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Backstage Worker Part 5c - Wednesday
by Jason


I woke up the next morning after a night of dreaming about what was to come.
I looked beside me and realized that Stacy wasn't there. I looked at the
clock, it was 10:30. I walked out of the bedroom and heard some noise
downstairs. I walked down (still nude) and looked around. The TV was on in
the living room, but there was more noise. I walked around some more until I
got to the kitchen. There she was, making bacon and eggs for breakfast,
wearing nothing but her black wig and an apron! My cock instantly got hard
as hell. I walked over to her and shoved my cock against her ass. She jumped
in surprise.

Stacy: Oh good morning. Hope you slept well.

Jason: Well, I would have slept better if I could have gotten another
blowjob. But noooooooo, you wouldn't have it that way!

Stacy laughed at my sarcasm.

Jason: Seriously though, pretty damn good. I would have slept better if I
knew what the surprise is.

Stacy: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. Now sit down, your breakfast
is almost ready.

We sat down and ate breakfast. Nothing special happened yet. During
breakfast, I broke the silence.

Jason: So... when am I gonna get my surprise?

Stacy: You'll find out soon enough.

Jason: Like when?

Stacy: When it gets here.

We finished breakfast. After that, we went into the living room and watched a
porno movie that she had in her collection. Not too long into it, I started
to rub my cock while she started to finger her pussy.

Stacy: Ya know, this gives me an idea...

She got up and started to walk toward a closet. I got up and followed her.
She pulled out a video camera.

Jason: Are you serious?

Stacy: Well, It'll give you a little reminder of what will come if you use
your backstage power to get me back in.

Jason: Ok. I can live with that. Is this going to be just a straight up
fucking, or is there going to be a storyline?

Stacy: I was thinking of more like a Pam and Tommy video. How does that

Jason: Great!

Stacy gave me the camera. I turned it on as she gave me a tape. I put it in.
She stood in front of the camera (she was still wearing the apron by the
way). I hit the record button.

Stacy: It's rolling, right? Ok. Remember this Jason, I want back in the WWE.
And if I get back in, you're going to get a lot more of this...

She reached behind her and untied the apron string. She let it fall just
enough to let her perky breasts fall free. She squeezed them and pinched her
nipples. She grabbed the apron and slid it down the rest of the way, letting
it fall to the ground. She kicked it aside. She started feeling herself up.

Jason: Turn around.

Stacy: Oh yeah, I forgot, you just love my ass, don't you.

Jason: Oh hell yeah!

She turned around and slapped her ass. She did a little hip shaking. She bent
over, reaching down for her toes, and came back up slowly. She looked over
her shoulder and noticed my throbbing erection.

Stacy: Oh my god! It looks a lot bigger than normal. Get a shot of that on
the video!

I pointed the camera down so it showed my rock hard cock. Stacy walked over
to me and kneeled down. She started to pump my cock. Stacy looked into the

Stacy: I just need to mention how much I love the taste of this cock and the

She licked my head back and forth. I sat down on a leather chair. She got
between my legs and licked the head of my cock some more. I took my free hand
and put it on the back of her head. She opened her mouth wide and took a good
4-5 inches of my cock into her mouth. I guided her with my hand. She sucked
my cock like there was no tomorrow! She played with my balls with one of her

Jason: Oh yeah, come on. Suck it! Yeah! Yeah! Unh! Yeah!

My balls twitched and Stacy knew it. She stopped moving her head, but kept
pumping my shaft with her hand. I shot load after load of cum deep into her
throat. Once I was done coming, she took my cock out of her mouth. I took
hold of my cock and slapped it against her face a couple of times.

Stacy: I love the taste of this cock!

I turned off the camera.

Stacy: Rest, your surprise is coming pretty soon. I'm going to go upstairs
and take a dip in the hot tub. Come up and join me if you feel in the mood
for it.

She gave me a smile and a wink. I sat down on the chair for a few minutes. I
looked at the clock. It was 12:30. After a few minutes, I had to use the
bathroom. I used the bathroom on the ground floor. From there, I could hear
the hot tub upstairs. I heard slight moans coming from up there. When I was
done, I got the video camera and ran up there as fast as I could. I stopped
right in front of the door and turned on the camera. I opened the door
slightly. I could see her laying nude in the hot tub relaxing, letting out
some relaxing moans. I hit the record button on the camera and walked in.

Jason: Hey Stacy, how's the hot tub feel?

She laughed.

Stacy: Great! Come and join me!

I got in the hot tub and continued to record her in there.

Jason: Stacy, it's awake again.

We both started laughing as my cock stuck through the water.

Stacy: How should we take care of that?

Jason: How about you let me fuck your ass?

Stacy: I don't know... I may need some convincing...

She boosted herself up so she was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. I
handed her the camera (still rolling) as I got up close to her. She angled
the camera so it showed a perfect view of her pussy and me with my face
close to it.

Jason: Just like how Stacy loves my cock, I love her ass. And while I may not
be much of a pussy licking man, I would do whatever it takes to get a fine
piece of her fine ass.

I licked her clit which made her go wild. I put a finger in and out of her
pussy. I put another one in. I stopped licking her clit.

Jason: Have I proved myself yet?

Stacy: Not yet! Keep it up!

Instead of licking her clit, I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. With
her one free hand, she pushed my head and tongue farther in. I reached behind
and grabbed her ass. She moaned and squealed loudly.

Stacy: Uh! Uh! Come on! Almost there! Yes! Yes! Yeah! How badly do you want
to fuck my ass? Yeah! Ohhhhh yeaaahhh...

She came on my face. She moved the camera to get a good angle of me licking
up her juices.

Stacy: You've earned it! Now come get it!

She stood up, gave me the camera, turned around, and bent over. I pointed the
camera straight at her ass.

Jason: Now this is a memory that I'm gonna remember for a long time! Pam and
Tommy got nothing on us Stacy.

I got closer to her ass. I smacked my dick against it a couple of times.

Stacy: Come on! Stick it in!

Jason: Ok, you asked for it!

I put the head of my cock against her asshole. She shivered as I eased my
unit into her asshole slowly. Once I got it all in, I got a good shot of the
anal penetration.

Stacy: Oh god it's huge!

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Stacy: Shit, your surprise is here. I guess we can't finish this right now.

Jason: No! Why god?

Stacy: Don't worry, we'll finish this later. I promise.

Jason: Damn it! Ok... I guess.

I took my cock out and turned off the camera. She got out of the hot tub, as
did I. I went for a towel, but she just walked toward the door.

Jason: No towel?

Stacy: Don't worry, I don't need it.

I put the towel around my waist and followed her out the bathroom door. We
went downstairs, all the while, I checked out her magnificent backside. When
we got to the living room, she just told me to sit down on the couch. I sat
down as she walked toward the door. She opened the door, but I couldn't see
who/what was on the other side.

Stacy: Wow, you look great.

???: Thanks, so do you.

Stacy and whoever was on the other side apparently kissed, long and hard too.
I saw a pair of feminine hands reach behind Stacy and squeeze her ass. They
broke the kiss.

???: Is he here?

Stacy: Yep, he's waiting on the couch. Jason, another ex-diva that we'd like
you to get back in, Terri Poch. You may know her as Tori.

Tori walked in and waved to me. She was wearing a skin-tight white cotton
dress where I could obviously tell she wasn't wearing a bra and probably no

Tori: Oh, I can see that he's all he's cracked up to be.

Stacy: All that, and then some.

I looked down and noticed that my towel was partially open. My cock was
sticking straight out. I got up to greet Tori.

Jason: Good to meet you Tori. Uh, Stacy, does she know about the whole "us"

Stacy: Do you think that she doesn't see me naked, you wearing nothing but a
towel and holding a video camera?

Tori: Sorry if I was interrupting anything between you. I'd be glad to help
out any way I can.

Jason: Any way you can? How about you get a better view of us doing what we
were just doing?

Stacy: Jason!

Tori: I'd be glad to help out.

Stacy: Tori?

Tori: Oh come on! Like you really care about getting a better shot of Jason
and his huge cock in your...?

Jason: Her fine, round, plump, better than J'Lo ass for your information.

Tori: Ooh, some ass action. Let's start.

Tori turned on the camera and pressed the record button. She pointed it at me

Tori: So Jason, sorry for interrupting you two earlier. Let's see that cock
of yours.

I took off my towel, revealing my hard on.

Tori: Wow, it's bigger than I thought.

Jason: I get that a lot. I also get a lot of "Oh, it tastes so good!"

Tori: I'll have to try it later. Now, Stacy, tell the camera what you and
Jason were doing before I got here?

Stacy: Well, it's on the tape. Jason and I were in the hot tub. He ate out my
pussy, so I said he had earned the right to fuck my ass. When you rang the
doorbell, he had just put it all the way in and my asshole was adjusting to
the enormous size of his cock. And trust me, it does taste good.

Tori: Yum, yum. Maybe you two should start again where you left off.

Stacy: Come on Jason, Tori's right. You earned it, remember?

Jason: Oh hell yeah!

I walked over to Stacy and gave her a long, full of tongue, kiss. Meanwhile,
I was grabbing her ass. Tori got a good shot of my grabbing Stacy's ass. Then
she got a shot of me and Stacy's huge kiss.

Tori: Come on, get to the ass fucking!

Jason: Wow, she likes to watch a lot, doesn't she.

Stacy: You have no idea!

Jason: Have you two ever...?

Tori: Plenty of times. Now, get to the anal action!

Jason: Wow, miss pushy.

Stacy got on her hands and knees on the ground.

Tori: Let me get a good shot of you putting your dick in her ass.

Tori shot a close-up of me easing my cock into her asshole again. She let out
small high pitched squeals as I slid more and more in. Once it was all the
way in, I stopped so her asshole could adjust to the size. Once it did, I
slowly pumped my cock in and out of her tight asshole. Tori got great angles
of me pumping Stacy's ass, the looks on my face, and the half painful half
pleasure looks on her face.

Tori: Stacy, how's it feel?

Stacy: Oh my god! It's huge! I can barely take it! But it feels so good!
Harder Jason!

I pumped harder. Tori moved and got a good view of my cock penetrating
Stacy's asshole faster. Then she moved the camera so it showed my face.

Tori: How does that asshole feel Jason?

Jason: Great and tight! I love this ass!

Tori: So do I, so do I...

Stacy: Oh god! Fuck! Fuck! God yes!

Jason: I'm gonna cum!

I took my cock out of Stacy's ass and shot my load on her ass cheeks. Once I
was done, Tori got a shot of Stacy's cum covered ass. She took her index
finger and scooped some cum up. She turned the camera around so it showed her
face. She got a shot of her putting her cum covered finger in her mouth. She
swallowed it.

Tori: Wow Stacy, you were right, this does taste great!

Tori turned off the camera.

Tori: How about a shower?

Stacy: Sure. Jason, do you want to join us, or do you just want to sit this
one out?

Jason: I think I'll just sit this one out. You two go ahead.

Stacy and Tori went upstairs, holding hands. I noticed that Tori left the
camera on the table. My brain kicked in. I took the camera and ran upstairs
after them. The bathroom door was open. I walked in just as Stacy turned on
the shower. Tori was still wearing her dress. I turned the camera on and
pushed the record button.

Stacy: So Jason, you decided to join us.

Jason: No, I just thought that I would tape your shower. So, Tori, what are
you going to do to get back in the WWE?

Tori: Well, I thought I would start by doing this.

She turned around and lifted her dress up, exposing her bare ass.

Tori: Do you like it?

Jason: Do you have to ask?

Stacy: I like her ass too. It's so hard and muscular.

Tori took her dress the rest of the way off and turned around.

Stacy: Oh, and her tits. I could just play with them and suck in her nipples

Jason: Yeah, Tori, you look perfect. Your tits are huge!

Tori: Yeah, but so is your cock.

Stacy: Come on you sexy bitch. Let's get in the shower.

Jason: Leave the door open!

Tori: Like we'd have it any other way.

Tori walked toward the shower and Stacy slapped her ass. Tori jumped in

Tori: You little sneak! I'm gonna get you for that!

Tori started tickling Stacy. Both of the former divas laughed. They stepped
into the shower and into the stream of water. They started to rub each other.

Jason: So Stacy, what do you like about Tori?

Stacy: Well, for one thing, she's flexible as hell. That really helps

They laughed.

Stacy: For another, she has one of the best butts that I've ever seen!

Stacy turned Tori around. I zoomed in on Tori's ass.

Stacy: And her personality. But I think I know what you want me to say. Her
tits are really one of her best body traits.

Tori turned back around. Stacy shook one of her tits and kissed her nipple.

Jason: Tori, what do you like about Stacy?

Tori: Well, let's see... Her ass!

We all laughed.

Tori: And who can forget about her pussy? Her sweet... tight... little pink

Tori got on her knees and licked the surface of Stacy's pussy. Then she got
back up.

Tori: Anything else?

Jason: How many times have you two been... with each other?

Stacy: You couldn't count them on both hands and both feet. From the day I
joined the WWE, she was the first one I fucked.

Jason: Oh, sounds interesting. Tell the camera the story.

Stacy: Well, it was mid '99. Jerry just got me in. I went backstage at one of
the shows, and there was Tori. I just knew I had to get a taste of her. So,
after one of the Raws, we all went out to a club. Well, after a few drinks,
we went back to her hotel room. The rest is pretty obvious. We've been
"friends" ever since. Now if you'll excuse us, this is just a shower between
us, no fucking involved.

Jason: Damn, I'll just go downstairs then.

I turned off the camera. Stacy shut the door so I left and went downstairs. I
fell asleep on the couch. I woke up a little later and looked at the clock. I
had been asleep for about 20 minutes. I heard moaning coming from upstairs. I
knew I couldn't trust those two alone with each other. I got the camera (of
course) and rushed up there as fast as I could. I turned the camera on, hit
record, and opened the bedroom door to see Stacy and Tori kissing each other.

Jason: I knew I couldn't trust you two.

Stacy: Well, after the shower one thing led to another, and well, here we

Tori: I was just about to eat Stacy out like there's no tomorrow.

Jason: Now that's not fair. Give her something without getting something in
return? That's not right!

Stacy: What did you have in mind? Let me guess... while she eats me out, you
fuck her doggie style. Am I close?

Jason: Wow, you know me better than I thought. How's that sound Tori?

Tori: I think that sounds great. I get the best of both worlds. Stacy gets
eaten out, and you get to fuck my ass. What's not to like?

No sooner than Tori said that, she picked Stacy up and put her down on the
bed. They embraced in a long kiss. Tori started kissing Stacy's neck then she
went down and kissed her breasts. Meanwhile I was lubing up my cock with some
oil while taping them. Tori kissed Stacy's stomach, and down yet further. She
kissed her pussy then plunged her tongue into it. Stacy threw her legs back
over Tori's back. I walked up close to Tori and got a handful of her left ass

Jason: Now that is a fine piece of ass. Not quite as good as Stacy's, but
damn close.

Tori: It shouldn't take too long for it to adjust, between all the yoga and
the men I've been with. Now just, ohhhhhhhhh.

Mid-sentence I jammed my cock into her ass. She was right, it was quick to
adjust. I started pumping my cock in and out at a decent pace.

Tori: Oh yeah! Come on Jason! How big is that?

Jason: Somewhere around 6 1/2 inches.

Tori: Oh no it isn't. I know cock sizes. That's bigger than 6 1/2 inches. Oh
yeah! You like that Stacy?

Stacy: Unh! Unh! Oh yes! Oh god yes! Your tongue feels sooo good! No offence
Jason, but her tongue is better here! Oh fuck yes!

Jason: None taken! God your ass feels great! I'm getting some great footage
of it Tori!

Tori: Yoga does wonders! Like I said, your cock is bigger than 6 1/2 inches.
Oh fuck yes!

Stacy: Unh! Unh! Unhhhhhhhhhhh!

Stacy came over Tori's face. Tori licked up all the juices. Stacy got up and
walked over to me and kissed me while I was still pumping my cock in and out
of Tori's asshole and recording it. Stacy whispered into my ear: "Take it
out, we'll finish you off." I did as I was told.

Tori: What are you doing?

Jason: Stacy told me to take it out. Ask her why.

Stacy whispered something into Tori's ear.

Tori: Good idea! Jason, just stand up and let us do the work.

I happily obligated while getting every second of this fiasco on tape. Stacy
and Tori both got on their knees in front of my cock. Stacy took my cock deep
into her mouth. Then she moved her head off. Then Tori did the same thing.
Damn, her tongue action was sweet! They kept doing that for a few minutes
until I felt like I was gonna explode.

Jason: Oh yeah! Fuck, here it comes!

Stacy: Tori, you can have the honors.

Tori took my cock in deep and with her tongue action I exploded in her mouth.
After it was all out, Tori and Stacy kissed, exchanging my cum. I turned the
camera off.

Tori: Damn, that cock and this cum taste great!

Stacy: Tell me about it. I can never get enough of it.

I looked at the clock. It was 7 o'clock already! Fuck! Time flies when you're
having fun.

Stacy: What should we have for supper?

Tori: I'm in the mood for hot dogs.

Stacy: Same here.

Jason: Actually, I'm in the mood for some chicken breasts.

We all laughed. We went downstairs and into the kitchen. We ate supper, Tori
and Stacy did... certain things with their hotdogs. Lots of fun. Then we
finally decided to turn in. Tori slept in one of the guest bedrooms. While me
and Stacy were laying in bed, I still kept trying to hump her ass. She told
me that we would be having more company tomorrow. Sweet! But who would it be
this time? I guess I'd have to find out tomorrow. I fell asleep.

I was awakened by someone nudging me on my shoulder. I looked and found that
it was Tori.

Tori: Come with me. Bring the camera if you want.

I got the camera and followed Tori without waking up Stacy. She led me to her

Tori: I couldn't stop thinking about your cock. I want more! But first, let's
see how big it really is.

Tori reached onto a shelf and got a ruler.

Tori: Record it for proof. Here, I'll get it nice and hard for you.

She lied down on the bed and motioned for me to come over. I went over to her
and hit the record button as I placed my cock between her massive melons. She
pushed them together and I started to rock back and forth.

Jason: This is some great footage, let me tell you. Ok, it's nice and hard.

Tori put the ruler against my cock. Damn, Debra was dead wrong. 7 3/4 inches!

Tori: 6 1/2 my ass. So, your cock is nice and hard, how do you presume we
take care of that?

Jason: Well, I've fucked your great ass, you've sucked my cock, and I just
titty fucked you. I think there's only one more place that I haven't fucked

Tori: Do you have a condom with you?

Jason: Fuck! No I don't.

Tori: Shit, I don't have one either...

Jason: Well, what are the odds? Anyway, it feels better without one.

Tori: Yeah, and my yoga will really help.

Jason: Ok, I'll just pull out if I'm going to cum.

I sat the camera on a table so it would get a good view of us. I walked over
to her and got on my knees. I spread her legs and started to lick her pussy.

Tori: Oh Jason! Oh Jason! Yes! Fuck yes! Put your cock in!

Jason: Will do!

I stood up and put the tip of my cock on her pussy.

Tori: I said put it in! Come on, please!

Jason: Well, since you said `please.'

I pushed half of my cock in. She told me to stop. She shifted her hips which
was wild! I put the rest of my cock in. She told me not to pump. She did
several yoga moves. Good god! I have never felt anything like that!

Jason: Fuck! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Do you know
any moves while you're on top?

Tori: Tons!

We switched places. She did several more yoga moves to me which made me weak!
She grabbed my head and pulled it between her massive breasts. I shook my
head between them. She put my head back down.

Tori: Ok Jason, I'm going to do a move that's more than likely going to send
both of us into instant orgasm. Be ready to move quick or else...

Jason: I'm ready! Bring it on!

She did one last yoga move that indeed sent both of us into instant orgasm. I
tried to hold it in as I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I managed to get it
out as stream after stream of cum onto her breasts. She rubbed the cum in as
I went over and turned off the camera. I went back and laid down on the bed
to give her one last kiss goodnight.

Tori: Why don't you just sleep here tonight?

Jason: Can I hump you ass if I want?

Tori: Of course! What do you take me for?

Jason: Alright then. I'm sure Stacy won't miss me.

I turned the light off and got into bed with her. We fell asleep with my cock
lodged firmly up her ass (but with no motion so I don't peak again) and my
holding her breasts. I could only wonder what was to come of tomorrow...

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