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Athena Gets Dirty
by Unknown 4 Now

Athena is a very pretty woman from Nashville who works for NWATNA. She wanted
to be in matches instead of working backstage so she would train hard every
day. One day she was training in the the ring with Desire. "Desire let me try
a move ive been working on ok?"

"Yeah sure sweety" Desire stood up as Athena scaled the top rope.

Athena dove off the top rope and hit a molly go round type of move. Desire
froze as she was on the ground she could smell Athena's hot pussy and
thoughts raced through her mind. Desire couldnt believe she was actually
turned on.

Desire got up and went up to Athena and said "That was a good move".

"Thanks Desire."

After saying that Athena grabbed Desire by the hair and started kissing
her deeply. Desire was shocked but yet very horny. She moved one hand around
Athenas ass and groped it hard with her other hand she went down Athena's
tight pants. Athena slapped Desire and pushed her to the ground.

"Whats your problem Athena?"

Athena just smiled and pulled her pants down revealing a hot shaved loose
pussy. Athena sat on Desire's face and spanked her and with her other hand
she went down Desire's pants and fingered her with four fingers. Desire
plunged her tongue into Athena's hot cunt. She twirled her tongue around
Athena's clit then probed Athenas wet pussy with her tongue. Desire sucked
it into her mouth and Athena let out a moan as she fingered desire hard.

"Yeah, lick my dirty pussy bitch" Athena yelled out as she felt herself
ready to cum.

She came all over Desire's face. Desire came very soon afterwards. Athena
went over to Desire and licked her cum off of her face.

Athena looked her up and down then said "I want you to finger my ass. It's my
desire." Desire stuck four fingers into Athena's ass making her moan with
fury. "Fuck yeah Desire you make me so hot".

Athena came very soon afterwards and passed out on the mat with her wet
panties on the floor. Desire looked at her new lover, "Athena sweetie help
me seduce Alexis."

The End
_ _ _

Sorry if its shit its my first story so tell me what you think.

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