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April's Invitation Part 1
by Phoenix5

April Hunter the beautiful former redheaded valet for WCW had been desiring
getting back into wrestling for quite sometime but she could never get any
good deals. One day in August of 2002 April received a letter from the WWE.
In a hurry April ripped open the envelope to receive an invitation to an
interview to join WWE. The letter read,

'Dear April,
We hope that you will attend a private meeting with me on August 9,2002.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Vince McMahon

P.S. Wear your ring attire to the meeting.'

April was delighted she couldn't believe she was actually going to tryout
for the WWE.

April quickly realized that the meeting was in three days. She quickly packed
up her things and took the next plane to Stamford. April went to the meeting
in a big overcoat trying to hide her ring attire from everyone. She went into
the office and waited for the meeting to begin. About five minutes later she
heard a knock on the door and in walked Vince McMahon himself.

"Hello April. Sorry I'm late."

"That's ok."

The interview went on for another 15 minutes talking about April's resume.
Then Mr. McMahon asked to see April's ring attire. April stood up and took
off her coat to reveal a black thong with matching top. Upon seeing this
Vince almost fell out of his chair.

"Mr. McMahon I just want you to know that I would do anything for this job."

"Anything? Well you want this job so much then take off your clothes."

April did as she was told and took off her bra to reveal beautiful 40D
breasts. After that she took off her thong to reveal her beautifully shaven
pussy. She walked over to Vince and kissed him running her tongue all through
his mouth. Vince being the opportunist he is ran his hands all over April's
body. First over her massive breasts followed by her ass massaging them much
to April's liking. She threw her head back allowing Vince to suck on her tits
with his mouth.

April then led Vince over to the couch in his office. April pulled off the
owner's clothes to reveal Vince's 8 inch cock. Vince sat down as the
beautiful woman sucked hard and fast on Vince's dick using her hands for
better thrust. Vince loved every minute of this pulling her head towards
his cock. Vince couldn't hold back anymore and sent cum straight down
April's throat. Once April was done Vince put her on the couch and spread
her legs putting all of his dick in her at once.

"O..Oh yes Vince. I'm gonna..."

After that April's juices were out. Vince saw this and went down licking up
everything that April let out. Both April and Vince were getting tired but
Vince had one last thing on his mind. April's beautiful ass. Vince turned
April onto her hands and knees and with that he went to a place no man had
ever been before. With the sudden feeling of Vince entering her ass. April
let out a loud scream. Before long April started to cry.

"No please stop not my ass."


Vince's palms came straight down on her ass.

And with one final thrust Vince shot his load right in April's ass. April
could barely move from the pain and she was so tired she almost passed out.
Vince went over to the redhead. He opened the door, picked up April's naked
body and threw into the hallway.

"Sorry, you were a good fuck little bitch, but I don't need another Chyna."

With that Vince left April there and shut the door to his office.

April laid there crying telling herself, "This is all Chyna's fault I'll get
her back for this."

To Be Continued...

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