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Bangin' Terri
by JCP

One particular day in St. Petersburg, Florida I Joe Cool was relaxing at the
beach. All of the sudden I get a call from veteran WWE Diva Terri. I got on
my cellphone to talk to her. "Hello" I answered.

"Are you Joe Cool?" she asked me and I said "YES I'm Joe Cool."

Terri says that she needs me to come over her place in Lakeland.

I ask "What For?" I didn't get an answer so she hung up.

So I ran to my 2001 Black Porsche and drove off to Lakeland. When I got there
I changed out of my trunks and into a pair of slacks and an unbuttoned shirt.
I go to the door and knock. Terri answers and she looks fuckin' hot in her
black silk robe.

She says "I'm glad you showed up. Come in in."

So I go in and I asked her what she wants. She sits on the couch and spreads
her legs wide open revealing her her pussy.

"Now Lick" she commanded so I go a head and lick her cunt as I was licking
she lets out a soft moan. I was licking her clit as her moans got a little
louder. "AAAAAh Don't Stop." she ordered me so I kept on licking away.
Terri then traps my head by wrapping her legs tight aroing it so that I
wouldn't stop lickin'.

She then disrobed revealing her huge tits and starts to play with them.
Still I was trapped licking her clit, then she had unwrapped her legs as
she commanded me to stop and take off my clothes so I first took off my
unbuttoned shirt and then dropped my pants along with my boxers. She threw
me down on the couch and started sucking on my cock. This time I grabbed a
handful of her hair and pushed down making sure my dick was down her throat.
I continued to push her head down deeper and deeper with every thrust on my
dick. She could start feeling my cock grow into her mouth and with that I
forced her down hard and fast.

"OOOOh Yeah Terri that's it,take it all in your mouth." I moaned in pleasure.

Terri actually enjoyed the feeling of me cramming my cock into her mouth and
down her throat. I would not let go of her hair while she continued to suck
away and the feeling from her was mutual. She was getting tired of sucking so
I let her go.

"You like that don't ya Terri?" I asked.

"Yeah I love it." she moaned. She went back to work on my cock as I once
again foced it down Terri's throat to the point where my balls were hitting
her chin.

"OH MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD I'm gonna cum," but she didn't listen she took a big
load of cum into her mouth and swallowed it and whatever was left at the tip
of my cock she licked it off and down to my balls.

Terri says "I'm not finished yet I want you to fuck me so bad, that would
leave me hurtin."

She got down on on her hands and knees and begged me to drill her ass with my
already lubed cock so I go from behind and put my cock into her ass. The tip
of my dick is into her ass-hole then I pushed it all in there, then took it
out and crammed it back in and she moaned everytime all of my cock was up the
ass. I my cock went in smoothly into and started going faster and faster.

"AAAAAAAAAAH please don't stop." she moaned loudly.

So I kept on cramming my dick so far up Terri's tight ass and did it real
roughly *SMACK* I slapped her ass cheek one time and she loved it I slapped
the ass again "SMACK" and continued to enjoy it I was really hitting on all
cylinders up the ass now. Terri slid her hand into her clit and could feel
my dick pressing her backside as hard and as fast as I could. I then got
tired and fell flat on my back, but Terri decided to sit down on my dick and
started bouncing up and down going as fast as she could. I looked on and and
loved what Terri was doing to me. Terri went even faster and moaned louder
and louder and had an orgasm on my dick. She turns around and puts her pussy
on my cock and starts jumpin up and down on it letting out more moaning from
the She-Devil. Her tits were bouncing like balls so she grabbed a hold of
them and started squeezing them tight and rubs them roughly. I then got up
and put Terri on her back, legs spread wide open and began to pussy fuck
Terri to the fullest extent.

"AAAAAAAAAAH keep fucking me." she moaned as I continued to fuck Terri SO
HARD. I refused to stop until a second batch of cum was delivered to Terri
so I drilled the cock even harder and faster into Terri's wet cunt.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH MMMMMMMMMM Terri your pussy is so good to fuck." I said with a
smile on my face. I refused to stop fucking her until I screamed "I'm gonna

As fast as I could I got off her pussy and she sandwiched her tits trapping
my dick as a second batch of cum went into Terri's mouth. I then collapsed to
the floor breathing heavily after what I went through. Terri then fell fast
asleep on the couch.

We didn't get up for a couple of hours until it got DARK. When it was night
outside I got up,showered and put my clothes on, as I was done Terri just got
up and put her hand on my chest.

"That was a lot of fun, we must do it again sometime."

I had a puzzled look on my face and said "Uh Yeah." But then I asked her
"Was that why you wanted to see me?"

Terri answered "That was it."

I left the place got in my car and went back to St. Petersburg to find more
pussy to lick and ass to fuck.

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