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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Banged At The Beach
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of the hotel that is serving as lodging and as locker room for the WCW
Superstars due to the Bash at the Beach '95 pay-per-view being held at
Huntington Beach, California, Diamond Dallas Page's 'Diamond Doll' Kimberly,
is quietly sneaking out of DDP's hotel room to avoid listening to him and his
bodyguard Maxx Muscle brag about defeating the sweet yet simple Dave
Sullivan. Wearing a peach colored beach dress, Kimberly chooses to take the
stairs up to the top floor and makes her way to the hotel's spacious top-
floor lounge, which is deserted with the exception of WCW's United States
Champion Sting.

The blond haired Superstar is wearing orange shorts and is leaning against
the railing as the cage match between WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Big
Van Vader rages on down below on the beach in front of 9,500 fans. "Come on
Hulk... don't get too close..." Sting says as it's clear to Kimberly that
Sting is rooting for The Hulkster as she approaches him.

Kimberly bites down on her bottom lip and crosses her arms against her chest
as she quietly stands behind Sting. "I'm sure Hogan will win..."

The Stinger turns his head and looks at Kimberly, "Yeah... he will....
shouldn't you be with DDP and planning some new way to mess with Dave
Sullivan?" Sting asks as he folds his arms.

Kimberly raises an eyebrow and looks at Sting before she slowly shakes her
head. "None of that was my idea...I didn't even know that Dallas was going to
even do it..."

"Right... you mean to tell me that you had no clue that Diamond Dallas Page
was doing and you're just an innocent bystander?" Sting asks as he shakes his
head doubtfully.

Kimberly presses her lips together and firmly looks at Sting. "Do you really
think I'm that cruel?"

"I don't have any reason to think other wise," The United States Champion

"Think whatever you want...but I plan on teaching him a lesson..." Kimberly

"What do you mean?" Sting asks.

"That money which Dallas brags about all the time...he didn't win it!"
Kimberly says and narrows her eyes slightly. "I won it!"

Sting laughs a bit, "The $13 Million... you're letting him go around spending
your money?"

"For a little while he can have his fun..." Kimberly says and then smirks.
"Just imagine when he wakes up one morning and it isn't there."

Sting laughs again, "Yeah... he's going to flip his lid..."

"I might need some help though..." Kimberly casually says as she takes a step
closer to Sting.

"Who? Me?" Sting asks.

Kimberly lightly shrugs her "Maybe you...if you're interested of course..."

"There's nothing I would like more than to see Page get what's coming to
him..." Sting says.

Kimberly smiles and nods her head as she starts to approach Sting, placing
her hands onto her toned chest. "You know, Sting...we could do wonders..."

"Listen, I'm the US Champ... my priorities do involve me keeping the
title..." Sting says as Kimberly slides her hands over his chest.

Kimberly licks her lips and seductively looks up at Sting. "I can make sure
you keep that title, Sting..."

"Well... I can consider that..." Sting says as The Diamond Doll slider her
hands downward from his chest.

Kimberly presses her pouty lips together and casually glances down at Sting's
crotch. "We could have a very good professional relationship, Sting..."

"Let's see what.. .can develop..." Sting replies.

* * *

A short time later in Sting's hotel room, the United States Champion is
sitting on the edge of his bet as Kimberly is kneeling between his legs,
bobbing her head smoothly on his long and stiff cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm....mmmmmmm..." Kimberly moans as she smoothly bobs her head
back and forth with her moist lips rubbing against his shaft. Kimberly looks
up at Sting as she rocks her head easily on his cock, sucking him with ease.

"Ahhh..." The Stinger moans as The Diamond Doll bobs her head up and down on
his cock, taking it fairly deep into her mouth each time she lowers her head.

"Mmmmmmmmm....mmmmmm..." Kimberly moans as she places her hands onto his
knees and continues to bob her head back and forth, letting her wet saliva
drip down on his cock.

"Mmmmm...." Sting moans as Kimberly keeps a smooth and steady pace. Sting
licks his lips when Kimberly tilts her head slightly to the right so that she
sucks it at a slight angle.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Kimberly moans as she bobs her head downward at an angle,
causing the head of Sting's cock to poke against the inside of her cheek as
she smoothly rubs her lips against his shaft.

"Mmmmm ahhh..." Sting groans as Kimberly's saliva drips down his shaft as she
continues to work over his tool.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Kimberly delicately moans around Sting's
cock as she continues to move her head back and forth on his cock, with her
saliva soothingly dripping down.

"Ahhhhh mmmm..." Sting moans as Kimberly sucks and slurps on his cock at a
smooth and sensual pace before she slowly lifts her head upward.

Kimberly smirks up at Sting as she places her left hand at the base of his
saliva dripping cock and smoothly slides her hand up against his shaft and
her own dripping saliva.

"Mmmmm... I think we can push this further..." Sting says as Kimberly strokes
his saliva coated cock with her left hand while she stands up from the floor.

Kimberly smiles down at Sting as she starts to climb onto the bed as he lays
back. "Oh really?" Kimberly asks with a laugh as she straddles Sting and
lowers herself down onto his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmmm yeah..." Sting groans as Kimberly lowers herself all the way down on
his cock. As the glorious Diamond Doll begins to rock on his cock, The
Stinger places his hands on Kimberly's slender hips.

"Mmmmmmmm...that feels so good..." Kimberly moans as she rocks back and forth
on Sting's cock smoothly grinding her pussy down on his cock. The Venice
Beach, California native licks his lips as he starts to thrust his cock
upward into Kimberly's pussy, causing her to bounce on his shaft.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah Sting, baby..." Kimberly softly moans and licks her
lips as she moves back and forth on his cock, while bouncing when Sting
thrusts up into her.

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhh..." Sting groans as he firmly thrusts his cock up into The
Diamond Doll's hot tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah...mmmmm fuck...." Kimberly moans as she bounces
at a quickening pace, with Sting pumping up into her.

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion quickens the pace of his thrusts as
he watches Kimberly bounce up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Kimberly moans and slides her hands against Sting's
chest as she increasingly rocks back and forth on his cock.

Sting surprises Kimberly as he suddenly turns over, resulting in the Diamond
Doll laying on the bed with The Stinger on top of her. As Kimberly wraps her
legs around his waist, Sting resumes pumping his cock in and out of her twat.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah...ohhhhhhh..." Kimberly moans and places her hands
onto Sting's arms as she moves underneath him while thrusting into her wet

"Awwwww.... mmmm..." Sting groans as he plows his cock deeply into Kimberly's
pussy as she grinds herself against him.

" like that baby?" Kimberly asks with a moan as she moves
against his thrusts.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmmm..." Sting moans as he deeply fucks Kimberly's pussy as
she slides underneath him on the bed covers.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Kimberly moans as she arches her back and starts to
push against his thrusting cock.

Sting sits up on his knees and places his hands on Kimberly's hips as he
continues to thrust his cock quickly into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhh" Kimberly moans and
closes her eyes as sweat drips down her forehead, with Sting continuing to
thrust into her.

The Stinger pulls The Diamond Doll against himself as he hammers her pussy at
a near-perfect combination of force and speed.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh Sting...mmmmm yeah..." Kimberly moans.

"Ahhhh..." Sting groans as he pulls his cock out of Kimberly's pussy when she
unwraps her legs from his waist. Sting wipes some sweat from his forehead as
Kimberly rolls onto her stomach before getting on all fours. As The Diamond
Doll looks back at him, Sting guides his large stiff tool back into her twat.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah..." Kimberly moans seductively and glances back
over her shoulder at Sting as she starts to rock forward while on her hands
and knees.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Sting moans as he lays his hands on top of Kimberly's
round ass as he pumps his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...mmmmmm..." Kimberly moans as she rocks back and
forth on her knees, smoothly pushing back against his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh.... awww..." Sting groans as he increases the pace of his
thrusts as he firmly fucks Kimberly's snatch while she rocks back against

Kimberly bites down on her bottom lip and closes her eyes as she rocks back
on her knees, with her gorgeous ass smacking against his waist.

"Ahhh.... mmmm..." Sting grunts as hammers Kimberly's pussy while her ass is
constantly smacking against his waist. Gradually Sting's cock begins to throb
as he keeps pumping it into her.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...." Kimberly moans as she continues to rock back and
forth, pushing back more eagerly against his cock.

Sting increases the pace of his thrusts as his cock throbs more noticeably
within Kimberly's pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah...mmmmm" Kimberly moans and firmly pushes back,
grinding against his shaft.

"Ahhhhh...." Sting moans as he pulls his pulsating cock out of Kimberly's
snatch. The reigning United States Champion starts to stroke his cock with
this head of his shaft brushing against Kimberly's ass cheeks.

Kimberly turns her head and smiles back at Sting. "Mmmmmm...cum on my ass

"Ahhhh... mmmmm.." The Stinger groans as he starts to cum, spraying his load
all over The Diamond Doll's gorgeous ass

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh" Kimberly moans and licks her lips as she feels his warm
cum spraying on her ass.

"Mmmmm.... you make a very enticing offer Kimberly..." Sting says.

"Of course..." Kimberly says with a smirk.


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