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April's Return To The WWE
by Collier34 (

April was excited to come back to the WWE and beat up the women and give the
male fans what they want. And then April walked into Stephanie's office and
she asked her if she can be on Smackdown.

April: Hi steph I was just wondering if I could probably be the next WWE
Smack down diva.

Stephiane: Well April I don't know you would have to convince me.

April: How?

Steph: Well I can find a way but for now I would like to finish up here.


April walked out of her office and she walked around the arena that they
was having the event for the Smackdown superstars. She bumped into the the
some superstars that she didn't meet before. She bumped into John Cena.

April: Oh I'm sorry about that.

John: No problem.

April: So what's your name?

John: My name is John Cena the master of thuganomtics you betta believe it.

April: Okay I'm April Hunter nice to meet you.

John: Same thing here well I have to leave I got a match.

John walked to his locker room to get ready for his match. Then she bumped
into Dawn who she knew for a while now.

Dawn: April, hey how are you?

April: Fine, How you doing?

Dawn: Great!

April: Great. I was just walking around. I asked stephanie if I could be
the next Smackdown diva and work with you. That would be great.

Dawn: Yeah that would be great.

April then gave her friend a hug and she the shocked dawn by kissing her
she gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek. And she walked away. Then she
countined walkind down the wall when she bumped into the Big Show.

April: Um hey how are you?

Big Show: Good, April right? I heard that you will coming to Smackdown.

April: Yeah that's if Steph says that it's okay.

Then she walked around the whole arena and then she decided to walk back to
Steph's office. She made her way to her office and when she got to the door
she heard moaning. She was curious so she decided to put her ear to the door
and find out what was going on. She couldn't hear anything well so she oepned
the door and she found steph masterbating calling April's name. Then she was
turned on and then she then walked up to Ateph.

April: Hey let me help you.

She then started to kiss her she then kissed down her neck and she took off
her shirt and she had no bra on she went to work on her breats. Steph was
loving it the she kiss down her stomach and she then took a finger and stuck
inside Stephaine. Stephanie moaned softly and she went harder and faster
Steph was moaning louder and louder she add two more fingers and then about
10 minutes later she came.

April: Oh you have made a mess let me clean that up for you.

She went down to Steph's pussy and started sucking away. Stephanie was loving
it she was moaning out loud she was loving every second of it.


April knew she was enjoying herself so she contuined. She then came all over
April's face and then she started eating away at her pussy again. She made
steph have multiple orgasms. April gave Stephaine a kiss and she aksed her
if she had the job.

April: So am I on Smackdown?

Stephanie: Welcome to Smackdown.

April: Great. Thanks Steph.

April than Steph a kiss and she walked out her office with a smile on her

April: Yes, I'm the newest WWE Smackdown diva cool.

April then walked out of the arena and she would start next week as the
newest WWE Smackdown diva.

The End

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