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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTION, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Asuka's Taste of Long Island
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the main event for the NXT Live Event on January 15, 2016, Zack Ryder, wearing his a 'Hype Bros' t-shirt and jeans, has exited the locker room with his travel bag as his over hyped tag team partner Mojo Rawley, has proven to exhausting to be around following their latest victory. "Bro needs to switch to decaf..." Zack says as he heads towards the exit of the building. However the former United States Champion doesn't get to far as Asuka, wearing a white a long white t-shirt and black pants, steps into his path, starring him down with a mischievous grin on her face. "Hey broski... you need something?" Zack asks

Asuka licks her teeth and then flicks her right thumb against her tongue as she locks her eyes down on Zack's crotch for several moments, She then locks eyes with Zack and smirks, "How long is your island..."

"What?" Zack asks as Asuka's phrasing has him instantly perplexed despite her body language.

"I was not clear?" Asuka asks, grinning clearly from the fact that she has the advantage,
"I want to see you..."

"Bro I'm right here..." Zack replies as he motions to where he's standing.

"I know... still want to see you..." The Japanese sensation says as she reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a thin flip-camera which she hands to Zack, "And on camera..." Asuka says with a naughty grin.

All at once it hits Zack of what Asuka wants and he nods, "Bro, it's been a while since I did that, but if you want it bro... we need to go..."

"Follow me..." The lady wrestler formally known as Kana says.

* * *

A short while later in the women's locker room, Zack Ryder is looking into the flipcam, "Hey Broskis, welcome to Z! True Long Island Story... X-Rated Edition... and we got a new broski who wants to show the world that she wants to try the Long Island Iced Z..." Zack says as he presses a button on the flipcam so that the forward lens that he points towards Asuka starts to record her. "Go ahead broski..."

Asuka, wearing just her long white t-shirt, grins mischievously at the camera, "I am Asuka.. I like... things... long..." she says as she lifts up and removes her t-shirt, revealing her firm round tits, round ass and shaved snatch, "In particular... cock..." She adds before she moves to kneel in front of Zack where she places her left hand on his manhood and begins to stroke it.

"Mmmmm bro... that dick big enough for you..." Zack asks with a moan as she films Asuka stroking his long, thick cock.

"It's very long... and very... very thick..." Asuka smirks up at the flipcam as she lowers her head to slide her tongue around the head of his shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Zack groans as he films Asuka flicking her tongue around the crown of his cock as she continues to move her hand along the length of his cock.

"Mmmmm....mmmm..." Asuka moans as she moves her tongue repeatedly around the head of his shaft, coating it with her saliva as she moves her hand back and forth on it.

"Awww yeah bro... ahhh..." Zack Ryder moans as Asuka swirls her tongue around the bellend of his cock before she parts her lips fully to take his shaft into her mouth.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Asuka moans as she continues to look up at the flipcam as she wraps her lips around his Long Island fuck stick before she begins to bob her head back and forth.

"Ahhhh yeah bro... ahhhh..." Zack moans as Asuka sucks and slurps on his dick, with her lips brushing perfectly along the flesh of his manhood.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Asuka moans as she bobs her head at a steady pace, taking several inches of his cock deep into her oral cavity while seeing Zack lick his teeth, a clear sign in addition to his moans that he's loving her talents. "Mmmmmm... ohhhh..." Asuka moans as she lets go of his cock and places both hands on his waist as she increase her pace to a brisk tempo of sucking his cock.

"Awww yeah bro... ahhh ohhh..." Zack moans as he keeps the flipcam perfectly steady as he films Asuka drooling on his cock as she eagerly sucks him off as she keeps staring up at the flipcam.

"Mmmmm! MMMMMM! Ohhhhh!" Asuka moans as she turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around his cock before suddenly lifting her head from his tool. "Fuck me... now..." She says with a wicked smirk before she turns on her knees and positions herself on all fours in front of him.

"Bro you don't have to ask me twice..." Zack says as he kneels behind Asuka, filming her ass with the flipcam for a moment before guiding his cock into her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmm ohhhh... Long... Big..." Asuka gasps and leans her head back as she begins to rock back on her knees towards Zack just before he starts to pump his cock in and out of her wet hole.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck..." Zack groans as he places his free hand on Asuka's lower back as he films his cock pumping in and out of her twat.

"Ohhhh... ohhhhh mmmmmm..." Asuka moans as she moves back and forth on her hand and knees in rhythm with Zack's thrusts, resulting in her round ass smacking against his waist.

"Awww ahhh... mmmmm yeah bro..." Zack grunts as he increase the pace of his thrusts as Asuka bucks back against him as he drives the full length of his tool into her.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh ahhhh..." Asuka gasps lustfully as she rocks repeatedly as Zack pounds her snatch from behind.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhhh..." Zack moans as sweat begins to drip down his body while he films Asuka's ass smacking repeatedly against his waist thanks to how she's pushing back against his pistoning cock.

"Mmmmm ahhh... ohhhhh..." Asuka licks her teeth as she looks back at Zack and the flipcam while intentionally making sure her ass smacking firmly against his waist each time she bucks back on his cock.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh fuck bro... mmmm..." The former United States Champion moans as he swiftly plows his cock into Asuka's snatch while filming it all with the flipcam she gave him.

"Mmmmm ohhhh ahhh... mmmm ahhhhh..." Asuka groans with delight as she moves on her and knees as Zack continues to drill her from behind before he pulls out of her.

Spinning around on her knees, Asuka raises an eyebrow but smirks as she sees him moving to sit down on a chair. "Good... you are not done..." Asuka says as she crawls towards Zack and pulls herself up onto his lap and lowers her pussy down onto his cock while placing her hands on his chest.

"Ahhhh shit bro... mmmm..." Zack moans as Asuka begins to rock back and forth, grinding herself down on his cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh..." Asuka grins mischievously as she grinds herself on Zack's cock while moving her hands against his chest.

"Ahhhhh ohhh yeah..." Zack moans as Asuka rocks on his lap as raises the flipcam to film her tits bouncing as she moves

"Mmmmmm ohhhh... ahhhh..." Asuka licks her lips as she starts to bounce up and down on his cock, with her ass smacking down against his thighs.

"Ahhhh yeah bro... ahhhh awww..." Zack groans as he begins to thrust his cock sharply up into the Japanese sensation's tight wet love tunnel.

"Ohhhh... ohhhhh mmmmm ahhh..." Asuka locks eyes with the flip cam as she bounces repeatedly at a brisk pace on his cock, making sure her ass smacks loudly down against his legs.

"Awwww mmmm ahhh..." Zack groans as he films Asuka eagerly bouncing up and down on his upward thrusting cock.

"Mmmmm yes... ohhhh ahhhh..." Asuka moans as she moves her hands to Zack's shoulders while tossing her head back as she rides his impressive manhood.

"Ahhhh awww ahhh..." Zack moans as he watches and films Asuka's tits bouncing as a result of her movements as she lustfully fucks herself on his dick.

"Ohhhh... ohhhh mmmm... ohhhhh..." Asuka gasps as she sharply grinds her cunt on Zack's cock as he deeply propels it up into her tight wet love tunnel.

"Mmmm shit bro... ahhhh ohhh..." Zack Ryder moans as he moves off the chair and kneels on her floor where he lays Asuka on her back as he continues to plow his cock into her snatch.

"OHHHH! MMMMM! AWWW AHHHHH!" Asuka groans and breathes heavily as she hooks her legs around Zack's waist as he pounds her pussy at an intense pace, causing her to instantly move against the locker room floor.

"Ahhh ahhhh shit bro... awww... " Zack grunts as he films Asuka loving the way he's fucking her by holding the flipcam as still as possible with one hand while he drills her cunt with deep, brisk thrusts.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Mmmmm ahhhh..." Asuka gasps as her pussy begins to tighten around Zack's cock as he pumps the full length of his tool into her.

"Ahhhh aww... ahhhh yeah bro... ahhhhh..." Zack groans as his cock starts to throb as he hammers it deeply into Asuka's pussy as he causes her to arch her back.

"Ohhhh ahhh mmmmm... OHHHH AHHHH!" Asuka squeals as she begins to cum, her juices gushing all over Zack's pistoning cock as he continues to fuck her.

"Awww ahhhh fuck bro... ahhhh awww..." Zack moans as he feels her cunt cream flowing over his cock as it throbs more intensely with each passing moment as he continues to fuck her.

"Ohhhh mmmm ahhh ohhh..." Asuka moans and licks her teeth as she looks up at the flipcam as Zack continues to pound her pussy for a few more moments before he pulls out. As he stands up, Asuka sits up and moves to sit on her knees while Zack begins to jerk off.

"Ahhhh ahhhh..." Zack moans as he pumps his hand rapidly on his cock until he starts to cum, shooting his load down onto the gorgeous face of the wrestling female formally known as Kana, showering her with thick ropes of his jizz.

"Mmmmm ahh..." Asuka licks her lips as she feels Zack's nut juice cover her face for several long moments as she stares up at the flipcam. Once Zack is finished cumming, Asuka takes hold of his cock as she licks her teeth before tapping the head of his manhood against her tongue. "I like it long..."


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