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The idea for this series was thought up by my good friend and writing
partner, Kristi.

Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 2: Holiday Fun With Tori
by Dice (

The second video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

It's December 25th, 1999, and in a cabin up in the Rockies, Tori is sitting
on a couch, arms crossed, eyes locked on X-Pac. A few days prior, X-Pac
defeated Tori's love interest Kane in a match with the stipulation that if
he won, Tori will spend the holidays with him. So Far, nothing has gone the
way X-Pac has planned, as Tori resisted doing anything with him. But X-Pac
has come up with a way to break Tori's resistance. X-Pac looks at his watch
and then at her and smirks, "I hope you're ready baby..." X-Pac can't finish
his sentence as Tori spits at him.

"Fuck you ... when I tell Kane, you're a dead man!" Tori sneers at him, and
X-Pac laughs.

"Trust me, you're not going to be telling Kane anything..." At that moment
there's a knock on the cabin door. X-Pac goes over and opens it. He gets a
big smile on his face. "Billy, Jesse, I'm glad you two could make it."

Tori's eyes go wide as she sees the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Billy
Gunn and Jesse James enter the cabin. Both men give her a glance and get
shit-eating grins on their faces.

"No problem, 'Pac ... we weren't doing anyone today anyhow." Billy laughs at
his own joke.

"Yeah ... and we want a shot at this vixen too." Jesse adds with a smirk as
both men enter the cabin, X-Pac closes and locks door. Pac, Billy and Jesse
start to approach Tori, who jumps up from the couch and looks for a way to
escape. Just when Tori sees an opening, Billy and Jesse grab her arms.

"Let me go you punks!" Tori says as she kicks her legs wildly in the air as
X-Pac comes closer. X-Pac grabs her legs and the three men carry her back to
the couch and sit her down on it. Billy and Jesse sit on both sides of her
and rip off her silver top. Tori tries to cover he exposed chest but both men
hold her arms to straight out, as X-Pac takes off his shorts and tank-top. He
stands on the couch and positions his cock at her mouth.

"Suck it bitch." He says as he pushes his cock against her lips. Jesse puts a
hand behind her head and pushes her cranium forward so that she has to take
X-Pac's prick into her mouth. Jesse places a hand under her jaw and forces
her mouth into an O shape allowing his friend to slide it in and out of her
oral cavity easily. Tori tries to move her head away but it's held in place
by all three men. Jesse starts rubbing Tori's well developed chest. Billy
slouches down on the couch and licks the side of her right breast. When Jesse
moves his hand away, Billy cups Tori's breast and swirls his tongue around
the nipple.

"Mmmmmm..." Tori starts to moan around the cock of X-Pac as Jesse lets go of
her left arm. He places a hand on her crotch and starts rubbing her pussy
through her red skin tight pants. Tori grinds her hips a bit to press her
crotch area harder against Jesse's hand.

Tori slightly begins to voluntarily suck X-Pac's cock, bobbing her head
forward each time he pulls his cock back out of her mouth, keeping the tip
inside. Billy stands up and starts to remove his boots and jeans. He sits
back down next to Tori, takes her hand and puts it on his cock. Tori fumbles
with it for a moment, before getting a good grip and starts to jerk him off.

X-Pac finally pulls his cock from her sultry mouth and hops off the couch. He
lifts her legs and starts to tug off her pants. Tori can feel the material of
her pants scrap against her legs. Jesse's hand, which was on the crotch area
of her pants, is now on her pussy. Tori is not a woman who wears underwear of
any kind, much to the delight of the degenerates. Jesse pushes his fingers
into her pussy, and fingers her tight twat at a wicked pace. Billy shakes his
head at him.

"Jess ... forget the soft shit ... let's fuck this slut good..."

X-Pac smirk, "I'm first... I'm the one that beat that shit out of the big red

"Not without help you didn't" Jesse adds as he starts to undo his jeans.

"Who gives a flying fuck?" Billy asks as Tori gets tired of the arguing.
She's already incredibly horny being surrounded by these three studs, not to
mention the added excitement of being forced to suck X-Pac cock is driving
her insane with lust. The three men continue to argue, until they play rock
paper scissors to deiced who goes first. X-Pac wins, but Billy places a hand
on his shoulder,

"Hey I want in on this..." Billy says as he then lays on the floor. Tori sees
how Billy is and gets on top of him so they are in a 69 position. She takes
his cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her head quickly. X-Pac gets
behind her and slides his cock into her pussy. He start fucking her at hard
brisk pace as Billy places his hands on Tori's ass, squeezing and pinching
her asscheeks.

Tori is voluntarily pushing back against Pac's cock while slobbering all over
Billy's prick. Jesse kneels in front of her head and taps her skull with his
dick. Tori looks up and grabs Jesse's cock and pumps it hard before spitting
on it. She works her spit all over his cock while lowering her head back down
to suck Billy's cock. X-Pac continues to assault her pussy like no tomorrow.

"Fuck ... she's... fucking ... tight..." X-Pac grunts in between thrusts, as
Tori looks over her shoulder.

"Ohhh fuck me ... harder ... mmmm yeah..." Tori moans. X-Pac pulls out of her
pussy suddenly, but Tori doesn't let the men choose what's going to happen
next. She crawls forward and mounts Billy's cock and starts bouncing on it
like a long neck goose. Tori starts rocking back and forth, making Billy moan
loudly. Jesse pushes Tori back so she's laying on Billy. He pushes his cock
into her pussy and fucks her hard as She continues to work her hips to fuck

They continues like this for some time, until Jesse pulls out of her. Tori
sits up on Billy's dick and spins around so she's facing him. She learns
forward allowing Jesse to reinsert his cock into her pussy. X-Pac gets
behind her and next to Jesse. He strokes his cock and slams it into her ass.
Tori lurches forward as she feels herself being fuck by 3 cocks at once.
Tori's body is glistening from her sweat as she tries to push back against
Jesse and Pac, but settles for grinding down on Billy. Jesse switches from
fucking her pussy and joins Pac in fucking her ass. Tori screams as she
feels her asshole stretch to accommodate the two cocks. Billy wraps his arms
around her body and thrusts upward, causes Tori' lower body to jump upward
every time he slams into her.

The four sex crazed individuals don't notice the door of the cabin opening
and closing, nor do they notice that two people are watching them. Jesse,
Pac and Billy work in perfect unison in fucking the blond 3 ways from Sunday.
Tori lets out a loud moan/scream that echoes throughout the room as she cums
all over Billy's cock. Jesse and X-Pac almost at the same time pull out of
her ass and start to cum over her left and right ass cheek's respectively.
The two men move away as Billy tells Tori, "Get off and gag on my cock."

Tori complies and dismounts from Billy and kneels next to him, She leans
forward and deep throats his cock as far as it can go. Billy places both
hands on her head and holds her head down on his cock as he starts to cum
in her mouth. Tori gags, coughs and tries to lift her head away, but Billy
holds her there. A mix of Tori's saliva and Billy's cum mixes over his
cock as he allows Tori to move her head away. Tori coughs uncontrollably
as she tries to compose her self.

"Mmmm ... that looks yummy..." a female voice says. For the first time,
X-Pac, Billy, Jesse and Tori notice that Triple H and Stephanie are in the
room. Hunter gives Steph a pat on the ass as she starts to approach Billy...

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is
going to be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: Taming The Kat

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