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Bangin' With Ashley
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Bangin' with Ashley
By Ashley Massaro

December 28, 2006

Hey Punks!

Well, it's been a while since I've wrote, but I'm back in full effect.
Never fear the 'Dirty Diva' is back! I can't believe how crazy shit has
been lately! I've been like super busy with traveling on the road with the
SmackDown Brand to working on a few other side projects. I'm so totally
stoked about my Playboy photo shoot! It's going to rock, totally! I have a
few suprises in there for all you guys, but you'll have wait. I believe it
comes out around WrestleMania time, Hopefully, it's a good issue…I really
wanted to have the photoshoot to a huge dose of "Ashley". By the way, I
need to mention that I'm having a total blast working with Paul and Brian,
my best buds! They're so amazing!

The other day I got a chance to talk with SmackDown Diva Jillian Hall and
ECW Diva Kelly Kelly about their music picks and what they like to listen to
while traveling. But that will come later, cause I got a huge story to you
all about! Completely amazing!

So, last week I was at this autograph signing with the WWE Champion, John
Cena, who by the way is a fricking stud! Anyway, haha, the crowd there was
absolutely amazing. I was so stoked to do the signing with John and get to
meet all the great fans. So after the signing, John asked me if I wanted to
have a bite to eat. I said yes, cause I was starving! So John and I went to
this local Chinese restaurant and had a little lunch, he paid which was so
sweet of him…but hold on boys and girls, this is where the good stuff starts:

* * *

At a local Chinese restaurant in New York City, John Cena, dressed in black
jeans, a white t-shirt and a brown jacket, is walking to the exit of the
restaurant with Ashley Massaro. "Man…. Now that was some good food…." John
says with a smile as he pushes the door open and holds it open for Ashley so
that she can step out of the restaurant first.

Ashley Massaro smiles and nods her head "Yeah it totally was!" Ashley says
with a laugh as she exits the Chinese restaurant, dressed in a pair of
black-relaxed pants, a white t-shirt and a black jacket. Ashley glances at
John as he steps away from the door and begins to walk with her in the
parking lot towards John's rental car "Umm...thanks for inviting me...and
paying.." Ashley says with a soft smile.

John Cena smiles back at Ashley, "It was nothing, forget about it...." John
says as he reaches into his jacket pocket to take out his car keys, "As long
as you got a good meal... and aren't starving... it's all good...." John adds
with a smile.

Ashley laughs "It was totally awesome! Man...I was starving back there at the
autograph signing..." Ashley says as she opens the passenger side door of
John Cena's rental car and opens it before she gets inside of the car.

John Cena walks around the car to the driver's side door and opens it so that
he can get inside of the vehicle, "I noticed that...." John says with a bit
of a laugh, "But what happened did you skip lunch or something?" John asks as
he closes the driver's side door and puts the key into the ignition.

"Yeah" Ashley laughs "I wasn't really hungry at the time..." Ashley replies
as she slightly scrunches her nose up "I guess I should have ate lunch after
all..." Ashley says with another laugh before she feels a vibration from her
cell phone and she glances down at it, as she sees who's calling her and
sighs "No thank you..." Ashley says to herself out loud as she turns off her
cell phone completely.

"No thank you?" John asks as he starts the car, and he lets the car's engine
warm up a bit before he starts to drive. He glances over at Ashley as she
puts her cell phone away, "Someone you don't want to talk too?" John asks.

Ashley glances over at John and shrugs her shoulders "I guess you could say
that..." Ashley says with a soft laugh "Ex-boyfriends are such a pain...
aren't they?" Ashley pauses and then laughs again "Although I doubt you know
anything about having an ex-boyfriend..." Ashley says with a cute smile.

John laughs a bit as he drives the rental car down the street, "Yeah, you're
right about that.... but I've been an ex-boyfriend a few times...." John
replies as he again looks at Ashley, "So... what's up with him?" John asks
as he makes the car make a right turn.

Ashley sighs and shakes her head " knew about me and Matt, right?"
Ashley asks as she slightly turns in the passenger seat to face John Cena as
he drives.

John nods his head, "Yeah.... you guys were together for awhile... and then
you both split up...." John answers as he keeps his eyes on the road.

"Yeah..." Ashley sighs and looks down a bit "But...I guess he wasn't
completely over Amy yet..." Ashley presses her lips together and shakes her
head "What the fuck was I suppose to do, just sit there and wait until he
was ready?" Ashley asks out loud to John.

John shakes his head, "No, of course not..." John answers as he listens to
Ashley Massaro, "So... what is Matt doing? Trying to get back with you or
something?" John asks as he continues to drive.

"He probably just wants a booty-call..." Ashley sighs and laughs at the same

John stops the car as it approaches a red light, and he looks at Ashley,
"Can't say I'd blame him if that's the case..." John laughs a bit as he
shrugs his shoulders, "But what is he doing? Is he calling you all the
time or what?" John asks.

Ashley smirks a bit "You think I'm hot?" Ashley asks with a laugh as she
doesn't answer John's question, but more answers his reply.

John nods his head, "Yeah... totally...." John answers Ashley's question as
he forgets about his own question. "You are a total hottie...." John adds as
he resumes driving the car when the light turns green.

Ashley blushes a bit and smiles "You really think so?" Ashley asks with a

John nods his head again and smiles, "Yeah I do.... you are a major league
hot babe...." John replies.

Ashley raises an eyebrow "I bet I'm not your type of girl...I mean...come on
you're total stud..." Ashley pauses and shrugs her shoulders "And...I'm just

"Just Ashley?" John raises an eyebrow, "Now come on.... you're a Diva Search
Winner.... one of the hottest women on television...." John says as he
reminds Ashley that she is a WWE Diva, "As far as my type goes.... I like
blondes a lot...." John says with a smile.

"Yeah,'re just saying that..." Ashley says with a laugh as John
comes to another red light and stops the car "I bet you wouldn't bang me...
even if I dared you to..." Ashley says with a smile as she jokes around with
the WWE Champion.

John glances at Ashley, "Trust me.... you wouldn't have to dare me to bang
ya.... I'd do it just to get 'StarStrucked'" John replies as he smiles at
Ashley, "What's got you thinking that I wouldn't?" John then asks.

Ashley shrugs "I just don't think you would..." Ashley replies with a smile.

John Cena, the studdly WWE Champion, raises his right eyebrow a bit,
"Ashley.... I'd bang you any time, any where.... trust me... you're that

Ashley raises an eyebrow and smirks "Oh really?" Ashley asks with a laugh as
she presses her lips together and nods her head, before she glances over her
shoulder to look in the back portion of the rental car, as if she's examining
the back portion of the rented white SUV. "Ok...Mr. All-talk...I dare you to
pull over..."

John raises an eyebrow as he starts to drive when the light turns green,
"Pull over?" John asks as he seems a bit confused, "Whatcha mean pull over?"
John asks.

Ashley laughs "I wanna see if you're all talk and no action..." Ashley says
with a playful smile "You said anywhere, any time"

John Cena nods his head, "That I did....." John says as he looks down the
road to find a place to park, "Well just need a place to park...." John says
as he spots a dimly lit parking lot for one of the many shopping centers in
New York. "This should do... right?" John asks Ashley as he pulls the vehicle
he's driving into the parking lot.

Ashley shrugs her shoulders "It appears so, bud" Ashley says with a smile as
she unbuckles her seat belt and starts to climb into the back of the rental
SUV before John has a chance to drive the rental SUV into a parking spot and
turn off the vehicle.

John unbuckles his seat belt and takes the keys out of the ignition and
places them on the dashboard. "Someone's really excited...." John says with
a bit of a laugh as he climbs into the back of the rental SUV after Ashley
got herself back there. As John gets himself into the back half of the SUV,
he slips off his brown jacket and tosses it into the front seat.

Ashley smirks as she glances at John as he joins her in open-spaced back off
the rental SUV "Damn you're a total stud!" Ashley says with a laugh as she
removes her own black jacket as well before she sits back in the open space
and gets herself comfortable, before John sits down next to her and he
removes his white t-shirt to reveal his smoothly, muscular upper body. Ashley
raises an eyebrow "...And someone's in a hurry."

John Cena smiles a bit, "Well I did say you were a total hottie... and that
I'd bang ya any time, any where...." John replies as he tosses his white
t-shirt towards the front of the SUV. Ashley smirks as she presses her lips
together and scoots a bit closer to John Cena before she leans down slightly
while on her knees in the back of the SUV and begins to unbuckle the belt
around John's black jeans.

"Thanks for the assist...." John says as Ashley unbuckles his belt and pulls
it through the loops of his black jeans. The WWE Champion reaches over and
takes hold of Ashley's white t-shirt and he starts to lift it up, and Ashley
raises her arms up so that John can remove her t-shirt from her body.

Ashley smiles as John removes her white t-shirt to reveal her large, rounded
hot black bra-covered tits underneath before John tosses her t-shirt up to
the front of the SUV. Ashley laughs a little as she sets John's belt to the
side before she starts to unzip and unbutton his jeans as John reaches to
unclip her black bra.

John licks his lips as he successfully releases the clasp of Ashley's black
bra and he peels it from Ashley's body to uncover her hot, large, round and
firm tits. "Whew.... damn!" John says as he looks at Ashley's tits before he
drops her bra down next to where Ashley set his belt. John then lifts himself
up a bit and he pushes his black jean down from his waist after Ashley unzips
and unbuttons his jeans to reveal the white boxer shorts he's wearing
underneath them.

Ashley raises an eyebrow as she glances at John "Damn right..." Ashley laughs
as she places her hands against John's white boxer shorts before she starts
to lowers them down from his waist.

John kicks off his black jeans as Ashley lowers his white boxer shorts, and
as she tugs them downward, John's large, thick thirteen inch cock is slowly
freed and is already starting to harden. "Mmm.... this is going to be
fun...." John says as Ashley gets his boxers down near his feet so that John
can kick them off.

Ashley licks her lips "Mmmhmmm..." Ashley says with a playful wink before she
tosses her soft blond hair back and leans her head down to John's cock as she
reaches forward with her smooth, gentle hands and wraps them around his shaft
as she starts to gently stroke his cock before she places her soft tongue
against the head of his cock to gently lap her wet tongue around the large
head of his hard cock.

John places his hands behind him on the smooth surface of the back of the
rental SUV and leans back slightly as Ashley moves her hands up and down on
his hardening cock as she swirls her tongue slowly around the large head of
his cock, "Ahhhh.... ohhh damn...." John moans as he closes his eyes and
tilts his head back.

Ashley laughs a little as she hears John moan while she gently pats her soft,
wet tongue against the head of his hard, thick cock as she coats the head of
his cock with her warm, wet mouth. The 2005 Diva Search Winner opens her
warm, wet mouth and lowers her blond haired head on his cock, gently placing
her lips around his shaft, before she starts to smoothly bob her head on
John's cock as she starts to gently and slowly suck on his cock.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh yeah...." John moans as he licks his lips and move his hips
in order to push his cock upward into Ashley's warm, wet mouth as she bobs
her head on his shaft. "Mmmm damn...." John moans as he opens his eyes and
looks at the 'Dirty Diva' as her hair sways a bit as she bobs her head a
little bit quicker.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Ashley softly moans against John Cena's hard cock as she
easily and smoothly bobs her head at a quicker pace while her soft lips rub
up and down against John's shaft as starts to suck his cock at a quicker
rate, as she takes his cock deeper into her mouth. Ashley feels John reach
forward at her black-relaxed pants and starts to casually push them down
from her hips a bit while she sucks on his hard, thick cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh fuck yea...." John moans as he feels more and more of his
meaty cock passing in-between Ashley's soft lips as she goes down further on
his shaft. John leans his body over a bit and he's able to push down Ashley's
black-relaxed pants a bit easier which exposes Ashley's smooth, hot ass and
the black thong she's wearing. Ashley slightly lifts her eyes up and locks
them for a moment with John's eyes as she softly slaps her wet tongue against
the underbelly of his shaft before she quickly lowers her head entirely on
John's hard cock, with in an instant, deepthroating his cock for a few
moments before lifting her head up slightly from his cock and focuses on
bobbing her blond-haired head on the large head of John's cock.

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhh yeah...." John Cena moans as Ashley continues to bob her
head non-stop on his cock after she deep throated his shaft. The WWE Champion
then almost leans completely over and he tugs down Ashley's black thong, and
he follows that by sliding two fingers from his left hand into Ashley's tight
asshole, which slightly catches the 'Dirty Diva' by surprise.

"Mmmm....shit..." Ashley moans before she lifts her head up from John's cock
and smirks at John "Dam bud...pretty kinky..." Ashley laughs as her blond
hair hangs against her gorgeous face.

John licks his lips and grins, "Thanks.... you got such a great ass.... had
to do a little something to it..." John says as he casually pumps the two
fingers from his left hand in and out of Ashley's tight asshole. John then
adjusts his position slightly in order to reach under Ashley and he brushes
the fingers of his right hand against her smooth, hot pussy.

Ashley bites down on her bottom lip as she slightly smirks " are a
total stud!" Ashley laughs as she leans forward and softly kisses John's lips
as he brushes his right hand against her pussy. While kissing John, Ashley
moves towards him more, causing his two fingers from his left hand to slip
out of her hot, tight asshole before she straddles herself on top of John's
lap as he leans against the side of the back of the SUV and she gently sits
down on his cock. "Ohhhhhhh...." Ashley softly moans into John's mouth while
she kisses him as she lowers herself completely down on his cock, taking him
into her warm and tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm fuck...." John Cena moans into Ashley's mouth and he slides his
tongue into her mouth. The WWE Champion taps his tongue against Ashley's as
he places his hands on Ashley's smooth, sexy hips as she starts to rock back
and forth on his rock hard cock. As Ashley gradually gains momentum, John
reaches behind Ashley with his hands and places them on her ass cheeks, and
he squeezes both of them firmly.

"Mmmmm...fucking right..." Ashley laughs as she breaks the kiss and places
her soft, smooth hands against John's smooth, muscular chest as she starts to
smoothly rock her hot, gorgeous body back and forth on John Cena's cock as
she gently grinds her pussy against his hard cock.

John Cena licks his lips and he starts to lift his hips in order to thrust
his stiff thick cock upward into Ashley's warm tight pussy. "Ahhh.... fuck
you're hot...." John Cena groans as he squeezes Ashley's ass cheeks with his
hands before moving his hands back to her waist.

" are too, stud..." Ashley says with a laugh and a wink as
she tilts her head back slightly and starts to rock back and forth on John's
cock at a quicker rate. Ashley begins to smoothly bounce up and down on his
cock as well as John Cena thrusts his cock up into her tight, warm pussy.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh fuck yea...." John groans as Ashley rises and falls on his
large, fat stiff cock as he pushes it upward into her pussy. The three-time
WWE Champion slides his hands upward on Ashley's body and he places them on
Ashley's tits. John then places each of his thumbs and forefingers on
Ashley's hard nipples and he pinches them both every time Ashley's body goes
down on his dick.

Ashley gently grits her teeth together as she starts to slam down harder on
John's cock, forcing his cock to thrust deeper into her tight, warm pussy
"Awww fuck!" Ashley shouts as she tosses her blond hair back as she places
her soft, gentle hands on top of John's strong shoulders as she easily and
smoothly rocks back and forth on John's cock at a quicker pace.

John licks his lips as Ashley continues to briskly and smoothly rock back and
forth on his cock. "Ahhhh fuck Ashley..." John groans as he places his hands
back onto Ashley's waist and he then rolls over on the floor of the rental
SUV so that now he's on top of 2005 Diva Search Winner. John waits for Ashley
to adjust to being underneath him and when she wraps her smooth legs around
his waist, John begins to pump his cock slowly in and out of Ashley's pussy.

Ashley closes her eyes and tilts her head back against the floor of the
rental SUV as John begins to pump his cock in and out of her tight, warm
pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck John!" Ashley moans as she gently grinds her
pussy against his cock as he thrusts into her pussy.

John licks his lips as he places his hands on Ashley's thighs as he steadily
thrusts his cock into Ashley's pussy. Slowly, John Cena begins to pick up the
pace and he soon settles on using long but swift thrusts to drive his cock
deeper into Ashley's pussy. "Ahhh.... uhhhh fuck.... told... ya.... I'd bang
you... any where...." John says with moan before lowering his head slightly
to flick his tongue against Ashley's nipples.

"Mmmm...and you were fucking right!" Ashley groans as she gently wraps her
arms around John's neck as he flicks his tongue against Ashley's hard, erect
nipples while he thrusts his cock deeply into Ashley's pussy causing her hot,
slightly sweating body to rock against the floor of the SUV.

Drops of sweat fall from John's body as he pumps his cock harder into
Ashley's pussy. "Mmmmm fuck.... ahhh damn..." John lifts his head up from
Ashley's tits and places his strong hands on Ashley's small shoulders as he
drives his cock faster and harder into her pussy.

Ashley grits her teeth together as she arches her back slightly, forcing John
to thrust his cock into Ashley's tight pussy at more of angle causing his
thrusts to be more firmer and solid "Ohhhhh fuck like bangin' with
Ashley?" Ashley asks with a moan and a laugh as she continues to rock back
and forth against John's muscular body.

"Ohhhh yeah.... totally...." John grunts as he firmly pounds Ashley's pussy
with his rock hard thick cock. John tilts his head back slightly and grits
his teeth a bit, "Ahh.... ohhh damn Ashley.... I love bangin' with ya...."
John says as he moves his hands once more and positions them underneath
Ashley's ass. The WWE Champion then pinches both of Ashley's ass cheeks,
which gets her to completely press her pussy up against his cock.

"Ohhhhh shit...and I love bangin' the Champ!" Ashley moans as she thrusts her
pelvis against John's smooth, muscular waist forcing her pussy to roughly
grind against John's hard, thick cock. Ashley bites down on her bottom lip as
light sweat drips down her gorgeous face.

John Cena likes his lips as Ashley thrusts her body against his as he keeps
thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh fuck Ashley.... I
gotta keep bangin' ya...." John Cena grunts as he leans himself up a bit and
he reaches for Ashley's legs in order to unwrap them from his waist. The WWE
Champion then pulls his thick, hard cock out of Ashley's pussy and grins,
"You mind... turning over?" John asks as sweat drips from his hot, muscular

Ashley raises an eyebrow and smirks up at John Cena "I suppose I could..."
Ashley laughs with a wink as she sits up on the floor of the rented SUV
before she turns around on her knees, with her smooth back facing John, and
she lowers herself on her hands as well.

John grins a bit, "And I suppose... I could do this...." John says as he
places his hands on Ashley's ass cheeks and he spread them apart. John then
lowers his head down and presses his tongue against Ashley's asshole. The
WWE Champion swirls his tongue against Ashley's asshole and he uses his warm
saliva to slightly wetten Ashley's ass as he instantly gives the 'Dirty Diva'
a clean indication of what he has in mind for her.

Ashley smirks and glances over her shoulder "Fuck you're a kinky stud..."

John slowly lifts his head up from Ashley's now 'prepared' ass and he grins,
"Had a feeling you'd like something like that...." John says grips his cock
with his left hand and he slides it up and down Ashley's ass crack before
pushes the large head of his dick into her tight, saliva-coated asshole.
John firmly places his hands on Ashley's hips and he slowly, but firmly
pushes his entire shaft into her ass.

Ashley grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she feels John's thick, hard
cock enter her tight asshole as she gently pushes back against his cock
"Ohhhh yeah....fuck!" John pauses for a long moment as he let's Ashley get
use to the feeling of his massive cock being inside of her tight asshole.
John then pushes the rest of his cock into Ashley's ass before he begins
to pump his cock in and out at a slowly pace, and he gradually starts to
build up his pace. "Ohhhh fuck!" Ashley moans as she gently pushes her hot
rounded ass back against John's waist as she takes his entire cock into her
tight, hot asshole. Ashley tosses her slightly sweat-dampened hair back as
she starts to rock back and forth following John's thrusts.

John licks his lips as he thrusts his cock quicker and harder into Ashley's
tight hot ass, "Ahhh.... ohhh damn.... ahhh... yea...." John grunts as he
slides his right hand from Ashley's hips so that it's once again underneath
'The Dirty Diva'. As the WWE Champion continues his solid work on Ashley's
ass, he slides two fingers ton Ashley's wet warm pussy, and he does a
one-man-double-team on Ashley. He thrusts his two fingers in and out slowly
as he bangs her ass harder with every thrust he gives her.

Ashley grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck yeah...nothing better then bangin' with
the Champ!" Ashley moans loudly as she slams back hard against John's cock
as he fucks her ass, while fingering her wet pussy.

John grits his teeth together as he continues to ram his dick into her ass
while working over her hot pussy with his fingers, "Ahhh.... ohhh.... nothin'
is better.... than bangin' with Ashley...." John moans as he buries his cock
completely into Ashley's asshole. He leans his head back and groans as he
starts to cum, "Ahhhh.... ohhhh fucking... hell...." John groans as he shoots
his warm spunk deep into Ashley's asshole as he keeps moving his fingers in
and out of her pussy.

Ashley closes her eyes "Awww shit!" Ashley moans as she feels John's warm,
sticky cum drip into her tight asshole

John licks his lips as he finishes cumming inside of Ashley's tight asshole,
and he pulls his cum-spent cock out of her asshole, "Ahhh shit Ashley..."
John says as he keeps moving the two fingers from his right hand in and out
of Ashley's pussy. The WWE Champion then pushes two fingers from his left
hand into Ashley's cum-filled asshole and he pumps them in and out as he
finger fucks Ashley's pussy.

Ashley grits her teeth "Ohhhh yeah...fuck!" Ashley shouts as she starts to
cum on John's fingers.

John licks his lips a bit as he feels Ashley's warm cum on the fingers of his
right hand, and he then pulls them out of her pussy, followed by the pair of
fingers from his left hand out of her asshole. "Whew.... damn.... that was
fun...." John says with a grin as he playfully slides his cum covered fingers
over Ashley's smooth sweat covered ass cheeks.

Ashley smirks and glances back "Hey a question..." Ashley asks
with a nod of her head.

"Shoot....' John says as he smiles at the hot, blond-haired 'Dirty Diva'.

Ashley laughs "You mind...if I talk about this in my blog on WWE's website?"
Ashley asks with a smirk.

John Cena shrugs, "Nope... I don't mind...." John says with a smile, "And if
you do.... I hope I get to be... in another blog entry...." John adds with a

Ashley laughs "Fucking right! Cause there's nothing better than bangin' with
the Champ and Ashley!"

* * *

In the next Bangin', get ready for an interview with Gregory Helms, a report
on another show I'll be attending next week and another one of your favorite
Superstar's musical preferences. Until then, keep rockin'.

Dirty Diva

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