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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 5: A Shot At The Gold
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The fourth video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

In the Backstage area of the arena where Smackdown is being taped, Ivory
and Jacquelyn, two of the greatest women's wrestlers of the modern era, are
watching Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley self-promoting promo in the ring, saying
that she's the only woman who deserves to the be the woman's champion because
she's a McMahon and a Helmsley. Ivory turns off the monitor in disgust.

"I can't believe her, SHE's the only one to be the Women's Champion? She's
only had one match!" Ivory crosses her arm.

"You forget I was there! If that bitch Tori didn't hit me with a DDT, I
would've beat her white cracker ass all over the San Antonio. I can't wait to
get my re-match, I'll kick her ass and win back my title." Jacquelyn's reply
causes Ivory to raise an eyebrow.

"Hold on, what makes you think you deserve a re-match with her? You fucked up
and lost the belt to her in the first place."

"Because there was interference, and at least I didn't lose the belt to some
75 year old, which is a lot worst than how I lost to that bitch. Why should
you get a shot?"

"Because I'm the best, simple as that. I made the title mean something, by
actually facing every woman that came along, and if I remember I beat you
like drum."

That comment gets Jacquelyn a bit ticked, "You fucking cheated when you beat

"So what? I still won, I hold a win over you and I deserve to to be the
number 1 contender."

"Over my dead body!" Jacquelyn is about to slap Ivory when someone steps
between them. It's Triple H, Stephanie's husband.

"Ladies, Ladies... take a chill pill. There's a civilized way to settle
this," Triple H gets a cocky grin on his face.

"And why do you care, white boy?" Jacquelyn gets a suspious look on her face,
as does Ivory.

"Yeah, we're the top contenders to your wife's title."

Hunter smirks again, "Well I'm her husband... and I have half the power
around here, you two got to prove to me who really derserves to be the Number
1 contender to my lovely wife's title."

Ivory and Jacquelyn exchanges looks, both of them don't trust Triple H, but
both of them want the title shot. Ivory looks back at Triple H.

"I don't know about Jacquelyn, but I'll prove myself to you to get the title
shot." Ivory is then pushed a bit by Jacquelyn.

"Fuck that, I'll show you why I deserve to be the champ." Neither woman
really notices that Triple H is checking both of them out.

"Come back to my locker room in like... 15 minuetes..." Hunter says with grin
and then he walks away, leaving both women wondering what does he have in

15 Minuets Later...

Ivory and Jacqueline are standing outside the locker room door of Triple H.
They both glare at each other, and knock on the door at the same time.

"Come on in ladies..."

Ivory opens the door, and enters the room first. Jacqueline closes the door
behind her after she enters. The locker room is well lit, and they both see
Triple H sitting on a steel chair in the center of the room. He looks at both
women and smirks.

"So... how badly do you two want to be the #1 contender?"

"I want it so bad, I'll do anything to get a title shot," Ivory says with a

"So will I... I don't care what I'll have to do." Jacqueline adds putting her
hands on her hips.

Hunter smirks, "Did you both say you'll do anything?" Both ladies nod, which
cause the wheels inside his head to turn. "Ok then... strip... each other."
Ivory and Jacqueline's eyes go wide.

"What the fuck did you say?!" Jacquelyn tone is extremely pissed.

"You heard me... I said strip each other... you each want a title shot then
you're going to earn it. The one that impresses me the most is going to be
the one that gets it."

Ivory and Jacquelyn each look at each other, very unsure about what they
should do. Ivory exhales deeply and steps towards Jacquelyn and starts to
untie her top.

"What are you doing?!" Jacquelyn asks in complete shock.

"What I have to... I want the title more than anything..." Ivory sighs as she
removes's Jacquelyn's top, sliding it off her arms, exposing Jacquelyn's very
large and sugerically enhanced chest.

Jacquelyn makes up her mind, since Ivory is willing to go along with this
to get a title shot, she should too. She slowly beging to pull Ivory's
purple shirt up and Ivory extends her arms upward so Jacquelyn can remove
it. Jacquelyn then turns Ivory around and unclasps her matching purple lace

Ivory then kneels down and tugs down Jacquelyn's black tights, then unties
her boots. Ivory lifts up Jacquelyn's legs one at a time to remove her
boots and tights, leaving her only in her red g-string. Jacuqelyn places
her hands on Ivory's shoulders and pushes her onto her back. With some
effort, Jacuqelyn tugs off Ivory's cowboy boots. She then kneels down
between her legs, unbuttons her jeans, stands back up and pulls them off,
finally stripping Ivory down to her matching purple panties.

Ivory gets back onto her knees and hooks her fingers under the string of
Jacquelie's g-string and pulls it down. Jacqueline lifts her legs one at a
time so Ivory can slide it off her ebony legs. Jacquelyn helps her stand up.
Jacquelyn kneels down and is about to pull down Ivory's panties, but Hunter
stops her.

"Pull down her's with your teeth," he orders as he watches intentantly as if
scouting them out for a the WNBA. Jacquelyn shoots him a glare, but does what
she's told, she takes the brim on the front of Ivory's panties into her mouth
and pulls them down. Because of the angle Jacquelyn is bring down her panties
her face brushes against Ivory's shaved pussy causing Ivory to moan a bit.
Jacquelyn finishes sliding down Ivory's panties with her hands and stands
back up. Both women now completely naked look back at Triple H and crosses
their arms. Hunter smirks at both of them.

"Kiss each other."

Both women sigh and look at each other. Ivory being the taller of the two
places her hands on Jacquelyn's cheeks and tilts her head and plants a soft
kiss on her lips. Jacquelyn glares at Hunter out of the corner of her eye,
but after a while starts to get into the kiss. She parts her lips a bit at
almost the same instant Ivory does. They both slide their tongues forward,
and the tips of their tongue's touch, sending waves of eroticness through
their bodies, despite the situation that caused them to kiss. Jacquelyn
wraps her arms around Ivory's neck and pulls her closer to deepen the kiss.
Hunter then claps his hands to get their attention.

"All right girls... time to move on... come over here and undress me." Hunter
smirks. Both ladies roll their eyes, but they go to Hunter. Ivory runs her
hand over Hunter's t-shirt covered chest and steps behind the chair. She
leans foward and pulls his shirt up and over his muscular body. Jacquelyn has
knelt on the ground at his feet and has pulled off his ReeBox sneakers and
socks. She carefully unbuckles his belt followed by undoing his acid-wash

Ivory circles around and kneels next to Jacquelyn and the two women pull off
his jeans with some effort. They ended up on their backs as soon as they do
it. They both sit up and their eyes are instantly drawn to the chuck of
man-steak hanging between Triple H's legs.

"God Damn..." Ivory says as she covers her mouth.

"Your daddy must've been black... no way a white boy has a dick like that."
Jacqueline comments.

Hunter smirks, "Well since you like what you see... then, get ready to suck

Ivory and Jacquelyn move between his legs and each start to lick the sides of
his cock. The two women lock eyes, and while they know they are each trying
to earn a title shot, but they can't help feel hot about this. Ivory works
towards the head of the dick and takes it into her mouth, She bobs on it a
bit then pulls off. Jacquelyn takes over sucking it, and she does down
completely on his cock.

Hunter wraps his hands behind his head, "Yeah that's it... suck that cock...
earn that title shot..." Jacquelyn swirls her tongue around the bottom of his
cock as Ivory kneels down further and licks his balls. Ivory takes one into
his mouth and sucks on them. The two women trade up, and Ivory goest back to
sucking on his dick, bobbing her head like snake on it. Jacquelyn reaches for
Hunter's balls and squeezes them.

"All right ladies... that's enough head for now... Jacuqelyn... get on your
hands and knees... Ivory play with your self..." Jacquelyn gets into the
doggy style posistion as Hunter kneels behind her. He rubs her round booty
with both hands before guiding his cock into her moist pussy.

"Aaaahhh shit..." Jacquelyn moans as she feels her pussy stretch to
accomedate Hunter's meat missle. Ivory sits nearby, her legs spread apart
as she rubs her pussy with the fingers of her hand. Hunter quickly begins
pistoning in and out of Jacquelyn's love box, making the small black woman
sweat as she tries to push back. She bites her lower lip to keep her moans
to a minimum, but it doesn't happen. Her moans of pleasure echo through out
the locker room.

Ivory now is laying on her back, her head turn to the side to watch Hunter
fuck her rival. Ivory pinches her own left nipple as she buries three fingers
into her cunt. Hunter flips the ebony ring master over onto her back while
still keeping his cock in her. Jacquelyn is totally stunned, as she manages
to wrap her legs around his waist, trying to pull him deeper into her twat.
Hunter places his hand on her breasts, rolling them around roughly. The
Jacquelyn places her hands on his powerful arms, holding on for dear life.

she finally cums. Hunter quickly pulls out of her pussy before it totally
tightens around his cock. What happens next totally surprises the leader of
D-Generation X as Ivory tackles him forcing him to his back. She posistions
herself over his cock and mounts him. Ivory starts riding at a hard pace,
bouncing as hard as she can.

"Damn baby... you really want that title shot..." Hunter smirks as Ivory
places her hands on his chests, rocking backing and forth on his massive

"Fuck yea... I want it..." Ivory throws herself fully into fucking him.
Jacquelyn comes her and wraps her arms around her breasts, massaging them.
Ivory can't hold out for long as she starts to cum, but she's not as vocal
as Jaquelyn was for Ivory clenches her teeth and her eye squeezes shut.
Jacquelyn helps her off of Hunter's cock and gently holds her as Ivory
recovers. Hunter stands up in front of them and strokes his cock.

"Get your faces together!" he orders and both ladies presses their faces
together. Hunter pounds his cock for a few moments and blows his load all
over their faces. He's about to tell them to lick each other's face's clean,
buh they do it on their own and both ladies kiss.

Ivory looks up at Hunter, "So... who gets the title shot?"

Hunter smirks, "Well... it's going to..."

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is
going to be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: B.B. - Banging Barbra

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