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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Are You Ce-Nexus?
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In one of the locker rooms within Wichita, Kansas's Intrust Bank Arena
following the October 4, 2010 episode of RAW, a dejected, depressed, and
royally pissed-off John Cena, wearing jeans shorts, is sitting on a chair
pondering his new role of not only having to be a member of the self-serving
faction known as the Nexus, but also being forced by the RAW Anonymous
General Manager to follow all orders Wade Barrett gives out or else he would
be fired. Cena narrows his eyes as Barrett enters the locker room.

"Well done Cena well done..." Barrett smirks as he makes reference to Cena
'helping him' win a battle royal for a WWE Championship title shot.

"Go fuck yourself Barrett..." Cena says bitterly

Barrett smirks, "Careful Cena... I could fire you for that... but I won't
because I have use for you..."

"You won the shot at the WWE Title, get lost," Cena snaps

Barrett continues to smirk, "You see Cena, my good fortune is your good
fortune, because I won tonight, I've decided to reward you..." Barrett turns
his head, "Heath... Justin... bring her in...."

Cena looks up just as Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, both wearing their
wrestling trunks, carry in former WWE Women's Champion Gail Kim. "What the
fuck is this?!" Cena yells as he gets up to his feet.

Wade Barrett keeps his eyes locked on Cena, "Your reward Cena, for your
actions, you will join Heath and Justin in showing this Diva why the Nexus is
the ultimate force in the WWE Universe..."Barrett then turns to leave, but
glances back over his shoulder, "And if Heath and Justin tell me you do not
participate Cena... you'll be fired..." Barrett says before he leaves as
Justin and Heath shove Gail towards Cena who catches her as she stumbles

"Gail I...." Cena starts to say as he helps Gail Kim balance herself.

Gail Kim, dressed in a pair of nicely fitted jeans and a white tank top,
places her hands onto John Cena's strong arms to brace herself up. Gail
slowly lifts her eyes to look up at John Cena, while biting down nervously on
her bottom lip. Gail, seemingly weakened following an ambush at the hands of
The Nexus, takes a deep breath and steps a bit closer to John Cena, causing
herself to fall into Cena, with him immediately catching hold of her with
hands. As John Cena holds Gail steady, she leans her head toward John and
hurriedly whispers "Just do it John...shut up and just do it..."

"Are you..." Cena whispers back with very mixed feelings about the situation
he's in. Meanwhile, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel are already lowering
their wrestling trunks freeing their hardening cocks.

Gail nods her head quickly and closes her eyes. "Yes...just do it...just go
along with it John..." Gail takes a breath and shakes her head slightly. "If
Barrett fires you, the whole locker room is doomed with you gone..."

"I'll figure a way out of this..." Cena starts to say as he slowly starts to
lift up Gail's white tank top.

"That a boy Cena..." Heath smirks as he sees Gail's back become exposed as
Cena raises Gail's tank top. Gail closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as
she feels the cold air of the locker room against her smooth and silky bare
skin of her upper body, with her smooth and slender back and her perky,
rounded, juicy tits.

"Let's... just make the most of this..." Cena says quietly to Gail ash e
drops her tank top on the floor. He slides his hands against Gail's smooth
skin before he moves his hands to unbutton her jeans. Gail Kim places her
hands onto John Cena's muscular arms as she gently feels his well-defined
muscles on his arms, while he unbuttons her jeans and lowers the zipper
before he places his hands onto her waist to lower the jeans.

"This is going to be great... all the sluts of the WWE will do anything for
Cena..." Justin says while licking his lips as he looks at Gail's round juicy
ass become exposed as Cena lowers Gail's jeans form her hips. Gail steps out
of her jeans as Cena lowers them down her stunningly smooth legs and waits
for her to step out of the jeans once down at her feet, letting her nicely
toned and gorgeous black panties covered ass exposed to Heath Slater and
Justin Gabriel.

"Cena turn her around..." Heath orders as he lightly strokes his cock. Cena
grits his teeth but Gail starts to slowly turn around to face the naked Heath
Slater and Justin Gabriel. Taking a moment to size up the situation, Gail
sees that Heath's cock has decent size, while Justin's shaft is clearly over
a foot long and mater-watering thick. Cena places his hands on Gail's hips
and slides down her black panties.

Gail Kim bites down on her bottom lip as she feels John Cena's strong hands
moving against her waist and hips as he lowers her black panties down to
expose her smoothly shaved and wet pussy to Heath and Justin. Gail takes a
moment to glance over her shoulder at John Cena. Gail quietly whisper back to
Cena. "I know the situation you're dealing with...I won't judge you..."

"Thanks Gail..." John whispers back as Justin and Heath step closer to Gail.
"Get her on her knees..." Justin orders and Cena gently lays his hands on
Gail's shoulders and gently pushes down as Gail gets on her knees in front of
the two cocky young Superstars. Gail Kim grits her teeth slightly, putting on
a slight performance for Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, making it seem as
though John Cena roughly and firmly forced her down onto her knees, rather
than easing her down onto her knees.

"Now... suck our dicks... or else we'll have Cena here put you in that killer
STF of his." Justin Gabriel says with a wicked smirk on his face.

"And lose the shorts Cena..." Heath adds. Cena rolls his eyes as he starts to
undo his jean shorts. Gail Kim obediently nods her head as leans forward
while sitting on her knees in front of the standing Heath Slater and Justin
Gabriel. Gail extends her hands and places both hands onto their shafts,
Justin in her right and Heath in her left. Gail innocently glances up at the
two devious members of Nexus and begins to smoothly stroke their hardening,
tensing cocks.

"Mmmm yeah..." Heath moans a Gail strokes his cock with her left hand. "Just
think slut... you're gonna get fucked by us and by Cena... that's how great
the Nexus is..." Justin says as Gail moves her right hand along the length of
his huge tool. Cena lowers his jean shorts from his muscular waist, freeing
his massive cock.

Gail Kim quietly looks up at Justin Gabriel before she leans her head forward
and spits some saliva onto the head of his cock. She moves her right hand up
to the head of his shaft and guides her now saliva coated palm down his
mouth-watering thick shaft, while working her left hand against Heath
Slater's nicely sized shaft.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Heath moans as Gail pumps her left hand on his cock as she
gives a bit more attention to Justin Gabriel's incredible cock. John Cena
kneels behind Gail and slides his right hand under her to rub her smoothly
shaven pussy with his right hand.

"Mmmmmmm...." Gail Kim softly moans as she feels John Cena's strong hand
rubbing back and forth against her wet pussy as she leans her head to Heath
Slater's cock and smoothly slides her wet tongue against the head of his
shaft, while moving her right hand down Justin Gabriel's perfectly thick

"Ahhh that's right slut... you know you want this..." Justin Gabriel moans as
Gail strokes his cock with her right hand while she twirls her tongue around
the head of Heath's tool. Cena moves his right hand against Gail's snatch
while he reaches around her to gently feel up her left tit with his left

Gail lightly tosses her smooth dark hair back and turns her head to Justin
Gabriel's cock and uses her wet, soft tongue to smoothly slide around the
head of his cock. "Mmmmmmm..." Gail moans before she parts her lips and takes
his cock into her mouth, with her pouty lips wrapping around his shaft. As
Gail begins to suck on Gabriel's cock and continues to stroke Slater's cock
while she lightly rocks back on her knees against Cena's hand pressed to her
smooth, wet pussy.

"Stick that dick in her Cena..." Heath groans as Gail jerks him off.

"Aww ahhh...." Justin moans as Gail bobs her head on his huge shaft. Cena
removes his right hand from Gail's pussy and uses it to gently guide his cock
into Gail's warm, wet and tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Gail moans around Justin Gabriel's cock as she feels John
Cena's cock slide into her wet and tight pussy from behind, causing her to
lean forward more toward Justin and Heath as she bobs her head smooth and
swiftly on Justin Gabriel's cock with her saliva dripping against his shaft
and her lips rubbing perfectly as she moves her head.

"That's it.... mmmm..." Justin moans and he places both of his hands on
Gail's head as she increases the pace of bobbing her head on his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Cena groans as he firmly and slowly pumps his massive tool into
Gail's tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...." Gail moans around Justin Gabriel's cock with his
hands on the back of her head, forcing her to take him deeper into her mouth
as he also pumps himself deeper into her wet mouth, while she rocks back on
her knees against Cena's cock as she firmly and slowly works his shaft into
her wet, tight pussy.

"Awww shit..." Heath groans as Gail keep stroking his cock until her hand
slips from his shaft. Justin moves his hips slowly as he takes his time
pumping his cock forward into Gail's mouth while making her deep throat his
shaft. Cena builds up to a steady pace as he thrusts his cock perfectly into
Gail's cunt.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmm....gahhhhhh...gahhhh..." Gail Kim moans and begins to gag as
Justin Gabriel holds her head still while he swiftly and aggressively pumps
his shaft into her mouth, with the sounds of his cock smacking inside of her
mouth echoing throughout the locker room.

"Mmmmm... ahhh look at yourself... you're right where every Diva will be...
getting fucked by the Nexus..." Justin groans as he fucks Gail's mouth
deeply. Cena grits his teeth and he glares at Justin angrily, and without
realizing it, Cena starts to fuck Gail harder and faster from behind.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Gail Kim continues to moans around Justin's cock as she
takes more of his cock into her mouth with John Cena's increasing thrusts
causing her to move forward on her knees.

"It's my turn to fuck her..." Heath says as he moves a folding chair so that
he can lay down on the ground.

"Mmmmm of course... Cena pull out..." Justin moans as he pulls his saliva
covered cock out of Gail's mouth. Cena slows down his thrusts and pulls his
cock out of Gail's soaking wet pussy. Gail Kim takes a moment to breath after
having Justin Gabriel's incredibly thick and mouth-watering cock buried deep
inside of her mouth. Gail turns her head away as she coughs a few times,
shaking off the gagging effect of nearly being choke with Justin's cock.

"Get her on my dick Cena..." Heath orders with a smirk on his face. Cena
curses under his breath and he stands up. He bends down help Gail move to
straddle Heath while making it look as if he's roughly doing it.

"Ohhhhhh shit..." Gail moans and grits her teeth as if in pain before she
turns her head back to look at John Cena with a slight smile, as she is
completely lowered on Heath Slater's cock, which is buried deeply up in her
wet snatch.

Cena smiles slightly back at Gail as Heath places his hands on Gail's hips
before he starts to thrust his cock up into her pussy, 'Ohh yeah that's
tight..." Heath groans as he thrusts his shaft up into Gail's twat.

"Cena fuck her mouth..." Justin orders with a sly grin on his face. Cena
turns his head to glare at Justin before he moves to stand over Heath's head
with his long, meaty cock just inches from Gail's mouth. John Cena places his
right hand onto Gail Kim's head, the former WWE Women's Champion glances up
at John Cena, locking her beautiful eyes with him as she gives him a
reassuring nod of her head to let him know she is doing fine as she begins to
bounce on Heath Slater's cock with him deeply thrusting up into her pussy.

"Open wide..." John says to Gail as he uses his left hand to guide his pole
into her mouth. Gail tilts her head up slightly and opens her mouth as wide
as possible, letting Cena plunge his deliciously meaty cock past her pouty

"Mmmmmm...." Gail moans around John Cena's impressively large cock as he
enters her mouth. Gail lightly presses her lips around his shaft and starts
to smoothly bob her head back and forth, while she rocks lightly on Heath
Slater's cock, bouncing every time he thrusts up into her pussy.

"Ahhh..." Cena moans as he lightly thrusts his cock forward into Gail's mouth
as the gorgeous Korean Diva places her hands on his powerful legs.

"Ahhhh awwww..." Heath moans as he thrusts his cock swiftly up into Gail's
snatch. Justin Gabriel kneels behind Gail, spreads her ass cheeks and pushes
his own huge cock into Gail's asshole.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Gail loudly moans around John Cena's cock in surprise and
lightly presses her fingernails into his muscular legs as Justin Gabriel
wastes no time in rapidly pumping his cock into her tight ass, forcing her to
rock quickly on Heath's shaft in her pussy. Cena slides his right hand's
fingers through Gail's dark silky hair as she takes more of his cock deeper
into her mouth as Justin and Heath pump their rock hard dicks deeply into her
ass and pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Gail softly moans as she moves her head back and
forth lightly on John Cena's cock as her pouty, moist lips smoothly brush
back and forth on his large and thick cock, while he lightly moves his cock
in her mouth.

"Mmmm that's it... fuck her mouth...' Justin groans as he hammers Gail's
asshole relentlessly with his own massive tool.

"Ahhh awww..." Heath moans and closes his eyes while Gail bounces and rocks
cock. Cena licks his lips as Gail moves her hands to his toned ass, pulling
him a bit forward as she sucks on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm..." Gail moans around John Cena's cock as she lightly
turns her head to grind her pouty lips on his shaft as she continues bob her
head back and forth. Gail Kim lifts her stunning eyes to look up at John
Cena, giving him a slight reassuring nod of her head for him to proceed to
Justin Gabriel's command, as she sensually moves her hands against Cena's
toned ass, reaching around his muscular waist.

"Mmmmmm..." Cena groans as he starts to intensely pump his huge cock in and
out of Gail's mouth while Heath and Justin pump their cocks in and out of her
hot body.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Gail moans and closes her eyes as she trustingly
allows John Cena to control the pace of his cock moving in and out of her wet
mouth as she continues to rock between Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater as
they increasingly pound her ass and pussy with firm and deep thrusts. Cena
licks his lips as he thrusts his cock at a brisk, yet gentle place in and out
of Gail's mouth. When Gail wants it deeper, she squeezes John's ass cheeks
and pulls forward while she rocks perfectly between Heath and Justin, acting
as if she's not doing something she wants to do.

"Mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmm!" Gail moans as she tilts her head back slightly,
allowing John Cena's cock to ease deeper into her mouth as she suddenly
bounces on Heath Slater's cock, following a quick and rough thrust from
Justin Gabriel into her ass.

"Ahhhh shit... I think I want a crack at her ass...." Heath groans as Gail
bounces sharply on his cock.

Justin licks his lips and leans forward as he fucks Gail's ass, "You like
Cena... I can tell..." Justin whispers into Gail's ear, "You're going to take
Heath's cock... and Cena's cock in your ass... you're going to beg for it or
else Cena is fired..." Justin adds as he pulls his massive tool out of Gail's
asshole. Gail Kim slowly lifts her head off of John Cena's cock and turns her
head to look back at Justin Gabriel with a concerned look on her face,
knowing that she has been caught in playing her trick to make Justin Gabriel
and Heath Slater believe that John Cena is giving his all into their demands
of brutality.

"Do it..." Justin smirks as he stands up behind Gail.

Gail Kim bites down on her bottom lip as she smoothly lifts herself off of
Heath Slater's cock and stands up from the floor of the locker room. Gail
turns around to face Justin Gabriel who has a sly and wickedly dark smirk on
his face. "I...I don't know what you're talking about..." Gail replies as she
shakes her head "I want no part of this....I want no part of any Nexus
member, including John Cena..." Gail says as she boldly stands up to Justin

"Do it... or else...." Justin says as he keeps the sly dark smirk on his face
as Cena looks on with a confused look on his face.

"Gail..." John starts to say.

Gail Kim turns her head to glance back at John Cena with a look of defeat on
her face and mouths to Cena. "I'm sorry..." Gail takes a deep breath before
she turns to face Justin Gabriel. "Do you think I care if you fire John
Cena!?" Gail suddenly replies in a loud voice to Gabriel. "I don't care if
you do fire him! Go ahead!" Gail yells and places her hands onto her hips "As
far as I'm concern John Cena is a traitor now...and him along with the rest
of The Nexus can go shove it!" Gail replies before she suddenly raises her
left hand and smacks Justin Gabriel across his darkly handsome face.

With his face stinging from Gail's slap, "Cena... use her top to dry off your
cock..." Justin says darkly before he grabs Gail Kim and throws her to the

"Hey... hold it..." Cena says as he moves between Gail and Justin. "There's
no need for that..." Cena starts to say.

Justin licks his lips as he looks at Cena, "You may be delicious to look at
Cena... but you will learn your place now or else... we not only fire you...
but we will rape this little slut to the point her mind snaps and she becomes
a drooling vegetable fuck toy..." Justin says. Gail Kim grits her teeth and
winces slightly in pain as she sits up on the locker room floor after being
roughly thrown down at the hands of Justin Gabriel.

Cena turns and kneels in front of Gail Kim, "Gail... please..." Cena says,
pleading with her.

Gail Kim opens her eyes, with her teeth gritted and looks at John Cena in her
own pleading method. "Listen to me...Heath's a bit he hasn't
caught on, but Justin is smart...he knows something is up..." Gail says

Cena nods his head, "Just play a me..." Cena says as his
expression doesn't match his tone.

"Come on Justin... I want to pound Gail's tight ass...." Heath says as he
seems a bit annoyed with Justin delaying things. John smiles at Gail and
motions his head slightly for Gail to make a move on Heath.

Gail Kim nods her head at John Cena and turns her head to smirk slightly at
Justin Gabriel and then Heath Slater. "Like I Cena...I don't
care....he let down the entire WWE! Shit...I could I would make him punish
for it..."

John lowers his head, acting upset with what Gail as head while Justin
smirks, "Now there's an idea...." Justin Gabriel says, "If you could... what
would you do?" Justin.

Gail Kim licks her lips slightly and looks at Justin Gabriel. "Well...I make
him watch something that would literally make him feel sick...something that
goes against everything he stands for..."

"What would that be?" Heath asks.

Gail turns her head to look at Heath Slater and rubs her lips together.
"Hmmmm...maybe two hard Nexus dicks going at me at once, you know real rough
and dirty..."

"Gail... please..." John Cena says weakly.

"I like that..." Justin Gabriel smirks.

Heath Slater licks his lips as he lays back on the floor, "So do I... as long
as I get her ass..." Heath says.

Gail Kim turns to look at John Cena "Thanks for letting me down..." Gail says
before she offers him a slight smile of apology before turning back to Heath
Slater and Justin Gabriel. "Mmmmmm...that sounds awesome..."

Cena hangs his head as Justin takes Gail's hands and guides her closer to
Heath, "How many other sluts in the WWE feel like you do towards Cena?"
Justin asks as Gail lifts herself and lowers hers her asshole down onto
Heath's cock.

"Mmmmmm....all of them..." Gail Kim groans and grits her teeth as she lowers
down completely on Heath Slater's cock, feeling him completely fill up her
tight ass, before she leans back and places her hands onto his toned chest.

"Mmmmm think we should have them all show Cena how much they hate him..."
Heath laughs as Gail takes his cock deep in her ass. "Wicked..." Justin licks
his lips as he gets in front of Gail in order to shove his cock into her wet
tight twat.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh shit..." Gail moans as she feels Justin Gabriel's large
cock slide into her wet pussy before he leans forward and lowers his head to
watch his own shaft swiftly moving in and out of her pussy as he rapidly
thrusts into her. Gail Kim manages to glance over Justin Gabriel to look at
John Cena with a soft, reassuring smile.

"Gail... please I'm sorry..." John says as he smiles back at Gail.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck..." Heath moans as he starts to thrust his cock up into
Gail's asshole. Justin keeps his head lowered as he watches his massive cock
go in and out of Gail's cunt.

"Screw you John! Screw you!" Gail Kim yells at John Cena before smiling at
him as she swiftly rocks back and forth between Justin Gabriel and Heath
Slater as both deeply thrust into her ass and pussy with intense focus.

"Ahhh... mmmmm tell him how you really feel..." Justin moans as he increases
the pace of his own thrusts as he pounds Gail's snatch while Heath fucks her

Gail licks her lips slightly as she feels Heath Slater sharply ram his cock
up into her ass, causing her to swiftly move against Justin's cock. "Mmmmm...
but he's so damn hot..." Gail groans.

"Ahhh awww doesn't matter how hot and gorgeous or big he is... he let you
down." Justin grunts as he pumps his cock into Gail's pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah... ohhh fuck!" Heath groans as he thrusts his cock rapidly
into Gail's asshole.

"Mmmmmm....can't he join in though?" Gail moans as she rocks back and forth,
sweat dripping from her toned and gorgeous body as Gabriel and Slater roughly
pound their cocks into her. "He's still a disappointment to me...but
god...that dick of his..."

"Only if he gives his all into the Nexus..." Justin groans as he deeply fucks
Gail's cunt as Heath's shaft starts to throb noticeably within Gail's
asshole. Gail Kim bites down on her bottom lip and innocently shrugs her
shoulders at John Cena as Justin Gabriel's deep and rough thrusts cause her
to sharply rock back on Heath Slater's throbbing shaft.

"Ahhhh... awww fuck me... awww!" Heath groans as he starts to cum inside of
Gail's asshole.

"What... do... you mean?" John asks as he tries to figure out what Justin
said to Gail.

"You'll figure it out Cena..." the gorgeous South African stud replies as he
sits up on his knees while he still deeply fucks Gail's snatch as she wraps
her arms and legs around him to pull herself off of Heath's cum shooting
dick. Gail Kim closes her eyes as she Justin Gabriel places his hands onto
her toned and nicely round ass as he lifts her off of Heath Slater and moves
her off of the bed with his cock still inside of her.

"Slater... get out of here..." Cena says firmly as if something just hit him.

"Huh what?" Slater asks.

"You just shot your load... you're worthless right now and I'm not going to
let this slut get away with talking shit about me..." Cena says as he watches
Gail bounces a bit on Justin's cock.

Heath grins, "Sweet I knew you'd get into this..." Heath says as he reaches
for his wrestling trunks and puts them on, "I'll tell Wade the great news..."
Heath says as he gets to feet and leaves the locker room. Cena stands up and
moves next to Gail and Justin, and when Gail opens her eyes, Cena pushes his
cock into Gail's mouth.

"MMMMMMMM!" Gail moans as her pouty lips immediately wrap around John Cena's
cock and she begins to rock her head against his cock while Justin Gabriel
swiftly pounds his shaft into her pussy with his balls smacking against her

"Mmmmm... ahhh..." Justin licks his lips as he gets an up close look of
Cena's cock as Gail sucks it as she grinds herself on his cock that's
pistoning in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...." Gail moans as she moves her beautiful eyes to glance
at Justin Gabriel as she turns her head on Cena's large shaft, gradually
taking him deeper into her mouth, while she slides on the floor against
Justin's thrusts.

"So... fucking big..." Justin moans as he stares at Cena's cock as Gail sucks
on it and Justin increases the pace of his own thrusts when his dick starts
to throb inside of Gail's twat.

Gail's soft and wet tongue slides gently against the sides of John Cena's
shaft as she increasingly moves her head back and forth. "Mmmmmmmm...
mmmmm..." Gail moans as she feels her pussy ravagenly fucked by Justin

"Awww.... ohhhhh fuck!" Justin moans as he starts to cum inside of Gail's
snatch as he distracts himself by looking at Cena's cock as Gail sucks on it.
Gail Kim slowly lifts her head off of John Cena's cock and licks her lips as
her wet saliva drips down his shaft.

"Get out Justin... I'm not done with her..." John says as he pulls Justin off
of Gail before he finishes cumming.

"Wait.. what?" Justin asks in his startled state as John appears to
forcefully turn Gail over onto her stomach.

"I said get out!" John shouts as he shoves his cock into Gail's cum filled

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhh shit!" Gail Kim moans loudly as she remains down
on her stomach against the floor, with John Cena on top of her back and his
cock pressed down deeply into her pussy from behind.

"You're going to apologize for the shit you said..." John grunts as he
swiftly fucks Gail's pussy, and from where Justin is, it looks like John is
going to fuck Gail through the floor.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm yeah...ohhhhh...." Gail Kim moans and closes her eyes
as she roughly slides against the floor, on her stomach, while John Cena
swiftly pumps his cock into her, her body completely soaked with sweat.

"Shit...." Justin Gabriel says in amazement as he watches Cena's shaft pump
in and out of Gail's pussy.

"Apologize!" Cena snaps into Gail's ear as he puts on a show of dominance for
Justin Gabriel while he fucks the gorgeous Korean Diva.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm I'm soooo...sorry John..." Gail Kim whimpers to play along
with John Cena's act of dominance to show off for Justin Gabriel

"You're going to tell the other Divas... this is what fucking happens when
you screw with me... aren't you?!" Cena grunts as he rams his cock balls deep
into Gail's snatch.

Gail nods her head "Yes....yes....I will....I promise!" Gail moans and
whimpers slightly as she feels John Cena's cock ramming deeply into her
pussy, pressing completely down on her.

Cena pulls his cock out of Gail's cunt when his shaft starts to throb and he
stands up, "Get on your fucking knees..." Cena snaps as he starts to stroke
his cock. Gail Kim places her hands down onto the locker room in order to
push herself up onto her knees before she turns around to face John Cena, and
spots Justin Gabriel still in the locker room looking on with deep sinister
smirk and darkly narrowed eyes. Gail lifts her beautiful eyes and glances up
at John Cena with an alertness to inform him of Gabriel's presence still in
the locker room.

John looks at Justin and glares at him, "What the fuck are you still doing
here?!" John snaps.

"Hey I'm just..." Justin starts to say.

"Shut up!" John snaps, "I heard you talking about my fucking dick..." John
says as he starts to stroke his cock throbbing cock, "This backstabbing slut
heard it too... " John says as he faces Gail Kim. Gail Kim licks her lips and
locks her eyes on John Cena's heavily pulsating cock before she tilts her
head back and holds her mouth open. Justin moves a bit closer and licks his
lips as he looks at Cena's throbbing cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhhh!" Cena groans as he starts to unload a huge amount of cum onto
Gail's face and in her mouth. Gail moans softly as some of John Cena's cum
lands perfectly onto her lips and into her mouth, while the remainder
splatters against her cheeks.

"Fuck..." Justin says as he looks at all the cum that is shooting from Cena's
massive tool and Gail notices Justin's reaction.

"Mmmm ahhh..." Cena moans as he strokes his cock firmly until he's totally
finished cumming. Gail Kim licks her lips clean of the cum and opens her eyes
to look up at John Cena as his thick cum drips from her cheeks.

"Get the fuck out of here... and tell the other Divas everything that
happened here..." Cena says to Gail as he motions his head slightly in the
direction of Justin Gabriel.

Gail Kim nods her head and bites down on her bottom lip "Yes...yes...of
course John..." Gail says, acting afraid of Cena as she goes to pick up her

"Wait... wait... John I'm going to go get the rest of the guys... so a proper
message can be..." Justin Gabriel starts to say as he picks up his wrestling
trunks to put them on. Cena glares at Justin who glances down at Cena's
shaft, "Watch her..." Justin says as he leaves the locker room.

Once he's gone, Cena looks at Gail Kim, "Gail... I'm really..." John starts
to say.

Gail Kim raises her hands up and shakes her head "No John...really it's ok...
I know what you had to do...look..." Gail pauses and takes a deep breath as
she looks at John. "If you're forced out of here and Nexus is still running
wild....we all are doomed...."

"Yeah... you better scram before he gets back... be sure to tell everyone
everything what happened here... and I mean everything..." John says.

Gail looks at John Cena "You want me to tell everything?" Gail asks as she
shakes her head. "But....that's going to make you look bad..." Gail says as
shakes her head once again. "I can't do that...I know you're in Nexus, but me
and everyone else knows which side you're really on..."

John smiles slightly, "Thanks Gail..."

Gail nods her head and smiles. "Of course John..." Gail replies before she
starts to slide her white tank top back on and then pauses. "Wait...if I'm
not here when they get're gonna be in trouble..."

John smiles and points at a nearby, "Lay this on my back..." John says as he
lays down on the ground face down. "Just say someone came and rescued you..."

Gail slowly nods her head and smiles a bit. "Just stay strong John...don't
let them break you..." Gail says as she starts to slide her jeans on.

"I will..." John says as he closes his eyes and acts like he's been laid out.

Gail Kim bends down to pick up the steel chair and walks over to John Cena
before she gently places the chair on his back. Gail takes a step back.
"Oh...and John..."

"Yeah Gail?"

Gail shrugs her shoulders "This might just be my thinking....but I'd watch
your back with Justin Gabriel..."

"I'll remember that..."

Gail Kim laughs a bit. "I don't mean that because he's tough or anything...he
was just looking at you a bit...ummm oddly..."

"So you're saying I should watch my ass..." John laughs a bit as he reveals
to Gail he caught on to what she noticed as well.

Gail nods her head and smiles. "Yeah...exactly..."


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