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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 1: The Boss's Daughter
planned by Kristi
written by Dice (

A video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on. Static
dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

In a hotel room somewhere near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, D-Generation X
members, Billy Gunn, Triple H, Road Dogg and X-Pac are celebrating Triple
H's win over Vince McMahon with Vince's own daughter, and Hunter's wife,
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Everyone can be seen on the screen except
X-Pac who is holding a video camera and is taping the event. Champaign is
being drunk by the bottle as everyone guzzling the alcohol from their own

Hunter places a hand the back of Stephanie's head and has her tilt her head
back. Hunter lifts his bottle over her mouth and pours it down onto her face.
Stephanie opens her mouth in order to drink it, but the Champaign overflows
in her mouth, runs down her cheeks, neck and down onto her $500 white
sweater. Stephanie looks down at ruined sweater and the members of D-X back
away thinking she's going to be pissed. Stephanie then lets out a drunken
laugh and takes Billy's bottle and pours it over her chest, soaking her
sweater with the liquid. She waves a finger for Triple H to come closer to
her, which he does. Stephanie places a hand on the back of Hunter's neck and
pulls his head down onto his chest, smothering his face against her alcohol
soaked sweater. Hunter takes potions of the sweater into his mouth and sucks
the liquid out of it. Road Dogg invites himself over and works on sucking
the campaign out of the parts that Hunter isn't going to get too.

Once most of Stephanie's sweater is sucked dry of the Champaign, Stephanie
stands up, with her hands on her hips, with a small smirk on her face. She
cups her tits and moves them in several directions, much OT the delight of
the four men. She slowly moves her hands downward to the bottom of her
sweater and slowly lifts it up over her head and tosses it to Billy. Billy
wrenches it over a glass and succeeds to get some liquid out of it. Billy
then hands the glass to Stephanie who pours it over her bra and uses her
free hand to work the liquid into the material, making her bra almost
see-through. Stephanie smiles at the men and turns towards the camera and
slowly takes off her bra, and tosses it towards X-Pac who catches it. He
puts one of the cups into his mouth and sucks the moisture out if.

Stephanie looks behind her at Hunter who is sitting on a chair now. Stephanie
turns and approaches him. Hunter is about to stand up to embrace her, but
Stephanie places her hands on his black T-shirt covered chest and pushes him
back into the chair. Stephanie straddles him, takes his face into her hand
and kisses him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Hunter responds to the
invasion by snaking his tongue around her, as if trying to tie their oral
probes into a knot. Stephanie breaks the kiss, and grasps the collar of
Triple H's shirt, trying to rip it apart. After some effort, Stephanie
manages to tear the down the middle, exposing Triple H's muscular chest. She
moves off his legs and kisses his chest while running her hands over it as

The youngest McMahon child gets down onto her knees in-between his legs and
starts to unbuckle Hunter's belt. Once it's unbuckled, she purposely pulls it
from the loops and lays it next to her on the floor. Stephanie places a hand
on his crotch, and rubs his cock through his pants as she unbuttons then
unzips his pants. She sticks her left hand into his pants and fishes out his
cock. She strokes it slowly as she uses her other hand to tug down Hunter's
pants to where they are below his buttocks. Stephanie continues to stroke his
cock as she scoots a bit closer. She tilts her head to the right and aims
Hunter's cock upward and begins to lick his ballsac. She takes one of his
nuts into her mouth and sucks on it as if it was a gumball. Stephanie opens
her mouth wider and takes both balls into her mouth, inhaling them as hard as
she can, while continuing the masturbate her husband's penis.

Stephanie moves her mouth from Hunter's nutbag and sits up on her knees. She
places lowers the angle of Hunter's cock to where it's even with her mouth.
Stephanie places a soft kiss on the tip, and both sides of it, She then licks
up and down the shaft, starting on the right side then moving the left and
then back to the right again. When she licks upward on the final leg of her
path, she takes Hunter dick into her mouth. Stephanie bobs her head slowly,
turning her head to the left and to the right, savoring the taste of her
husband's rod. Stephanie closes her eyes and sucks a little bit harder, while
slowly picking up the pace. She adjusts her grip around the base of the cock
and now strokes it in sequence of her bobbing. After several minutes of this,
Stephanie lifts her head from his cock and circles her tongue around the head
while giving Hunter a big smile. She lets go of his dick and stands up, and
pats his face with one hand.

Stephanie is about to take off her leather pants, but Billy and Road Dogg
beat her two it, they both knell next to her and rip them down, catching the
boss's daughter by surprise. Stephanie notices that both men have stripped
completely naked and also notices that while Hunter has the biggest cock,
the New Age Outlaws were well endowed as well. Road Dogg lays on the bed as
Billy stands up and helps Stephanie mount his tag team partner's bone.
Stephanie takes control and lowers herself down slowly as Billy stands on
the bed next to them and kneels a bit. Stephanie sees his cock out the corner
of her eye and places one hand behind her, onto Road Dogg's arm for balance
as she takes hold of Billy's cock and starts jerking him off. As she begins
to ride The D-O-Double-G, she opens her mouth and pulls Billy's dick towards
it and starts sucking on his cock at a wild pace. Hunter and X-Pac can see
Stephanie's saliva flying as she tries to suck one man while riding the
other. Stephanie starts throwing her hips into fucking Road Dogg, rocking
them back and forth and side to side.

X-Pac hands the camera to Hunter at this point as he stripes off his clothes.
Pac joins to the Trio on the bed, positioning himself in front of Stephanie.
He holds his cock and rubs it against the top of Stephanie's pussy. Stephanie
obviously feels the one cock she hasn't pleasured yet rubbing against her,
and she stops sucking Billy's cock. She leans back further, giving Pac an
opening to insert his cock into her pussy along side Road Dogg. The two men
take a moment to work out a rhythm of how they are going to fuck her, but
Stephanie refuses to wait. She starts grinding against both men, practically
fucking them harder than they'll fuck her. She reaches up and grabs Billy by
the testicles and pull him closer to her mouth again. She opens her mouth as
wide as she can, giving Billy an idea of what she wants. He takes a hold of
her head and shoves his cock into her mouth, and fucks her throat, driving
his hot rod into her oral garage repeatedly.

Hunter takes a bit of an exception in seeing his friends treat his wife like
a slut before he does. He approaches them and shoves the camera back into
Pac's hand and tells him and the Outlaws to jerk off and watch. The three
other men move away from Stephanie, disappointed in the new development, and
Stephanie gets a sour look on her face. Hunter smirks at her just before her
grabs her and slips her over. He puts a hand on the back of her head and
holds it down on the mattress as he guides his cock into her pussy. He slides
it in completely then pulls out and shoves it into her ass. He does one
stroke there and then goes back to her pussy. Stephanie squeals in delight as
her Hunter fucks both her ass and pussy so fluidly. For the next several
moments, the patter is Ass, Pussy, Ass, Pussy, Ass, Pussy. Stephanie is on
cloud nine, never experiencing such unique way of fucking before.

Pac, Billy & Road Dogg all tell Hunter they are going to cum shortly, giving
their leader time to pull Stephanie's head up from the mattress. Stephanie
already has her mouth open, and her tongue is handing out like a dog's on a
hot summer day. The sight of the billion dollar princess to the McMahon
fortune like that is enough to make all three men blow their loads over her
face, but they all try and aim for her mouth. While the success of that is
small, they did succeed in giving her face a white paint job. Stephanie's
body suddenly begins to shake a bit as she has a screaming orgasm as Hunter
drills his cock completely into her ass as hard as he can. Stephanie starts
to beg for no more as she feels her body start to tire, but Hunter isn't
quite finished yet.

With his cock still in her ass, Hunter grabs her by the thighs and turns her
over. He presses her legs against her chest, her feet handing to the sides of
his head. Hunter relentlessly pounds her bubblelious behind for a long time,
before he feels himself about to climax. He pulls out of her back door,
strokes his cock for several moments and shoots his hot and heavy load on her
legs. Stephanie looks up at him, with stary eyes...

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is
going to be on the next on.

Next in the Series: Holiday Fun With Tori

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