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Back To School
by Peacealien

Summer is over and school has come back. Jon, who is 18, is new to his
school, he was quite a well known face at his old school but for some reason
he felt very nervous about going to his new school. He called his girlfriend,
Jennifer, who lived in his old town the night before.

Jon: I'm so nervous.

Jennifer: There's no need to be. If you act like you acted back here you
should be fine.

Jon: Hopefully, Its gonna be weird without you there tommorow.

Jennifer: Same here, I need to go, my parents need in the phone.

Jon: OK then, I'll call you again sometime in the week.

Jennifer: I'll be looking foward to it, Anyway good luck tommorrow, you'll be

Jon: OK I love you.

Jennifer: Love you too.

Jon and Jennifer talked for a further two minutes before they finished.
Jon laid down on his bed and went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning feeling positive, He got out of his bed, had
breakfast, got changed, put his mini disk player in his bag and went to the
bus stop to wait for the school bus.

The bus arrived and he got on it. As he entered he found A seat and sat
down, A few people said hello to him. Jon was feeling OK about going to
school. The bus stopped after about ten minutes of driving. Jon got off and
saw the school.

Jon: This place is fuckin' huge!

Jon walked around the school trying to get used to the surroundings. He
went inside and made his way to the front office. He had no idea where he was
going, he found someone who looked like a teacher so he went and asked her
where the office is.

Jon: Excuse me, Where is the school office?

Teacher: Just go along that hallway and take a right and thats you there, are
you new here?

Jon: Yes, Miss.

Teacher: Please call me Ms. Dumas.

Jon: Well, thank you Ms. Dumas, I need to go now or i'll be late.

Ms. Dumas: Good luck today!

Jon walked off and to the office, thw whole time there he was thinking
about how beautiful that teacher looked. He got to the office and picked up
his class rotation sheet.

Jon: Shit!, I've got math next!

He made his way in to the class, he knocked on the door.

Teacher: Come in!

Jon went in the door, noticed a few people who had said hi to him on the
bus, he looked at the teacher and to his delight it was Ms. Dumas.

Ms. Dumas: Oh, hello Jon, find your class OK I see?

Jon: Yes, thank you.

Ms. Dumas: OK well go and take a seat next to Paul there.

She pointed to a seat.

Jon: Alright.

Jon took his seat, the class didn't do much work the teacher just
explained some changes that will be happening to the school. The bell soon
went the class went out of the room but on his way out Jon heard Ms. Dumas
talking to him.

Ms. Dumas: Jon, could you stay behind please I need to talk to you.

Jon: Alright.

As all his classmates were walking out Jon was standing at the side of the
door. He started to think what Ms. Dumas wanted, He knew he wasnt in trouble
since he had only been at the school for about an hour. The whole class left
and Jon was alone with Ms. Dumas.

Jon: You wanted to see me?

Ms. Dumas: Yes I did. How has your day been so far?

Jon: OK I suppose, I miss my friends at my old school.

Ms. Dumas: Well that's a shame. Look, if there's any thing I can do to make
your stay here any better just tell me.

Jon: Thanks, I will.

Ms. Dumas: What class do you have next?

Jon: Chemistry.

Ms. Dumas: You'll probably be in Miss Stratus' class, She is very nice.

Jon: OK, well I'll gt off there just now. Seeya later.

Ms. Dumas: Do you know where it is? I could show you the way.

Jon: That would be great.

Jon knew where the class was but he just wanted to see a little more of
Ms. Dumas.

They walked out of the classroom, not much was said on the way just
questions about Jon's old school. Every now and then on the way Jon would
have A look at here tits, but one time he looked he noticed something...HER
TITS WERE AS STIFF AS A POLE! They made it to the class, Ms. Dumas opened the
door for him and he seen her thong above her pants, He went in the classroom
and saw Miss Stratus, he was shocked at how attractive she was, even more so
than Ms. Dumas.

Ms. Dumas: Hello, Miss Stratus, I was just showing Jon here to his next
class, he's new here.

Miss Stratus: I'm sure that he'll be fine here. Do you want to go and take a
seat just at the front here.

Jon took his seat. The two teachers talked for a few monents. They shared
a few laughs before Ms. Dumas walked off.

This class was just the same as his other class, no work done, just a talk
from the teacher. Near the end of the class the teacher needed a pen.

Miss Stratus: Can I borrow that pen Jon?

Jon: Sure.

She bent down over the desk. She had a very low cut short on and you could
see right down the front. Jon just kept on looking as she was still bent
over. Miss Stratus sort of went to the side a little and one of her tits
started to show. Jon started to get a little stiff, Miss Stratus then looked
up and saw Jon looking down her top.

Miss Stratus: What the hell do you think you are doing!!! Get out of my
classroom this minute!!!

She grabbed Jon by the arm and threw him out of the class. As he was standing
outside the class he started to wonder if a quick look at a teachers tit was
worth all of the hassle. He soon decided that it was. He started to laugh
about it, then Miss Stratus came outside.

Miss Stratus: Who do you think you are coming into my classroom and looking
down my shirt!!! I should have you kicked out of this school for sexual
harrassment!! But I'm going to give you one more chance pull any shit like
this again and I will have you out on your ass so quick you'll wonder what
happened to you!!!.I want you to go to Mrs. Mcmahon's office this minute!!!

Jon was suprised just how pissed off she was. He didn't now where Mrs.
McMahon's office was, so he just looked around for a few minutes and
eventually found it. He knocked on the door.

Voice: Come in!

Jon went inside and saw a beautiful young woman arranging a desk.

Jon: Are you Mrs. Mcmahon?

Woman: No, I'm her assistant Dawn Marie.

Jon: Thank god!

Dawn Marie: Whay are you here?

Jon: Miss Stratus sent me here.

Dawn Marie: What did you do?

Jon: I'd rather not say.

Dawn Marie: Well, suite yourself, but I'm a little more forgiving than Mrs.
McMahon. She will just be here in a minute anyway. Take A seat.

Jon sat down on the seat and waited about five minutes for her to arrive.
The door opened and Mrs Mcmahon accompanied miss Miss Stratus walked in the

Mrs Stephanie Mcmahon: Miss Stratus has told me what you done, and that is
not how we do thing around here! We do not go around here looking at womens'
breasts and oggling their vaginas! And I swear to god if I hear one more
complaint of his nature about you you will be thrown out of thsi school and
you will never be allowed back in! Do you understand me boy!

Jon: Yes, Ms.

Mrs McMahon: Wait here a few minutes, I havn't finished what I have to say.

Mrs Mcmahon and Miss Stratus walked out of the room.

Dawn Marie: I told you I was slightly more forgiving than her. Is there
anything I can do for you just now?

Jon: Well, this is gonna sound so weird, but is there any place I can go
whack off?

Dawn Marie: Excuse me?

Jon: Well, when I looked down Miss Stratus' top I saw one of her nipples and
it made me as stiff as a log.

Dawn Marie: Thats it! I'm getting Mrs Mcmahon.

Jon: No please dont!, I'll do any thing!!

Dawn Marie: Anything you say?

Jon: Uh huh.

Dawn Marie: Well, there is one thing that you could do for me.

Jon: What is it?

Dawn Marie: Well, it has been a while since I have had any action, and you
look like you more than capeable.

Jon: Are you asking me to do what I think your asking me to do?

Dawn Marie: You know what? I think I am.

Jon then got up off his seat and bent Dawn Marie over Mrs Mcmahon's desk.
He slowly shoved his rock hard cock up Dawn Marie's cute little butthole.

Dawn Marie: Thats good!

Jon: That's tight!

Dawn Marie: More, more!

Jon shoved more up. Marie started to moan in plessure after about ten
minute of ass fucking Dawn Marie told Jon to stop and that she was satisfied.

Dawn Marie: OK I won't tell Mrs Mcmahon about this, but if you do... I will
hang you by your nuts from a fucking tree! Do you understand me!"

She grabbed Jon's balls and sarted to seqeeze them as hard as she could.

Jon: I understand, I wont tell A soul!

Dawn Marie: Good!

She then let go off his nuts, they both at down awaiting Mrs Mcmahon and
Miss Stratus. After A few moments of silence they both walked in.

Mrs Mcmahon: Right now we have decided not to take this any further, but I
swear to God if I see you looking at teacher like that I will get you out, I
will press charges and make your life a living hell, are we at an agreement?

Jon: Yes, Mrs Mcmahon.

Mrs Mcmahon: Miss Stratus do you have any thing you want to add?

Miss Stratus: Yes I do, Jon I don't mind if you find me sexually attractive,
I just dont want you doing those kind of things. Its not just you I would be
pissed at if someone looked down my top, but I need to ask you a question and
I need you to awnser it in all seriousness. Did you see any thing?"

Jon: I'm confused. What do you mean by anything?

Miss Stratus: You know. Did you see my nipples?

Jon: Well, if I am being honest, yes, I did.

Miss Stratus: Both or just one?

Jon started to feel a little bit confused. He didnt know why she was
asking all these questions.

Jon: Just one, Why?

Miss Stratus: Well breasts can often be exploited, but they are actually
beautiful things. Jon, I dont want you to be embarrassed about what you saw,
it is a natural thing. Would you like to see them again?

Jon: Well, I suppose so...yes. Why do you ask?

Miss Stratus: Just so you know that I'm not embarrassed by this whole

For some reason she took off her top and showed her bra.

Mrs McMahon: Miss Stratus, this is pointless and unacceptable. I demand that
you put your shirt on this moment!

Miss Stratus: Please, I'm trying to make A point to him.

She then unhooked her bra. Jon was feeling very confused by all that was
going on.

Jon: Miss Stratus, even though I am enjoying this, what are you doing?

Miss Stratus then turned around to reveal her huge breasts.

Miss Stratus: Now, how do you feel by all of this?

Jon: Well, I feel happy and confused.

Mrs McMahon: Miss Stratus, put your shirt on right now or I will throw you
out of this school!!!

Miss Stratus the put her top back on.

Miss Stratus: OK I will. Jon, we will continue this discusion in my classroom
in five minutes.

She then left the room.

Mrs Mcmahon: I want you to forget about that, and please don't go to her
room. I dont want any of that kind of stuff happening in my school, OK?

Jon: Yes.

Mrs Mcmahon: Get out of my sight.

Jon walked out of Mrs Mcmahon's office. Even though he was told not to go,
he decided to go anyway. He walked to the door and knocked on it.

Miss Stratus: Come in!!

Jon walked in to find Miss Stratus laying naked on her desk.

Jon: This rules!

Miss Stratus: Well, Jon, I think you know what to do from here.

Jon: I sure as fuck do!

Jon walked over to her and started to lick her nipples. He then went down
and started to lick her pussy.

Miss Stratus: Oh, yeah, that good! Wait! put this on!"

She then pulled out a condom. Jon then whipped out his dick and out the
condom on. He the slowly shoved his cock up Miss Stratus' pussy.

Miss Stratus Oh my god! Jon! Ok you've done enough its my turn.

She got up off the desk and sat Jon down on a chair. She started to lick his

Jon: Your so good for a teacher!

Miss Stratus: Well teachers can give good head you know?

Jon: I know that now.

She stopped licking

Miss Stratus: Get the fuck out of here!

Jon got up off the chair. He walked out of the room feeling slightly
confused. He didn't really care, he just had sx with A teacher. He then
looked class rotation sheet. It was PE next with Ms. Keibler.

Jon liked PE at his old school he just hoped that he would like it here.
He made his way to the PE department of the school, he went in the locker
room and got changed, he then went on search of his class, On his way he
walked past a georgous blonde haired woman, he hoped that she would be in
his class. He started to talk to her.

Jon: Do you know where Ms. Keibler's class is?

Girl: You must be new here, I'm Ms. Keibler.

Jon was amazed that how pretty all the teachers were.

Jon: SO I'm in your class then.

Ms. Keibler: Yes I suppose you are. Just stay here and that's where the class
will meet.

Jon: OK, thanks.

Jon stood in the spot an soon his classmates came over. He started talking
to one of them. His name is Jeff.

Jon: You know who Miss Stratus is?

Jeff: Yeah, she's pretty hot, huh?

Jon: I hear you there, man. You'll never blieve this, but should I tell you
it anyway?

Jeff: Sure, go ahead.

Jon: Well, she caught me looking down her shirt and sent me to Mrs Mcmahon's
office, and then I was threatened to be kicked out, but then Stratus took off
her top and showed me her tits. Then he told me to go to her room and then
went I went in she was lying there naked and she told me to fuck her.

Jeff: I dont know if I believe you or not.

Ms. Keibler then walked over

Ms Keibler: OK I see some familar faces and some not so familar faces, anyway
today were going to be on the tramaplines. Grab a partner and we'll get going
to the halls.

Jon: Hey, Jeff wanna be my partner?

Jeff: Sure.

Jon and Jeff paired up and made their way to a trampaline. they started
talking about Ms. Keibler.

Jeff: She's pretty got but she's got no tits.

Jon: But with an ass like that who needs tits?

Jeff: You got a point there.

They talked until the end of the class.

The class went back to get changed. Jon stayed behind to have a shower. At
this time Ms. Keibler walked in not knowing that Jon was takng a shower. She
had a towel covering herself up. She went and sat on a bench for a moment, at
this Jon walked out of the shower naked.

Ms. Keibler: Oh my god!

Jon: Shit! Who's that there?

Ms. Keibler: Its Ms. Keibler, do you want a towel?

Jon: Yes, please!

She looked around for a towel but the only one she could find was the one
around her.

Ms. Keibler: Here take this one.

Jon grabbed the towel and put it around his lower body. He wiped his eyes
and saw Ms. Keibler walking around naked.

Jon: What are you doing?

Ms. Keibler: I'm just not shy when it comes to my body. I love to show it. I
need to take a shower. You want to help me wash?"

Jon: Yeah!

Jon and Ms. Keibler walked in to shower. Jon started to get hard. The
water started to pour onto Ms. Keibler as Jon started to wash her back.

Ms. Keibler: Jon, do me a favour, shove your cock up my ass.

Jon: Excuse me?

Ms. Keibler: Are you deaf? Shove that hard cock up my ass!

Jon: Well, OK then.

Jon grabbed his dick and stuck it right up Ms. Keibler's ass. He started
to slap her ass.

Jon: You like it dont you!

Ms. Keibler: I love it! More!!!!

Jon started to move his cock in and out of her ass.

Ms. Keibler: OK, were done. That was great. I'll tell all the teachers what a
good 'student' you are.

Jon and Ms. Keibler started to laugh. Jon went and got changed an made his
way to the lunch hall. He had his lunch an made his way to his next class it
was Spanish and his teacher was.... Miss Wilson.

He made his way to the class, he went inside and sat next to his friend

Jeff: Hey, Why were you so late comin' to lunch?

Jon: You don't wanna know. What's this teacher like?

Jeff: Depends what kind of mood she's in. Bad mood = bitch, good mood =
enjoyable class.

Jon: Fuck it, who cares about a dumbass bitchy teacher.

Just at that Miss Wilson walked in the room. She looked a little bit like
Ms. Keibler except a little bit fatter. Jon didnt pay much attention to this
class. Miss Wilson was OK but he didnt want to stay behind and 'talk'.

It was nearly time for school to finish. Ten minutes of the day left. He
was in History class with his teacher Chris Jericho, then he got called to
Mrs McMahon's office again.

Mrs McMahon: Jon, I don't know what I'm going to do with you. I've spoken to
Miss Stratus again. She was not pleased then I went to see Ms. Keiber, and
she had nothing but nice things to say about you. And I want to know if those
good things are true.

Mrs McMahon slowly unbuttoned her shirt and soon sexposed her gigantic

Jon: This has been the best school day ever.

McMahon grabbed him and started to play with his balls.

Mrs McMahon: You like that dont you?

Jon: You know I do.

Mrs McMahon: I can do better than that.

She then unzipped his jeans and started sucking his dick.

Jon: I got something for you!

Jon got up and laid McMahon over her desk and started shoving his cock up
her shaved pussy.

Mrs McMahon: Oh Jon!! Your soooo great!!!

Jon: You better believe it bitch!

After a few minutes Jon pulled his dick out and started licking her clit.

Mrs McMahon: How do you do it! Hot the fuck are you so good!!

Jon: Practice bitch!

Mrs Mcmahon get up off the table and told Jon to leave.

Mrs Mcmahon: Seeya tommorow, Jon.

She started to lick her lips.

Jon decided to walk home. After an hour of walking he finally got home.

Jon's Mom: So how was school?

Jon: It was, OK. I guess.

Jon started to smirk a little

Jon (thought): Shit I need to talk to Jennifer!

Jon ran to the phone, he had completely forgotten about Jennifer. He
dialed the number and after a few rings she picked up.

Jon: Baby, I've got something I need to tell you...


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