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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 4: Stephanie's Trainer
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The fourth video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

In The home of Stephanie and Hunter located somewhere just out side of
Greenwich, CT, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is training with her personal
Trainer, Muffy Mower. The two women are on the floor of the living room,
streching out. They are both dresses simiarly, with skin tight short and
tight fighting tank tops. Stephanie is sitting up, legs spread wide apart
and is leaning forward, as Muffy gives her encouragement.

"That's it Stephy! Try and go further down this." Muff scoots next to her and
places her hands on Stephanie's back to push her upper-body down further, but
Stephanie reaches a point where she can't go down anymore and it starts to
feel some pain.

"Muffy! I can't go down any more!" Stephanie cries out. Muffy allows
Stephanie to sit back up and pats her back.

"It's all right, your just starting out. Maybe this will be easier." Muffy
sits and front of Stephanie, presses her feet against hers. "Give me your
hands." Stephanie hesitantly locks hands with Muffy, who starts to lean
backward, pulling Stephanine forward. Stephanie actually ends up going
forward more doing it this way than she did while on her own, and her head
comes very close to Muffy's crotch.

Around that moment, Hunter and his long time buddy Shawn Michaels have
come up from Hunter's home gym, and it doesn't take long for them to
notice Stephanie looking like she's eating out Muffy in the most unique
way possible.

"Damn... you're really turning that brat into a Degenerate." Shawn laughs,
but from the angle he's looking at them, he can't see that Muffy has shorts
on. Hunter does notice, and pats Shawn on the back.

"I wish... Stephanie only got really wild twice... once the night we
celebrated me kicking Vince's ass, and the other when The Kat pissed her
off." Hunter looks at his wife as she starts to lean backward, pulling Muffy

"It's a shame... she certianlly has the look to fit in with D-X, if she has
the attitude..." Shawn trails off as he looks at his watch. "Shit I got to
go... The boss wants to talk to be about a come back."

Hunter doesn't hear the second half of Shawn's last comments, as he gets a
big grin on his face, he starts to walk Shawn to the door, "Hey Shawn...
remember when you and I... changed Chyna's attitude?"

Shawn laughs a bit, "Yeah I do... I still wish we a had a bag over her face."

"Same here... but remember how she became after that? How she was more like
we did?"

Shawn nods, "Yeah... but I thought you already took care of Stephanie like

"Well... I had to let the Outlaws and X-Pac join in... but it wasn't the
ame..." Hunter smirks, "Hey, how about you and I rock her like old times?"

Shawn shakes his head, "I don't know... man... I'm married now, you're
married now..."

"Yeah so? Your wife knows you were the biggerst horn-dog and I bet she has to
turn you down eveytime you want to fuck. I'm offering a chance to relive your
the old days with my wife. She'll go for it."

Shawn looks at Hunter for a long moment, and smirks, "All right... but what
after that little cutie she's with?"

Hunter raieses an eyebrow, "Muffy? Well she's one of those uptight types...
I don't think she'd go for it."

Little do they know, Stephanie and Muffy are overhearing their conversation
and are giggling.

"Oh my god... he wants to fuck me," Muffy says as the thought of the
Hearbreak Kid actually wants her to be apart of four way.

Stephanie smirks and pats her thigh, "Why not... you're a cutie..."

"Really?" Muffy blushes a bit, as Stephanie moves to sit next to her on the

"Yeah... why do you think I picked you to by my 'Personal' trainer?"
Stephanie smiles as she runs her fingers up and down Muffy's arm. Muffy is
more than stunned that STephanie wanted her for more than just getting her
into shape. Stephanie smiles as she tilts her head a bit and kisses Muffy's
lips softly. Muffy is so off guard right now, she doesn't know what she
should do. As Stephanie deepns the kiss a little, by sliding her tongue
into Muffy's mouth.

Hunter and Shawn enter the living room, and both smirk as they see the two
women kiss. Hunter approaches Stephanie and taps her shoulder,

"Hey baby... do you mind if us boys join ya?" Stephanie laughs a bit at
Hunter's question.

"No... I don't mind..." Stephanie says as she raises her hand and places it
on his crotch and rubs his cock through his jeans. She takes Muffy's hand
with the other as she pulls down the zipper on Hunter's jeans. Stephanie
reaches into his pants and pulls out his cock. Stephanie smiles at Muffy as
she (Steph) licks one side of Hunter's cock. Muffy gets a really unsure look
on her face as she watches what Stephanie is doing, and doesn't realize that
Shawn has pushed down his workout pants a bit and is stroking his cock.
Stephanie places Muffy's hand on Hunter's cock and helps her stroke her
husband's cock. Muffy starts to get into it as she hesitantly leans forward
and takes the tip into her mouth. She starts to bob her head a bit over the
top of the shaft.

Stephanie smirks as she watches her personal trainer, then she turns her
attention towards Shawn. She crawls over to him and sits up on her knees,
smiling up at him. SHe grips his cock and strokes it for a bit.

"You know... Daddy always said not to hang around you... I don't see why
not..." Stephanie opens her mouth wide and starst to suck his prick.
Stephanie surprises Hunter by deep throating him right off the bat, not
wasting anytime. Shawn starts to think this was all a set up because
Hunter told him Stephanie wasn't like this. Soon enough, both Muffy and
Stephanie are bobbing their heads at almost the same pace on the guys'
dicks. Muffy has unbuttoned Hunter's jeans and tugs them down. She aims
his cock upward and licks up and down the bottom of the shaft before
leaning down to run her tongue over his balls.

Stephanie sees what Muffy is doing to Hunter and gets a little mad, since
she's the only one who licks Hunter's nutbag. Stephanie stops blowing Shawn,
and taps Muffy's shoulder.

"Let's switch..." Stephanie says as she takes ahold of Hunter cock and pulls
it out of Muffy's mouth and takes it into her own. Muffy crosses her arms as
Shawn sits on a sofa.

"Hey baby-doll... come here..."

Muffy smiles at Shawn and does acreobatic split over to him. She takes off
her tank-top and tosses it somewhere as she bends forward to grab Shawn's
cock. She pumps it with her fist as she tugs down her shorts. Once her short
are down to around her knees, Muffy kneels down and stars to blow HBK. She
swirls her tongue around his shaft, letting her saliva coat it so it gets
nice and slick. Meanwhile, Stephanie's head is rocking back and forth of
Hunter's prick as she slides her hands him and places them on his ass. She
spreads his firm rear apart and slides the middle fingers from both hands
into his asshole, letting the cool air penetrate his butt. Stephanie looks
out of the corner of her eye at what Muffy is doing and gets mad when she
sees that Shawn is loving what she's doing to him.

Stephanie stops blowing Hunter and just glares at Muffy, as she happily blows
Shawn. Stephanie stands up and takes off her top and shorts. She walks over
and pushes Muffy away from Shawn's cock and mounts herself on it. She starts
bouncing on his cock violently, using all of her weight to make Shawn feel
how hard he's getting fucked.

"Fucking hell Hunter... Stephanie is a fucking animal!" Shawn moans as he
reaches for her breasts and squeezes them. Stephanie runs her hands through
her own hair, biting her lip. Hunter sees that Muffy is still on her knees in
front of Shawn and Stephanie, so he gets behind her and pushes her forward so
her hands land on Stephanie's legs. Hunter then inserst himself into Muffy's
tight pussy and begins to fuck her steadily. Muffy's face is extremely close
to Stephanie's rising and falling pussy. Stephanie realizes that and reaches
forward, grabs her trainer by her hair and pulls her face into her pussy.
Muffy beings to eat out her employers pussy, flicking her tongue against her
cunt and Shawn's shaft as Hunter slaps her ass.

"Stephanie... you really hired on fine... trainer..." Hunter smirk. Stephanie
smiles at him as she rocks her hips back and forth.

"I know... ohhh... I did..." Muffy smiles a bit after hearing the praise
she just gotten. "But... I want to see how... good she is... let's race..."
Stephanie slows down her pace. Hunter nods and gets what Stephanie has in
mind. He pulls out of Muffy and sits on the sofa next to Hunter.

"Get on the horse..." Hunter says with a laugh. Muffy smirks a bit and mounts
herself on Hunter's cock. Stephanie smiles and takes her hand.

"Ok... on the count of thee... 1... 2... 3!"

At that moment both women start riding the men has hard and fast as they can.
Their hair flying in every possibly direction as each one grinds themselves
down on the cocks. Both women contine to hold the other's hand, squeezing the
other's harder as they try to match the other's relentless pace. But Muffy
soon is going much faster on Hunter than Stephanie is on HBK. Stephanie gets
off of Shawn and crosses her arms. Shawn thinks that she's no longer in the
mood and lays down on the ground.

"Muffy... get down here and suck it." Muffy smiles at him and carefully gets
off of Hunter. She straddles Shawn's face as she leans forward to suck his
cock which is standing straight up in the air Shawn sees her pussy above his
face so he lifst his head up a bit and starts to eat her out, pressing his
tongue agaist the lips and into her. Muffy moans around his cock as Hunter
looks at her fairly big ass. He likes what he sees and gets behind her, and
works his cock into her ass. Muffy closes her mouth hard around Shawn's cock
as a response to the anal invasion.

Stephanie sees how Muffy reacts and smirks, She whispers into Hunter's ear,
"Fuck her hard..." Hunter doesn't need to be told twice and starts to slam
his cock in and out of Muffy's ass. Muffy starts to push back at the same
time grinding her cunt agaist Shawn's face while bobbing her head faster on
his cock. Muffy is proving to be one capable woman, able to take whatever's
thrown at her and this is pissing Stephanie off to no end.

Muffy lifts her head from Shawn's cock and looks back at Hunter, "Fuck me
harder! Give me all you got!" Hunter smirks and doubles his efforts, but
it's not enough for the physical trainter. He wraps his arms around her as
he starts to stand up and Lifts her up as he continues to fuck her ass. He
bounces her up and down on his cock, holding her legs wide apart. Stephanie
sees that Shawn is free, so she jumps back onto his cock, and roughly fucks
the Hearbreak Kid, coming down on his cock extremely hard.

"OOOOOHHH Don't stop!" Muffy moans as she starts to rub her pussy with
fingers from both of her hands, bringing herself to climax. Her body goes
a bit limp, so Hunter drops her on the couch and gets behind his wife, and
pushes her into pussy along sides Shawn's cock. Shawn feels his buddie's
cock and that's his cue. Both men beging thrusting in and out of her
strechted out pussy, drilling her at an even pace.

"That's it! Fuck me! I'm a Degeneate slut!" Stephanie screams as she gives a
wink to Shawn, telling him see overheard what he said earlier. Shawn sits up
a bit and takes her left breast into his mouth, sucking on it like a baby
would as Hunter switches to fucking her ass. Muffy is slowly reocvering on
the couch as Stephanie starts to cum from the fucking she's receving. Hunter
pulls out of his wife's ass and helps her off of Shawn's cock. Shawn stands
up and helps Hunter sit his wife on the couch. Muffy sees that both men's
cock are throbbing violently. Muffy turns around on the couch and sticks her
ass out.

"Come on... there's room for two." She smiles. Hunter and Shawn exchange
grins and appraoch her, They each place a hand on her backside and spreads
her ass apart. Using their free hands, they take hold of their dicks and at
the same time presses them against her asshole. Muffy relaxes as much as
she possibly can as HBK and Triple H thrust into her ass. They go right for
fucking her as hard as they can, but she pushes back onto their cocks at an
equally agressive rate.

"Is... that... all... you got!" Muffy yells, tauting them to fuck her harder.
Shawn and Hunter are going as hard as they can. Stephanie sees that her
trainer is embarrasing her husband and his best friend She reaches between
Muffy's head and james three fingers into her exposed pussy. Stephanie pumps
her hand in and out of her cunt rapidly, matching the the pace of the two men
fucking her ass. Muffy pushes back onto the two cocks and grinds her pussy
down on Steph's hand, and finally she has a screaming orgasm, blowing the one
that Stephanie had out of the water.

Shawn pulls out of Muffy's ass, and wipes some sweat from his forehead, and
looks at Hunter as also pulls out of her. "You know... you talked me into
fucking Stephanie... to make her a degeneate... and here we are making this
little muffin into one."

"She's not a degenerate yet..." Hunter says, "We haven't plasted her yet."

Shawn smirks, "Let's do it..."

Both men turn Muffy over and kneel on leg onto the couch and start stroking
their cocks, getting ready to cover her face in their cum. Stephanie has
gotten totally tick that they think she's a better degenerate than she is,
so she stands up, grabs Muffy by her ankles and pulls her off the couch,
and quickly takes her place. She grabs both of the men's dicks and pounds
the holy hell out of them with some instenstiy that neither man can hold

"Give me your cum!" Stephanie yells with the sluttiest looking expression she
can muster on her face.

"Ohhhh fucking eh..." Hunter grits his teeth and his body tighens up as he
starts to cum on her face. Shawn isn't as vocal as his buddy is, but he too
start to cum on Stephanie's beautiful face. Streams of hot semen shoot from
their cocks and coat her cheeks, making them somewhat shine under the light
of the room. Once both men are spent they collapose on the couch on either
side of her. Stephanie then looks at Muffy with a smirk.

"You know... I've been thinking... I don't need a personal trainer... not
when I have Hunter to give me a total workout. Muffy... you're fired!"

Muffy's face is in total shock and she opens her mouth to protest...

But suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the
tape... On a side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders
what is going to be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: A Shot At The Gold

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