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BAD At The Beach Part 1
by cranescranes

"Come on, Naomi! Get your fat ass down here! I'm not spending my day off waiting for you," Sasha Banks called impatiently up the stairs. On a rare break from the road, Team BAD had rented a Florida beach house for the weekend.

"You know what, screw this, I'll see you guys down there..." the youngest of the trio sighed with a bratty fold of her arms, before smugly adding.

"'ll find me easy enough, just look for a crowd of drooling boys."

Sasha strutted out the front door and down onto the sand. Concerned, Tamina walked apprehensively towards the closed door of the bedroom, where her cousin Naomi had been hiding for the past 15 minutes.

"Honey, what's keeping you?" the older woman gently asked, leaning toward the crack in the door.

"Listen, I'm sick of Sasha too, but we don't have to hang with her. She'll be busy collecting guys' numbers anyway."

"I'm not going, Tam," came Naomi's distressed reply.

"Why? This whole weekend was your idea," Tamina replied.

"I've changed my mind, I don't feel too good," Naomi continued unconvincingly.

"Well, you were fine half an hour ago. I'm coming in," announced Tamina, barging through the door and finding Naomi stood in front of the full-length mirror in her skimpy pink bikini. Tamina had to gasp, little did Naomi know, her ample curves never failed to hypnotize and excite Tamina whenever she saw them in such revealing attire.

"I told you to go!" Naomi shouted angrily.

"Not before you tell me what's up," Tamina countered.

"This is what's up!" Naomi sighed, pointing at her legendarily voluptuous backside.

"You look great," Tamina replied sincerely. So great she was getting slightly wet, in fact, but she wasn't about to tell Naomi that.

"That's because you think this is a thong," Naomi said, hooking her hands under the back of the bikini bottom and extracting several inches of extra fabric from the depths of her ass crack.

"So you bought too small, it happens. A body like yours looks good in anything," Tamina smiled, before worrying she'd let a little too much slip about just how Naomi's body made her feel.

"You don't get it, this fit me perfectly six months ago. I had to throw out my favorite pair of jeans last week because they were about to split clean in two. I've gone through so much different wrestling gear in the last twelve months, and why? Cos my ass just keeps getting bigger and fatter no matter what I do! Even my husband makes jokes about it," Naomi cried, placing her head in her hands in embarrassment.

Tamina wasn't going to pretend she hadn't noticed Naomi gaining yet more weight back there, but she wasn't going to pretend it was in any way a bad thing. That big black booty turned Tamina on like no one's business, and now there was even more of it to fantasies about.

"Why can't I look like Sasha, all petite and perfectly-proportioned? Or a fucking Amazon like you? I'm sick of being 'that girl with the big ass,'" Naomi sniffed, sitting down on the bed. Tamina sat beside her, reaching a comforting arm around the younger woman's waist.

"Your body is a masterpiece. Not just the butt, the whole thing. Your thick, powerful thighs, these firm, juicy natural tits, your beautiful face. You're everything a man could want," Tamina whispered in her ear, before she noticed Naomi gazing downward in alarm.

"Apparently not just men," Naomi grinned.

Tamina looked down at her own crotch and gasped in horror as she saw the very visible damp patch her juices had made in her own pale-blue bikini. She hurriedly searched her mind for an explanation, but couldn't find any.

"So, I turn you on, huh, cuz?" Naomi asked mischievously, her enthusiasm returning.

"Yeah... yeah you do, big time," Tamina sighed, closing her eyes.

"What are we gonna do about that?" the younger woman replied flirtatiously, and Tamina met her full, luscious lips with a deep kiss, leaning her back on the bed and mounting her, running her hands down her sides.

"So, you think I've got a great rack, huh?" Naomi questioned as she broke the kiss. She sat up to remove her bikini top, even pausing to bounce her full, plentiful breasts for Tamina's pleasure.

Not able to wait a moment longer, Tamina took an indulgent squeeze of the nubile dark brown flesh, then teased her thumbs over the erect black nipples, causing Naomi to let out a deep moan that nearly sent Tamina over the edge. She knew Naomi was only letting her do this to restore her own confidence, but she didn't care.

Naomi fell back to the mattress again as Tamina began to suck away on her nipples, and the older woman began to rub between her own legs to increase the pleasure. Soon, Tamina was kissing her way down Naomi's immaculate abs, before pausing where her hips curved outwards.

"You wanna go all the way, girl? Alright," Naomi said enthusiastically, pushing up onto her knees and undoing the bottom part of her bikini.

"You know what, you're right. My ass is awesome," Naomi beamed as she admired her behind in the mirror, smacking it and causing a substantial jiggle.

Using her superior strength, Tamina grabbed full handfuls of Naomi's substantial buttocks and pulled her down on top of her face, submerging herself between the younger woman's shapely, muscular thighs and going to work on the fat, juicy pussy that lay between them, licking around the entrance before pulling Naomi further down onto her mouth and sucking manically on the clit as she felt her tag partner get wetter and wetter.

"Damn, this definitely ain't your first time eating cookie..." Naomi exclaimed in satisfaction.

"...Is this why AJ always had a spring in her step when she was with you? Fuck, this is good."

Abruptly, Tamina stopped. She was very close to the edge, and she knew just what she needed to get her there.

"Turn around," she instructed sternly.

"You sure?" Naomi asked.

"Naomi, you have the best ass of any girl I've ever seen. Sure, it's huge, and it only seems to be getting bigger, but that is nothing to be ashamed of," Tamina smiled, giving Naomi an affectionate squeeze on the behind.

"Well, hope it lives up to the hype then," Naomi said with a wink, before squatting over Tamina, spreading here enormous round cheeks to reveal the dark, tight hole at their base, and slowly lowering herself back on Tamina's face. With the copious amount of flesh surrounding her and Naomi's anal odor filling her nostrils, Tamina could barely breath, and she couldn't have been happier. Just a few seconds in this predicament and she felt the orgasm jolt through her body, causing her to squirt violently through her bikini bottom and out onto the bed.

She was determined to get her cousin off too, however, and besides, she was yet to taste Naomi's ass, something she'd been longing to do for almost as long as she'd known the younger girl. Grabbing the soft, massive cheeks one more time, she plunged her tongue deep into the Florida native's bowels. It was the rawest, wildest, most overwhelming sensation Tamina had ever felt, Naomi jiggling up and down in excitement on top of her making it even better. Eventually Naomi let out a deep moan, and Tamina felt the dampness trickle onto her own chest.

"Damn, I've not had a good ass licking in a while. If John ventured back there a bit more often, maybe I wouldn't have got so self-conscious about it," Naomi proclaimed contentedly.

"He doesn't know what he's missing," Tamina chuckled happily, kissing her cousin on the temple.

"You still wanna hit the beach?" Naomi asked.

"Nah, I'd rather hit the shower," Tamina almost growled in her ear.

"Good idea," Naomi concluded, jumping to her feet and earning a hearty slap to her gigantic behind from Tamina as they headed into the bathroom.

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