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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 3: Taming The Kat
idea by Kristi
written by Dice (

The third video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

It is Monday, December 28, 1999... somewhere in the backstage area of where
Raw is being held that evening, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is arguesing with
Women's Champion, The Kat. Stephanie puts her hands on her helps and smirks
at her.

"Listen here, Kitty... you should really follow my rules... otherwise, you
won't have a nice long title reign like my Hunter will when he wins back the
WWF Title."

The Kat puts the Women's Title on her shoulder, "Oh get off your high horse,
every one knows that your only with Triple H to piss off your daddy. What
happened? Did your daddy take away your knew Mercedes? Or did he catch you
trying to seduce Patterson and Biscoe again?"

Stephanie's face contorts in anger after hearing the Kat's retort. Stephanie
takes a step closer to the Kat and starts poking the smaller woman on the

"You better take that back you little skank... or else."

The Kat doesn't take that threat to well and pushes Stephanie away so hard
that she ends up on her ass. The Kat looks down at her and smirks, "Or else
what, your going to go cry in a corner." The Kat walks away laughing and
Stephanie pounds the floor with her fists.

Stephanie gets up and storms down the corridor, yelling at anyone who gets in
her way, telling backstage workers to get back to work, even though they are
working already. Stephanie makes her way to the D-Generation X locker room,
she enters it and slams the door, waking Triple H up from his nap. Stephanie
paces back and forth. Hunter sits up on the leather couch.

"That little... that little BITCH!" Stephanie says in a highly irrate tone.
Hunter raises an eyebrow.

"Something wrong?" Hunter asks as he streches his arms.

"Damn straight something's wrong! That little cunt, The Kat, doesn't respect
me... she put her hands on me. ME! I'm a McMahon and I'm your wife. No little
fucking bitch like that should ever put her hand on me!" Stephanie stomps her
foot. "I'm going to book her in a match against the Dudleys! That'll teach
that whore!"

Hunter laughs a bit at his wife's over-reactions. "Stephanie... honey
relax... there's a better way to get back at her."

Stephanie pouts and looks at him, "What do you have in mind?"

Hunter smiles, "Don't worry about it... I'm just going to have Billy and
Jesse pay her a little visit."

Stephanie smiles, "I think I like what you have in mind." Stephanie walks to
the couch and sits on his lap and wraps her arms around his neck. "In fact...
I really like what you have in mind."

Two hours later...

In the women's locker room area, The Kat has just exited her dressing room
with her bag. She smiles at a couple of the matience workers who are mopping
the hallway. The Kat pulls her bag along as she walks to the parking lot. She
makes a left turn and doesn't notice that two men are now following her. As
she gets near to the parking garage, one of the men runs forward and snatches
her bag from her hand and throws it down the hallway. The man starts
laughing, as the Kat spins around to see who just assaulted her.

Her eyes go wide when she sees it's the Road Dogg Jesse James. The Kat is
about to slap him, but Billy Gunn comes behind her, wraps an arm around her
waist and uses his free hand to cover her mouth. The Kat starts swining and
kicking wildly in a panic. Jesse then takes her from Billy and lifts her
over his shoulder. He starts to carry her in a direction opposite of the way
she was going.

"Somebody! Please HELP ME!" The Kat screams at the top of her lungs, but the
route the Outlaws are taking her is pratically deserted. There are a few
arena security guards around, but they assume that what's happening is being
tapped for the next WWF televised show. Eventually, the they arrive on the
far side of the arena where the secondary loading dock is, and most
importanlly, it's where the D-X Express is parked. Billy runs ahead and opens
the door before Jesse reaches it. Jesse lowers the Women's Champion from his
shoulder and pushes her into the bus before he and Billy enter it as well.

Billy closes the door as The Kat scampers to the back of the bus hoping to
find a secondary emergency exit, but can't find it. The Outlaws laugh at her
as she realizes that there is no escape. The Kat looks at both men.

"Why are you doing this?!"

Billy smirks, "Hey, we're just enforcing the rules..." Jesse approaches her
the scared woman and grabs her by her hair, and pulls her to her fit. He
grabs noth of her arms and holds them behind her back. Jesses smirks at

"Strip her."

Billy licks his lips as he picks up a pair of scissors that are sitting on a
small table inside the bus, and starts cutting up the middle of The Kat's
brand mew blouse. Once it's opened up, he squeezes his fingers under her bra
and pulls it a little away from her chest and cuts it as well. Billy then
rips the remaining matterial covering her upper body that. The Kat tries to
free her her arms to cover he chest, but she almost has a spaz attach as
Billy uses the scissors to cut off most of her skirt, The Kat kicks wildly
and manages to kick his hand and the scissors go flying.

Billy and Jesse get pissed. Jesse then pushes her onto one of the bunks that
are in the bus.

"That was very stupid Kitty..." Jesse says as both he and Billy start to take
off their shirts.

"Yeah... we were just going to embarrase you... but now..." Billy smirks as
he kicks off his sneakers and slides down his sweat pants. He reaches for
her, but the Kat blocks one of his arms, but he grabs her with the other, and
pulls her off the bunk. He forces her to her knees as Jesse removes the rest
of his clothing, "We've got two words for ya!"

The Kat knows what two words they have in mind, and she clamps her mouth
shut. Jesse bends down and forces her mouth open allowing Billy to push his
cock into her mouth. Jesse roughly bobs her head forward and back on Billy's
cock, casuing the petite woman to gag violently. The Kat's eyes are clenched
shut, as if praying that this isn't really happening to her. Unfortantly for
the Women's Champion, it is. Billy beigns rocks his hips back and forth,
fucking her small mouth as if she was a bottom feeding trash bag ho.

Jesse lets go of her head as Billy now takes a hold her head. The Road Dogg
moves next to his tag team partner and grips the Kat's jaw, forcing her mouth
to open wider so he can get his prick in too. The two men look down at her
and smirk.

"I told you we had two words for you. Blow us!" Billy laughs at the twist he
put on his trademark phrase. The Kat feeling that she'd be better of if she
corroptorates, starts to slowly bob her head on both men's cocks. The Kat
tilts her head from side to side so she's able to use her tongue to a bit
more, tapping it against the bottom and sides of the dicks in her mouth. The
Kat keeps her eyes closed, keeping her mind off of the task at hand as best
she can. Billy realizes what the Kat is trying to do and pulls his cock from
out of her mouth.

"Keep sucking his dick!" Bully orders as he circles behind her. The Kat keeps
bobbing her head on The Road Dogg's prick, and is surprised when Billy grabs
her hips and and stands her up. The Kat is still blowing Jesse, but is now
bent over. Billy slaps her ass hard, "Now your going to find out why they
call me Mister Ass." Billy takes his cock in one hand and forces it into The
Kat's small asshole. The Kat screams around Jesse's cock as Billy starts to
rape her rear-end. Jesse holds her head down on his cock, making sure the Kat
is being stuffed with cock at both ends.

Billy pulls on her thighs to bring her back on his cock every time he slams
forward which causes her to deep throat Jesse's cock every few seconds. The
Kat starts moaning a little, but she's not getting any pleasure at all from
Billy fucking her ass. Suddenly Billy pulls out of her ass, and Jesse lifts
her head from his cock. Billy sits down on one of the bunks after he grabs
the Kat's Hand. He pulls her towards him and has her sit on his cock with
her ass instead of her pussy. She whimpers a bit from this, but is shocked
when Road Dogg spread her legs and knees in front of her. He starts eating
her pussy, flicking his tongue all over her juicy spot before settling into
a steady patter that if he was writing it would resemble the alphabet.

"Ohhhhh..... damn..." The former Miss Kitty moans as she starts to rock her
back and forth on Billy's cock fucking him a bit as she tries to get more of
her pussy eaten by Jesse. Billy paces his hands on her hips and bounces her
on his cock a bit, when the bus door opens.

"All right... let's go out and find some pussy!" X-Pac yells as he appraoches
the back of the bus, and stops when he sees the naked Kat riding Billy's cock
and getting eaten out by Jesse. "Oh you two mother fuckers... you got that
cute little hussy and you didn't call me? I'm not going to stand for that..."
X-Pac takes off his pants as Jesse looks at him.

"Pac... it's not what it looks like... we're just teaching her a lesson..."

X-Pac smirks, "Yeah right..." X-Pace pushes him out of the way, and takes The
Kat off of Billy's cock. Billy gets pissed.

"Hey, what the fuck man, I was fucking her!"

"You two had fun with out me... I got to catch up." X-Pac looks down at her
and smirks as he sees the horrified look on her face, "All right bitch...
make like a vaccum and suck it!" X-Pac does a crotch chop and thrusts his
hips forward. The Kat sighs and takes hold of X-Pac cock. She brings it to
her mouth and start to suck on it with as little enthusasim as possible.

X-Pac raises an eyebrow at the poor blow job he's getting, "What's up with
this bitch?"

Jesses crosses his arms, "If you didn't interrupt me... Billy and I are
supposed to be teaching her a lesson about respecting Stephanie."

X-Pac gets a huge smile on his face, "Why didn't you say so sooner!" X-Pac
pushes Stacy away from his cock and lays on the ground. "Ride it slut!" Stacy
sees that exit is not being guarded and tries to run towards it, but Billy
and Jesse grab her, lift her up and drops her pussy first onto X-Pac cock.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCK!" She yells as the sudden invasion shocks the hell out
of her her. Billy and Jesse lifts her up and down on X-pac, as he moves her
hips back and forth. The trio force The Kat to fuck him the way she would if
she wasn't being forced to do this. After a while though, The Kat starts
getting into it and is freely fucking X-Pac. Billy gets behind her again and
pushes his cock back into her ass. With the way the Kat is fucking Pac, she's
pushing back on Billy easily. Jesse doesn't want to be left out and he gets
in front of her and holds his cock steady for her to suck on it.

The Kat can't believe she's giving into to these men and is trying to control
herself,but can't help heself. She moves her entire body around to try and
get X-pac and Billy to fuck her harder and is giving Jesse the best head she
can give at the moment. The door of the D-X express open again, and Hunter,
Stephanie and Tori enter the bus. Hunter smirks at the sight in front of

"See, I told you she'd be taught a lesson about respecting us."

Stephanie folds her arms, "Looks like she's enjoying it... I want her to
suffer for what she did to me!" Tori gets an idea and whispers something in
Stephanie's ear which brings a smile to her face. "Hunter... get in there and
rip her ass apart with your cock, Tori get him ready."

Tori nods and smirks as she kneels in front of Hunter. She undoes his jeans
and takes out his cock, and strokes it hard and fast with both hands. Tori
spits on his cock a few times, using her hands to work her spit over it,
with the intention of lubing it up. Once she's gotten Hunter completely hard,
Hunter moves to join his friends in fucking The Kat. He doesn't have to say
anything as Billy moves away from her ass. Hunter pushes his rod into her
ass, and The Kat's eyes go wide in pain as she feels the large piece of man
meat enter her. Tears form in her eyes and she stops sucking Road Dogg's

"Please! STOP! Take it Out!" She begs and all she gets for it is both Billy's
and Jesse's cocks inside her mouth. They force her to deep throat their cocks
as X-Pac thrusts up into her as quickly as he can. Hunter starts to fuck her
now, but he doesn't start gently. Instead he just gives The Kat the harderst
assfucking she'll ever experience. The poor woman eyes are red from the
crying she's doing because of the pain.

Stephanie and Tori are now sitting on a bunk close together, both loving the
sight of the four studs teach the Woman's Champion a lesson about treating
Stephanie with disrespect.

"Fuck man... I gotta blow!" X-Pac yells, causing Hunter to wrap his powerful
arms around The Kat's small body. With his cock buried to the hilt in her
ass, he easily lifts her off of his best friend. He sets her back down on the
ground in a doggy style posistin and resumes ravaging her tight asshole. The
Kat is screaming and crying.

"I... I'm sorry! Please... stop... No more!" She continues to beg for Hunter
to stop but he won't. X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy are all jerking off at the
what they are seeing. Stephanie and Tori both get off the bunk and and stand
on either side of the the Kat. They pull on her hair as hard as they can
having her lean up a bit.

Stephanie glares at the trio of men, "Make a mess on this bitch!" The men
need no further encouragement and they rock their cocks with their hands.
X-Pac is the first to bust a nut, sending streams of cum all over her chest.
Road Dogg is next, and he aims his cock up towards her face, but most of his
load lands on her neck. Billy cums last and his volly of sperm splatters
against her belly. Tori runs her hand over The Kat's cum convered body,
collecting as much as she can and runs her hand over her face. Stephanie
laughs at the sight and both women move away, leaving Hunter to finish her.

The Kat doesn't try to keep her upper body up and just lays her head and
chest on the floor of the bus, sobbing, as the Leader of D-X continues his
savage fucking. Triple H finally feel's she's had enough. He pulls out of
her sore asshole, which is as red as Kane's pyro, and flips the diminutive
diva over. Hunter places his cock between her tits and fucks her chest raw.
The Kat has her eyes closed so tightly that her face is contorted. Hunter
grunts a bit and finally unloads a hot, heavy load of cum on her face. The
Kat whimpers as she feels her face covered in more cum. Hunter moves away
from her as Stephanie approaches The Kat's body. She places a foot on her
chest and smirks down at her.

"It's not over yet... oh no... you are going to respect me..."

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is
going to be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: Stephanie's Trainer

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