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Torrie decides that she wants to play truth or dare, where all the divas
present must do both truth and dare. Terri decides to volunteer Stephanie
first since she was late to the party. Steph doesn't mind and successfully
completes the dare, and her crazy true story of a night in lust.

At Torrie's House Part 2
by The Ultimate Heel

Six divas in one house. A man can only dream such dreams. But not only that,
these six divas also enjoy having sex with other women, as all of them have
proved together on separate occasions. Tonight, was no different. While
Stephanie took it upon herself to reflect on a time she was with two men;
Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and Shawn's wife, former Nitro girl, Rebecca
Curci, it launched every diva including; Stacy, Torrie, Lita, Terri, and
Trish into their own private universe.

It didn't matter to them that their were other people sitting around,
these women weren't embarrassed in the least, as each fondled with their
breasts, feeling their whole bodies through with their soft hands. Not
to mention the molestation of their individual clits as they pulled down
their pants or skirt and prepared to dive in and out of their pussy's to
every word that escaped Steph's mouth. There were the occasional "OOHS"
and "AAHS" as Stephanie told her story, giving it a feeling of a classic
Madonna song, "Like a Virgin."

Stephanie could see how her story turned everyone on, and it was really
getting her hot and even more horny than she was before, but as much as she
wanted to explore her pussy, and squeeze her hard nipples, she knew she
couldn't concentrate if she didn't maintain her thoughts of attaching her
fingers inside herself like she had done multiple times before. The mood,
to say the least, was sexy and individually erotic, and it stayed like this
from the beginning of Steph's fuck story until the end.

When Steph was completed, Torrie, the boss of the sex game deemed it
appropriate to get control of herself as well as Stephanie had done. She
glanced at the others as they continued to pleasure themselves, moaning
freely like they were in private rooms. Then she looked over to where the
"Book of Truth & Dares" was lying and she picked it up and opened it to
the "Dares" section. She read it to herself, and extremely liked what it
suggested, so she stood up and once again acquiring everybody's attention.

"I know everybody's doing their own little thing right now, and you
probably want me to shut-up, but I do think it's time to move on to the next
girl, and since Stephanie did a great job going first I think it's reasonable
that she pick the lucky lady to go next," Torrie said as the women slowly
snapped out of their trance.

"Thank you Torrie," Steph said as she rubbed her hands together looking at
all the divas with her all to famous, and all to evil grin. "This is a hard
decision, but I think we have a winner.. She's known as the little She-Devil,
and was also the one that suggested me to go first."

"So Terri it is," said Torrie as she gave her attention to the book again,
"Well Terri, it looks like you've got a nasty one on your hands, or should I
say in your mouth."

A little uneasiness came over Terri, and the ladies didn't make it any
easier looking in her direction smiling and giggling, but she was determined
to do whatever she was asked.

"Okay, this dare calls for some assistance from all the ladies, and it's
appropriately called "Sweet Honey". Our job ladies is to pour all the pussy
juices we can get in to a glass and at the end put it in one glass, and
that's where Terri will have to drink it. I like this one, because it pleases
all of us at the same time," Torrie said as she went to the kitchen gathering
six glasses.

Torrie told all the women to stand up and form a circle. She then passed
the glasses around to everybody and then Terri said, "Wait, why is there six

"It wouldn't be complete if you don't taste your own," answered Torrie.

The ladies stripped themselves of their lower body clothing and
undergarments leaving a circle of women with shaved and mostly shaved
pussies. They took their positions, and in seconds they were again
transported into their own galaxy, and now Stephanie could finally do
what she's been wanting to do ever since she began her own story.

Eyes closed, heads back, bodies vibrating. That was the scene of this
glorious sight. Knees were shaking and legs folded as the women indulged
in their desires, plowing their hands in their clits and rubbing all
around with their soft fingers, and their goal was to squirt their juices
all over their hands and into the glasses that Terri would soon drink.
The sounds of "OOHS" and "AAHS" mixed in with "UGHHS" had surrounded
Torrie's living room yet again. Soon there was another noise in the room.
The sound of liquid made out of the ladies own bodily fluid found its way
to the bottom of the glasses. Some took longer than others, but the one's
who had already came just continued on for a second dose.

Torrie took authority again, knocking the ladies out of their trance

"Alright, it looks like everybody's got their sweet honey in a glass.
Now we just have to pour them in to Terri's."

They each took turns pouring their solution inside Terri's glass until it
was almost filled up. Terri then put her hand over the mouth of the glass and
shook it up, feeling the warmness on her hand with every shake. Terri looked
around at the girls in a hesitant way, as they had smiles on their faces and
couldn't wait to see if she'll do it.

"Well," Terri said, "Here goes."

With that, Terri slowly brought the glass to her lips, looking inside
and feeling the warmness of the glass as the first drop rolled on to the
tip of her tongue. The mixture of six different juices made its way in
Terri's mouth, and all she could hear was the divas cheering her on,
chanting; "Terri, Terri, Terri..." Finally the first drop slid down Terri's
throat, and to her surprise she actually found it quite delicious, so she
leaned her head back and began to take it down until the very last drop.

When she finished it without a problem, the cheering and laughter turned
to shock as their eyebrows raised in unison, and their mouth's dropping
slightly. Terri sat the glass down, and then sat her own ass down on the
couch like nothing had just happened. Trish was the first to speak up, "So
I'm guessing it was good then."

"Yeah.. It was alright," Terri answered calmly.

"Well good job," said Torrie, "But now that you've finished that part,
it's time for your "Truth"■ Since you had a pretty nasty dare, I think it's
only fair that you tell us your favorite and most erotic story."

"Alright.. It was a couple of years ago, when I came back to the WWF the
second time. Well as you all know I had that little Terri's Invitational
Tournament (T.I.T), and let's just say things started to get a little heated

* The following is a flashback, and is what happened that night rather than
having Terri explain *

The Year was 1999, and the pay-per-view was No Mercy. Terri brought it
upon herself to arrange a tournament between two tag-teams, Edge & Christian
and the Hardy Boys, then known as the New Brood. The teams had their battles
on Raw's and Smackdown's, and they were dead even in the wins category with
two a piece. The stakes were high, because this was a chance for them to
prove themselves to the fans, earn a $100,000, and best of all gain the
services of Terri. Terri sat at ringside beside the one and only Jerry "The
King" Lawler, as she watched the two tandems break their bodies down in a
ladder match. In a very close match, The Hardy Boys came out with the
victory. Terri and the Hardy's headed backstage and celebrated amongst
themselves. They didn't want to be around the people so they went to the
Hardy's hotel room for more privacy.

Edge & Christian were outraged by what happened. They knew they had lost fair
and square, but the confusion of failing caused them to think that they were
cheated. They searched the building until someone told them that they went
back to the Hotel. E & C made their way to the hotel and asked for Terri's
and the Hardy's rooms. They checked Terri's room but nobody was there, so
they went over to The Hardy's room and instead of knocking, they managed to
get a key from a maid, and then proceeded to let themselves in.

"Hey Matt.. Jeff, ya in here?" Said Edge storming in first.

Matt and Jeff got right up off of the bed recognizing those voices.

"I thought it was you two, what the hell are you doing here?" Asked Matt.

"We came to collect what you stole from us you... you.. you freakazoid,"
Christian yelled. Saying it in a way that he would later use in the future.

"Well I'm sorry if you guys don't have enough talent to beat us," said
Matt again.

"The only reason you won, was because you cheated," Edge said as the four
guys stood face to face.

"Yeah, and.. it so totally reeks of heinousity.. Yeah that's it."
Christian added.

"What are you talking about Christian?" Jeff said jumping into the

Soon all four guys were about to go at it again without any cameras this
time. They were pointing fingers at each other and spitting as they talked
like Daffy Duck. Terri who had been enjoying this at first had enough, so
she hopped off of the bed and got in between the four, separating them and
stopping the ruckus they were causing.

"Gentlemen... Okay, now that I've got your attention, let me be the voice
of reason here since this whole thing revolves around me. Now Edge and
Christian, the Hardy's won fair and square, so in turn they will receive my
exquisite services, but I am a very giving person, and I happen to be in a
good mood, and most importantly, I'm a bit horny from you guys fighting over
me." Terri said, taking off her gray fuzzy sweater, that had a backward
V-Slit showing off her stomach and most of her cleavage. She then pulled her
black mini-skirt down to the ground along with her white thong. She sat back
on the bed with a seductive look on her face, as she stared at the guys who
were damn near slobbering on themselves.

They didn't say a word and pretty much forgot the reason they had been
arguing. Because when a beautiful woman, already scantly clad, strips down
revealing her bulging breasts and hard nipples, her all the way shaven pussy,
wet, and ready to be fucked, and with her clean and still oiled down body,
it's easy to forget what just happened a couple of moments ago. Jeff was the
first one to put his thoughts to action, as he took off his pants like a man
on a mission. He wasted no time taking off his shirt or talking, as he
dropped his underwear, revealing a 7.5 incher.

"Looks like Jeff is gonna be the first," Terri said as Jeff proceeded
towards the bed and soon on top of Terri.

"Give it to me Jeff," Terri requested.

He didn't need her to repeat it, as he stuck his cock inside of her wet
pussy. As he went deeper shoving the whole 7.5 inches in, the began moving in
one motion, causing the bed to bounce up and down.

"OOOHH... OOOHH... UGHHH.. C'mon Jeff. Harder!!" Terri screamed out in

Jeff did as he was told, and continued on pushing his piece harder and
harder into her clit.

In the background, Christian had seen enough. He figured the Hardy's
already stole the match and now they want to still his girl, (or so he
thought she was his girl). So he walked over there and picked Jeff up, but
Jeff wasn't going out that easy as he struggled to get Christian off of him.
Christian had the upper-hand though and managed to toss him to the ground.
The grin on Christian's face showed that he was pleased, but when he turned
around, he saw that Matt had taken Jeff's spot, standing at the foot of the
bed and easing his 7 incher into Terri's shaven cunt. And to make matters
worse, his partner Edge took it upon himself to climb on to Terri's stomach
and fuck her tits.

"AWWWE.. Fuck me Matt.. UGHHH.. I want your cum on my chest Adam (Edge),
Fuck my tits Adam.. UGHHH." Terri screamed again.

Edge squeezed her breasts together like a hotdog bun. He made little room
for his 8 incher to get through, but as it did get through it hit Terri's
mouth every time, and he would stop for a moment to let her nibble it with
her tongue causing Edge to squeal.

Christian couldn't believe his eyes. Now his partner and brother in
character is stealing from him. But he didn't have time to take action,
because from behind came Jeff for a little revenge. He knocked him to the
ground, and even with three people on the bed having sex right next to
them, they began to fight showing no mercy on each other.

Matt's concentration was broke when he saw his brother and Christian
fighting. So he played peacekeeper and made the hard decision to stop
fucking Terri and break it up. He finally got the two apart, but when he
did, Christian saw an opening and quickly jumped to his feet and pulled
down his pants and such, taking out a full 9 incher.

Terri noticed that Matt had left, and saw that Christian was now about
to enter. Christian had a huge grin on his face as he planted his object
all the way inside of her pussy. Terri had no idea of how big Christian
was, but when she felt the contact of 9 inches deep in her pussy she
yelled out,

"CHRISTIAN." Similar to his popular opera song. The pressure of
Christian's surprisingly huge cock gave Terri enough strength to knock
Edge clear off the bed, as she sat up momentarily with her eyes stuck in
the back of her head like the girl from the Exorcist.

"OOH MY GOODDDDD.. OOHHHHH.. Fuck Me.. Fuck Me.. OH Harder Baby..

Christian obliged, getting into full motion. Jeff, now standing up,
couldn't watch any longer, so he threw Christian off of Terri like Christian
did before. The three started to argue again, and when Edge got up he jumped
in the thing himself.

"Everybody shut-up," Terri said very displeased. "I'm trying to be a nice
little Terri so all of you can be happy, but you're all just a bunch of
whining little babies■ I didn't want to do this, but it looks like I'm gonna
have to organize this thing now. Christian, come lay down on the bed so I
can take that cock down my throat."

Christian was more than happy to let her suck his hard on all night, as
he walked to the bed and jumped on it. Terri then stood up positioning
herself over Christian's 9 incher.

"Okay, Edge I want you to get behind me and tear my pussy apart from

Before long, Edge was comfortably inside Terri's pussy lips driving his
piece in hard and real fast. And Terri was stroking Christian's cock with
her hands, and kissing the tip of it with her soft lips. When she stopped
teasing Christian with soft kisses, she took the whole tip in her mouth,
and then she took half of it a few times to get it wet, and then she took
all but 1 inch in, deep-throating the hell out of Christian's cock, leaving
saliva all over it and his bush. Edge continued to go harder and faster
until he felt he was about to cum and then he got out and released right on
her ass.

Terri could tell Edge was finished and then beckoned Matt over to take
his spot. Edge then moved allowing Matt to take his place. Matt proceeded
to start where he finished, even though Edge's hot cum was still rolling
down the crack of Terri's ass and down her thighs. Matt took the slower
approach, wanting to get this moment engraved in his brain. Terri was
still deep-throating Christian's huge cock taking it all the way in now.
Christian's moans started to fade and his lower body vibrated, meaning
only one thing, and Terri knew, so she began to jerk him again until his
hot cum came flying onto her opened mouth, her nose, and pretty much her
whole face. She licked what she could off of her face, and then sucked on
his cock again collecting the rest of it that rolled down.

Terri stood up and held onto Matt, as he continued to fuck her from
behind. She beckoned Jeff to take Christian's place, but Christian obviously
didn't want to leave, so he hit the bed with his arms, and before you know,
Christian again was a few years ahead of time, cause he started to throw a
hissy-fit exactly like he does now. Terri couldn't believe it so she just
turned around and let Matt fuck her from the front, and then she beckoned
Jeff over again, so he could complete the standing sandwich, fucking her in
the ass. The Hardy's continued to fuck her from both angles while Christian
continued to act like a baby, and Edge sat down and was jerking at the site
of Terri's bouncing breasts.

All five of them continued on until early in the morning, causing them
to be late, arriving at RAW. Christian throughout the night was crying every
time Terri told him to move aside but besides that, the evening in the
Hardy's hotel room, was way better than the pay-per-view could have ever

Part 3 is coming soon.. and once again, Feedback is not a bad thing..
It's a good thing!!!

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