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Animal Instinct Part 1: Giving Into Temptation
by Dr. Blasphemy (

Tammy's life had fallen on hard times. The once wrestling superstar and
original WWE diva was no longer in demand. With the scandal of her being a
crack addict and her letting her once physically fit body, that men would
kill for to fuck, become more than pleasantly plump with her formerly firm
big tits, fat ass, and thunder thighs. As a last resort she even begged
Jeff Jarrett to be on TNA-NWA and even gave him a blowjob allowing him to
humiliate her by cumming all over her face and swallowing his cum. All he
said after shooting his lode was he'd consider it, but he never called her

With that a complete bust Tammy wrote out a press release stating she was
retiring from the wrestling business saying she was burnt out and considering
becoming an airline stewardess. She knew it was a feeble excuse, but it was
better than nothing. She really didn't know she was going to do with herself

For some strange reason the idea of her becoming a pornstar sounded good. -I
always teased my fans during Wrestling Vixxxens' webcasts saying I wanted to
take the plunge. Who wouldn't want to see me sucking and fucking studs with
huge cocks on screen?- Tammy thought with a grin, but the more she pondered
the idea the more her head filled with doubt. "Naaah!" she finally said out
loud laughing at the wild possibility.

As time went by and her bank account dwindled to the point it was becoming
hard to pay the monthly bills, that implausible idea suddenly returned to the
forefront. Tammy confessed her solution to her husband Chris Candido, but he
wouldn't have any of it. He already gave into her with Wrestling Vixxxens,
but that became a complete bust. Posing nude was one thing, but there was no
way he was going to agree to let his wife have sex with men or even women.
The argument rose to the point of him giving an ultimatum of if she did go
through with it he'd divorce her. Tammy hearing him state this finally made
her cave in, but not on the decision she already made for herself. Luckily
for her, Chris was going on another wrestling tour in Japan and what he
didn't know would hurt their relationship.

The next day while he was away Tammy got on the internet and sent out a few
e-mails with her picture to a few well known porno companies hoping that
somebody was a wrestling fan and would take a bite at her offer. She waited
on baited breath praying for a reply for almost a week until she finally got
one. She read the interested party's message discovering that it didn't come
from one of the ones she applied to, but from a smaller company she never
heard of. They stated they got her message through a friend at one of the
major companies and they and a few foreign investors were huge fans of hers
interested in working with her. But that wasn't the best part, they offered
her $5,000 per film. Tammy eyes gleamed with delight at their price and
immediately wrote back telling them she was interested and to mail her a
contract with her P.O. Box address.

* * *

Within a few days Tammy was quiet surprised to receive a fairly big package
in her P.O. Box. The most she was expecting a big vanilla envelope with her
contract. She shrugged her shoulders, tucked it into her large handbag and
went directly home.

As she entered the house Tammy was so excited she went straight to opening
the box. Inside was a large letter with 2 unlabelled DVDs in plastic cases.
She unfolded the letter and it read...

Dear Tammy,
Thank you, for accepting our offer. Here's the contract
along with a some complimentary DVDs of our films for your
enjoyment. I look forward to working with you soon!


"Cool, porn!" was all that Tammy could say. She then make her way over to
the DVD player in the living room and put on of the discs inside the unit
and sat on the couch looking at her big screen TV for the fun to begin.

After the company logo Animal Instinct followed by the movie's title "Bridal
Bitch" appeared the film started with an average looking brunette with small
tits in a bridal gown enter the honeymoon suite bedroom and lay down on the
king sized bed. The bride then called out, "Come on baby, let me get that big
hot huge cock deep inside me!"

What she saw made her eyes bulge in shock. On the screen a german shepard
entered the room and began to lick the woman's face. "OH... MY... FUCKIN'...
GOD!!!" Tammy cried out covering her mouth with her hand. "They do animal

Tammy was completely disgusted, but the action on the screen was like looking
at a car wreck. She wanted to turn away, but deep down inside she was also
curious. Tammy continued to watch eyes glued to the action now taking place.

The woman was now completely naked with her legs spread wide with her ass
hanging off the edge of the bed while the dog's long pink tongue licked her
from asshole to clit driving her crazy while she played with her tits. Then
after a few minutes of this with her having at least one orgasm the woman
called the dog to get up on to the bed. It did as it was commanded and she
directed it to lie down on it's back to get a perfect view of it's furry
cock sheath. She grabbed a hold of it with her hand and began to stoke it
trying to coax out the beast's pink cock.

As Tammy's brain processed what it was seeing, her body also began to react.
Her pussy started to come alive twitching from excitement along with getting
her panties exceedingly damp. She tried her best to control her urges from
the obscene act, but her body was overriding her better judgement as she saw
the dog's poker red hot cock emerge from it's furry sheath. It grew to what
Tammy guessed was a thick eight inches and already shooting out little
constant squirts of pre-cum.

The bestial bride then opened her mouth and began to suck on it's girthy
shape taking it all the way to the back of her throat without fear. Her head
bobbed up and down like a piston as the dog stood with tongue it's hanging
out loving the unreal exstacy of having it's prick sucked. The women then
popped it's cock out of her mouth and licked up and down it's glistening wet
length like it was a missile popcicle like a rabid cock crazed whore.

By now Tammy's mind and body had completely surrendered into the perversity
on screen with how much her pussy was aching for attention. She rapidly
unbuttoned and unzipped her denim mini-skirt, pulling it down past her chunky
thighs along with her soak panties as if her clothes were on fire. With those
out of the way her hands went straight to work on her wanting bald pussy. One
hand stroked her juicy slit as the other rubbed her excited clit.

Bringing her attention back to the television Tammy could see that the woman
was now on all fours ready for the animal to mount her. The dog knew exactly
what to do and hopped up onto his bitch wrapping his paws around her body
tightly. After a few test pokes he found his mark and thrust the full length
of his cock deep into her cunt making her let out a loud grunt. Immediately
the beast went into overdrive pounding into her body for she was worth with
jackhammer like thrusts causing her too wail out mantric in pleasure.

Tammy did her best to copy the dog's frantic pace burying two of her fingers
completely into her squelching wet hole. Over and over again they disappeared
inside her as pelvis gyrated back. Her hungry pussy just couldn't get enough,
so she slid in a third digit followed by a fourth making her shovel her hand
all the way up to the thumb. Her body contorted on the couch like a cat high
on nip in ecstasy as the other hand fondled one of her large breasts just
under her pulled up baby tee.

She would have stayed oblivious to the rest of the world if it wasn't for
what she saw out of the corner of her eye on the screen. It had an extreme
close up of the dog's cock penetrating the women's leaking cunt. The thing
that got her attention was the size of it's huge knot bumping against it
trying to enter her. It must have been large as a baseball.

-There's no way she'll be able to take that inside her,- Tammy thought still
pleasing herself.

Then just like that the woman's hole yielded just enough to let the bulge
enter allowing the animal to release it's lode. The dog's buttock muscles
clinched and unclenched filling his bride's pussy with sperm as she too
screamed out orgasm from his liquid heat. After one last spasm dog finally
was through and got off her slowly ripping his knot from her with a loud
'pop!' followed by a torrent of it's slimy seed, which erupted from her
gaping hole. The woman immediately turned around and began to lap up the
milky slick from the bed sheet like the doggy cum slut she was.

Seeing this obscene act finally drove Tammy over the edge with excitement.
She roared out as body uncontrollably trembled and pussy clamped around her
buried hand in a vise like grip. For almost a minute her body shook from the
most powerful orgasm she ever had. It was so strong it even caused her eyes
to roll into the back of her head.

As it subsided Tammy came back to reality, chest hurting and gasping for
breath. The first thing she noticed while she pulled her hand up from her
pussy to clutch her chest was how soaking wet it was. Looking down between
her legs she saw a reservoir of her own juices trapped in the indentation
her big ass created.

"OH MY GOD! Did that come out of me!?!" Tammy said out loud in astonishment.

Curious she brought up her already drenched hand to her face examining it's
liquid coating for a second before bravely deciding to smell it. Thankfully
for her it didn't have any acrid aroma of piss. Reassured what it wasn't,
she went one step further and put her index finger into her mouth. To her
surprise she found that she tasted pretty good. Actually damn good!

The next thing she knew Tammy was cupping her hands and scooping up her own
fluid drinking herself like a thirsty man in the desert. Instantly addicted
she just couldn't get enough. Even going to the point of getting on her knees
and licking the cushion.

As she licked up the final last few morsels from her finger, Tammy realized
that if she came that hard just watching a woman have sex with an animal just
imagine what would happen if she was actually fucked by one. She scrambled
for her purse searching for a pen and signed on the contract's dotted line
without reading it. Hell, technically it wasn't like she was going against
her husband's will. She wouldn't be screwing a person, but a something else.
Besides more importantly they needed the money.

to be continued...

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