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(Side note: this is a prologue to "Jeff, Lita and the third", but can be
read without that).

Ate Before We Came
by Purpleblue

"Jeff is going to love you," Lita said, escorting Sara into the lift,
pinching her ass through the red mini skirt she was wearing.

Sara jumped but gave Lita a horny smile, "Why not test me before Jeff?" She
took pulled Lita's lips to her own as the lift doors closed, placing her
hands on Lita's black clothed breasts.

Lita pushed her tongue into Sara's mouth, exploring the heated expanse. She
pulled away and took Sara's hands off her breasts. She looked at the lift
panel. "We have 12 floors," she said as she sank to her knees in front of

Sara looked down and raised her mini skirt up, exposing her black panties,
and a quite visible line of wetness.

Lita ran her finger down the line, then violently pulled the black cloth down
Sara's thighs.

Sara spread her legs further, and lifted one leg up so Lita could pull the
panties down and off, remaining still around one ankle. Lita started to
stroke her thighs.

"We only have 11 more floors," Sara called as she pushed Lita's face to her
wet pussy.

Lita took the hint and brought her tongue out to lick Sara's clit. Sara
shook at the feeling, and held Lita's face to her slit.

Slowly Lita slid her tongue over her clit and around her vagina before
forcefully sticking her tongue into Sara's hole.

Sara cried out in ecstasy as she moved herself down on Lita's tongue, hoping
for a deeper penetration.

Lita pulled her hand up and started to stroke Sara's clit, the other hand
over her ass, her index finger outlining Sara's butt-hole.

Sara brought her free hand up to her clothed breasts and started to massage
them through her tight top. The big fleshy mounds, displaying their nipples
peaked through the shirt. The other hand against the back of Lita's head,
holding her in place.

Suddenly the lift stopped at floor 6. Sara looked at the dial but was in too
much bliss to care. The doors opened and in walked Trish.

Trish stood there as Lita ate out the woman in front of her. Embarrassed she
stood to the side, her eyes attached to the floor.

"We don't mind you watching," Sara said in pants as Lita's tongue licked her
insides, bringing her close. Her eyes closed as her breathing increased.

Trish looked at Lita's red head, buried deep into Sara's pubic region. She
felt herself get wet as occasionally a little tongue was visible but
disappeared back into Sara. What she wouldn't give to be Sara. Trish then
opened her jean's zip and inserted a finger. She slowly stroked her clit in
time with Lita's tongue action on Sara.

Sara opened her eyes, looking at Trish's hand inside her jeans. She kept eye
contact of Trish's fingers playing with herself, as she came over the edge,
pushing Lita's face to her pussy with her last energy.

Lita licked up all the juice as Sara came, giving her clit one last lick.
She pulled her face away and looked up at Sara, her breasts and clearly
visible nipples blocking the view.

Sara looked down at Lita in appreciation, but then looked over at Trish in

Lita hadn't realised Trish had entered the lift, but this just excited her:
knowing the woman she had tried to touch in the ring so many times was
masturbating over her licking out another woman.

Trish continued to masturbate as the over women looked on, her fingers
plunging deep within her and pulling out. Finally she came and screamed out
Lita's name.

"Looks like she wants you," Sara said to Lita as she bent down to unzip her
jeans. "I'll eat whilst you..."

"I have a better idea," Trish interrupted as she pulled out a 12 inch dildo
from her travel bag. "Which one of you wants it with me?" she licked down the
length of the blue object.

Lita looked at Sara, she was after all her guest.

"My lucky night," she said as she walked towards Trish who had removed her
jeans. Sara lifted her mini skirt so it looked just like a belt, and pulled
her tight top above her breasts, exposing the two large tits.

Lita pressed the stop button on the lift, she didn't want anyone to

Trish unbuttoned her shirt and threw it onto the floor, showing a black lacy
bra. Before she could remove it, Sara had her hands on the black material,
her mouth sucking at a nipple though the lace. Trish pinched her nipple as
Sara worked on the other one.

Sara pulled away and looked at the dildo.

Trish picked it up and sat in the middle of the elevator, her legs spread out

Sara joined her on the floor, in a similar position in front of Trish. Her
legs also spread aside Trish's hips. Her pussy was mere inches from Trish's.

"In my bag, some lube," Trish said as she looked at the dildo.

Lita looked into the bag.

Meanwhile, Sara pushed nearer to Trish and ground their pussies together.

"Oh god," Trish said as their pussies rubbed against each other, causing
fiction on her clit.

Sara's breasts wiggled as she pushed her own slit against Trish's. Their
pussy lips kissing.

"Wait," Lita said as she picked up the dildo. She placed one hand on Sara's
breasts and pushed her back, allowing a small distance between her pussy and
Trish's. "Lay down," she said to her.

Sara laid down, spreading her legs wider.

Lita aligned the dildo to Sara's opened, pushing her lips apart. "Looks like
we don't need the lube", she said as she rubbed around Sara's hole with the
giant blue dildo.

Slowly Lita pushed it in, Sara groaning slightly as it stretched her. The
blue dildo slowly started to disappear into her hole, sliding in.

"Oh god," Sara said as Lita pushed it in. She brought her hand up to stroke
her breasts as she was filled, "Harder", she cried.

Lita pushed the dildo in harder, and Sara let out a cry of joy.

"That's far enough," Trish said, taking Lita's hand away from the object.

Sara now lay on the floor of the lift. Stroking her breasts and pinching
her erect nipples. Further down her red mini skirt was hitched up around
her waist, further down yet a giant blue dildo stuck half out her vagina.

Trish looked at Lita and pulled her close for a passionate kiss, Lita
unhooking Trish's bra; her breasts falling out of their lace prison.

"They're perfect," Lita said as she took a nipple into her mouth.

Sara stared at Lita sucking on Trish's nipple and grabbed the dildo that
was inside her. Slowly she started to push it in, then pull it out. Fucking
herself as Trish screamed Lita's name as she nibbled her bud.

"Hey," Trish said seductively, noticing Sara had started without her.

Sara took her hand off the dildo and spread her legs wider, inviting Trish
to join.

Trish, now totally naked, kneeled either side of Sara's hips, her pussy
floating over the dildo. Slowly she lowed herself onto the pole, the
resistance from her own pussy pushing the dildo deeper into Sara.

"Ooohh," Sara groaned as the dildo sank further into her. As Trish mounted
it pushed harder onto Sara's vaginal walls. Her breathing increased as
Trish managed to get herself fully onto the dildo, their two pussies making

Trish, remaining sat, started to ride the dildo, causing the dildo to massage
the insides of the two women.

Sara squirmed under Trish, "feels.. so... good...," she managed to say
between breaths. She looked over at Lita who had removed her jeans and thong
and was frantically rubbing her clit.

Lita looked down at Sara looking at her, she slowly moved towards the two
lesbians on the floor. "Do you want to eat me out?" Lita said as she moved
her pussy over Sara's face.

"Yes," Sara pleaded as she pulled Lita's slit down towards her mouth. Her
tongue darted into Lita's entrance, running it up to her clit, and down to
her asshole.

"Greedy," Trish said as she bent down to share in Lita's juices. Her bending
made the dildo dig harder into the two women and Sara groaned into Lita's
pussy, making her moan in pleasure.

Lita pushed herself into a doggie style position, allowing Sara and Trish
better access.

Trish laid her breasts against Sara's, rubbing them together. The four
large mounds squishing together. The hard nipples pressing into each other's
sensitive skin. She brought her tongue to Sara's, licking it, and then
licking Lita's slit. The two tongues danced together as they played on the
pussy, moaning as their own insides were stimulated.

"Ohh...., I'm..." Sara said as she breathed heavily, her hips moving faster
to speed on the imminent orgasm.

"Me too," Trish said as she pushed her own hips faster too, still tonguing

As the dildo rubbed frantically inside of Sara she came, and so did Trish.
Her juices running down the blue member and onto Sara's pubic region, where
gravity was causing her own juices to pool around the dildo. Their two juices

Their moans caused vibrations on Lita's pussy, causing her to cum, pussy
juices dripping onto Sara's face, which were quickly licked up by Trish.

Lita took a moment, then got up and started to get dressed.

Trish sat back up, the dildo still inside her. She moved her finger down
Sara's slit and got some of the juice on her finger. She tasted it in her
mouth and smiled. "We'll have to do this again," she said as she savoured
their mixed tastes. She lifted herself off the dildo and a pop sounded as
it lost contacted with her.

Sara, with Trish out of the way, slowly pulled the dildo out of her, the
sensitive skin begging for more action, but that could wait for the moment.
With the blue object fully out of her vagina she stood up and pulled down
her shirt and skirt, hiding her private regions that the two women had just
been pleasuring.

Lita started the lift again, and held hands with Sara. Trish picked up her
bags and they waited for their floors.

When they reached their destinations, they left. No proof remaining in the
lift except a pair of panties, a thong and a black lace bra.

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