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Backstage Worker Part 4
by Jason

Well, I've had a huge career thus far. Not only have I debuted on Raw a
few weeks ago, not only had I gotten Lita as a manager, but I've banged
Debra, Terri, Molly, and Lita, all in a matter of 2 months. Not bad if I do
say so myself. Lita hadn't had an actual relationship with me, because she
knows that I'm going to be with a lot of the divas and she said that if we
were in an actual relationship, she would have to be the only one, not any
of the other divas. Well, she would give me the occasional strip show or
blow job, but nothing major. I was on Raw, but I still worked backstage at
the Smackdown tapings, as do some others. You know, set up the ring, crap
like that. After I set up the ring one night for Smackdown, I went back to
my locker room to get my crap and go back to my hotel room. As I walked up
to the door, I saw a note that was taped to the door. I grabbed it and
walked in. I sat down on a chair at the table and opened it.

"Jason, meet me in the women's locker room after the taping. Tell no one
and don't worry about anyone else in the locker room.

- A woman waiting to be proven."

Well, who could it be?

Smackdown was great. I decided to stay and watch on the monitor in the
back. After the taping, I went to the diva's locker room. I didn't bother
knocking since I figured that they wouldn't care. The 3 women that were
assigned to the Smackdown roster were each in a shower stall. I could make
out their figures through the translucent shower curtains. Ivory, Stacy,
and Torrie. Each naked and showering. I guess they didn't hear me walk in,
that, or they didn't care. I knew which one was which because Stacy was the
tall blonde, Torrie was the other blonde, and Ivory was the brunette. I sat
down and enjoyed the show. After a few minutes, Ivory came out. She was a
little shocked to see me, but I'm pretty sure that she was in on it. She
didn't make a sound but gave me a little show, sucking on her breasts and
pinching her nipples. She started to finger herself. After a few minutes, I
held up the letter and mouthed to her.

Jason (mouthing): You?

Ivory (mouthing back): Nope.

Ivory got dressed and left. A few minutes later, Stacy came out of the
shower. She was no more surprised than Ivory was. She started to finger her
pussy too. Then she turned around and started to do the standard Miss Hancock
dance. She dried herself off and walked over to me, still nude. She sat on my
lap and started to grind on my cock. Oh man! This was a great ass! After a
few moments, she got up. I showed her the letter and mouthed again.

Jason (mouthing): You?

Stacy shook her head smiling. She got dressed and left. Sweet... It had to
be Torrie!

A few minutes later Torrie came out of her shower stall. She was smiling
at me. I lifted the letter and showed it to her. This time, I spoke.

Jason (confident): You...

Torrie: Yep, me!

I got up and walked over to her. We embraced in a long, passionate kiss.
She took my shirt off and started to rub and scratch my chest. She got on her
knees and started to pull down my pants, but I stopped her.

Jason: Not here. The floors are pretty dirty, trust me, I know... Let's go
back to my hotel room.

Torrie: Sounds good.

I got my shirt back on and she got dressed.

Jason: Uh, we might wanna leave separately so we don't make anyone

Torrie: Good idea.

I left the arena followed shortly by Torrie. She followed me back to my
hotel. I gave her the copy key to my room. I went up, then she went up. When
she entered the room, it was dark and she couldn't see anything. She started
to walk slowly.

Torrie: Hello? Hellooo?

The door shut behind her. She jumped back with a slight screech. I picked
her up without her seeing me and carried her to the bed. She started to shake
with fear. I put her down on the bed and turned the light on.

Torrie: What the hell was that for?

Jason: To get your heart racing. It worked, didn't it...

Torrie: Yeah, but...

I cut her off with a kiss.

Torrie: But...

I cut her off with another kiss.

Torrie: Ah screw it.

I kissed her again. Our tongues swirled around each other's. I got off the
bed and took my shirt off. She started to squeeze her breasts through her
shirt. I grabbed her legs and took her shoes off. I started to rub her feet,
but before long, I was undoing her leather pants and slipping them off. I
got in-between her legs, grabbed her shirt, and pulled it off. She was
wearing a red-lace bra and matching panties, well, not for long... I reached
behind her back and undid her bra. I tossed it aside, bent over, and started
to suck on her erect nipples. She started to moan lightly. She reached around
and squeezed my ass. She lifted my head off her and undid my pants. I slid
them off. She was mesmerized by the tent that was formed in my boxers, along
with the head sticking out of them. She licked her lips.

Torrie: Well, I still need to be proven...

I pulled my boxers down. She stared at my cock with her eyes wide open.

Torrie: Wow, uh, how long is that exactly?

Jason: Um, somewhere around 6 1/2 inches. Debra used her fingers to measure,
so it might not be right.

Torrie: Wow, that's bigger than Billy.

Jason: Uh, Torrie, the last thing I need to hear about is your fiance. But
thanks for the info.

Torrie slipped her hand down into her panties and started to rub herself.

Jason: No no, that's for me to do...

I pulled her panties down and admired her finely trimmed pussy. I started
to rub her clitoris. She moaned a little more. I stuck one finger in her

Torrie: More! Put another one in!

I put another finger in. There was still more room. I stuck another in.

Torrie: Yes! Come on! More! I can take it!

I put a forth finger in. Her pussy was too tight for anymore, so I just
pumped the fingers that I had in.

Torrie: Come on! Pump faster! Faster! Harder!

I took my fingers out of her pussy.

Torrie: What are you doing?

I went over to the drawer and pulled the pack of condoms, with around 10
or so left. I tore one off and opened the package. I rolled it over my cock.
Torrie was lying on the bed with her legs spread out. I walked over to her
and slapped my cock against her stomach. I lined my cock up with her pussy.
I stuck the head in. She moaned. I stuck 2-3 inches in. She moaned louder.

Torrie: God yes! Yes!

I stuck another 3 or so inches in, but that was as far as it would go. I
started to pump what I had in and out.

Torrie: Yes! Yes! Harder! Faster! More! Come on! Yes!

Jason: You are in no position to be saying that you want more in you!

Torrie: Oh yeah! Oh God yes! Uh! Uh! Oh fuck yeah!

I continued to pump as hard as I could.

Jason: Oh man! God you're tight Torrie!

Torrie: Pound my pussy! God yes! Come on! I'm gonna cum!

Torrie came over the condom. Somehow, I wasn't close to coming yet.

Torrie: You aren't done yet? Debra said that you prematured when you were
with her.

Jason: I've had some practice since then.

Torrie started giggling.

Torrie: How about you let me take care of that with these?

She squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. I went to my bag and
pulled out the bottle of oil. Not much was left.

Jason: This what you had in mind?

Torrie: Hmm... I wonder.

She giggled again. I went back over to the bed and opened the bottle.

Torrie: Let me.

I gave the bottle to Torrie. She squirted rest of the bottle into her

Torrie: There's not a lot, but we'll just have to work with what we have.

I took the bottle and put it back into my bag. She rubbed some of it on
her breasts and the rest onto my cock. She rubbed my cock a little to get it
nice and slick. I rubbed her breasts to get them nice and slick too. Her
nipples got really hard.

Torrie: Put that long, hard cock in between these nice, slick melons.

I put my cock down between her tits. She squeezed them together. I rocked
back and forth between her large melons. After a few moments, I could feel
that I was about to cum.

Torrie: Hold on. Here, cum on these.

I pulled my cock out from between her breasts and came over them. When I
was done she rubbed the cum into her tits. I was spent and I fell asleep
before I could do anything else.

The next morning, I was woken up by the sound of car horns on the streets.
I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I walked back into the main room
and realized that Torrie was gone. I looked around and found a note.

Last night was great!
Let's just hope that Billy never finds out!
Good luck in your career. You're going to be big in the WWE.

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