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Bangin' The A List
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at Monday Night RAW in late February, Johnny Nitro is gritting his
teeth together as he listens to his A-Lister girlfriend Melina as she bitches
about all the publicity SmackDown's Ashley Massaro is getting as a video of
Ashley's Playboy photoshoot is played in the arena. Nitro is dressed in
blue-gray colored wrestling pants and a blue colored fur coat. He slides a
hand through his black hair and tries to ignore Melina as she continues to
whine and complain.

"I mean...can you believe that Johnny!?" Melina snaps as she arrogantly
rolls her eyes as she has the WWE Women's Championship draped over her left
shoulder "I mean who the hell does Ashley think she is!? She's just some
slut...that won some stupid competition!" Melina slightly shouts to her
A-List boyfriend, Johnny Nitro, as she vents and complains about SmackDown
Diva, Ashley Massaro.

Nitro looks at Melina and grits his teeth, "Who cares..." Nitro starts to
say but the arrogant and extremely bitchy Melina cuts him off before he can

"Who cares!? WHO CARES!?" Melina shouts as she slightly gets into the face
of her studdly A-List boyfriend "I care! I, Melina, and the most dominant
Women's Champion in history! I should be getting the spot light...not that...
BITCH!" Melina says with a great deal of disgust.

Johnny Nitro rolls his eyes, "Oh shut up!" Nitro shouts, "Who cares about
that bullshit when I'm not getting a match at WrestleMania?! That punk CM
Punk... fucking screwed me... and you're going off about something that
doesn't even matter! Jesus Christ!" Nitro yells as he blows up on Melina as
he turns to walk away from her. Melina opens her mouth in shock and she then
narrows her eyes into a deathly glare as she watches Johnny Nitro walk at a
fast, angry pace away from the self-proclaimed most dominant Women's

* * *

A short while later, Johnny Nitro is walking through the backstage area
after destroying Super Crazy in a vicious attack before their match even
took place. Nitro smirks as he reflects on the effective way he let out his
frustrations as he enters the locker room area where the WWE's 2007 Playboy
Covergirl Ashley Massaro is walking down in his direction. Nitro takes off
his fur coat and folds it over his right arm as he licks his lips, "Damn..."
Nitro says loudly which gets Ashley's attention.

Ashley presses her seductive, pierced lips together and raises an eyebrow
with a slight smirk on her beautiful. Ashley laughs lightly as she pauses her
movement and glances at Johnny Nitro and his muscular, toned and tanned upper
body, his rock hard abs and his toned chest. Ashley nods her head "Damn, is
right..." Ashley softly laughs again as she lightly tosses her blonde and
black streaked hair back while dressed in a short gray and black plaid skirt
and a tight fitting black tank top.

Johnny Nitro licks his lips and smirks, "What are you doing at RAW?" Nitro
asks as he looks right at Ashley's tight fitting black tank top covered body.

Ashley places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips and lightly shrugs her
shoulders "Oh...I'm just here promoting my've totally seen it,
right?" Ashley asks before she laughs softly and answers her own question "Oh
wait...let me guess...Melina, the bitch that she is, won't fucking let you?"

Nitro rolls his eyes, "You don't have to be psychic to know the answer to
that..." Nitro shakes his head, "She's turned into a mega-bitch lately... and
it's pissing me off..."

Ashley raises an eyebrow and playfully smirks before nodding her head "I
see...I see...I mean..." Ashley pauses and laughs "I can't imagine her being
anymore of a must be like fucking hell to be around her..." Ashley
laughs as she locks her soft, seductively fun eyes with Johnny Nitro for a
brief moment. Ashley easily shrugs her shoulders "She just has to learn to
live life down and me..." The Dirty Diva adds.

Nitro smirks after hearing Ashley's last remark, "If Melina was down and
dirty I wouldn't be wishing to stuff a sock down her throat every time she
screams during one of my matches..." Nitro laughs a bit, "But how do you get
down and dirty?" Nitro asks as he continues to check Ashley out.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together and nods her head as she seductive
eyes lighten a bit excitement "How do I get down and dirty?" Ashley laughs
and raises an eyebrow "Easy...fucking..." Ashley laughs again as she glances
at Nitro's tanned, muscular chest and his rock hard abs "Shit...I wouldn't
mind getting down and dirty with an A List stud.! I would be
fucking stoked to get down and dirty with an A List stud..." Ashley says as
she playfully licks her pierced, seductive lips.

Nitro licks his lips and smirks, "So you wanna fuck with an A-List star?"
Nitro asks as drops his fur coat down on the floor, "That's good... cause
I'd love to see how a hot fucking Playboy Covergirl gets down and dirty with
me... the hottest man on the scene..."

Ashley smirks and nods her head "Sounds good to me..." Ashley says as she
flicks her tongue against her hot lip piercing and shrugs her shoulders
"Let's get bangin' than!" Ashley says as she takes a step forward to Nitro
and smirks "You fine with getting down and dirty right out here in the hall?"

Nitro smirks and nods his head, "Fuck yea... cause if the fuckin' paparazzi
catche me... just means more publicity to help keep me at the top of the
A-List!" Nitro says as he puts his hands on his waist and begins to lower
his blue-gray wrestling pants from this incredibly toned and tanned waist,
exposing his fat, juicy thirteen inch cock to the Dirty Diva of the WWE.

Ashley raises an eyebrow and lightly licks her lips as her eyes widen
slightly at the sight of Johnny Nitro's rock hard, thick thirteen inch cock
"Damn...I'm fucking stoked now!" Ashley laughs as she lightly tosses her
blond and black streaked hair back before she starts to lower herself down
onto her knees in front of the A-List stud. Ashley presses her pierced lips
together as she glances up at Nitro as she places her kinky hands around his
thick shaft and she starts to stroke his cock.

"Mmmmm... yeah... I'm fuckin' turned on too..." Nitro moans as he tosses his
black hair back as Ashley jerks off of his large fat cock with both of her
hands. Ashley smirks as she smoothly strokes her soft, kinky hands against
Johnny Nitro's rock hard, thick cock and she lowers her head down towards his
thirteen inch A-List cock. The Dirty Diva gently slaps her wet, kinky tongue
against the head of Nitro's cock, before she starts to coat her saliva around
the head of his cock as she gently circles her tongue around the tip.

"Ahhh... uhhhh yeah..." Nitro moans and smirks as Ashley circles her tongue
around the large tip of his fat cock. "Ohhh yeah... fuck... that bitch Melina
doesn't even do that..." Nitro says with a smirk. Ashley smiles a bit as she
gently slaps her wet, hot tongue against the thick head of Nitro's cock
before the Dirty Diva lowers her tongue and gently works her hot tongue down
his thick shaft.

Johnny Nitro puts both of his hands on Ashley's head as bathes his fat meaty
cock with her kinky tongue, 'Mmmm yeah... awww fuck yea..." Nitro moans as
Ashley opens her mouth a bit so that Nitro's cock rests on her tongue. The
hot, studdly A-List Superstar then pushes his meaty cock into Ashley's mouth
and starts to thrust it in and out as he holds onto her head.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" The Dirty Diva, Ashley Massaro, moans against Nitro's cock as
her blond and black streaked haired head smoothly moves along his rock hard,
thick A-List shaft as Nitro thrusts his cock into her hot, wet mouth. Ashley
gently twirls her tongue against the underbelly of Nitro's thick cock as his
shaft passes her soft, pierced lips.

"Ahhh... uhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yea..." Nitro moans as he thrusts his cock in
and out Ashley's hot, dirty mouth. The A-List stud pumps his thick thirteen
inch cock in and out of Ashley's mouth as she slaps her tongue around it.
"Mmm damn... you're fucking hot and dirty...."

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Ashley moans against Nitro's thick, thrusting cock as
her hot saliva showers down on his A-List shaft. Ashley presses her lips
tightly around his shaft as it thrusts in between her lips, causing the
piercings to gently rake against his shaft.

"Ahhhh... ohhh... ahhh fuck... mmm..." Nitro deeply thrusts his cock into
Ashley's moist, warm mouth and his large A-Lister balls slap against Ashley's
chin. "Mmm... yeah let's get to some serious fucking..." Nitro says as he
pulls his saliva covered meaty cock out of Ashley's mouth.

Ashley presses her lips together and lifts her head up as she lustfully
narrows her eyes, looking up at Johnny Nitro "Sounds like a fucking good
idea!" Ashley says with a laugh as she remains sitting on her knees and
the wild Dirty Diva places her hands against her tight fitting black tank
top and lifts her tank top up and off of her hot body, revealing her large
and rounded tits.

"Oh shit now those are fucking A-List quality tits!" Nitro says with a smirk
as Ashley tosses her tank top over her shoulder. The incredibly hot Johnny
Nitro gets down onto the floor with Ashley and turns her around on knees.

Ashley smiles as she sits on her knees and bends forward onto her hands.
Ashley glances over her shoulder and raises an eyebrow "Fuck yeah...let's get
down and dirty!" Ashley laughs as Johnny Nitro begins to slide down her short
gray and black skirt down of her smooth, toned waist as he reveals her hot
black panties.

Nitro pulls Ashley's short gray and black skirt off of her legs and drops it
on the floor, "Oh yea... fuck you should be on the fucking A-List..." Nitro
says as he begins to remove Ashley's hot black panties to completely strip
her of the rest of her clothes. The studdly Johnny Nitro grips his thirteen
inch cock and instantly rams it deep into her hot, tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Ashley moans as she grits her teeth as Johnny Nitro
firmly thrusts his thirteen inch A-List cock into her warm, tight pussy.
Ashley tosses her blond and black streaked hair back as she starts to rock
back and forth on her hands and knees against Nitro's cock, lightly pressing
her hot ass against his muscular, toned and tanned waist.

Nitro puts his hands on Ashley's hips and licks his lips as he begins to
thrust his cock in and out of Ashley's dirty cunt, "Mmmm... ahhh yea... fuck
yea..." Nitro moans as he sharply fucks Ashley's pussy from behind.

"Ohhhh...yeah...fuck that pussy! Ohhhh shit yeah...take it down and dirty!"
Ashley moans with a laugh as she rocks back and forth quickly with Nitro's
quick, hard and deep thrusts to her tight, warm pussy. Ashley closes her
eyes as her hot ass collides with his waist, smacking skin and skin.

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck... yea... shit... take that A-List cock!" Johnny Nitro
moans as he slams his large cock in and out of Ashley's tight pussy with
swift, sharp thrusts. Nitro pulls Ashley back against him and her incredible
ass smacks against his toned, smooth waist.

Ashley glances over her shoulder and smirks " got some bangin'
moves!" Ashley moans and laughs as sweat starts to drip down her hot, dirty
body as she quickly rocks back and forth against Nitro's firm thrusting cock.

"Ahhh... uhhh fuck... yeah... if you like that shit.... try this..." Nitro
grunts as sweat rolls down his toned body. He wraps strong arms around
Ashley's waist and then rolls himself onto his back while pulling Ashley
with him. This results in Ashley being on top of Nitro, with his cock still
deep inside of her cunt. Nitro puts his hands on Ashley's waist and begins
to bounce her up and down on his huge cock.

"Ohhhh...mmm...yeah down and dirty baby!" Ashley moans, pressing her pierced
lips together as she leans back and places her soft, kinky hands against
Johnny Nitro's muscular, tanned and sweat dripping chest as he lifts her up
and down on his cock, deeply drilling the Dirty Diva's tight pussy.

"Mmmm... uhhh yea... fuck yea..." Johnny Nitro moans as he easily bounces
Ashley on his fat thirteen inch cock. The sweaty, sexy A-List stud begins to
sharply thrust his cock upward into Ashley's cunt as he makes her ride his

"Ohhhh...fuck yeah! really can bang it!" Ashley moans and laughs
while sweat drips down her hot, dirty body as she quickly bounces up and down
on Nitro's thirteen inch cock as he bounces her on his own A-List cock. The
sweaty, hot Dirty Diva slams down hard on Nitro's cock as she rocks forward,
grinding her pussy against his shaft.

Johnny Nitro grits his teeth as he rams his cock upward into Ashley's hot,
dirty pussy, "Uhh,... mmm fuck yea... I love to bang it!" Nitro groans as
Ashley slams down on his cock. Nitro has to adjust the grip on Ashley's hips
as they fuck on the floor of the hallway.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together as she glances over her shoulder and
smirks as she looks at Nitro's handsome face "Ohhhh fuck yeah bang it Johnny!
Fucking bang it!" Ashley moans as she starts to rock back and forth on
Nitro's cock, grinding her tight pussy against his shaft while he quickly
lifts and lowers the Dirty Diva on his cock.

"Uhh... fuck... let's bang harder!" Nitro moans as he then lifts Ashley off
of his large, fat thirteen inch cock and drops her on the floor next to him.
Nitro sits up and pushes Ashley onto her back before he moves between her
legs. Nitro grabs Ashley's legs and drapes them over his shoulders so that
her ass is slightly elevated off the floor. "This is how we fuck on the
A-List..." Nitro says as he plows his cock into Ashley's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Bang it in the ass!" Ashley moans and laughs as she
gently places her hands against his muscular, tanned waist as she feels his
movements of his thrusting his rock hard A-List cock into her tight, hot
asshole "Ohhh fuck it!"

"Ahhh... uhhh... fuck yea... mmm yea..." Nitro moans as he puts his strong
hand on Ashley's large hot tits as he thrusts his large fat cock in and out
of Ashley's tight asshole. Nitro's large balls slap against Ashley's hot ass
cheeks as he pumps his cock into Ashley's ass, "Ahhh... mmmm damn... you're
so fucking hot!"

Ashley tilts her head back against the hallway floor as she smoothly rocks
back and forth against the floor as Johnny Nitro's deeply thrusts his cock
into her tight asshole, while her smooth, tanned and sexy legs are draped
over his strong shoulders "OH fucking bang it!" Ashley moans as sweat drips
off of her hot, dirty body.

Sweat falls off of Nitro's face and arms as he drills Ashley Massaro's tight
asshole, "Mmmm fuck... ahhhh yeah fuck yea... you're so fucking much hotter
than that bitch..." Nitro yells as slam-fucks Ashley's ass relentlessly and
Nitro begins to start breathing harder as tries to keep up the intense pace.

Ashley closes her eyes as she hands slides against his sweat covered,
muscular stomach as she roughly rocks against his rock hard, A-List cock as
his cock relentlessly and deeply fucks her tight asshole "Ohhhhh fuck yeah...
that bitch ain't anything compared to the Dirty Diva..." Ashley moans and

"Uhhh... ahhh fuck... mmmm shit..." Johnny Nitro moans as he grits his teeth
together. The hot, studdly A-List Superstar pulls his throbbing fat thirteen
inch cock out of Ashley's asshole and begins to stroke it swiftly with his
right hand as Ashley brings her legs off of his shoulders.

Ashley sits up on the floor and places her hands behind her, giving herself
some support as the Dirty Diva's hot body drips of sweat. Ashley Massaro
licks her pierced lips as she watches Johnny Nitro stroke his throbbing
thirteen inch cock "Mmm...yeah...fucking stroke that cock!"

"Ahhh... uhhh fuck... mmmm yeah... ahh..." Johnny Nitro leans his head back
as he quickly strokes his throbbing prick. Nitro then grits his teeth and
aim's his cock at Ashley as he begins to cum, sending thick streams of his
hot A-List cum across Ashley's flat, toned and sweat covered stomach.

Ashley raises an eyebrow and smirks "Damn...fuck!" Ashley moans as she
glances down at her tanned, toned stomach as Johnny Nitro's warm cum splashes
against it and then begins to drip down her flat stomach.

Nitro licks his lips as more cum shoots from his cock and soon, there are
just a few drips of cum falling from his piss slit, "Ahhh shit... come on..."
Nitro moans as he stands up a bit to move straddle over Ashley's body and he
taps the tip of his cum dripping cock against Ashley's pierced lips.

Ashley closes her eyes and presses her lips together as beads of Johnny
Nitro's cum coat her soft, pierced lips "Mmmm..."

"Ahhh... mmmm... shit yea..." Johnny Nitro moans, "Fuck... nothing like
bangin' on the list... right?" Nitro asks as he looks down to see Ashley rub
his cum over her stomach while she licks her cum coated pierced lips.

Ashley smirks and nods her head "Yeah...and nothing like bangin' the Dirty
"fucking" Diva!"


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