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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 6: B.B. - Banging Barbara
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The sixth video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

In the ring at the Hartford Civic Ceter, The New Age Outlaws are defending
their WWF World Tag Team Titles against The Dudley Boys in a non-televisied
match. Road Dogg is on the outside of the ring, knocked out while Billy is
brawling with Bubba Ray on the inside as D-Von gets a table. The Dark Brother
from another mother sets up the Table on the outside of the ring, then slides
into the ring and his Billy with a low blow form behind. The Dudleys then
work Billy to the edge of the ring, and sets him up for a Super Powerbomb.
The referee is about to let it slide until he sees the table and tries to
restore some order, but it's too late. Bubba and D-Von powerbomb Billy
through the table causing the ref to call for the DQ. The NAO's music hits,
but The Dudleys are the ones celebrating.

Road Dogg finally recovers and sees that Billy is down and out in the remains
of what was a table. Road Dogg goes to check on him, and then waves for the
medical team to come down to the ring. A few moments go by but soon the EMTs
soon rush down, led by Barbra Bush. They load Billy up onto a strecher and
cart him up to the back followed by Road Dogg.

A short time Later in the backstage area, B.B. is tending to Billy Gunn,
making sure he's not seriosuly hurt, while Road Dogg looks on.

"Ok hun... just tell where it hurts..." B.B. says with a smile as she places
her hands on the back of his neck, "Does it hurt here?"

Billy shakes his head, "It's a little stiff... my it doesn't hurt..."

"Ok... how about here?" B.B. moves her hands to her left should which is the
one he landed on when he went through the table.

"That hurts a bit... but not it's majorly bad..."

B.B. takes her hands off him and looks at him, "Ok... so where does it really

A lightbulb goes of in Billy's head, "Well I thing I pulled my groin. My boot
got caugh on he ring rope when they powerbombed me..." Road Dogg tries hard
not to laugh. B.B. however takes is seriously and checks the area of Billy's
groin. She places one hand on his crotch as she massages his groin a bit.

"It's a bit tight... but... this should help..." B.B. says with a smile.

"Yeah it is... but shouldn't you work both sides?" Billy asks and B.B. nods.

"Oh yea... I kinda forgot about that..." B.B. starts to work both sides of
his groin, bending over a bit causing her ass to stick out. Road Dogg really
takes notice of her ass and how well her blue EMT uniform pants fit around
it. He steps close to her and starts feelimg up her ass. B.B, looks behind
her, "May I help you?" see says with a raised eyebrow and smile at the same

Road Dogg smirks and moves away, "Oh I'm just admiring the view."

B.B. laughs, "Oh ok..." She goes back to the workong on Billy's groin, and
she does notice that a swelling developing in the middle of Billy's crotch.
She places her hand on it and asks him, "This looks like it hurts."

Billy nods his head, "Yeah it does..."

B.B. makes a face, as the swelling gets bigger, "Lay down... I got to take
care of it first..." Billy lays down on the strecher, his arms dangling on
the sides. B.B. carefully works Billy's tights down to around his knees and
sees the cause of the swelling. His cock is pratically begging for attnetion.
B.B. wraps her hand around the base and starts to pump it. B.B. looks back
at Road Dogg as she starts to unbutton her light blue EMT shirt with her
other hand until it's hanging open, draping her rather large and braless
tits, "Your friend needs alot of help... I need to get ready..."

Road Dogg nods his head and gets close to her again, his crotch pressed
against her ass. He reaches around her waist and pops the latch on her pants,
and tugs them down. He kneels down behind her and pulls her pants down to
around her ankles and slips them over her shoes. Road Dogg reaches up and
pulls down her panties as well. Meanwhile, B.B. lowers her head onto Billy's
cock, taking it into her mouth and starts to lightly suck on it. She sticks
her ass out some more as she uses her free hand to rub her pussy, getting it
moist. She swirls her tongue around the head of Billy's prick before she
closes her lips on the tip. She slides her tongue forward, flicking it
against the piss-slit as if she was french kissing the dangerously swelling

Road Dogg has now stood back up. He pulls off his D-X t-shirt and takes off
his wrestling pants and boxers. He reaches behind his head, pulling off the
rubber band that holds his dread-locks in a half-assed pony-tail. Road Dogg
takes one look at the way B.B. is standing, and grins. He gets behind her
again, grips his dick and presses it against her pussy, but it comes in
contract with her hand. B.B. quickly moves her hand away, allowing The
D-O-Double-G work his cock into her pussy. Placing his hands on her hips,
the former Roadie slowly begins to fuck her as the heavy chested EMT bobs
her head on Billy's cock. Billy is moaning as if he was in extreme pain,
but he has a big smirk on his face. Road Dogg continues to fuck her and is
slowly picking up speed, but B.B. suddenly lifts her head off of Billy's
cock and looks back at him.

"This is more seriosuly than I thought... I need to do this from another
approach." B.B. says and reaches back with one hand and pushes Road Dogg out
of her. She climbs on to the strecher and stradles Billy's face, lowering her
pussying down a bit as she leans forward to suck his cock again. She bangs
her tongue on the top of his dick. Billy drops the "He's in pain" act and
lifts his head a bit in order to lick her pussy. B.B. starts to grind down on
his tongue, causing it to go in and out of her hot-box. Road Dogg goes to the
head of the strecher and runs his hands over her firm ass cheeks. He lowers
his head a bit and licks up and down the top half of her ass-crack, letting
his drool dirp from his mouth causing her asshole to get fairly wet.

B.B. then lifts her head from Billy's cock and scoots downward away from the
mouths of both men. She then mounts herself on his cock facing away from him
and starts riding and a slow pace. She rocks back and forth, and uses the
muscles in her pussy to squeeze his cock. She places her hands on her
breasts, holding them steady as she moans loudly. Billy places his hands on
the back of her ass, and presses both of his thumbs against her tailbone,
giving B.B. something extra to push-off against.

Raod Dogg walks around to the foot-end of the strecher and takes hold of
B.B.'s hands. He pulls her forward so her upper body is laying parelle with
Billy's legs. This posistion is a bit awkward, but B.B. is able to keep her
momentume of fucking Billy. But since she is now bent foward, B.B. is within
tongue's lenght of Road Dogg's cock. B.B. sticks her suculante tongue out
and wiggles it around the head of Road Dogg's dick. Road Dogg stands up on
his tip toes and B.B. is able to take the top of his cock into her mouth.
She gently closes her mouth around his dick and her head bobs on his cock in
rhytym of her pussy going up and down on Billy's.

B.B. finaly changes up, lifting her head from Road Dogg's cock, she holds
herself up a bit and turn around to face Billy. The blond EMT lowers herself
back down on his cock and resumes riding him. She leans forward and bit and
looks back at Road Dogg and winks. Road Dogg smiles and gets up on the
strecher and holds his cock near her asshole. B.B.'s own momentum when she
pushes back down against Billy's cock causes her to take the Dogg's prick
into her ass. The Outlaws soon being to take some control and wraps their
arms around her and begin to pump in and out of her while holding her still.
B.B. still rocks her hips to fuck them back.

B.B. reaches back with one hand and wraps behind Road Dogg's neck. She turns
her head a bit and kisses his, as Billy moves his underneath her EMT Top and
cups her breasts. He leans his head up a bit to take the nipple of one into
his mouth. After sucking on it for a short bit, he bites it lightly and pulls
it a bit with his teeth. Billy does the same to the other while Road Dogg
pulls out of her ass. Road Dogg hops off the strecher and starts stroking his
cock. B.B. takes total control of riding Billy and is practically jumping up
and down. She brings her hand to her mouth and bites down on it as she
climaxes on his cock.

"Oh... fuck... I... it's going..." Billy acts likes something bad is going to
happen so B.B. gets off him. She goes to the floor as Billy sits up and faces
her, She reaches up and takes hold of his cock, stroking it as fast as she
can. Road Dogg sees her top is still covering her chest so he takes hold of
the collar and pulls it further open and then he steps to the side. His is in
arm's reach so she grabs his rod and pounds it at an equally fast rate and he
cums first. His cock shoots streaks of cum downward across her massive tits.
As soon as Road Dogg is topped off, B.B. grips Billy's cock with both hands
and does every possible thing to it. She twists it, pulls it, squeezes it and
soon enough is awarded.

"Ahhh shit... fuck..." Billy clenches his eyes shut as his cock blows an
incredible amount of semen over her chest. Billy collaposes back on the
stecher with a bit smile on his face. B.B. rubs the cum on her chest deeper
into her skin for a bit then stands up. She looks at both of them and and

"Call me later... so we can make a follow-up appointment... I would so love
to see if that swelling came back..."

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is
going to be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: Down with the Ho Train

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