
Lita's ass because this was supposed to be just gently reminding the redhead
of her place, not punishing her, but Stacy found plenty of ways to enjoy this
piece of ass without spanking it too hard.

The spanking itself was much more playful, Stacy bringing her hand down all
over Lita's ass, trying never to spank the redhead in the same place twice.
Stacy also constantly changed the force behind her strikes, sometimes
spanking Lita gently, sometimes not so gently, and other times borderline
hard, but never giving her all she had. Despite her attempts to keep the
spanking gentle Lita's butt did slowly change a darker shade under Stacy's
loving hand, which of course only made Stacy hotter and more eager to spank
her bitch.

"Owww... ninety six... thank you mistress Stacy... owww... ninety seven...
thank you mistress Stacy... owww... ninety eight... thank you mistress
Stacy... owww... ninety nine... thank you mistress Stacy... owww... one
hundred... thank you mistress Stacy."

"Mmmmm, that was fun, do you want a turn Torrie?" Stacy asked her girlfriend.

"I'd love a turn, thanks Stacy." Torrie said, sitting down next to Stacy.

"Great, here's the bitch for you." Stacy said, pushing Lita off her lap and
onto Torrie's.

"Thanks." Torrie said, taking a moment to grope Lita's ass before starting,
"I think since your bitch had the audacity to forget to call you by your
proper title another 100 spanks is in order, don't you agree?"

"Oh I totally agree." Stacy said with a smile.

"I thought you would." Torrie said sweetly, before turning to Lita, her voice
changing from sweet and loving to cold and uncaring, "You understand what's
expected of you bitch?"

"Yes mistress Torrie." Lita replied humbly.

"Good." Torrie said as she brought her hand down hard on Lita's right ass
cheek to begin the spanking.

"Owww... one... thank you mistress Torrie... owww... two... thank you
mistress Torrie... owww... three... thank you mistress Torrie... owww...
four... thank you mistress Torrie... owww... five... thank you mistress

Still wanting to try and avoid the type of brutal ass beating Stacy had given
her earlier Lita obediently counted each spank and thanked mistress Torrie
for every one of them.

It was humiliating for the redhead to find herself being spanked again so
soon after her first spanking, but like before her inner desires of
submission left her helpless to do anything but allow the WCW girls to spank
her as she wallowed in humiliation.

What made this situation worse was the fact that she had been passed around
like nothing more than a object between the two girls, or though she
shouldn't be surprised. From the way Torrie and Stacy had talked about
herself and Trish it was pretty clear that the WCW girls viewed the WWF girls
as nothing but mindless sex objects to be used for their pleasure, and if
Lita wasn't careful that is exactly what Stacy was going to turn her into, a
mindless sex object. That is, if she hadn't turned her into one already.

A particularly vicious slap awoke Lita from her thoughts and she found
herself concentrating more on mistress Torrie and the vicious spanking she
was receiving.

"Owww... forty eight... thank you mistress Torrie... owww... forty nine...
thank you mistress Torrie... owww... fifty... thank you mistress Torrie...
owww... fifty one... thank you mistress Torrie... owww... fifty two... thank
you mistress Torrie..."

Once she was sure she had Lita's full attention again Torrie's spanks became
a lot more playful again.

Copying her girlfriend Torrie tried never to hit the same place twice, moving
her strikes all around Lita's ass cheeks in a, mostly, gentle rhythm,
occasionally becoming rougher, but not too rough.

Torrie would have liked to be rougher. Like Stacy she thought Lita had a very
spank-able ass and considering all the fuss everyone made about the redhead
Torrie would have liked nothing better than to tear into the WWF diva's ass
and make the high and mighty Lita cry like a little bitch, but she wasn't
going to do that. This was a reward for Lita, a well done for obeying her
mistress last night and being a good little slave. So Torrie would wait until
Lita inevitably screwed up, newly enslaved bitches always did, and then
hopefully Stacy would let Torrie join in on the fun of tearing Lita's ass
apart with spanking and butt fucking.

Of course, that didn't mean this morning was going to be butt fun free. In
fact, in a moment the WCW girls were going to once again showed their
dominance over WWF girls by tearing the high and mighty Lita's ass up. Torrie
couldn't wait to fuck Lita up the ass, but first she was going to have fun
finishing spanking this bitch.

"Owww... ninety six... thank you mistress Torrie... owww... ninety seven...
thank you mistress Torrie... owww... ninety eight... thank you mistress
Torrie... owww... ninety nine... thank you mistress Torrie... owww... one
hundred... thank you mistress Torrie."

"Mmmmm, that was fun. Lita has such a spank-able ass." Torrie said.

"Yeah, and fuck-able too." Stacy said, "Believe me Torrie, you have got to
slide a strap on in between this bitch's butt cheeks, because I swear this is
one of the best pieces of ass I've ever fucked."

"Really," Torrie said thoughtfully, "In which case would you mind if I
pounded this bitch's butt during the DP?"

"Of course, after all, I did promise to save you a piece of this ass when I
decided to tame it." Stacy said.

"Thanks Stacy, and if you feel like fucking Trish's ass any time just let me
know and I'll have that whore spreading her cheeks for you at the click of my
fingers." Torrie said.

"Mmmmm, I'll definitely have to take you up on that one time." Stacy said,
already looking forward to pounding Trish's ass, "Just promise me one thing."

"Anything." Torrie said.

"Promise you'll tear my bitch's ass hole apart." Stacy said with a evil grin.

"Oh I promise Stacy, I promise I'll rip Lita's butt hole wide open. She'll be
feeling it for weeks." Torrie said.

"Knew I could count on you Torrie." Stacy said, "Now let's get our strap

At this the WCW girls got up, Torrie throwing Lita to the floor like she was
garbage without a second thought for her well being.

From her place on the floor Lita watched as Torrie and Stacy walked over to
the table they left the dildos on, picked them up and slowly strapped them
on, before walking back over to her.

The sight of those big dildos caused Lita's ass hole to clench and the
extreme diva was reminded of the humiliating sodomy she had endured last
night. Lita became flushed with embarrassment as she shifted awkwardly on the
floor as the two women who had abused her and her lover came to stand before

"Kneel before your betters bitch." Stacy commanded.

Lita felt a flash of anger and considered fighting back. She and Trish were
physically superior to these WCW bitches who had just beaten the hell out of
her girlfriend, and part of the redhead very much wanted to stop them but
finding herself to turned on by the situation to put a stop to it.

So instead of fighting back the extreme diva knelt before Torrie and Stacy
who grinned at her submission.

"You see this Lita?" Stacy asked, walking right up to Lita and shoving her
strap on directly in her face, "You remember this don't you? It's the dick
that conquered you, that took your anal cherry, broke your ass hole and made
you my bitch. It's because of this dick that you're my bitch, the bitch that
you were always meant to be. You can try and fight it if you want, but deep
down you know the truth, because this dick showed you the truth, showed you
what you really are, and now all you will ever be is a bitch. My bitch. And
you should be grateful to it. You should be grateful that it fucked you up
the ass and turned you into my bitch. You should be grateful that it
introduced you to anal sex, because let's face it, a bitch like you was born
to take it up the butt. So I think you should thank it. Thank it for saving
you from a life without anal sex and for turning you into my bitch. And I
know the perfect way you can do that, and that's by sucking It. Suck that big
juicy girl cock that ripped your ass up and made you my bitch. Suck my cock,
and then suck Torrie's cock. Make it easier for me and Torrie to slide into
your whore holes and you can show us that you understand your new place in

Lita bit her lip and thought about this. She could pretty easily kick
Torrie's and Stacy's asses, save her girlfriend, and teach these WCW bitches
a lesson... but she didn't want too. Whether it was from the events of last
night or seeing her girlfriend get dominated or Torrie's and Stacy's dominant
attitude or a combination of the three Lita was feeling incredibly submissive
and horny and she just couldn't stop herself.

Taking one of the dildos in each hand Lita began to gently stroked them
before looking up at the smiling faces of Torrie and Stacy and then bending
her head down to take Stacy's strap on into her mouth.

Once her lips were tightly around the shaft Lita closed her eyes and began to
slide her mouth up and down on Stacy's dildo, slobbering generously all over
it for a few seconds, before swapping it for Torrie's strap on and repeating
the process.

"Jesus, your bitch looks hot sucking on my strap on." Torrie moaned, the
stimulator inside the dildo rubbing against her clit as Lita's sucked it.

"That's because it's one of her natural places to be." Stacy said, "I told
you Torrie, all WWF girls are bitches, and a bitch's natural place is serving
superior women like us WCW girls, isn't that right Lita?"

Lita grunted incoherently as she switched strap ons, slowly lowering her
mouth on Stacy's cock and then bobbing up and down on it.

"Right." Stacy chuckled, "Now get back to sucking my cock like a good little
bitch. That's it, all the way down, all the way down, deep throat that cock
you fucking whore. Yes, just like that, slobber over it. Now take it out and
lick the shaft. Up and down, good bitch, don't forget to lick my balls too."

The WCW girls laughed as the former women's champion obeyed Stacy's every
instruction, deep throating the fake dick and slobbering all over it before
running her tongue up and down it and then licking obediently at the fake
balls. Licking the dildo's balls would not bring Stacy pleasure, nor would it
in any way help Lita take the inevitable fucking to come, but it was not
about bringing Stacy pleasure or making things easier on Lita, this was about
submission. This was about Lita submitting to Stacy's every command,
something the redhead seemed only to willing to do.

Part of Lita still wanted to rebel against being treated like a bitch by
Torrie and Stacy, but another much larger part of her loved submitting to
them and so the extreme diva obediently did everything she was told,
switching between licking fake balls and licking, sucking and deep throating
the strap on at Stacy's command.

"Ok, my turn again." Torrie said after a few more minutes of watching her
girlfriend receiving head from the redheaded bitch, "Get that whore mouth
over here bitch and suck my cock!"

Removing Stacy's cock from her throat Lita turned to were Torrie was standing
and swallowed almost all of the dildo strapped around her waist in one mighty
gulp. Concentrating on controlling her gag reflex Lita took the remaining
inches down her throat, before beginning to bob her head up and down on the

"Fuck yes, suck that dick, just like that, slobber on it, slobber on that
dick, I want to see you drooling all over that cock, getting it ready for
your ass!" Torrie commanded, "You better fucking getting ready, cause I'm
going to tear your ass hole up! I'm going to tear it up, just like I teared
up your little girlfriend Trish's ass hole up! Come on bitch, slobber on that
dick, that's it fucking slobber."

Lita did her best to obey, forcing herself to salivate all over the dildo,
even taking half of the cock out of her mouth so her drool could slowly slid
out of her mouth and down the shaft, showing Torrie she was doing as she was

"That's enough Torrie." Stacy said, as she lay down on her back on the bed,
"That dick is more than well lubricated for a slut like Lita. In fact it will
probably slide in like butter after the way I ruined her ass last night."

"We'll see." Torrie said, pie facing Lita off her cock, "Go ride Stacy's cock
you fucking slut."

Lita nodded and crawled up off the floor and onto the bed to wear Stacy was
lying with her head on a pillow.

Staring down the monster in between Stacy's legs Lita bit her lip, wondering
whether she should turn around given that Stacy had told her last night she
prefers looking at her ass, but Stacy seemed to be beckoning her forward so
the redhead continued to crawl until she was on top of the blonde.

Quick as a flash Stacy licked her fingertips and then push them downwards
until she reached Lita's pussy and brushed her fingertips over the soft lips
of the redhead's cunt, causing the WWF diva to moan.

"Your pussy's fucking soaking slut." Stacy pointed out as she rubbed Lita's
cunt, "Guess you want your mistress's big cock inside that whore hole don't
you bitch?"

Lita bit her lip and nodded.

"Well, beg for it then." Stacy ordered.

"Oh please, mistress Stacy." Lita moaned, remembering to call Stacy by her
proper title, "Please allow me to take your big cock inside my whore hole. I
want it so bad. Please give it to me."

"Ok, since you asked so nicely and treated me with the proper respect." Stacy
said, grabbing the base of her strap on and pressing the tip of it to the
entrance of Lita's pussy, "Go ahead, lower that pussy on my dick. Treat your
WWF whore hole to a piece of WCW girl cock."

Lita moaned from Stacy's dirty talk and the strap on pressed against her
pussy, and she began moaning louder as she slowly lowered herself on the
dick, gasping as the head of the dildo penetrated her, and then cooing
happily as she took inch, after inch, after inch into her horny hole until
she had the whole thing inside her.

Once every single inch of that big dildo was in Lita's cunt the redhead began
happily bouncing herself up and down on the shaft.

Unfortunately her happiness was short-lived.

"No, bad bitch!" Stacy yelled, smacking Lita's ass so hard it had the redhead
stopping immediately, "Did I give you permission to start fucking yourself?
No, I didn't think so. So stay still, reach back and spread your ass for
Torrie, because she's about to stuff your shit hole with strap on so we can
really get this party started."

It took a few more brutal blows to the redhead's behind but eventually Lita
stopped bouncing on Stacy's strap on and leant forward to give Torrie access
to her ass. However, when it came time for Lita to spread her ass cheeks the
redhead couldn't help feel reluctant to do so and it earned her another
series of hard spanks to her ass.

"I said spread your ass bitch!" Stacy spat at her disobedient bitch.

Gritting her teeth Lita swallowed her pride, and then lent forward further so
she was lying on top of Stacy, before reaching back and spreading her ass

"Wow, you really do have this bitch well trained don't you Stace." Torrie
complemented her girlfriend as she got in position behind the redhead.

"Not yet." Stacy said bitterly, "Maybe when I got her spreading her ass
cheeks for her betters without pausing I'll consider her well trained, but
for now she's just a little bitch who needs to be put in her place."

"Well don't you worry Stace, I'll be happy to help you out in training this
bitch to bend over and spread ass for her betters." Torrie said, as she
pressed the head of her strap on against Lita's tight anal ring, "All she
needs is a couple more sessions of hard anal pounding and this bitch will be
spreading her ass at the click of your fingers."

"Damn right she'll be spreading her ass like a good little bitch in no time."
Stacy said, "Now take my whore's ass already. She totally wants it, I can see
it in her eyes, and I want to hear her squeal like the bitch she is."

"No problem Stace, one squealing little bitch coming right up." Torrie said
as she pushed forwards, forcing Lita's ass hole to stretch to accommodate her

Although she didn't squeal Lita did whimper as she felt her ass hole being
forced open by the head of the strap on which unceremoniously bullied its way
inside her bowels, Torrie not stopping until the head was firmly buried
within the redhead's rectum.

After the initial pooper penetration Torrie allowed Lita a few moments to
relax before sliding another few inches inside her shit hole, the extreme
diva clutching at the bed sheets as her exit only hole was turned into a two
way street for only the second time in her life. Even though Stacy had
thoroughly used Lita's ass last night the redhead's back door was still very
tight and unwelcoming to Torrie's cock, not that that stopped the blonde. It
did mean that Lita struggled to take the strap on in her ass, but thanks to
Torrie allowing her time to relax the WWF diva was eventually able to take
every single inch of the WCW diva's dildo up her butt.

"Are you in all the way yet?" Stacy asked impatiently.

Torrie nodded, "12 inches, right up this bitch's butt."

"Finally, let's start ripping this bitch's holes up!" Stacy said as she began
to thrust upwards into Lita's pussy.

Smiling at her girlfriend's impatience Torrie began to gently pull out of
Lita's ass, watching the WWF diva's shit hole stretching around her strap on
before pushing all the way back in and then repeating the process. Once she
had settled into a steady rhythm in fucking Lita's butt Torrie removed the
redhead's hands from her ass so she could spread it herself, giving her the
chance to play with it. Torrie groped Lita's ass as she fucked it, enjoying
the feeling of those firm yet soft cheeks in her hands as she continued
sliding her strap on through the WWF girl's bowels, loving the fact that she
was fucking the mighty Lita up her ass.

Of all the WWF divas Lita was definitely the toughest still on the roster,
and arguably one of the toughest of all time, but now Torrie and Stacy, two
WCW pieces of eye candy had the extreme diva sandwiched between them, Stacy
fucking her pussy while she was fucking her up the ass. It was so crazy
Torrie almost couldn't believe it, but it was happening before her very eyes.

Before last night Torrie had serious doubts that Stacy's plans to break Trish
and Lita would work. She had no doubt she could break Trish, the Canadian
blonde bombshell looked like she was born to be someone's bitch, but Lita was
a different story. The redhead was so dominant in the ring Torrie just hadn't
seen her submitting to Stacy no matter how much she punished, humiliated and
degraded her but Stacy had proved her wrong and Torrie was so glad she did
because Lita looked so good taking it in both her holes for them and although
she hadn't tried her pussy yet her ass was really tight and a lot of fun to
fuck. Now Torrie couldn't wait until she and Stacy had Lita screaming in

Lita moaned in pleasure as one dildo slid through her pussy while another
moved inside her ass.

Before last night's anal invasion the redhead had been a back door virgin and
she had only occasionally thought what it might be like to take a cock in her
pussy and ass hole at the same time but this went beyond anything she could
have imagined. It felt so good, so unbelievably good.

After a slow start Torrie had settled into a steady rhythm in fucking the
redheaded diva's ass. Lita had been surprised to find she actually found the
initial anal penetration painful. She guesses she should consider herself
fortunate. After last night Lita thought her ass hole would remain a gaping
crater, or at least be loose and useless after the rectum wrecking Stacy had
given her. And as for Stacy, she had began fucking Lita's pussy the second
Torrie had her strap on buried inside Lita's ass, and had quickly found her
rhythm in fucking her redheaded bitch.

Her bitch. Stacy's bitch. Stacy Keibler's bitch. That's what Lita was now,
she supposed. Part of Lita would still very much like to kick Stacy's ass,
but for now a much larger part of her wanted to do whatever the blonde told
her to do, and right now that involved taking a double fucking, which was
something Lita just couldn't say no too.

Stacy could tell that Lita was still having second thoughts about being her
bitch, but she could also tell that the redhead's inner sluttiness would not
allow herself to stop Torrie and Stacy from double fucking her body, and
that's all that mattered right now. As long as the WWF girl allowed the WCW
girls to do whatever they wanted with her then Stacy really didn't care what
Lita was feeling.

It wasn't like Lita wasn't a broken bitch anyway.

After last night Stacy had no doubt that deep down Lita would always be her
bitch, and she had plenty of time to train her bitch until she had accepted
her fate and did everything Stacy told her to do like a good little bitch.
Training a bitch was so fun and Stacy couldn't wait to start training Lita.

Stacy thought her bitch looked so hot kneeling before her, taking her strap
on inside her pussy while Torrie steadily pumped into her ass from behind,
the two WCW divas fucking the WWF diva in almost perfect harmony.

The only thing that could make it better in Stacy's mind is if her bitch
started to help in the fucking. This was supposed to be Lita's treat, but she
was still a bitch, and a bitch shouldn't allow its owners to do all the work.
Lita should be bouncing on the dildos inside her, not kneeling there moaning.
The redhead was going to contribute, Stacy was going to make sure of that.

"Don't just kneel there and moan you stupid bitch, start bouncing on those
dicks!" Stacy ordered, smacking Lita's ass, "Come on you lazy whore, bounce
up and down so me and Torrie can better fuck your whore holes!"

Blushing furiously at Stacy's words Lita did as she was told, beginning to
move herself up and down on Stacy's strap on while pushing herself backwards
against Torrie's big anal invader, helping the WCW girls fucking her pussy
and ass at the same time.

"Good bitch, that's it, bounce for me, help us fill your holes with cock,
just the way you like it you fucking cock slut!" Stacy cried out gleefully as
she smacked Lita's bouncing ass.

"Yeah, back that ass up, impale yourself on our cocks you fucking anal
whore!" Torrie demanded, slapping Lita's butt as it backed up against her.

With Torrie and Stacy hurling abuse at her and smacking her ass Lita soon
picked up the pace, slamming herself back and forth on the dicks until she
was fucking her pussy and ass hole as hard as she could on those big fake
cocks, moaning uncontrollably as she did so.

While Lita fucked herself on the dildos Torrie and Stacy concentrated on
insulting the redhead and smacking her ass repeatedly. Sometimes they would
smack Lita's ass at the exact same time, sometimes a little apart, and
sometimes a lot apart, the only thing remaining constant was that Torrie
slapped Lita's right ass cheek while Stacy smacked her left. That was until
Torrie and Stacy started switching ass cheeks meaning sometimes they spanked
the same ass cheek together, sometimes they spanked the same cheek one after
the other, sometimes they just concentrated on one ass cheek, and sometimes
they would spank different ass cheeks. After a while Torrie and Stacy got
carried away and began viciously spanking Lita's ass over, and over, and over
again as the redhead rode their strap on dildos towards orgasm, an orgasm
that would be denied.

"Stop." Stacy commanded, and when that didn't work she and Torrie went into
overdrive on the spanking, "I said stop you fucking bitch!"

Lita whimpered helplessly, but the pain on her sore ass was too great and she
slowed down and eventually came to a stop. Unfortunately Torrie and Stacy
continued to spank her until she was weeping from the pain.

"When I tell you to stop you stop, got that skank?" Stacy spat when she was
finally done beating Lita's ass.

"Yes mistress Stacy." Lita wept.

"Were you about to cum bitch?" Torrie asked, pulling Lita's hair.

"Yes mistress Torrie." Lita replied.

"Well you have to ask permission first." Stacy said, "If you cum without
permission you will be punished, understand?"

"Yes mistress Stacy." Lita said.

"Good girl." Torrie said, kissing Lita's neck as Stacy fondled the redhead's
tits, "What got you so horny that you needed to cum? Was it from my dick in
your ass?"

"Yes mistress Torrie, I got so horny from your dick in my ass and mistress
Stacy's dick in my pussy." Lita said submissively.

"So you like my dick in your ass?" Torrie asked.

"Yes mistress Torrie." Lita said.

"Do you love my dick in your ass?" Torrie asked.

"Yes mistress Torrie." Lita said.

"Tell me," Torrie demanded, "Tell me how much you love my dick in your ass."

"I love it, I love it in my ass mistress Torrie. I love your big dick in my
ass." Lita moaned, "It feels so good in my ass. Please, fuck my ass, fuck it
with your big dick. I want you to fuck my ass with your big dick. I need you
to fuck my ass with your big dick. Please mistress Torrie, fuck me in the
ass! Butt fuck me! Tear my ass up with your big dick!"

"Mmmmm, tempting, but first I want you to do something for me." Torrie said.

"Anything." Lita said.

"Ok, in a second I'm going to pull out of your ass and when I do that you're
going to suck it clean of every drop of your ass juice, you got that bitch?"

"Yes mistress Torrie." Lita said.

"Good." Torrie said as she pulled out of Lita's ass, stood up on the bed and
pointed her strap on at the redhead, "Then suck my dick slut."

Wasting no time Lita sat up and grabbed the base of the dildo before guiding
it into her mouth. The second her lips were wrapped around it the redhead was
bobbing up and down on the shaft, desperate to please her WCW mistresses, who
were laughing at her expense.

"Oh my God, look at the way she's sucking my cock. She's fucking loving it!
She loves sucking my cock." Torrie laughed.

"Of course she loves sucking your cock, she's a slut, that's what sluts do."
Stacy said, "They get as many cocks as they can into their mouths and suck on
them like the cock hungry whores they are! Isn't that right bitch?"

Stacy waited for Lita to reply, but the redhead was so lost in sucking cock
she hadn't heard the conversation.

"I said, isn't that right bitch." Stacy yelled viciously smacking Lita's ass
over, and over, and over again.

"Yes, that's right." Lita wept, after removing the strap on from her mouth,
"I'm a slut, a cock sucking slut, who loves nothing more than to get as many
cocks into her mouth as she can and suck on them like the cock hungry whore
she is."

"Well then get my cock back in your whore mouth and suck it you stupid
bitch." Torrie ordered as she slapped Lita's face with her strap on.

"Yeah, suck it bitch." Stacy laughed at Lita's humiliation.

After taking a few hard slaps to the face with the dildo Lita opened her
mouth wide and Torrie allowed her to take the fake cock back inside her mouth
and down her throat again, the redhead using all her cock sucking skills to
worship the strap on again with her mouth.

Torrie and Stacy just watched as the mighty Lita sucked strap on cock for a
while before Stacy delivered another hard slap to Lita's ass to get her

"Start bouncing on my cock while you're sucking my girlfriend's dick." Stacy
ordered, "Show us your at least good for fucking."

Whimpering around the cock in her mouth Lita started gently moving up and
down on Stacy's strap on, much to the delight of the WCW girls.

"Looks like she is at least good for fucking." Torrie said laughing.

"We'll see." Stacy said sceptically, "Come on bitch, harder than that, fuck
yourself on my cock. That's it, but don't neglect your cock sucking duties.
That's it, suck that cock, bounce on that dildo, you fucking love it to you
tramp? Yes you do, yes you do. Fucking ride it, ride my cock you stupid

The WCW girls laughed at Lita as she did as she was told, but she tried her
best to ignore them and concentrate on bouncing and sucking. Soon she
established a rhythm and was happily fucking herself on Stacy's toy while
slobbering all over Torrie's strap on.

Oddly, Lita found she actually missed Torrie's dildo in her ass. The strap on
in her pussy felt great, but having a dick in both her pussy and her ass at
the same time had been amazing, and Lita found herself longing for Torrie and
Stacy to DP her again.

Torrie and Stacy loved watching Lita bouncing on one of their strap ons while
sucking on the other, but they too long to get back to double fucking their
redheaded bitch.

So, pulling her strap on from Lita's mouth Torrie said, "Do you want this
cock back in your ass bitch?"

"Yes mistress Torrie." Lita said.

"Well beg for it." Torrie commanded, "Beg for your mistress to stick her cock
back in your ass!"

"Oh please mistress Torrie, stick your cock back in my ass! I want your cock
back in my ass! I need your cock back in my ass! Please mistress Torrie,
stick your cock back in my ass!" Lita begged shamelessly.

"Good bitch, now bend forwards and spread one of your ass cheeks for me."
Torrie ordered as she positioned herself behind the redhead.

Lita obediently bent forwards until her boobs were pressing against Stacy's
and reached back to spread her right ass cheek.

"Good girl." Torrie praised as she smacked Lita's other ass cheek with her
dildo before pressing it to the redhead's battered back door.

A gasp escaped Lita's lips as Torrie's strap on pass through her ass hole and
made its way through her poop shoot like a hot knife through butter, the WCW
girl's hips banging against her spread ass cheeks only moments after her anal
hole had been invaded again.

The redhead had been worried what all this butt fucking would do to her ass
hole and apparently she was right to worry.

At this rate her back passage would be completely loose and useless, which
unfortunately for Lita was exactly what Torrie and Stacy intended on doing.
For now at least they were satisfied with just double fucking the poor
redhead, viciously slamming her cunt and ass hole with their strap ons, only
stopping to make it easier for Torrie to feed Lita her own ass.

Over, and over, and over again Torrie would remove her dildo from Lita's butt
hole, stand up and shove it in her mouth, forcing the redhead to clean every
drop of her own ass juice from that cock as her back door struggle to close
after the vicious pounding it had received. It wasn't long before Lita's ass
hole failed to close at all, remaining wide open as the WWF diva was
humiliated by the WCW divas.

As Torrie continued to play her games of ass to mouth with Lita air slid into
the redhead's gaping butt hole and slowly began to fill up her rectum,
causing Lita the same kind of horrible cramp she had experienced last night
just before Stacy had broken her ass hole.

Not wanting to feel that same humiliation again Lita desperately fought to
keep her bowels under control, but Torrie just wouldn't stop letting air into
her back passage and when the blonde wasn't inadvertently doing that she was
very intentionally butt fucking the redhead so hard Lita thought her ass was
going to go numb from the mixture of pain and pleasure she was receiving from
being sodomised.

Eventually it all became too much and after a series of long hard bowel
wrecking thrusts from Torrie's strap on followed by the evil blonde suddenly
removing her ass destroyer from the redhead's back door Lita couldn't stop
her brutalised butt hole from letting out a loud belching fart which echoed
throughout the room.

There was a brief pause and then Torrie and Stacy began laughing hysterically
at Lita's humiliation.

"Wow Torrie, you are really starting to show this bitch who's boss." Stacy

"Oh I'm just getting started." Torrie said as she slowly slid her strap on
back inside Lita's shit shoot again.

Within moments Torrie was balls deep back inside Lita's butt and pounding
away at her back door harder than ever before.

"Fuck yeah Torrie, just like that, you own that ass! Show this WWF bitch that
she's nothing but our fucking anal whore!" Stacy said, cheering her
girlfriend on as she watched her gleefully bugger her bitch.

Stacy continued to cheer on her girlfriend as she butt fucked her bitch, the
leggy blonde loving the sight before her. Her WCW girlfriend kneeling proudly
and dominantly behind a WWF bitch, viciously pounding that bitch's ass,
showing her that WCW girls were superior to WWF girls, the WWF whore's face a
mask of pleasure as she was savagely sodomised and shown her true place in

As hot as Torrie looked butt fucking the redhead Stacy found her eyes drawn
more to Lita's face, especially when her girlfriend pulled out of her bitch's
butt hole, making Lita lose control of her bowel movements again.

The look of pleasure clouding her face as she was being butt fucked, the mask
of horror when the dildo was removed from her bowels, the desperate look of
concentration as she tried to control herself, and then finally the look of
humiliation as she inevitably let out another obscene fart before the look of
pleasure reappeared as the fake cock re-entered her ass hole to repeat the
process, all of it was an incredibly beautiful sight to see and Stacy loved
every minute of it.

It was hard to pick a favourite look, they were also good, but if Stacy had
to choose she would choose the look of humiliation.

There was just something about the way Lita's cheeks flushed as red as her
hair which Stacy found so cute. That and just by looking in Lita's eyes Stacy
could tell that with every fart Lita lost a bit of her self-respect, self-
respect Stacy was looking forward to absolutely destroying.

Stacy was right, with every fart Lita lost respect for herself, and the
redhead had precious little of it left as it was.

Lita was a former WWF women's champion who had wrestled all around the world,
defeating men and women alike but over the last 24 hours she had been
completely and utterly dominated by two pieces of eye candy. She had been
beaten, spanked, and sodomised to the point where she couldn't even control
her own body any more.

No matter how hard she tried Lita just couldn't control her own ass anymore,
the WCW girls seeming to have taken complete control of her ass hole and were
now using it for their sick and twisted games and Lita felt like there was
nothing she could do about it. Of course that wasn't technically true. Even
in her weakened state Lita could have easily kicked Torrie's and Stacy's
asses if she had really wanted too, but the pleasure she was receiving from
being DP'ed so roughly was so good that the redhead was willing to suffer any
humiliation so that the WCW girls would continue fucking her like this.

So Lita just let Torrie and Stacy do whatever they wanted to her, tears of
shame and humiliation running down her cheeks as her ass hole was ruined
again by the WCW girls.

As Lita cried at her humiliation Torrie revelled in it, every loud fart
exploding from the redhead's rear music to the sadistic blonde's ears.

Torrie loved ruining another girl's ass hole. It was a total power trip when
it was just some unfortunate bitch she had picked up at a bar, but the fact
that she was now doing it to the mighty Lita had Torrie wanting to cum on
every thrust. Considering everything Lita had accomplished in the wrestling
business and how physically superior she was to Torrie made it incredible
that a piece of eye candy like Torrie had Lita in this position, but here
they were with the redhead bent over, taking it in her ruined ass like the
bitch Torrie's girlfriend Stacy had turned her into, as Stacy herself
continued to thrust upwards into Lita's pussy.

It was even more incredible when Torrie pulled out of the redhead's rectum,
spread her ass cheeks and watched with glee as Lita's gaping ass hole
struggled in vain to stop itself from breaking wind only to blast out obscene
fart after obscene fart through her pooper and echo throughout the room.
Sometimes Lita would be able to control herself for a little while, sometimes
it would only be a matter of seconds, but the end result was always the same,
a loud and obnoxious fart to solidify the fact that Lita's ass had been

This was Torrie's favourite way to ruin a ass hole, but Stacy wasn't as

"Spank the bitch." Stacy demanded as Torrie prepared to pull out of Lita's
ass once again, "Pull out and spank the bitch as hard as you can."

Torrie briefly considered arguing with her girlfriend that that was Stacy's
favourite way to break an ass, not hers, but for the sake of not ruining a
perfectly good morning of butt fucking bitches Torrie decided to just do what
her girl wanted.

So when she pulled out of Lita's ass this time Torrie immediately delivered a
brutal slap to the redhead's behind, causing Lita to immediately lose control
over her bowels and let out the loudest fart of this ass ruining so far, the
WCW girls laughing at the WWF girl's humiliation.

"Oh fuck yeah, please Torrie, spank that bitch's ass while you ruin it. You
know how much I love a bitch getting her butt spanked during a ass ruining.
Please do that for me Torrie, please." Stacy begged.

"No problems Stacy. You know I can't resist giving you what you want. One
well spanked and ruined ass coming right up." Torrie said as she began to
ruin Lita's ass Stacy style.

Stacy's style of course was to viciously beat on a bitch's butt right after
pulling out of it, making that bitch lose her concentration meaning she
immediately and loudly broke wind when ever her ass had been viciously

Torrie followed this pattern perfectly, viciously spanking Lita every time
she pulled out of her horribly damaged rectum, forcing the redhead to fart
every time Torrie's hand connected with her ass.

It wasn't long before Torrie found great joy in reducing the high and mighty
former women's champion Lita to a farting mess by spanking her and ruining
her ass with a huge dildo. Torrie made a game of it, seeing how hard and
quickly she could spank the bitch's ass, sometimes just delivering one
vicious slap, other times delivering a series of them all over the redhead's
behind. Occasionally she would just keep spanking her until she had got a
series of nasty farts out of the redhead before going back to butt fucking
her, laughing at the WWF bitch and mocking her the entire time in an attempt
to make this as horrible for Lita as possible while hopefully making Stacy

Stacy was extremely proud of her girlfriend for reducing her bitch to the
farting, humiliated mess that was in front of her.

Her girlfriend looked just so powerful showing her bitch who's boss Stacy
knew she was going to have to congratulate Torrie later with a nice long
pussy eating, which hopefully would be returned by her always cunt hungry
girlfriend. In fact Stacy promised herself that once Lita had been taught her
place she would find time for herself and Torrie to get into a nice 69 and
spend a few hours eating each other to orgasm after orgasm but for now Stacy
wanted to enjoy this sight of her girlfriend completely humiliating her

From the look in Lita's eyes Stacy could tell she and Torrie had completely
broken the redhead's will again and it wouldn't be long before it was broken
beyond any recovery. Soon Lita would be her bitch forever and Stacy was
enjoying watching it happen in front of her.

Tears ran down Lita's cheeks as she was completely humiliated by these two
sadistic WCW girls, in front of her girlfriend no less, but all she could do
was take it.

Those big strap on dildos just felt too good inside her cunt and ass hole.
She just didn't have the will to fight back. No matter how Torrie and Stacy
degraded her she just let it happen.

Giving up on any chance of controlling her bowels Lita just completely
relaxed her rectum muscles, her farts quickly increasing in volume, power and
nastiness. Soon she began farting while Torrie's dildo was still inside her
ass, and then it was every other thrust and then Lita just began farting on
every thrust of Torrie's dick and every slap of her hand on her ass cheek.

Proud that she had completely broken Lita's butt hole Torrie looked over at
the bedside clock to see how much time she and Stacy had left to pound the
redhead's holes only to sigh in disappointment.

"We're going to have to go soon if we want to make it to RAW." Torrie said.

"Awww, I was having fun fucking this bitch." Stacy said.

"I know, me too, but after RAW there will be plenty of time for us to use
these pieces of ass." Torrie said, an evil grin crossing her face, "Till then
let's leave this whore with something to remember us."

With that Torrie began increasing the speed of her thrusts which caused Stacy
to smile.

"Fuck yeah, let's tear this bitch's holes up!" Stacy yelled, increasing the
pace of her thrusts.

In a matter of moments the WCW girls were pounding the WWF girl with every
ounce of their strength, violently slamming into her holes almost powerfully
enough to tear them apart.

Normally the idea of her pussy and ass hole tearing would have terrified Lita
but the pleasure she was feeling from being roughly double fucked sent her
higher than cloud nine. She couldn't have cared less about the state of her
body right now.

It was in a terrible state though. Her ass hole was all but totally ruined
from the sadistic sodomising it had received, her butt cheeks were red and
swollen from all the vicious spanking, her eyes were full of tears and her
body was covered in a million bumps and bruises from the abuse she had
suffered at the hands of the WCW girls.

After the way that Torrie and Stacy had treated her Lita would probably never
know what self respect and dignity were like ever again, but she didn't care.

Her cunt and ass hole were burning with pleasure and that pleasure was
spreading all over her body.

Lita didn't think it could possibly get better, but she was wrong. The mind
bending pleasure became stronger and stronger and stronger until finally
there was a explosion inside her cunt and ass hole, like two massive rockets
shooting from her holes to her brain and exploding inside her skull. And then
there was another rocket, and another, and another, and another. Soon a
fireworks display was going off inside Lita, the poor redhead receiving so
many multiple orgasms that she was fucked into a complete and mindless
vegetable state of pleasure.

The redhead may have been beyond caring about the state of her body but
Torrie and Stacy revelled in it.

Torrie in particular was so proud of herself for reducing the high and mighty
Lita to the broken farting mess of a woman who she was fucking in the ass
that it was a miracle she was able to prevent herself from cumming for as
long as she did.

When she finally went over the edge Torrie almost stopped fucking Lita's ass
but no matter how much her body shook or how numb and tired she felt Torrie
would not allow herself to stop butt fucking this fine piece of ass.

So using all the willpower that she possessed Torrie was able to sodomised
Lita through a couple of orgasms before finally she pulled her dildo out of
Lita's ass for the final time and collapsed onto the bed beside her
girlfriend and the redhead.

Of course before she did that Torrie was sure to squeeze the balls of her
strap on so that her cum would squirt out of the head of the dildo and deep
into Lita's bowels, the WWF girl's back passage getting decorated in the WCW
girl's cream in yet another sign of who was superior.

As Torrie lay next to Stacy and Lita she smiled. She could hear Lita farting
louder than ever before, her cum no doubt drooling out of the redhead's
ruined rectum. Stacy might own that ass but at least for the next few hours
Lita, the former WWF women's champion, would be shiting Torrie's cum out of
her ass hole and that was enough to make Torrie feel incredibly proud of

No matter how much she had tried Stacy couldn't get off fucking Lita's pussy
from her position underneath the redhead. She just couldn't get the power
behind her thrusts that she would have liked. The thrusts were hard, but not
hard enough to make her cum.

So when Torrie finished with Lita's ass Stacy waited a few moments and then
pulled out, slid from underneath the redhead and pushed her bitch face down
into the covers. In a flash she was on top of her, pushing her strap on into
her ass hole, burying it to the balls in one mighty thrust and then quickly
beginning to butt fuck her bitch with every ounce of her strength.

Lita was still floating in clouds of pleasure and was far too tired to do
anything but lay there and let her sadistic mistress use her ass hole for her

Torrie was amused by the sight of her girlfriend totally owning the former
women's champion's ass, but she supposed it was just natural. WCW girls were
just superior to WWF girls, and this was just another sign of that.

At this point Stacy didn't care about signs of dominance, or who was superior
to who, or anyone else's feelings, all that mattered to her was getting off.
Her whole world revolved around the stimulator on her clit and on how much
she could use it to get the pleasure she wanted, which of course meant
practically raping Lita's ass, not that either girl cared.

After being so roughly double fucked for so long Lita was in a heightened
state of arousal and Stacy's brutal butt pounding soon had the redhead's
hormones racing. If she had any energy left Lita would have been thrusting
her ass back against the giant anal invader but because she was thoroughly
worn out the redhead just laid there and allowed Stacy to have her way with

Even though Stacy's world mostly revolved around the pleasure she was
receiving from her clit stimulator the perverted pleasure of butt fucking
another woman was still adding incredibly to her enjoyment of this sodomy.

Here she had one of if not the most toughest women in wrestling today lying
flat on her stomach with her legs spread, submissively allowing Stacy to lie
on top of her and slam a huge strap on dildo up her ass and ruin it until the
redhead was farting on every thrust. Of course the redhead hadn't stopped
breaking wind since Torrie had completely ruined her ass a few moments ago
but Stacy wasn't concentrating on that fact. In her mind she had broken Lita
and her ass hole twice in the last 24 hours all by herself and now she was
enjoying the rewards.

Despite her total disregard for Lita's well being it was actually when she
caused the redhead to cum once again from being sodomised that Stacy finally
achieved climax, her body shaking and her eyes rolling into the back of her
head as the knowledge that she had butt fucked the mighty Lita to orgasm
washing over her in a proud joy.

Of course Stacy didn't stop until she had achieved at least three orgasms and
had forced Lita through several orgasms of her own from the anal invasion.

Sexually satisfied Stacy squeezed the balls of her dildo, shooting her girl
cum through the toy and deep into Lita's ass, marking the former champion as
her bitch once again. Torrie may have filled Lita's rectum with cum earlier
but Stacy had been the first to do so and in Stacy's mind that meant that
Lita would always belong to her no matter how many guys and girls forced
their cum up the redhead's ass. That didn't mean that Stacy wasn't going to
spend plenty of time refilling Lita's ass every chance she got though. No
Stacy was going to have a lot of fun constantly reminding Lita she was her
bitch by stuffing her shit hole with her girl cream after a nice long butt
fucking, just like the kind she had just given her bitch.

Happy she had once again marked her territory Stacy finally pulled out and
laid down next to Torrie on the bed, watching with glee as the redhead's ass
struggled to return to normal.

Lita's ass was like a work of art to the WCW girls. The redhead's butt cheeks
were a dark, swollen red from all the spanking, her ass hole gaping widely as
cum was squirted up from where it had been buried deep within the redhead's
colon creating the effect of a fountain as Lita literally farted out Torrie's
and Stacy's cum. Eventually Lita's ass hole ran out of cum but not out of
farts as the redhead continued to helplessly break wind, the seemingly
endless farting a testament to how well the WCW girls had ruined her ass.

After what felt like hours Lita's broken backside finally began to calm down
and eventually the redhead stopped farting.

When she finally did Torrie called out to her, "Hey bitch, get that whore
mouth of yours over here and clean our cocks!"

To broken to even think about hesitating Lita lifted herself up and
submissively crawled over to were the WCW girls were laying and then took
first Stacy's, and then Torrie's strap on into her mouth and cleaned it

As the WCW girls watched Lita suck their cocks Torrie realised something.

"Hey Stace, wasn't Lita supposed to ask permission to cum?" Torrie pointed

"Yes she was, and she didn't, which means a bitch is going to get her ass
beat later. But first we got to get to RAW." Stacy said, reaching down and
pulling Lita up by the hair until they were looking eye to eye, "Here's the
key to your girlfriend's cuffs. Get her down and then wait 10 minutes after
me and Torrie leave before leaving yourself. Do not try and call us or
approach us, next time we want some WWF diva ass we'll come to you and you'll
bend over for us won't you bitch?"

"Yes mistress Stacy, we'll bend over for you." Lita said submissively.

"Good girl." Stacy said, pushing her bitch away as she and her girlfriend
took off their dildos and got dressed.

Lita untied Trish and held her as they watched the WCW girls blow them a kiss
and leave them with horrible and wonderful thoughts about what the future may
have in store for them now they were Torrie's and Stacy's bitches.

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