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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Are You Team Evan Or Team Justin Part 5
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the main event eight-man tag team match at the October 2, 2010 WWE
Live at Tyler, Texas's Oil Palace, Justin Gabriel is alone inside the Nexus
locker room, with a towel around his waist. Justin is going through his
travel bag for his bottles of body-wash, shampoo and conditioner as the door
to the locker room is slowly opened by Brie Bella who quietly enters the
locker room followed by NXT rookies AJ Lee and Aksana.

Brie Bella, dressed in a stunning and perfectly fitting red skirt and
combined top, glances over her shoulder at the two Rookie Divas. "Ok
girls...just follow my lead..."

AJ, dressed in a pair of short and tight black skirts and pink tank top,
presses her lips together and innocently presses her shoulders up. "Ummm
Brie...I've heard that Justin is really, really mean...I don't want to get

Aksana, dressed in a gorgeous and sparkling gold dress and top, bites down on
her bottom lip and looks at Brie Bella and AJ Lee with confusion. "Ummm...
canz somebody explainz this to mez....whatz are we doingz here?" Aksana asks
in her Lithuanian accent.

Justin looks up when he hears Aksana and he looks over his shoulder,"Excuse
me.... what are you three doing here?" Justin says with a raised eyebrow.

Aksana's beautiful and sweet eyes widen as she looks at Justin Gabriel. "Oh!
Helloz...I amz Aksana...the W...W...E's next break out Divaz!" Aksana says
with a precious smile on her face. AJ blushes a bit and lows her head shyly.

"Oh my gosh...he is really hot up close!" AJ says with a laugh. Brie Bella
smirks in amusement at the two Rookie Divas.

"Hey Justin..." Brie says as she takes a step towards the dangerous Nexus
member. "Where are all your buddies?"

"They are gone..." Justin says as he looks suspiciously at Brie and the two
NXT Rookies, Aksana and AJ

Brie Bella rubs her pouty and luscious lips together before she glances back
and motions with her head for AJ and Aksana to step closer, in which they do.
"You know Justin...I don't know why you hang out with them...they're all
loser...but you..,you're a winner..." Brie says with an adorable smile. "At
least I think so...and so do AJ and Aksana...."

AJ smiles widely and nods her head excitedly. "Oh yeah! Most definitely!"

Aksana, however, appears a bit confused as she raises her left hand and
gingerly plays with the tips of her blond hair with the fingers of her left
hand. "Whatz winner? Explain thiz to mez..."

Justin Gabriel glances at Aksana before he looks at Brie, "That one thinks?"

Brie Bella places her hands onto her nicely curved hips and looks at Justin
Gabriel with disappointment. "Don't judge her Justin...just because she may
not be familiar with the culture and language here doesn't mean she doesn't
know how to make a man happy..."

Justin smirks slyly, "So let me guess... the three of you are just here for
one reason..."

AJ Lee bites down on her bottom lip and cutely sways her hips from side to
side. "And that would be what exactly?" AJ asks with an adorable smile.

"To get the shit fucked out of you..." Justin smirks as he looks right at AJ.

AJ innocently laughs and blushes. "Well...." AJ begins to say.

Brie Bella raises an eyebrow and smirks. "What? Are you going to turn the
three of us down, Justin?"

"You three have too many clothes on for me to really consider it..." Justin
says slyly.

Brie Bella licks her lips and looks seductively at Justin Gabriel before she
looks back over her shoulder at AJ and Aksana. "You heard him girls...lets
show him what we've got..."

Justin holds his towel around his waist as he watches Brie, AJ and Aksana
start to lift up their tops. Aksana is the first to completely remove her
gold top, exposing her nicely rounded and large, juicy, tanned tits that
bounce slightly after she removes her top. Aksana bites down on her bottom
lip as she takes a step closer to Justin Gabriel, while AJ removes her pink
tank top to expose her nicely perky and smoothly rounded, tits and she
blushes as she sees Justin licking his lips as her natural figure. Brie is
the last to remove her top, with her large and rounded, perky and luscious
tits being freed from the restriction of her clothing.

"Impressive...." Justin smirks as licks his teeth. "Now let me see your
asses..." The dark skinned stud says.

Aksana raises an eyebrow and shakes her head. "Thatz not howz it workz in my country...the womenz go first then the menz..."

"We're not in your country..." Justin smirks.

AJ smiles and laughs cutely. "I have no problem showing you Justin!" AJ says
with excitement before she turns around, cutely bouncing on her feet so that
her back is face him and she proceeds to lower her short and tight fitting
black shorts to reveal her adorably toned and petite, but rounded ass.

"Mmmmm good..." Justin says as he starts to move towards AJ, and in response
both Brie and Aksana start to lower their skirt and dress respectively.

Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip and playfully looks at Justin Gabriel
as she lowers her dress to show off her gorgeously curved, nicely juicy ass.
"Justin...don't forget about this one..."

Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip and playfully looks at Justin Gabriel
as she lowers her dress to show off her gorgeously curved, nicely juicy ass.
"Justin...don't forget about this one..."

"Hmmmmm... impressive..." Justin says as Brie bends over and sways her ass
for him to check out.

Aksana presses her hands onto her hips and cutely pouts. "Justinz! Youz
aren't pay attentionz to mez..."

Justin Gabriel smirks slyly at Aksana, "Alright show me what you got..."
Aksana elegantly smiles and nods her head before she turns around with her
back facing Justin Gabriel, and pushes down her gold skirt to expose her
nicely toned and gorgeously tanned, firm and juicy ass.

Justin Gabriel licks his lips, "Three tight asses..." Justin says, "I think
none of you can handle this..." Justin says as he removes the towel from
around his waist, revealing his massive cock.

The three sets of eyes belonging to Brie Bella, Aksana and AJ Lee all
immediately widen as they each look down at the impressive cock of Justin
Gabriel, nicely thick and perfectly long. "The real question who
gets the first taste...." Brie says with a smile.

Justin smirks as he proceeds to lay down on the floor, "First one who does...
I'll eat out..." Justin says slyly.

AJ smiles excitedly and turns to face Brie Bella. "Can I go first! Please!?
Oh please Brie!?" AJ says as eagerly presses her shoulders up.

Brie nods her head and smiles. "Go get'em kid!"

"Sure..." Justin Gabriel says as AJ moves quickly to straddle his body,
positioning her hot shaven pussy over his face. Justin raises his head and
starts to lap his tongue against her pussy as AJ leans forward to circle her
tongue on the head of his dick.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah!" AJ happily moans as she holds his cock steady with
her right hand as she lightly moves her petite body on top of him, as he
works his tongue against her adorably wet pussy. AJ closes her eyes as she
flicks her soft, wet tongue against the head of Justin's shaft before she
parts her pouty lips and takes him perfectly into her mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Justin moans as AJ starts to bob her head on his cock while he
laps his tongue against her wet pussy. Justin reaches for AJ's ass and grabs
her ass cheeks with both hands as he eats her pussy while she sucks his cock.

"MMMMMMMMMM!" AJ happily moans as she presses her perky lips smoothly
around Justin Gabriel's shaft as she bobs her dark brunette haired head back
and forth on his cock, with her soft and wet tongue slapping against his

"Mmmmmmm..." Justin smacks his tongue against AJ's snatch as she grinds
herself on his face while she bobs her head on his long hard cock while Brie
and Aksana watch.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm" AJ moans as she eagerly bobs her head back and forth
on Justin's cock, impressively moving her head as she slides her tongue
against the bottom side of his shaft.

Justin lowers his head from AJ's pussy, "Someone else...don't care who...
it's your turn..." Justin says as he resumes eating AJ's pussy as AJ starts
to sit up on top of him.

Brie Bella turns her head and smiles at Aksana. "Go ahead're

"Mmmmm... mmm..." Justin moans as AJ lightly rocks on his face as he works
his tongue in and out of her pussy while Aksana moves to kneel between
Justin's legs. The Lithuania Beauty wraps her left hand around Justin's cock
and lowers her head to take his dick into her mouth.

Aksana presses her luscious lips tightly around Justin's cock as her blond
haired head beautifully bobs up and down as she works her tremendous oral
skills on his shaft. "Mmmmmmm... mmmmmm..." Aksana moans as she slides her
wet and smooth lips against his shaft. AJ sits up straight on Justin's face
as she rocks back and forth, grinding her wet pussy down on his tongue and

"Mmmmmm!" Justin moans as he twirls his tongue inside of AJ's twat while he
raises his hips to push his cock up into Aksana's mouth. Aksana closes her
eyes and focuses on smoothly and swiftly bobbing her blond haired head up and
down on Justin Gabriel's cock as she perfectly takes him deeper into her
stunning mouth.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh..." Justin moans as AJ lifts herself off his face and sits on
the floor next to him. Justin sits up at Aksana bobs her head on his cock and
he looks at Brie who is standing behind Aksana rubbing her own pussy. Aksana
taps her wet tongue seductively against the bottom side of Justin's shaft
before she suddenly deep throats his cock with ease.

'Mmmmm yes..." Justin moans as he places a hand on top of Aksana's head to
hold hr head down on his cock as she deep throats it.

"MMMMMMMMMM!" Aksana moans deeply around his cock as she holds her head
still on his shaft, letting her saliva slowly drip down.

"Mmmmm ahhh... get on all fours..." Justin says to Brie as he continues to
hold Aksana's head down on his cock. Brie Bella smirks and tosses her
gorgeous dark hair back before she lowers herself down onto her knees with
her sultry and nicely juicy ass sticking directly into the air.

"Awww..." Justin Gabriel licks his lips as he pulls Aksana's head off of his
saliva soaked cock. Justin pushes Aksana away and he gets on his knees before
he moves behind Brie. Justin Gabriel smirks as he guides his cock into Brie's
hot wet cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmm....ohhhhh yeah...." Brie moans and leans her head back as she
rocks forward on her knees, feeling Justin's long and thick cock slide deeply
into her pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh...." Justin groans as he holds onto Brie's hips as he begins
to thrust his cock in and out of Brie's pussy. AJ licks her lips as she
quietly moves behind Justin to watch his toned, firm ass go back and forth as
he fucks Brie.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah...ohhhhh yeah...mmmm give me that dick..." Brie Bella moans
and leans her head back as she rocks back on her knees to smoothly push back
against his cock.

"Mmmmm you like that dick? Do ya? Like it going in and out of that tight
cunt..." Justin grunts as he firmly fucks Brie's hot pussy with deep thrusts.
Aksana sits on her knees next to her NXT rival to watch Justin's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhh!" Brie moans lustfully and grits her
teeth as she quickly moves on her knees as Justin swiftly drills her cunt.

Justin glances behind him and smirks at AJ and Aksana while he rams his cock
deeper and harder into Brie's pussy, "You... blondie... on your back... and
you... get on top of her... you two are next..." Justin orders.

Aksana raises an eyebrow and looks at Justin Gabriel with confusion.
"Ummmz....I don't underzstandz...explain to mez!" Aksana says with a nod of
her head and smile.

Justin looks at Aksana as if she's incredibly stupid but before he can reply,
AJ says, "Here just lay down..." AJ says as she gently pushes Aksana to lay
on her back. Justin smirks as he continues to pound Brie's cunt as AJ moves
to straddle Aksana's face.

Brie Bella glances over her shoulder and laughs as she looks at Justin
Gabriel. "There's something about her I like..." Brie says with a moan as she
perfectly moves her body back against his cock.

"Mmmm she'll look good between me and Heath..." Justin says slyly as he pulls
out of Brie's pussy. Justin turns to move towards AJ and Aksana as AJ
playfully rubs Aksana's pussy. "Hold her legs apart..." Justin says to AJ and
the spunky NXT Rookie pushes Aksana's legs open so that Justin can kneel
between them and he guides his cock deep into Aksana's Lithuanian twat.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm thatz feel so bigz!" Aksana moans and places her hands
onto the petite, curved waist of AJ as she sits on top of the Lithuanian

"Ahhhh mmmm...." Justin grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of Aksana's
pussy. AJ lowers her head and starts to flick her tongue against Justin's
pistoning cock and Aksana's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm! Thatz good...." Aksana moans before she lifts her blond
haired head and begins to flick her tongue against AJ's wet and warm pussy as
Justin Gabriel thrusts his shaft in and out of her own gorgeous Lithuanian

"Ooooo mmmm..." AJ moans lightly as she feels Aksana's tongue flicking
against her cunt. AJ happily laps her tongue against Justin's dark, long, fat
cock as it swiftly goes in and of Aksana's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Aksana seductively moans against AJ's pussy as she circles her
tongue delicately around while she pushes smoothly back against Justin's

"Ahhhhh awww..." Justin groans as he feels AJ's tongue on his cock as he
pounds Aksana's tight cunt. AJ sways her ass from side to side as she grinds
her pussy lightly against Aksana's talented tongue.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Aksana moans loudly against AJ's pussy as she pushes her tongue
deeply inside while her back arches slightly when Justin deeply and roughly
slams his cock into her wet pussy.

"Oooooo ohhh Aksana!" AJ moans as she lifts her head up as Aksana tongue
fucks her sweet wet pussy. Justin smirks as he pulls his cock out of Aksana's
cunt and he moves around to get behind AJ. Justin then pushes his big hard
cock into AJ's pussy when Aksana is sliding her tongue out of AJ's cunt.

"MMMMMMMMMM!" Aksana moans seductively as she drags her tongue across Justin
Gabriel's cock, while also moving her tongue against AJ's pussy as he now
begins to thrust into the spunky AJ's pussy.

"Ohhhh shit!" AJ moans loudly as her cunt is penetrated by Justin's huge
cock. AJ lowers her head and buries her own tongue inside of Aksana's pussy
as Justin deeply fucks her from behind.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm" Aksana moans as she gently grinds her pussy against AJ's
tongue as she begins to work her tongue in and out. Aksana moans her head
away from AJ's pussy and lifts her head to Justin's swinging ballsack as he
hammers AJ.

"MMMMMMM!" AJ moans as he twirls her tongue inside of Aksana's hot pussy
while Justin grabs her hips to pull her back against his pistoning cock.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Justin groans as Aksana laps her tongue against his big balls
as the smack against AJ's body.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Aksana moans beautifully as she drags her wet tongue against
Justin's large ballsack as it taps lightly against her nose as he continues
to pound his cock into AJ's pussy.

"Mmmmm....ahhh... awww..." Justin grunts as he deeply fucks AJ's pussy while
he looks at Brie who is pumping fingers in and out of her own cunt as she
watches Justin, AJ and Aksana. "You want this dick?" Justin asks while AJ
thrusts her tongue in and out of Aksana's pussy.

Brie Bella licks her lips and nods her head. "Oh yeah...I want that dick
really bad!"

Justin pulls out of AJ's pussy and smirks, "Get over her and bend over these
two..." Justin says with a smirk as the two NXT rookies continue to work over
each other's sweet pussy.

Brie raises an eyebrow and smirks. "Ohhhhh...I see you're being a bit

Justin smirks slyly, "It pays to be creative..." Justin says with a smirk as
Brie gets up from the floor and moves to where she can bend over AJ who is on
top of Aksana.

Brie Bella leans forward and places her hands onto Aksana's back and glances
back at Justin with a smirk on her face "I'm ready for ya....give me all
you've got!"

"I bet you are..." Justin says as he stands behind Brie and he guides his
cock into Brie's tight wet pussy. As he starts to pump his cock in and out of
Brie's cunt, Aksana grabs AJ's adorable ass and gives it a squeeze as munches
on AJ's cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah...ohhhhhhh..." Brie moans as lowers her head while
rocking on her feet against his firm and deep thrusts.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm.... fuck...." Justin grunts as he holds onto Brie's hips
as he thrusts his cock deeply into pussy.

Brie leans further forward and re-positions her hand on the back of AJ's
bobbing head as the spunky NXT Rookie eats out Aksana. "Oooooo mmmmm oooooo
ahhh!" Aksana moans against AJ's pussy as she begins cum. Aksana slowly
lowers her head away from AJ's pussy and licks her lips. "Mmmmmmm...
Justinz....thatz was very good..."

"Mmmmm....ahhh..." Justin smirks down at Aksana while he continues to fuck
Brie's tight cunt. Justin pulls Brie back against himself as AJ crawls out
from under Brie and off of Aksana.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm" Brie moans as her pussy tightens around Justin's
large cock and she begins to suddenly cum.

"Ahhhh mmmm..." Justin Gabriel licks his lips as Brie cums on his pistoning
cock. When Brie starts to slump down to her knees, Justin pulls out and turns
his attention to the spunky AJ Lee.

AJ bites down on her bottom lip and innocently looks up at Justin Gabriel. "I
guess I'm last!"

"Best for last is what the saying says..." Justin Gabriel says as he gets
down on his knees as AJ turns onto her back. Justin grabs AJ's legs and lifts
them onto his shoulders before he rams his cock balls deep into AJ's soaking
wet snatch.

"Mmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhh my gosh! Mmmmmmm I can't believe how big you are!" AJ
cutely moans and scrunches her nose up as her petite, curved body slides
against the floor.

"Bet you believe it now..." Justin smirks as he rocks on his knees as he
rapidly pumps his cock into AJ's cunt. Justin leans forward, which causes the
petite NXT Rookie's legs to be pushed in an angle until her feet are hanging
over AJ's own head.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhh!" AJ moans loudly as sweat begins to drip off of
her body, as Justin Gabriel continues to roughly pound his cock into her

"Ahhhh... awww...." Justin grunts as his larges balls smack repeatedly
against AJ's cunt as he fucks her with stiff, rapid thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" AJ moans loudly as she is practically sandwiched
together as Justin relentlessly pounds her wet and tight pussy.

"Ahhhh... ahhhh..." Justin's cock starts to throb and sweat drips off of his
lean, toned, dark skin body as he fucks AJ on the floor of the locker room.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm!" AJ moans as she closes her eyes and begins to cum on
his shaft.

"Ahhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck...' Justin leans back as he feels AJ cumming on his
pulsating cock as he keeps thrusting it into her. AJ lowers her legs from
Justin's shoulders before Justin pulls out of her well-fucked snatch. AJ
licks her lips as she lays completely back on the locker room floor and
slides her hands against her sweat coated, petite, toned and flat stomach.

Justin stands up and turns around to face Aksana who is sitting on her knees
with an sweet yet eager smile on her face. "Open wide..." Justin says as he
starts to stroke his long hard dick.

Aksana smiles elegantly as she looks up at Justin Gabriel. "Ohhhh...Justinz
are youz gonna cumz?"

"What do you think?" Justin asks as he pumps his right hand on his cock at a
quicker pace.

Aksana raises an eyebrow and cutely laughs. "Ummmmz...wouldz that be yez?"

"Ahhhh you're gonna set blondes back years..." Justin groans as he starts to
cum, spraying his load all over Aksana's face. Aksana opens her mouth and
tilts her head back as Justin's warm, thick cum rains down onto her beautiful
face, with some of the cum dripping into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm ahhh..." Justin moans as he strokes his cock as he continues to cum
while Brie and AJ both sit up to see Aksana getting all of Justin's warm

Brie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she looks at Justin Gabriel. "You
know...I bet Nikki would really like you."

Justin glances at Brie after he finishes cumming, "Funny... I thought you
were Nikki cause I fucked her weeks ago..."

Brie Bella opens her mouth slightly in shock. " didn't...Nikki
would have told me that..."

Justin smirks, "Like she would tell you... you are just like that Layla,
thinking someone would tell them they got an incredible fucking...."

Brie narrows her eyes. "Nikki is my sister...we share everything."

"That's not what I see... I see you sharing with two women who aren't your
sister..." Justin says with a smirk, "Besides... you're the better fuck...."

Brie Bella suddenly smiles excitedly. "Oh my god! You really think so!? You
think I'm better than Nikki!?" Brie asks with disbelief. "Everyone says Nikki
is better..."

"Maybe you should kick her to the curb... you don't need her..." Justin says

Brie Bella smirks for a moment before she turns her head to look at AJ and
Aksana. "!" Brie commands before she turns her attention
back to Justin Gabriel. "Justin and I need a bit."

* * *

Meanwhile, on the highway going from Tyler, Texas to Dallas, Texas, Evan
Bourne is in the driver's seat of a rental car, wearing jeans and a long
sleeved shirt, while WWE Diva Eve Torres is in the passenger seat. "I still
can't believe that Brie and those two NXT Rookies left without you..." Evan
says as Eve shakes her head at what the situation that lead to her getting a
ride with Evan.

Eve, dressed in a pair of nicely tight fitting jeans and white tank top, with
a black jacket over the top, shakes her head and laughs a bit. "Yeah...I was
even early at the place we were going to meet, and they never showed..."

"Well it's a good thing I was still in the building.. otherwise you'd be
walking..." Evan says as he teases Eve.

Eve raises an eyebrow at Evan Bourne before she replies. "No...I think I
would have called you and your ass would have come back and picked me up..."
Eve states with a cute laugh.

Evan laughs, "Why is it girls think I'll come when they tell me too?" Evan

Eve shrugs her shoulders and smiles. "Well...I think it's because you're such
a nice guy."

"Yeah I know..." Evan Bourne smiles, "And yeah I would've cam back to pick
you up..." Evan adds.

Eve smiles and laughs. "That's because I'm so darn cute..." Eve says

"Yeah you are...." Evan replies with a smile as a car passes their rental car
on the highway.

Eve presses her lips together. "You know I heard something weird that Brie
was talking about with AJ..."

"What did you hear?" Evan asks.

Eve shakes her head slightly "Something about going to see that creep Justin

"Oh.... probably has to do with that debate a lot of the Divas are having..."
Evan replies with a shrug.

Eve looks at Evan Bourne and presses her lips together. "What debate?"

"Who's bigger or better... Justin or me..." Evan laughs a bit.

Eve laughs slightly. "Oh....well this is the first I've heard of it..."

"It's pretty silly... but some Divas have been wondering...." Evan says.

Eve turns her head to look at Evan Bourne. "Do you think he is...bigger or
better than you?"

"Heck no..." Evan laughs.

Eve raises an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yeah I'm sure... if he was.... everyone from Michelle to Kelly wouldn't be
coming to me to make sure... and I'm guessing some girls are going to Justin
for the same reason," Evan says.

Eve shrugs her shoulders slightly. "Well...I know Kelly told me that she was
very impressed with him..."

"What do you think of him?" Evan asks with a teasing smile.

Eve laughs. "Well I don't know...he kind of creeps me out a bit...I've never
really been close to him...he is kind of cute though..."

"Well if you do end up 'trying him out'... I suggest going a round with me
first..." Evan says jokingly.

Eve laughs softly. "And why would I do that?"

"Because you seem curious that's all..." Evan replies.

Eve rubs her lips together and shrugs her shoulders. "And if I was..."

"Ummmm I could pull over... or we could find a cheap hotel..." Evan answers.

Eve turns in the passenger seat and looks directly at Evan. "Do one those
choices...I dare you..."

"Ok..." Evan laughs a bit, "Ummm I don't see any hotels.... so.... guess I'll
pull over..." Evan says as he guides the car over to the side of the highway.

Eve nods her head and smiles. " you better not chicken out on

Evan Bourne smiles, "I'm not chickening out you dared me too..."

Eve laughs as she starts to unzip her jacket, before she unbuckles her seat
belt. Evan unbuckles his seat belt and turns the keys to turn off the car's
engine. He grins at Eve as begins to unbutton his shirt. Eve smiles back at
Evan Bourne as she removes her black jacket and tosses the jacket into the
backseat before she places her hands onto her white tank top and proceeds to
lift it.

"Wow..." Evan says as he gets a good look at Eve's tits as she removes her
white tank top. Evan finishes undoing his shirt and slips it off, revealing
his nicely muscular body. Evan bundles his shirt and stuffs it behind the
driver's wheel on the dashboard of the rental car. Eve rubs her pouty and
luscious lips together before she leans over to the driver's side and places
her hands onto Evan's waist as she starts to unbuckle the belt around his

Evan licks his lips as he reaches over with his right hand to squeeze Eve's
jeans covered ass as she unbuckles his belt before she starts to undo his
jeans. Evan lifts himself a bit so that Eve can push down his jeans. Once his
jeans are down far enough, Evan's big, fat and hardening cock springs out of
his jeans and smacks Eve's forehead.

"Hey! Watch it!" Eve says with a laugh before she presses her lips together
and lightly kisses the head of his cock, placing her left hand on his shaft

Evan laughs a bit, "Well 'he' wanted to come out to say hi..." Evan says
jokingly as Eve again kisses the head of his cock while she uses her right
hand to push Evan's jeans down his legs. Eve closes her eyes and gently taps
her wet, soft tongue against the head of his shaft, before she moves her
tongue down of the head and guides her tongue against his hardening shaft.

"Mmmmm..." Evan moans as Eve slides her tongue down the length of his cock.
As Eve now uses her right hand to unbutton her own jeans, Evan slides his
hands into her jeans to feel her ass directly. Eve smoothly brushes her wet,
soft tongue back up Evan Bourne's nicely thick and long shaft as she reaches
the head and begins to gently circle her tongue.

"Mmmm..." Evan moans as he leans back on the driver's seat as Eve circles her
tongue around the head of his dick. Meanwhile Evan's middle finger of his
right hand slips into Eve's asscrack and Evan proceeds to push lightly until
he can push his finger into Eve's asshole.

"Mmmmmm..." Eve softly moans as she opens her mouth and lowers her head,
taking Evan's cock into her sultry mouth, pressing her lips gently around his

"Mmmmm yeah Eve...' Evan moans as Eve starts to bob her head on his cock
while he slowly works his finger in and out of Eve's asshole. Eve squirms on
the passenger seat as she uses just her right hand to work her jeans down
from her hips.

"Mmmmmmmm....mmmmmm..." Eve gently moans around Evan's cock as she continues
to smoothly bob her head up and down on his cock, while his middle finger
lightly pumps into her tight asshole. Evan lays his left hand on Eve's head
as she gently sucks on his cock while he pushes his right hand's middle
finger deeper into Eve's asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm....mmmmmm...ohhhhh..." Eve seductively moans as she starts to bob
her head at a quicker pace with her pouty lips brushing back and forth on his

"Mmmmm that's it Eve.... mmmm..." Evan moans as Eve bobs her head on his cock
at a brisk pace and he responds by pushing a second finger into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Eve moans as her breathing quickens as she continues
to move her head back and forth, perfectly sucking on Evan's cock.

"Mmmmm.... I bet you're wondering how Justin's cock will taste as you suck my
dick..." Evan says as he works his fingers in and out of Eve's ass. Eve
teasingly slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Evan Bourne's shaft
as she continues to deeply and smoothly bob her head back and forth.

"Ahhhhh... I bet you're thinking... is Justin's cock as big as Evan's....
would it be as hard..." Evan says as he feels Eve's breathing heavier as she
sucks his cock while he finger-fucks her tight ass.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm" Eve moans as she continues to bob her head on his
cock deeply, smoothly and steadily as she forces his cock deeper into her
stunning mouth.

"Ahhhhh you like a big fat dick like that Eve?" Evan groans as Eve swallows
more of his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Eve moans and slightly nods her head before she slowly lifts
her head off of his cock. Evan licks his lips as he slides his fingers out of
Eve's asshole as she sits up on the passenger seat and kicks off her jeans.

"So...what'd you think about that, Mr. Bourne?"

Evan smirks, "I think that was great..." Evan says as Eve proceeds to climb
on top of him on the driver's seat and take his big hard cock into her tight
wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Eve groans as she slowly lowers down onto his cock, feeling
him deeply push up. Eve places her hands onto his chest and begins to
smoothly rock back and forth on his shaft.

"Ohhhhh fuck..." Evan groans as he reaches behind Eve and grabs her ass with
both hands as she rocks on his dick.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah...ohhhhh..." Eve moans as she rocks back and forth
on his cock, grinding her wet pussy down on his shaft.

"Mmmm ahhh you're so fucking wet Eve... mmmm thinking about what it's going
to be like when you go fuck Justin to see if he measures up?" Evan asks with
a grin as he thrusts his cock sharply up into Eve's pussy.

"Mmmmmmm maybe...maybe not..." Eve moans with a smile as she smoothly rocks
back and forth on his cock, grinding her wet, tight pussy down as she bounces

"Ahhh... mmmm oh you are..." Evan grins as he squeezes Eve's juicy ass each
time she drops down on his big hard dick.

Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmm you like that Evan?" Eve asks with a moan as she moves back
and forth on his rock hard cock, feeling him thrusting up into her wet

"Ohhh yeah.... mmmm fuck..." Evan groans as he raises his hips to thrust his
cock up into Eve's pussy while she rocks and bounces on his shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhh....ohhhhhh yeah..." Eve moans and closes her beautiful eyes as she
continues to lower on his shaft, before moving upward when he thrusts up into
her pussy.

Evan leans his head forward and flicks his tongue against Eve's harden
nipples of her tits as she bounces sharply on his pistoning cock. Evan takes
his left hand off of Eve's ass and opens the driver's side door.

Eve pauses suddenly and looks at Evan Bourne as he opens the driver's door.
"Ummmm...what are you doing?"

"We need a little more room..." Evan says with an innocent smile as he starts
to lift Eve off of his cock and angle her to where she has to step out of the
car. Once she's out, Evan gets out of the car as well. Eve places her hands
on top of the driver's side door as Evan gets behind her and guides his cock
back into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm...Evan...what if someone sees us..." Eve groans as she feels his
cock begin to thrust into her pussy again.

"Mmmmm.... you scared?" Evan asks as he holds onto Eve's hips as he thrusts
his cock deeply into Eve's tight wet pussy.

Eve raises an eyebrow as she looks at Evan Bourne. "No..." Eve replies with a
nervous laugh. "Don't be ridiculous

"Alright..." Evan laughs as he starts to fuck Eve with harder and deeper
thrusts while she holds onto the top of the driver's side door.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...mmmmmm shit Evan...mmmmm you feel so goood..."

"Ahhhh. yeah Eve.... mmmm..." Evan grunts as he thrusts his cock all the way
into Eve's snatch with each of his deep thrusts.

"Ohhhhhh shit Evan...ohhhhhhh..." Eve moans as she pushes back against his
cock, with her gorgeous ass pressing against his waist. Evan slides his hands
from Eve's hips and places them on her lower back as he pounds Eve's hot cunt
on the side of the Texas highway.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh shit...." Eve moans as sweat drips down her beautiful
face as he firmly pulls her back against his cock.

"Mmmm... ahhhh yeah... ahhh..." Evan groans as he pulls his cock out of Eve's
wet pussy when his cock starts to throb. Evan turns Eve around and has her
lean back against the side of the car before he lifts her up and lowers her
pussy onto his cock. Eve wraps her legs around Evan's waist as he resumes
fucking her with his throbbing shaft.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! That feels so good Evan..." Eve groans and grits her teeth as
she smoothly bounces up and down on his cock, with her gorgeous legs around
his waist.

"Ohhhh yeah... ahhhh..." Evan grunts as he swiftly pumps his cock into Eve's
pussy while he uses the car to help hold Eve up.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh...mmmmmm Evan..." Eve moans and licks her lips as she
grinds her pussy down on his shaft as she begins to cum.

"Ahhh... mmmmm..." Evan grits his teeth as his cock starts to erupt inside of
Eve's pussy as she cums on his pulsating tool.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh Evan..." Eve moans as she breathes heavily while she
gently relaxes her body against him as his cum fills her.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Evan moans and licks his lips as he fills Eve's pussy with
his warm cum.

Eve leans her head back slightly and groans. "Ohhhhh Evan..."

Evan grins, "Ahhh so when you bang Justin, you're gonna tell me how he
measures up?" Evan asks jokingly.

Eve raises an eyebrow and looks at Evan Bourne. "Who said I was going to bang

"I'm just teasing..." Evan grins as he eases Eve off of his cock.

Eve licks her lips and laughs a bit. "Oh and Evan..."

"Yes Eve?" Evan asks

"I knew all about that little debate..." Eve says with a cute smile.

"Oh really?" Evan asks with a laugh.

Eve nods her head. " wouldn't believe how much the locker room is
divided over this."

"Oh I can believe it... that rookie Kaitlyn and Michelle came after me at the
same time earlier today..." Evan says.

Eve presses her lips together. "So Evan...who's been your favorite Diva?"

"I have to say... you..." Evan says with a smile

Eve smiles. "Are you just saying that because I'm here?"

"Nope... all the other Divas so far came after me either two or three at a
time... got you one on one..." Evan replies.


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