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Backstage Worker Part 5a: Monday
by Jason

Wow, after a few months in the WWE, I had become the talk of everyone.
"Bigger than Lesner" they'd say. No one knew how I could get so popular

Lita had been injured in the taping of Dark Angel and would be out for
9 months. Vince gave me the decision of whether I wanted to get another
manager, or wait for her to come back. I told him I'd make the decision


After another Raw in Memphis, TN, I won the European Title against Regal
after I stole the knucks and knocked him and Chris out. After the show, me
and a few of the divas (Debra [who brought Austin], Terri, and Molly) went
to a local bar and got some drinks. We had a good time. The karaoke wasn't
pretty, but thankfully I was partially drunk.

As we were leaving, my cell phone rang.

Jason: Hello?

Woman: Meet me at your hotel room in 30 minutes.

Jason: Who is this?

Woman: I have a proposition for you. Come alone.


Jason: Hello? Hello? Damn...

I went back to my hotel room. The door was open slightly. I walked in and
no one was there. I looked around. Nothing seemed to be taken. I noticed a

“I'll be here soon”

I started to wonder who it could be. A crazy fan? Terri's husband? Billy
Kidman? Uh oh... *gulp* Austin?

After another half hour, there was a knock at the door. I looked through
the eye hole, but I couldn't see anyone. I opened the door and looked out.

Woman: Mind if I come in?

I looked and say Stacy Carter AKA The Kat.

Jason: Oh, sure. Come on in.

We both came in and sat down at a dining table. She was wearing the same
clothes that she wore at her Vegas vacation gallery from and
had none of her wigs on. She was holding a paper bag.

Kat: Champagne?

Jason: Sure.

She took a couple of glasses out of the bag and poured some champagne in

Kat: Cheers.

We clanged the glasses.

Jason: May I ask why you wanted to talk to me?

Kat: I want back in the WWE. I want to be your new manager.

Jason: I don't know. Lita's going to be back in 9 months. I'd like her to be
my manager still.

Kat: You don't understand. I want back in the WWE, and I'm going to do what
it takes to get back in.

Jason: What did you have in mind?

Kat: I think I can find something...

Kat stood up and walked over to me. She bent down and locked her lips on
mine. Her tongue plunged into my mouth. I reached around her and felt up and
down her back and grabbed her plump ass. She reached down and rubbed my cock
through my pants. As we finished embracing in the kiss, I got up. She untied
the string that held up her top and let in hang down. I grabbed an ice cube
from the ice bucket and put it up to her breast. Her nipple instantly got
hard. I did the same for the other one with the same result. I picked her up
and started to suck on her left nipple. She moaned lightly as I did. I sucked
on her right nipple. She moaned a little harder. I put her down and reached
behind her and started to pull the bottom of her dress. She stopped me.

Kat: Oh, you want some ass? You're gonna have to wait...

She pulled the bottom of the dress back down. She got on her knees and
undid my pants. My cock sprung into her face. She rubbed it a little, but not
much. She put her breasts up on each side and started to rub them up and

Kat: You like this?

Jason: Are you kidding? Of course I do!

Kat: Good...

She continued to titty fuck me for a couple of moments until she licked
the head of my cock.

Jason: Suck it!

Kat took a few inches and bobbed her head on it. She rubbed my shaft with
one of her hands. I guided her head with my hands.

Jason: Come on Stacy! Yeah! Harder! How bad do you want back in the WWE? Oh
God yeah!

I took my shirt off and she slid my pants and boxers off. I laid down on
the bed and she got on top of me in the 69 position. I slid her dress up and
started to eat her out as she sucked on my cock.

Jason: Oh Kat! God you suck great! Oh yeah! Harder!

Kat: Oh Jason! God you're big! I just wanna suck this cock all night!

Jason: Oh yeah! Don't worry, you'll get the chance!

Kat: Come on! Eat me out! Oh yeah! More!

I put my tongue in as far as it would go.

Kat: Oh God! Oh God! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!

Jason: Bring it on!

Kat exploded in my face. I licked up all the juice as she continued to
suck on my dick.

Kat: Come on! Yeah, you like that, don't you.

Jason: Oh God yes! Damn, you give a hell of a blowjob! I'm gonna cum!

Kat took her mouth off my dick just as I sent a huge load of cum flying
in her face. Several more streams were sent into her face as well. After I
was done shooting cum in her face, she licked up as much as she could and
swallowed it. She used her finger for the rest. She started to stroke my
half-flaccid cock and stood up.

Kat: Wow, that's some great tasting cum. Best I've had in a while. How about
some more champagne?

Jason: Ugh... Sure... If you lose the dress first.

Kat: Sure.

Kat slipped the dress down over her stomach and met it with the pulled up
part. She slipped the whole dress off in one quick tug exposing her neatly
trimmed pussy. I admired her still glistening with cum pussy.

Jason: Turn Around.

Kat: We'll just save that for later. Come, sit down. Recharge your body.
You're gonna need it.

We sat down at the table and had some more champagne. She was sitting
across from me. I admired her perfectly round breasts with the still erect

Kat: Now, down to business. I've heard that you have a lot of backstage
power. I want you to use that power and get me back in. And trust me, you'll
be getting plenty more of this.

Jason: You expect me to make that decision after only a little cock sucking?
What do you take me for?

Kat: Oh, don't worry. You'll get a lot more. It's gonna be a long week.

Jason: Week?

Kat: Yeah! You have the Smackdown! taping tomorrow and then all you have to
do for the rest of the week is drive to the next location. Just ask for it
off and we'll go to my place. After me and Jerry got divorced, I got a lot
of money and I got a huge mansion. It's a lot better than this hotel room.

Jason: Ok. Why not?

Kat: pack your stuff. We can leave tonight.

Jason: Nah, we'll go after the taping tomorrow night.

Kat: Sounds good. I'll go ahead and go home to get things ready.

Jason: Alright. I'll ask Vince tomorrow and head to your house then.

Kat: Actually, I'll get a limo and stop by the set. I better go and get
things ready.

Kat got dressed and gave me one last long kiss before she left. As she
kissed me, I reached behind her and tried to pull up her dress to get her
ass, but she stopped me.

Kat: You'll get it, don't worry.

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