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Baking With Nikki Bella
by Arcanin878

"Damn Nikki, how much cup cake mix do you possibly need?" I said, as I unloaded all the grocery bags out of the car.

"Oh shush!" Nikki laughed, as she punched my arm. "You know this is for WWE's Make-A-Wish fundraiser. It's a good cause, and you should feel good that we're doing this. Plus, I get time off from traveling to stay home and do this in lovely San Diego."

"Yeah, it sure is relaxing here." I said, as we both walked through her apartment. I set all the supplies on a table.

"I'm gonna wash my hands before we start baking." I said, as I went to the bathroom. "Ugh, we're gonna be baking all day.." I thought. I promised Nikki I would help her bake all these cupcakes, and plus, it's for a good cause. I sucked it up and dried my hands as I went back into the kitchen.

"I hope you don't mind that I changed into a more comfy outfit." Nikki said with a giggle. She looked beautiful, yet sexy at the same time. Her tits popped out of her apron perfectly.

"You should've brought some shorts to be more comfortable in! We're gonna be here for awhile." Nikkie said.

"Oh, its fine! Don't worry, my jeans won't bother me too much." I replied.

"Well you should take off you're shirt at least. You don't want such a nice shirt to get so messy." Nikki said, as she came over to me and helped lift up my shirt over my head. She threw my shirt onto a chair near by the kitchen. She stared at my body, feeling and massaging me slowly. "Mmmm..." she said, as she went back to one of the walls of the kitchen and grabbed me a spare apron. She draped it over me and tied it around my body. "We should probably start baking now. The sooner we're done, the better." she stated, as she reached for some bowls and whisks.

She handed me a bowl and a whisk, and we split all the ingredients for the cupcakes. We were both on opposite sides of the kitchen. I poured in the chocolate cup cake mix and mixed in a cup of milk and two eggs. I looked over at Nikki to make sure I had all the right measurements, as I noticed Nikki was wearing no bra(or shorts for that matter). All she had was her apron and underwear.

Her ass was amazing, and I just wanted to grab it with both hands.

I had to stop looking at Nikki to control myself, and continue making more cupcake mixture. I poured the mixture into the pan holes evenly. "Alright Nikki, this is good, right?" I showed her, as she took out her spatula from her bowl and licked it. Some of the frosting even dropped onto her tits

I imagined my dick was in her soft hands instead of that spatula, but then snapped back into the task at hand as she answered, "These are perfect!". She opened the oven up and put in all the trays containing the cupcake mixture. She bent over slowly, pushing the trays all the way to the back of the oven. She looked back at me, making sure I was watching her bend over as she started closing the oven door.

" will be a long time until these get baked." Nikki thought out loud, as she stared at the mess in the kitchen. I washed my hands and took off my apron and hung it on the wall. I sat down on the couch in the living room, as I looked over at Nikki taking off her apron. Her tits fell out, and looked incredible. They were so big and juicy, and her nipples were a little bit hard. I pushed my dick down into my pants, as I could feel myself getting harder by the minute. I made eye contact with Nikki, as she smiled at me and walked off to her room slowly, making sure I notice where she is going. I feel my cock, as it's the hardest it has ever been before. I can't resist it, so I head over to Nikki's room. I peeked my head through the door and saw Nikki sliding off her underwear, exposing her tight pussy. I slide one hand down my pants and start stroking my cock slowly, watching as she moved around her room naked.

I moved my movement from short strokes to longer and longer as I watched her tits bounce from her steps. I went faster and faster and ended up knocking the door. Nikki turned her head quickly, and looked right at my hand down my pants and back up at my face. She smiled at me, and broke the silence between us. "It's about time you came in here." she said, as she told me to sit on my bed. I sat down on the edge, as she pulled off my jeans and spread my legs, letting my balls hang freely and my cock rise straight up. She spat on my dick, and started sucking me. She sucked like a pro, moving her warm tongue up and down my shaft, slurping my cock in her mouth. She moaned as she looked up at me. I held her hair in one hand as she started sucking my dick harder and faster. She slid my cock out of her mouth and began sucking on each testicle, moving from the left, to the right, and back to the left.

She stopped sucking as she began to work my cock with her big tits. Her tits felt better than her sucking, but regardless they both felt amazing. Her tits were firm and huge as she squeezed them against my hard cock. "Mmm...I want you to cum all over my huge tits." Nikki moaned, as she moved up and down my shaft. Her nipples poked through the spaces between her fingers as her tits jiggled up and down with my cock. I moaned in pleasure, as I leaned back watching her wank me off.

I decided to take the lead, and I lifted Nikki onto the bed. She layed on her side, as I fucked her tight pussy while holding one leg. Her leg was soft and smooth, and her pussy was very warm and wet. She must of been extremely horny since we started baking since she's really wet. It felt good, as I slammed her pussy. She moved up and down with every thrust I make. Her breast jiggled sideways as I fucked her. She moaned as she held her boobs. She started moaning louder and louder as I went deeper inside her, working her pussy like magic.

I slid my dick out and laid down on the bed sheets. My cock was still hard as ever, as Nikki took a ride on top of me. My dick was in her ass, as she went down slowly. She started riding my cock a little bit past the head, as she glided her ass up and down. I held my cock, making sure it stays in her tight ass hole. She slowly inched deeper and deeper, and eventually made her way to the base of my cock, slamming her ass down on me. It felt good fucking her ass. She went up and down so elegantly as I gazed into her ass. She moaned in pleasure each time she went down on me, and it was amazing. Her ass was truly one of the best asses I've ever fucked, and she fucked like a goddess.

She got on all fours, and I moved with her, ending up on my knees. My cock was still in her ass, as I started slamming my cock into her harder and harder. My balls slapped against her, as I held her ass in place and moved it with my cock. I gave her ass a slap, and she rose up in pleasure. I slid my cock out of her ass and into her tight pussy once again, and started to go faster and faster. Her moans were louder and louder. She was basically screaming in joy. "I'm about to cum!" she yelled, but I ignored her as I still rammed her tight pussy. Her pussy fluids started pouring out of her and onto my dick, as she laid closer to the bed. She had a smile on her face as I rammed her juicy pussy.

Nikki flipped her body over, as I sat on top of her and stoked my cock. She looked eager to get me to cum, so she forced my hands off my cock and started pumping with both of her hands. I moaned as I got closer and closer to ejaculation. My knees buckled, as I started cumming. My cum dripped all over her nice, large boobs. She started to rub and spread it around with her fingers. She grabbed one boob as she started licking it clean. I wiped the rest of the cum on the head of my dick onto her belly, as she pulled me closer to her and we started making out passionately. You could tell that this was one of the best sex she ever had. As we continued making out, we heard a loud "Ding!". "I guess that means the first batch is done." Nikki said.

"Yeah, but I think it's round two for OUR private batch." I replied, giving Nikki a wink. She smirked, as we continued making out.

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