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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 8: Puppies!
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The next video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on. Static
dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

At a privatly owned gym in Chicago, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac are
working out. All three men were given the day off by Stephanie and Hunter as
a reward for their latest beat down on the Rock, and since they don't want to
get spotted out in public, they collectivly agreed to go kill the day working
out. Billy is lifting some free-weights as X-Pac spots Road Dogg as he does
some bench-presses.

"Damn... that bitch Chyna really got what was coming to her, right guys?"
Billy says as he lifts the weights up and down.

"Hell yeah... although her pussy wasn't that bad..." Road Dogg says as he
sits up after X-Pac helps him set the weight he was lifting back on it's
rack. Road Dogg looks at Pac, "How come you didn't join in?"

X-Pac laughs, "Because the only real fuckable chick with tits like that
around here is Debra..."

Billy and Road Dogg look at him with raised eyebrows, Billy puts down his
weights and asks, "You're not talking about the Debra up here? You know, Mrs.
Stone Cold?"

X-Pac nods his head, "That's exactly who I'm talking about." Road Dogg then
tapes his shoulder, "Speaking of which, there she is..." Road Dogg points
towards the a blond, big chested woman walking from the gym locker room
towards a treadmil. Debra sets the treadmill at a decent setting. The trio
of degeneates watch as her breasts bounce with every step she takes.

"Look at those tits..." Billy says with a smirk. He didn't need to say that
since that's exactly what X-Pac and Road Dogg are looking at.

"We got to fuck her..." Road Dogg says as he starts to get a noticable buldge
in his shorts. Billy looks at him in shock.

"Jesse are you out of your mind? That's Stone Cold's wife for christ sakes...
if we touch her we're dead meat."

X-Pac laughs, "So what... with Steph and Hunter in charge we can do whatever
we want." Billy smiles as he can't find a reason to disagree with X-Pac's
logic as X-Pac then says, "Now let's go get us some puppy chow." Road Dogg
barks a bit, and the trio laughs as they start to approach Debra. Debra has
now gotten of the treadmill and is sitting on a bench, during arm curls, "Hey
Debbie..." X-Pac says as he and the Outlaws surround her.

Debra looks at the three men and smiles, "Hey ya'll... how's it going?"

"It's going pretty well," Billy says as he, like most guys, get's a bit
mesmerized by her southern accent for a moment.

"Yeah, we got no complaints..." Road Dogg adds with a goofy grin, causing
Debra to giggle a bit.

"That's great... I hear you guys are living large now that Hunter and
Stephanie are together." Debra says that in a way where she reveals she
hasn't been watching Raw of Smackdown during her absense and is going by
what she's been hearing.

"That's right... D-X is finally running things the way we should've been all
along." X-Pac says as he streches his arms The Outlawas walk back towards the
weight racks acting like they are working out. "Hey... do you mind spotting
me on the on the weights?"

Debra smiles, "No, I'll be happy to help."

She and X-Pac walk to a weight machine where X-Pac lays on his back and pulls
down on some weights, but someone needs to hold his legs down. Debra paces
her hands on his thighs while kneeling down a bit to hold his legs. X-Pac
starts to pull down on the weights, while at the same time wiggling his lower
body a bit as if he was using everything his has to do the exercise. In
reality hes moving around to have Debra's hand touch his crotch. Debra holds
his legs down harder, but he compensates and again he get's her to touch his
crotch, this time there's a bit of bit of a buldge. Debra isn't stupid and
sees what X-Pac is doing. She stops holding his legs.

"I think you better get one of your friends to hold your legs... I appear to
be distracting you." Debra starts to walk away. X-Pac jumps up and scampers
to get in front of her.

"Woah baby... you can't leave yet."

Debra stops and crosses her arms, "And why not?"

X-Pac smirks, "Because you got to finish what you started." X-Pac grabs his
own crotch to show her what he means.

"I didn't cause that... you did..."

X-Pac waves a finger, "Yes you did... you could've told me to stay more still
the first time..."

Debra gets a flustered look on her face, "So what do you want me to do?"

X-Pac grins, for this was the sign he was looking for. He lowers his workout
trunks, revealing his erect cock to her. "Two words... suck it."

Debra's eyes are locked on his cock. It's no secret that Debra loves cock,
and never really cared of how big or small it was as long as it was a dick.
She licks her lips a bit but shakes her head, "I can't... what about your

"They'll join in if they want..."

Debra gets an undecied look on her face, but the lure of X-Pac's cock is too
much, "Oh... all right..." She kneels down in front of him, grips his cock
and starts to pump it a bit. With each stroke, Debra can feel her pussy
becoming more wet.

"That's it Debbie... get a nice good grip..." X-Pac says as he feels himself
being pulled forward by Debra. Debra brings him closer to her mouth which is
wide open. Debra scoots forward a bit and takes his prick into her gullet.
She lets her saliva coat his cock for a long moment and slowly slides her
tongue from side to side along the bottom of it.

"Oh shit... that's good..." X-Pac moans a litte as Debra slowly beings to bob
her head on his dick. She closes her eyes and moans softly. The resulting
vibratons send mini shock waves through his body. Billy and Road Dogg see
what's happening and give each other a high five.

"Look at her... she's pratically making love to his dick with her mouth..."
Road Dogg says in a amazement.

"No wonder Stone Cold married her..." Billy laughs a bit, as he pulls out his
cock. He starts to stroke it in rhytym of Debra's bobbing. Road Dogg soon
does what Billy did and brings out his cock. The two men move closer to get
better looks of the action as Debra tilts her head from side to side to make
sure her tongue glides along the sides of X-Pac's meat. She slowly lifts her
head from his shaft. Debra holds his cock straight up as she leans forward to
lick his balls. As she takes his left nut into her mouth, she sees Billy and
Road Dogg's cocks.

"God I'm suck a cock-whore..." She thinks to herself as she moves her head
away from X-Pac's nuts. Debra sits up a bit, and smiles at the Outlaws, "Come
on over..." She says with a seductive smiles as she pulls off her sleeveless
workout top. Her breasts jingle a bit as soon as the material of the top is
pulled away. Billy and Road Dogg walks towards her and X-Pac, and stand to
left and right respetivly.

Debra takes hold of X-Pac and Road Dogg's cock and strokes them both. She
turns her head to the left and takes Billy's cock into her mouth. She cannnot
duplicate the things she was doing on X-Pac on Billy, so Billy places his
hands on her head. He pushes more of his cock into her mouth, until he
reaches the back of her throat. Debra closes her mouth tightly around his
prick as she tightens her hold on the other men's rods.

"God damn... I can't even fuck her throat..." Billy says as he tries to trust
in and out of her mouth, but Debra manages to keep his cock still. She bites
down lightly on his cock and slowly pulls her head away, dragging her teeth
along it. "Ohhhhh fucking hell..." Billy yells a bit, mostly out of pleasure.
When Debra reaches the tip she flicks her tongue over it for a moment.

Debra then switches her hands to where she's stroking Billy and X-Pac. She
turns her head to the right and smiles up at Road Dogg. She then releases
both the dicks in her hands. Debra looks at Pac and Billy and says, "Hold
my mouth open." She opens her mouth as wide as it can go and Billy and X-Pac
does what she told them and holds it open. Road Dogg gets the picture of
what she wants to happen. He grips his dick and slides it into her mouth
completely, causing her to gag noticeably. Road Dogg thrusts in and out of
her mouth for a time before she places her hands on X-Pac and Billy's hand
to signal them to let go. They do and the trip takes a step back from Debra.
She brushes a strand of hair from her face as she looks at them.

"Ya'll are a bit overdressed..." With that the three men strip down
completely as Debra lays on her back and tugs off her workout shorts. Debra
then rolls over until she's on all fours and looks back at Billy. "Come on
Billy... give me a bone..." Billy smirks and kneels behind her and works
his cock into her pussy. Debra lets out a low moan and pushes back. Between
the two of them, Billy's dick is soon buried completly in her pussy. Billy
slowly beings to fuck her and quickly starts to pick up speed.

"Oh... ohhh... ohhhh yes... fuck my pussy... c'mon..." Debra moans as
she looks forwards at the two dicks in front of her. Debra pushing back
constantly on Billy's rod as it fills her cunt compleltly. She opesn her
mouth wide and sticks her tongue out, inviting both X-Pac and Road Dogg
to use it. Both hold their cocks near her mouth, and Debra slobbers over
both. She spits on each on several times as she rolls her hands into fists
as Billy delivers some sharp thrusts.

"Ahhh shit... Austin's a lucky mother fucker..." X-Pac says as he and Road
Dogg stroke their cocks spread around Debra's spit.

"Fuck yeah... how did he get lucky with a slut wife like this..." Billy
grunts, his thrusts become more variant, sometimes going fast and hard, or
slow and gentle. Debra smirks and looks up at Road Dogg.

"You want... to see... slutty... get back... there... fuck... fuck mt ass..."
Debra gives him a wink before she tries to touch X-Pac's cock with her
tongue. Road Dogg smiles at the order and gets behind her. He kneels next to
Billy and sticks his dick upe into her asshole which clenches tightly around
his cock. Debra focuses a bit and tighens up her ass, forcing Road Dogg to
force his way in. With a mighty groan, Road Dogg sames his rod up her ass.

"FUCK!" Debra yells as she jolts forward. WIth her mouth wide open, X-Pac
takes advantage and slides his cock into it. He grabs hold of Debra's blond
hair as she instantly bobs her head rapidly on his dick as Road Dogg and
Billy work on getting rhytym going by matching eachs other thrusts and
intensity. Debra's knuckles are pure white as she clenches her fists
tighter. X-Pac looks at his two buddies as they pound the busty diva from
behind and gets a bit jealous.

"Hey... it's my turn to drill her!" X-Pac pulls out of her mouth, Billy and
Road Dogg laugh for a moment, and they soon pull out oher two holes. Debra
is not at all pleased by this, and from her kneeling posistion she lurches
forward and tackles X-Pac, forcing him to his back. She grabs the base of
his cock and holds it straight up as she posistions her pussy over it.

"You want to fuck me?" Debra says with a lustful wink and smile. She doesn't
wait for an answer and drops down on his cock. X-Pac gasps a bit in reaction
to the sudden vice like pressure now on his cock. Debra starts rocking her
hips back and forth.

"Ahhhhh yeah... this... is fucking... great!" Debra yells. Her eyes are
closed tight as she cups her own breasts. She doesn't realize that Billy is
now standing over X-Pac and his ass is near her face. Road Dogg then taps
her shoulder and Debra opens her eyes and sees the rear of Mr. Ass. She
licks her lips, wraps her arms around Billy's waist, leans forward and
starts licking up and down his ass Crack. Billy grips his own cock and
starts pumping it as Debra wiggles her soft tongue up into his asshole.

"Billy... if you cum and it lands on me... I swear..." X-Pac can't finish
his sentance as Debra lifts herself up again and drops back down to shut him
up. Debra stops licking Billy's ass and smacks his leff butt cheek.

"That was yummy Billy... I love ham sandwhiches..." Billy moves away and sits
on a near by workout bench. Debra leans forward and her tits and over X-Pac's
face. Her ass is pointed up in the air as she continues to come down on his
cock. Road Dogg gets behind her again and spits on his cock. He presses it
against her pussy and carefully works it in along side X-Pac's.

"OHhhhhhh son of a bitch!" Debra clenches her teeth as she tries to regain
her momentum. Road Dogg doesn't have to do anything thrusting at all since
Debra's hot to trot pace is doing more for her than anything he could do.

"Ahhh Ahhh Ohhh Yes." Debra moans as X-Pac cups her breasts that are dangling
over him, he holds them as still as possible and sucks on them, like an
infant trying to get milk from them. Road Dogg finally begins to do some
thrusting, his cock grinding against X-Pac's like two sticks being used to
start a fire. Debra then looks back at Jesse, "Pull... out.... now..." Road
Dogg does what he's told and Debra gets off of X-Pac. SHe ginglerly walks to
the exercise bench Billy is sitting on and lays on it, legs spread wide open,
"Come and beat up my pussy..." she tells them in a seductive voice.

Billy is already there and he's the first to get inside her cunt. His cock
flows in and out of her cunt like water out of a garden hose. Debra's moans
get louder with every thrust. She wraps her arms around him and digs her
nails into his back. Billy breaks her hold with a slight yell and leans up
a bit. Debra is on cloud nive right now as she starts to scream, "More dick,
more dick! Give me more dick you mother fuckers!" X-Pac and Road Dogg come
to her as she calls for more cock, but there's no place for them at her
pussy. X-Pac mounts the bench and straddles her body and slaps her breasts
with his cock.

"Is this with you want, Debbie?"

Debra nods frantically as Billy gives her some more sharp thrusts, "Yes...
fuck my fucking tits with it... fuck them raw!" X-pac doesn't need to be
told twice. He lays his dick inbetween her chest mountains. Debra presses
her breasts together, creating a skin tunnel for him to thrust into. X-Pac
arches his body a bit and fucks her tits as hard as he can. Road Dogg is
standing to the side and he slaps her face with his cock. Debra turns her
head and opens her mouth to take it in. She can bob her head, but she sucks
it has hard as she can. Debra moans around Road Dogg's dick as she starts
to climax. Her body shakes a bit as her orgasm would rate as a 9.95 on the
ritcher scale. Debra spits out Road Dogg's cock. "Cum on me... cum on me

"Fuck this chick is demanding." Billy says as he pulls out of her.

"Yeah... so is Stephanie... what's your point?" X-Pac smirks as he dismounts
her body.

"Hunter would love to fuck her..." Road Dogg adds as the he and the the other
two starts to beat them selves off. Debra lays on the bench with one leg on
and one leg off, squeezing her left breast with her right hand and rubbing
her twat with the other. All three men watch Debra bring her self to another

"Ah fuck... that is so fucking hot..." X-Pac says as he starts to cum on her
upper body. Billy and Road Dogg soon follow and they paint her left hand and
face with their dick-snot. When they are spent, they watch as Debra licks off
the cum from her hand like a cat cleaning itself. Debra smiles up at the trio

"Mmmm... aren't there... supposed four of you?" Debra asks with a sweet smile
causing the trio to exchange looks.

"We so got to take her back to Trips..." Road Dogg says with a goofball grin.

The screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape... On a side
table near the Television is a stack of tapes. One wonders what is going to
be on the next tape.

Next in the Series: The Horny Little Devil

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