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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Brooke Tessmacher, Tara, or any TNA/WWE stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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by MTL (

Brooke Tessmacher was more nervous than she'd ever been in her life. So nervous she almost stayed home, almost sent a text with some lame excuse to explain her absence, almost chickened out when she reached her destination, when she found herself facing the door to the apartment of the TNA Knockout simply known as Tara. It took a lot for her to knock on that door, stay where she was and not let out a squeak of terror when Tara appeared, the woman once known as Victoria smiling widely when she opened the door and found her new little plaything waiting for her.

"Can, can we just get this over with?" Brooke pleaded as she pushed pasted the much stronger woman and walked into the apartment.

Expertly closing the door while her eyes enjoyed the view of Brooke walking away from her Tara offered, "Are you sure I can't offer you some wine first? Or maybe some head? You'd be surprised what a little pussy licking can do to calm the nerves."

Turning around and blushing when she realised were Tara's eyes had just been, not that the older woman tried to hide it, Brooke insisted weakly, "No, I... I just want to get this over with."

"Hey now." Tara said firmly, "First of all, I'm calling the shots here. Second of all, like I said... before we're done, you're going to love it. I guarantee it."

"If you say so." Brooke said timidly.

"I know so." Tara said forcefully, pulling Brooke into a passionate kiss.

Initially Brooke tensed at this development, but she had made her bed and now she was going to have to lie in it. So she relaxed and surrendered to the kiss which easily became the best of her life, Tara just taking total control over her in a way which made Brooke think she was going to cream her panties just from this. Which was kind of embarrassing, but this older woman just had a confidence about her which turned her on. She was also incredibly turned on by the way Tara manhandled her during the kiss, picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom like she weighed nothing before finally breaking the lip lock and smacking her ass hard enough that the sound of it echoed throughout the room along with Brooke's squeal of pain.

"Get naked bitch!" Tara practically growled right after the smack, "Show me that sweet little virgin ass of yours! Mmmmmmm, show me my prize for taking you under my wing."

Quickly obeying Brooke tore off her shirt, slowing down when it came to the removal of her bra so she could tease Tara like she teased Kelly Kelly back when the two of them were lezing out in the WWE rebooted ECW. The memory briefly had her rethinking the offer of a pussy licking because in her limited experience no one licked pussy like another woman, but she really was nervous about giving up her ass to this woman Kelly had always described as a brutal butt fucker, even though Kelly did say that with a dreamy look on her face. Of course Kelly was a massive anal slut and this was Brooke's first time taking anything bigger than a tongue in her ass hole.

Luckily for her, once she had slowly removed the rest of her clothes, especially taking her time with the reveal of her extremely well rounded ass, Tara fell to her knees and buried her face in Brooke's butt. As Kelly had been obsessed with rimming her part of Brooke was very happy with this development, but she just couldn't enjoy it as much as usual with the knowledge that her butt was going to be stretched like never before in a matter of moments. At the same time the idea of submitting to something so perverted and humiliating made her so hot and wet it was all she could do to prevent from begging for it.

Tara was an expert at fucking women and thanks to the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita, and herself, turning the WWE women's locker room into a lesbian paradise normally she didn't have to wait long to get her hands on whoever she wanted. However she had been mostly confined to the Smackdown locker room while Brooke was in the ECW one, and then when they reached TNA Brooke still refuse to give up her amazing ass. In fact Tara had only been licked out one-time by this little slut to make her go away, which was insulting because it was clear Brooke was meant to be a pure bottom, and pure bottoms got fucked by tops like Tara.

At least Brooke's fat ass was worth the wait, Tara going crazy when she finally was able to bury her face in between those big butt cheeks. She literally had to pause the rimming a few times just so she could rub her face against those glorious globes, motor-boating that fat butt like it was a glorious pair of big tits. Of course Brooke's boobs were actually pretty big, and Tara promised herself she would give them in every other part of Brooke's body the attention they deserved. But right now she needed to concentrate on French kissing Brooke's butt.

Technically Tara only tried to make the kiss French as she failed to push her tongue very far into Brooke's ass, but she got further than she was expecting to and she spent plenty of time with lips wrapped around the hole as she slid her tongue around and over it for several long minutes, part of Tara wanting to spend the rest of the night with her face in between Brooke's ass cheeks until she either suffocated or got the other girl to beg her to violate her amazing booty with a strap-on.

Of course after waiting so long Tara just wasn't that patient, so after a few more minutes of frantic ass licking the older brunette pulled back slightly, pulled Brooke's butt cheeks wide apart and then spat on her butt hole. As that saliva dripped downwards Tara scrambled for her nearest strap-on, stripping herself along the way so by the time she pulled the harness out of her bedside drawer she could immediately pull it up her thighs. Then before she even finished securing the dildo she started moving back into position, Tara barely having the presence of mind to grab some anal lubricant before heading back.

Brooke was terrified that this was it, the moment that her ass hole was going to be ripped apart, but to her relief when Tara spread her ass cheeks again it was just too give her another rim job, the older woman spitting on her back hole and then rubbing that saliva into it with her tongue. She then started to try forcing her tongue into Brooke's butt, something that had the new addition to the active roster moaning happily, Brooke wishing that Tara would just eat her ass out all night long.

Little did Brooke know that while Tara was eating her ass that second time the older woman was unscrewing the cap of the lubricant, squirting some onto her right hand and then rubbing it into her dildo. Then she made sure her index and middle fingers were well coated with the slippery liquid, Brooke figuring that part out when something slippery pushed against her butt hole and forced its way inside. It was clearly too hard to be Tara's tongue and was realistically too small to be the dominant woman's dildo, Brooke's eyes going wide as her back hole and passage were truly violated for the first time in her life.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Brooke!" Tara moaned happily when she was knuckle deep inside her prize, "I'm soooooo glad you weren't lying about having a virgin ass, mmmmmmm, because there's nothing like popping an anal cherry, and of all the back door cherries I've popped I think yours is going to be my favourite."

Brooke whimpered, partly because it felt so humiliating and yet intoxicating to be treated like a piece of meat, and partly because it felt so good. She wasn't sure she would like it so much when it was that massive piece of rubber violating her tailpipe, but so far it was not unlike getting her pussy fingered. In fact when Tara began pumping that finger back and forth, officially beginning to finger fuck her fat ass, it felt even better than getting her cunt fingered, which was a positive sign given what was about to happen to her.

Things continued like that as Tara added a second finger and increased the pace, Brooke blushing furiously as not only did she start moaning like a shameless anal whore but she actually started pushing herself back against Tara's fingers. She didn't even mean to do that, her body just took over, because it felt so good. It felt so fucking good to get her ass fingered by another girl, Brooke knowing that if strap-on anal sex felt half as good as this she was going to become the biggest butt slut in TNA.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it you little slut, moan for me! Moan for me while I get your big fat ass nice and ready for my big hard girl cock!" Tara taunted gleefully as she continued enjoying the tightness of Brooke's butt hole, "Mmmmmmm, yeah that's right, moan like the little ass whore you are. Ooooooooooh yeah, you were made to take it up the ass Brooke, I can tell. It's why you have this big fuck-able booty, but you've been a bad girl and not let anyone fuck it. You haven't been fulfilling your life's purpose as a shameless butt slut because you don't let anyone touched this amazing ass! Mmmmmm, all that changes right now bitch! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, I'm going to make this ass open for business, make it so gaping and loose that the next girl to fuck your dyke ass won't even need lube! Mmmmmm, and you're going to beg for it. You're going to beg every single Knockout AND diva to fuck you in the ass because I'm about to turn you into the anal whore you were always meant to be. Ha, and then we're all going to start calling you Brooke Assmacher, just like those fans on the Internet who think they're being witty. You're going to be nothing but Assmacher the lesbian anal whore do you hear me Brooke?"

In response Brooke blushed, buried her face in the sheets and whimpered, "Just, just do it."

"Do what bitch?" Tara teased, "Say it!"

"Fuck me." Brooke tried, and then when it was clear that wasn't enough she became more graphic, "Fuck my ass! Fuck me up the ass! Ass fuck me you fucking bitch! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd, why does it have to feel so good? Mmmmmmmm, your fingers feel soooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd in my tight little ass hole, mmmmmmmm, but I want you to stick your big cock in my fat ass and ass fuck me. I want to find out why Kelly, and Velvet, and every woman in this company and the WWE love getting their asses fucked. Ohhhhhhhh God, I've thought about it for so long, and now, you get to be the one to take my cherry. You get to do what every guy, and girl, has begged to do and take my anal virginity, so just fucking do it. Take my butt! Fuck it! Fuck me up the butt, butt fuck me, fuck my butt, oooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwwd Victoria, Tara, whatever you want to be called, just fuck me! Turn me into a total dyke like the rest of you, if you can. Go ahead, just try it. And while you're at it try turning me into a lesbian anal whore. Just try making me Brooke Assmacher, because... because... oh God... OH GOD... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDD!"

With that Tara finally, finally slammed forwards, taking Brooke Tessmacher's anal virginity with one savage thrust. Which of course made Brooke squeal like a little bitch, but Tara just laughed with evil glee and stared at where that formerly virgin butt hole was stretching around the first few inches of her dick. This gave Brooke plenty of time to relax, and to her credit the little wannabe didn't whine and complain like so many other of the little contest losers/models Tara had anally violated over the course of her career. Hell, the girl barely whimpered as that phenomenal ass accepted its fate. More or less.

Of course when Tara began pushing forwards Brooke started to wonder again, that amazing booty struggling to cope with the size and length of the older brunette's dildo. However Tara wasn't a monster, and literally tearing Brooke's rectum would have ruined the mood, so the experienced wrestler took her time stuffing the younger brunette's butt with the rest of her cock, giving her latest conquest plenty of time to relax. And again to her credit Brooke barely whimpered and continued to live up to her side of the bargain, relaxing that juicy ass and surrendering to Tara.

It was only a matter of time before Tara was balls deep, and when she was, when her thighs met those meaty cheeks announcing that she had buried every inch of her cock up Brooke Tessmacher's ass, Tara slapped that amazing booty and called out, "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that's 10 inches of rubber right up your slutty little dyke ass! Fuck, I'm going to enjoy this!"

To Tara's delight Brooke just whimpered, and then moaned as the older woman pulled half of the dildo out of the younger girl's ass in one quick thrust. Sure, there was a little pain mixed in there, but Brooke definitely moaned mostly in pleasure. After that punishing thrust Tara settled into a slow gentle butt fucking, sodomising Brooke with the same care she had shown all her other conquests. The difference was Brooke started moaning in pure pleasure seconds after the slow gentle butt fucking began, even pushing that incredible booty back against Tara in a clear sign that she wanted to be butt fucked harder.

Tara had ass fucked some major ass sluts in her time. Stacy Keibler, Melina, Mickie James and even the high and mighty Trish Stratus, all of them had bent over just like this and given Tara, or Victoria as she was known at the time, their ass holes. Lately she had been burying her strap-on up the insatiable ass of Velvet Sky, and just like all those other pieces of ass Tara was addicted to the feeling of treating Velvet like she should be treated. However while all those anal whores clearly loved it up the ass Tara wasn't sure she had ever found a butt slut quite like Brooke Tessmacher, this total anal whore moaning in pure joy practically right from the get go, and this was her first fucking time. Oh, Tara was going to have some fun with this one.

If Brooke had known how amazing ass sex was she would have tried it long ago. Although, she suspected she was enjoying it an unnatural amount. After all, she was pretty sure her anal muscles weren't supposed to relax faster than her pussy muscles, and there was no way butt sex was supposed to feel better than regular sex. Fuck, she must be a total whore, Brooke blushing with shame and humiliation as she realised that about herself. However that shame and humiliation only seem to make it that much hotter, Brooke gritting her teeth as she tried desperately to hide just how much she was loving it in the ass.

Of course Tara knew. This wasn't some amateur she was dealing with, but an experienced butt buster, who knew just how to treat a virgin ass hole. Brooke had never doubted Tara's reputation, which was part of the reason she had surrendered to her. After all, if she was going to be butt fucked she might as well get her butt fucked by the best, and Tara was proving she was just as good as Madison, Velvet and Kelly had told her she was. If not better. The dominant attitude, the preparation, the penetration, and the eventual ass fucking, it all proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tara was a professional ass fucker, and apparently Brooke had an ass which needed to be fucked.

Brooke was definitely looking forward to doing this again. Hell, she would bend over and spread her cheeks in the middle of the TNA locker room and beg Tara to butt fuck her of her own accord. And whenever she got horny from now on she was going to call Tara and beg her to fuck her up the butt. Because just after the first few amazing minutes Tara knew she would never be satisfied with any type of sex again. Oh no, she was an anal slut. She needed to be fucked in the ass on a daily basis, and now she knew whenever she needed her ass fucked who she would run too.

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and suddenly it was like a switch had been flipped and the slow and gentle ass fucking just wasn't enough for Brooke anymore. Oh no, she needed her ass wrecked. She needed the former Victoria to give her the type of butt poundings she was famous for, the type which left girls like her struggling to sit down for at least a week, their poor little ass holes left gaping open and aching for hours, their minds never quite right again after their bodies had been so thoroughly misused. Brooke actually wanted that, she wanted it more badly than she'd ever wanted anything, ever.

So she begged for it, Brooke almost literally crying as she pleaded, "Fuck me! Please fuck my ass, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd, fuck my slutty little ass, oh fuck me! Pound my big fat ass and turn me into a lesbian anal whore! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, make me a whore! Make me your whore. Oooooooooh shit, make me your slutty little lesbian anal whore by fucking me up my dyke ass! Mmmmmmmmm, please Tara, make me your anal whore. I wanna be another girl's anal whore. Ohhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, I wanna be your bitch. I want to be Tara's little anal loving bitch who bends over and surrenders her ass hole whenever her top wants a hole to fuck because, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, because you've turned me into a walking fuck hole! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd Tara, please make me your bitch!"

"My bitch, huh?" Tara taunted as she continued the butt fucking, "You wanna be my bitch? Well guess what little girl, you became my bitch the second I took your little anal cherry. Mmmmmmm yeah, you've been around wrestling long enough that you should know that when a girl gets your anal cherry you're basically that girl's bitch forever. Why do you think your girl Kelly kept calling me up and begging me to fuck her tight little ass no matter how brutally I destroyed that hole, or how many times I pimped her out to my friends, or how many other butt busters slammed her little rear hole? It was because she was always thinking about me, her owner, and now that's going to be you bitch. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh you're always going to be thinking about me because deep down you'll know that I own your fucking ass! But don't worry Miss Assmacher, I'm not greedy. I'll make sure every girl on the TNA roster gets a shot at your slutty little ass. I may charge admission, but only like $2 so your dyke ass is nice and affordable. Mmmmmmmmm, that way you'll get all the ass fuckings that an anal whore like you needs. Mmmmmmmmm, and of course, you'll answer to the name Brooke Assmacher, Miss Assmacher, or just Assmacher as a sign that you're nothing but an ass on legs and should be treated as such."


"Yeahhhhhhh, you're my bitch! Mmmmmm, you're my ass whore, butt slut and anal slave too, and don't you forget it!" Tara grinned happily, smacking that big round booty hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle before ordering, "Now shut up and give me that ass! Come on bitch, on your hands and knees and start thrusting that big fat ass back at me just like your girl Kelly used too."

Only too happy to oblige Brooke set herself up onto the all fours position and began hammering herself back against Tara. It was kind of awkward but it wasn't like Brooke hadn't done this before. Sort of. She loved getting fucked doggy style, and while before now the dick she was impaling herself on had always been in her pussy the mechanics were much the same. It was just that it didn't feel quite as natural, and her partner was never laughing in glee as Brooke showed her want and need for the cock inside her, and of course it hadn't felt even a 10th of how amazing this was.

Even Tara smacking her ass, laughing and continuing to talk trash only heightened the experience of being fucked up the ass, Brooke cursing herself for never trying this until now. On the bright side Tara was supposed to be one of the best butt fuckers in the business, and while the older woman still hadn't taken things into high gear Brooke had never doubted for a second that this fierce wrestler would live up to her reputation and completely wreck her ass. And Brooke might just end up loving her forever for it. Brooke would already be eternally grateful for Tara for finally talking her into giving up her ass, but if she was half as good as she claimed to be Brooke was going to be her happy little anal whore for the rest of her life.

Just then Tara's loose grip on her hips became vice like and the older brunette return to pumping her hips back and forth, timing them so she was pushing forwards every time Brooke was thrusting back so that the dildo went as hard and as deep into the other girl's bottom as possible. Tara also seem to be pulling Brooke back into her, and those thrusts! Somehow they were harder than any man's, and Brooke had been with many, many musclebound brutes. A few of them had been twice the size of Tara, one of them his muscles as big as her head, and still she was putting all of them to shame.

In no time at all Brooke was squealing hysterically as she crashed over the edge of the most powerful orgasm of her life, the ones that followed somehow even more amazing until it felt like her body was trapped in climax. It was a purist form of pleasure Brooke had ever known, and easily sealed her fate. Tara had been 100% right, she had been made to take it up the ass. Being anally reamed was her purpose in life. Her reason for being. She was a total anal slut with an ass designed to be brutally fucked by dominating Alpha females like Tara, and from now on Brooke was going to be proud of that fact. And most importantly she was going to be the best bitch Tara ever had.

That was a tall order, as Tara had the good fortune of having many spectacular bitches. Melina, Natalya, Madison Rayne, Christy Hemme both in the WWE and now in TNA, and even the mighty Trish Stratus had been her bitch for a while, each of these women possessing amazing asses and an insatiable need for pussy. Then of course were her favourite former bitches Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson, especially the latter of whom Tara had fucked more than anyone else. Ever. And yet Brooke might just have what it takes to surpass Torrie and Candice and become her favourite ever bitch.

Honestly her pussy eating could do with some work, but Brooke was still young and there was plenty of time to train her. What Brooke did have was perhaps the best ass in wrestling. It was so round and juicy, jiggling against Tara's thighs from the get go in a way which was breath-taking, and now the smacking sound of flesh meeting flesh was almost deafening Tara couldn't take her eyes off of Brooke's butt cheeks moving around like a bowl of jelly in an earthquake. And that hole. That still somehow virgin tight hole had such an incredible grip on Tara's strap-on she thought she was going to blow a hot load into Brooke's bowels, even though that was impossible.

Instead Tara had a series of amazing climaxes herself, pushing through each one of them to showed she could give Brooke Assmacher a nice long ass pounding. She was so determined she barely noticed her own exhaustion creeping up on her, or Brooke's upper half collapsing down onto the bed sheets, her lower half only kept in the air because of Tara's vice like grip on it. Then when she did finally collapsed onto the weaker brunette, her more muscular body practically crushing the poor girl, Tara continued lazily pumping her hips back and forth, bringing them slowly down from the serious sodomy with a nice gentle butt fuck.

Then, after a while of just enjoying the current position and getting her strength back, Tara rolled them into the spooning position, eventually whispering in Brooke's ear, "What's your name?"

Brooke blushed and whimpered, "Assmacher. My name is Brooke Assmacher."

"And who's bitch are you?" Tara pushed.

"Yours. I'm your bitch, I am Tara's bitch." Brooke replied obediently.

"Good girl." Tara grinned, before she slapped Brooke's butt and then ordered, "Now show me that ass!"

Assmacher whimpered again, but did as she was told, slowly pulling herself off of the dildo and then kneeling in front of Tara with her ass facing her new mistress. Tara wasn't sure whether this was because Brooke had seen or heard of other bitches doing this after they'd been sodomised or it was just instinctive, but she didn't really care. No, Tara was way too busy delighting in the damage she had caused the other woman, this little wannabe's ass hole gaping wide open and allowing Tara to see deep into Brooke's bowels. Still, there was a way she could see deeper into her guts.

So, after admiring the sight for a while, Tara gave that huge ass a hard double smack, making those already battered cheeks jiggle, and then called out, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmmm, that's it, really show me your gaping butt hole!"

Brooke had cried out and whimpered as a result of the double smack to her incredibly sore ass, but she was way too broken to do anything other than quickly comply with Tara's wishes, even if it meant further embarrassing herself. And honestly, she'd never been more embarrassed, which was kind of weird because she normally liked showing off her ass and to her horror Brooke found she sort of liked having a gaping ass hole. It made her feel like such a slut, and if Tara had proven anything it was that Brooke was a slut. An anal slut, something which she should learn to be proud of. So she pulled her own ass cheeks as wide apart as possible and just kneeled for Tara's enjoyment for several minutes.

Then Tara called out, "Good, now come taste your ass! Mmmmmmm, it's time for Miss Assmacher to truly accept her place as an ass whore by going ass to mouth."

Tara had made it very clear she would have to do this back in the locker room, but Brooke was so worried about finally taking it up the ass she barely thought about it. For a few seconds she had a mini freak out, her face crunching up in realisation of what she'd have to do. But after getting fucked in the ass it actually felt like she could do anything, and what was one more debasement after losing her anal cherry? Besides, she didn't see how this could be enjoyable, but she thought the same way about butt sex and now all Brooke wanted to do was find a way to go back in time and convince her younger self to offer up her ass to the then Victoria the first chance she got in the WWE.

So Brooke slowly turned around, lowered her head in between Tara's legs and hesitantly wrapped her lips around Tara's cock. Again she learned she was nothing but a depraved slut as Brooke instantly loved the taste of her own ass. And this wasn't just her own ass, because the head of this dildo had pummelled the very deepest depths of her rectum, meaning Brooke must be the most sick and twisted whore in wrestling. Or at least there could be no one more depraved than her, Brooke briefly thinking about Kelly again as she began greedily bobbing her head up and down Tara's girl cock, her cheeks hollowing as she frantically sucked her ass cream off of the shaft.

"Wow, look at you go." Tara laughed, although there was no cruelty to her voice, "You really love the taste of your own ass, huh? Mmmmmmm, maybe we should start calling you Miss Asstomouther?"

"Call me whatever you want, just promise me you'll fuck my ass again." Brooke pleaded, briefly removing her mouth from the dildo, "Ohhhhhhh my God, I loved every second of you fucking me up the ass, and I love sucking my bitch ass off of your dick Tara. I'm a total ATM whore who needs to be butt fucked and then fed her own ass afterwards!"

With that Brooke swallowed over half of the dick again, leaving Tara to laugh as the younger brunette worked on stuffing the rest of the strap-on down her throat. Thanks to a few well-hung boyfriends Brooke was just about able to manage it, getting every drop of the delicious anal cream as she choked and gagged on the dildo filling her windpipe. Once she got those last few inches into her throat Brooke looked up hopefully at Tara, her heart fluttering as the older woman grinned down at her and stroked her hair. This was a positive sign that she was pleasing the other woman, and would hopefully mean she would butt fuck her again. Brooke wasn't sure what she would do if Tara chose not to butt fuck her again. No, actually she did, because then she would bend over for absolutely anyone looking for someone who could wreck her ass half as good as Tara. Because no matter what happened next, she was truly Brooke Assmacher now.

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