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Backstage Worker Part 5b: Tuesday
by Jason


I woke up in the same bed where I had eaten out Kat last night. The
taping didnít start until 7 p.m. so I decided to go out and get a few things.
I went to a local 7-11 and pick up some stuff. I walked in and instantly got
a few fans running up at me. After signing autographs to them, I went through
a few isles. I got a slurpy in an RVD cup and continued looking. I picked up
a large box of condoms. I walked around some more and picked up a large
bottle of oil. The last thing I picked up was a bottle of vodka. At the
checkout line, the cashier gave me some strange looks, but he probably didnít
know who I was. I went to the gym and signed more autographs to fans. After
my workout, I went to a co-ed steam room for a quick steam. A few good
looking young women flashed me, good times. After the gym, I went to a local
Taco Bell for lunch. More autographs were signed. 4 p.m. came and I decided
to gather my stuff and head to the arena.

Smackdown! has come and gone. All I could think about was Kat and Lita.
Litaís neck injury and her being my manager, and Kat, period. I couldnít
think straight throughout the taping. Lita, Kat, Lita, Kat.

When it was all over, I went outside and there was a guy standing in front
of a limo with my name on a sign. I walked over to him

Jason: Iím Jason.

Driver: This way.

He led me to the door. He opened it for me and I got in. Sure enough,
there was Stacy, in another skimpy outfit and wearing the black wig.

Kat: So, whatís in the bag?

Jason: Youíll find out.

Kat: So, thought about my offer?

Jason: Iíll tell you when the week is over. Hmm, the driver canít see us,

Kat: Right... What did you have in mind?

Kat started to smile. I unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. My cock
sprung out as she got on her knees and started to rub it.

Kat: Iíve waited all day to taste this again.

She started to lick the head of my member and slowly jacked me off with
one of her hands. She put her mouth around the top and started to move her
head up and down. I guided her head with my hands, but she lifted her head
with a strand of pre-cum dribbling down from her mouth.

Kat: Let me. I know what Iím doing.

Sure enough, she did. I found out as I rested my hands behind my head and
let her go. She put my cock back in her mouth and went to work. She sucked
and pumped like a pro.

Jason: Oh god! Yeah, come on Stacy! Yeah, you know what youíre doing. Come
on! Suck my big cock! Oh yeah! Come on! God youíre great at this!

I reached behind her and rubbed her back up and down. Before long, I was
about to explode.

Jason: Ohhhhhh, yeah...

Stacy pulled her head away, but opened her mouth as a load of cum into her
mouth. Another load landed right under her lip. Several others went into her
mouth. She stroked my cock to get the last little bit out. After she licked
up all the cum, she swallowed it.

Kat: The nightís just beginning...

After about 15 minutes or so, we arrived at a rather large house. The limo
pulled up to the front door and the driver opened the door. Stacy and I got
out of the limo and went to the back of the limo. The driver opened it and I
took my suitcase out.

After Kat finished giving me a tour of her house we sat down and ate
dinner. Nothing big, yet... After dinner was over, she told me to follow her.
Sheíd be showing me where Iíd be sleeping. We went up the stairs and she led
me to a door. She opened it and led me in. It was huge!

Jason: This isnít a guest bedroom, is it.

Kat: Nope. Youíre gonna be sleeping with me, if we even sleep, that is. So,
whatís in the bag youíve been carrying around?

I pulled out the items one by one. The condoms, the oil, and the vodka.

Kat: Youíve been preparing, havenít you?

Jason: Nope, just some light shopping.

She started to laugh.

Kat: Iím gonna take it easy on you because I have guests coming over tomorrow
and youíre gonna need your sleep, believe me.

Jason: What did you have in mind? Some ass action?

Kat: Nope.

Jason: But Iíve waited! I want to fuck your ass really bad! Itís so nice and

Kat: You think I donít know that? Hmm, maybe Iíll let you have a little ass,
but not too much.

Jason: Deal!

I started to get my pants off as she took her dress off. She led me over
to the bed and got on her hands and knees in front of me. I stood at a slight
distance and admired her perfect ass. I grabbed the bottle of oil and
squirted some onto her asshole. I rubbed it in and eased my cock in slowly.
Damn! It felt great!

Kat: Ouch!

Jason: Sorry, Iíll just take it out.

Kat: No, itís a good pain. Come on! More!

I put more of my cock in. Her asshole was slowly adjusting to the size of
my unit, so things got easier as I went along. When it was in as far as I
could put it, I started to pump.

Kat: Ow! Ow! Yes! God this feels good!

Jason: Damn, this is tight!

I pumped her more. Harder and faster as I went along.

Kat: Smack my ass!


I admired her ass jiggle as I pumped her more. I reached in front of her
as I pumped and grabbed her perfect little breasts. I pinched her nipples and
squeezed them.

Kat: Oh god! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!

She came. She must have felt that between the pinching and grabbing, the 6
1/2 cock in her ass, and the ass smacking, she couldnít hold out very long. I
felt that I was about to cum too.

Jason: Iím gonna cum!

Kat: On my ass!

I pulled out of her just as my cum shot out and landed on her lower back.
Several more streams of cum shot out and landed on her ass. After I was done,
I stood back and admired my work. When it was all said and done, I was still
feeling pretty horny, but she went into the shower to get cleaned off. Duh! I
went into the bathroom that was connected to the main bedroom and saw Kat in
the shower. I didnít get my clothes back on, so that was a timesaver. I snuck
up to the door and opened it much to her surprise.

Kat: Are you here for a shower, or more sex?

She looked down and saw my erect cock.

Jason: I wonder...

I went in the shower and closed the door behind me. She leaned against
the wall, ready for me. I took one of her legs and put it on my shoulder. I
shoved my dick into her pretty little (and might I mention tight) pussy. I
shoved it in and out much to both of our delights. After a few moments, she
asked me:

Kat: Are you wearing a condom?

Jason: No, donít worry though.

I continued to shove my cock in and out of her. I felt that I was going to
explode soon, so I pulled out of her.

Kat: Over already?

Jason: Iím gonna cum.

Kat: Here, Iíll finish you off.

Kat got on her knees and put her tits up to my throbbing cock. She started
to titty fuck me.

Jason: Oh god Stacy, your tits feel awesome! Here it comes!

I came again, this time, onto her breasts and face. After we were done
showering, she told me:

Kat: No more tonight, weíve got a long day in the morning.

Jason: Ok... Just one more BJ?

Kat: No! You need all the energy you can get for tomorrow. Trust me.

We eventually dozed off to sleep, but not before me trying to hump her ass
many more times. I could only wonder, whatís the big surprise for tomorrow?

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