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Anything For The Title
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Judgement Day was a matter of weeks away and everybody knew that Chyna aka
Joanie Laurer's last match was gonna be at Judgement Day against Lita for the
woman's title which Chyna held and rumor had it she wasn't going to drop at
Judgement Day to Lita. Which raised the question 'What was gonna happen to
the woman's title when Joanie left?'

After a Raw show

Trish Stratus was in her locker room finishing off getting dressed back into
her normal clothes by tieing up her shoes when there was a knock on the door
"Come in it's open." The Canadian beauty called out in her sexy sweet voice.

The door then opened and in walked WWE owner and former onscreen "love
interest" of Trish's Vince McMahon.

"Hey Trish." Vince said as he entered the room closing the door behind

"Listen Trish, we've got ourselves a bit of a problem."

Trish stood motionless, curious as to what concerns Vince would bring to her.

"As you know, Joanie's going to be leaving after Judgement Day. The problem
is that she's still got quite a bit of clout backstage, and has all ready
flatly refused to drop the title."

"Now the last thing I need is another Montreal controversey; and so it seems
my only option at this point is to suspend the women's title at this point
until a suitable tournament can be started to re-establish the belt."

Trish's heart sunk. She knew the title was the pinnacle of female success in
the WWE, and this would prolong her lifelong dream even further.

"Of course."

Vince then said which raised Trish's spirits a little. "Joanie is offering an
alternative." Vince then said.

"And that is?" Trish asked.

"If a WWF diva can convince her that she is worthy of the woman's title then
she would be willing to win Judgement Day but that diva would be garanteed
when the tournament is over to be crowned Woman's champion."

"Have any divas tried to convince her yet?" Trish asked.

"Not yet she only said this earlier today and in all honesty Trish I can't
think of a better woman to not exacterly replace Chyna but to carry the
woman's title after her other than you." Vince said. "So if you could
convince her to drop the title to you not only would you have the woman's
title but I'd owe you big time."

Trish thought about it for a moment. She had to weigh her options here. But
then, when she looked at it in retrospect, what did she have to lose? All she
had to do was persuade Joanie, just a friendly talk. By looking at it in that
light, she felt a calm aura surround her. She perked up before looking back
at her employer. "Sure Vince, I'll give it my best."

Vince smiled back at her. "Great. Remember, this is important to both your
career and the stability of the WWF. Please convince her by any means

An so with that having been said Vince left Trish's locker room Trish packed
up her stuff and then on her way to her limo to the hotel she called Joanie's
mobile and got Joanie's voice-mail. "Hi, this is Joanie Laurer I'm currently
engaged at the momment but please leave a message after the beep."

Trish then left her message.

"Hi Joanie it's the Queen Of Stratusfaction here... erm listen Vince has told
me about your little alternative to not refusing to drop the woman's title
listen when you get this message call me so we can arrange a time and place
to meet bye Chy." An with that Trish hung up.

Trish then went to her hotel dropped off her stuff in her hotel room and then
went down to the bar and it wasn't long before the person Joanie had tried to
contact walked over and sat down opersite Trish.

"I got your message is it ok if we chat now?" Joanie asked not wanting
desturbe Trish's free time.

"Sure," Trish simled cheerfully at the tall amazonian beauty. "But first, did
you wanna drink?"

Joanie smiled, "Actually, I'd love one, there's only so many hours of a photo
shoot that I can take before I need a good stiff drink."

Trish laughed, "Yeah, I know all about that, trust me."

And so the two of them had a few shots. The couple of minutes turned into a
good 90 minutes of talking and laughing. They were both a little tipsy when
Joanie glanced at her watch.

"Oh Christ! I have to get to bed! I've got another shoot at 6 AM tomorrow!"

She started away when Trish gripped her arm.

"We've spent all this time chatting and yet we haven't been chatting about
the reason I wanted us to meet." Trish said with a sudden relaisation of the
time they had partly wasted and yet not wasted at the same time.

"Well, we could always wait until tomorrow or if ya wanted we could always
go up to my hotel room and continue our convosation up there?" Joanie
suggested and offered

Trish obliged; it was early Tuesday morning, and the plane for the next house
show didn't leave until late that night. She graciously accepted, and the two
headed up to Chyna's room.

"Do you mind if I change?" She asked Trish. Trish didn't mind, considering
she said she had to get to bed anyway, she assumed this was normal.

"Go ahead and propose what you wanted about the title." Trish started. "Well,
as you know we need someone to be champion when you're gone. Vince and I both
feel I'd be most qualified. After all, I've improved above all the others
divas; I'm marketable, sexy, and competent in the ring."

Chyna retorted from her bathroom. "That's all well and good, hon, but the
problem is you just need to look at yourself then look at me. I'm almost a
foot taller than you, I've got about 30 pounds of muscle on you, and have
beaten guys. I think it'd be insulting to our fans intelligence to watch
you beat me clean."

Trish frowned. "Vince told me you'd be willing to win JD (judgement Day)
against Amy (Lita) and then the title would be retired for a few months and
then there would be a sort of elimination match and the diva you felt worthy
of having the title would win the elimination match or whatever type of
match it was." Trish told Joanie.

"That's very true," mentioned Joanie, "But I was thinking of more legitimate
atheletes. Jacqueline would make a good one, as would that Molly Holly
character they're doing. I might even let Lita have it, that way I can come
back and set up a big return match if I want."

Trish grew a bit offended by this, naturally. "Now hold on, I've been working
my ass off down in OVW trying to be the best I can be; Vince has seen it, the
other girls do too. If you can't, then you're..."

Joanie walked out of the bathroom she was changing in. She was glad in a tiny
robe that made it apparent she wasn't wearing any bra, and underwear so small
it had to be a g-string. Trish stopped suddenly, taken aback by the sheer
beauty of the woman.

"Hey cool down." Joanie said "I know how hard you've been working but
Trish you've got to understand you've spent a good part of your WWE career
mangaging and being in none physical angles it's only been recently have
you actually become more of a a physical wrestler and not just pardon the
expression angle eye candy." Joanie said sitting on the bed and taking the
hair brush and offering it to Trish. "Care to do my hair for me?"

Trish obliged, grabbed a brush, and ran it down through Joanie's flowing
raven-colored locks. Trish continued. "Yes, but now I'm ready; I've been
training, and all I need now is an open forum where I can show the world,
and even you, if you let me, that I'm ready to evolve to an actual

Joanie smiled as she loved the feel of Trish brushing her hair she also
loved how close the two of them where now since the whole Paul and Stephanie
shit happened which truth be known as the real reason Joanie was leaving
Joanie had decided with what Paul did and all the other asshole boyfriend
she had she decided she might try a little of that "same sex" stuff after
people do say "Nobody can touch a woman like another woman" and Joanie
decided to find out if this was true only problem was she was nervous about
when would be a good place and time and finding the right person to help her
find out if this was true.

Joanie knew she couldn't just blurt it out or just say it in an offer type
of way so she decided to kind of like mix business with what she hoped would
turn out to be pleasure. Of course she knew she'd have to also give a reason
for her wanting to do this. Joanie took a deep breath and then began her
attempt to get Trish into bed.

"Trish...has anybody actually told you the reason why I'm leaving the WWF?"
Joanie asked.

"Can't say they have, I don't like to pry into things that are none of my

Joanie pushed. "Triple...Paul's...been having an affair with Stephanie for
about 4 months now. It's weird I'm telling you this, it must be the alchohol.
I guess it's that...well I always needed a friend to cry to, but with
Stephanie and Paul having such run over the company, I couldn't turn to

She continued professing until she got it all out. Trish didn't know what to
say. So she embraced Joanie. She didn't know how alone she was.

"I read a few newspapers who had written articles on it but I figured they
where just shit shifters (meaning people trying to stir trouble)."

"No." Joanie said. "The articles are true. And that is the real reason I'm
leaving although of course to save both me and Vince having to face a load
of interviews and pesky reporters which I no doubt expect we're both gonna
have to face anyway we're using a cover story about me and the WWE not
agreeing to my renewal of contract."

Trish then pondered this. "So if this Paul and Stephanie thing hadn't come
out or you hadn't found out about it you'd be staying."

Joanie nodded.

"Will you ever come back?" Trish then asked.

Joanie smiled. "When all the bullshit's blown over and after I've tried my
hand at a few other things if they don't work out I might come back for
another six years or if they do I might become a female Mick Foley just do
special apperences now and then."

Joanie told her Canadian blonde feeling like this was going good so far she
was opening up to Trish and in her own way Trish was opening up to Joanie.
Now Joanie was ready to make her move.

"Naturally after all of this I thought about relationships. Are they worth
it? Who do I want? Even WHAT I wanted anymore. And I started to think of the
guys that I knew; just a bunch of jocks, one hollow as the next. But the
girls. The girls have always been kind...compassionate and talkative. I could
come to them with anything and they'd be there for me. I just don't know what
that makes me. I can't tell where my feelings or my own sexuality lie

Trish smiled a small smile. "Ya know Joanie despite us being friends I always
felt you and me where two very diffrent but now I can see we have more in
common than not in common." Trish said trying her best to in her own way let
Joanie know she wasn't alone in the way she felt for Trish had also been
experiencing trouble trying to figure out where her sexuality and everything
else layed only for Trish her conflict had lasted more than a few months
unlike Joanie's.

"What, with men cheating on us?" Joanie asked, coyly playing the naive one.

"No, with considering women the better sex," Trish replied.

"I just see women as so much better partners, not just sexually then men
could ever be. I mean I've never really had a female partner, all the way,
but I've had long meaningful conversations with them; more important than
anything any man ever tried to get out."

Joanie figured enough beating around the bush now it was time to go in for
the kill.

"Maybe we should put our conflicts to rest." Joanie said sounding as nervous
as she was feeling. "Maybe and we don't have to if you don't want too but
maybe you and me could......ya know." Joanie said afraid of saying the actual

She didn't have to. Trish put the brush down, and kissed the back of Joanie's
neck. Joanie let out a soft coo as she didn't see it, only felt the sudden
rush sending a tingling sensation through her neck. she worked over Joanie's
neck long enough before climbing up to her face and engaging in a full

The kiss began as a closed mouthed one but as the two women got more turned
on and more adventurous Joanie was the first to open her mouth and pretty
soon the two where liplocked and french kissing each other as Joanie took off
her robe to reveal her breasts and the smallest and skin tight thong ever to
Trish as Joanie layed down on the bed and pulled Trish on top of her.

Trish planted a full French kiss on the tanned goddess, running her hands up
the sides of her body. Joanie was taken aback by the sudden aggression in
Trish. The small blonde was quite fiery when it came to fits of passion.
Trish sat up straight and removed her own shirt, revealing a lacy lavendar
bra that Joanie couldn't help but admire. She ran her strong hands up and
gave each of Trish's breasts a firm squeeze, making her lightly moan with

Joanie then moved her hands around the lavender bra to the strap behind and
unclasp it as the bra fell to the floor Joanie raised herself into Trish's
breasts and took one into her mouth and began to gently suck and bite and
lick it giving it her full attention while Trish's other breast got the full
attention of Joanie's hand.

Trish's moans got louder as Joanie continued to work over her delicious
breasts. This only encouraged Joanie to work her over further, to drive the
petite blonde to complete ecstacy. She was doing just that when she was
pushed away, landing bouncing on the bed. Trish leaned down and kissed her
neck once again, obviously desiring to take charge. Joanie was not one to
complain, and let Trish do what she will with her body.

Trish made a path of kisses down to Joanie's breasts and began to do what
Joanie had done to her she took a breast into her mouth and sucked on it
licked the nipple and bit on it while her hand took care of the other breast
however she didn't spent as much time on one breast as Joanie had and as
soon as the breast was "stratusfied" Trish moved on to the other breast and
then moved on down Joanie's body.

Trish worked her abdomen. Oh, that famous, hard-bodied belly, flat yet
curvaceous tasted wonderful in her mouth, and her tongue felt just as good
to Joanie, according to the rising moans. Once she was done there, she moved
down to her hips, kissing along the thin string of her thong. As tiny as this
g-string was, trish desired to see it's full effect. As such, she commanded
Joanie to roll over, who did just that. That ass looked so sweet clothed in
barely there crimson silk. She took her tongue, and started licking, from the
back of her calf, all the way up to the thighs, and even on the ass she
admired of Joanie. Joanie just shuddered and moaned at the new experimental
sensations she was feeling. When Trish was content with her backside, Joanie
had turned back around flat on her back.

Trish then decided to see how wet she was making Joanie without actually
tasting Joanie and with that Trish began to lick the actual thong that was
dray untill she got to the heart of the thong and the heart of Joanie's pussy
and then the thong felt and spelled of a woman's hornyness. Trish was shocked
at how horny Joanie was getting and figured enough teasing and with that she
forced the thong all the way off of Joanie's body and thengot to work as she
attacked Joanie's pussy intent on giving Joanie 100% stratusfaction and also
intent on when she had given she would recive it back.

Trish ran her tongue all the way around the lips of Joanie's womanhood,
causing her moans to grow low and her entire body to quake. She flicked her
tongue in rapid sesnation over a variety of locations causing Joanie to
breathe faster and faster, grabbing her own breasts to continue her pleasure.
Finally Trish hit the clit, sending Joanie to the brink of passing out from
sheer excitement. To keep the energy growing. Trish took her hand, and put
two fingers into Joanie's mositened box. The constant thrusting of the well
lubed fingers and the skillful thrusts of her tongue caused Joanie to feel
an orgasm coming.

"oooooooohhhhhhhh Trish don't stop oh baby please don't stop giving me
stratusfaction I can feel it sweetie. I'm close to cumming please don't
stop!" Joanie said over and over againit was obvious to Trish that they
had both turned a corner in they're lives they may not have been full
blown lesbians but both Joanie and Trish obviously liked women as much
if not more so (for the momment at least) than they liked men and Trish
had no intention of stopping if anything Joanie's pleas spurred Trish on.

Joanie's moans seemed to grow louder with each swoop Trish's tongue made.
Finally she let out an all encompassing "OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!" as she reached
the peak of her orgasm that launched wave after wave of bodily fluids at
Trish. She drank down the sweet nectar happily as convulsions ripped
through her, causing her to jerk from pure pleasure.

Once she had finished feasting on Joanie's love juices and love box Trish
layed down next to Joanie on the king size bed and said, "Right time to show
me what 'The 9th Wonder of the World' can do now that I've given you 100%
Stratusfaction." Trish said with a smile.

Joanie then sat up and got into a good position to begin her pleasuring of
Trish's body.

"Before I do I just want to let you know of one thing. Whatever the match is
for the woman's title in a few months?" Joanie said.

Trish nodded.

"Your gonna win it and your gonna be the next woman's champion." Joanie said
smiling from ear to ear as was Trish.

Now that Trish knew that, she pulled down Joanie who met her in another deep
French kiss. Joanie had all ready gotten a good taste of Trish's breasts, so
she decided to get to the point. She reached one of her hands down to Trish's
tight leather pants, and started rubbing rather violently. The harsh friction
mixed both pleasure and pain in a sensation that completely overwhelmed her
blonde partner. Healthy sized moans escaped their kiss as Trish's cunt felt
hotter and wetter.

Joanie then moved the other hand down to join and as Joanie started to kiss
with as much feriousousness as she had been massaging Trish's covered up
pussy. Joanie's hands began to undo the zip and buttons on the pants and took
them down explosing Trish's own thong which Joanie ripped off litterally and
imidiatly began to finger fuck Trish who was soaking not as soaking as Joanie
had been but good enough for Joanie's fingers to slide in and out.

Joanie was huge for a woman, as the world knows; and with her two fingers
pumping through Trish, she honestly couldn't tell the difference between her
fingers and a man.

"Oh...ooooh...keep going..please...mooooore," Trish begged.

Whether she meant this literally or not didn't matter to Joanie, who decided
to take a third finger and insert it, seemlessly joining in. This new finger
began to rub the top of Trish's clit, causing her to nearly scream rather
than moan.

Joanie didn't know if Trish was gonna try men again but one thing was for
sure she sure as hell wasn't women where much more to her liking tonight was
a new begining in a sense it was the end of her WWF career and yet at the
same time the begining of Joanie's life as a lesbian. Joanie loved hearing
Trish moan as all three of Joanie's fingers worked together on Trish's clit.

Joanie could tell soley by Trish's moans that she was close. To help her
along the way, she reached up with her free hand and tweaked one of Trish's
nipples, driving Trish even wilder, which was thought impossible to her. But
sure enough, after another 30 seconds of this, an orgasm, then another, then
another shot through Trish Stratus. She jerked violently with each wave of
pleasure, letting out all her affection as well as her juices. When she was
done, Joanie craned down to lick the sweet tasting substance up.

Joanie then had an idea but before she did it or told it to Trish she simply
layed down and took Trish into her arms as Trish got over her amazing

"That was un fucking belivable Joanie." Trish said as her heart rate and
breathing slowly got back to normal Joanie smiled.

"We haven't finished yet." Joanie said Trish looked at her. "When you get
your breath we're gonna finish up with something that will help us both cum
at the same time." Joanie said with a smile.

Trish could barely comprehend that thought. If their orgasms were powerful
enough, how on earth could she cope with her reaching a climax at the same
time as her lover? Trish was all ready feeling in the mood just thinking
about the thought. But first they just sensously kissed for a while, tongues
swirling slowly back and forth.

Then when Joanie and Trish where both ready Joanie moved down to the other
end of the bed.

"Turn onto your side." Joanie instructed and Trish obeyed. "Lift one leg into
the air." Joanie instructed Trish obeyed and then Joanie moved herself into
position and began rubbing her pussy up against Trish's.

Neither woman could imagine the complete erotic pleasure this move could give
them. While it robbed them of precious energy, the adrenaline they got from
the friction encouraged them to continue. Their moans simultaneously grew, as
every inch of pleasure was shared between them.

They continued to rub they're pussies together both moaning and groaning both
loving the pleasure they where reciving and giving the other and both quickly
feeling the beginings of they're orgasams.

It was then that Trish decided that Joanie had showed her enough, and that
she was ready to prove just how tough she was. She removed her legs, and kept
Joanie laying down. She mounted her, and lifted her leg up, driving her pussy
deep into Joanie's, who, with Trish on sitting on her leg, could do nothing
but receive the pleasure Trish was driving into her womanhood.

"ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck me Trish keep it up oh god show me you deserve
to be the woman's champion keep going baby don't stop give me more
stratusfaction." Joanie cried in sheer exstacy as she tried her best to keep
up with Trish but was finding it hard too but by some miricle managed it and
then Trish and Joanie couldn't hold it in anymore as they both felt they're
orgasams reach they peak and ultimatly take over both of their bodies.

With simultaneous exhausted groans they shot through their bodies, one
small, the other large. However just as they hit, their clits both found one
another, and in that instant, a second orgasm shot through both of them. Just
as they were collapsing, their bodies forced even more pleasure on them.
Finally it ended, their bodies had no more to give.

Joanie then litterally totally sexually satisfed as well as devoid of any
engery crawled back up to the end Trish was at and layed down next to her and
reach over and wrapped her arms around Trish and then decided to find out.

"How has...tonight' made you feel...about your...conflict?" Joanie
asked the way she was talking proved she had given Trish all she had to give.

Trish replied not even looking back at her, "I gave you my all tonight,
that's what I'll give in the ring."

Joanie smiled, "Well if that's what you're giving the fans, they won't be
able to walk for at least an hour." Joanie hesitated... "And what happens to

Trish snuggled closer and simply stated, "What men?"

Joanie then kissed Trish's forehead and the two divas fell fast asleep in
each others arms having ended one and other's conflick and been happy with
how they're conflict ended.

The End

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