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Bangin' The Dirt Sheet
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Hi. I'm John Morrison. and I don't like Canada." Morrison says, as he's
dressed in a tight fitting red shirt and black pants while wearing

The Miz looks at Morrison with a raised eyebrow as he's dressed in blue
jeans, a gray chick magnet t-shirt and also a black hat, "Why?"

"Because I don't like maple syrup. it reminds me of Canada." Morrison answers
as he folds his hands.

The Miz shakes his head, rolls his eyes and then looks at the camera, "And
I'm your chick magnet, The MIZ!" The Miz says, "This week we kick off things
off with our top three losers of the week. starting with number three. Big
Dick Johnson." Miz says as he holds up a picture of the oily, fun loving
barely dressed and overly plump male stripper.

Morrison looks right at the camera at his says, "Perfect example why there
should be an application process for whoever wants to wear a thong." Morrison
then holds up a second picture, "Number two is SmackDown redneck reject
Shannon Moore."

Miz smirks, "Trailer trash who looks like Jon Bon Jovi in a cowboy hat." Miz
laughs a bit as he holds up the third picture, "And our number one loser of
the week.. Colin Delaney."

Morrison raises an eyebrow, "Didn't he win recently?"

Miz smirks, "Who cares, he's a loser and he sucks."

"Point taken." John Morrison says, "Now. moving on to a brand new segment
called 'Doin' The Nasty' where we tell you who we would like to do the
'nasty' with.. And my choice is 'Angelina Jolie. because I, the Shaman of
Sexy, will keep her from adopting another child."

Miz gets a confused look, "What about Madonna?"

Morrison looks at Miz, "When she loses that fake accent, she will be welcomed
to worship me at the Palace of Wisdom.

"Aha." Miz says as he looks at the camera, "My choice would be Pam Anderson.
who is a proven great fuck, knows how to suck cock and has a fabulous rack."

Morrison raises an eyebrow, "Her breasts are fake."

Miz smirks, "Who care?! I don't!" Miz says, "They are one her chest and they
are real enough for me. HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he shifts in his seat, "A
few weeks ago, the WWE had Clinton versus. how do you pronounce this O-BAM-

"Obama.there is no Y" Morrison says, "And I found that whole segment mildly
amusing because neither of them are qualified to lead the USA. and Umaga
proved that."

Miz looks at Morrison, "Ok. who would say is more qualified than them?" Miz

Morrison looks at Miz, "You would make a slightly better choice.. However the
perfect person would be me, the Guru of Greatness, John Morrison."

"Okay.. Now. before we get to our main subject. I got something to say to the
lost Mario Brother Santino Marella saying 'Santino's Casa' is getting more
viewers than 'The Dirt Sheet'." The Miz looks at the camera, "Santino the
only reason people watch your show is because you're less of a loser than
most people. but you are still a loser."

"That's right. and 'The Dirt Sheet' is the most watched program on
so be jealous." Morrison adds before he and Miz pause for a moment. Morrison
adjust his sunglasses, "Now it's time to bring out our special guest for our
final topic, 'Dirty Rumors'."

"Yeah. and our guest this week is the Dirty Diva of the WWE, the always hot
girl of punk, Ashley Massaro!" Miz says as he introduces who is joining him
and Morrison.

The camera covering WWE's exclusive webcast of The Dirt Sheet pulls back to
reveal the Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro sitting next to the Shaman of Sexy, John
Morrison, while on the set of the Dirt Sheet. Ashley presses her lips
together and nods her head as she glances over at Morrison and The Miz, while
sitting in the chair on the set. "Hey guys...what's going on?" Ashley says,
while dressed in a pair of slightly baggy black pants and a white top. Ashley
then laughs a bit "I have to say I'm a bit disappointment I didn't make your
"Doin' The Nasty" list, what's up with that?"

Miz smirks, "Well.... the people in charge didn't want us to take the easy
road..." The Miz says.

"Yes they are also the same people who gave Santino Marella his own show..."
John Morrison says as he looks at the camera with a sarcastic look on his

Ashley laughs and shakes her head "I really can't believe he has his own
show!" Ashley presses her lips together and glances over at The Miz "I wonder
when I'll get my own show..."

The Miz thinks, "Hmmm well I heard the big boss man Mr. McMahon wants new
stuff on WWE so... someone should tell Joey Styles about it."

John Morrison tosses his long hair back, "Let's get started Miz..." Morrison
says as he looks at Ashley, "Now your obviously looking great... and you've
became the only reason to watch that dreadfully dull show Survivor... what
was that like?"

Ashley smiles at John Morrison and casually checks out the Shaman of Sexy
"Why thank you John...and oh! Survivor was such a blast! It was totally
crazy...I had never done anything like that before either." Ashley replies as
she looks back over at The Miz.

"Right, right... now I'm sure them keeping you off of WWE television for
months for only three weeks of episodes was very exciting..." Morrison says.

The Miz smirks, "Anyway... even though when you came back, Candice Michelle
went down with an injury so you got to be a big part of WrestleMania, teaming
with Maria in my favorite match BunnyMania... how excited were you?" Miz

Ashley smiles and folds her arms down against her lap as she excitedly nods
her head "Oh! I was so stoked to be part of WrestleMania! And to work with
the best women wrestlers Maria and Beth, it was totally
bangin'!" Ashley says with a laugh and then shrugs "Although it would have
been nice to win..."

"Not to mention having the lights stay on the entire match..." The Miz

"I see you didn't mention Melina... which is wise because... she sucks,"
Morrison says as he again looks into the camera.

Ashley Massaro raises an eyebrow as she looks at John Morrison and then
laughs "Ummm John are you and Melina...." Ashley begins to say.

"No... she has a thing for pumped up apes who get lucky with two moves after
I beat them up for the entire match..." Morrison answers.

"I told you to let me stay at ring side... but nooooo you told me to go to
the back..." The Miz laughs a bit.

Ashley laughs and raises her hands up "Hey...guys, guys...can we get back to
the show?"

"That is part of the show..." Miz laughs, "Anyway, this part of the show is
called 'Dirty Rumors'... and there are some rumors about you getting down and
dirty with some of the Superstars."

Morrison nods his head, "Particularly with Matt Hardy and Paul London."

Ashley blushes a bit and then laughs "Yeah...and I was in relationships with
both Matt and Paul..." Ashley replies as she uncomfortably looks down away
from Miz and Morrison.

"Seeing how Matt's track record with women isn't all that great.... who was
better?" Miz asks.

Ashley raises an eyebrow as she looks over at The Miz and laughs a bit
"Ummm...Matt was good...he liked to..." Ashley pauses and shakes her head "I
can't believe I'm about to say this...but he liked doing things
doggystyle..." Ashley says with a nod of her head.

"That is always a good position at the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison says,
"But that doesn't sound too... dirty... and the rumor is you like things down
and dirty..."

Ashley laughs "Well...I didn't tell you want I used to do with Paul..."
Ashley says as she glances at John Morrison and lightly licks her lips.

"Oh do tell... do tell!" The Miz says as he leans forward slightly.

Ashley scrunches her nose up and leans forward towards The Miz, almost
leaning over John Morrison. Ashley Massaro locks her smoking hot eyes with
the Chick Magnet, The Miz "Well...Paul and I used to do like this 69 type
position...but instead of it being normal, we'd like fuckin' eat each other's
asses out!" Ashley laughs and shakes her head "It was fuckin' crazy!"

"Now that sounds real dirty..." John Morrison says.

The Miz smirks, "Ashley, it really does sound like you're a down and dirty
type of girl... can we ask your for a demonstration of how you can get?" Miz

Ashley raises an eyebrow and sits straight up in her chair as she appears to
be thinking about The Miz's request. Ashley then nods her head "Sure! I'll
get down and fuckin' dirty right here...but if this was Santino's little
show...forget it!" Ashley says before she eagerly pushes herself out of the
chair and stands up. Ashley points at the Shaman of Sexy "You first..."
Ashley says as she tosses back her blond and black streaked hair.

"Of course..." John Morrison smirks.

"Damn he always goes first..." Miz laughs.

Morrison looks at Miz, "I am the Shaman of Sexy... and she is our guest..."
Morrison says. Ashley presses her lips together as the smoking hot Dirty Diva
steps closer to John Morrison as he remains seated. Ashley places her hands
on the tight fitting black pants of John Morrison and moves her hands against
his strong legs as she guides her hands to the bulging crotch of his tight
black pants.

"Mmmmm..." Morrison licks his lips as Ashley moves her hands over his crotch
as it becomes larger as his cock grows hard within his tight black pants.

The Miz smirks, "Well MizFits... looks like Ashley is getting John warmed up

Ashley laughs as she firmly squeezing the bulging crotch of John Morrison.
Ashley glances over at Miz as she blindly unbuckles Morrison's belt and
starts to unzip his tight black pants "Miz...what in the hell is a MizFit!?"

"A fan of me... The MIZ!" Miz answers.

John Morrison smirks, "Of which there are none..." Morrison says as Ashley
skillfully undoes his pants. Morrison then lifts himself slightly and pushes
down his tight black pants to reveal his long, thick and hardening fourteen
inch shaft.

Ashley presses her lips together as she glances back at Morrison's hardening
and extremely impressive fourteen inch shaft "Damn..." Ashley says with a
laugh as she gently places her hands around his cock. Ashley leans her head
down and then glances at The Miz " really don't have any fans?"
Ashley asks with a laugh as she expertly smacks her tongue against the head
of Morrison's cock while looking at The Miz.

"Hey I have fans! People have been watching me since I made the Real World
watchable..." The Miz says.

John Morrison licks his lips as Ashley moves her tongue against the head of
his cock, "That's not saying much..." Morrison says as he leans back in his
seat. Ashley turns her complete attention back to John Morrison as she
expertly and smoothly moves her wet, dirty tongue around the thick head of
John Morrison's cock. Ashley lifts her smoking hot, dirty eyes and locks them
with Morrison as she seductively flick the tip of her tongue against his

"Ahhhh..." Morrison moans as he watches Ashley move her tongue up and down
against the piss-slit of his cock.

The Miz clears his throat, "Whoa looks like Ashley has a great way to start
working on the guys..."

Ashley spits some of her wet saliva onto the head of Morrison's cock before
she uses her dirty tongue to lather her saliva around the head of his shaft.
"Mmmm..." Ashley softly moans as she places her hands onto Morrison's strong
legs and opens her mouth as she lowers her head and takes his fourteen inch
cock into her incredibly hot and welcoming mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah..." John Morrison licks his teeth as Ashley begins to bob her
head up and down on his huge cock as she moves her hands over his strong

"Mmmmm...Mmmmm" Ashley moans as she presses her lips firmly around Morrison's
thick cock and starts to rapidly and eagerly bobs her head at a quick pace
while her wet saliva perfectly drips on his cock.

"Look at her go... Ashley knows how to build up speed..." Miz says as he
adjusts his jeans. Morrison begins to lift up his tight fitting red shirt,
revealing his gorgeous eight-pack abs and tanned body. Without taking off his
sunglasses, the Shaman of Sexy pulls his shirt over his head and drops it on
the floor.

Ashley moves her hands up from John Morrison's strong legs to his gorgeous,
muscular eight-pack abs and seductively rakes her fingernails against his
rock hard stomach while she quickly bobs her head on his impressive shaft.
Ashley closes her eyes as she twists her head on Morrison's cock while she
bends over further, while standing, to take him deeper into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh... awwww...." Morrison moans as he places a hand on top of Ashley's
head as she rakes her fingernails against his abs. The Shaman of Sexy runs
his fingers through Ashley's blond with pink and black streaks hair as she
sucks his cock.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Ashley moans as she rocks her head back and forth at an
eager pace, causing her blond hair with pink and black streaks to brush back
and forth against Morrison's eight-pack abs as she sucks on his cock. Ashley
releases a soft, seductive groan as she forces his cock deeper into her mouth
while slowly trailing her left hand up to his muscular, gorgeous chest.

"Damn... MizFits... she's almost got all of John's huge dick in her mouth.."
The Miz says as he licks his lip and takes off his hat. John Morrison closes
his eyes and tilts his head back as Ashley moves her left hand over his
gorgeous chest as she gets eleven inches of his massive cock passed her
pierced lips.

Ashley lightly presses her teeth against Morrison's rock hard, thick cock as
she forces her head down onto his cock, taking an impressive twelve inches
into her hot, dirty mouth. "Uhhhhh...mmmm!" Ashley moans as her saliva coats
his cock perfectly as her teeth gently rake against his shaft while she bobs
her head sucking deep and quick.

"Ohhhh... mmmm shit.... mmmm just a little more..." Morrison moans as he
lightly pushes down on Ashley's head to get her to take all fourteen inches
of his cock into her hot, wet and dirty mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ashley groans and breathes through her nose as the tip of her nose
presses against his shaven crotch. Ashley holds her head still on Morrison's
cock as she allows her warm saliva to drip down his shaft.

"Damn.." The Miz licks his lips, "Ashley you're very dirty..." The Miz laughs
as he watches Ashley keep all of Morrison's fourteen inch cock within her
mouth for long time.

Ashley slowly lifts her head off of Morrison cock and wipes some saliva off
of her lips with her hand "Fuck! John you're fuckin' big!" Ashley says as she
takes a breath and watches her saliva dripping down Morrison's shaft.

Morrison smirks, "What are the odds that I'm the biggest you've ever had in
your mouth?" Morrison asks.

Ashley smirks and shrugs her shoulders "Umm...I'd say pretty damn good..."
Ashley says with a laugh before she steps over to The Miz and licks her
pierced lips. Ashley points at The Miz and playfully snaps her fingers "Shirt

The Miz takes off his shirt fairly quickly, "Alright... finally The Miz gets
some action..."

Morrison then looks at the camera, "If he's a chick magnet....why would he
say that about himself?" Morrison says as he talks to the viewers.

Ashley laughs a bit glances over at Morrison "Nice one..." Ashley says before
she straddles herself on The Miz's lap, while he sits in the chair. Ashley
places her hands onto his toned and tanned chest while she leans her head
down and flicks her dirty tongue against his left nipple.

"Mmmmm fuck... that's new..." The Miz says as he feels Ashley rocking on his
crotch as she flicks her tongue around his left nipple.

"Now that's rather kinky..." John Morrison says with a smirk. Ashley raises
an eyebrow and glances up at The Miz as she presses her teeth around The
Miz's left nipple and lightly pulls her head back to bite on The Miz's

"Ahhh ow..." Miz grits his teeth a bit as Ashley uses her teeth to pull on
his left nipple. Ashley releases her teeth on The Miz's nipples and moves her
head so that she is directly above the middle of his tanned chest. Ashley
spits her wet saliva down onto his tanned chest and immediately lowers her
head to chase the saliva down his chest using her wet

"Now Ashley is very kinky.... she could teach someone I used to be with a few
things..." John Morrison says as he watches Ashley lick Miz's smooth toned

Ashley closes her eyes as she moves her wet, dirty tongue against The Miz's
tanned chest leaving a visible trail of her saliva. Ashley lifts her head and
locks her smoking hot eyes with The Miz "Hey you want to bang me
good and dirty?"

"Oh hell yea...." The Miz licks his lips and nods his head as he places his
hands on Ashley's waist as she grinds herself on his jean covered crotch.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together as she smoothly slides off of The
Miz's lap and starts to push down her slightly baggy black pants "Oh yeah?"
Ashley smirks "I bet you're all fuckin' nice and hard too..."

"You bet I am... I got twelve inches of MizMeat that's just begging to be let
out..." Miz says as he unbuttons his jeans.

Ashley raises an eyebrow and laughs "MizMeat? That's cute..." Ashley says as
she lowers her baggy black pants from her waist, which she guides down her
legs to expose her hot, smoothly shaved pussy.

"Yes he puts Miz in front of everything..." John Morrison says with a smirk.
The Miz licks his lips as he pushes his jeans down from his waist, revealing
his twelve inch cock.

Ashley Massaro glances at John Morrison and laughs "That's kind of weird..."
Ashley says before looks back at The Miz " do you want to get down
and dirty?"

The Miz smirks, "How about you go back to sucking John's dick... I want to
get you from behind..."

Ashley nods her head before she lifts her white top off of her nicely tanned
body to expose her firm and large tits. "Sounds fuckin' awesome to me!"
Ashley says as she claps her hands together "Let's bang it!" Ashley says
before she steps back over to John Morrison and bends over in front of the
Shaman of Sexy, as she eagerly takes the head of his impressive cock into her

"Mmmmmm.... and I have no complaints..." Morrison moans as he leans back in
his seat once again as Ashley resumes sucking his cock.

The Miz gets off his seat and stands behind Ashley, "What a hot round ass..."
Miz says as he rubs Ashley's ass cheeks before he guides his twelve inch cock
into Ashley's hot wet and dirty cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" Ashley moans around John Morrison's cock as she rocks forward on
her feet after The Miz's thrusts his twelve inch cock into her warm, tight
pussy from behind. Ashley presses her pierced lips tightly around Morrison's
thick shaft and smoothly bobs her head as she pats her wet tongue against the
bottom side of his shaft.

"Mmmm ohhh yeah... mmm!" The Miz moans as he holds onto Ashley's hips as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Ashley's pussy. John Morrison licks his lips
as he places a hand on Ashley's head as she twirls her tongue around his cock
as she sucks it.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Ashley groans around John Morrison's fourteen inch cock as
she smoothly guides her juicy, smoking hot tanned ass back against The Miz's
toned waist as she forces The Miz's cock deeper into her pussy. Ashley
seductively grinds her lips against Morrison's shaft, grinding her lip-
piercing against his rock hard cock.

"Ohhhh yes..." John Morrison moans as he looks down at Ashley, causing his
sunglasses to slide down a bit so that he's looking over them as she bobs her
head up and down on his shaft. The Miz grits his teeth as he jerks the Dirty
Diva back towards him as he increase the pace of his thrusts.

"Mmmmmm!" Ashley moans and grinds her mouth on Morrison's cock as her ass
roughly smacks back against The Miz's toned waist as he firmly pulls her hot,
dirty body back against his cock. "Mmmmm!" Ashley moans again as she starts
to quickly bob her head Morrison's impressive shaft while she locks her
smoking hot eyes with the Shaman of Sexy.

"Awww shit... mmmm fuck... nice and fucking tight..." Miz grunts as he pounds
Ashley's pussy from behind as he fucks her from behind. Morrison licks his
teeth as Ashley looks up at him with her smoking hot eyes as she covers his
cock with her wet saliva.

Ashley slowly lifts her head from Morrison's cock and licks her pierced lips
and smirks up at Morrison " want a piece John?"

"Ohhh yeah.... get on my cock..." Morrison smirks as he tosses his long dark
hair back while adjust his sunglasses. The Miz licks his lips as he pulls his
twelve inch cock out of Ashley's wet tight pussy.

Ashley smiles and tosses her blond hair with black and pink streaks back as
she places her hands onto Morrison's strong, tanned legs as she lifts herself
into his lap and straddles his muscular waist. Ashley presses her pierced
lips together as she lowers her pussy down onto his incredibly large cock.
"Ohhhhh fuck!" Ashley moans and places her hands onto his gorgeous eight-pack

"Mmmmm ahhh yeah..." Morrison moans as he puts his hands on Ashley's large
firm and juicy tits as she starts to rock on his fourteen inch cock. The Miz
licks his lips, "Hey I ain't just gonna stand here..." Miz says as he moves
closer to Ashley and spreads her ass cheeks apart to push his twelve inches
of MizMeat into Ashley's asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Ashley grits her teeth and tilts her head back "I love getting
two dicks and fuckin' once!" Ashley says with a laugh as she starts to push
back on The Miz's cock inside of her ass, while rocking smoothly on
Morrison's cock.

"Ohhhh mmmm fuck... cause you're dirty right?" The Miz asks as he firmly
thrusts his cock in and out of Ashley's asshole. Morrison licks his lips as
he leans his head forward and wraps his lips around Ashley's right tit before
he starts to suck on it.

Ashley nods her head and closes her eyes "Yeah! Fuckin' dirty all the way!"
Ashley moans as she rocks forward quickly on John Morrison's cock as he sucks
on her large tits. Ashley soon begins to feel her rounded, tanned ass
smoothly smacking back against The Miz's toned waist as he drives his cock
into her ass.

"Mmmmm!" Morrison moans as he sucks on Ashley's large tits while he thrusts
his cock upward into her pussy as she rides him. The Miz places his hands on
Ashley's hips as he pumps his cock quickly in and out of Ashley's asshole.

Ashley roughly slams down on John Morrison's fourteen inch cock as she rocks
back on his shaft to match the firm thrusts of The Miz. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck
bangin the shit out of me!" Ashley moans as she starts to sweat.

"Ohhhh yeah... ohhh shit!" The Miz moans as he drives his cock all the way
into Ashley's ass so that his balls bang against her ass. Morrison smacks his
tongue against Ashley's tits while he rocks on his seat to drive his cock
sharply into her cunt.

Ashley grits her teeth as rams back roughly against The Miz's cock, thrusting
into her ass, as she sharply grinds on Morrison's cock inside of her pussy,
causing her to cum.

"Mmmm shit... ohh yeah.." Morrison moans as he lifts his head away from
Ashley's tits as she cums on his cock. The Miz licks his lips as he pulls his
cock out of Ashley's tight asshole.

Ashley presses her lips together and glances back at The Miz as she continue
to smoothly rock back and forth on John Morrison's cock "'s
this for the Dirt Sheet?"

"This is how great it is... to be winners..." John Morrison smirks as he
starts to lift Ashley off of his fourteen inch cock. Ashley licks her pierced
lips as John Morrison sets her down on the floor as he and The Miz surround
the sweaty Dirty Diva and they begins to stroke their throbbing cocks.

The Miz licks his lips and strokes his cock, "Ohhh fuck... she's one dirty
chick..." Miz says as he starts to cum, spraying his load down onto Ashley's
large juicy tits.

Ashley tilts her head back slightly as The Miz's cock erupts with cun as his
cum shoots down onto her large, tanned tits. "Ohhhh shit..." Ashley moans.

"Nice Miz... but I prefer to aim a lot higher..." Morrison says as he strokes
his cock, Once Miz is done cumming, Morrison moves to where he's standing
right in front of her before his cock begins to erupt with cum that he sprays
down onto Ashley's beautiful face.

Ashley Massaro licks her lips as the warm, thick cum of John Morrison drips
down her sweat dripping face. "Mmm fuck! Now that was dirty!" Ashley says
with a laugh.

The Miz turns a bit, "Well that's it for the Dirt Sheet... remember there are
winners..." Miz says as he motions towards himself, Morrison and Ashley.

Morrison looks towards the camera and smirks, "And there are losers... we are
the WWE Tag Team Champions... and she," Morrison points at Ashley, "Is the
Dirty Diva... be jealous."


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