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Anal Invasion Part 3
by MTL (


Trish Stratus cried out in pain as the sound of her big ass being smacked
echoed throughout what she had thought was an empty corridor.

Thinking some cocky WWF superstar or backstage attendant had stepped out of
line Trish turned around and prepared to slap whoever had smacked her booty,
but all the fight drained from her body and her ass hole puckered in a
mixture of fear and desire when she saw it was the woman who had dominated
her last night and this morning Torrie Wilson.

"Hey bitch, looking forward to getting your big fat ass spanked live on TV?"
Torrie asked.

Trish gulped.

After last night she had been hoping to avoid Torrie Wilson and Stacy
Keibler, but when she got to the arena and found out she was in a spanking
match with Torrie she knew she was screwed, literally.

From the moment she found out about that match all she could think about was
how painful and humiliating it had been to be spanked last night by the WCW
girl and how terrified she was of a repeat performance. This horrifying
vision of Torrie bending her over, pulling down her pants and panties and
spanking her bare ass replayed in Trish's mind over and over again and she
couldn't get it out. The worst thing was no matter how she tried to deny it
that thought and the thoughts of what had happened to her last night caused
her secret submissive desires to go crazy, her body aching for Torrie to take
her and turn her into her bitch live on RAW as she had done in that hotel
room the previous night.

Desperately trying to wake herself up from these submissive thoughts Trish
reminded herself she was nobodies bitch and tried to stand up to her

"It... it isn't me who's going to get my ass spanked." Trish said with all
the determination and confidence she could muster, which wasn't much.

"Ha, try and say it without stuttering and maybe I'll believe you." Torrie
said dismissively before stepping forward menacingly, Trish stepping
backwards at the same time, "What's the matter Trish? Your fat ass not
recovered from the pounding I gave it last night?"

Torrie stepped forward and Trish stepped back again, which Torrie took as a

"That's too bad, because me and Stacy were thinking of having ourselves a
little spank-fest to celebrate my victory over you, us superior WCW girl
spanking your worthless WWF bitch asses to a pulp, and then having a little
anal-fest with you and Lita getting your asses totally owned by me and Stacy,
just the way it should be." Torrie said, continuing to advance on Trish.

"If... if you touch me I'll kick your ass." Trish said unconvincingly.

"No Trish, if I touch you you'll bend over and spread your ass, just like a
submissive bitch like you should." Torrie smirked, "But I'll tell you what,
if you can somehow win our match me and Stacy will leave you alone, but when
you lose your ass hole is mine for the night. Deal?"

Trish thought about this for a moment. It was a idiotic proposal and it would
be stupid for her to accept but her body was betraying her and she didn't
trust herself not to just bend over and spread her ass if Torrie told her
too, so she saw no choice but to accept.

"Deal." Trish said.

"Good, see you later... bitch." Torrie said, spanking Trish hard on her big
booty on the word bitch.

Although Trish gasped when she was spanked it took a few moments for her to
fully register what had happened and for anger to start circulating through
her system, but by that time Torrie had already turned and left.

How dare Torrie treat her like that? How dare she treat her like she did last

Trish had to put a stop to this madness. She had to beat Torrie and save her
ass, otherwise her ass hole was going to be abused again.

* * *

A door slammed shut, making Lita turned from the monitor she was watching RAW
on to the woman who had just walked in, the woman known as Stacy Keibler
who's very presence made a feeling of helplessness and submission fill the
redhead's body as her ass hole clenched in fear and desire as images of Stacy
totally dominating her last night filled Lita's mind.

"Hey there bitch!" Stacy said as she approached her bitch, "Going to watch my
girlfriend spank your girlfriend's ass?"

"I... I... what makes you think Trish is going to lose?" Lita asked.

"Please, she's a WWF bitch. Getting spanked by a superior WCW girl is in her
nature. It's just natural for you WWF bitches to lose to us WCW girls." Stacy

"Then why did we beat you last night?" Lita said without thinking and then
immediately regretted it.

"That was a fluke, and the thing I remember about last night was you and your
girlfriend spreading your ass cheeks for us WCW girls, not you beating us in
some meaningless little match." Stacy said angrily, before calming herself
down and smiling, "But, if you have confidence in your fellow WWF slut why
don't we make this interesting? Let's say if your whore of a girlfriend
somehow beats my girlfriend me and Torrie will leave you two alone, but if my
girl wins you and your girl do whatever us WCW girls say without question for
the rest of the night, deal?"

Lita thought about this. She hated making a bet like this but if she didn't
she might not be able to stop herself from doing whatever Stacy wanted
anyway. The redhead didn't know why she was so horny for the abuse Stacy gave
her, but she was and she knew it somehow had to stop and this might be her
only chance. Besides, she couldn't back down when she was defending Trish's

"Deal." Lita said.

"Good, now bend over the table so I can have some fun while we wait for the
match to start." Stacy ordered and then added when Lita gave her a weird
look, "What, you're still my bitch remember? You said you would bend over
whenever I wanted, so bend over."

Lita bit her lip and paused for a minute but then did as Stacy said, bending
over the table and sticking her ass out for her owner. Moments after finding
herself in this position Lita felt her pants and thong being unceremoniously
pushed down around her ankles and her ass cheeks being spread wide apart.

"Mmmmm, that's fucking beautiful." Stacy said as she lustfully stared at
Lita's ass hole before quickly sucking on a finger and pushing it through
that tight ring of flesh, "Ha, seems your ass hole has tightened up quite
nicely since last it was ruined and is ready for another hard fucking,
wouldn't you agree?"

Lita moaned in reply as Stacy slid her finger into the knuckle inside her ass
hole and then began lazily pumping it in an out of the redhead's poop shoot.

"I'll take that as a yes." Stacy giggled, before taking her finger out of
Lita's ass, stuck it and another finger in her mouth before pressing those
two fingers to the redhead's back door, "Shall we see how many fingers I can
fit up this skanky little ass before the match starts?"

Before she got a chance to say anything Lita was forced to moan again as
Stacy slowly forced her fingers through the tight ring of her ass hole and
into her rectum.

"Another yes, good, cause I just love fucking bitch ass!" Stacy said as she
pumped her fingers in and out of Lita's ass at a slowly increasing pace, "I
prefer using a nice big strap on so I can really rip a bitch's ass apart, but
I promised Torrie I'd wait until we were together to start dildoing your ass
and I intend to keep that promise. I didn't promise not to finger your ass
though, and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

With those words Stacy forced a third finger into Lita's ass hole and then a
fourth, both without lubrication of any kind.

The dry fingers entering her back passage hurt, but the pain paled in
comparison to the other butt fuckings Lita had endured over the last 24 hours
so the redhead took it with her only complaint being a grunt of discomfort.

It was perhaps because of the brutal butt fuckings she had received that
Lita's ass hole quickly relaxed and adjusted to the four fingers inside it
and the pain became a distant memory as Stacy slowly slid her fingers through
the redhead's rectum until Lita was moaning in pleasure.

"You like that don't you bitch?" Stacy giggled.

Lita moaned in reply.

"Answer me when I ask you a question bitch!" Stacy yelled, slapping Lita's
ass hard on the word bitch.

"Yes I like it ahhhh!" Lita cried out as her ass suddenly received a brutal
series of spanks.

"That's. Yes. I. Like. It. Mistress. Stacy. To. You. Bitch!" Stacy screamed
angrily, slapping Lita's ass cheeks hard with every word.

"Yes I like it Mistress Stacy! Thank you Mistress Stacy! Please stop spanking
me Mistress Stacy!" Lita wept as her ass was brutalised.

"That's better." Stacy said as she began sliding her fingers through Lita's
bowels again.

Understandably Stacy had been forced to stop fingering Lita's ass during the
brief spanking, the redhead's rectum clenching down too tightly on her digits
for her to be able to move them, although it did create a pleasant sensation
for her. Stacy didn't know whether it created a pleasant sensation for Lita
but she didn't give a fuck about that bitch.

All Lita was to her was a piece of ass just waiting to be used, and that's
exactly what Stacy was going to do.

Oddly enough her ass hole squeezing down on Stacy's fingers did create a
pleasant sensation with Lita's back door but it was mixed in with pain, pain
which returned when Stacy began forcing her thumb into Lita's ass.

"No Stacy please!" Lita began to beg before she cried out in pain.

That's. No. Mistress. Stacy. Please. You. Dumb. Fucking. Lezzie. Whore."
Stacy yelled, delivering another hard series of spanks to Lita's ass.

"No Mistress Stacy, please, it's too much, my ass can't take it!" Lita

"No, you're ass WILL take it and you WILL like it bitch!" Stacy promised as
she finished inserting her thumb into Lita's backside.

Lita screamed in pain as her anal ring was forced to stretch wider than ever
before. Despite the two sessions of deep anal pounding Lita had taken from
Stacy's strap on her rectum wasn't ready for this. While Stacy's strap on was
a large 12 inches long it was only about 2 inches wide, so when Stacy forced
her thumb and fingers into the knuckles inside Lita's rectum it stretched the
redhead to what felt like her breaking point.

Luckily just as Lita thought her ass hole was going to rip in two her anal
hole began to relax around Stacy's knuckles, giving her a brief rest from the
pain before Stacy cruelly did something even worse.

Lita's eyes bulged almost completely out of their sockets, her head shot back
and she let out a piercing scream as with one violent thrust forward Stacy
buried her entire fist into the redhead's ass.

Rather than complain about the noise Stacy took a few seconds to enjoy the
moment, the beautiful sight of that pretty little ass hole stretched around
her wrist, the bitch she was fisting screaming hysterically, that bitch being
a former women's champion, it was also hot.

It got even hotter as Lita literally started crying from the pain, the former
women's champion blubbering like a baby because of the abuse Stacy was giving

"Funny, I heard the mighty Lita was supposed to be tough. Apparently I heard
wrong and she's just a weak pathetic little bitch." Stacy laughed, "Oh well,
at least you make a good bitch, bending over and taking a fist in your ass
from a superior WCW girl. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, you know how to be a good
bitch, cause me and Torrie made you a good bitch! Me and Torrie totally owned
you and Trish and now you bitches are our bitches! We own your asses, and I'm
going to prove it! Torrie's going to prove it too. Ooooooooh fuck yeah, here
she comes now. Here comes my beautiful girlfriend, ready to spank your
girlfriend in front of the world to show everyone that WCW girls are superior
to WWF bitches! Mmmmmmmm, and here's Trish, ready to get her ass totally
owned in the middle of that ring! You watch Lita, watch as my girlfriend owns
your girlfriend's ass, while I own your ass!"

With that Stacy began fisting Lita's ass hole, slowly sliding her hand in,
out and around inside the redhead's back passage, Lita whimpering like a
bitch the entire time.

At first the pain was excruciating, Lita's ass hole being stretched like
never before by the hand inside it which felt huge. However the fisting was
slow and steady and as time wore on Lita's rectum relaxed around the intruder
until the pain slowly faded away and was replaced by something else.

After the humiliating yet multi orgasmic butt poundings Lita had taken lately
the redhead should have known this would happen but Stacy's fist stretching
her out had hurt so much that Lita hadn't thought it was possible for this to
feel good. She had been wrong. So very, very wrong.

As the match started Lita already began to feel less pain and as the contest
continued the pain that was left quickly morphed into pure pleasure. Pure,
wonderful pleasure.

The redhead was soon moaning, groaning and thrusting herself back against
Stacy's invading fist, Lita shamelessly trying to get more pleasure for
herself from this latest debasement.

"Slut!" Stacy laughed, smacking Lita hard on her ass before going back to
concentrating on what was happening in the ring while she lazily fisted the
former WWF women's champion's ass.

Lita could only moan in reply, knowing the blonde was right. She was actually
enjoying getting anally fisted by a girl she hated, she had even liked it
when Stacy had spanked her a second ago because it made her ass hole clench
on the other girl's hand which sent little sparks of pain and pleasure
throughout the body. If that didn't make her a slut what did?

These sparks continued to spread through Lita's body as Stacy randomly
spanked her bitch and she fisted her back door, calling her all sorts of
nasty names to further humiliate her slut and show her who's boss,
"Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeahhhhh, take it bitch! Take my fist up your stupid ass
you worthless slut! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, you're such a whore! Such a slutty
little anal whore! Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuckkkkkkkk yessssssssss, I fucking love
this! I fucking love owning anal sluts like you and Trish. I love fisting
your slutty little butt and showing you who's boss! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
yeahhhhhhhhhh take it you worthless little tramp! Take it right up your queer
little ass! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, you love my fist in your ass don't you
Lita? Yeah, you fucking love it because it's a girl's fist and you're such a
lesbian slut that a girl could do just about anything to you and you'd find
it a turn on, wouldn't you? So it doesn't matter how much I abuse the hole
you're only supposed to shit from, your dyke ass will fucking love it because
you're a submissive little lesbo slut who just loves getting her lezzie butt
abused by a hottie like me! Mmmmmmmm fuck yeeeeeeeeessssssss, and you're
trying to deny it, but you know it's true! You know I'm the fucking boss of
you now. Your Mistress. That I'm in charge here because I'm the girl who owns
your slutty dyke ass hole!"

Stacy seriously doubted Lita had any delusions about who was in charge right
now but she liked to give a bitch like Lita as much abuse as possible, and
besides, it was fun.

As much fun as Stacy was having it seems pretty clear Torrie was having even
more as she seemed to be just toying with Trish inside the ring.

Even though Trish was the better wrestler she was completely off her game and
whenever she got in control she always seemed to hesitate or second-guess
herself leading to Torrie once again gaining the advantage in the contest.

The announcers tried to figure out why that was, but the two girls in the
ring and the two girls watching from the monitor knew exactly why Trish was

Torrie had made Trish her bitch last night and no matter how hard she tried
Trish was still in the mind frame of a bitch and she couldn't bring herself
to hurt her owner, the woman who brought her so much pleasure by dominating
her. Meanwhile Torrie had no problem hurting Trish, and after smacking her
around for a few long minutes got the paddle, knocked Trish down, pulled her
back up until she was on her hands and knees and then viciously spanked her
in front of the entire world.

Just to add insult to injury Torrie knocked Trish to the ground with the
paddle as she tried to get up and stood tall over the defeated WWF girl,
holding the paddle she had just conquered Trish with high above her head in

"Well bitch, looks like me and Torrie own you and Lita again tonight!" Stacy
said, pointing out her girlfriend's victory, "Mm, how should we start... I
know... how about I fist your fucking ass to orgasm you fucking dyke whore!"

With that Stacy began absolutely brutalising Lita's ass hole with her fist,
slamming her whole hand through her bitch's bowels as hard as she could,
making the redhead scream louder than even when the fisting had began. The
difference was this time the redhead's screams were not of pain, but from
pure pleasure.

It disgusted Stacy to see how much Lita was enjoying getting her ass abuse
like this, but then again what should she expect?

This was a WWF bitch. They were all disgusting submissive sluts who needed to
be put in their places by superior WCW girls like her, and that's exactly
what Stacy was doing, putting Lita in her place.

It was this thought that allow Stacy to ignore how much pleasure Lita was
getting from being totally dominated by her and concentrate on pounding her
bitch's ass with her fist, wrecking her rectum with just her little hand.

Stacy's hand felt anything but little to Lita as it tore through her pooper,
stretching her ass to near breaking point by making her feel so good at the
same time.

Lita's insides felt like they were on fire and soon the former WWF women's
champion was babbling incoherently as she was anally fist fucked to climax.

In all fairness it wasn't just the anal abuse which got Lita off, or the
sheer humiliating feeling of being dominated by a physically weaker woman
like Stacy. The fact was every time Lita's hips slammed back and forth her
clit would bang against the edge of the table, the majority of the redhead's
pleasure coming from her clit rather than her ass. Lita could have probably
cum from just banging her clit against the table she was so horny but the
domination and the fisting all caught up with her and soon the redhead was
screaming in an orgasmic explosion.

It wasn't a strong as some of the orgasms she had received while Stacy was
pounding her ass before but it was a strong orgasm nevertheless which caused
Lita's eyes to roll in the back of her head and her body to become numb.

Just as Stacy anally fisted Lita to climax Torrie entered the room, paddle in
hand and Trish behind her.

Both blondes were met with the sight of Stacy fisting Lita's ass, the sight
making one of them smile and the other go pale in shock and fear.

"Stacy, you were supposed to wait until I was done publicly spanking my
bitch." Torrie laughed after she had locked the door behind herself and

"Yeah well, you know me, I just couldn't resist showing this bitch who's
boss." Stacy said roughly pulling her fist from Lita's ass and standing back
to admire how her bitch's butt hole gaped after the abuse she had given it,
"Shall we get started?"

"Sure, but don't you want to get that cleaned first?" Torrie asked,
indicating to Stacy's hand.

"Good point, Lita, clean." Stacy ordered.

"No wait, let's make Trish do it." Torrie said.

"Great idea, Trish, clean." Stacy said.

Trish opened her mouth to protest but looking at the suddenly angry faces of
the WCW girls she quickly shut her mouth, lowered her head and submissively
walked over to Stacy and began to lick her hand clean.

"Good bitch." Stacy said mockingly, patting Trish on the head with her free
hand, "Don't forget to suck too. Take each of my fingers into your whore
mouth and suck them. That's it, good girl, just like that, suck your
girlfriend's ass off my fingers you dumb bitch!"

Trish scowled angrily but did not stop licking Stacy's fingers clean, taking
each one of them into her mouth before sliding her tongue over the palm and
the back of her hand. The taste of Lita's ass disgusted Trish, but she had
lost the match with Torrie so now she had to do whatever the WCW girls said.

"Ok, that's enough." Stacy said, drying her hand in Trish's hair before
turning to her girlfriend, "Shall we get this party started?"

"Let's," Torrie said, before turning to Trish, "Ok Trish, go bend over the
table next to your girlfriend."

For a moment Trish thought about protesting but then just lowered her head
submissively, walked over to the table and bent over it beside her fellow WWF

Smiling wickedly Torrie admired her prize before walking up behind Trish and
sliding her hands all over her bitch's thick rump. Torrie love the sight of
Trish's fat ass in her tight spandex pants, but loved the sight even more
when she pulled those pants down along with Trish's thong, exposing the WWF
girl's backside to the anal loving WCW girl. Pushing Trish's pants and then
thong down around her ankles Torrie smiled again and then slid her hands all
over Trish's big butt again, squeezing those meaty cheeks before delivering a
playful slap to them, causing the WWF girl to gasp.

"Wow Torrie that's one great piece of extremely spank-able ass you've got
there." Stacy complimented her girlfriend.

"Thanks Stace." Torrie said, "You have no idea how much fun I had paddling
this bitch in front of the whole world. I was like this close to pulling her
pants down and giving her a bare bottom spanking right there in the middle of
the ring!"

"Oh my God, that would have been so hot. You showing everyone that WCW girls
are superior by bare bottom spanking that bitch live on TV." Stacy said
lustfully, before frowning, "Why didn't you?"

"Well, if I'd have done that I would have had gotten so horny I wouldn't have
been able to stop myself from pounding her fat ass right in the middle of the
ring, and as much as I would have loved to put this skank in her place on
public TV, we don't want people knowing we actually lower ourselves to
fucking these bitches, do we?" Torrie pointed out.

"Ewww, no." Stacy said in disgust, "It's bad enough they didn't bend over,
spread their butt cheeks and beg us to ass fuck them right from the start,
but for people to know we actually had to put these bitches in their places,
no thanks."

"I know what you mean. Just thinking about how these whores didn't offer us
their ass holes from the moment we arrived makes my blood boil." Torrie said
angrily, before a smile crossed her face, "In fact, it puts me in the mood to
punish some WWF diva ass!"

"Definitely." Stacy agreed, "Shall we get this spank-fest underway?"

"Sure," Torrie said, turning her attention to the two bent over WWF girls,
"Ok bitches listen up, since we found out I was going to be putting Trish in
her place in a spanking match tonight me and Stacy decided we should
celebrate my inevitable victory with a nice, long spank-fest, and that's
exactly what we're going to do. So here's how this is going to work, I'm
going to spank Trish as much as I want with the same paddle I used to own her
ass in the ring. I'll spank her for as long as I want and then when I stop
Stacy will spank Lita for as long as she wants with a paddle of her own, and
then when she stops I'll start and so on, and so on, and so on. We'll keep
spanking you bitches until one of you begs us to stop, and believe me you
don't want to be the bitch that begs, because that skank is going to get her
ass hole stuffed with two dildos at the same time! That's right bitches, the
losing slut gets her ass hole completely ripped apart by me and Stacy when we
double fuck her skanky ass! The whore who's a good little bitch and doesn't
beg will still take both of our dildos up her skanky ass, but she'll only
have to take one of us owning her ass hole at a time."

"Do you stupid whores understand?" Stacy asked once her girlfriend was done.

"Yes Mistress Stacy." Trish and Lita both whimpered.

"Good." Torrie said as she and Stacy raised their paddles, "Oh, and don't
worry about counting or thanking us, we just want to hear you bitches

Trish and Lita didn't scream but they did cry out in pain as Torrie and Stacy
brought their paddles down hard on the soft flesh of their butts, but not as
hard as the WWF divas had been expecting.

The blow they each received was far from gentle, but it wasn't exactly hard

Despite the softness of the last strike Trish and Lita braced themselves for
a far more brutal blow, but instead they each received an even lighter spank.

Trish and Lita continued to brace themselves for a while but as the spanking
continued at a light and almost gentle pace they relaxed and let their guard
down a little, which was a huge mistake.

Just when she was least expecting it Trish suddenly received a brutal blow to
her backside, one that made her scream out in agonising pain.

Lita prepared for a similar strike but Stacy seemed to be content with the
gentle spanking so she relaxed again, only to receive the same type of hard
spank Trish had received moments ago.

Soon a rhythm of sorts was established. Torrie and Stacy would softly paddle
Trish and Lita until they were in the mood to deliver a hard strike or too,
which they did at random intervals, constantly keeping the WWF girls guessing
how hard the next spank was going to be.

This of course was Torrie's and Stacy's intention. They had already discussed
what they were going to do in this stage and they had agreed on starting with
a gentle spanking and slowly building to a brutal bottom beating later,
partly so they didn't want to wear themselves out, but mostly because it
would allow them the chance to really savour paddling these two WWF bitches.

What Torrie and Stacy particularly enjoyed was watching the sight of Trish's
and Lita's asses slowly turn a nice pink colour under their abuse, the bruise
butts a clear sign of the WCW girls domination of the WWF girls.

It was a lot of fun but eventually they grew tired of the gentle spanking,
which didn't actually take that long, and soon Torrie and Stacy were
increasing the speed and power behind their strikes.

First it was Torrie who delivered a series of hard spanks all over Trish's
big butt, then it was Stacy who delivered an even harder series of spanks on
one specific spot of Lita's ass cheeks.

This process was repeated over and over, Torrie and Stacy becoming more
vicious with each series of strikes until they were beating their bitches as
hard as they possibly could.

Tears of shame, humiliation and of course pain ran down Trish's and Lita's

It was particularly humiliating for Trish. The other times the WCW girls had
spanked her she had been tied up and helpless. Now? Now she was willingly
staying where she was, bent over with her pants and panties around her
ankles, sticking out her ass like a total bitch as she received every spank,
which was exactly what the spanking was making her feel like, a total bitch.

For Lita it was just another humiliation her body seemed to be forcing her to
accept, this new and strange submissive desires driving her to accept the
most perverted of things, including a spanking from a girl she should have
kicked the ass of hours ago... a girl she had kicked the ass of hours ago
only to let that same girl sexually dominate her and let her turn her into
her bitch. It was humiliating, but God help her it felt so good.

As agonising as the paddling was Trish and Lita couldn't seem to stop their
bodies from enjoying the abuse, their nipples hardening and pussy dripping as
a result of their painful humiliation.

Soon Trish's and Lita's worlds dissolved around them and all that really
existed was their aching asses and the paddles driving into their battered
butt cheeks over, and over, and over again, both WWF divas completely lost in
this feeling of pleasurable pain.

Torrie and Stacy must have spanked their bitches a thousand times each with
their paddles and still they hadn't given up. It was impressive and a
testament to both WWF girls toughness, but it also just pissed the WCW girls

Switching tactics Torrie and Stacy began taking it in turns to hit their
bitch as hard as they could with their paddles, each WCW wanting their own
bitch to give up so she would have had an excuse to beat her more thoroughly
later and for themselves and their girlfriend to really split apart their
poor bitch's butt hole with a brutal double anal fucking.

The potential brutal double anal fucking also crossed Lita's mind as she and
Trish had to endure this new level of ass abuse, the idea of her girlfriend
Trish getting her ass hole torn apart by two massive dildos hurting the
redhead more than those paddles ever could.

So, to save her girlfriend the indignity of a brutal double anal fucking, and
to save them both from this brutal spanking Lita gave up.

"Stop! Stop! Oh God Mistress Stacy please stop!" Lita wept, slamming her hand
down on the table, the sign of submitting for a wrestling match.

"You begging us to stop bitch?" Stacy asked, pulling Lita's head violently
upwards by her hair, "Because you know what happens to your slut ass then
don't you whore?"

"Yes Mistress Stacy." Lita whimpered.

"Yes Mistress Stacy what? Yes Mistress Stacy you're begging us to stop or yes
Mistress Stacy you understand what happens to your whore ass if you do? Which
is it slut?" Stacy demanded to know.

"Yes Mistress Stacy I understand and I beg you to stop." Lita clarified

Stacy smiled briefly in the knowledge that she had won her little competition
with Torrie before her face became cold again and she smashed Lita face first
down on the table before beginning to brutally paddle her ass like never

ASS." Stacy screamed, delivering a savage strike to Lita's ass with every

Torrie watched with a proud smile on her face as her girlfriend taught her
redheaded bitch a lesson in obedience, not really caring she had technically
lost their little competition with Stacy as it would mean she would get
another chance to tear Lita's stupid ass apart and help Stacy show the former
WWF women's champion she was inferior to the WCW girls and was nothing but
their bitch.

After all the abuse she had taken Lita was unable to stop herself from loudly
crying as her ass was viciously beaten by her mistress, the redhead lying
there on the table just hoping the abuse would stop.

When Stacy finally got tired of beating Lita's ass she turns to her
girlfriend and asked, "So, do you want first crack at your slut's ass, or do
you want me to loosen her up for you?"

Torrie looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "Well, since I've fucked
Trish's slutty ass a few times already it's only fair you get a turn at
tearing her butt hole wide open."

"Thanks sweetie." Stacy grinned, "You know how much I love pounding open a
bitch's ass."

"Damn right I do." Torrie grinned back, "Just promise me one thing?"

"Anything." Stacy said.

"Make my bitch moan like a total anal whore for you." Torrie said, "Make her
love it. Make her love it up the butt."

"Oh both these skanky sluts clearly love it up the ass." Stacy interrupted.

"No doubt. But they're too stupid to know it." Torrie pointed out, "So I
think we need to make sure at least Trish gets it through her thick head that
we own her ass hole and she should be grateful for that, because she's a
total butt slut and we're the best butt fuckers she is ever going to meet."

"Oh, I get it now." Stacy nodded, before grinning, "No problem."

"I didn't think it would be." Torrie said with a big smile on her face as
Stacy pulled a strap on up her thighs and then advanced on her prey.

Trish cried out in pain as Stacy gave her ass a hard double smack, causing
both of her meaty cheeks to jiggle from the impact. She then let out a soft
whine as Stacy's hands began massaging her ass cheeks, soon adding squeezing
and pinching to the mix, the WCW girl clearly having fun with Trish's big

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, look at this big fat ass. You must love feeling these big
cheeks jiggle as you fuck this skanky butt." Stacy said.

"Love it." Torrie agreed with a smirk, "And her ass hole is a lot tighter
than you'd think."

"Looks it." Stacy said, spreading Trish's big butt cheeks and looking held at
the sight of the other woman's tight looking back door.

"Go ahead and try it already." Torrie eagerly encouraged, "Slammed that
slut's shitter! Shove your strap on in Trish's slutty little shit hole and
see for yourself just how tight my bitch's ass is."

"Oh I will, but first I want to taste it." Stacy said, before leaning forward
and sliding her tongue over Trish's puckered rosebud.

This caused Trish to gasp in shock. Given the previous rough treatment she
wasn't expecting something as soft as a tongue on her butt hole, but Stacy's
tongue slid all over her shit hole eagerly and skilfully.

Within seconds Trish was moaning like the anal whore she was becoming,
pushing her ass slightly up and back in an attempt to give Stacy better
access to her ass hole.

Since she was spreading Trish's big ass cheeks Stacy was able to pretty much
get all the access she could possibly need, but she liked the fact that Trish
was trying to help her. It was a clear sign that all Torrie's hard work was
paying off and Trish was turning into a good little submissive bitch and soon
Trish and Lita would be completely broken anal sluts for Torrie and Stacy.
Just like the WCW girls wanted it.

Concentrating on the here and now Stacy continued licking Trish's ass hole
for several long minutes, occasionally spitting on the tight back hole and
using her tongue to rub the saliva in. After a while she even tried shoving
her tongue up Trish's ass. Unfortunately Trish's anal ring was so tight Stacy
couldn't push her tongue in very far, but she still had a lot of fun trying.
She also had a lot of fun groping Trish's meaty cheeks, Stacy really going to
town on those big butt cheeks just like she went to town on Trish's butt

As much fun as she had playing with Trish's ass cheeks and licking the other
woman's ass hole Stacy's desire to butt fuck her fellow female wrestler
became too overwhelming and without warning she pulled away from Trish's
yummy little butt hole, quickly sucked on her right index finger and then
shoved that finger through Trish's tight little butt hole and as deep as she
could into the other girl's rectum.

"Fuck Torrie, you are right..." Stacy said, marvelling at the feeling of
Trish's tight back passage clamping down on her finger, "Your bitch's butt is
really tight."

"I know right?" Torrie laughed, "Real surprising considering what an anal
whore she is."

"I don't know, I just think she needs a couple of real butt busters to
stretch her shit hole out. Make her love having a stretched out little shit
hole." Stacy grinned.

"You mean like us?" Torrie grinned back.

"Hell yeah, I mean us." Stacy giggled as she began really pounding Trish's
ass hole with her finger, "Or at least for right now I mean, ME!"

Trish cried out as all of a sudden Stacy's finger was replaced by something
much bigger which stretched her ass hole wide apart until it gained entry and
slid very deep into her bowels and stretched her rectum walls.

"Oh yeah Stace, stretch that shit hole! Make her take every fucking inch of
that dildo up her slutty ass!" Torrie yelled out in happy encouragement.

"Fuck yeah, gonna make her take it all!" Stacy growled through gritted teeth
as she brutally slammed her strap on deep into Trish's big ass.

It wasn't long before Stacy's strap on was completely buried in Trish's
bubble butt, those meaty cheeks soon rippling and jiggling as Stacy's hip
smacked into them again and again, the WCW girl giving the WWF girl no chance
to get used to the large dildo inside her rectum before beginning to sodomise

At first Trish was unable to stop herself from crying out and whimpering
pathetically, but that just led to Stacy smacking her ass hard, both the WCW
girls laughing hysterically and taunting her with things like, "Yeahhh, cry
like the little bitch you are Trish!" "Fuck you're pathetic!" "WWF bitches
are such fucking weaklings!" "Poor little bitch, she is crying because she
can't take the fact that now she is nothing but a WCW girl's anal whore!"

Eventually Trish was able to get her sobs under control somewhat, but she
couldn't stop completely. Her ass was just so sore. Just the feeling of
Stacy's hips smacking into her big round butt cheeks was agonising, and the
random strikes Stacy gave her big behind only made the pain worse.

The feeling of her ass hole getting stretched wide open and filled was no
picnic, but whether because of the previous evening's abuse or not at least
Trish's rectum relaxed and accepted its invasion. In fact not only did the
initial physical pain inside her ass fadeaway to a feeling of
uncomfortableness but Trish actually felt that uncomfortableness turn to
pleasure, which if last night told her anything would only grow in intensity.

Of course the fact that she was getting pleasure from this was the most
painful thing of all.

It was so humiliating. Losing a bet and being forced to take it up the ass
was one thing, but to actually get off on being sodomised in the most
humiliating way Trish could think of was horrifying. And this was the second
time, meaning last night wasn't a fluke. Torrie and Stacy were right, Trish
was an anal whore. A shameless anal whore who clearly loved being dominated
and degraded by other women.

Already Trish felt an intense desire to once again fully submit to the WCW
girls brand of anal humiliation, become their happy little willing bitch once
again, and as she was unable to stop whorish moans escaping her lips it
became clear that it was only a matter of time before Trish would give into
that intense desire, would become Torrie's and Stacy's submissive bitch who
loved getting anally invaded.

"Yeahhhhhhhh, that's it bitch! Moan! Moan like the little anal whore that you
are!" Torrie practically screamed Trish's face before brutally slapping her,
"Moan for my girlfriend you stupid WWF bitch! Moan as she's fucking you up
your stupid fat ass! Oh fuck Stace, fuck that big fat ass hard!"

Looking at Torrie noticed that Stacy had a faraway look in her eye and her
face was awash with pleasure and pride.

Of course Torrie knew exactly how her girlfriend felt. They both loved
pounding bitch ass, and she knew from experience it was incredible rush to
fuck these WWF divas who thought they were so much better than them. Plus
Trish's big bubble butt was like something out of a perverted dream.

Because of this Torrie found ways to amuse herself for a while, which mostly
included slapping and spitting Trish's face, trash talking, enjoying the
sound of Trish's moans, groans and whimpers and Stacy's hips smacking off
Trish's ass and the looks on the other two blondes' faces. However above all
else Torrie just enjoyed watching her girlfriend fucking Trish Stratus up the
ass, using the cover model and WWF star as her personal anal whore.

As Trish writhed underneath the power of the butt fucking and Stacy held her
skilfully in place so she could use Trish's shit hole as a fuck hole Torrie
felt an incredible rush of pride. That's my girl, Torrie thought as Stacy
slammed Trish's shitter brutally hard only for the WWF diva to moan like a
anal whore.

"Oh Torrie..." Stacy moaned dreamily, immediately getting her girlfriend's
attention, "I know these bitches are inferior to us in nearly every way, but
damn this is one fine piece of ass!"

"I know right?" Torrie laughed, "Trish was made for anal sex. It's clearly
the only thing she's good for."

"Damn right it's the only thing she's good for." Stacy agreed, "These WWF
sluts need to learn that their only purpose is to bend over when ever we
fucking want. Mmmmmm, especially Trish. Ohhhhh yeahhhh, especially Trish and
her big round bubble butt. MMMMMMMM, look at these big fucking cheeks. They
feel so good jiggling like jelly as I smack toin them with every thrust. And
this little ass hole of hers is sooooooooooo fucking tight. Mmmmmmmm, I love
fucking it sooooooooooo much. Mmmmmmm I love fucking Trish's tight little ass
hole. Fuck, you're sooooooooooo lucky Torrie."

"Thanks Stace, but feel free to fuck Trish's big fat ass whenever you want.
After all, Trish and Lita are our bitches now and it's up to us to make sure
that their dumb asses don't forget it." Torrie said.

"Fuck yeahhhhhhhh, you're soooooooooo fucking right Torrie. And, mmmmmmmmmm,
speaking of which, why don't you have a go with Trish's slutty fat ass?"
Stacy offered, suddenly pulling her strap on out of Trish's ass hole and
stepping back, "As you can see I've got this bitch's butt hole nice and
stretched out for you so you can give it a nice hard pounding."

"Are you sure Stace? You haven't even cum yet?" Torrie pointed out.

"That's ok, I'll just slam her shitter when you're done. Or maybe I'll just
fuck her throat. It doesn't matter, I just really want to see you pounding
this bitch's ass, because you're so sexy when you pound bitch ass baby."
Stacy said with a grin.

"Awww, you're really sexy when you pound bitch ass too." Torrie said, kissing
Stacy gently before brutally slamming her strap on into Trish's ass.

Trish cried out, mostly in surprise although there was a bit of pain, as
Torrie forced every inch of the dildo strapped around her waist deep into
Trish's bowels. Then Trish cried out, this time more in pain than surprise,
as she received another series of brutal spanks to her already well beaten

"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!" Torrie screamed angrily, only stopping the brutal
beating she was giving to Trish's butt so she could grab hold of the other
blonde's hair and shove her bitch's face in the direction of Stacy's waiting
strap on, "Shut up and suck it bitch! Put that whore mouth of yours to some
good use. The only thing it's good for. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh bitch, suck
that cock like you've sucked on all the cocks of every guy in the WWF!"

"From the wrestlers to the ring crew!" Stacy chimed in, the WCW girls
laughing as Trish went to work on Stacy's fake cock.

Torrie's bitch was one eager little cock sucker, Stacy thought to herself
with a smile. That cock was covered in her own butt juices but still Trish
was sucking obediently, taking inch after inch into her mouth and down her

Of course Trish probably deep throated every guy in the WWF after she had let
them unload their sticky cum deep into her big fat bubble butt, the greedy
WWF whore probably not only fine with the taste of her own ass but proud that
she could probably still make a guy cum in her mouth right after he shot his
load up her fat ass. She probably swallowed too. What a total whore.

Stacy had no problems with treating Trish like the whore she was, the leggy
WCW girl beginning to roughly fuck Trish's pretty face. Like the whore Trish
was the blonde Canadian not only took every inch of Stacy's strap on down her
gullet but seemed to take an increasingly brutal throat fucking easily. No
matter how hard Stacy bashed her hips against Trish's face the best she could
get was gurgling and choking sounds coming from deep within the submissive
slut's throat, and even then Trish didn't dare try and complain about the
rough face fucking she was receiving.

Not that Stacy's fucking of Trish's throat could compare with the brutality
that Torrie was now using to fuck Trish's ass with. In fact Stacy wouldn't be
surprised if most of the gurgling noises coming from Trish were because of
the brutal butt fucking she was taking, those noises of course barely audible
over the sounds of Torrie's hips smacking off Trish's big round meaty cheeks.

Overwhelmed by how proud she felt Stacy started to chant, "Go Torrie, go
Torrie, go Torrie, go Torrie, go Torrie."

Torrie grinned wickedly as her girlfriend cheered her on, but as much as she
loved it soon she found herself drowning it out as she became completely lost
in ass fucking Trish. Instead of her girlfriend Torrie concentrated on the
sound and the feel of her hips smashing into Trish's bubble butt, the
pressure on her clit as the stimulant inside the harness bashed against it,
and especially the tightness of Trish's ass hole.

At times like this Torrie would briefly wish she could feel just how tight
Trish's ass hole was in the same way a guy could, but that wish remained
brief. Torrie could still tell how tight it was given how much effort she was
having to use to sodomise the other woman, and if Torrie had been a guy she
wouldn't have got this wonderful sense of being the dominant female in this

It wasn't quite as powerful as when she butt fucked the mighty women's
wrestler Lita but Torrie was still getting to ass fuck a WWF diva who was
supposedly so much better than her. Well right now she was showing Trish
who's better, showing the stuck up WWF diva who the dominant female wrestlers
were. That was the whole point of this invasion thing, and right now Torrie
and Stacy were ahead by a mile.

Allowing the dominant feeling to overwhelm her Torrie felt herself cum but
she kept pushing on until she heard Stacy laugh, "Fuck, she's cumming. Look
Torrie, you've got Trish cumming like a bitch for you!"

Torrie grinned as she took a good look at Trish's trembling body and heard
the extra loud screams of pleasure.

"Dur, of course she's fucking cumming. She's a nasty little anal slut. That's
what happens when someone fucks her up the ass." Torrie laughed, suddenly
pulling out of Trish's now gaping butt hole and slapping the other blonde's
abuse backside, "But the important thing is I've cum now, so it's your turn
to use this bitch's ass for your pleasure."

"Thanks Tor." Stacy said, pulling her strap on out of Trish's mouth and
quickly kissing her girlfriend before sliding her big dildo into Trish's butt
like a knife through butter.

Trish let out a croaky groan as her back passage was once again filled up
with a long, thick dildo. The difference was now her anal walls were
extremely stretched out and loose, which meant rather than being a blessing
the fact that Stacy slowly pushed every inch of her strap on into Trish's
butt was actually the reason that the blonde WWF diva sounded upset.

Trish wanted Stacy to slam her shitter hard.

It wasn't long before Trish got what she wanted, Stacy gripping tightly to
Trish's hips as the sodomy return to a brutally hard pace.

That brutally hard pace had Trish briefly moaning in pleasure, then Torrie
shoved her strap on into Trish's mouth and yelled, "Suck it you little ATM
bitch! Clean up your nasty ass juice off my toy!"

Trish whimpered around the huge shaft at the latest humiliating words but did
as she was told. Her mouth, throat and especially her ass was sore and aching
from the brutal spit roasting she had been forced to take but if Trish hadn't
lost to Torrie, or at least hadn't made that stupid bet with the WCW girl,
then she wouldn't be in this position so she blamed herself. She was the
reason she was now being so brutally dominated, and why her girlfriend Lita
was moments away from suffering the same fate.

However Trish was far beyond the point of feeling sorry for herself or her
girlfriend. In fact she welcomed the verbal and physical abuse, the pain and
humiliation only making her cum harder and faster.

After the powerful butt fucking Torrie had given her Trish's back passage was
so sensitive that the moment Stacy shoved her strap on deep inside Trish's
shit pipe the blonde Canadian thought it would only take a few hard thrusts
to make her cum. It wasn't quite that quick, but at the same time it wasn't
long before Trish's ass was clamping hard down on the fake dick and the
Canadian was cumming oh so wonderfully hard.

Stacy was a big part of that, the leggy blonde brutally hammering Trish's ass
hole as if she was literally trying to ruin the other female wrestler's
rectum. And even though the savage throat fucking Torrie gave her should have
in no way helped Trish cum it did, the abused blonde screaming around the
dildo slamming in and out of her mouth during the height of her powerful

That orgasm was far from the last, Stacy pounding Trish's ass through half a
dozen climaxes before pulling out and shoving her ass flavoured strap on into
Trish's mouth while Torrie took over slamming Trish's shitter. Another rough
butt fucking, another series of orgasms and then the WCW girls switched over

The process was repeated over and over, the WCW girls laughing, high-fiving
and talking trash as they brutally fucked their 'competition' from both ends.
But as fun as it was there was another butt hole which needed brutally

With that in mind when she pulled out of Trish's ass hole for what felt like
the millionth time Torrie said, "Don't you think it's about time we gave
Lita's skanky ass that double fucking we promised her?"

"Probably..." Stacy said, biting her lip, "But I really want just one more
piece of Trish's fat whore ass."

"Well why don't you have another go and make extra sure that she won't be
sitting or shiting right for a week, then come join me in stretching out
Lita's slutty ass?" Torrie offered.

"Oh baby, that sounds great." Stacy said, giving Torrie a long, intense kiss
before adding, "And I promise babe, Trish won't be sitting or shiting right
for a very, very long time when I'm done with her big fat ass."

"Go get her Stace." Torrie laughed, giving Stacy a gentle swat on the ass
moments before the leggy blonde roughly filled Trish's ass with strap on

"You just concentrate on making sure Lita's whore ass is nice and loose for
us." Stacy said through gritted teeth as she yet again began brutally
pounding Trish's pooper.

Torrie barely heard her girlfriend as she already had her sights set on Lita,
who had made the mistake of moving so she was standing a few feet away
instead of remaining in her place like a good little bitch, or at least
running like a smart little bitch. Then as Torrie approached her the redhead
made another mistake as she had the audacity to look Torrie in the eye
instead of averting her gaze downwards. It was all the excuse Torrie needed
to use every ounce of her strength to bitch slap the former women's champion.

Torrie slapped Lita so hard that the force of the blow turned Lita's face off
to the side, and the smacking sound of Torrie's hand connecting with Lita's
face was so loud it actually made Stacy and Trish turned to look at them,
both half expecting Lita to hit back.

Having no doubt that she wasn't in any danger Torrie yelled, "Get on your
knees bitch!"

There was a brief pause as Lita looked at Torrie, her face still stinging
from the blow. Then the former WWF women's champion fell to her knees in
front of the WCW girl.

Chuckling softly in triumph Torrie grabbed hold of Lita's hair and roughly
pull the other woman's face into her crotch, lining it up perfectly so she
made the redhead's lips practically slam against the head of her cock.

"Suck my cock you stupid little dyke slut!" Torrie ordered, loving the fact
that Lita immediately saw the head of her strap on, "Ohhhhh fuck yeah you
worthless lezzie whore, suck that fucking cock! Taste your girlfriend's ass
on my dick. You like how that tastes bitch? Of course you do. You're an anal
whore, just like your girlfriend. Both you WWF girls are just glorified anal
whores who are good for nothing but giving up your slutty asses. And you do
don't you? You give up your ass to anyone who asks. You fucking bend over and
take it in the ass for everyone in the WWF. Guy or girl. You just take all of
them up your slutty little ass. And then you suck their dicks clean
afterwards. Doesn't matter if it's a real dick or a dildo, you'll fucking
clean every drop of your nasty anal juice because you're almost as addicted
to the flavour of your own shit pipe as you are to taking a huge cock into
the hole you shit from! Isn't that right you fucking anal whore? You and your
girlfriend love the taste of your own and each other's asses because you're
both nothing but anal whores!"

Lita tried to block out Torrie's words, where the dildo had just been, and
the whole situation in general. However as much as she still hated to admit
it submitting to the WCW girls was an incredible turn on for Lita. Worse
still Lita didn't find the taste of Trish's ass nearly as unpleasant as she
should have. In fact the more Lita bobbed her head on the strap on dick the
more she grew to not mind it, even to the point where she kind of liked it.
But as was the case with most of this ordeal with the WCW blondes as
humiliating as it was to enjoy the physical abuse, this time being Lita
having to suck an ass flavoured dildo, it was somehow made ten times worse by
the fact Lita was also getting off on the verbal abuse.

Of course Trish and Lita hadn't let anyone in the WWF butt fuck them before.
Until this whole perverted thing with Torrie and Stacy both WWF divas had
been anal virgins, but given their behaviour when they were robbed of their
anal cherries and pretty much the whole time following that could Lita really
claim she and Trish won't anal whores? Because they had certainly been acting
like anal whores. Or perhaps more accurately anal sluts. Lesbian anal sluts.

Sure, they might have started off hesitant but during every encounter so far
Torrie and Stacy had not only broken Trish and Lita with these but had made
them act like shameless lesbian anal sluts. Even now as she took Torrie's
strap on down her throat Lita knew she was going to happily take her latest
ass fucking, not just because she had lost their little bet but because she
wanted to get fucked in the ass. She wanted these surprisingly dominant women
to humiliate and degrade her. She wanted them to fuck her up the ass. She
even wanted them to stick both their strap on cocks in her slutty butt and
double fuck her ass until her usually tight back door was left a ruined,
gaping mess.

To help get what she wanted Lita sucked Torrie's strap on with increasing
enthusiasm. Even as her lips reached the base announcing that she had every
inch of the dildo either in her mouth or down her throat Lita continued
sucking the fake dick as hard as she could, cleaning every little bit of
Trish's anal juices from the dildo and then just continuing the long drawn
out blow job because it was what Torrie wanted.

Lita's hard work did not go unnoticed by Torrie, "Oh fuck yeah, now you're
really getting into it. Yeah, you're sucking that cock like it belongs to a
WWF superstar. And we both know you're very familiar with sucking the cocks
of each and every guy in the WWF, and the strap ons of all the women too. Oh
yeah you are, you and your little girlfriend Trish are the biggest fucking
cock suckers in professional wrestling. I've heard that from everyone, I can
tell it's true just by the way you suck that cock!"

Torrie continued to gleefully yell abuse at Lita as the redhead bobbed her
head up and down on the first few inches of the ass flavoured cock, the WCW
girl more focused on the blow job she was receiving than the words coming out
of her mouth.

Torrie knew they were insulting, which was the main thing, even if they
became increasingly unimaginative like, "Suck that fucking cock you fucking
cock sucker! Suck that cock with your cock sucking little mouth you fucking

Not that Torrie really cared what was coming out of her mouth. She cared a
lot more about what was going into Lita's mouth, Torrie watching gleefully as
inch after inch of her cock disappeared past the former WWF women's
champion's lips, the big head of the dildo obviously disappearing further
down Lita's throat.

To help the stronger woman out with the last few inches Torrie grabbed a
handful of red hair and pulled violently forwards, forcing the last few
inches of strap on cock into Lita's mouth and down her throat. The redhead
slightly choked and gagged but she took it. The same thing happened when
Torrie tightened her grip on Lita's hair and began fucking the other woman's
throat, the piece of eye candy mercilessly turning the accomplice female
wrestler into a face pussy.

"That's it! Take that fucking cock!" Torrie growled as she fucked Lita's
face, "Take every inch down your throat! Clean every little bit of your
girlfriend's skanky little shit hole off my fucking cock you fucking ass to
mouth slut! Fucking clean it! I know you love tasting the deepest part of
your girlfriend's rectum in your fucking throat so take this fucking cock
bitch! Take this cock and suck on it like the slut you are! Maybe there are
still some of your girlfriend's shit chute juices left on it somewhere! You
better fucking check by sucking every inch of this fucking cock as I jam it
down your fucking throat!"

With that Torrie buried the entire length into Lita's mouth and held the
redhead firmly in place, the former women's champion desperately trying to
breathe through her nose which was pressed against Torrie's pubic bone. What
seemed like minutes ticked by, Lita making a few light struggles to get away
but Torrie could tell the redhead wasn't using her full strength. If Lita
wanted to get away, she could have got away, but apparently the redhead
believed there was a limit to how far Torrie would go.

She was right, but even if she wasn't it didn't really matter because Torrie
owned her.

The high and mighty Lita and Trish Stratus with the bitches of Torrie Wilson
and Stacy Keibler.

As such Torrie would use Lita however the fuck she wanted, and if that
included stuffing Lita's throat with dildo which had recently been up Trish's
ass until the redhead almost passed out then Lita was just going to have to
fucking take it.

So Torrie waited until pretty much the moment before Lita was about to pass
out before she pulled her dildo from the other woman's throat, leaving the
former women's champ to cough, gasp and even throw up a little before she
pulled the WWF diva up by her hair again. Although Torrie was nice enough to
continue giving Lita a little bit of a rest by slapping her in the face with
the dildo a few times, then rubbing the fake cock all over her cover model
face, making sure that the former WWF women's champion's face was covered in
her own saliva, and a little remnants of Trish's butt. Then when Torrie had
her fun doing that she stuffed the dildo back into Lita's mouth and repeated
the process.

Torrie thoroughly enjoyed using and humiliating Lita in this way for quite a
while, her focus shifting from the redhead she was face fucking to her
beautiful girlfriend Stacy fucking the shit out of that slut Trish's skanky
shitter, both of the other blondes in the room becoming lost in the brutal

In a way Torrie felt she should warn Stacy that if she kept that up she would
have no energy left to help her destroy Lita's slutty shit hole, but Stacy
was clearly having a lot of fun sodomising Trish and Torrie didn't want to
interrupt her girlfriend's fun. Especially not when Stacy looked so happy
pounding Trish's slutty little pooper. Besides, it wasn't like Torrie wasn't
perfectly capable of turning Lita's tight puckered hole into a gaping crater
all by herself.

Of course just because she could do it all by herself didn't mean that Torrie
didn't want to include her girlfriend and that other WWF slut somehow.

So after thinking about it for a few minutes Torrie pulled out of Lita's
mouth and gave her a few final slaps to the face with the dildo before
ordering her, "Go bend over so you're facing your whore of a girlfriend!

Lita hesitated for a second and got a vicious slap to the face because of it,
this time delivered by Torrie's hand as opposed to the other woman's dildo,
the force of the blow knocking the redhead to the floor.

Not that long ago insulting someone she cared about or slapping her in the
face would have made Lita retaliate with physical violence. Maybe under
different circumstances it still would. But for right now the once proud
women's wrestler just whimpered like a little bitch, crawled over to where
her girlfriend was being roughly butt fucked and then pulled herself up and
into the position the bitch who had just slapped her wanted her in.

"Good bitch." Torrie grinned. She had been following close behind the
crawling WWF diva, her eyes locked on Lita's wiggling butt the whole time.
Once Lita was bending over in the correct position she got a hard smack to
her still red ass as a reward, a little praise, and then Torrie adding, "Now
tell your little girlfriend how much you want me to shove my big dick up your
skanky little ass!"

Lita gritted her teeth, looked Trish in the eye and said, "Trish, I want
Torrie to shove her big dick up my skanky little ass. I want her to butt fuck
me. I want her to fuck my slutty butt. I want her to fuck my ass as hard as
Stacy is fucking yours. I AHHHHHHHHH, SHIT!"

Without any warning Torrie used one hand to spread one of Lita's ass cheeks
and then used her other hand to hold her strap on steady as she slammed
through the redhead's shit hole.

That sudden violation of her ass hole caused Lita to cry out in pain, Torrie
enjoying her discomfort and giggling, "Yeah, take it bitch!"

Half a dozen brutally hard thrusts later Lita's rectum had been forced to
take every inch of Torrie's cock, the blonde's hips beginning to slap
repeatedly against the redhead's butt cheeks as the WCW girl began fucking
the WWF girl up the ass.

"Fuck yeah, take every inch of that cock in your ass!" Torrie beamed as she
gave Lita's butt a series of hard slaps, "Take every inch and tell me how
much you love it. No, tell your little girlfriend how much you love to take
every inch of my big cock in your skanky little shit hole! Tell your
girlfriend how much you love my girl cock in your dyke ass! Mmmmmmmm,
yeahhhhhh, tell her that me and Stacy fuck you better than her. Tell how
you'd rather have our girl cocks in your lezzie ass than her lesbo tongue in
your dyke cunt! That you'd rather have me and Stacy ruining the little hole
you shit from for the rest of your life then have her touch you again!"

Since Torrie had rammed her cock into the redhead's rear hole Lita had
lowered her head. Partly because she was ashamed that she now found herself
bent over and getting fucked up the ass by the trash talking WCW girl who she
had recently beaten with ease. Partly because she didn't want to watch her
girlfriend getting roughly sodomised by another trash talking WCW girl. So
Lita didn't really relish raising her head again, but she knew she would be
punished if she disobeyed Torrie and it was just easier to do what she was

Besides, as utterly shameful and humiliating as it was, it was all true. Lita
loved the feeling of Torrie's cock up her ass. She loved it more than the
feeling of Trish's tongue in her pussy, which was really saying something
given the powerful orgasms Trish's tongue had given the redhead. But as
powerful as those tongue induced orgasms were if Lita had to choose between
them at this moment she would choose Torrie and Stacy roughly butt fucking
and humiliating her over Trish's incredible tongue. Of course she'd much
rather have both, but Lita knew that wasn't an option. Or at least it wasn't
an option for Lita to say, the redhead blushing as she found herself hoping
that Torrie and Stacy would continue regularly fucking her up the butt while
Trish continued regularly eating her pussy.

As she was raising her head Lita briefly took comfort in the fact that if
Stacy was still hammering Trish's rectum the way she had been before then the
WWF blonde would be still too preoccupied to even really hear her. After all
when Lita had been telling Trish how much she wanted Torrie's dick in her ass
the blonde Canadian had seemed so out of it Lita wouldn't have been surprised
if Trish hadn't really heard a word of it. However her hopes were dashed when
she finished raising her head and saw that Stacy had slowed the pace of the
rectum ramming she was giving Trish, no doubt making sure the voluptuous WWF
diva would be able to hear her girlfriend perfectly.

Trish even looked Lita in the eye expectantly. Although this gave Lita hope
that Trish had heard Torrie giving her that previous order and that Trish
would understand this was something the redhead had to do to prevent any
further abuse by the two evil WCW girls. Lita would make extra sure Trish
understood later regardless, but this hope nevertheless gave her comfort.

"Ohhhhhhhhh shit, fuck Trish, I love taking every inch of Torrie's cock in my
ass." Lita moaned, having to force the words out partly because she didn't
want to hurt Trish, and partly because Torrie was continuing to ram her ass
hard enough that the sound of flesh meeting flesh was echoing throughout the
room, "I, mmmmmm, love to take every inch of Torrie's big cock right in my
skanky shit hole! Oooooooooh fuck I love Torrie's big, mmmmmmm, I love her
girl cock in my dyke ass! Mmmmmmmm, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, Torrie and Stacy fuck
me better than you. I'd... I'd aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, I'd
rather have their girl cocks in my dyke ass than your lesbo tongue in my
lezzie cunt! SHIT, I'd rather have Torrie and Stacy ruining the hole I shit
from everyday for the rest of my life then have you touch me again!"

"Awww, isn't it so nice when a pair of anal slut dykes can be honest with
each other?" Stacy laughed, Torrie joining her in the merriment before the
leggy blonde smacked Trish roughly on the ass and added, "Now Trish, I want
to hear you being just as honest. Tell Lita how we're so much better than her
in every way. That our big cocks up your slutty fat ass feels like a million
times better than her clueless lezzer tongue in your dyke pussy! That you
never even fucking came before Torrie was nice enough to shove her big cock
up your fat ass and make you her bitch. That all those orgasms Lita just
thought she gave you were fake. That you were always faking it with her, just
like with the thousands of men you let pound your cunt just to get a fucking
job. But at least they were pounding a queer cunt so there was no way they
were going to please you. Lita just failed to make you cum because she sucks.
At everything. And not in the good way."

Trish whimpers and hesitates. She knows they're only words. Knows they don't
really have to mean anything. Knows that they don't. And she especially knows
Lita didn't mean what she just said. Trish always knew when Lita was lying
and this time around she hadn't even tried to hide it. However the words
still stung, and Trish really didn't want to do that to the woman she'd
fallen in love with. Sadly like Lita before her Trish knew she had no choice.

Resistance at this point was futile and would only lead to further pain. And
Trish's sore ass couldn't take anymore pain right now.

It was bad enough just feeling Stacy's hips crashing into her ass cheeks over
and over again, the effect sadly not dissimilar to the earlier spanking Trish
had endured. At least this time Trish got to feel the ecstasy of a huge dildo
slamming in and out of her ass hole and battering the deepest depths of her
bowels. Taking such pleasure from something so gross and forbidden was
incredibly shameful for Trish, but it felt so good she just couldn't stop
loving it. That was why she was helpless to do anything but give into Stacy's
demands. Because she needed to continue feeling Stacy pumping her pooper with
her giant cock until she made her cum again.

Trish had been so close. Just when she was about to cum again Stacy had slow
down the force of the sodomy, denying Trish her orgasm. And yes, her body had
been rocked with half a dozen orgasms, but right now Trish was like a
desperate addict. She needed more, and she would do or say anything to get
it. Even if that meant potentially hurting the woman she loved.

So while silently hoping Lita would forgive her Trish looked her girlfriend
in the eye and said, "Lita, ohhhhhhhhhh, oh fuck, Torrie and Stacy are so
much better than you in every way. Their big cocks in my slutty fat ass,
ooooooooooh, those cocks in my fat slutty ass feels a million times better
than your clueless lezzer tongue in my dyke pussy! I, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh,
mmmmmm, fuckkkkkkk, I never even fucking came until Torrie was nice enough to
shove her big cock up my fat ass and make me her bitch. Oh shit, all,
mmmmmmmmmm, all those orgasms you thought you gave me were fake. I always
faked my orgasms with you, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhh
gawwwwwwwwwwwd, just like with the thousands of men I let fuck my slutty
queer cunt just to get a fucking job. Mmmmmmmmmm, shit, shit fuck,
oooooooooh, but at least all those men were pounding a slutty queer cunt so
there was no way they were going to please me. You Lita, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh,
you, ohhhhhhhhh, you just failed because you suck. At everything. And not in
the good way."

"Yes, that's it cunts, keep telling each other just how worthless you are!"
Torrie laughed, smacking Lita's butt.

"And how great we are!" Stacy added, also laughing and smacking some bitch

"You're ohhhhhhhhhh, you're great, we're worthless." Trish whimpered, before
crying out as Stacy smacked her ass.

"Try harder bitch!" Stacy commanded, giving another series of hard slaps to
Trish's sore ass before adding, "I want you to be inventive. Tell us in
detail exactly how much you, your girlfriend and the WWF sucks!"

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH fuckkkkkkkkkk, oh we suck, we suck so bad!" Trish
blathered, still crying a little at how much her ass stung, "We're worthless.
I'm worthless. Oooooooooh ahhhhhhh, fuck, WWF girls are good for nothing
except maybe taking it in the ass because we're total anal whores. Ahhhhhhhh
fuckkkkkkkk, the women of WCW are so much better than the ones from the WWF.
You, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, you're... you're much more attractive,
you have better bodies, and you're way more athletic than us!"

"You, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, you have a better ass than me Stacy!"
Lita added, her words sounding as forced Trish's, "Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwd, you
look way better in a thong than me, mmmmmmmmm, because, ahhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck
me, oh shit, because oooooooh, because... my ass is skanky and yours is
perfect! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK, oh shit, shit, shit, you're so
much hotter than me Stacy. You too Torrie. Me and Trish are fucking dogs
compared to you!"

"It's true, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck, you're so much hotter than us." Trish cried,
"Your big, voluptuous breasts are sooooooooo much better than mine Torrie.
Mine, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, mine suck compared to yours! Lita's too. Oh
Gooooooooood, both of us, fuck, both of us have nothing on you and Stacy,
aaaaaaahhhhhhh shit, because you're so much hotter than us and we're just
worthless cunts!"

"Just like the WWF!" Lita interrupted, "We're worthless just like the WWF. Oh
shit, fuckkkkkkkkkkk, we both suck, mmmmmmmmm, just like the WWF! Everyone in
the WWF sucks! The WWF sucks! WCW rules! WCW girls are the best!
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, we suck, mmmmmmmm, you're great,
ooooooooooooh shit aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Much to the delight of the WCW girls their bitches continued bad mouthing
themselves, each other and their company while praising the beautiful blondes
of WCW and their company. This continued for a very long time. No matter how
hard Torrie and Stacy brutalised their bitches' butt holes Trish and Lita did
what they were told, proving that for this moment at least they were two
completely broken bitches.

For a while Torrie and Stacy just laughed at the humiliated WWF divas,
however degrading their foes in this way quickly started pushing both of them
towards orgasm. That and of course the stimulators on their clits meant that
after a while Torrie and Stacy became so horny that they ignored what Trish
and Lita were saying and just concentrated on brutally fucking their bitches'
ass holes.

Torrie was the first to start concentrating on getting herself off using
Lita's ass, the blonde just loving the fact that she was so thoroughly
dominating this former women's champion. Of course she had seen Stacy treat
Lita like nothing but a little bitch but to actually do it herself was a
credible turn on for Torrie.

Pounding Lita's pooper like this made Torrie feel more powerful and dominant
than she ever had before in her life and it was wonderful. In some way she
never wanted it to stop, but at the same time she felt an increasing
desperate need to cum. That desperate need made Torrie fuck Lita's ass
harder, and harder, and harder until finally everything just caught up with
Torrie and she came hard.

Her body shook and her eyes rolled in the back of her head, and yet Torrie
was so obsessed with slamming Lita's shit hole that she didn't even slow
down, the WCW girl continuing to pound the WWF girl's ass through orgasm
after orgasm, making Lita cum over and over in the process.

Stacy was pretty close to cumming when Torrie went over the edge of her first
of many orgasms while fucking the mighty Lita up the ass. Watching her
girlfriend enjoy using the redhead's slutty ass for her pleasure so much in
turn pushed Stacy closer to the edge. However it was the feeling of Trish's
meaty ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs which really got Stacy off.

No matter how long she brutalised Trish's butt for Stacy just couldn't seem
to get enough of the feeling of those big fat cheeks jiggling as she slammed
into them. Stacy had never butt fucked another girl with such a full round
ass before, usually going for girls with tight asses like her own, and to a
much lesser extent Lita's ass. However now Stacy regretted not going for
girls with big booties, the leggy blonde loving feeling of more cush for her
push so much that she was actually thinking of officially swapping bitches
with Torrie.

Of course they had agreed that both of them could use Trish and Lita whenever
they wanted, however they wanted, but the more Stacy fucked Trish's big round
bubble butt the more Stacy wanted to officially own this wonderful piece of
fat ass. Stacy wanted Trish's fat ass to be her property, the hole in between
Trish's big juicy cheeks an orifice for her almost exclusive pleasure.

It was mainly that thought and the feeling of those big jiggling cheeks which
made Stacy cum nice and hard. Of course the orgasm only made the leggy blonde
pound harder into that big round rear, resulting in yet more body trembling
climaxes for both herself and the bitch who's fat butt she was using for her
pleasure, both blondes screaming out joyfully as they both became totally
lost in the rough butt pounding.

After entering a pure bowel wrecking heaven and staying there for what felt
like hours Stacy felt exhaustion kick in and she was left with a simple
choice, continue sodomising Trish or move on to give Lita that double ass
fucking that was promised.

Looking over Stacy could see Lita and more importantly her beloved girlfriend
Torrie seemed perfectly content with the rough butt fucking they were
enjoying, both girls seeming to cum with every hard rectum wrecking thrust
Torrie gave to Lita's butt. It seemed to be the exact same thing for Stacy
and Trish, and while it wouldn't be much longer before all four women were
completely exhausted this brutal session of anal sex would be no doubt be
extremely satisfying for all of them if this is how it ended. However Torrie
and Stacy had promised to double ass fucking as a punishment for Lita fucking
up, and what kind of doms would they be if they didn't follow through?

So after one more hard orgasm Stacy reluctantly pulled out of Trish's now
extremely gaping ass hole, walked round the table and slapped Torrie's ass
hard to get her attention, "It's double anal time!"

Smiling widely Torrie moved to the side just far enough that Stacy could
stand beside her and aim her strap on at Lita's already stretched open by a
strap on ass hole.

"Take it slut!" Stacy spat mercilessly, smacking Lita's ass with one hand
before grabbing onto the redhead's waist, her other hand holding her dildo
steady as she roughly pushed against Lita's already filled butt hole, "Take
both these cocks up your slutty little ass! Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, take your
punishment bitch!"

Lita whimpered softly, first at what Stacy said, then at the feeling of
Stacy's dildo trying to join Torrie's dildo inside her ass, but the former
WWF women's champion offered no other form of resistance, a fact which had
both WCW girls grinning wickedly.

A short while later the WCW girls were laughing cruelly as Lita was crying in
pain as her ass hole slowly began stretching wider under Stacy's assault,
Lita's poor butt hole stretching wider, and wider, and wider until finally
the head of Stacy's strap on forced its way past the redhead's anal ring to
join Torrie's strap on inside the former champ's rectum.

"Oh fuck yeahhhhhhh! TAKE THAT DICK UP YOUR ASS SLUT!" Stacy yelled joyfully
as her dildo slid into Lita's painfully stretched ass hole, "TAKE EVERY INCH
OF MY DICK UP YOUR ASS! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, Take these WCW cocks up
your slutty little ass at the same time you worthless little WWF whore!
Ohhhhhhhh yeah, you're going to be a double ass stuffed bitch! The mighty
Lita is going to be our a little double anal slut, and the only thing she's
going to do about it is cry like a little bitch and fucking take every inch
of our cocks up her slutty little pooper!"

"Oh yeah, cry for us champ! Mmmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhh, cry like the little bitch
that you are as we double fuck your fucking ass hole!" Torrie spat, joining
in on the verbal abuse fun as Stacy was concentrating on shoving more of her
strap on into Lita's butt, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, ha, not so tough now are you? Not
when you're taking a couple of big girl dicks up your slutty little dyke ass!
Fuck, look how easy that fucking dildo is going in. Ooooooooh yes, that's it,
good lezzie anal whore, mmmmmmmmmm, take both our girl cocks up that slutty
fuck hole you shit from! Ohhhhhhhh fuck I can't believe what a fucking whore
you are! Fuck, has the entire WWF locker room gang banged this ass hole at
once? Have you had every cock in the WWF in your slutty ass hole at the same
time? Or just every girl who could get their hands on a strap on? Fuck,
you're such a whore! Such a shameless lesbian anal whore!"

As the verbal abuse continued so did Lita's whimpering, the only additional
sound being the odd cry from the redhead as Stacy forced another inch of her
dildo into Lita's abused butt hole.

Lita could feel that big fake dick forcing her rectum to stretch obscenely
wide, every thrust feeling like it was going to tear her back passage in two.
It was more excruciatingly painful than anything Lita had ever taken before,
but she didn't offer up one word of complaint. Not simply because she'd lost
a bet, or she was afraid of the consequences if she didn't just take both
dildos up her ass, but because she was actually getting off on this. Lita,
the former WWF women's champion and super popular female wrestler, was
actually getting off on two blonde bimbos forcing her to take two fake cocks
up her ass at the same time.

It was incredibly shameful but Lita even got off on the excruciating pain
more than a little. Although she was grateful for the fact that shortly after
each additional inch was added into her rectum that excruciating pain slowly
faded to something more manageable.

Lita was also grateful that Stacy was giving her ass time to relax and
between each thrust. If the leggy blonde had wanted to she could have
probably shoved the whole shaft up her ass by now. It would have probably
caused her back passage, or at least her back hole, some serious permanent
damage, and while Lita doubted that Stacy was above doing such a thing the
whimpering redhead was grateful for the small bit of mercy.

In the same way Lita supposed she should be grateful to Torrie for just
staying still and not complaining that Stacy was inserting the second dildo
too slowly. It was hard to be grateful to her considering the humiliating
amount of verbal abuse Torrie was showering Lita with, but for what little it
was worth Lita was grateful that beyond the verbal abuse Torrie hadn't done
anything to make this worse for her.

However shortly after the second cock was fully inserted into Lita's rectum
the redhead forgot all about gratitude and pain. She pretty much forgot
everything. Her name, her company, her girlfriend, and of course any distant
memory of what dignity was. Instead Lita concentrated on the overwhelming
ecstasy she was receiving from her brutalised back passage, any lingering
pain from having her shit pipe stretch so obscenely not even registering in
Lita's mind as she was lost in pure pleasure.

It was probably for the best that Lita swiftly lost all comprehension for
what going on around her considering how much the WCW girls continued to yell
abuse of her, Stacy wasting no time once she was fake balls deep in the other
girl's shitter before moaning, "FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!
Fucking whore! Fucking slutty little anal whore! Do you see this Torrie? Do
you see what a fucking slutty little anal whore the mighty Lita is?"

"Yeahhhhhh, I fucking see it! Mmmmmmmmm, I can see the high and mighty Lita
acting like a total anal whore! And you know what else? Mmmmmmmm, ooooooh, I
can fucking hear her! I can fucking hear her moaning like a shameless little
anal whore as she takes two big fat dildos up her stupid dyke ass!" Torrie
spat, smacking Lita's poor abused pooper, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, it's so fucking hot
hearing the mighty Lita moaning like that! Like she has no fucking shame!"

"That's because she doesn't have any left!" Stacy laughed.

"If she even had any to begin with!" Torrie pointed out.

"Yeah, a little whore like her probably doesn't even know the meaning of the
word shame! Or dignity! And she certainly doesn't know now, not with her shit
hole stretched around our big fucking dildos!" Stacy moaned, momentarily
becoming lost in the sight of her big strap on sliding in and out of Lita's
ass hole as Torrie's big strap on remained motionless inside the WWF diva's
ass, "Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck, that shit hole looks so fucking hot with both of
those big girl dicks stretching it out, making it so loose and gaping that
the mighty Lita probably won't sit or shit right for a week!"

"Oh Stace, with us around these bitches will be lucky if they're ever able to
take a seat, or take a shit, without masses amounts of fucking pain again!"
Torrie boasted, her eyes becoming locked on the forgotten blonde in the room
who had just been lying where she was, desperately trying to regain her
strength, "Speaking of which, hey Trish... get that big, disgusting fat ass
of yours over here! I want you bending over right here in front of me!"

"Awww Tor, not abandoning our double anal fucking of my bitch's skanky ass,
are you?" Stacy questioned.

"Of course not." Torrie promised, her lust filled eyes never leaving the
nervously approaching Trish, "I just got a really hot idea how we can put
Trish in her place while we're doing the same to Lita."

"Ok, but I'm pretty sure these skanks know their place by now, isn't that
right you stupid WWF bitches?" Stacy asked.

"Yes Mistress Stacy." Trish and then Lita whimpered, the redhead earning a
hard slap to her ass, probably because of her hesitation.

Although it could have been a reward, Stacy all smiles as she said, "Good
bitches. Now, what have you got in mind Torrie?"

"Just watch." Torrie said, spending a few moments just lustfully staring at
the big fat ass which was presented to her.

Trish blushed hard as she looked back to see that look of lust, knowing that
her mistress was getting off at staring at her big round cheeks which thanks
to all the abuse were rosy red, and worse her gaping butt hole which felt so
stretched that Trish wondered if the WCW girls were right and she'd never be
able to sit or shit right again. It certainly didn't feel like she ever
would, Trish feeling like she would be lucky if her ass hole ever even closed
up a little after the brutal butt fuckings she had taken at the hands of
Torrie and Stacy.

Just as Trish was envisioning the humiliation of going to a doctor or a
plastic surgeon to surgically repair her ruined rectum she felt something
much smaller than one of those monster strap ons entering her stretched wide
shit hole.

First Trish blushed when she realised it was Torrie's finger. Then Trish
blushed as she felt Torrie move that finger from one gaping side to another,
emphasising just how stretched open her butt hole really was.

After wallowing in her latest humiliation for a few long seconds Trish felt
Torrie adding finger after finger into her back door, her mistress easily
able to get all four of her fingers and her thumb into Trish's rectum with no
problem whatsoever. Then, in a sign which actually gave Trish some semblance
of hope in a really perverted way, she felt Torrie's knuckles fitting snuggly
around her gaping ass hole. Although that was only for a moment, Torrie
pushing roughly forwards and with a humiliating amount of ease inserting her
entire fist into Trish's well fucked bubble butt.

in delight, then realising she was literally screaming in Torrie's ear added
a lot more quietly, "Fist fuck Trish's slutty little ass hole while we're
double fucking Lita's slutty little ass hole! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah let's really
show these WWF bitches who's boss at the same time!"

"Yeah, but let's do it right!" Torrie grinned wickedly, "Because Trish's
slutty little ass feels soooooooo fucking loose around my fist I'm not sure
she even feels it!"

"So what? We double fuck both of them?" Stacy questioned, already loving the

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, yeah! Come stick your fist inside Trish's slutty little ass
Stace. There's plenty of room." Torrie said, her grin becoming evil looking.

"No, please Mistress no, my ass can't take it!" Trish whimpered pathetically,
more out of instinct than anything as deep down she already knew her ass was
getting a double fisting.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP SLUT!" Torrie and Stacy yelled simultaneously, Torrie then
adding, "You'll take whatever we give you! Do I make myself clear anal

"Yes Mistress." Trish whimpered, lowering her head submissively and accepting
the inevitable double anal fisting her mistresses were obviously intent on
giving her.

"Damn right! Now keep that worthless mouth of yours shut and take this fist
up your slutty ass!" Stacy growled as she pushed four of her fingers
unceremoniously into Trish's rectum to join Torrie's fist.

The fingers slid in easy enough. So did Stacy's thumb. The real trick was
pushing the rest of her hand inside Trish's ass which was much harder than
Stacy would have thought.

Given the amount Trish was whimpering Stacy even found herself wondering if
it was even possible to double fist Trish's ass. Maybe the submissive
blonde's butt hole needed a little more stretching. Maybe she and Torrie
should save this for after giving Trish a few more hard rectum wreckings.
Then again maybe Trish's ass hole just couldn't stretch widely enough to take
it. After all, while Stacy officially considered Trish's butt hole an orifice
for her pleasure, and Torrie's pleasure of course, the fact was that hole
wasn't designed for taking two fists inside it.

However just as Stacy was thinking this a huge smile crossed her face as
Trish's butt hole stretched just a tiny bit more open to allow her knuckles
to join Torrie's wrist wrapped around that once tiny anal ring.

Trish squealed hysterically but offered no other form of protest, a fact
which made Stacy grin wide as with one final violent push she inserted the
rest of her fist into Trish's ass. This of course got another hysterical
squeal from Trish, but that made Stacy only love the whole situation more,
she and her beloved Torrie sharing a joyous smile as they felt their hands
touching deep inside Trish's bowels.

In what was probably the most simultaneously romantic and twisted moment of
her life Stacy moved her hand around inside Trish's big ass. To Stacy's
delight Torrie immediately seem to get what she was trying to do, both WCW
girls moving their hands around inside their enemy's/bitch's bowels until
they were able to close their fingers around each other's hands, Torrie and
Stacy holding hands inside Trish's rectum.

At first the two WCW girls just quietly savoured the moment. The feeling of
their hands intertwined inside a bitch's butt. Their strap on dildos both
buried inside another bitch's butt. The two of them staring lovingly into
each other's eyes as they totally dominated and humiliated the supposedly
much tougher WWF girls.

Then Torrie and Stacy started to fuck their bitches.

Technically Torrie started it as for the first time since Stacy's strap on
joint hers deep inside Lita's ass Torrie started slowly pulling her fake dick
out of Lita's obscenely stretched butt hole. She managed to pull half of her
dildo out of Lita's rectum before beginning to push it back in, Torrie
grinning at how every little movement got a whimper or a gasp out of the
redheaded bitch.

Lita let out an extra loud gasp when Torrie started pushing her strap on cock
back inside her back passage, partly because of that fact but also partly
because at that same moment Stacy started pulling her strap on dick out of
Lita's widely stretched ass hole.

The two WCW girls smiled happily at each other, both knowing what the other
had in mind as they began working over Lita's shit chute like a heavyweight
boxer, or perhaps even a wrestler from the WWF or WCW, would work over an
opponent, or more accurately a defenceless punching bag. Torrie would push in
and Stacy would pull out. Then Torrie would pull out and Stacy would push in.
Over, and over, and over again, the deepest depths of Lita's bowels being
constantly pounded by one cock while the redhead's ass hole and the first few
inches into her rectum remained stretched far beyond what the poor WWF diva
should ever had to endure.

Shortly after establishing this rhythm with Stacy inside Lita's bowels Torrie
started work on brutalising Trish's ass. She did this by clutching tight to
Stacy's hand and pulling them both back, Torrie grinning sadistically as
Trish cried out from having her ass hole being forced to stretch widely open
again around the clasped hands of the WCW girls.

Immediately taking the hint Stacy helped Torrie push their fists back inside
Trish's forbidden passage, the combined force pushing those fists even
further than they were before into Trish's poor pooper. And again Torrie and
Stacy repeated their actions, constantly giving Trish's rectum a double punch
which actually got less of a cry out of Trish then when they pulled their
hands back to stretch the poor blonde's brutalised butt hole.

The WCW girls continued anally abusing the WWF girls like this in total
silence. Or more accurately the WCW girls were silent. The WWF girls were
whimpering, gasping and even crying at the brutal ass fuckings they were
taking at the hands of the WCW girls, literally in Trish's case. The sounds
the WWF girls were making only made the moment sweeter for the WCW girls,
although Torrie and Stacy were also savouring the feeling of Trish's back
hole and back passage practically crushing their hands and the surprisingly
equally tight feel of Lita's rectum, even though they obviously didn't feel
it in the same way. Most of all Torrie and Stacy were savouring the sight of
the famous WWF divas Trish Stratus and Lita bent over in front of them and
taking their fists and strap on dicks up their slutty asses, the WCW girls
completely dominating the WWF girls through anal sex.

After a while these sounds, feelings, and most of all the sight of anally
abusing Trish and Lita had Torrie and Stacy picking up the speed of the
double anal fisting and the double anal fucking, which only made the sight,
feelings and especially the sounds better.

At this point the WWF girls whimpers, gasps and cries had become joined by
moans, groans and other unidentifiable sounds of pleasure, something which
Torrie and Stacy didn't miss as they continued roughly pounding the poor
poopers of Trish and Lita.

ARE!" Stacy screamed almost as violently as she was fucking and fisting the
WWF girls' asses.




"WE'RE YOUR BITCHES!" Trish and Lita screamed, first Trish then Lita adding,

"WHO'S BITCH ARE YOU TRISH?" Torrie yelled.

"I'M TORRIE'S BITCH!" Trish screamed.

"AND WHO OWNS YOUR ASS HOLE?" Torrie growled.

"MY MISTRESS TORRIE OWNS MY ASS HOLE!" Trish quickly replied.

"WHO'S BITCH ARE YOU TRISH?" Stacy yelled.

"I'M STACY'S BITCH!" Lita screamed.

"AND WHO OWNS YOUR ASS HOLE?" Stacy growled.

"MY MISTRESS STACY OWNS MY ASS HOLE!" Lita quickly replied.


Trish cried.

FOR YOUR BIG COCKS!" Lita screamed.



Trish and Lita continued to try and tell Torrie and Stacy how happy they were
that the WCW girls were ruining their asses but nothing else that came out of
their mouths were all that coherent considering that was the moment cum
started squirting out of their pussies like they had suddenly been turned
into fountains. Neither of them had any idea what they were saying, or even
what they're own names were. All Trish and Lita knew was they were in
paradise, and they would do anything to feel this way again.

Shortly after this the stimulators on their clits combined with all the
mental stimulation sent Torrie and Stacy over the edge of several strong
climaxes of their own. Those climaxes robbed Torrie and Stacy of the last of
their strength, both of them quickly exchanging a look which told the other
if they didn't stop now they would pass out, and they didn't want to give the
WWF bitches a chance for revenge like that. So after countless orgasms for
all four women Torrie and Stacy simultaneously pulled their fists and strap
on dildos out of the asses of Trish and Lita before stumbling back to admire
their handiwork.

Both Torrie and Stacy grinned. They hadn't been trying to literally ruin the
rectums of Trish and Lita, but giving just how obscenely wide those red
ringed craters were they might have actually succeeded. If they had Torrie
and Stacy would need to find new anal sluts, but not before showing their
handiwork to the rest of the WCW locker room, and possibly the WWF locker
room too. Maybe even make Trish and Lita bend over and spread their ass
cheeks for the RAW audience, let the whole world know what a couple of anal
sluts Trish and Lita were. Of course Torrie and Stacy might do that
regardless at some point, but for now they were both loving their private
showing of the inner depths of Trish's and Lita's bowels courtesy of the WWF
girls' gaping ass holes.

After staring lustfully at those gaping butt holes for a while Torrie called
out, "Hey bitches, come clean Trish's fat disgusting ass off our beautiful

Trish and Lita whimpered softly but did what they were told, slowly turning
around and lifting themselves up so they could start cleaning.

Instinctively Trish went for Torrie's hand, grimacing momentarily when she
first tasted her own ass but quickly putting it aside so she could worship
her mistress's hand. Trish slid her tongue up the length of the palm and
Torrie's index finger before then taking that finger into her mouth and
sucking on it as thoroughly as she could. Then Trish repeated this process
with Torrie's other fingers, sucking most of them twice to make sure she got
every little bit of her own ass juice. Once she had done that Trish started
licking the front and the back of Torrie's palm, again doing a thorough job
so she got all of her anal juices and thus pleased her mistress.

Lita did the same thing with Stacy's hand, although she did things in a
slightly different order. Stacy didn't really care, she just loved watching
Trish and Lita continuing to do what they were told. Although the hand
licking felt kind of nice, and was at least a little humiliating due to the
fact that their hands had been deeply embedded in Trish's ass, it wasn't
quite as hot or humiliating as some of the other things Stacy had in mind.
That was exactly why as soon as she was sure her hand had been thoroughly
cleaned Stacy ordered, "Ok now get on your knees and clean our cocks of
Lita's skanky slut ass!"

To the delight of the WCW girls Trish and Lita didn't hesitate to fall to
their knees before them and immediately swallowed the heads of their cocks.
Whether out of shame, discussed or perverted enjoyment the WWF divas did
briefly pause as they both tasted the deepest part of Lita's rectum on those
dildos, but that didn't last long and soon Trish and Lita were slurping on
those fake dicks like good little submissive sluts.

"Yeahhhhhhhh, that's it, suck every drop of your girlfriend's slutty ass off
my cock!" Torrie moaned as she grabbed a handful of Trish's hair and pushed
her mouth down further on her strap on, "Mmmmmmm yeah get every fucking drop
of that nasty slut ass! Taste those fucking skanky bowels! MMMMMMMMMM, you
like the way your girlfriend's rectum tastes slut? Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhh,
you like that don't you? You like tasting the hole your girlfriend shits from
on my cock?"

"Of course she does Torrie, she's a total fucking anal dyke slut! Just like
her fucking lesbian ass whore girlfriend!" Stacy interjected as she lazily
began pumping Lita's mouth with her cock which was coated in the redhead's
anal juices, "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh, these two lezzie anal tramps are clearly
addicted to the taste of not only each other's skanky shitters, but the taste
of their own slutty shit holes. Which of course makes them the nastiest,
filthiest, most disgusting ass to mouth loving type of ATM lesbo whores! And
that, ooooooooooh, that's just fine for a couple of dyke butt busters like
you and me Torrie, because that's exactly how we like our bitches to be!
Mmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhh, we like our bitches to be shameless little
lesbian anal sluts who crave the taste of ass hole, even if it's their own,
just like they crave the feeling of getting their slutty little butt holes
fucked soooooooooo hard that their fucking poop holes are left gaping open
for days!"

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah, you're so right Stacy. But you know what, these bitches
don't seem to be very grateful." Torrie said thoughtfully, "I mean just look
at them, they're barely putting any effort into sucking our cocks."

"Yeah, you're right." Stacy growled angrily, thrusting harder into Lita's

Lita gagged as Stacy started fucking her mouth like she had fucked her ass
only a few moments ago, hard and rough. Luckily Lita was able to relax her
throat muscles enough to take it, as seemingly was Trish who was suffering
the same treatment from Torrie.

The throat fucking allowed both Trish and Lita to suck the last bit of ass
juice off of the dildos now pounding in and out of their mouths, but the
brutality of the face fucking made them both feel like they were going to
puke. Luckily that was one indignity they were saved from, Torrie and Stacy
almost simultaneously pulling out at the same time which was a great relief
to Trish and Lita, even if the WCW girls then roughly slapped them across the

"Now kiss our feet!" Stacy ordered, "I wanna see you bitches grovelling
before us!"

"Yeah, and thank us for fucking your slutty asses while you're doing it."
Torrie added, "Worship our feet and tell us exactly how grateful you are that
we just slam fucked your skanky asses and turned those holes you shit from
into gaping messes!"

Whimpering softly Trish pressed her lips down on the top of Torrie's right
foot, and then said, "Thank you Mistress Torrie... thank you for fucking my
slutty ass... I love the feeling of your big cock inside my skanky fat ass...
it felt so good... you butt fucked me soooooooo good... I loved it... I loved
being your butt slut Mistress Torrie... I loved being a total anal whore for
you and Mistress Stacy... please fuck me like that again... please slam fuck
the hole I shit from every single day and leave my ass hole a gaping mess..."

Lita copied Trish's actions, covering Stacy's feet in kisses and only pausing
to show her mistresses gratitude, "Thank you Mistress Stacy... thank you for
fucking my skanky little ass... thank you for sticking your big fucking cock
up my slutty dyke butt and slam fucking the hole I shit from... I loved you
butt fucking me like an anal whore... I loved you butt fucking me like the
anal whore I am... please butt fuck me again Mistress Stacy... I wanna get
my slutty lesbian ass fucked by you and Mistress Torrie all the time... I
want my skanky lesbo ass hole to always be stretched open like this, either
taking your big cock inside it or ready to do so... I want my lezzie whore
butt hole gaping open forever so I can please my Mistresses whenever they
want a piece of my dyke slut ass..."

"And why do you want to please us sluts?" Torrie giggled.

"Because we're your bitches and you own our ass holes!" Trish and Lita
whimpered almost simultaneously.

Trish and Lita continued grovelling before Torrie and Stacy for some time, at
first just kissing the tops of their feet. Then as Torrie and Stacy lifted
their feet up Trish and Lita got the hint and began kissing the soles of
their feet, eventually taking each one of their mistresses' toes into their
mouths and sucking on them passionately.

Torrie and Stacy watched Trish and Lita worship their feet with grins
plastered on their faces, only looking away from the grovelling WWF divas to
share knowing looks with each other, both confident that now these kneeling
sluts were their completely broken bitches.

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