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Written: 28/09/14

Year of occurrence: 2007

Wrestlers featured: (WWE) Johnny Nitro (WWE) Melina

Tags: M/F, anal.

by manboydudeguy

Backstage after the 2007 Vengeance: Night of Champions PPV, Johnny Nitro is in his locker room staring proudly at his new ECW World Championship, having defeated CM Punk earlier in the night to win the vacated title. Suddenly his locker room door slams open and his girlfriend, the curvaceous and bodacious, Melina storms into the room. Nitro jumps to his feet in surprise as Melina crosses the room towards him in a blind rage.

"Can you fucking believe this shit!?" She screams at him.

"Be-Believe what, babe?" Nitro replies, clearly alarmed at her fury.

"What do you mean what!, that fucking trashy bitch stole my title!" Melina shouts at him.

"N-no way-" Nitro shutters.

"You didn't even watch my fucking match!?" Melina questions seemingly becoming more furious by the second.

"W-well I was celebrating babe, I finally won the world title" Nitro says as he proudly presents the ECW Championship to his girlfriend

Melina stares at Nitro completely bewildered for a moment before she grabs the ECW title and throws it across the room.

"Hey! What did you do that for!" Nitro says, confused by her actions.

"Nobody cares about some Z-list title from that backyard wrestling company you moron!" Melina yells, her normal bitchy and domineering tone amped up to the limit because of her recent loss.

"B-but babe..This is our ticket to the top" Nitro pleads trying to calm her down.

"I was already on top! Until that Playboy skank stole my women's championship, you moron!" Melina once again screams at him.

"Don't worry babe, you'll get it back. You're the most dominant diva on Raw and-" Nitro continues to plead with his girlfriend.

"I'm the most dominant diva in the entire WWE!" Melina shouts at him.

"Calm down babe" desperately pleads trying to quell her rising anger.

Upon hearing those words Melina immediately reaches up and slaps Nitro hard cross the face with her right hand "Don't you tell me to calm down!" Melina shouts.

Nitro stumbles slightly from the blow and a look of anger flashes across his face, the actions of girlfriend beginning to become too much for him.

"Get that stupid look off your face, we both know your not going to do anything" Melina says as Nitro appears to be about to say something but things better of it.

"Just get my bags and let's head back to the hotel" Melina says with a sigh before she walks out of the room leaving Nitro alone fuming in quite rage.

* * *

Back at the luxury hotel suite of Nitro and Melina, Johnny Nitro is walking through the door carrying several large bags as Melina enters behind him, still complaining about her loss to Candice Michelle earlier in the night.

"She shouldn't have even got a title shot; she couldn't even win that piss poor modeling contest."

"I know babe" Nitro says mindlessly having seemingly zoned out completely.

Nitro walks into the bedroom of the luxurious suite to set the luggage down as Melina sits down on the bed facing away from him, still bitching about her defeat.

("Christ is she ever going to shut up") Nitro says to himself ("I wonder if I could....") Nitro thinks as he slips into the bathroom of the suite and proceeds to take a shower while Melina continues to complain, oblivious to the fact that he is no longer in the room.

* * *

Several minutes later Johnny Nitro reenters the bed room, having dried off from his shower now only covered with a towel around his waist with leaves his incredibly muscular and desirable upper body on display. When he enters the room he notices Melina still complaining.

"Its just total bullshit! Right?!" Melina turns to him and asks completely oblivious to the fact he left her talking to herself.

"Ummm yeah babe, totally" Nitro says without having any idea what she was asking.

"Why are you wearing a towel?" Melina asks puzzled.

"Ummm...I was thinking we could...fool around" Nitro says as he removes his towel revealing the rest of his muscular body along with his enormous, meaty cock to his Latina girlfriend.

"Put that thing away Johnny, I've got plans" says seemingly totally uninteresting in sleeping with a man most woman would give their right arm to be with.

"Awwhh babe it's been like a month, what plans?" Nitro asks disappointed.

"I'm meeting someone for dinner" Melina says dismissively.

"You never mentioned that, who are you meeting?" Nitro questions.

"Just people" Melina says dismissively.

"Why won't you tell me?" Nitro asks before he suddenly releases something "Ar-are you meeting Dave?!" Nitro asks raising his voice in annoyance

"Don't you dare yell at me! I can meet see whoever I want!" Melina fires back at him.

"You promised me you two were finished!" Nitro yells.

"I need a man Johnny! Not a boy like you!" Melina says now fully open about seeing the man she had an affair with in the past once again.

"I AM A MAN! I'm the ECW world champion! He's the one who lost his match!" shouts now extremely angry at his dominating girlfriend.

"At least Dave was wrestling for a real championship and not that worthless piece of junk you got!" Melina retorts.

"Pfffff I've seen your "real man" in the showers, he's no where even close to being as big as me!" Nitro says slightly cockily.

"Well at least he's not afraid to give me a real fucking! All you do is that gentle shit!" Melina calls back.

"You're the one who's always bitching at me to cum quickly!" Nitro says defensively.

"You're such a pussy Johnny, you let every boss you around" Melina says further antagonizing her boyfriend.

"You're just a fucking slut!" Nitro shouts as he becoming increasingly angry.

As soon as he says the words Melina reaches up and quickly slaps him across the face with her right hand once again.

"You fucking bitch!" Nitro shouts at her before grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her down onto her knees.

"Get your hands off of me you pus-" Melina's screams are quickly silenced when Nitro shoves his unhardened penis into her mouth and begins to slowly thrust in and out. Melina tries to pull her head away but Nitro's places his hands on the back of her head and keeps her firmly in place.

"MMMMMMMMMM" Melina protests are muffled by Johnny Nitro's huge shaft as it gradually hardens between her pouty lips.

"Ahhh I'll show you ahhh real man, you fucking slut" Nitro moans as he continues to thrust in hips.

"MMMMMMMMM" Melina continues to yell in protest around his cock but this doesn't bother Nitro at all, the only thing he's concerned with is using her mouth to take out his for his pleasure.

"Ahhh fuck yeah" he groans out as he works his now fully hardened dick deeper into her warm, soothing mouth.

As Nitro continues to face fuck his smoking hot girlfriend she can't help but drool all over his dick causing it to become heavily coated with her own saliva and causing saliva to drip down on to her large cleavage.

"Ahhhh shit...ahhh" Nitro moans as he continues to work his dick quicker and deeper into her sensual mouth.

"Ahhh fuck..I'll show you what I can do..ahhhh..when I don't have to listen to you're shit all the time" says before he picks up the pace of his thrusts and begins to rapidly send his shaft deeply into Melina's mouth.

"Gahhhhh...gahhhhh" Melina begins to gag around Nitro's massive cock as he sends it further and further into her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh...ahhhhhhh" Nitro groans as he thrusts his between her made for blowjob lips.

"Gaaahhh...gahhhhhh" Melina continues to gag on the meaty pole rapidly begin worked into her hot, wet mouth.

"That's right, gag on my big..fucking..cock" Nitro moans emphasizing every word with a thrust with ends up sending his cock all the way into Melina's mouth causing her to gag more heavily.

"GAAAAHHHHH...GAAHHHHHHH" Melina gags as having all of his shaft in her mouth seems to great a task for her, especially when it's being roughly thrusted in like it is now.

"Hmmmmm...shit! What's wrong? Ahhhh too big for you?!" Nitro groans with a smirk as he's clearly getting more than just physical pleasure from having his meat pole, balls deep in her mouth.

"Gahhhh...gahhhh" Melina gags as she moves her hands up to his waists and tries to push her head up but he's able to keep her in place thanks to his strong grip.

After several more thrusts Nitro grabs Melina's head sends his cock ball's deep into Melina's mouth again and holds her down as she continues to heavily gag and slobber on his man meat.

"GAAAAHHHH!.....GAHHHHHHH!" Melina gags all over his dick as Nitro smirks down at her.

"Ahhhhh yeah..You like that don't you slut!" Nitro moans loving the feeling of having his entire dick in her mouth.

"GAAAHHHHHH!..GAHHHHHHH!! Melina continues to gag having no choice but to take this from her the new ECW champion.

After a few more moments Nitro pulls his dick out of Melina's mouth, giving her a chance to take in some much needed deep breaths.

" of a bitch!" Melina shouts between deep breaths.

"I thought a slut like you would love drooling on a big dick" Nitro mocks as Melina continues to try and regain her breath.

Before she can respond Nitro lifts Melina up to her feet, grabs her expensive designer top and rips it from her body exposing her toned and tanned body along with her very large, well rounded, juicy tits.

"When I tell Dave about this he's going to kick your ass!" Melina shouts at him, totally caught off guard by his new attitude.

Nitro just smirks at her before he pushes her up against a wall, turns her around and pulls down her tight fitting pants to her knees with reveals her plump, tanned ass and neatly shaven pussy.

"I'll deal with that juiced up monkey soon...but for now I'm going to deal with you" Nitro says as he thrusts his dick straight up into her surprisingly wet pussy, tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm" Nitro moans as he holds his shaft inside her pussy for a moment before he begins to thrust into her her.

"Ahhhh..mmmmmm.." Nitro moans as he wastes little time building up a steady pace, thrusting into Melina's pussy.

"MMMMMMM...MMMMM.." Melina lightly moans out, trying with all her might to suppress her cries of pleasure.

"Hmmmmm...fuck.." Nitro moans out as his huge shaft is squeezed by her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm..MMMMMMM" Melina continues try and stop herself from moaning.

"Ahhhhh..fuck!" Nitro groans placing one hand on her hip and the other on her well rounded ass.

"MMMMMMMM....ohhhhhhhh" Melina slight moans.

"MMMMMMMM...ohhhh you bastard" Melina groans out trying to stifle her moans of pleasure.

"Ahhhhh..I know you love it..ahhh..slut" Nitro moans as he takes a firm grip of both Melina's hips with his hands and increases the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh shit!....ohhhhhh.." Melina moans out no longer able to keep her moans suppressed.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh fuck!" Melina continues to moan out as Nitro works his extremely long shaft deeper and deeper into her increasingly wet and still very tight pussy.

"ohhhhh fuck...Bet that fucking monkey..ahhhhh shit..never fucked you like this!" Nitro moans as his hips begin to smack against her ass, signaling his dick is now going balls deep in her pussy.

"You're..mmmm shit..still..a fucking..pussy!" Melina loudly moans knowing he's right but refusing to give him the satisfaction. Nitro just smirks at her response, focusing on giving the sexy Latin diva the fucking she's clearly been in desperate need of for a long time.

"Mmmmmmmm....ohhhhhhh.." Nitro groans as he reaches around with one hand and begins to fondle her large breasts.

"Ohhhhh fuck...ohhhh fuck..." Melina moans as the sounds of smacking echoes throughout the room as Nitro's waist rapidly collide with Melina's ass causing it to slightly jiggle erotically.

"Ahhhhh...ahhhhh.." Nitro groans as he relentlessly thrusts his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh..ohhhhhh..ohhhhh.." Melina moans as she takes his rapid thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmm...shit..ohhhhhh.." Nitro moans loving the feeling of her increasingly wet pussy around his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck...ohhhh shit.." Melina moans in increasing pleasure from her skilled thrusts.

"Awwwww yeah...fuck.." Nitro as he reaches around and begins to tease Melina's clit while he continues to fuck her at a rapid pace.

"Ohhhhh fuck!...ohhhhhh damn!" Melina moans out noticeably louder thanks to Nitro's skilled fingers.

"Awwww yeah...You love that..awwww..don't you slut" Nitro taunts her but still not missing a beat with either his thrusts or his hand teasing her clit.

"Ohhhhhh....SHUT UP!..ohhhhhh" Melina screams at him still trying to be defiant but her loud moans of pleasure and now soaking wet pussy tell a different story.

"Awwwwww....mmmmmmmmm" Nitro smirks at her while continuing to thrust in and out of her like a machine.

"Ohhhhhh....ohhhhhh.." Melina moans as this fast pace fucking begins to take its toll on her and she begins to lightly sweat.

"Awwww yeah...ohhhh fuck" Nitro groans as he keeps rubbing her pussy with his hand.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck!, fuck! FUCK!" Melina moans as she begins to thrust back against his powerful thrusts.

"Awwwww I know you loved it...fucking slut" Nitro groans as he waists collides against her waist creating a loud smacking sound.

"Ohhhhhhh..shut up...and..FUCK ME!" Melina screams completely over come with lust from this intense fuck session.

"Ohhhhhhh...awwwww..yeah.." Nitro licks his lips enjoying the sound of her lusty screams.

"Come on!..ohhhhhh!..Fuck me!" Melina screams.

"I'll fuck the slut you are!" Nitro groans out before he grabs Melina's hips firmly with both hands and once again the increases pace of his thrusts.

"OHHHHHHH..OHHHHH SHIT!.." Melina screams as she thrusts her ass back against his shaft.

"Ahhhh fuck...ahhhhh.." Nitro groans as he begins to sweat lightly due his rapid thrusts.

"Ohhhh damn...ohhh damn" Melina moans as she takes what very well be the most pleasurable sexual experience of her life.

"Awwww yeah...ohhhhh" Nitro moans as he also enjoys his intense sex session.

"Ohhhh yeah...ahhhhhh.." Melina moans out as his man meat is hitting all the right places to make her feel amazingly good.

After a few more deep thrusts Nitro pulls out of Melina causing them both to groan out, he then pulls Melina's pants down completely which allows her to step out of them fully revealing her smooth, tanned and very shapely legs. She then turns around which allows him to lift her up and lower her down on his dick.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Melina moans out as she wastes no time and immediately begins to bounce on his dick as fast as she can.

"Awwwww..shit...fuck" Nitro moans as makes sure to do his part and matches her pace with his own firm thrusts into her soaking wet yet still very pleasurably tight cunt.

"OHHHHHH...OHHHHHH.." Melina screams as she rapidly moves up and down on his huge meat pole.

"Awwww...awwww.." Nitro moans as her feisty Latin girlfriend bounces wildly on his cock.

"Ohhhhh Johnny....ohhh fuck Johnny" Melina moans getting completely caught up in this sexual act.

"Awwww fuck...shit yeah" Nitro groans his own cock also feeling amazing because of her still tight, very wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck..ohhh shit" Melina moans up as she rapid moves up and down on his dick.

"Hmmmm....awwhh damn" Nitro moans moving his hands down to grab a firm hold of her sweat coated, curvy ass giving her more support to ride him.

"Ohhhh fuck....ohhh fuck!" Melina moans as both of their sweaty bodies collide with each other.

"Awwwh yeah...fucking ride that cock!" Nitro groans as pushes his head forward and begins to suck on her large, bouncing breasts.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah Johnny" Melina moans loving the sensation of him giving her tits some well deserve attention.

"Mmmmmmmm" Nitro moans as he continues to suck on her tits.

"Ohhhhh yeah Johnny!" Melina moans out and continues to sweat.

Awwwwwh fucking love that cock! Don't you!" Nitro moans pulling his head away from her bouncing tits.

"Fuck yeah!....I fucking love that cock!" Melina calls out in extreme pleasure.

"Awwwwhhh yeah...fuck yeah" Nitro groans as Melina bounces on his cock like her life depended on it

"OHHHHHHHHH FUCK" Melina screams as her extremely wet pussy begins to tighten around his cock.

Just before he sends Melina over the edge, Nitro grabs a firm hold her waist and brings her to an abrupt stop.

"Ohhhh what are you doing!" Melina shouts at him, clearly furious that he prevented her from cumming.

"Awww whose a fucking slut" Nitro asks with a smirk as he firmly holds Melina preventing her from bouncing as he begins to deliver a series of slow, teasing thrusts into her soaking wet snatch.

"Ohhhh..Just fuck me you prick!" Melina moans desperately wanting to cum.

"Awwww..Tell me..whose..a fucking..slut" Nitro groans emphasizing each word with a single hard thrust.

"Ohhhhhhh..fucking me!" Melina moans out seemingly having had all the definance from earlier fucked out of her.

As soon as he hears this Nitro immediately starts thrusting into her as hard and fast as he can.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Melina lets out a deafening primal scream as she begins to cum hard almost immediately on his cock.

"Mmmmmm FUCK!" Nitro groans as she pussy tightens further on his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh god damn" Melina moans as Nitro continues to fuck her through her mind blowing sexual high.

"Ohhhhh..shit...fuck yeah" Nitro groans as the former woman's champion continues to cum.

After a couple more thrusts into her perfectly fucked pussy Nitro unwrapped her legs from his waists and set her down, he then walks over to the hotel room bed and lies down on his back and places his hands behind his back "Hop on slut" Nitro says with a cocky smirk. Melina wastes little time in moving over to him, climbing onto the bed and positioning herself so she's squatting over his meaty pole with her back facing him and slowly lowering her vice grip like ass down on his thick tool.

"Awwwww SHIT!" Nitro groans loving the sensation of her thick, juicy ass around his cock.

"Ohhhhhh shit...shit, SHIT!" Melina moans as she slowly lowers her ass down on his dick.

"Ahhhh yeah...fuck" Nitro groans as he just sits back and enjoys the feeling of the sexy, sweaty Latin diva slowly moving down his shaft.

"God damn!..Ohhhhhhh Fuck Johnny!" Melina as inch after thick inch of rock hard man meat enters her backdoor.

Nitro places his hands behind his head and just admires the amazing sight in front of him as Melina continues to move further down his pike.

"Ohhhhhh..Fuck! So big!" Melina moans out as his dick continues to stretch her ass open.

"Ahhhhh...Mmmmmmmm" Nitro moans with a grin plastered on face as Melina touches down on his waist was signaling all of his cock is in her ass.

"Mmmmmm...Ohhhhhh" Melina moans as she remains still with his entire cock buried up her sexy, Latin ass.

After taking a several moments to admire her ass, Nitro moves his hands to her hips and begins moving her up and down on his shaft.

"Ahhhhh...Ahhh fuck!" Nitro moves as her amazingly tight ass slowly moves up and down.

"Ohhhhhh..It's so big!" Melina moans as it's clearly been a very long time since she's had Nitro's cock in her ass.

"Hmmmm..ahhhh..damn!" Nitro moans as he savors the sight of his dick inside of Melina's ass.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhhhh!" Melina as the heavily sweating diva just allows the hot and hung, hunk beneath her to have his way with her.

"Ahhhhh..ahhh fuck yeah" Nitro groans as he enjoys the feeling of control he's certainly not used to in their relationship.

"OHHHHH SHIT!" Melina as she begins to move on his shaft herself downward on her dick.

"Ahhhhh yeah...bounce on that dick!" Nitro groans as Melina begins to move more quickly on his cock.

"Ohhhhh god Johnny" Melina moans as she once again touches down on him.

"Hmmmmm...shit!" Nitro groans as he begins to thrust up into her ass.

"Ohhhhhh..Ohhhhh yeah!" Melina moans as she rapid bounces.

"Ohhhhhh...Ahhh damn!" Nitro moans as Melina goes wild on top of him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, FUCK!" Melina moans as she practically impales herself.

"Ahhhhhh..god your ass is tight!" Nitro moans out heavily sweating himself.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah it is!" Melina moans showing even in this position she can still show off her arrogant side.

After several moments bouncing Nitro turns over so has now on top of Melina, he then moves her legs so she lying on her front with her legs in the splits position while he's on top of her with his huge pole still buried deep in her asshole.

"Ahhhhh yeah..Always want to fuck you like this!" Nitro moans out as he wastes little time in building up a break neck pace in thrusting into Melina's ass.

"Ohhhhhh Johnny! Ohhhhhh Johnny!" Melina moans as she pushes back against his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh fuck...ohhhh shit" Nitro moans being able to thrust his cock harder and faster into her asshole than ever before thanks to his new position with always him to throw all his thrusts much to the delight of the screaming in pleasure woman on the receiving end.

"Ohhhhhh shit...ohhhhhhhh" Melina moans as she feels every inch of his long cock thrusting into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh FUCK!" Nitro moans as he goes all out with his thrusts.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh baby..ohhhh" Melina moans as she continues to work her ass back against him.

"Mmmmmm..Ah yeah!" Nitro moans as he moves one hand off of Melina's hip and reaches up and grabs her hair.

"Ohhhhhh...fuck Johnny" Melina moans in slight pain.

"Ahhhhh..You wanna..ahhhh..cum again slut!" Nitro says as he plows into her.

"Ohhhhh yeah..Ohhhhh fuck yeah I wanna!" Melina moans out in lust.

"Ahhhhh what do you want!" Nitro groans as he continues to teach her.

"Ohhhhh I want you to..Ohhhh FUCK..make me cum on your huge cock!" Melina cries out.

"Ahhhhh...ahhhhh" Nitro groans as he lets go of her hair and uses his free hand to reach around and shove three fingers into her extremely wet pussy.

"OHHHHHH..OHHHHHH!" Melina screams as she takes both his dick in her ass and her his hand rapidly working in and out of her pussy.

"Ahhhhh SHIT..ahhhhh" Nitro moans as he keeps working her fingers into her pussy.

"OHHHHHHHH FUCK, FUCK!" Melina screams as she bucks hips back against his thrusting dick and hand.

"Ahhhhh JESUS!..ahhhhh fucking bounce that ass!" Nitro moans as her ass collides with his waist.

"OHHHHHHH..HOLY SHIT!" Melina screams loudly as she tightly grips the sheets of the bed she's being fucked on.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!..Come on baby!" Nitro moans as he slaps her ass with his other hand.

"OHHHHHHHH JOHNNY" Melina screams as her pussy starts to tighten because of his onslaught.

"AHHHHHH SHIT..AHHHHHH FUCK!" Nitro groans as Melina's ass tightens around his dick.

"OHHH YEAH..OHHH YEAH..FUCK YEAH!" Melina screams as her eyes roll back in her head and her pussy tightens further around his dick.

"OHHHHHHH DAMN!" Nitro moans loudly due to the increased tightness.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Melina lets out a primal scream even louder than the first as she begins to cum all over his thrusting fingers.

"AHHHHHH HOLY SHIT!" Nitro shouts as he continues to thrust his cock into her ass even as it continues to tighten on his shaft.

"OHHHHHHHH..OHHHHHHHH" Melina screams as her body twists and turn beneath him.

"AHHHHH FUCK..Mmmmm" Nitro moans as his dick starts to throb.

"Ohhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Melina moans exhausted.

After a few more deep thrusts Nitro pulls her throbbing dick out of Melina perfectly fuck asshole and lays down flat on the bed.

"Fucking suck it slut" Nitro says with a smirk as Melina stares at him for a moment with an extremely lustful look on her face before moving down to his dick. Taking the lower half of his dick in her hand Melina begins to slowly move his hand up and down the bottom half and begins to move her tongue around the crown of his dick.

"Ahhhhh yeah..that's it" Nitro moans as Melina continues to move her tongue all over his dick, willingly tasting the same dick that was in her ass just a minute ago in fact the Latina diva is so into giving his huge shaft the treatment it deserves that she makes sure to coat every inch with her saliva.

"That's right..ahhhh shit" Nitro groans as Melina removes her hand from his cock and moves her tongue down to his ball sack and begins to practically make out with them.

"Ohhhhh fuck..That's new!" Nitro moans with a big smirk as Melina continues to suck on his huge balls.

"Mmmmm...ahhhhh" Nitro moans as Melina stops sucking in balls and slowly moves her tongue up from the base of his shaft to the tip and then takes his cock into her mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah..ahhhhh damn" Nitro groans as his girlfriend preformed ass to mouth on him.

"Mmmmmmm" Melina moans around his dick.

"AHHHHHHH SHIT!" Nitro moans as he starts to cum into her hot mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMM" Melina groans as Nitro's thick streams of cum shoot into her mouth catching her off guard due to it being a much larger amount then she's swallowed from him than ever before.

"Ahhhhhhh..Mmmmmmm" Nitro groans as Melina continues to suck on his cock making sure to completely milk him dry.

After sucking on it for several moments Melina lifts her head off his cum spent shaft, and then collapses exhaustedly on the bed next to him, they both take a few minutes to catch their breath and recover from their intense sexual highs.

"Damn Johnny" Melina says between heavy breaths.

Morrison stands up from the bed and begins to head toward the bath room.

"Call me, John from now on" Morrison says dismissively.

"John?..That sounds hot" Melina says with a grin.

"Oh, by the way" Nitro says.

"Yeah?" Melina replays.

"I've been fucking Candice Michelle for months" Nitro says with a cocky smirk before he walks into the bathroom and closes the door, leaving Melina laying on the bed, speechless.

* * *

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