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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Allie (TNA, known as Cherry Bomb in WSU, SHIMMER, SHINE)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, anal.

Assisting EC3
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the "Impact Zone" in one of the sound studios of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, during the taping of the broadcast of TNA Impact Wrestling to air on May 31st, 2016. The former two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, the handsome but sometimes overly cocky man known as Ethan Carter III is smirking proudly as he heads backstage. He'd just further used his appointed for the evening powers of being in charge of the show to get payback at his rival Mike Bennett by forcing his wife Maria into a "job performance review" that has essentially stripped her of power as Head of the Knockouts.

"Damn did that feel good to stick it to that bitch Maria..." Ethan chuckles to himself, clad in a nicely fitting processional suit, pants and shirt that fits nicely to his muscular, athletic frame. "And at Slammiversary while Kim takes care of her, I'll finally teach The Miracle something about respect..."

"Excuse me!!" A sharp, high pitched voice calls out, making Carter cringe and cover his ears as he turns around. Storming up to him is the gorgeous and curvaceous blonde known as Allie, who is also the woman who was humiliated by EC3 just minutes before by being forced into a tag team match with fellow ally to Maria Sienna in an easily losing effort to rivals Gail Kim and Knockouts Champion Jade.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!?" Allie squeals in anger again, her high heels clicking to a stop as she glares at Carter. A pair of stylish glasses are resting in her hair on the top of her head, and she's clad in the far from suited for competing in attire she'd just been seen in of a short, black skirt with tiny shorts underneath that hug to her juicy and thick ass, and a tight black sleeved top with white front that nicely shows off her large, rounded chest.

"Well, if you'd quit the squealing Miss Anonymous Chick Number One..." Ethan says as he lowers his hands from his ears, continuing to insult much like he'd did out in the ring to her and her friends. "I'm just a man doing his job... Making matches, making decisions... Oh, and making life a living Hell for those who deserve it. Like... Your bitch Boss Maria, and her good for nothing, cheating scumbag of a husband Mike Bennett."

"How dare you! Maria is a visionary! A leader!" Allie stomps her foot as she yells out her high pitched anger at him. "She is going to change this division for the better! How dare you try and..."

"Oh shut up! Please!!" Carter cuts her off with a raised voice of his own, making her jaw drop in shock of being insulted.

"Face facts honey... Maria is going to be stripped of all that power soon enough, and you're just going to be left as a pretty face in a skirt, yelling in a voice dogs will start riots to..." He pauses, rather boldly leaning over so he can check out that very skirt she's currently wearing. "Kind of a shame really..."

"H-hey! What's that supposed to mean?" She demands, placing her hands on her waist with a glare.

"Well, you're a Knockout, right? And I saw you compete a bit out there... Something tells me you don't plan on spending all your time just being a bag carrier for Maria and that other chick, do you?" Ethan questions with a sly smirk.

"Of course I'm a Knockout!" Allie says, using a hand to arrogantly brush her long hair back. "Signed contract and everything... It's why Maria brought me in to..."

"Yeah yeah, skip the history 101 here honey..." Carter cuts her off again. "Listen... Since I'm still in charge tonight for a while, and we can assume that your Boss, for the moment still at least, will be still pissed off and won't care if you're busy for a while..." He motions over his shoulder with his hand. "How about you come with me to my "office", and we can see if you can measure up to some of the other Knockouts I've... Well, that I've fucked around here since I arrived." He boldly says.

Allie's jaw drops again, processing the invitation before she looks him over. "Ex-excuse me?!?" She snaps with that high pitch.

"Hey, if you're afraid to do it, or if you're some kind of prude..." EC3 says, deliberately twisting the knife to provoke her. "Just saying... I just got in the door today and Jade was sucking me off to get booking into a match... Not to mention Gail begging and offering up her ass to be able to get one over on Maria... You telling me you can't screw better than they can?"

"I am not afraid!!" She yells again, making Ethan cringe and step back from how loud and piercing her cry was. "You think those tramps are more of a woman than me?? Fine! Let's go! I'll show you what a real woman is capable off!!" She says, taking the bait all too easily to Carter's smirking approval.

* * *

Minutes later in the private green room set aside for Ethan Carter III to be in charge of Impact Wrestling for the night, the gorgeous Knockout Allie is on her knees in front of a now bottomless EC3, her eyes wide and jaw again dropped but this time in awe of the thick and long cock hanging between his legs as he steps out of those pants.

"Looks like someone likes what they see... But I'm used to that..." Ethan says with a handsome smile, watching as the busty beauty in front of him doesn't appear to hesitant to take a hold of his length, beginning to pump him. "Hey, that a tongue piercing? I had a feeling you weren't just some personal assistant..." He notes, seeing that when Allie sticks her tongue out to lightly lick her own lips she shows off that she has a metal piercing in her tongue. "Guess... Mmmmm... I can see that you're one of these "hands on" assistants..." He jokes, groaning slightly as her stroking hand easily gets him hardening with a few quick pumps.

"Oh, with something like this? I think I can get more than just hands on with..." She smirks, leaning in and patting her tongue against the tip of his cock, already making him groan as the piercing works against that fat crown. Following up she starts to slowly swirl her tongue around the crown, making him groan with the clockwise motion as the metal grinds pleasurably against his member, and giving the shaft a light pump with her hand for good measure. Glancing up with a clearly lustful look, despite her earlier resistance and disgust, she looks back down as she lifts away for a second so she can spit down onto him, then using her hands to pump the lube of sorts over his fat and now rock hard tool.

"You... You'd better not tell anyone about this!" Allie warns with a snappy, high-pitched tone, but the words were soon made quite empty as she moves back down, now guiding EC3's cock into her mouth, making him moan with approval already from the first feel of how sinfully hot and nicely damp her oral hole feels. Tellingly, she groaned herself as that thickness passed between her lips that soon pressed around this man meat and the smirk she saw on his handsome face showed her heard that slightly muffled sound, causing her to narrow her eyes with a glare up at the hunk she had the manhood of in her mouth.

"Relax... I can keep a secret..." Ethan said, having the smarts to tell her what she wanted to hear, and after the bait was easily taken he got the expected reward as the newest TNA Knockout started to move her head along his meaty prick. He moaned as her mouth slid back up to the head of his tool, and then moved smoothly back down to just at the midway mark before she repeated the motion, her long hair beginning to sway as it didn't take long at all for her to get into a solid rhythm.

"Ahhhhh... And unlike the husband of your boss... Mmmmm... I'm a man of my word..." He said with a groan, cocky enough to take a cheap shot at his rival, the man who is married to the woman who is the boss of the busty beauty currently sucking his dick. Not just doing that, but doing it more than well from the moans he's letting out, the back and forth motion of her mouth showing that this is not the first time she's sucked someone off before.

"Mmmmphhhh... Mmmmm Mmmmphhh!!" The gorgeous Canadian groaned around the big American dick she was taking in and out if her mouth, showing her oral skills by occasionally slapping her tongue up against his underside, causing him to groan when he feels the brief touch of that tongue piercing that just enhances the already hot feeling he's getting from her hungry mouth. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhh... Mmmmm mmmmmm..." Knowing how naughty this is and the trouble she could be in if anyone found out about this sexual encounter seems to be turning her on with every bob of her long haired head she gives as she continues to moan around the dick she's blowing, and all the while with her stylish glasses still resting on the top of her head. With one hand still clamped onto his meat and giving him a stroke in time with the motion of her head, her other hand is free to roam, squeezing her own large tits through her shirt, further making her groan around his member as she still gazes up at this hung stud she's currently servicing.

"Mmmmmm... Shit... You weren't kidding... You know what you're doing..." The former TNA World Champion says, sounding genuinely impressed by the oral talent being displayed by the now former assistant to the Head of the Knockouts Division as she slurps smoothly and steadily up and down on his shaft. It's all left him with a more than generous coating of her spit over the upper inches, and soon that saliva is getting stroked over the bottom half with her pumping hand when it drips down, making him moan with each suck she delivers while she still groans away around his vast size. "Ahhhhh... Skill like that? You're going to fit in... Mmmmm!! Just fine around here..." He says rather casually in quite the backhanded manner, still smirking as he watches her pretty face push down onto his cock before soon lifting upward before she easily repeats the motion, keeping those lovely lips wrapped around that length like a pro.

Narrowing her eyes again up at him, she slowly lifts her head up and off from him with a sexy "Pop!" sound, catching her breath for a moment as she applies both hands onto his dick. "What do you mean by that??" She questions with a high-pitched voice, sounding mad again but not making herself look anything like the professional woman she's claims to be as she pumps his shaft with her hands to keep him groaning, working her saliva all over those fat inches in the process. "I was hired because I share Maria's vision of what the Knockouts Division should be!" Allie claims with another loud squeal, briefly glaring before she can moves her mouth down towards his tool, keeping her hands pumping away at the whole shaft while she slaps her pierced tongue against his bell-end, running across the piss-slit to make him gasp before going back to the steady swirling action she'd used at the start of this blowjob.

"First off, stop with the damn yelling!" Ethan says, as while enjoying the BJ he's been getting he could clearly do without her squeals when she talks. "And secondly, I bet you're going to ditch Maria and her chump husband as soon as she gets officially dropped as Head of the Knockouts."

"I'll do what's best for me..." Allie says with a sly smirk, letting go of his dick so she can stand up. "Working for Maria, working for Sienna... As long as it gets me where I want to be, I'll work with anyone..." She says, hands reaching up to remove her glasses from her hair so she can then pull her top up and over her head, revealing her large, rounded tits that bounce free from the tight clothing.

"Opportunistic huh? Can't say I can judge you on that..." EC3 smirks, casually unbuttoning his own shirt as he takes a seat on the couch, watching the gorgeous Knockout continue to undress. "I've been doing it all night... Great tits by the way..."

"Oh, I'm much more than just that..." She says with an arrogant tone and slight raised pitch, now pushing her short skirt along with the shorts underneath down her tanned legs to show off her thick and sexy ass along with a neatly trimmed pussy.

"If you're so sure, come and give me a little ride here..." The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion challenges once he's tosses his shirt aside, leaving him similarly naked as the woman who has held championships in SHIMMER, SHINE and WSU makes her way toward him. Slightly licking her lips, she accepts the invite by straddling his muscular frame, hands resting on his broad shoulders as she lowers her pussy down onto that rock hard cock that's more than helpfully lubed up with all her spit still coating him. "Mmmmm... Fuck! That feels good already... So don't stop there..." He adds, still smirking as she sinks down to take in the head, then a few inches to make them both moan as he feels how tight, and already a little wet, that snatch is, while she takes a moment to adjust to such a vast size inside her love tunnel.

"Mmmmm!! Ooooooh God!! That's... Mmmmm!! That's huge!!" She gasps out a squeal, grinding her pussy slightly against that fat rod and already making her big tits jiggle from just that motion. As his hands start to slide up her sides, she begins to bounce herself on that dick, shifting up to keep an inch and the crown inside before pushing down, with each motion getting more of that lengthy inside her and at the same time building a steady rhythm that easily has them both groaning out their approval any time she either drops down or lifts back up. "Ahhhhh!! MMMM... Oh shit... Mmmmm!! So... So good!!" The newest TNA Knockout rather shamelessly admits to her enjoyment of having this shaft stuffed up into her, with it getting taken in deeper and deeper still each time she pushes back down and makes a slap of skin hitting off of tanned skin ring out around this green room she's fucking the hunky TNA Wrestler in.

"Mmmmm... Glad to see we're... Ahhhhh... Finally getting along honey..." The former Derrick Bateman of NXT says with a moan, noting the clear change now from her prior slight reluctance to now very willingly bouncing away on his dick, taking his manhood in deeply up into her tightness and feeling how more damp that hole is getting as she energetically rides him now. "Ahhhh... You don't feel half... Mmmmm! Bad yourself..." He adds, getting the best view in the house as he watches those large, rounded breasts jiggling away right in front of his handsome face, the starlet known as Cherry Bomb in the indies showing off more fine sexual skill of her own to go with her stunning looks and body as she lifts and drops herself with steady timing over and over again.

"MMMM!! Oh yes... You like that? Mmmmm?? Ahhhhh..." Allie asks with quite the lustful look in her eyes, running her tongue across her upper teeth while she keeps on riding that big cock to take him up deeply into her wet and snug twat, just raising up to slip a few inches out of her, distance enough for the following sharp drop and ringing sound of their desirables bodies connecting that accompanies. "AHHHH... Mmmmm!! Like how I'm... Mmmmm!! Fucking your big fucking dick... Just because... Ahhhhh... You're the fucking Boss of the show tonight??" She adds, her voice now far more tolerable than her infamous glass-smashing yelling as she spills out the dirty talk, keeping her snatch raising and lowering with swift motions, doing all the work but so full of desire now she doesn't care as long as this great pleasure keeps coming from her snatch being filled up.

"Ahhhhh... So you wouldn't mess around... If I wasn't calling the shots tonight? Mmmmm... I'm hurt..." The handsome Ohio-born hunk says with a chuckle, enjoying to say the least the horny state the usually bitchy beauty from Ontario, Canada as she bounces up and down on his stiff length, that curvaceous frame smoothly and swiftly riding his member with the technique of a pornstar instead of the talented pro wrestler she's also known to be. "MMMM... Keep riding my dick like that... And I'll... Mmmmm!! I'll forgive you for that..." He says, more focused on the pleasure she's getting from her snug and damp hole all around his cock as she indeed keeps shifting herself upward then right back down, her plump butt cheeks jiggling as her thighs slap down against his sturdy body and her big breasts still bouncing away in time with the rest of her as the gorgeous blonde shows that she's no stranger to this kind of position even with a cock of his great size involved.

"MMMM!! Forgive me?" She tosses her long hair back, stopping her bounces but soon making them both keep groaning as she grinds down that pussy against his crotch. "How about... Mmmmm... You just give it to me instead?" She says, smirking sinfully as before he can even answer she's lifting herself off from his cock.

"You do still remember... I am still in charge for tonight here..." Carter says with an amused smirk, showing he doesn't exactly mind that suggestion.

"Please... Please Mr. Carter..." Allie says with her best, naughty girl voice as she sits back on the couch, spreading her legs invitingly wide for him. "Please fuck me with that big, fucking cock of yours!"

"Well, since you asked nicely..." The former two-time TNA Heavyweight Champion says, still smiling and for good reason as he moves into position, using a hand to guide his cock into her wet and still tight pussy, making them both moan out as he pushes in deep with the first firm pump, then drawing back a little so he begin stuffing himself into the multi-time singles and tag team champion on the indy scene. "MMMM... Yeah... I'm liking you a whole better now that... Uhhhhh... You're not being such a stuck up, whining bitch..." He rather boldly says considering he's currently fucking the same woman he's insulting, but seeing how she's moaning out and intensely watching his fat fuck-stick being pushed right into her to vanish between her wet folds, and then soon drawn out so the motion can be repeated, he can't be blamed for showing off his signature self confidence as well as clear talent in the art of sex.

"I... MMMM!! I'm not... Ahhhhh!! I'm not a bitch!!" The Canadian stunner claims with a slight, piercing high pitch before she cuts herself off with another shameless moan from how that long American cock is thrusting into her so well, undeniable pleasure flowing through her as he's already going in balls deep thanks to the prior riding position she'd administered just as expertly as this one is being done to fill up her snatch. "AHHHHH!! Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM I just... UHHHH... I just love... MMMMM... A big fucking dick in me!!" She says, gritting her teeth lustfully as her body rocks back up against the couch she's being taken on, making those lovely rounded tits shake erotically with every thrust she takes, her pussy getting stuffed full with every inch of that suitably big dick from a hunk clearly equipped in more ways than one to give her the kind of fucking she and that stunning body deserves.

"Never... Ahhhhh... Said it was a bad thing babe... MMMMM!!" The stud who had a past of being stuck up and arrogant when he first made his debut in TNA comments between his grunts, gripping her smooth and tanned legs by the thighs to keep them spread, allowing unrestricted access into that nicely tight, quite wet now, but still very needy snatch of the latest member of the Knockouts roster. "AHHHHH... Mmmmm... But keep hurting my ears with those yells... Ahhhhh!! And I'll bring a ball-gag for you next time..." He adds with a hiss, swiftly and firmly thrusting in and out of her love tunnel, making the quick slap of his crotch hitting her gorgeous body ring out along with their moans as the red hot, no-strings sex carries on to their obvious approval despite him having used his powers of being in charge of Impact Wrestling for the night to make her night Hellish just to get back at his current rival.

"MMMMMM FUCK!! Just... Just fucking fuck me!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOH!!" The sexy assistant to the current Number One Contender to the Knockouts title groans out, tilting her blonde haired head back as she takes thrust after deep thrust straight up into her wet but still snug pussy, the force behind those pumps more than enough to keep that body jolting back against the couch of this green room they've been fucking in. "AHHHHH... MMMMMM YES!! Fill... Fucking fill me up damn it!! MMMMM!!" She hisses, showing off her sexy piercing as she sticks her tongue out to give her lips a long and lusty lick, her hands moving up to clamp onto her own big, jiggling tits to squeeze and make herself moan, increasing her own enjoyment as she gets banged, and giving some added visual encouragement to the hung stud currently ramming into her deep.

"MMMM... Keep this up... AHHHHH... And you'll have a bright future in this company..." The man who was victorious in the TNA World Title Series in 2015 shows off top notch sexual ability to match those in-ring skills, his thrusting motion steady and quick to send all his inches forcefully forward into the wet snatch of the beauty who at one point was WSU Champion as well as being half of the Team Team Champions of SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling. For now though the focus is on this shameless and red hot fun between these two desirable sports entertainers as Carter continues to drive his dick sharply and deep into that still snug but very damp now pussy of the busty beauty spread eagle in front of him and moaning out with every stiff pump she willingly takes.

"MMMM... You bet I... UHHHH!! I fucking will..." Allie says, using her hands to push him away and pull out of her well fucked snatch. "But now... Now I want you to fuck my ass!" She boldy demands, turning around to kneel on the couch, sticking her juicy ass out towards him as she looks back over her shoulder with a big, naughty smile.

"Well, I did send that fine ass of yours to get kicked out there in the ring earlier on..." Ethan reasons, smirking with approval as her dirty request as he moves over to a travel bag. "Guess it stands to reason I should get to fuck that same ass..." He says, pulling out a small bottle of lube and making his way back towards her, casually applying the fluid over his still rock hard dick.

"Oooooooh... Mmmmm you fucker..." She groans as he begins to pour out a bit of lube down onto her rear cheeks, the liquid dripping down and into the crack of her shapely behind to flow over her back door. "Shove it in me... Mmmmm... Like... Uhhhhh... Like I'm a dirty fucking whore..."

"If you insist honey..." Having no problem taking up that request, the former NXT Superstar known as Derrick Bateman steps in, rubbing his cock head against that tight entrance, a sensation more than enough to make the beauty who works the indy wrestling scene as Cherry Bomb groan out. It's not long however before with a firm push his fat cock-head, then a couple of inches are forced into that vice-like back passage, both of them moaning out at the tightness and the invasion each feels as he begins to pull back slightly. "MMMM!! You're fucking tighter than Velvet ever was... AHHHH..." He comments as he takes a hold of her waist for some support, allowing him to start pumping his hips towards and then away from her, groaning with each thrust and gradually building the motion up along with the speed and force put behind the motion as he works his thick inches deeper into that tightest of the newest Knockout's holes.

"MMMMM!! OH GOD... MMMMM FUCK YES!! FUCK ME... FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS!!" She's already loudly squealing out in that infamous high pitch, gazing back like she's in a trance, watching the hypnotic sight of his meaty pole plunging forward between her rounded and tanned ass cheeks before pulling back but not completely out, so he can soon push back in and make her moan out as her backside gets stuffed with an impressive amount of man meat that most women wouldn't even be able to take at this point. "UHHHH!! MMMMM!! Oh yes... MMMMM YEAH... YEAH YEAH YESSSSS MMMMM..." She moans out again, a hand right between her legs now as she feverishly rubs her wet snatch with quick strokes of her fingers, having already been clearly getting off from her filthy moans and how she's already pushing her rump back against the incoming thrusts, but now looking to properly do the job to herself while the hung hunk behind her takes care of that thick and delicious booty.

"MMMM... Don't you worry babe... AHHHHH MMMM!! I'll fuck this... MMMM!! Big fucking ass like only... MMMM!! Like only I can!" Carter is able to boast even as he has his lengthy American dick stuffed in deep between the juicy Canadian butt cheeks in front of him, firmly pumping back and forth to invade that extremely snug hole, requiring him to even pour down a little extra lube into her crack and onto his own rod while he bangs her from behind. He's more than able to back up his words if her shameless cries of delight are any indication, his rod plunging in to stuff her back passage full with almost all of his size and with stiff pumps to ensure that those ample cheeks jiggle when he drives forward and she pushes back to eagerly meet those thrusts.

"AHHHHH... AHHHHH OOOOOOHHH MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK!!" As sweat drips off her stunning face and her large tits swing as her body roughly rocks back and forth in time with the powerful thrusts slamming into her ass, the horny TNA Knockout is now pumping her fingers into her already dripping and previously well fucked twat. Keeping herself up on her knees on the couch and resting the other arm ahead on the back of it, she keeps working that curvy frame against that muscular stud behind her, loving how full her ass is with her cock driving back and forth into her and caring not for how much of a filthy, near whorish mess she now looks like as she gets fuck hard and deep up the ass.

"MMMMM... MMMMM SHIT!! FUCK... Screw Velvet... UHHHH... And the rest of the Knockouts!! MMMMM..." The former two-time World Champion in TNA groans and has to raise a hand to clean sweat from near his eyes, showing the effects of this intense fucking of the stunning backside of the woman who previously competed for TNA as Laura Dennis he's dishing out, but as shown by those long and loud moans he doesn't plan on stopping until he's enjoyed every last moment he can of this juicy and built to be banged booty. "AHHHH... I've found the finest... MMMMM!! Ass to tap here in TNA... UHHHHH..." He adds between his moans, quickly and smoothly sending his hips forward and then right back as he works his big dick in and out of that still very tight and at the same time pleasurable rear hole of the beautiful and busty female wrestler offering up that backside to him while she finger-fucks herself silly at the same time.

"MMMM FUCK!! OH GOD!! OH SHIT!! MMMMMM FUUUUUUUCKK AHHHHHH!!" Letting out such a long and high pitched squeal of shameless joy that Ethan Carter III has to let go over her and cover his own ears, Allie begins to gush all over her own fingers that are thrusting into her snatch, her head hanging down as she groans out, her big tits still jiggling along with those full butt cheeks as even as she cums. The fucking of that stunning backside isn't stopping as impressively even while not holding her, pure hip motion allows his dick to continue sliding sharply in and out of her juicy rump from behind to keep himself moaning even as he feels that increased pressure now around his, starting to slightly pulse, tool as a result of her orgasm. "MMMMM... AHHHHH... OH FUUUUUUCK... MMMMM!!" Her voice calms down from the piercing tone as that sexual high reaches its finish, leaving her gasping for air and her fingers soaked with her own pussy juices as she now rubs herself to enjoy the final moments. Her curved frame is still being made to jolt forward as a final few thrusts are sent deep into her still tight and very much pleasurable back passage, all leaving her with a big grin on her pretty face to show she loved every minute of being fucked like the whore she had been demanding to be treated like.

"MMMM... Hope... AHHHHH... Hope you don't think we're done honey..." Ethan says, groaning as he pulls his throbbing cock out of her thick booty and making her moan out at the now empty feeling in her back passage.

"Mmmmm... I wouldn't be much of an assistant... If I didn't do my job properly..." Allie says, smirking back as she shifts around to sit on the edge of the couch seat she was just getting fucked up the ass on.

"That you wouldn't..." EC3 says back with a similar smirk as he takes a hold of his own cock, starting to quickly jerk himself off. "Hold up those big tits for me..."

"Gladly!" She says, her hands cupping her large mounds from underneath, creating an unmissable target of two tanned and rounded breasts, pressing together and creating a sexy amount of cleveage, made all the more hotter by the fact they are covered, much like the rest of her, with a layer of sweat from all the shameless screwing that had gone on before.

"MMMMM... Then here... MMMM... Here it fucking cums!!" He warns, now being the one to let out a final cry as with a couple strokes more, Ethan Carter III starts to shoot thick streams of spunk out across the big tits of Allie, making her squeal in a high pitched but pleased tone as she feels how warm his jizz is as it splashes down across the tops of her plump mountains. The hunk who had brought her to such a yelling orgasm has a suitably large amount of cum to give her, his load dripping down the sides of her chest and into that formed cleavage to make her groan as the thick streaks plaster over both breasts, and he finishes off by flicking down the last drops onto her sexy titties as his dick begins to soften in his stroking grasp.

"Mmmmm... You were sure backed up!" Allie exclaims with a smile, licking her teeth again with her pierced tongue as she looks over all the spunk now covering her breasts. "You... You sure you don't need an assistant to help you out around here?"

"Honey, I'm good..." Ethan says with a smirk. "Once I deal with that fake Miracle at the Pay Per View, I'll be back on track for the World Title hunt... But if you ever want to just hook up like this again... I'll give you my number..."

"Perhaps you didn't understand me Ethan" She says with a seductive tone and big, far from subtle smirk, putting on a last show as she uses her hands to rub his cum all over her tits. "That's exactly the kind of assisting I was meaning..."

* * *

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