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BFF's Forever
by 4Horsewomen

Sasha entered the Wardrobe area looking, and feeling sexy as hell. She'd just put on her swim suit for the NXT Diva's Summer Vacation photo shoot, and was ready to show off how good she looked. She wore a red and black bikini top with some red bottoms to match as well as a white see thru top, which she wouldn't normally wear, but she felt looked good with the outfit. Yet as she looked around wardrobe she found that the few people in their room did not seem to take much notice of her, seeming to be more interested in their on set duties.

"Damn girl! You looking fine as hell!"

A familiar voice called from behind her. Sasha turned around to see her BFF partner in crime, Charlotte. The Genetically Superior Diva was looking fine wearing an Orange bikini top and white bottoms with a floral patterned, see through robe with hanging tassels.

"You're not so bad yourself, Blondie," Sasha responded, hugging her friend, "Did you just do your solo shoot?"

"Yep, they had me upstairs in the bedroom. What times yours?"

"It's at about 2:00, I think we're shooting at the pool. What did you have to do?"

"I had to pull some swimsuits out of some bags, and then they had me drawing a bath."

"Drawing a hot bath in summer?"

"I didn't get it either." Charlotte laughed. Sasha turned her attention to Charlotte's robe.

"I love this," She complimented, beginning to play with the tassels, "Can I try it on?"

"Go for it." Charlotte replied, slipping the robe off and handing it to Sasha who quickly pulled it on, turning in place watching the tassels move.

"Oh, and they told me upstairs that they want us to film like a little vlog thing for the Youtube channel." Charlotte said bending over to pull her phone out of her bag. Sasha stopped her turning, seeing she was getting a good view of the Nature Girl's ass. Sasha knew Charlotte was hot, and had always liked hanging out with her, but she had never really considered having sex with Charlotte. However Sasha had not told best friend about her sexuality yet. Not that she was ashamed over who she was, Sasha had been very open about being a lesbian, but since entering NXT she had decided that she was going to keep her personal life private.

The Boss caught herself staring before Charlotte could notice, trying to remember what Charlotte had said.
"Wait. What do they want us to film?" Sasha asked

"A vlog. You know, like a little video update thing." Charlotte answered

"But what do we do?"

"Just like, talk to the camera and say what we're doing and stuff."

"Ok, how bout I film you and you show me how it's done first." Sasha suggested, still trying to keep her eyes on Charlotte's face and not her ass.

"Alright, here," Charlotte said, handing over her phone to Sasha, "Let's start just out here and we'll walk through wardrobe." Charlotte moved just out side the door way Saha following quickly behind her.

The Boss held up Charlotte's phone and pressed the record button

"And action!" Sasha called

"So the BFFs are at their WWE Diva Day Off shoot," Charlotte began, walking through the doorway, "This is wardrobe... Bathing suits... Clothes, you gotta check out the jewellery." Sasha followed the Nature girl over to the table where all the jewellery was laid out

"Oooh, lovely darling, gorgeous." Sasha said in a fancy voice, starting to sort of understand the idea of the vlog.

Charlotte quickly realised she had no real idea what to do, immediately reaching into a box to find something exciting and only finding a green and white baseball cap, never the less she acted excited.

"O...M...G" Charlotte said

"Ooooooo, put it on." Sasha requested, seeing right through Charlotte's fake enthusiasm. Charlotte hesitated for a half second before raising the hat to her head, stopping herself realising she couldn't afford to wreck her hair, and just holding it a few inches from her head.

"It'll mess up my hair." Charlotte whispered playfully

"Cute. I like it." Sasha stated, before turning the phone off, "Ok, that was going nowhere."

"Yeah," Charlotte laughed, "Oh well, they can't say we didn't try."

Sasha once again caught a brief sight of Charlotte's tight ass bending over to put the cap back in it's box, before quickly turning away, feeling the tassels on her robe flying behind her.

"Hey, I kind of feel like Randy Savage in this thing." Sasha said, once again taking notice of the robe she was wearing.

"Oh yeah, I can see that." Charlotte responded, suddenly seeing a new idea for their vlog, "Wait, give me the phone."

"Ok," The Boss said, handing the phone back to Charlotte, "What are we doing now?"

"I'm gonna go outside and I'll film you doing like a Macho Man entrance." Charlotte explained.

"Haha, alright, that should be fun." Sasha replied. Charlotte moved outside informing a nearby cameraman of what they were doing and he might wanna film.

"Ok," Charlotte called to Sasha, holding her hone up and pushing record, "GO!" Sasha stepped out and began to turn in place as Charlotte and the camera man began to hum Macho Man's theme song.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!" Sasha sung, making the Genetically Superior Diva laugh.

"Snnnnnnnaap into a Slim Jim!" Charlotte vocalised, as Sasha mimed dropping an elbow. The Nature Girl turned her phone to the cameraman, "I see you, you see me?" She playfully joked, before turning the phone back to her and Sasha. "I am the best camera person ever...OOOOOHHH DIG IT!" Charlotte playfully gave an air kiss, which Sasha wished was real.

"DIG IT!" Sasha spouted back, "DIG IT!"

"LOOK AT THE SWAN!" Sasha gasped running quickly over to the pool side Charlotte quickly following behind.

At mid-day all the divas were called to sit pool side as a pool party shoot would take place, Sasha and Charlotte were grouped with Bayley who they still didn't know that well but she seemed nice enough. Throughout the shoot Sasha could not keep her eyes off Charlotte. Whether they were hula hooping, squirting water guns or forming a three woman human pyramid, all Sasha could think of was Charlotte's hot body and that she wanted to do to it. The Boss tried to put the thoughts out of her mind, attempting to pass off her thoughts as a result of all the hot women in bikini's around her. But deep down inside her she knew, she didn't want any of the other girls there, she just wanted Charlotte. Sasha had noticed Emma and Paige lounging together on two fold out beach chairs. The two of them had been inseparable since they'd started dating in 2013, and they weren't shy about it. As soon as the camera's were off them their hands would join, as if they would die if they went too long without connecting. That's what Sasha wanted. She wasn't after a one night stand or a casual booty call, she wanted a relationship, and, while her mind kept telling her no, she wanted Charlotte.

When 2:00 rolled around Sasha was called for her solo shoot. Charlotte decided she'd hang around to show some support for her friend with this being her first shoot. The Boss was nervous at first, feeling suddenly self-conscious before realising the opportunity she now had. If Charlotte was gonna watch her, then Sasha was gonna turn her sex appeal up, and show the Nature Girl exactly what The Boss was all about. While Sasha was still unsure whether or not Charlotte was even into girls, she still felt that she had to try. Throughout the shoot Sasha felt like sex on legs. She rubbed lotion on herself, took a dip in the pool, stuck her chest out slightly all the while feeling Charlotte's gaze on her body. At one point she was asked to kick water up from the pool, which she took as an opportunity to splash Charlotte, causing the blonde to squeal. Sasha laughed internally noticing Charlotte's nipple becoming hard out of the corner of her eye. When the shoot was finished Sasha was given a towel and walked over to a very surprised Charlotte.

"So how'd it look?" Sasha asked,

"...Amazing... you looked so..." a stunned Charlotte was cut off by a wardrobe lady calling Sasha over for a change, leaving Charlotte alone, with a wet feeling of sensation.

A house party shoot quickly followed, yet Charlotte and Sasha were separated. Sasha had changed out of her wet bikini and into a green floral dress, while Charlotte remained in her bikini. Charlotte was feeling strange after Sasha's shoot. Watching her friend rub lotion on herself and splash around in the pool was made her think of Sasha in a different sense. A sense that made the Nature Girl want to be near The Boss, yet sadly overtime they would get close, Sasha would be moved to the other side of the room. Once the shoot had wrapped the BFF's were finally free to talk.

"That went well." Charlotte said

"Hell yeah!" Sasha exclaimed, "The pictures are gonna look hot!"?

"Haha yeah... Oh hey, we should film like a final sendoff for our vlog."

"Um ok, where are we gonna film it?"

"There's a bathroom upstairs, that should work."

"Lead the way, girl!" Sasha followed Charlotte up the stairs, once again finding a perfect view of that ass which was now a few inches from Sasha's face as they ascended the stairs.

When they entered the bathroom Charlotte gave her phone to Sasha, who turned on the front camera and held up the phone.

"Ok, are you gonna start?" Sasha asked

"Yeah alright, and you chime in when you want." Charlotte replied.

"Sweet, and... in... 3... 2... 1," Sasha pushed record.

"The BFF's just finished their first official WWE photoshoot!" Charlotte began

"And it was amazing!" Sasha added

"Yeah, it was amazing."

"You know, being the BFF's, we are like, the most prettiest girls in NXT. But I thought all of the girls did really well today."

"No, I think I do too."

"But, we're the prettiest."

"Bye." Charlotte called blowing a kiss

"That's it!" Sasha announced, "Bye, until next time. I can't wait for you guys to see these photos."

"Bye!" Charlotte repeated and, blowing a final kiss, Sasha stopped recording.

"That'll be fine." Sasha said, handing the phone back to Charlotte

"Yeah, thanks," Charlotte replied, "Though I think you may have been mistaken on something,"

"Oh really? And what is that?" Sasha playfully questioned.

"When you said that we're the prettiest divas, I think you just meant you."


"Oh Sasha, come on look at you! You're gorgeous, you're easily the hottest diva here." Sasha was suddenly intrigued by Charlottes words. Had her solo shoot done it? Was Charlotte feeling something. Cautiously, Sasha decided to dig a bit deeper into this conversation.

"Well, thanks but girl you know you always looking fine as hell!" Sasha stated, eager for Charlotte's response.

"But that's nothing compared to you!" Charlotte answered back, "I mean, the way you looked at bikini for your shoot, damn!" Sasha was becoming more and more excited inside, she had been watching,and she thought she thought she looked hot. Charlotte continued.

"You're ass was looking so good in that bikini. Seriously I'm surprised they didn't shoot you from..." Charlotte went quiet, realising that she sounded like she was almost lusting after Sasha, the Genetically Superior Diva turned red and immediately looked to floor embarrassed. Sasha kept a cool and calm expression, yet inside she was elated, did she dare make her move now?

Sasha slowly approached Charlotte, standing inches away from her, The Boss gently guided Charlotte's face back up to face her.

"Well you know," Sasha playfully whispered, "You've been looking super hot in this bikini all day." Sasha lightly ran her fingers along the straps of Charlotte's top.

"Stop it..." Charlotte said shyly,

"No, seriously," Sasha continued, "I mean damn girl! You're boobs look amazing!" Sasha kept her eyes focused on the Nature Girls chest.

"Haha, thanks," Charlotte laughed, nervous and yet strangely excited at how close the two were getting. The Boss was still fixated on Charlotte's glorious breasts, at one point accidentally, but secretly purposefully, brushing over Charlotte's left areola.

"Oh, Sorry... do you mind if I...?" Sasha asked, her hands just below Charlotte's breasts.

"No, go for it," Charlotte responded, smiling at the new found attention. Sasha gently took Charlotte's firm breasts in her hands, they felt amazing.

"Wow!" Sasha said, "There perfect!" While Charlotte remained quiet, The Boss could tell Charlotte was getting turned on. Sasha continued to feel the Nature Girls boobs for a few minutes, before running her hands down Charlotte's abs.

"Goddamn woman, you have the perfect body."

"Oh please Sash..." Charlotte said bashfully

"No Charlotte I'm not making this up!" Sasha interrupted, "God, I mean look at these abs, and don't even get me started on your ass." Charlotte was unsure what Sasha meant so she turned her back towards the bathroom mirror beginning to look at her ass.

"See what I mean?" Sasha said, lowering herself down so she was eye level with the blondes perfect ass, something she'd been wanting all day.

"It's not that great." Charlotte said,

"Oh for gods sake!" Sasha snapped, turning Charlotte around so her ass was now facing Sasha, "This ass is fantastic! This ass... is..." Sasha didn't finish her sentence, she just began to run her hands along Charlotte's ass. She took it in her hands fully appreciating the object of her desire for the day. Sasha's tone suddenly dropped to almost a whisper,
"Seriously Charlotte..." Sasha gently squeezed Charlotte's ass, "You're a Goddess." Charlotte let out a small laugh, clearly trying to mask how turned on she was getting.

"You're just trying to kiss my ass." Charlotte joked. Sasha hesitated for a second before deciding that the moment was too perfect to pass up.?

"Maybe I am." Sasha whispered, planting a kiss on Charlotte's left ass cheek.

The only sound that could be heard was the echo of Sasha's lips parting from Charlotte's ass. Sasha looked up into the bathroom mirror to see Charlotte's reaction, Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open. She loved it. Sasha gave another kiss this time to the right cheek, Charlotte gave an audible gasp. Sasha continued to kiss and suck Charlotte's perky ass cheeks eventually beginning to lick up towards her lower back and further up. Sasha was now standing upright and wrapped her arms around Charlotte's waist, running her fingers up and down her abs and kissing along her shoulders.

"Sasha... What are you...?" Charlotte tried to question before Sasha interrupted her

"Shhhhhhhhh. Don't think about it." Sasha's hands traveled back to Charlotte's boobs, her kisses traveling up her neck.

"Sasha, I..." Charlotte trailed off, her arousal beginning to outweigh her mind set.

"How could anyone not fall in love... with the Nature Girl?" Sasha whispered undoing the back of Charlotte's bikini top and letting it drop to the floor. Charlotte slowly turned around revealing her beautiful topless tits to The Boss. Sasha stared for a minute before approaching Charlotte and kissing her. For a few seconds the kiss was one sided until Charlotte kissed back, causing Sasha to celebrate inside, her fantasies were becoming reality. The BFF's broke apart, looking at each other, Sasha waited to see what Charlotte would do before Charlotte pressed her lips against Sasha's, resuming their passionate kiss. Sasha brushed her tongue across Charlotte's lips wanting to gain access, which Charlotte granted, burying her tongue in Sasha's mouth. The Genetically Superior Diva wrapped her arms around The Boss, moving her hands up and down Sasha's back. After a minute Sasha broke the kiss and took Charlotte's hand.
"Come on Nature Girl, it's time to show you who's Boss!" Sasha whispered seductively, leading Charlotte down the hall to the bedroom.

Sasha sat the topless Charlotte on the bed and moved back to close the door. Charlotte looked around the room, recognising that it was the same room where she had shot her photo's that morning, it looked different at night. Sasha wasn't exactly sure why she was closing the door as she knew that everyone had gone home and that her and Charlotte were the only ones left in the house. However as soon as the door closed, Sasha felt that it was truly just her and Charlotte together in that room. Sasha kept her back to Charlotte as she took off her dress, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. Charlotte was finally getting a good view of The Boss' naked ass and it was a sight to behold, she could feel herself getting wet as she watched Sasha's beautiful body shine in the moonlight reflecting through the window. She was almost disappointed when Sasha turned around to face her, until she saw her gorgeous tits and her perfectly shaven pussy. The Genetically Superior Diva sat in awe of The Boss as she walked towards her, Sasha took Charlotte's right hand and placed it on her boob, letting Charlotte feel how hard her nipples were. Charlotte's left hand joined the right beginning to emirs in The Boss' breasts, before Sasha turned around and let Charlotte's hands slide down to her ass.

"This is what you've been wanting all day, isn't that right Charlotte?" Sasha teased, bending over giving Charlotte the perfect view of her pussy and ass.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Charlotte blurted out, her hands tightening around Sasha's firm cheeks, feeling like she was about to explode

"Patience baby," Sasha laughed, "First you gotta give me what I want. Because The Boss always gets what she wants!" Sasha slapped her ass in one final teasing act before turning and sitting on Charlotte's lap.

"Now, let me get better acquainted with these titties." The Boss demanded, burying her face in Charlotte's chest causing the blonde to moan. Sasha was wanting to kiss every inch of Charlotte's tits and was not going to hold anything back. Charlotte closed her eyes, flinging her head back and clearing her head wanting to just focus on the pleasure she was getting by the feeling of Sasha's tongue on her nipple. Sasha pushed Charlotte on to her back straddling her, Sasha could feel how wet Charlotte was, she was ready to taste her. The Boss leaned down to kiss Charlotte's lips, before travelling down her neck. Charlotte moaned as Sasha grabbed her breasts again licking each of her nipples covering them with a layer of saliva which glistened in the moonlight. The Boss kissed further down Charlotte's body, travelling down her hard abs to her, now very wet, bikini bottoms. Sasha wasted no time on pulling the ties on Charlotte's hips ripping off the bottoms and throwing them over her head, revealing Charlotte's sensationally, shaved and saturated snatch. The Boss kissed up Charlotte's thighs arriving at her dripping wet pussy, greeting it with a series of kisses. The sound of Charlotte's gasps and moans was making Sasha incredibly wet, to the point where The Boss began to gently play with her own clit as she licked Charlotte's pussy. The juices flowing from Charlotte's twat tasted so sweet in Sasha's mouth, she dragged her tongue along the smooth slit listening to the blonde whimpering in sheer pleasure.

"Oh my God, Sasha!" Charlotte moaned, not wanting this feeling to ever end. Sasha laughed to herself as she began to suck Charlotte's clit, she loved being able to eat Charlotte out but was also feeling a deep connection with the beautiful blonde. Sasha raised her head from in between Charlotte's legs and began to slowly finger the blondes pussy.

"You're gonna cum for me, Charlotte!" Sasha demanded

"Oh yeah!" Charlotte responded, beginning to play with her tits as Sasha continued to drive her fingers in and out of her.

"You like that?"

"Oh God! I love it!"

"You like my fingers inside you?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"I've been wanting to fuck you all day."

"Oh Sasha! I love it, Don't Stop!"

"You wanted this?"

"Fuck yes! Finger fuck me Sasha!"

"Oh baby, you feel so tight!"

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!"

"Good girl, cum on my fingers!" Sasha began to suck Charlotte's nipples as she increased the pace of her fingering.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Right there! Right there! OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" Charlotte yelled, her pussy tightening around Sasha's fingers. After giving Charlotte a wet tongue kiss, The Boss removed her fingers Charlotte licking them clean of pussy juices.

Sasha crawled up to lie next to Charlotte who lay out of breath, her legs still wide open. The Genetically Superior Diva expressed her gratitude to The Boss with a passionate french kiss, trying to taste herself from the juices in Sasha's mouth. Sasha wrapped her arms around Charlotte never wanting this night to end, and for them to just stay in perfect bliss. Charlotte broke the kiss and turned her attention to Sasha's firm tits, getting on top of The Boss and beginning to suck on her nipples, Sasha softly moaned as Charlotte circled her tongue around her hards nips.

"I wanna taste you Sasha," Charlotte whispered, looking up into Sasha's eyes, "But I'm not sure what to do."

"Don't worry," Sasha softly replied, "I'll help you." Charlotte smiled and began to kiss down The Boss' amazing body, stopping at her pelvis.

"Don't be nervous," Sasha assured her, "Just do what feels natural and I'll tell you where to go." Charlotte nervously began to kiss around Saha's upper thighs then, slowly, started to run the tip of her tongue around the lips of her vagina. Sasha closed her eyes, letting the pleasure take over her body.

"Mmmmmm that's nice," Sasha moaned quietly, "Keep going." Charlotte obeyed, continuing to trace around The Boss' vag, tasting the fluids it produced. The Genetically Superior Diva decided to change her movements, deciding to mimic her earlier licks of Sasha's nipple on her clit, circling her tongue around her wet clit. The Boss moaned louder, surprised at how good Charlotte was getting.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Sasha moaned, "That feels so good!" Charlotte continued to circle her tongue around Sasha's clit, loving the taste of her pussy juices flowing in to her mouth.

"Oh God! Put your fingers inside me!" Sasha ordered, which the blonde happily obliged, inserting to fingers in The Boss' pussy and beginning to suck her clit.

"Oh fuck!" Sasha exclaimed, arching her back, "Fuck yeah! Baby don't stop!" Charlotte increased her pace, feeling more turned on then ever before. She loved the taste of Sasha so much she wanted to eat her out forever.

"Oh Charlotte! You finger fuck me so good!" Sasha moaned, Charlotte raised her head from Sasha's twat and kissed her sweet lips while continuing to finger her. Sasha was in heaven.

"I want you to spank me." Sasha declared.

The Boss turned over on to her stomach, allowing Charlotte to once again get acquainted with her ass. With her fingers still in her pussy, Charlotte gently ran her hand along Sasha's ass, waiting for The Boss' instructions.

"Spank me, Charlotte!" Sasha ordered, Charlotte obeyed lightly slapping Sasha's left cheek. "Harder!" Charlotte brought her hand down quicker, the sound of the smack echoed around the room.

"Harder Baby! Please Charlotte, Fucking spank me!" Sasha yelled, the blonde struck The Boss' ass with a forceful open palm, causing Sasha to whimper in delight

"That's it, keep going! Don't you dare fucking stop! Fuck me, Charlotte!" Charlotte was so turned on at this point. Spanking Sasha, watching her ass jiggle at her touch whilst simultaneously fingering her, was giving her a feeling of power she hadn't felt in the bedroom before. Hearing Sasha moan, the way she herself had moaned only moments earlier was an amazing experience. She watched as The Boss' cheeks were turning a light pink as a result of her hard spanking. Charlotte drove her fingers deeper into Sasha's pussy, causing The Boss to scream with delight.

"Oh Fuck! Charlotte, I wanna look at you when I cum!." Sasha turned over on to her back and pulled the blondes fingers as deep as they would go into her pussy. Charlotte kissed Sasha passionately ramming her fingers as hard as she could into her. Sasha grabbed her tits as she looked in to Charlotte's eyes.

"Oh Fuck yeah! Make me cum, baby! Charlotte, make me cum! Oh shit, that feels so good! OH GOD! YES! OH FUCK! I'M GONNA... I'M GONNA... OH FUCK!" The Boss orgasmed, taking a final opportunity to bury her tongue in Charlotte's mouth. The two remained locked in each others mouths before drifting off to sleep in each others arms.

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