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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Bangin' With Ashley II: Punked!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Behind the scenes of a WWE autograph signing, ECW Champion CM Punk is
rotating his wrists after signing pictures for countless fans for a few
hours. Dressed in jeans and a black Straightedge Superstar t-shirt, Punk
looks over his shoulder at the door when it is opened by Ashley Massaro,
"You finished your signing Ashley?" Punk says with a smile.

The smoking hot Dirty Diva, Ashley Massaro, presses her lips together and
nods her short-cut blond and pink highlighted hair "Yep! Got that right,
Punk!" Ashley asks with a laugh as she yawns for a moment "Damn those fans
wear me out...but I love 'em..." Ashley says as she walks over and sits
down on the couch that is located in the room set up for the Superstars to
relax before and after their turn at the autograph session "How'd your
session go?" Ashley as she as she looks at CM Punk with her smoking hot,
beautiful eyes. Ashley Massaro is dressed in a pair of loose-fitting black
pants and a black top.

CM Punk smiles, "It went great as always... this is one of the great perks of
being in the WWE... no where else are there fans as great as ours..." Punk
says as he continues to rotate his wrists, "But there's got to be an easier
way to sign all those pictures, t-shirts, DVDs...." Punk laughs.

Ashley laughs and slides her left hand through her short-cut blond and pink
highlighted hair "Oh you'll get used to in...eventually..." Ashley says with
a laugh as she presses her lips together again "So...who were you near for
the session?" Ashley asks as she sits back on the leather couch "I got stuck
next to Batista..." Ashley rolls her eyes "God he's such an ass to the
fans...and then he kept trying to give him his hotel room number..." Ashley
shakes her head "I might like to get down and dirty...but I still have
standards..." Ashley Massaro asks with a laugh.

CM Punk laughs a bit, "Thank goodness you have high standards then...." Punk
says with a smirk, "And to answer your question... my next session is in two
weeks with Rey and Torrie...."

"Oh that's fuckin' awesome! I love Rey...he's such a sweet guy...and fuckin'
hunk too!" Ashley says with a laugh, as she looks at CM Punk for a moment
"Come here..." Ashley pats the spot next to her on the couch "Kick back and
relax, Punk!"

"All right..." Punk says with a laugh as he walks over to the couch and sits
down next to the blond, pink highlighted-haired Dirt Diva. "I almost forgot
to say... I love the new look you got.... real punk-ish..."

Ashley smirks as she glances at CM Punk "Hey...I love a little punk in my

"Only a little punk?" CM Punk asks with a raised eyebrow, "I kind of think
everyone needs a little punk in their lives... but I figured you to have a
lot of punk in ya..."

Ashley raises an eyebrow as she seductively glances down at the crotch of
CM Punk's jeans "Well...I wouldn't know about a lot...although I could ask
Maria..." Ashley presses her lips together "You two were an item, weren't

"Yeah we were.. " Punk nods his head, "We broke things off because she's on
RAW's touring schedule... and I'm on the ECW and SmackDown touring schedule,
kinda made it impossible to keep things steady..."

Ashley licks her lips as she locks her smoking hot eyes with CM Punk "
there a lot of Punk?" Ashley asks with a smirk as she moves a bit closer on
the couch to Punk.

CM Punk has to think for a moment to catch what Ashley meant and he licks his
lips, "You could say that..." Punk nods his head as Ashley moves even closer
towards him. Ashley smirks as she places her left hand against CM Punk's
crotch, lightly rubbing his crotch with her hand before she starts to unzip
and unbutton his jeans. Ashley Massaro pauses for a moment and lifts her
black top off of her smoking hot, tanned body to expose her large and nicely
rounded tits.

"Fuck..." Punk says in a whisper as he looks at Ashley's large, round and
firm tits. The Straightedge ECW Champion licks his lips before he takes off
his t-shirt, to reveal his hot toned, tanned and tattooed upper body.

"Nice..." Ashley smiles before she leans closer and places her hands on
the waist of CM Punk's jeans as she starts to push them down, along with
his black boxers. Punk lifts himself a bit off the couch to allow Ashley
an easier time in pushing down his jeans and black boxers, which frees
his extremely thick, hardening fourteen inch cock. Ashley nods her head,
impressed with the size of CM Punk's cock "Nice...real fuckin' nice..."
Ashley says with a laugh before the Dirty Diva lowers her head and gently
laps her wet tongue around the thick head of CM Punk's hard cock.

"Ahhh shit.... mmm... thanks..." Punk says in response to Ashley's complement
while moaning as she slides her soft, wet tongue around the large head of his
cock as it becomes fully hard and erect.

"Mmmmm..." Ashley softly moans before she slaps her soft, wet tongue against
CM Punk's piss-slit. The Dirty Diva circles her wet tongue around the thick
head of his cock once again before she lowers her head and opens her hot
mouth to take in CM Punk's cock. Ashley wraps her lips tightly around Punk's
fourteen inch shaft and starts to smoothly bob her head, sucking at a teasing
slow pace.

"Ahhhh.... ohhhh shit.... fuck!" CM Punk moans as he puts a a hand on the
back of Ashley's head as she lifts and lowers her mouth slowly on his huge
fat cock. Punk licks his lips and leans his head back against the couch he's
sitting on.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Ashley Massaro seductively moans around CM Punk's cock
as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace while her soft lips rub
erotically against Punk's shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck.... ohhh god shit.... fuck!" CM Punk moans as closes his eyes
for a moment as Ashley speeds up her pace. Punk opens his and looks down at
Ashley as her blond, pink highlighted hair flies a bit as she sucks his huge

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Ashley moans louder around CM Punk's cock as she starts to
bob her head at a sudden quick pace as her short-cute blond and pink
highlighted haired head moves eagerly on his shaft. The Dirty Diva closes
her eyes as she starts to impressively deep throat his fourteen inch cock.

"Awww.... ohhhh damn shit... thought only Maria could do that... awww fuck!"
Punk moans as the Dirty Diva holds her head all the way down on his meaty
cock with incredible ease.

Ashley slowly lifts her head off of CM Punk's cock as her wet saliva drips
down his shaft. Ashley smirks and locks her eyes with CM Punk "How's the
blowjob for ya, Punk?"

"Shit... that was fucking bangin'...." CM Punk says with a smirk, "We should
get those pants off of you..." The Straightedge ECW Champion says before he
leans over to unbutton Ashley's pants to start pushing them down from her
gorgeous waist. Ashley tosses her short-cut blond hair back and smirks as
she watches CM Punk quickly lowers her black pants to expose her hot black
panties, which Ashley then lowers eagerly. Punk licks his lips as Ashley
kicks off her hot black panties and spreads her legs to reveal her hot shaved
pussy. "Damn that looks fucking smooth..." Punk says as he turns Ashley on
the couch so that she's on her back. CM Punk kneels between her legs and
eagerly pushes his fourteen inch cock into the Dirty Diva's extremely tight

"Mmmm....ohhhhhh fuck!" Ashley groans and grits her teeth as CM Punk starts
to thrust himself into her warm tight pussy. "Ohhhh yeah...fuck that pussy!"
Ashley moans as she instantly starts to push and grind her pussy back against
his Straightedge cock.

"Ahhhh uhhh fuck... mmmm!" CM Punk moans as he puts his hands on Ashley's
hips as he thrusts hos large cock in and out of her tight warm pussy. Punk
rocks back and forth on his knees so that he can get more force behind each
of his thrusts.

"Ohhhh yeah fuck!" Ashley moans as she rocks back against CM Punk's firmly
thrusting cock "Ohhhhh yeah!" Ashley moans, wrapping her stunning legs around
his toned waist as she grinds her pussy against his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah!" Punk grunts as he increases the pace of his
firm thrusts. Punk moves his hands to Ashley's thighs as she forces herself
towards him as he rams his fourteen inch cock deep into her pussy. Ashley
Massaro locks her smoking hot eyes with CM Punk and seductively smirks as she
rocks forward against his fourteen inch Straightedge cock as her hot body
crashes forward against his toned body.

CM Punk licks his teeth as he manages to slide his hands underneath Ashley's
body when she arches it to gain more leverage. The Straightedge ECW Champion
then turns over on the couch so that he's underneath the smoking hot Dirty
Diva who's mounted on his huge dick. Ashley presses her lips together and
seductively arches her body as she places her hands on his toned, tattooed
chest while she quickly rocks back and forth on his cock as she impressively
moves her body on his cock.

"Ahhhhh... uhhh shit... mmmm yeah!" Punk moans as he reaches behind Ashley
to grab her ass while thrusting his fourteen inch cock upward into her pussy
while she rocks on him.

" love getting dirty, don't you Punk!?" Ashley moans and
laughs as she tosses her short-cut blond hair back as she firmly bounces on
his rock hard cock while she continues to grind her tanned body back and

"Ohhhh yeah... mmm shit... and you love getting totally extreme..." Punk
grunts as he looks up at Ashley as she moves her entire body back and forth
as she bounces up and down on his pistoning cock.

"Ohhhh you fuckin' bet I do!" Ashley moans as she closes her eyes and firmly
slams her body down on his entire shaft. Ashley's pussy tightens around his
cock and the Dirty Diva starts to cum, spraying her warm juices onto his

"Ohhhh fuck.... ahhh shit!" Punk moans as he feels Ashley's warm pussy juices
dripping down his cock as cums on his cock. Punk grits his teeth as Ashley's
pussy squeezes his cock tighter than he thought possible, and he begins to
shoot his warm thick spunk deep into her cunt.

Ashley closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she slowly rocks forward on CM
Punk's cum spraying cock "Ohhhh fuck..."

"Ahhh... ahhhh damn... ahhh shit...." CM Punk moans as he feels his cock
staying a bit hard as he starts to finish cumming. Punk closes his eyes and
licks his lips a bit as he rests underneath the smoking hot Dirty Diva.

Ashley moves her hands against CM Punk's slightly sweat covered chest and
smirks "Mmmm...damn you do have a lot of Punk.."

CM Punk opens his eyes and smirks, "I got a lot more...." Punk says before
asking, "You want my hotel room number?"

"Well...I don't know..." Ashley says with a smirk "How about I give you


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