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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 9: The Horny Little Devil
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The ninth video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

In the locker room of Degeneration X, Triple H, X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws
are sitting on the leather couches while watching a tape of Fabulous Moolah
and The Great Mae Young versus the Holly Cousins in a tag team match made by
Hunter's wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in retaliation for something Moolah
said to her. All four men are laughing their asses off as they watch the
senior citizen women wrestlers get destroyed.

"Oh fuck! She's dead, she's gotta be!" Road Dogg laughs after watching Mae
get body slammed by Hardcore Holly.

Hunter smirks, "Steph really showed those two old bags how things go down
around here now."

X-Pac laughs hysterically, "Yeah Hunter, everyone knows now that you don't
cross the boss ... or DX."

Billy happens to look at his watch, "Shit, I'm late ... it's my turn to fuck
Stephanie's brains out..." Billy gets up and leaves.

Road Dogg calls out after him, "Have fun Billy!" X-Pac and Hunter almost die
with laughter at his comment. After a few moment, all three men calm down as
Hunter gets a grin on his face.

"Speaking of fucking people's brains out ... either one of you want to see if
there's any divas still around?"

X-Pac and Road Dogg smirks, as Pac answers for both men, "Like you needed to
ask that..."

"What are we waiting for?" Road Dogg asks as Hunter approaches the door.

"For you two to get off your asses and come on." Hunter laughs.

A short time later, the remaining trio of DX members enter the women's locker
room, and they see that it's already deserted.

"Awww damn..." Road Dogg says as he kicks a metal chair over. "No one's

"Don't worry Jesse, we'll just go to the hotel and..." Hunter is then cut off
by X-Pac.

"Hey ... do you guys here something..." Road Dogg and Hunter both look at him
with raised eyebrows.

"Hear what?" Hunter asks,

"Sssh, listen..." The trio of men get very quiet and faint sound of a shower
running is heard. All three men get smiles on there faces and head towards
the shower area of the women's locker room. They all poke there heads into it
in a Three Stooges like manner and they see the naked body of Terri under the
shower washing her body.

Terri's eyes are closed as she caresses her own breasts as she lathers
them up with soap. She tweaks the nipple of her right breasts by rolling it
between her thumb and pointer finger. Terri lowers her hand with the soap
down her tummy slowly, and it travels down to between her legs. She turns
the soap a bit in her hand so it's long ways. Terri starts to lather up her
pussy while at the same time stimulating it. Terri lets out a soft moan as
she drops the soap. Terri inserts two of her fingers into her soapy wet cunt,
fingering herself. She moves against the wall of the shower, leaning her
shoulder on it as she moves her fingers in and out of herself faster.

The three members of D-X stop looking at her for a moment and get into a

"Holy shit ... did you see that," X-Pac whispers excitedly.

"What do you think?" Road says as he slaps him upside his head. Hunter
chuckles a bit, then gets a smirk on his face.

"She looked rather lonely in there... I think she'd want some company..."
X-Pac and Road Dogg both nod their head in agreement before the trio quickly
strips down. They all toss their clothes into a corner and enter the shower
area. They walk casually over to Terri who doesn't notice their presence
until Hunter pats her ass, "Hey Terri..."

Terri's heart almost jumps into her throat and she opens her eyes in shock.
Her face is as red as a stop-sign. Terri quickly sees that she's surrounded
on three side by Hunter, X-Pac and Road Dogg. Terri composes herself her and
slide a strand of her wet hair from her face as she just then realizes they
are all naked, with quickly growing erections hanging between their legs.
Terri's been around the block a few times, so she knows what they want. Terri
takes into consideration that they saw her masturbating as she was washing
herself and has a feeling they have an idea of what she wants. But she's not
going to make it easy for them. Terri crosses her arms and covers her chest.

"Hey guys ... you do know ... this is the women's shower right?"

The trio of men laugh, and Hunter takes the lead, "Yeah ... we know, we were
just looking for some fun ... and by the looks of things you want to play."
Road Dogg and X-Pac laugh a bit as they eye up the petite woman's body.

"Perhaps..." Terri ducks a bit and manages to get out of being cornered by
the trio of Degenerates. She walks out of the shower area, followed by the
three naked men.

"Perhaps?" X-Pac asks as Terri picks up a towel and starts to try herself

"Yeah ... perhaps I do ... perhaps I don't..." Terri smiles a bit.

Hunter smirks and walks towards her, "What will make you want to play."

Terri's face turns a bit serious, she then pokes Hunter in the chest,
"Well ... you did interrupt me ... so... I want my pussy eaten." Terri looks
around for the metal chair that she had set up to sit down on and sees it
across the room. She folds her arms, "All right ... who moved my chair?"

Road Dogg sheepishly raises his hand, "Sorry Terri..."

"It's all right..." Terri smiles and then looks at Hunter, "All right Big
Nose ... the buffet line is open..."

Hunter laughs a bit and sits down on the floor of the locker room. He pushes
his arms between Terri and has her spreads her legs apart, exposing her pussy
a bit more. Hunter leans forward and buries his Gene Simmons like tongue up
in her snatch. He moves his head back and forth, bringing her tongue in and
out of her pussy at a brisk pace. Terri places her hands on his head and
plays with his hair.

"Oh yes ... stick that freakish tongue in me..." Terri moans as she closes
her eyes. She doesn't realize that X-Pac has now moved and is now kneeling
behind her. He places his hands on her firm, yet bubble like ass cheeks and
squeezes them repeatedly. As Triple H practically tongue fucks her cunt,
X-Pac kisses the area of her tail bone. He spreads her ass apart, sticks his
tongue out and drags it downward from her tailbone all the way down to the
bottom of her asscrack. He licks back upward, then goes back down. Soon his
head is moving quickly as he wets every inch of her asscrack.

"Mmmm ... yeah ... work those tongues..." Terri says as Road Dogg now joins
in. He stands to her right and leans down a bit to play with her breasts.
Road Dogg reaches across, and lifts her left chest-orb up and down, squeezes
it and so on as he takes her left tit into his mouth and sucks on it. He
taps her nipple with the tip of his tongue, getting Terri to gasp a little
in pleasure.

The tiny diva moves a hand from Hunter's head and gently takes hold of Road
Dogg's cock. She strokes it a bit as she opens her eyes. She smiles at him,
"This is a nice cock you have... I would love to feel it in my ass..." Road
Dogg smiles as X-Pac moves from behind her after hearing her comment. Hunter
laps at her pussy like an animal, as Road Dogg sticks his dick into her ass.
He begins to fuck her slowly.

"Damn... I was right... I do love it up my ass..." Terri purrs as she leans
her upper body forward. She moves her hips a bit to push back on Road Dogg's
cock and to get more of Hunter's tongue into her cunt. Road Dogg places his
hands on her hips to get more leverage as he lifts her up a bit. "Ohhh Ohhh
Ohhhh ... that's great..."

Hunter finally stops eating her out, "Damn ... my tongue is getting tired..."
X-Pac laughs at him. Hunter moves away to rest his mouth for a while. Terri
pouts, and moves away from Road Dogg, letting his cock fall out of her ass.

"I wanted some more of your tongue..." Terri crosses her arms. X-Pac and Road
Dogg stand next to and pat her ass.

"Don't worry baby... I'll finish you off ... just lay down," Road Dogg
smiles. Terri licks her lips and lays down on the locker room floor. She
spreads her legs apart for him as he lays down ands starts to suck on her
juicy pussy lips. Terri cups her breasts and moves them around in circles
as she lifts her hips in reaction to his talented tongue.

X-Pac takes advantage of Terri being on her back and mounter her belly. He
lays his cock between her tits and places his hands on top of hers. Terri
looks at the cock between her breasts and smiles. She presses her tits
together as X-Pac starts to fuck her breasts. Terri lifts her head a bit
licks the head of his cock every time it comes close to her mouth.

"Damn ... she tastes like honey..." Road Dogg says before he switches to
tongue fucking her twat. He slides a hand under her ass and manages to get
two fingers into her ass. Terri's lower body shoots upward a bit after the
sudden invasion of her ass. Terri closes her lips around X-Pac's cock then
releases her breasts and takes hold of it to hold his fuck-stick still.
Terri bobs her head a bit, tracing her tongue around it then she stops.

"Mmmmm... I've had enough tongue love ... now I want it ... and I want it
now..." Terri smiles sweetly. Road Dogg moves away from her pussy and takes
a rest. X-Pac then positions himself above and aims his cock at her twat. He
strokes his dick a few time, then slams it down into her. Terri's eyes go
wide and her mouth flies open, she tries to express her pleasure from what
he just did, but can't form the words. X-Pac moves his own hips upward so
his cock exits her pussy and slams downward again, He repeats the action
over and over again. Terri practically chants "Oh my God" every time his
cock enters her pussy.

Hunter, who has been enjoying the show, finally chooses to rejoin the action,
just as Terri wraps her arms and legs around X-Pac's neck and body. As the
beautiful diva holds on for dear life, Hunter comes closer and rolls the pair
over to where X-Pac is on the bottom and Terri is on top. Terri doesn't get a
chance to start free riding X-Pac's cock, for Hunter gets behind. Hunter
drives his massive cock into her asshole, and fucks it without remorse.

"Ahhhhh fuck yes ... that's it ... wear out my ass!" Terri screams as she
grinds down on X-Pac cock while pushing back on Hunter's. The two members of
the original clique fuck the holes of Terri in almost perfect harmony, but
Hunter is using all of his strength to deliver his thrusts at twice the force
X-Pac is using. Terri's body glistens with sweat as she places her hands on
the floor above X-Pac's shoulders. Terri looks out of the corner of her eye
at Road Dogg who's spanking his one eyed wonder worm. Terri licks her lips as
she watches his hand travel over his dick. Terri looks back at Hunter as he
gives her a very sharp thrust.

"Hunt... Hunter... I... need... a... quick ... break..." Terri says as she
tries to catch her breath. Even though she's not doing much now, the strain
of how she's being fucked it taking a toll on her. Hunter smirks and fucks
her for a little while longer before he pulls out of her pussy. Terri pushes
herself off of X-Pac's cock and crawls over to Road Dogg. "Do you ... mind
laying down?" Terri asks sweetly.

"Nope... I don't mind at all..." Road Dogg says as he lays down on the
ground. Terri smiles and crawls onto his body. Terri grips the base of his
cock and holds it straight up and slowly mounts it. She comes down slowly,
still holding the base of his cock, and starts to ride him. Terri finally
lets go of his dick and runs both her hands through her blond hair. Hunter
and X-Pac walk over to get a better look, and as soon as they get within
arm's reach, Terri extends her arms out and grabs both men's cock. Terri
uses both men's dicks as a pull-up bar to lift her self up every time she
drops down on Road Dogg's cock. She rocks her hips a bit to change up how
she comes down as she strokes both cocks that are in her hands.

But Terri is pretty much exhausted at this point and her hands slip from
the dicks of X-Pac and Hunter. Terri falls forward while still on Road
Dogg's dick. Hunter and X-Pac turn her around so she's in the reverse
mount position. This inspires the D-O-Double-Gizzle to roll over. He puts
Terri in a variation of the doggy style position, but her face is down and
her ass is up.

"Time to do this, doggy style..." Road Dogg start to fuck her has hard as he
can, causing Terri to moan mindlessly in pleasure. Using what strength she
has left she pushes her upper body off the ground and is now in the proper
version of Road Dogg's favorite position.

"Ohhh Ohh God... I'm... I'm...." Terri can finish her sentence as she starts
to climax. X-Pac and Hunter then pull Road Dogg out of her pussy, and X-Pac
gets his cock in her. He chooses to drill her quickly, his cock flying in and
out of her at a blinding speed. Terri's hair flies in many directions as she
tries to push back, but she's still too weak. She lets a groan as she starts
to cum again, signally that Terri is now at the point where anything can
bring her to orgasm. X-Pac pulls out of her and smirks back at Hunter.

"Your turn Trips."

Hunter smirks and gets behind her, Terri looks back at him over her shoulder
and smiles at him. Hunter teases that he's going to fuck her pussy, then he
presses his cock against her asshole.

"Stop ... stop teasing and fuck me..."

Hunter complies and drives his hot rod into her already well-fucked pussy.
Hunter holds onto her hips and is constantly pulling her backward on to his
cock every time her thrusts forward. Terri rotates her hips as best she can,
but she starts to explode yet again. Hunter starts to pick up speed, Terri's
head is moving up and down like a headbanger's would at a metal concert.
X-Pac and Road Dogg are both jerking off, as they watch their leader ravage
Terri like a beast. Terri can't take any more after she reaches the ultimate
sexual high, and starts tapping the floor.

Hunter brings himself out of the exhausted woman, and his cock is throbbing
since it's now on the brink. X-Pac and Road Dogg take Terri's arms and drags
her against a wall. They prop her up against it as Hunter now joins them and
the trio holds their cocks against her mouth. Terri manages to open it up
and slowly wiggles her tongue around to flick it against the slits on their
dicks. The D-X member start working their meat and start to blow their loads
over her face. Terri opens her mouth to catch some of it, the men let their
dicks go, letting nature take over. All three cocks spasm as stream after
stream of warm semen shoot out and splatters all over her face. Hunter, Road
Dogg and X-Pac takes a step back to look at her.

"Shit ... she's a fucking mess..." X-Pac says with a grin, "We better clean
her up."

Each man then rubs their cocks against her face, smearing their cum on to
their dicks while cleaning her up.

"Damn ... now we're dirty..." Road Dogg laughs. His laughter somehow acts a
like a wake up call for Terri who is now looking up at them with a smile on
her face.

"I... I'll clean them..."

All three men look at each other and smirk as Terri moves forward to being
working on their cocks again...

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television there are a few tapes left... What could
possibly be on the next tape?

Next in the Series: Lilian Does Wrong

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