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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 7: Down With The Ho Train
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The next video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on. Static
dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

In The Backstage area, The core members of D-Generation X, Triple H, Road
Dogg, X-Pac and Billy Gunn are walking down the hallway, carrying their
respective championships. Triple H holds his WWF Title over his left shoulder
and The Outlaws are wearing their WWF Tag Team title belts around their
waists. X-Pac is the only one without a title, but he'd be quick to tell
anyone he has something much better than a championship belt for he has Tori
as his valet.

"I'm telling you it boys, it don't get no better than this," Road Dogg says
with a smile as he polishes the faceplate of his title belt, "we have all the
gold that matters."

X-Pac shoots him a glance, "Hey, we don't have the Intercontinental or
European belts, Jeri-tal and the Olympic crybaby has them."

"Who gives a shit? We got the two titles that really matter. Why settle for
secondary shit?" Billy asks, while looking down at his belt with a smirk on
his face. "Besides Hunter here is banging Stephanie every night, we're bound
to get those belts eventually. Right Hunter?"

Hunter isn't paying attention to the small dispute going on behind him. His
attention is being drawn by what he sees down the hallway, which are a couple
of the Godfather's hos. Hunter puts his arms out to stop his buddies from
passing him.

"Hey, what the fuck Trips?" X-Pac asks with an annoyed tone.

Hunter smirks and points, "Check them out..." Billy, Road Dogg and 'Pac look
to where Hunter is pointing and sees the hos.

"Shit ... the Godfather is going to have an easy night... I'd like to see the
idiot who's going to turn them down and fight..." Billy says as he eyes to
backside of one of the ladies.

"I bet they are experts in going down like dog with style..." Road Dogg
smirks. The four men watch the hos from where they are standing until the
Godfather comes from inside his locker room. Hunter gets a huge grin on his

"Wait here guys..." Before the other members of D-X could say anything Hunter
is already halfway to the Godfather, "Hey Yo, Godfather, got a minute?"

The Godfather takes his cigar out of his mouth and turns around, "Hey Champ,
what can I do for you?"

Hunter laughs a bit, "It's not what you can do, it's what can your ladies do
if you catch my drift."

The Godfather nods his head as he chuckles, "Hey Dawg, I got your meaning ...
looking for some extra fun tonight?"

Hunter nods, "Yeah, well ... me and my buddies over there," Hunter points
over his shoulder toward the Road Dogg, Billy and X-Pac who are standing
where Hunter told them to wait.

"I see..." The Godfather turns towards his hos, "All right ladies, line up
time." The ladies stand against the wall in a perfect line. "Take your pick."

Hunter looks the ladies over, and points at two, "I'll take these two."

The Godfather nods his head, "You got a good eye, those are my best ones.
Mandy, Bobcat, go with the good man and his friends and make me proud."

The two hos, Bobcat and Mandy smile and the Godfather as Triple H wraps his
powerful arms around their waist. He walks with them back towards the other
member's of D-X. "Let's go boys ... we got a long night ahead of us."

* * *

A short time later in the D-X locker room, Hunter, 'Pac, Billy, Road Dogg and
the two hos, Mandy and Bobcat. As soon as the door is closed, Hunter and Pac
take hold of Bobcat while The Outlaws take Mandy. The two groups go to
different ends of the locker room.

On the left side of the locker room, X-Pac and Hunter rip off Bobcat's tight
baby-blue halter top, as she quickly goes to work on losing her Jean-skirt
while keeping on her sneakers and socks. Her hair is tied into two pigtails.
X-Pac mauls her bare-breast with his hands, squeezing them roughly while
kneeling down a bit to work on the nipple with his teeth. He bites down on
it to hold it in place while flicking his tongue against it. Hunter pulls off
his black T-shirt, unbuckles his belt, takes off his shoes and pretty much
strips down to nothing. He kneels behind the now moaning woman and plays with
her ass cheeks a bit before spreading them apart and licks up and down her
ass crack before sticking his tongue right up her asshole. Bobcat moans get
a little louder as X-Pac lowers one hand between her leg and inserts two
fingers into her bald pussy, fingering her snatch briskly. Bobcat steps side
to side as she tries to push back on Hunter's tongue while pushing forward on
'Pac's fingers at the same time.

Meanwhile on the right side of the locker room, Mandy is down on her knees
already naked as the day she was born. The Outlaws quickly strip down as well
tossing their clothes towards where their travel bags are laying. Mandy grabs
both of their dicks and stokes them before she turns her head a bit to take
Billy's into her mouth. She bobs her head quickly on it, taking more and more
of it down until she deep throats it. Mandy pulls back and then switches to
Road Dogg's by spitting on his several times and uses her hand to work her
saliva all over his dick. She then does the same to Billy's just before Road
Dogg grabs her head, holds it still. Mandy gets the idea and puts his dick in
her mouth. Road Dogg beings fucking her mouth, pushing his cock as far in as
it'll go, which is well past her gagging point.

Back on the other side of the room, Hunter is laying on his back as Bobcat
is freely bouncing up and down on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position.
Hunter has his hands on her hips, adding his strength to her momentum. X-Pac
steps in front of her, between Hunter's spread out feet and grabs Bobcat's
head gently by the ears. Bobcat sees his cock is at a perfect level for her
mouth, so she opens wide and manages to catch X-Pac's dick as if it was a
worm on a hook. Every time she goes upward on Hunter's dick, she takes more
of X-Pac's cock in her mouth, and vice versa for when she goes downward. At
the rate she's going, she quickly building up a good sucking pace as she
slams her tongue all over the bottom of X-Pac's dick.

Going back to right... Mandy is now being fucked Doggy Style by Road Dogg
who's slapping her ass each time his cock fully penetrates her tight pussy.
But her moans are quite muffled as she has Billy's cock in her mouth. She
sucks on it long and hard, as she wraps on of her hands around his left thigh
to give herself more balance. Billy leans forward a bit and hooks his hands
under her upper body to hold her up as she slides her other hand between her
legs. Mandy starts rubbing her pussy with the palm of her soft hand as her
fingers slide against Road Dogg's prick going in and out of her cunt.

Now, Bobcat is facing Hunter as she rides him. She has her hands on his
powerful chest, but soon leans forward some, allowing X-Pac a clear shot at
either fucking her twat along side Hunter or fucking her perfectly shaped
ass. X-Pac chooses to work her pussy, and jams his prick into her as soon as
she reaches the top of Hunter's cock. Bobcat screams a bit, mostly out of
surprise, but she pushes back onto both cocks easily. She impresses both men
as she's able to almost keep her previous pace. X-Pac grabs onto both of her
pigtails and holds on for the ride.

Over on the other side of the locker room, Mandy is now standing with her
hands on the wall, getting fucked in the ass by Billy Gunn. Mandy looks back
at him and licks her lips seductively causing Billy to fuck her harder. Road
Dogg is nearby watching, but figures it's time for him to join in on the fun.
He stands next to Billy, who moves a bit to the left and pulls his cock out
to the point where just the head of it is in her asshole. Road Dogg spits on
the head of his dick to add some extra lubricant. He then presses his cock
against her asshole and Billy's cock and slowly works his dick inside of
Mandy. Mandy bites her lower lip extremely hard as the WWF Tag Team Champions
pump and pound her ass like a well oiled machine.

Both Bobcat and Mandy are trying to push back on the cocks inside them, but
the strain is too much, they both end up cumming at almost the same instant.
The four members of D-X pull out of the hos and smirk at each other.

"These were his best?" X-Pac Laughs.

"Hey ... they are hos ... they can last all night..." Billy says.

"Right, so let's trade up... I want to see what that chick's got." Road Dogg

Hunter nods approvingly, "Good idea Jesse..." With that X-Pac and Hunter and
the Outlaws approach the Mandy and Bobcat respectively.

The Outlaws get to Bobcat before Pac and Hunter get to Mandy. Both men kneel
next to her and start to stimulate her a bit by running their hands all over
her body. Billy moves between her legs and lays on his stomach. He holds both
of her legs straight up in the air as he begins to munch on her pussy. He
slides his tongue from side to side. Road Dogg mounts her body and lays his
cock in between her breasts. He presses her tits together and begins to rock
his hips back and forth, fucking her chest. Bobcat lifts her head a bit and
licks the head of his cock. Billy now is sucking on Bobcat's clit and has two
fingers in her pussy, fingering her at a slow pace, using primarily his mouth
to work her pussy.

Hunter has now picked up the body of Mandy and holds her in his arms. He
turns her a bit so her arms are dangling over his shoulders. He lowers her
down a bit until her pussy is penetrated by his cock. Mandy whimpers a bit
but soon lets out a low moan ass she begins to gyrate he hips to grind
against him. Hunter continues to lower her down until finally all of his
cock is buried in her muff-taco. X-Pac smirks a bit as he stands behind her.
Mandy's ass is raising and falling a bit as she wraps her arms and legs
around Hunter. X-Pac holds his cock steady as Hunter sees what he has in
mind. Hunter lets go of Mandy a bit causing her to fall a bit and take
X-Pac's cock in her ass. She squeals a bit, then gradually starts to grind
down on both cocks. X-Pac nibbles on her ear lobe as Hunter readjust his
hold of her.

On the floor, Bobcat is now on her side, and is being fucked from behind by
Road Dogg, who is also on his side. One of Bobcat's legs is angled so it's
behind his as she supports her upper body with one arm. With her other arm,
she's holding onto the base of Billy's cock and is sucking on it steadily,
wiggling her tongue all over it, and occasionally lightly biting down on it.
Billy's head is titled backward, his eyes are closed as he like the rest of
the men, matching the women's moans of pleasure with untranslatable grunts.

This continues for a while, until Hunter and X-Pac let Mandy down and lay
her near Bobcat. Hunter and X-Pac help Road Dogg roll onto his back so that
Bobcat is on top. Billy kneels next to her head so she can continue sucking
his cock. X-Pac kneels on the other side of her head and helps her grabs his
cock. Bobcat starts turning her head back and forth sucking both men's dicks.
Hunter drags Mandy towards Bobcat's pussy and positions her face there. Mandy
doesn't waste time and starts licking her fellow ho's lovebox at the same
time licking the shaft of Road Dogg's cock. Hunter gets behind Mandy, taps
his dick on her ass, then slams it into her asshole.

Every time Hunter thrusts forward it causes Mandy's face to grind against
both Bobcat's pussy and Road Dogg's Dick. Bobcat is moaning and giggling as
she's getting fucked and eaten out. She pulls both X-Pac and Billy closer so
she can lick the heads of both dicks at the same time. The moans of all six
individuals echo through out the locker room as the fucking, eating and
sucking continues. Bobcat is at the center of it all and soon enough starts
to cum on Road Dogg's cock and Mandy's tongue.

Hunter grabs Mandy's waist and pulls her away from Bobcat. Mandy slams back
onto his cock while again reaches between her legs and starts to masturbate
as she's being drilled up the ass. Mandy throws her head around in ecstasy
as she climaxes for the second time. Hunter pulls out of her ass, then Billy
and Road Dogg grabs her arms and drags her next to Bobcat. The two women
turn onto their sides, facing each other and start to cuddle a bit as the
four men surround them. They all starts jerking off and within seconds of
each other, they start to cum. Their hot, steamy loads of banana juice shoot
down on the chests and faces of Mandy & Bobcat. Both women turn there heads
up and open their mouths, catching as much sperm as they can like baby

Once they are spent, The four members of D-X help them up, X-Pac opens the
door to the locker room. Hunter strokes both their faces.

"Thanks for the good time ladies, now get the fuck out of our locker room..."
he says to them Billy and Road Dogg toss the naked women out into the hall.
As they try to scamper back into the room to get their closes, X-Pac slams
the door shut on their faces...

As the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape... On a
side table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is going
to be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: Puppies!

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