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Backstage Worker Part 1
by Jason

My name is Jason (yeah, yeah, shut the hell up). I was a new backstage
worker at the WWF. I worked on both Raw and Smackdown. I was a regular jobber
wrestler too, so I followed the WWF in the road and would be in dark matches
along with doing backstage work. I was still relatively new, but people were
starting to know him around the locker room. I would see the wrestlers, and
their managers or wives and wonder why the hell I couldn't find anyone like
them... One day, Austin and Debra walked into the arena. I had done things
for them before (gotten platters, water, etc.) so they knew me better than
other people in the back had.

Austin: Hey, son, where's my locker room?

Jason: Well, Mr. Williams, it's right down...

Austin: What?

Jason felt embarrassed that he fell for the current fad in the WWF. He stared
turn red.

Austin: Lighten up son, it's alright. I was just messin around with you.
Anyway, where is it?

Jason: It's down the hall, the 5th door on the left.

Austin: Thanks.

Debra: What about the ladies locker room?

Jason: The 2nd door on the right.

Debra: Thanks hun.

Jason: No problem. Is that all? I have to go get ready for a match.

Austin: Who ya facin?

Jason: Scotty, kinda a drag because I wanted to be a face character.

Debra: Well, hope you don't get hurt, good luck.

Jason: Thanks. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Austin: Well, could you bring a platter of those veggie platters to my locker
room after your match?

Jason: Sure thing Mr. Williams.

As Steve and Debra passed me, Debra had a seductive look in her eyes.
Well, I went out there and put on a decent match against Scotty, but Scotty
picked up a win with the WORM. After I got changed, I went and got a veggie
platter. I walked to Austin's locker room and knocked on the door. There was
no answer. I figured that he went to a better locker room for his (Ric
Flair's) Raw appearance. I walked in and the room was empty, but I saw a
light coming from the bathroom. I also heard water running, so he figured
that Austin was showering before his match, so I didn't bother looking. I
put the platter down and started to leave, but the water stopped and I heard
a voice.

Debra: Hello?

Thank God! It was Debra.

Jason: Just me Mrs. Williams.

Debra: Oh, Jason, hold on a minute. Grab a seat.

I sat down on a chair. I was in pain because of the fact that he just came
from a match, that and Scotty blotched a couple of moves. Debra came out
wearing skin tight leather pants and a Stone Cold t-shirt.

Jason: Why aren't you in the ladies locker room?

Debra: The shower was busted, so I came back here.

Jason grabs his shoulder in pain.

Debra: Are you okay?

Jason: Yeah, I'm okay, it's just that Scotty fucked up a couple of moves and
I'm pretty sore.

Debra: Ouch. Well, I'm not going to be on TV tonight, so, if you want, we can
go back to my hotel room and I can give you a massage.

Jason: That sounds great.

Debra: Ok, I'll just leave Steve a note and tell him that I'm goin' out
clubbing so he doesn't bother us.

As Debra wrote the note, first of all, I got a great view of her ass,
second of all, I wondered why she wouldn't just tell Steve that she was going
to give me a quick massage. Anyway, when she was done writing the note, we
left the arena. I was carrying her bag, so no one really thought anything
about it. It didn't really matter anyway, since it was just a little lie to
Austin. Well, that's what I thought at the time. When we got to the hotel,
she took me up to her room.

Debra: Just take off your shirt and lie down on the bed.

I took off my shirt and lied on the bed. Debra reached in her bag and
pulled out a baggie of cookies and a bottle of body oil.

Debra: Want a cookie?

I've seen the shows, but I didn't want to be impolite, so I tried one.

Jason: This is really good.

Debra: Thanks!

Debra squirted some of the oil into her hand and started to rub Jason's
back. She was pretty good at giving massages. After about 15 minutes, she

Debra: Well, how do you feel?

Jason: Much better, thanks! But my legs are killing me from Scotty reversing
my Hurricanrana.

Debra: Well, get those pants off then.

I took off my pants and I was left with just my boxers. I laid back down
on the bed and she started to rub my calves and thighs. I was kinda tired,
but at one point, I swear I remember her rubbing my ass. After another 10
minutes, she said she was done.

Jason: Wow, you're great at giving massages. How about I return the favor?

Debra: Ok.

Debra took off her Stone Cold shirt revealing a black silk bra. Right
there, I felt my dick get hard. She laid down on the bed.

Debra: Could you unhook my bra so you massage everywhere?

I unhooked her bra and she set it aside. She was face down so I couldn't
see anything, but my cock was rock hard by now. It was poking through the top
of my boxers. Luckily, she had her eyes closed, so she didn't see it. I
squirted some of the oil in my hands and started to rub her back. After about
10 minutes I told her I was done.

Debra: Could you massage my legs too?

Jason: Sure.

She put her ass in the air (again, giving me a great view it) and undid
her leather pants. She put her ass back down and started to slide them off.

Jason: I'll get `em

I grabbed the top of them and pulled them down. They were kinda hard to
get down since they were skin tight. When they were off, I stopped to admire
the braless, black panty wearing, Debra. I put some more oil in my hands and
started to rub her gorgeous legs. She started to let out very light moans as
I rubbed. After another 10 minutes, I was done. She got up, "forgetting" that
she didn't have her bra on. She suddenly looked down and remembered that she
was braless. She was in shock. And her looking down and seeing an inch and a
half of my dick sticking above my boxers probably didn't help the shock. She
ran into the bathroom of the hotel room and locked the door. I went up to the
bathroom door.

Jason: Mrs. Williams, I'm so sorry. If you want me to, I'll just get a taxi
and go to my hotel.

Debra: No, it's ok, it was my fault. I'm the one that took off my bra. You
don't have to leave. By the way, exactly how long is your penis?

Jason: I don't know, I've never measured it. But if I had to give a good
guess, I'd say around 6 or 7 inches. I'm very gifted.

Debra: Yeah right! Prove it!

Jason: But Mrs. Williams, you're a married women.

Debra: So, if I'm gonna bust a commandment, it might as well be one that
makes me feel good! And, if you are good enough, I might just tell the other
women in the locker room. And anyway, I'm sure that you've already busted a
commandment or two, so why not have a good time while you're still alive?

Jason: You make an interesting point.

Debra unlocks the bathroom door and jumps at me. We embraced in a long,
passionate kiss. I picks Debra up and carries her to the bed. I took her
panties off as fast as I could and plunged my tongue into her wet, awaiting
vagina. Debra started to moan at this. She pushed my head deeper into her
pussy. After a moment, she lifted my head out.

Debra: Time to prove that your dick is as big as you say it is.

She has me stand up and pulled my boxers down faster than I pulled her
panties off. A long, erect cock sprung out and almost hit her in the face.
She took her index finger and thumb in a spacing of about an inch. She starts
to measure my cock. 1-2-3-4-5-6, 6 ! Give or take an inch. Debra licked her
lips and started to lick the head. Then she took in 3-4 inches and started
to bob on it.

Debra: Mmm, that's pretty good.

She took my dick in farther this time. Almost all the way in. She started
to feel my balls with her one hand and rubbed my shaft with the other. She
took my cock out of her mouth.

Debra: You're doin pretty good so far. But it's time to go on to something

Debra reached into her bag and pulled out a condom. She opened the package
and oraled it onto my dick. She lied back on the bed and spread her legs
apart. Me, being an opportunist, grabbed her legs, spread them apart as far
as I could, and eased it into her pussy. She started to moan. I couldn't take
it much longer, but I tried to hold out. I started to pump in and out going
faster and faster with each thrust. I bent down and kissed her and sucked on
her nipples. She started to moan wildly. That was too much for me. I released
into the condom. Debra hadn't quite finished yet, but she didn't seem to

Jason: Sorry...

Debra: Sorry for what? That was really good. Since all your semen is in the
condom, how about you use that tongue action to finish me off?

Jason: Okay...

I take the used condom off and throw it away. Then, I got on my knees and
started to lick her pussy again. As I licked away, my cock started to get
hard again. I felt that she was about to cum. After she came and I licked up
all the juices, she got up and saw that my cock was hard again.

Debra: Wow, you don't stop do you?

Jason: Not as long as I'm living!

Debra: This one will be my treat hun.

Debra lied me on the bed and started to suck my cock. She also played with
my balls with 1 hand and pumped my shaft with the other. I thought I was in
heaven! Here was the woman who made the word puppies famous, and she was
sucking my cock! She stopped all of the sudden.

Debra: What about my ass?

Jason: Yes please!

Debra started laughing. I turned red again. She got on all fours. I got
some of the oil from earlier and put it on my cock. Then, I slid it into her
tight ass. I started to pump at a medium pace. She started to moan wildly
part way through. After about 10 minutes I was almost done.

Jason: Debra, I'm gonna explode!

Debra: Hold it in, I have 1 more thing planned.

I stopped and took m cock out of her. She laid on her back and grabbed the
oil. She gave it to me and told me to sit on her stomach. I did as she said.
I knew what was to come, so I squirted some oil on my hands and rubbed the
puppies. Her nipples re-hardened. I put my cock between them and started to
tittie fuck her. She kissed the head when it came up to her mouth. After
about 5 minutes (I got a chance to slow it down as I was putting the oil on
her breasts) I was about to explode. She knew it too. She told me to stop.
When I stopped, she put her mouth around my head and jacked me off the rest
of the way. I exploded into her mouth. she kept rubbing my shaft so she
wouldn't miss any. When I knew I was out, she swallowed it all in one gulp.

Jason: How was I?

Debra: Great. You'll be getting calls from the other divas and maybe even me
again in the future.

Jason: What about Steve?

Debra: He thinks I'm at a club. He'll never know. I'll just throw the condom
out and he'll never know the difference.

Jason: Raw doesn't end for another 20 minutes. You wanna go again?

Debra: Wow, you're a horny little bastard! I'm always ready hun.

I lied back down on the bed. Debra lied opposite of me. We were in the 69
position. Debra took in all 6 in. of me and I stuck my tongue and 2 fingers
inside of Debra. We both were moaning wildly, which helped the sensation.
After about 15 minutes I knew I was ready to cum, I could only hope Debra was
too so I didn't look quick.

Debra: I'm about to cum Jason!

Jason: Me too!

We both exploded in each others faces and we licked the others mess up. I
looked at the clock. It was 10:55.

Jason: I better leave.

Debra: Yeah, you'll be hearing from some of the Divas backstage. And, we
might just help your WWF career.

I got dressed and before I left, I gave Debra's nipples a couple of last
licks and sucks and I slapped her on the ass. She seemed to like it.

Jason: Thanks. See ya!

Debra: Bye hun!

The End!

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