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Backstage Worker Part 3
by Jason

Well, it had been 2 months since Terri and I happened. I was a regular on
Heat now. I came to the arena on Monday thinking that I was going to have a
jobber match on Heat. I entered the arena, and Terri came up to me.

Terri: Guess what? Vince wants to see you.

She winked at me. I went to Vince's office.

Jason: You wanted to see me Mr. McMahon?

Vince: Yes, Jason, have a seat. You are getting praise with people in the
back. You have good size.

Hahahaha! Oh man! I know he was talking about the fact that I was 6'3" and
250 lbs. of muscle, but I found that hilarious. I struggled not to laugh.

Vince: You have good in-ring ability, and you seem to be getting over kinda
with the fans. Well, what I'm trying to say is, you're making your debut

Jason: Thank you Mr. McMahon! What's going to happen?

Vince: Well, we want you to make a huge impact, and we want you to have a
manager to get you over, so this is what's going to happen: You are going
to pick a diva that would be willing to work with you. We are going to have
their man in a match against the Big Show. Well, Big Show will lose due to
the diva's interference. Well, Big Show is going to go nuts and completely
destroy the guy. After he destroys him, he's going to go after the diva.
He's going to attempt the Show Stopper, but you are going to come through
the crowd and give him a gore. He's going to sell it. Then, the diva is
going to give you a kiss, you know, just like a little peck on the cheek.
Well, their guy is going to have gotten up and seen the kiss. He's going
to flip out and shove you down. Then, they're going to tall trash to their
lady. Finally, you are going to gore them and go up to the top rope and
give them a Shooting Star Press. Then, you and the diva are going to leave.
Presto, new manager for you.

Jason: Sounds good Mr. McMahon, I won't disappoint you.

Vince: Make sure you don't.

Well, the only thing to do is pick a diva and see if they would be my
manager. I walked down the hall to the women's locker room. I knocked on the
door. It was still rather early, so no one might be there. I waited a moment,
but no one answered. I walked in just as Lita was walking out of a shower. I
tried not to look so I wouldn't look like an asshole.

Jason: Oh shit!

Lita: Ah! What the hell are you doing? Get out!

I got out of the locker room and ran down the hall into my locker room. I
had to start to get ready anyway. I was sitting in a chair getting my boots
on for Raw. After about 10 minutes I heard a knock at my locker room door.

Jason: Come in.

Lita came in, dressed.

Jason: Lita, listen, sorry about that. I didn't know that you were in there!

Lita: It's okay. Call me Amy by the way. Anyway, I've heard about your angle
tonight. I was wondering if I could be your manager.

Jason: Well...

There was another knock on the door.

Jason: Hold on Lita. Come in!

Molly Holly walked in.

Jason: Hi Molly.

Molly: Hi Jason, hi Amy. Jason, I heard about your debut tonight. I was
wondering if I could be your manager.

Jason: Well Molly, as a matter of fact, Amy here was just asking me the same

Molly: Come on! Wouldn't you rather have me? A cute blonde, with a nice body,
good athletic ability, large NATURAL breasts, nice ass.

Jason: You make an interesting point.

Lita: So what? What about me? A hot red head, great body with NO FAT, great
athletic ability, large breasts, who cares if they're fake, and a great ass,
plus thongs.

Jason: Also good points.

Molly: Well, at least I'm not with some dumb ass, Matt Hardy!

Lita: Yeah, you were with Spike!

Molly: Hey! Don't bring him into this! Nothing more than a kiss happened
between us! What about you and Matt?

Lita: Hey, we broke up, so it doesn't really matter how far we went!

Molly: Maybe you should shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!

Jason: Ladies! Ladies, ladies, ladies! Settle down! Look, either one of you
would make excellent managers for me. It doesn't matter!

Lita: Look, I want a fresh angle. I'm getting bored with Team Xtreme ever
since Matt and me broke up! I'm willing to do whatever it takes!

Molly: So am I!

Jason: Anything?

Lita: Yes, we've heard about you from Debra and Terri. Why do you think that
we want to be your manager?

Jason: Hmm, ok... Anyway, how do you two propose that I pick?

Molly: I can think of a couple of ways...

Molly took off her standard Molly Holly top revealing a white bra.

Lita: That all you got?

Lita took off her shirt revealing a red bra.

Molly: At least I didn't have to pay money to make my breasts that big!

Molly took her black tights off revealing a pair of white panties.

Lita: Well, at least I can reveal my body to the public!

Lita took off her kakis revealing a red thong.

My cock was rock hard by now.

Jason: Ok ladies, turn if you could.

The 2 ladies did a turn around. Molly was wearing the kind of panties that
cover all of her ass whereas Lita was wearing a thong. Lita got points there.

Lita: Oh yeah, well I'm not ashamed of my body.

Lita unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor revealing her size D
breasts. Her nipples were erect.

Molly: Fuck off! I said that I would do whatever it takes!

Molly unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground revealing her size
full C breasts with also erect nipples.

Jason: Well Molly, Amy is still winning since she has the bigger breasts

Molly: But they're fake!

Jason: AND, she's wearing a thong. Unless you can do one better, she is
probably going to win.

Molly: Damn it!

A pissed off Molly hooked each side of her panties and slowly pulled them
down revealing her nicely trimmed pussy. She turned around and bent over to
take her panties all the way off.

Jason: That... is a quality piece of ass, I must say.

Molly: Thanks.

Lita: Oh yeah? How about this ass?

Lita hooked the sides of her thong with her thumbs and pulled them down
revealing her shaved pussy. She too turned around and bent over to take off
her panties.

Jason: That too is a very quality piece of ass. I can't decide.

Lita: God! Come on!

Molly: Yeah, you know that you're going to pick me, so what do I have to do
to get you to decide?

Jason pulled out his fully erect cock.

Molly: Damn! Debra and Terri said it was big, but that's BIG!

Lita: Yeah, but I'll do whatever it takes to get another manager's job.

Lita got on her knees and started to lick the head of my cock. I noticed
Molly looking at Lita's ass. Lita put her mouth around the top of my cock and
started to take in 3-4 inches into her mouth. She started to bob her head on
what she had in her mouth. She started to take more into her mouth. Soon, she
had all of my cock in her mouth. I grabbed her head and guided her head up
and down.

Jason: Oh yeah! Come on Amy! Suck it! Oh yeah! Hold on. Let's see if Molly
wants a turn.

Lita got up and Molly got on her knees and started to suck my cock. She
did pretty well, but I could tell that she hadn't been with too many guys
before. Pretty soon, I knew that I was going to release. Before I could tell
Molly, she started to take her face away, but it was too late. I shot my
loads of cum on her face. Lita started to laugh. Molly grabbed a towel and
cleaned the cum off of her face.

Jason: Well, again, I can't make up my mind about who should win. But I have
a solution. You 2 in a little lesbian action. The first one to make the other
cum wins. The winner is my manager.

Molly: What?

Lita: Sounds good to me.

Lita got on the ground and pulled Molly on top of her so that they were in
the 69 position. Lita instantly probed Molly's pussy with her tongue. It was
clear that she wanted to win. Molly, not wanting to lose, did the same. My
cock was starting to get hard again.

Lita: Oh yeah! Come on Molly! Do you want to win? Yeah! Lick it!

After a few minutes, Molly, who obviously hadn't been with too many guys,

Molly: Damn it!

Lita: Don't worry Molly, you did good. I was about to cum too. See?

Lita started to finger herself and in only a few moments, she came too.

Jason: Sorry Molly, but I'll tell you what, even though you lost, I'm going
to give you a parting gift.

I bent Molly over a table. I lined my cock up with her ass. I slowly eased
it in.

Jason: Damn! This is tight! Ugh! Ugh!

Molly: Oh God! Yes! Yes! That's it! Come on! Bang me! Bang my ass! YES!

After a couple of minutes, I took my cock out of her ass. I grabbed a
condom out of the pack and put it on my dick. I picked Molly up and set her
down on the sofa. I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would
go, which was pretty far since she did gymnastics. I eased my cock into her
trimmed pussy and started to pump her. I pumped slowly at first.

Molly: Come on! Speed it up!

I pumped in and put of her like there was no tomorrow. I bent over and
sucked on her erect nipples.

Molly: Oh yes! YES! YES! Oh God you're huge! Fuck me! Come on! Come on! Oh
shit! I'm gonna cum!

Jason: Me too!

Molly and I released around the same time.

Molly: Oh God yes! That was great! You're really talented. Too bad that I
lost. Congratulations Amy.

Lita: Thanks. Bye Molly.

Molly left. It was just me and Lita. As she shut the door for Molly
leaving, I got up and grabbed her by the ass. I pushed her against the wall
and shoved my semi-erect cock into her ass. I started humping her like crazy.
I reached around and grabbed and squeezed her breasts.

Lita: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Come on Jason! Hump me! Hump me! Harder! Yes! That's
it! Come on! Oh fuck yes!

After a couple of minutes, we both orgasmed. We were both done for a
while. I went and told Vince that Lita would be my new manager. It was Matt
Hardy vs. the Big Show. Lita hit the Litacanrana on Big Show and Matt got
the Twist of Fate. 1-2-3. Matt wins. Big Show went crazy and choke slammed
Matt. He was going to do the same to Lita, but I came to the ring and gave
him a gore! He went down. He was out. Lita gave me a long, passionate kiss
instead of a little peck. Matt went crazy! He shoved me and started cussing
out Lita. I gave him a gore and Lita and me left the ring.

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