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Australian Kisses
by PaigeTurner02

We locked eyes from across the bar. She was beautiful, with long pitch black hair. I gave her a smile and she winked back at me. Her and her brunette friend giggled for a few seconds before walking my way.

"Hey!" she said.

I could tell immediately that she was Australian.

"Hi gorgeous." I greeted her before grabbing her hand and kissing her knuckles.

She turned to her friend and told her, "What a gentleman!"

I smiled and she turned back around. I felt very lucky tonight. We shared some info about ourselves and continued with some small talk for a while before I offered to buy her and her friend a drink.

I picked up my bottle and asked the bartender "Can I get 3 more of these?"

They were both blushing as their drinks arrived. They took drinks and I asked them if I could get their numbers.

"Of course!" Billie replied.

She grabbed my phone and put her number in my contacts.

While she was doing that Peyton told me, "You are such a good guy! We should all hang out in a bit, sound cool?"

I was so down.

"Sounds great!" I responded, "I'm here on vacation, I've got a hotel right down the street if we'd want to meet up there."

They thought about it for a moment then both said yes. I've got myself a three-way date tonight.

After Peyton put her number in we all took off for the Hard Rock Hotel, I was kind of a rock music enthusiast and this hotel was great. Also, a empty king sized bed. This was perfect, I was just hoping not to get stood up.

I got to my room and texted Billie, "Hey, it's room 237. I'll be waiting " I sat on my bed and waited. A few minutes went by and suddenly, I heard a knock at my door. I got up and looked through the peephole and it was them, my dick got erect as I opened the door.

"Hello ladies." I said as I welcomed them in.

"Nice room!" Peyton remarked

Billie stared at me then looked at the bed. Her gaze was very sexy. She sat on my bed with her legs spread as Peyton looked out the window. Billie looked at my buldge and made her way up to my eyes then winked. I was turned on.

"Do you mind if I use your washroom?" Peyton asked.

"Sure, go ahead." I responded.

She walked to the bathroom and I returned to staring at Billie. When Peyton closed the bathroom door Billie stood up and got really close to me.

She grabbed my cock then whispered in my ear, "Come on, fuck me!"

I pushed her down onto the bed and took off my t-shirt.

She stared at my 6-pack, "Ooh" she remarked.

I began to unbutton my jeans and she pulled down her black leggings. Underneath, she was wearing a dark blue g-string. I was down to my Calvin Klein boxers and my dick was bulging out. She stood up and took off her cutoff t-shirt, exposing a black lace bra. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open. Peyton gasped when she saw what was going down.

"Billie!" She yelled.

Peyton got in her face and Billie asked "What?!" with attitude

Peyton licked her lips then looked at me.

"You started without me!" she replied.

In my mind I thought to myself, no way is this going down, but it is.

Peyton removed her white t-shirt while Billie grabbed a handful of my cock. Peyton began pulling down her jeans and panties as Billie let go of my junk and undid her bra. Her tits were amazing. They weren't huge but they weren't small. They were perfect. Billie pulled down my underwear and Peyton took off her white push-up bra. They were both naked and ready to fuck.

Peyton jumped onto my bed and got on her knees. Billie kissed me then got to her knees on my bed as well. Billie and Peyton began to touch each others titties and make out on my bed. My dick was hard as a rock. Peyton laid down and started playing with her pink little pussy. Billie got on top of her and turned to me and demanded me to fuck her in the ass. My heart was racing. I got on my bed and grabbed her asscheeks. Her ass was very succlent and I could not wait to fuck it.

I slid my dick in her ass. Her asshole was very tight and once I was in it felt amazing.

"Oh!" She whispered as I began to ram her ass.

I fucked Billie's ass fast and hard as Peyton rubbed her clit. The faster and harder I went, the more I worried I was hurting her but I don't think she minded by the amount of moaning going on.

"Ah... Fuck me..." Billie uttered with a smile on her face and a tear in her eye.

I smacked her ass as I nailed her from behind.

"It feels so good!" Billie screamed.

I fucked her until I couldn't anymore. I fell over to the side and Billie got off of Peyton. Peyton got on top of me and put my dick inside her. Her pussy was very tight, but she knew what she was doing. She began riding me and suddenly Billie crawled up and sat on my face. Billie was riding my face and Peyton was riding my cock.

"Oh fuck" Peyton screamed as she rode on my huge cock.

I heard the two making out while I ate out Billie's sweet pussy. I was so turned on by all of this and was about to cum. I took my tongue out of Billie's pussy and warned Peyton. Peyton got off and got to her knees. Billie joined her and the began jerking me off. Billie sucked on my balls and Peyton gave me the best handjob I've ever recieved. I came all over Peyton's face and titties. It was the true 'money shot'.

Peyton walked to the bathroom to clean off as I sat up on my bed. Billie got up from her knees and began put her bra back on.

"Let's do this again sometime" she told me.

"For sure" I responded as I stood up.

Once Billie had her bra and panties back on I got close and gave her a kiss. That kiss turned into a make-out session and we lip-locked until Peyton returned. We all got clothed and it seemed like they were about to hit the road. I gave Billie another kiss and Peyton a hug. Peyton picked up her things and opened the door.

"Bye stud" Peyton yelled as she walked out the door.

Billie was about to leave when I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"If I never see you again I want you to know that what we just had was very special." I told her.

She had a tear in her eye as she leaned in for another kiss. We kissed then she walked out the door.

"Text me" she yelled.

The door shut and I sat on my bed. At this point I sat back down and realized that I'd just had the best time of my life. I was going to miss them both but I really felt something for Billie and it tore my heart to see her go. If I'm ever back in town I know who I'm calling...

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