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Banging The Diva's, D-X Style Part 10: Lilian Does Wrong
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

The tenth video cassette is inserted into a VCR, and a TV is turned on.
Static dances across the screen for a few moments until something comes on...

At a WWF Live Event a few weeks prior to the 2000 No Way Out Pay Per View,
the New Age Outlaws have just defeated The Dudley Boyz to retain their WWF
Tag Team Titles. New WWF Ring Announcer, Lilian Garcia stands up with her
microphone in hand to officially announce the match result to the sold out

"Here are your winners, Road Hog and Willie Bun, the New Age Outlaws."

The crowd laughs as Lilian screws up the Outlaws names, but the Outlaws are
not laughing and are staring at her in disbelief. They grab their title belts
and storm to the locker room area.

"That bitch Lilian fucked it up again! How hard is it to read little blue
card and to say our names right!" Billy says as he throws his belt down in

Road Dogg nods his head in agreement, "And on top of that, she forgot to say
we are still the Tag Fucking Champs!"

Billy punches the wall and paces around for a few moments, then stops and
looks at Road Dogg with a smirk on his face. "You know what I say..."

"No What?"

"I saw ... we teach that little whore exactly who we are..."

A few days Later in the arena where Raw is being held for the evening, Lilian
Garcia is alone in the empty arena. She sees that one of the turnbuckle pads
is loose so she adjusts it by tightening the strings on it. Road Dogg and
Billy come down the entrance ramp and enter the ring.

"Hey, moron!" Billy says as both men fold there arms. Lilian raises an
eyebrow and turns around.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, I called you a moron, an idiot, a fuck up..." Billy replies.

"I'm not any of those things..." Lilian says as she pushes a few strands of
hair behind her ear.

"Yes, you are ... you can't get our names right," Billy says.

"I'm new... I've never done this before ... so I'm bound to make mistakes now
and again..." Lilian starts to bend down to step through the ring ropes but
Road Dogg stops her by grabbing her arm and twisting her wrist. Lilian lets
out a bit of a scream in pain.

"You're not going anywhere bitch ... not until you learn our names." Road
Dogg pushes her into against the turnbuckles, and both outlaws start to rip
off her clothes, staring with her skirt and panties.

"Stop it! Help!" Lilian cries out as Billy rips her blouse in two, exposing
her black bra which Road Dogg quickly tatters. Lilian tries to cover her
chest as Billy slaps her face with the palm of his hand. Lilian eyes start
to tear up. Road Dogg pulls her from the corner and pushes her back into so
hard, the after effect causes Lilian to go down to her knees. The two men
lower their pants and pull out their cocks. Billy grabs her by her hair and
slaps her face with his cock.

"Open your fucking mouth..."

"N-... MFFFHGHT!" Lilian opens her mouth to say no, but Billy takes advantage
and forces his cock down her gullet. Lilian places her hands on his legs to
push him away, but she's no match for one the purest athletes in the WWF.
Billy holds her hair now with both hands, pulling her head back as he fucks
her beautiful mouth. Lilian screams around his dick, her saliva pours out
the sides. He continues the assault for a time as tears flow down her face,
ruining her make up before he finally pulls out of her face. He slaps her
again, causing Lilian to cower in the corner like a scared puppy.

The Outlaws laugh at the frighten announcer, Road Dogg yanks on her hair,
"All right bitch, my turn ... suck my cock."

Lilian looks down for a moment still crying, but then looks up at him. She
slowly reaches for his cock to hold it as she leans forward to lick the tip.
She opens her mouth a bit and sucks on the head for a time slowly. Lilian's
eyes are red from all her crying but she hesitantly takes more of his rod
into her mouth. She taps her tongue against the bottom and sides of his dick,
sliding it side to side.

"Damn Billy ... she sucks as an announcer ... but she's great at sucking..."
Road Dogg says as he releases her hair. Lilian places her hands on his
thighs, closes her eyes and gives Road Dogg the best possible head she can.
She almost forgets about Billy until he grabs the back of her head and yanks
her off Road Dogg's cock.

"So ... she's good at sucking is she? Let's see how good she is at fucking."
Billy drags her by her hair to the other side of the ring and climbs up to
the top turnbuckle and sits on it. He pulls Lilian up and sits her on his
cock. "Ride me you stupid cunt, or else you'll have one hell of a fall."

Lilian swallows and places her hands on his chest as she slowly begins to
ride him. She moves up and down, whimpering each time she feels his dick
completely fill her tight cunt. She wraps her arms around his neck and leans
back, rocking her hips in a rotating manner, grinding her pussy down on his

"My, my ... she's got a sweet fucking pussy ... no wonder Vince hired this
dunce..." Billy smirks as he places his hands on her asscheeks, squeezing
them as she continues to ride him.

"Well, I wouldn't no, I mean I haven't fucked her yet," Road Dogg says with
a smile as he approaches them.

"Oh yea... I forgot..." Billy laughs then he moves his hands belly and pushes
her off his dick. Lilian's eyes go wide as she thinks she's going to land on
the ring mat, but is surprised when Road Dogg catches her. He turns her
around in his arms so she's facing him. Road Dogg carries her towards another
corner of the ring, and he leans against it. He rebalances her in his arms so
he can grip his cock with the one hand.

Lilian wipes her eyes a bit and sees what he's doing and voluntarily helps
out by wrapping her legs around his waist. She places her hands on her
shoulders and holds her self up as Road Dogg aligns his cock with her pussy.
He then lowers her down a bit, and gradually his cock enters her. Lilian
again whimpers, but it's different from when she was fucking Billy, for it
sounds more like a moan.

Like when he was sucking his dick earlier, Lilian freely starts to fuck Road
Dogg, but any chance of a simple pleasurable sex act is deterred by Billy
Gunn. He has jumped off the top turnbuckle, landing on his feet. He quickly
closes the distance between himself and the others then stands on the bottom
ring ropes. He wraps an arm around Lilian's body to keep his balance, but and
uses his other to make sure his cock is pressed against her asshole. Lilian
feels his cock there, and looks back at him shaking her head.

"No ... please ... not that...."

Billy smirks, "This will teach you to remember out names." He pushes in to
her causing her to scream out in pain. She clutches her arms around Road
Dogg's neck as Billy fucks her ass without care. Lillian feels as though
her anal passage is being ripped in two and the force of Billy's thrusts
are making her fuck Road Dogg at the same rate.

"Ahhhh ... please.... Owww ... stop!"

Lillian's pleads fall on deaf ears as Billy continues to ravage her behind.
The sounds of flesh smashing against each other echo's through out the empty
arena. Billy suddenly pulls out of her ass and hops off the ring ropes. He
looks at her ass and smirks at how red her asshole appears.

"This fucking bitch never got fucked in the ass before." Road Dogg tilts his
head a bit as he bounces Lilian on his cock.

"You're kidding me right?"

Billy shakes his head, "They call me Mr. Ass for a reason... I know a fucking
anal virgin when I fuck one."

"Well, it's a good thing she's an excellent cock sucker..." Road Dogg replies
as he slides down against the turnbuckles until he's laying on the mat with
Lilian mounted on his cock. Billy smirks and grab's his partner's ankles and
drags him to the middle of the ring. Billy grabs her hair and forces her to
face his dick.

"Ride and suck," are the only words he tells her. Lilian sighs as she bounce
on Road Dogg's cock as quickly as she can and takes Billy's cock in her
mouth. She takes a different approach and sucks on it hard, inhaling deeply
to create more suction.

"Yeah ... that's it ... suck that cock ... suck it good..." Billy tightens
his hold on her hair, pulling on it and actually yanks a few strands out by
the roots. Road Dogg sits up a bit as he puts his hands on her hips to have
her ride him at the pace he desires. Billy then pulls his cock out of her
mouth and holds her by the her jaw.

"What are out names?"

Lilian looks at him wide eyed, "What ... oh God ... what do you..."

Billy slaps her face, "WHAT ARE OUR NAMES?!"

Lilian starts to cry again, "You ... are Billy... Gunn..." She closes her
eyes tightly. "And ... he's... the Road ... the Road Dogg..." Lilian starts
to bounce harder on Road Dogg's cock as Billy beats his own.

"And what are we?"

Lilian racks her brain as she tries to think and fuck at the same time,
"You're.... You are ... the... New... Age... Out... Laws..."

Billy closes his eyes as he jerks off faster, feeling the pressure of the cum
building in his balls.

"What titles do we hold?"

Road Dogg pushes Lilian off of his cock then stands up next to Billy and
starts jerking off as well. Billy yanks her up by her hair and sits her on
her knees. He repeats his question to her.

"What titles do we hold?!"

Lilian can't remember, but she's in such a aroused state now, she places both
hands between her legs and madly fucks her self with her hands. She jams four
fingers of one hands up her dripping cunt, causing herself to gasp.

"I... I... can't ... remember..."

Billy and Road Dogg look at each other and smirk, they take turns smacks
her face, but there's no real force behind their blows. Lilian is actually
becoming more and more aroused, her hands working her pussy as she brings
herself to climax at the same instant both men slap her face at the same

"You ... are ... the... Tag.... Ahhh Ahhh Team.... Ohhh Ahhh... Champions

Lilian lets out at scream that could make a man's blood turn cold, but on
the Outlaws it has another effect. The sight and sound of the abused ring
announcer combine with their own manipulation of their units is enough to
bring them to the brink. They start the cum, their loads landing almost
perfectly in her mouth which is so wide open a baseball bat could fit in

Lilian finally comes down from her orgasm and falls onto her side, breathing
heavily. Road Dogg smirks and looks at Billy,

"I think she knows who we are now..."

Suddenly the screen cuts back to static ... signally the end of the tape...
On a side table near the Television there are a two tapes left... What could
possibly be on the next tape?

Next in the Series: The New Comer

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