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Backstage Worker Part 2
by Jason

Well, for the next couple of weeks, I came into work with a smile on my
face that you wouldn't be about to take off my face with the Jaws of Life!
The only thing that worried me is if Stone Cold somehow found out. I probably
wouldn't have to worry about that though. I had noticed something happen in
my career too. One night, I came into work for Smackdown, ready to get crap
for people who just saw me as another worker, but something was different.
Sgt. Slaughter told me that Vince wanted to see me in his office. I figured
that I was going to be fired or something. Well, I was dead wrong!

Vince: Jason, please have a seat. Well Jason, there have been some people in
the back praising you.

Thank you Debra!

Vince: I'm not aloud to say who for certain reasons, but, I've decided to
give you a match on Jakked/Metal. You are going to go against Justin
Credible. You should get ready.

Jason: Thank you very much Mr. McMahon! I won't disappoint you!

Wow, I had been working in the WWF for about a month, and I'm on Jakked.
Not bad, not bad at all. Well, I lost to Justin, as all jobbers would. After
the match, I went back to my locker room (again, thank you Debra) for a
shower. While I was washing up, I was pretty sure I heard someone come in. I
didn't really care though, this was wrestling, and I was in pain after the
match. I heard footsteps walking around in the locker room until I heard the
door to the bathroom open. I opened the shower curtain to see who it was. I
saw a figure, but since I wore contacts and I didn't want to lose them in
the shower, I couldn't see who it was.

Jason: Who are you?

There was no answer. I was squinting as much as I could, but I couldn't
see who it was. Some shampoo was running into my eyes and it really stung. I
closed the curtain and started to wipe it out of my eyes. When it was out, I
looked out through the curtain, but no one was there. I went put my head back

Terri: Hi!

Jason: Ahhh! God, don't sneak up on me like that! Wait! What are you doing

I squinted some and realized she was naked starting to wash up too.

Terri: Well, I wanted to wash up, and all the showers in the women's locker
room were taken. Plus, I've heard good things about you from Debra... Oh, and
there's what I've heard about...

She licks her lips.

Jason: Hold on a second.

I get out of the shower and over to my bag. I pulled out my contacts.
Screw it if I lose one, Terri was in my shower! Finally, I can see! I went
back into the shower and saw what I had gotten my contacts on for. There was
Terri with water running all over her naked body.

Terri: Got any shampoo?

Jason: Yeah, here ya go. Here, let me rub it in for you.

Terri: Okay, thanks.

I pour some shampoo in my hand and start to caress her hair. I was kinda
nervous, so I kept a foot or so away from her.

Terri: Its ok, I don't bite... hard anyway...

She was facing the shower head with me behind her. I slowly got closer to
her and her really nice ass. After I got a couple of inches away from her, my
cock touched her ass.

Terri: Ooo, oh yeah, Debra told me about that...

I continued to wash her hair. She grabbed the soap and started to wash her
breasts. She dropped the soap and bent over to get it. She seemed to stay
bent over for a while longer than it would take to pick up a bar of soap.

Terri: Attention Jason: This is a sign! I am the horny she-devil, remember?

Terri started to laugh, my face turned red. I lined my cock up with her
asshole. I started to ease my cock in her tight asshole.

Jason: Good God! This is tight!

Terri: I know! Not many men have fucked me anal before. Oh God, you're big!
Shove it in further!

I pushed my cock in further.

Terri: Oh yeah, just like that, harder! Come on! I want it harder!

I fucked her as hard as I could. She leaned against the wall.

Terri: Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Come on! Oh yeah, that's it!

I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

Terri: I'm cumming!

She cummed all over me.

Jason: I'm cumming too!

Terri: Let me taste it!

I took my cock out of her ass and she got on her knees. She started to
suck my cock while she jacked me off and fondled by balls at the same time.
It wasn't long before I could feel by balls tighten. I cummed in her mouth.
Once I was done, she swallowed it all in one gulp.

Terri: Wow, Debra was right! That is really good! And you are pretty big!

Jason: Thanks! You were really great too! Let me just say that that is a
really nice all that you have.

Jason grabs and squeezes her ass.

Terri: Ohh, thanks.

We finished showering. After she got out, she put a towel on around her.
I was still in the shower.

Jason: Terri, could you hand me a towel?

Terri: Here ya go, why didn't you just get it yourself?

Jason: Because I wanted to do this.

I opened the shower curtain.

Jason: Hellooooo Terri...

I came out and did a Val Venis-type thing. I did the pointing, the grind,
and I took off my towel to show my, once again, erect cock. I grabbed the top
of Terri's towel and ripped it off of her.

Jason: You see Terri, the big Jasboski is gonna do what he does best, satisfy
women. And you Terri, are going to be my next women.

She started to laugh. I picked Terri up. She hooked her legs around me. I
sat her down on the vanity area. She spread her legs as wide as she could. I
got on my knees and stuck my head in between her legs. I rubbed her clitoris
for a moment. She seemed to like it. Well, duh! But anyway, I started to lick
her clitoris and pinch her (always) erect nipples. I plunged my tongue into
her moist pussy.

Terri: Oh, yes! That's it! Come on! Lick me! Yes! YES! YES!!!!

I stopped licking her pussy. I stood up. She started to suck my dick.

Jason: Oh yes! Hold on Terri. Save that for later.

I went to my bag and pulled out a huge pack of condoms. I took one out of
the package. She put it in her mouth and put it on my cock orally. She
started to suck on it, but she stopped. I grabbed her ankles with each hand
and spread them as wide as I could. I tried to stick my cock in all the way,
but it wouldn't go in all the way. For as many men she had supposedly been
with, she was really tight! I started to pump my cock in and out at a good

Terri: Oh my God! It's SO big! I don't know how long I can hold out!

I eased up some.

Terri: No! Don't stop! Come on! Yes! YES! I'm gonna cum soon!

I picked the pace up again. After another minute, she cummed over the

Terri: You aren't done? Well, let me help you along a little.

She lied down on the floor.

Terri: Got any lube?

Jason: As a matter of fact, I do. From Debra.

I grabbed the bottle and sat on her flat stomach. She took the condom off
my dick and started to slowly jack me off. I poured some of the oil into my
hand. I closed the bottle. I rubbed my hands together and then started to
massage her large breasts. She started to moan from the pleasure. After they
were nice and slick, I stuck my cock in between them. I started to lean back
and forth. She would lick my cock head when it would come close to her mouth.
After a while, I wanted to do something else.

Jason: Terri, 69.

Terri: Good idea!

I got up and lied down on the floor. She got on top of me upside down. I
put my tongue into her pussy and reached down and grabbed her large breasts.
She took 4-5 inches of my cock into her mouth. She pumped my shaft with one
hand and fondled my balls with her other hand. After a while, we were both
about to have orgasms. Her juices flowed over me as she sucked the cum from
my cock. After we cleaned up from each other, we got dressed, well, if you
can call what she was wearing dressed. She was wearing skin tight black pants
and a sin colored shirt. Well, me being the horny opportunist, before she
opened the locker room door to leave, I slapped her ass. She turned around
and I just lifted her up and set her on the leather couch. I pulled her top
over her head and pulled her pants down as fast as I could. I whipped my cock
out, put another condom on, and started to fuck her again.

Terri: Wait! Let me on top!

I took my cock out of her and lied down on the couch. She squatted down
until my cock was 4-5 inches inside of her. She lowered herself more and soon
enough, I was all the way inside of her. She started to bounce up and down
slowly at first, but she picked up the pace as she went along.

Terri: Oh yes! Oh yeah! God you're big! Yes! Yes!

She grabbed my head and pulled it between her large breasts.

Terri: Oh God yes!

I started to suck on her nipples. She was moaning wildly as I did, and
while she was bouncing up and down rapidly.

Jason: Terri! I'm going to cum!

Terri: Me too!

I came into the condom and she came too.

Jason: Ohhhhh, man! I can't take anymore. I have to leave. See you later

Terri: Bye Jason!

I was about to leave when it suddenly hit me.

Jason: Wait a minute, Terri. Aren't you part of the Raw roster?

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