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Attack Of The Clones Part 1
by TrishBelongsToMe

Vince McMahon had just ended the Smackdown show as the capacity crowd
had left. He was in a great mood because of the turn out and decided
to celebrate. He walked backstage where he met with the wrestlers who
anxiously awaited him in his office. The superstars were there screaming
and chanting "Vince!" He grabbed one of the champagne bottles and drunk
it down as everyone did with theirs. Vince felt a little woozy but still
managed to keep a straight face. He looked to Torrie who was innocently
drinking on top of his desk. He approached her with an ear-to-ear smile
and bent to her ear.

He whispered, "Torrie. I need to speak with you in private about your

Torrie nodded and placed her drink down. She stood up and walked along side
Vince to her own dressing room. Torrie opened the door and invited Vince in.
Vince stayed standing while Torrie sat down on the arm of her leather couch.
Torrie was wearing a tight blue tank top and matching leather skirt that was
cut just under her ass. Vince shut the door and stared at her.

"You know Torrie, that is one sexy body you've got..."

"Thanks. Now about my character..."

"You know what I would like to do to that body?"

"Uh, I thought we were talking about my career?"

"I want to press against it and fuck you all night long!!"

Torrie stood up quickly and tried to leave the room. Vince stepped in her way
and shoved her to the floor.

"You're my bitch! As long as I pay you, you do what I want you to do!"

"I can't.! I won't!!"

Torrie scrambled up to her feet and once again rushed for the door. Vince
got a hold of her hair but to no avail. He only ripped off a few pieces and
Torrie raced out of the room in tears. Vince yelled and got totally pissed
off. He suddenly looked at the hair in his hands and smirked.

"Oh Torrie, I will have that sweet ass. I GUARENTEE I will have it."

* * *

Vince was in the boiler room later that night. He was standing next to a
hidden door against the wall. He drew out his keys and opened it to find a
huge, well lighted room. He walked in shutting the door after himself. He
pulled out a sandwich bag that had Torrie's hair in it, and placed it on a
table. He stood in front of a huge machine that was labeled "McMahon Cloning

"Ahhh...the WWE is why I am a millionaire. But this machine is why I'm a

He flipped the switch on the machine and it turned on with a huge cracking
noise. He laughed like a mad man as he opened the bag of Torrie's hair and
placed it in the machine. The loud machine sucked the hair like a vacuum
cleaner. Vince set up a stand for the clone to appear on. After about 5
minutes, a clone of Torrie started to appear on the stand. It looked exactly
like her. Not even a mother would know the difference! Finally, the clone
was fully created and blinked a couple good times, getting uses to the new
world. Vince stared at her perfect breast. So plump and juicy, just waiting
to be tasted. Her great pussy was teasing Vince, even when the clone didn't
move. He advanced to her with his hands ready to wrap around her ass. The
clone suddenly stopped blinking and dived on top of Mr. McMahon. Torrie was
kissing him barely giving him a chance to breathe. Vince's hands were probing
her body which felt so soft and smooth. The nice round ass was were Vince
really wanted to be. She must have sensed this because she got off of him
and got on all fours. While Vince was lying down watching her get off of him,
he took the opportunity to take off his clothes as quickly as possible. He
still had his socks on but could care less as he threw his head towards her
ass. He was in shock at how great her ass was. He rubbed his head all around
her ass getting the feel for it. His tongue crept out of his mouth and licked
her smooth butt cheeks. The Torrie clone shut her eyes and moaned at the feel
of Vince's tongue. Vince held her butt cheeks and rubbed them down gently as
he moved his tongue to her asshole. He licked up and down her asshole driving
her to even louder moans.

"Umm...yes...that's the spot...umm...!"

Vince was amazed that she even sounded like Torrie. This just made him more
excited as he slapped her ass harder and harder.

"Slap my great ass Vince!!"

Vince took his head out and stuck his huge dick into her asshole. The clone
Torrie took a huge breath as her ass was being rammed. Vince wouldn't stop
the pace, he wanted to cum deep into her ass.


Vince was about to cum until Torrie moved so that his dick fell came out
of her ass. Torrie stood up so that Vince's head was to her pussy. Torrie
stroked his hair as she put his face in her pussy. His tongue stuck into
it and licked all around her pussy walls. He inhaled the scent deeply as
he took larger licks at a time.

"Ummm...that's it Vince...that's it Vince..."

He eat her out until Torrie grabbed the back of his head and pulled it back
and forth. Humping his face with her pussy. Vince was loving it, he used his
tongue like a dick, jamming deep in her pussy. He jammed it in until her
body violently shook.

"Ahhhh...fuck yes...that's it...yes...ohhhhhhhh!"

Torrie cummed into Vince's mouth. It all just poured out as Vince gladly took
it all. He sucked and slurped until it all was swallowed. Vince laid on the
floor tired, but feeling great. Yet, the clone Torrie was not even a bit

"Sorry, at my age I don't think I could do anymore for now. Why don't you go
wait in my office."

The clone cocked her head to the side and looked confused. "But didn't you
want me?"

"Yeah but..."

"...You made me so you could have complete pleasure. And I won't rest until
you do."

"Well, yeah but...what's your definition of pleasure?"

"When one of us dies having sex."

Vince's eyes almost popped out of his head. He liked the idea of having sex
until he died but...well, the dying part wasn't working for him. He quickly
stood up but the Torrie clone had intense strength and pinned him against
the wall. She kissed him wildly, frenching and licking his entire mouth.
Vince only struggled for about 5 seconds, and then he fully went along with
it. She shoved him onto the cold floor and bent down to his legs. She
crawled like a cat towards him until she dropped her head to his dick. She
stroked it gently with her index finger, completely teasing him. Vince
couldn't do anything. He loved the feeling and he was much to tired to move.
She grabbed his dick with her right hand and started to jerk it off. She
used the index finger of her left hand to rub the tip of his dick. Vince was
moaning like a woman as she did this. Torrie moved her tongue down to the
tip of his dick and licked along the slit. She used her full tongue to really
get him hard. She kept jerking it off as she finally dropped her head down
and put the dick in her mouth. She sucked on his dick while rubbing across
his muscular chest. She bobbed her head up and down getting the full length
in. Every once and a while she would slap his ass, making him scream like a
girl. Torrie would never need air. She seemed as if she didn't need to
breathe because she sucked on his dick non-stop. When Vince was on the verge
of cumming, the clone moved forward and put his dick in her perfect pussy.
She bounced on it as fast as she could almost setting it off instantly.

"Ummmm Vince..."

When she felt that he was going to cum, Torrie bent her face to his and
kissed him tightly. She then held his nose with her finger so that he
couldn't breathe at all. Vince's dick exploded with cum as it shot right
into Torrie. But Torrie kept her mouth tightly on Vince's and held his
nose just as tightly. Vince desperately needed a breath of air as she was
snuffing him. Just as it looked really bad for Vince, someone kicked open
the door to the room and ran in. It was Torrie. She looked in horror as
she saw...well...HER...trying to kill Vince.

"What the..."

The clone continued to keep Vince's breathing off as Torrie watched in
horror. Torrie...

To Be Continued

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